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I’m afraid about not finishing it :(

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Colin likes Hawaiian pizza (Poor Lenfaz) and his favourite movies are almost the same as mine. I love this guy more and more. :)

Yeah, I mean, just look at him…

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He’s talented, genuinely nice and just a little bit cheeky. How can you not love him?


Team Patrick, or Team Isaac?


☥I am the passenger
And I ride and I ride☥


Guys you don’t understand how happy I am!

I have been stalking my hot topic for WEEKS and they finally had bullet club shirts. Now I have to wait for them to get kenny the cleaner and villain club shirts.

Now I’m debating to @ them on twitter but I’m too shy lol


So I tried my Mikasa cosplay today, the harness isn’t done perfectly but hey practice makes perfect.

Also whilst getting changed I accidently stumbled upon something that could work as a potential workout Mikasa cosplay. Just ignore the fact I don’t have her abs.