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Axolotl - Chapter Ten: Mrtsgnzivh

So I wrote down an outline the other day, working out what I’ve already written and what I still need to write in Axolotl. I divided it into three acts.

This chapter is the end of Act I.

Strap in, kids.

(Thanks as always to @scribefindegil​ for betaing and putting up with my endless babbling about this monster of a fic.)

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Stan wasn’t moving. He didn’t open his eyes, he just sat, seemingly oblivious to what was happening.

Ford couldn’t move. He couldn’t focus his thoughts enough to open his mouth and form words, or command his legs to stand. He could only stare at his brother’s form, still slumped against the wall, both hands engulfed in blue fire.

Ford opened his mouth and something came out, barely audible. “S…Stan….”

It was like trying to scream in a nightmare. Was that what this was? Was it possible that this was all just….


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