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MERRY BELATED BIRTHDAY AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS GARMMY!! :DDD Thank you for always sharing your work, it’s amazing to me how fast you draw and how you can capture these really striking atmospheres and dynamic angles and lighting with very loose patches of color, I hope you have a fantastic coming year!! here is a tribute to your fire emblem chibis !!

Tried to redraw @laurenzukedoodle in my shitty BLEACH’ed style~

I still don’t know what anatomy is orz and this is probably the last thing I will do for now since I have tons of projects to do for finals week

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psssst... please talk to me more about Sheith voltron family AU.. Like does Keith have a job? Or is he just a domestic housewife uhm househusband? :D

I’d be more than happy to talk more about Sheith Voltron Family AU OTL

Shiro = Doctor
Keith = Editor

See, Keith loves books more than Shiro does (even though he’s a bibliophile too!) But Keith… Keith adores reading books. It had always been his dream, to handle a Best Selling Author, and you know what? He does. He has FIVE Best Selling Authors under him. He is an ace editor and he is very well respected in the company. He takes pride in that.

This is where it gets a bit sad.

Shiro is a doctor. Specifically a brain surgeon. You could say Sheith Family doesn’t have money problems–heck that’s why they all went to Japan for a 6-day trip out of the blue.

The kids think Daddy Shiro is the awesomest because he saves people every day. He is a doctor after all, so he’s basically everybody’s hero. Keith has never been bothered with his job. He loves–adores–his job. He gets to read and he gets paid for it.

It happens one night when Shiro tells the whole family about him saving a little kid who had some brain damage. The kids are so into it that led them to question about their Daddy Keith.

Keith: Well, I had a meeting with this upcoming author and I think it’s going to be great. It’s about Greek gods and all.
Pidge: Like Zeus? Poseidon and Hades?
Keith: That’s right, Pidge. Those are The Big Three.
Shiro: When do you think it’ll get published?
Keith: Sometime probably next year, hopefully. If he makes the revisions I told him about. It still needs polishing.
Lance: Will we see Daddy Keith’s book next year then?!
Keith: Yeah, you will, Lance. It’s a young adult novel, since I’m more into that.
Keith: Oh no, Hunk! It doesn’t work that way. My name won’t be in the cover.
Hunk: What? How come? Aren’t you editing the book?
Keith: Well, yeah I am. But I didn’t exactly write it, I’m the one making it better.
Lance: Then how will they know that you edited the book?
Keith: *frowns* They won’t.
Pidge: How come?
Keith: Because… I’m just… I’m just an editor.
Lance: That’s pretty dumb and lame.

So after that, Keith just kinda went quiet throughout the whole dinner and Shiro noticed. Later that night, Keith was just staring up at the ceiling with the comforter right up to his nose on their bed when Shiro joined. Shiro knew his husband was troubled.

Shiro: Keith.
Keith: *sigh* They all think I’m lame, Shiro. Probably because I really am.
Shiro: Keith.
Keith: I don’t even publish my own books! I just read and edit them! 
Shiro: Keith.
Keith: I’m not as amazing as you are. You get to save lives as your job while I read. Not exactly saving people’s lives there.
Shiro: But you make someone’s dreams come true.
Keith: W-What?
Shiro: You have such power in your hands. Someone comes to you, probably rejected for 20 times already and there you are giving them hope. Giving them the opportunity to publish what they work hard on because you try so hard to make their manuscripts great–something worth publishing. I’ve seen you pull all-nighters all the time because someone’s book didn’t have a direction and you wanted this kid to go far and so you brainstorm on how to make his plot better. And look at him now, he’s a best selling author with 10 published books.
Keith: Shiro…
Shiro: The thing with you is that, you don’t give up. You know how much work these writers put in their book and they all just want someone to think that their work is worth selling and that they don’t have to quit their dreams to be a writer. You’re that person, Keith. You tend to see something in them that other publishing companies don’t. That’s saving someone’s dream and I think that’s really wonderful.
Keith: Shiro…
Shiro: Yeah, I’m a sap, sue me. But I don’t want you to think that you’re inferior to me because of your job. Your job is as hard as mine.
Keith: Thank you. Did you know that I love you so much?
Shiro: I don’t know. I haven’t felt loved lately. *whistles*
Keith: You little—

That night ended with kisses and cuddles because Shiro and Keith are adorable that way. I’m sorry I just gave you this but I’ve always wanted some alone time with Shiro and Keith and gods… THIS FAMILY KILLS ME. OTL

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Give ♡ this ♡ to ♡ the ♡ twelve ♡ nicest ♡ people ♡ you ♡ know ♡ you ♡ are ♡ wonderful ♡ no matter ♡ how ♡ many ♡ you ♡ get ♡ back ♡ <3

Ack!!! omggggg ;;;//A//;;; Thank you!!!<333 This is so sweet omg! You’re wonderful as well dear anon~!!<3 TTwTT 

(i also sincerely apologize cause i know that this is a super late response, i’m so sorry anon!!! OTL)