sorry i'm not sorry college boys

draco the cheerleader
  • Draco: 2, 4, 6, 8,
  • Draco: 1, 3, 5, 7,
  • Draco: 5, 15, 20, 25-
  • *on the quidditch field*
  • Ron: Is he cheering in multiples of five
  • Harry: unfortunately
“Do Me Bad” (Pt3) (M)

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Member: Sehun from EXO

Genre: College!au: smut

A/N: This is kind of a build up episode for the drama that’s gonna happen in part 4. sorry it took me so long to post this, here have smut as my apology ;)

-“I’m in your room……you can either join me or not…. ;)”

“Y/N who are you texting? Come on I haven’t seen you in two weeks and you can’t even have a decent lunch with me without using your phone the entire time. I miss you.” Jongin said as your face focused itself on the text message that lit up your phone.

“I’m sorry I just…..I have been really busy with school and forgot about things.” You said as you turned your eyes away from the phone.  “Are you texting your teacher?” he said with a mocking tone. “No…..” you replied. “Then quit lying! If you don’t want to tell me the truth then just say nothing. Whatever…I lost my appetite anyways” He raised his voice as he stood up from your lunch table and headed to his next class.

You’ve been hanging out with Sehun for the past two weeks and didn’t even notice how much you’ve neglected your other friends, Especially Jongin.

You kept your relationship a secret for now because neither of you wanted to rush things and sneaking around was starting to thrill you more than you wanted to admit.

“Ugh Jongin’s mad at me!” you threw your bag on the floor as you entered your room, Sehun sat on the edge of your bed with his phone. “I love sneaking around with you and keeping this thing to ourselves but I think it’s starting to affect the people around us” you said, walking over to him and standing between his legs as his hands grabbed your waist, pulling you closer. “Don’t worry baby he’ll get over it soon” he reassured you, his mouth moving to your neck to leave a trail of kisses. “You have 30 minutes until my next class starts” you let your head fall back as a moan escaped your lips. “Oh don’t worry baby I can make you moan more than that in 30 minutes” he smirked back at you.

“I think Y/N has a boyfriend and she won’t tell me about him.” Jongin said as he walked up the hallway with Sehun and Chanyeol by his side. “Why do you think that?” Chanyeol let out a laugh. “The hickeys she tries to hide all the time…the constant texting and shutting me down…..not to mention that I heard her roommate tell your girlfriend that she heard her in her room with someone else.”

“Oh please she doesn’t have a boyfriend she probably bruised herself because she’s clumsy and the guy in her room… know could be just her having fun by herself…” Sehun smirked at Jongin. He rolled his eyes and glared at Sehun. “And to think that I wanted to ask her to the Valentine’s Day party with me…” He chuckled. “I mean, if you really like her you should at least try Jongin. If she likes you back she won’t be able to say no” Chanyeol shot him a smile.

“NO YOU CAN’T!” Sehun shouted, bringing both of the boys’ attention to him. “AH YOU JUST CAN’T OK?” he continued. “And why is that Sehun?” Jongin raised his eyebrow. “Because she already told me that she’s going with someone else!” He mumbled out, trying to think of something. “Sehun didn’t you just try and prove that Y/N didn’t have a boyfriend?” Chanyeol squinted at him. “Uh….yeah I saw her kissing someone after yesterday’s football game.” He coughed. “Y/N doesn’t go to football games. I don’t know who you think you saw but it probably wasn’t her.” Jongin scoffed.

“Fine suit yourself. Ask her out do whatever you want but I won’t be there when she rejects you.” Sehun said, walking away from the two boys towards his own room.

“We have a problem.” Sehun stormed in as you laid naked in his bed, a smirk on your face. “I can solve it for you”.  “Oh babe I love you so much, but before I fuck you senseless I need to tell you something.” He said as he sat on the edge of his bed. “What is it baby?” you sat up, the blanket slipping from your upper body, attracting Sehun’s eyes with it. “You know what? It can wait.” He said as he grabbed you by your waist, pulling you into a hungry kiss. Your hand slowly slipped under his white t-shirt as he helped you take it off. His hands both dropped you down on the bed as he climbed up on you, his lips traveling from your neck to your stomach, to your thigh until he stopped to shot you with a smirk.

“Baby girl you’re so wet…..have you been thinking about me?” you chuckled at his saying. “You have no idea. Please touch me baby.” He licked his lips before he dived his tongue in your burning core, his other hand traveling to your breast, squeezing lightly as his thumb brushed back and forth on your nipple. The touch of his tongue was the exact feeling of friction you’ve been craving all day long. Your hips bucked up as both of his hands grabbed your hips and pinned them down forcefully. His lips sucked lightly at your clit and his tongue circled it with pressure. Every circle making you cry out a moan. You grabbed the back of his head, your fingers tagging at his hair, making him hum against your core.

He added more pressure to his sucking and 2 more circles finished you undone. You moaned loudly in his room, earning a well obnoxious smirk from him. “Your turn” you wrapped your legs around his waist as you flipped him over so you were on top of him. You laid your body across his, your wet core brushing against his black jeans. Quickly you took them off with pleasure and threw them across the room. Reaching for a kiss as your bare bodies touched, you slowly began to grind your hips against his now hard cock, making him moan on your lips. “Fuck babe no teasing tonight.” He mumbled with his eyes closed, lips slightly touching yours. You grinded your hips harder against him this time, making him hiss as his grip on your hips tightened. Slowly his hands guided you against his hard on as both of you rolled your hips in perfect rhythm.

“Ride me already before I explode for fucks sake Y/N” he let out, panting against your open lips. “As you wish daddy….” You leaned and whispered in his ear, kissing his lobe and biting slightly. The next second he pushed you hard down his cock, his entire length filling you without a warning. Your walls stretched and your moans began to synchronize with his as you laid on him, rolling your hips down his length back and forth until you found the right rhythm. His hand gripped at your ass, squeezing it to relieve his building orgasm as his other hand traveled between your bodies to rub your clit in rough motions. 

“Fuck-“ you moaned against his teeth as they bit on your lower lip. “Moan for me baby girl” His lips moving to mark a hickey on your neck. You kept the rhythm slow but began to roughen it as you felt another warm feeling surrounding your stomach before you moaned out his name and arched your back away from him. As he felt your walls crash down on him, he buckled his hips up as he thrust in a couple more times, grabbing your hips and pulling you up to lean against his folded knees, arching your back as you enjoyed those last thrusts. The orgasm hit Sehun hard, making him moan loudly across the room. You pulled away from him and fell on his panting chest, ruffling your fingers in his silver hair.

“Round two?” you whispered in his ear. “You’re not as innocent as you let yourself out to be” his deep voice surrounded your ear. “And you only now figured that out?” you chuckled as he stood up without a word, lifting you up so your legs wrapped around his waist. He placed you on his kitchen counter and spread your legs apart to make space for his figure. “No, I did the first time I laid my eyes on you. You’re not like the others Y/N”.

As in every anime universe Death Note has to have its fangirls/boys, those crazy about light yagami and those crazy about Kira But what if they actually ship the two men!!!! and as they are not informed about the Death Note fangirls/boys would think Kira has some sort of “Meta-human” abilities LIKE???imagine the fanfics!!!!!

“The hot college student shrank back a little from the New God. ‘W-what are you doing?’ He couldn’t help noticing his heartbeat had picked up. Kira looked back at him, his gaze expressionless. ‘I’m here to save your life, Yagami Light.”