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(If it's still open it says it was) can I request a fluff where Dylan's new girlfriend is very beautiful and everyone loves her and naturally Dylan being Dylan is very self conscious. And one day Dylan comes to her house and hears her on the phone with someone bragging about Dylan and saying how much she loves him and just gushing about him and he gets really emotional and happy. I'm so sorry this is so cheesy but you said you had too much smut and this idea was at the back of my head

Usually the sound of his alarm clock going off would make Dylan groan loudly, a few choice curses and lots of banging as his arm flailed about like a fish on land trying to silence the beeping screaming from it.

These days though. Each morning he awoke with a smile. Knowing that he’d get to see you again.
6 months prior he’d finally worked up enough courage to give you that note he’d written and rewritten a thousand times. His heart pounded as he’d slipped the carefully folded paper through the slats of your locker.
That entire day dragged on and on, every second feeling like a minute and ever minute feeling like an hour.

Come final bell he’d practically sprinted to his locker. His fingers trembled slightly as he twisted in his combination. The soft metallic sound echoing in his ear as he slowly opened the door. He thought he’d be sick when he saw sitting onto of his piles of paper and junk, a note, so beautifully folded into almost origami.
In the note was written a AOL screen name along with a winky face and a heart.

That night you both had talked for hours and hours. And the more talked the more Dylan fell for you. Everything about you was perfect. You loathed school just like him, you were a avid NIN and KMFDM fan just like him. Your screen type was beautifully and eloquently worded. Showing him you had brains in that beautiful head of your too.

A few weeks later of talking online and more at school he’d finally asked you out. His shock on his face as you said you’d love to date him causing you to laugh loudly and kiss him on the cheek.
From that moment on his whole outlook on life had changed. Where once he saw a grey prison, sucking his life out of him everyday in a battle of brains vs privilege and brawn now was a paradise in where he could spend most of the day with his love.

It wasn’t always so simple for him though. You were stunning without even needing make up so you ended up with A LOT of attention from other guys. Dylan couldn’t help but feel enraged and possessively jealous when he saw these other guys hit on you. That fact that it happened daily even though every fucking body at school KNEW you two were dating fuelled this rage that he had. But also the poisonous thoughts that he wasn’t good enough for someone like you.

He wasn’t popular, he wasn’t a conformist within the school, he was seen as a outcast to many and also as a shy pushover. The jocks constantly taunted him that they would be banging you by the weeks end or so and so’s party on the weekend. That you only dated him out of pity and would wise up to that mistake quickly.
Each time they berated him with this venom, this poison! It ate away more at his confidence. His happiness struggling to hold on as his mind tried to keep away from that dark place. He feared ever falling into that part of himself again more than anything.

Dylan stretched, yawned and stumbled out of bed. Today was Saturday and he finally had you all to himself once more. He needed this. Most of the previous evening he’d been having arguments with jocks and other bastards from school through AOL about how they were winning! That you were going to leave him this week before prom. That you’d finally realised that no good comes from dating a piece of shit faggot like him.

He pulled on all the clothes you’d said were your favourites of his. As happy as Dylan was, the ball of anxiety rotated constantly in his gut. A constant reminder that what those assholes said and were saying could still come to pass.
With a quick goodbye to his mom, Dylan cranked up his cars stereo and rolled away down his long driveway. Flooring it at the bottom and kicking up the dust. His fingers tapped along to his mix cd. Each song setting off different feeling he had for you.

As smashing pumpkins ‘beautiful’ began to pour from the speakers, he couldn’t help but sing along as he got closer and closer to your house.

“Beautiful, you’re beautiful, as beautiful as the sun
Wonderful, you’re wonderful, as wonderful as they come
And I can’t help but feel attached
To the feelings I can’t even match
With my face pressed up to the glass, wanting you”

He dimmed his volume as he arrived at your house. Your dad answered the door to him, smiling wildly and clapping him on the shoulder.

“Dylan Ma boy! How are you? You here to see y/n”
“Yes sir Mr. Y/l/n”
“Please! For the hundredth time call me y/d/n”

Dylan smiled shyly. He was happy that your parents approved of him. In fact they thought he was a good influence on you after he’d floored you dad during a discussion in filming techniques used in classical movies.

You dad told him you were up in your room and to head on up. He quietly ascended your stairs, listening to your voice softly coming through your half closed door. It became quickly obvious that you were speaking on the phone. He knew he shouldn’t, but he couldn’t help stop and listen to your conversation.

