sorry i'm late and this is ugly but whatever

Wow. That’s one ugly-ass banner. XD Oh well, it gets the point across!

It seems certain people (@smuttine) think we need another OC Kiss Week. I can’t agree more, so here is the official declaration that the week of Aug. 28 to Sept. 3 is OC Kiss Week! Since this is rather short notice, if OC kisses happen to overflow into the second week of September, that is only a good thing. 

Feel free to express your creativity in whatever way you choose whether it’s art, writing, gifsets, cosplay, etc.

Please tag your stuff with #ockissweek.

This is open to everyone regardless of fandoms.

(If you’re a mutual or follower of mine, or you’re in the DA fandom, please feel free to tag me for a reblog!)

There’s an additional post here with more detailed info!