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Supernatural: 10 Seasons in Graphics
An updated version of my old infographics based on seasons 1-8. Click to enlarge.


She texted me, ‘Holy crap, Sofia. This is amazing. I remember when we were in fifth grade and you did a project on the U.S. national team and said you wanted to play on their team.’

I honestly read that and said, 'Holy crap, that’s true.’

I think every girl who has this dream will understand that it means everything. It’s a surreal feeling because you’ve been working so hard toward this. Just to get a call-up is such an opportunity.

Elizabeth Poldark Appreciation Week announcement!

Hi there!

In response to this post, in which I proposed my idea of making Elizabeth Poldark Appreciation Week and which got even more notes than I ever expected, now I officially announce that IT WILL HAPPEN! This beautiful and underappreciated lady deserves more recognition and love from the fandom! :)

A bunch of rules and most important information on the Elizabeth Appreciation Week:

  • The Appreciation Week will take place from 14th to 20th of August, 2017 (two weeks time from today)
  • Anyone can participate and every form of fandom activity is appreciated! (hate-free, of course)
  • You can do literally everything - gifsets, graphics, photo edits, screencaps, fanfics, meta, headcanons, text posts, etc. - everyone will find something to share!
  • In a few days I will create a sideblog in which during the appreciation week I will reblog all the posts tagged #Elizabeth Poldark Appreciation Week
  • There will be a day dedicated to writing only, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot write text posts on other days, too! :)
  • I greatly encourage everyone to participate!
  • In case of any questions, ask creepywarleggan.

Schedule for the Appreciation Week (remember, 14-20.08.2017):

Day 1: Favourite Scene(s)

Day 2: Favourite costume(s)/hairstyle(s)

Day 3: Favourite romantic or platonic relationship(s)

Day 4: Favourite quote(s)

Day 5: Writing Day (fanfiction, meta,headcanons,etc.)

Day 6: Reasons to love Elizabeth

Day 7: Free Choice

Sidenote: I’m planning on some other appreciation weeks in August and September, following Elizabeth’s, depending on how many people will be interested in them. If so, I hope we will manage to do: Verity Poldark Appreciation Week, George Warleggan’s, Dwight Enys’, Caroline Penvenen’s, aaand Minor Characters’ (and in the latter you can include literally everyone who’s not a major character, like Jud, Prudie, Drake, Sam, Morwenna, Hugh, Unwin, Tankard, Ruth, Jinny, Zacky, Andrew, aunt Agatha, and so on and so forth!). More information soon!


character/ship aesthetic meme: xeverlasting-illumination requested: naminé/xion

“naminé, are you able to see my face?”

Decided to try my new graphic table and photoshop, that’s the result :O

Recently I became obsessed with Undertale and needless to say whats my OTP?? Anyway my favorite AU is Flowerfell so this is my first collaboration for the fadom :)

I think it turned out quite good for my first try, but I feel Sans still isn’t quite right D:

Hope you all like it :D

the files on Mrs. Watson.


Hey everyone! This is my third follow forever marking both 4k followers and this blog’s 3 year anniversary. I never imagined that I would reach these milestones and I’m sincerely grateful for each person I’ve come across on this site. Thank you to all the lovely mutuals I’ve made, the precious friends I’ve acquired from multiple fandoms, and to my followers who give me the motivation to come back everyday. I’m still in the process of learning how to manage things on Photoshop and I’m thankful for all the wonderful and hilarious tags that people leave on my stuff, encouraging me to reevaluate my own creativity.

2016 was not the greatest year for me, like many others can attest to. My family went through some life altering decisions and my own mental/emotional health suffered due to those changes. I also got some heavy hate after a certain series ended and confronted a rude blogger, so you can imagine the toll that took on me. I’m currently sick for the holidays, which explains my lackluster effort in making this ff graphic better, but despite my 2016 woes, I hope you guys know how truly happy you all make me. Thank you for the sweet messages/asks to combat all the negativity I’ve encountered. Thank you for reblogging my posts, for following me, for letting me get to know some of you. You have no idea how much it all means to me when my day is less than perfect.

Enough of the mushy stuff – here are some blogs that I follow. They’re all superb people with A+ quality blogs that fill my dash with amazing content! Give them a follow:

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I don’t know how to say  G O O D  B Y E .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @oncepromised!

clockworkopera  asked:

In regards to your theories about heavenly fire and the parabatai bond, I was wondering if you had any ideas on the water symbolism with Emma's fears, dreams and the art motif for the covers. Do you think something to do with water can balance out the fire?


Wow! This is such an amazing question! Thank you for asking! (Sorry, I get really excited about symbolism in literature, indulge me XD).
First, I’d like to say that all of the following is just speculation, of course, and I don’t claim to be right about anything that I’m going to say, it will be just a bunch of thoughts I developted thanks to my studies, so take it as it is and feel free to add whatever you want!

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