“No y/f/n I don’t get it either? He’s so lovely to everyone! No I know he’s in the TCM but who cares he still my Dylan!….No fuck Dustin he’s a asshole!”

Dylan’s eyes widened. You were talking to about him your best friend. Who also believe you were too good for him. He swallowed hard and continued listening.

“Yea well your full of shit ya know, how many guys have you dated that actually cared about more than what was in your pants?…..yea exactly! Look Dylan is more than just hot as fuck to me ok?….well that’s your opinion but to me he’s sexy as hell, like literally my dream guy. You say brad pitt I say Dylan klebold!”

Dylan felt his face flush slightly as he heard you say this. He obviously assumed that you were slightly physically attracted to him but not to THAT level.

“Yea well it’s not just his looks y/f/n, it’s the little things ok?….well when I know he’s really focused on what I’m saying he does this cute little grin….well it’s also that he writes the most beautiful poetry for me! I literally feel like a princess in a story book!….no you can’t read it!….because he wrote it for me not you!”

A warm feeling was slowly radiating through Dylan. Here you were, gushing about him to your friend who you knew didn’t like him and you didn’t care what she thought. You weren’t spilling secrets about him to her but defending both your privacy of your relationship.

“Look why can’t you just be happy that I’m happy?….you don’t sound like you are….and how do you know what’s best for me?…..that’s a pretty weak example and you know it y/f/n…..oh my god stop it! You know what? Your just fucking jealous that I’ve found my soul mate and you haven’t!…..bullshit I know I know ok.”

Soul mate?! She thought that way too?!! Dylan felt as if he could float away. Never in his life had he ever felt so loved and wanted until this moment. He coughed loudly and called out your name, trying to make it sound as he had only just arrived.

“Look y/f/n I gotta go….coz he’s here and I wana go kiss and snuggle with my boyfriend!….oh don’t make that sound I had to watch you and mark practically have sex right next to me!…..yea yea talk to you tonight….yea yea love ya too bitch.”

Dylan pushed your door open, a huge smile on his face as he quickly closed the gap, picking you up bridal style as kissing you deeply.

“Whoa, what was that for dyl? Not that I mind though”

Dylan smiled warmly at you, he lowered you to the grown and pulled you into a tight embrace.

“Im just happy that I’m the luckiest man alive to have you y/n and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

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Helloo I'm back at it again with the shiro requests 😂 could I have a scenario where the paladins and s/o thrown a party and for once s/o convinces shiro to let go and have fun, and somehow he ends up getting really drunk and she loses him in the crowd. She finds him later and he's all "i'm sorry i have a gf and she's UH-MAZING" and proceeds to gush to his s/o about how much he loves her cos he's so drunk, and then the next morning everyone teases him about it but he's just so hungover hahaha


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1, 5, 8, 14, 17 🌻💛

1. Who’s your favorite Try Guy (and why)?

zach. 100%. absolutely no contest. 

i gush about him more here, here, and here ❤️

5. What are some of your favorite Ned moments?

- number one’s gotta be when he threw the distracted driving competition so that he could save ariel ahahaha. ned’s hella competitive, but he didn’t even hesitate the moment he saw ariel in the cage–he just drove right through the track! way to raise the bar, ned.

- the heels video. all of ned’s segments. just all of them. i mean, ned spent one night in heels and already he fell over, got stepped on, and got cat called. poor guy was miserable!

- and speaking of miserable, when ned spent most of the Trump Grill taste test video just baaarely keeping it together, until the terrible steak (on top of everything else) caused him to have a minor meltdown. then he ended by faceplanting directly into his food. Iconic™

8. What are your top 3 favorite Try Guys episodes?

number one is the sexy alcohol taste test. again, no competition! 😂

the rest honestly changes depending on how i’m feeling at the time hahaha. right now i’m gonna go with try guys wear heels for a night for number two, and then try guys take a lie detector test.

14. What are some of your favorite running gags throughout the Try Guys videos?

- that keith loves his own name (and his face) a lot

- that ned only talks about three things: his wife, his butt, and his favorite color (i’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with ‘ned’)

- that eugene’s so good at everything that it’s an actual (and understandable) cause for celebration whenever he doesn’t win a challenge

- and of course, whenever zach does the Thing

17. What video/video series do you really want the guys to do next?

- there are now two married try guys, which obviously means they gotta play the newly wed game!!! zach and eugene can either host, or team up with each other (they’ve been friends for three~ years and have seen each other naked a bunch–that has to count for something). but the main event here is obviously gonna be ned and keith just verbally duking it out while their wives are affectionately rolling their eyes beside them.

