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I don’t understand the argument that Hanna & the kids have come to other races and not been photographed, so the fact that they were photographed this time somehow means it was intentional and they’re fine with it. The fact that they never have before shows that they do not want to be photographed. The presence of what appears to be a bodyguard in the pic, who appears to be objecting to it, shows that they do not want to be photographed. 

The fact that they have come to races before and very conspicuously avoided being photographed is all the more reason to assume they did not consent to this.  I’m sure they’ve walked from the motorhome to a car or whatever many times, but most people either respect Seb’s wishes or obey the bodyguard and don’t try to sneakily take pictures, because that’s a shitty thing to do. Just because one asshole managed to sneak a picture does not mean Seb has suddenly changed his very strongly held opinions. 

People saying he was asking for it by bringing them to Monaco - I guess he should never bring them to any race, because there’s always a chance someone will be a jerk and post sneaky pictures of innocent kids on the internet. Yeah, there is always a chance, but just because someone succeeded doesn’t mean you should help them invade his family’s privacy by spreading them all over!

If he’s suddenly fine with the kids being photographed this weekend, why weren’t they cheering him on in the Ferrari garage, or down in parc ferme to greet him or photographed openly in the paddock by real, accredited photographers? Probably because the real, legit photographers know they would be sued and blacklisted and lose their F1 press credentials in a heartbeat if they invaded Seb’s privacy against his wishes!

We don’t know for sure the circumstances of this one picture but we do know for an absolute fact that Seb has said over and over again for YEARS now that he fears for his family’s safety and that his privacy is very important to him.

So regardless of all the justifications and excuses you can think of, if there’s even a CHANCE that the picture was taken without his consent, the decent thing to do if you really respected his privacy would be to not spread pictures that 100% contradict EVERY SINGLE THING he’s ever said on the subject.

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I thought of a lil prompt: Prince Jason meeting peasant Chris and finding him really adorable but he can't figure out why ~🌸

In a kingdom as small as theirs, it wasn’t unusual for the Crowned Prince Jason or the rest of the royal family to be seen walking amongst the town or visiting the further villages that fringed their borders. Even the farthest village was only a quarter day’s ride away, and as a more isolated kingdom that made its bread and butter by the sea’s bounty with nothing unique or enticing, there wasn’t much risk of danger from even the more powerful kingdoms that were nestled against the Parker lineage’s land. It was a rare freedom in a world such as theirs, and one all of the Parker’s enjoyed deeply.

And so, Prince Jason set out upon his usual midday walk he would take after his studies. It was important, in his book, to have a clear ending between the classroom (and the mind of a student) and the meeting halls and bookkeeps (where he was expected to be the one with the answers). As the eldest of his siblings, he was expected to be the next sovereign of their kingdom and he took those duties seriously. Even if their kingdom was blessed with nearly uninterrupted peace, Jason knew one could never be too unprepared for the heavy weight of a King’s crown.

He strolled slowly through the main town of their country, occasionally stopping to add wares to his basket (even if he knew they had apples back home, Jason knew a supported economy was a strong economy was a healthy population) and whistling a jaunty tune as shopkeepers and tradesmen nodded and waved their hellos to the visiting royal. “My liege!” A voice called out to his left, and Jason smiled as he recognized the approaching familiar face of the baker. “How goes your workday?” He asked, smiling slightly at the smears of flour that dusted the older man’s face. “Well enough, nothing unexpected around my hearth. Have you heard the blacksmiths son is back from his travels? I know you take pride in knowing the names and faces of your citizens, so I assumed you’d wish to stop by and meet them.” The older man huffed out excitedly.

“Smart suggestion, my friend.” Jason winked and nodded at the beaming grin on the bakers face. “I didn’t know the blacksmith had children.” He added. The baker nodded thoughfully and shrugged. “His daughter Evelyn was married by the time the smith’s wife passed, bless her departed soul, so she offered to take her brother Christopher into her home while her father recovered. That was… lord, a good decade and some ago? Barely out of childhood when he left. He’s maybe a year your junior, sweet boy from what I remember. Smart as a whip, handsome too. I was surprised he came back without a young miss on his arm!” The baker laughed, only to pause and seem to squint at something just behind Jason. “In fact, there he is! Young Widin, come here!”

Jason turned, only for his own friendly greeting to die on his lips as he saw the young man standing a few feet beyond the two. Having grown up with mostly his siblings to keep him company, Jason had always been used to clear blue eyes and sleek blond hair. In fact, most of their townspeople shared the same appearance to the point where blue and blond faded into background detailsz Even at a bit of a distance, the dark sparkle of the blacksmith’s son’s eyes seemed to pin the young prince to his spot like witchcraft, the wind dancing through the dusty air making curls crow dark shift and blow into those intensely pitch eyes. He stood still, almost frozen as solidly as Jason and apparently equally as deaf to the baker still praddling on as the two men made eye contact and Jason felt something almost like lightning crawl up his spine and buzz around his skull.

“….aster Parker?” The sound of his name finally drew Jason’s attention as he turned back to the older man and saw him staring worriedly at him. “Have you caught a touch of the sun’s heat? You almost seemed possessed for a moment there.” Jason swallowed and became acutely aware of his dry his mouth was. “I’m fine, just a long day.” He lied, the words bitter with the distaste of lying to one of his people. “Well then, I’ll make this quick. Blessed boy, must have come back deaf!” The baker strolled over to the blacksmiths son where he was still stood frozen and yanked his arm, drawing a yelp from the surprised young man as he was dragged over. “My liege, this is young Christopher. And this, boy, is His Royal Highness, Prince Jason Parker.”

The boy seemed frozen again, Jason along with him even as he managed to nod woodenly. He felt maybe he was possessed, that the blacksmiths son was a witch of some sort. That had to be why Jason’s heart was racing and his hands were clammy, yes? “A pleasure, Christopher.” He finally managed to get out, a reflexive smile coming to his face as he held out a hand. After a pause, Chris took it and the feeling of their hands touching almost made Jason’s heart stop entirely. “The pleasure is mine, my liege.” Christopher replied, and immediately Jason knew all other noises and music and sounds would fall tone deaf and sour compared to the soft sweetness of the blacksmith’s sons voice.

Being asexual is so weird for me because like I’m starting to having like “cravings”??? For sex but also could care less.and I am still a virgin and can imagine myself doing it with a trusted friend but I also do not have the desire to do it with anyone in particularly .so the whole concept of “dressing sexy” or whatever is such a foreign thing to me.