- i need a second motherhood series once ariel gets pregnant. just imagine a whole series of the guys preparing for the baby’s arrival with videos like: “the try guys try watching childbirth videos”, “the try guys try birthing classes”, and/or even a disastrous “the try guys try building a crib from ikea”

it’s the classic sitcom trope, and i’m a total sucker for it. please forgive me.

- any video where the guys have to dress each other, or have any control over each others’ outfits for an extended period of time. it doesn’t matter how seriously they are about the challenge when it begins; you just know by the end of it these guys are all going to use this advantage to mess. with. each other.

think of ned dressing keith in red polo shirts, and keith buying ned a bunch of shirts in a blue square pattern in retaliation. think of eugene picking out high boots and lace shirts for zach, or about zach picking out really tasteless animal print shirts and (purposefully) mismatched bottoms for eugene to wear (oh man, think about the utter. frustration. zach’s gonna feel when eugene inevitably pulls it all off.)

- something with worth it. honestly, i’ll be content with any sort of crossover with worth it. come on, buzzfeed. i need my favorite boys together in one video. 

try guys ask meme

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Okay, so I know this is SUPER late, but here are those Max/Preston headcanons I was talking about earlier! 1) I like to believe Preston has always just sort of had a crush on Max. No reason in particular, the other just as a thing for rebels. Meanwhile, Max started developing a slight crush on Harrison after being forced to perform in his play. Of course, love is something the other isn't familiar with, so just dismisses it as something else.(1/?)

oh gosh, i really need to draw this ship sometimes after all this cuteness. i’m sorry for not answering sooner, pal! :0 life has been chewing on me recently.
1, tbh, preston just having a crush on max for no particular reason other than “he’s such a REBEL, AGH” is a super adorable idea. i mean, he even trusted him with a pretty important role in his play? that requests some faith in his performance??? that max was a jerk about it is another thing.
also, max would probably think he’s sick if he had a crush for the first time. the boy is not familiar with nice feelings.
2, aa, as someone who’s super into hamilton right about now, i LOVE this idea. but think about it - what if max just. liked musicals anyway. like, that was a thing, musicals are part of his interests, but it’s not like he’d make it sound lame like SOME PEOPLE. and one day he’d just say something casual which gave away his interest in theatre and preston would FLIP
3, gosh, this is so cute, i got nothing to add. :>>
4, “it’s not like i’d lay awake at night thinking about him! ………oh shit.”
also i love the idea of the love letters, this is all so wholesome and cute :>>
5, let’s be real here, preston would not shut up about getting love letters for a SINGLE SECOND. the whole camp would know the actual letter from word to word by noon.
also, if preston only knew he just had gush over “love never dies” for 4 hours straight to get to know who his secret admirer was, he would have done it sooner.
6, they are good kiddos. they hold hand often enough, that’s the sign of a wholesome summer romance.

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Hello! I wanted your opinion on something. I know you ship Pidge and Lance (and so do I!!) but there's something that bugs me sometimes. Lance always tries to prove Pidge wrong or is bothered by Pidge's intelligence, saying stuff like "Well, apparently Pidge's science is wrong" "Looks like the fancy Galra finder doesn't work" "It's not a sunset Pidge" "I SAID IN ENGLISH" or in the comics "You're the smart one. Souldn't YOU know that?" So maybe they don't have the chemistry we think they have?

Honestly I can’t say anything for sure ( especially since I haven’t rewatched voltron in a while ) but Lance has been known to have insecurity issues and like we’ve seen with characters like Keith he’s been known to pick fights with him due to that deep seethed insecurities and possible jealousy. Now I personally think his relationship with Pidge is much friendlier in this aspect but out of the team Pidge and Keith are really the only ones he gets into little banter/bicker sessions with. Something I personally think is very interesting because I tend to think Keith and Pidge’s characters are very similar personality wise.

While in some aspects Lance and Pidge are very similar on the surface they’re polar opposites and I think sometimes that’ll stick out when you hang out with people for a long time. Lance is charismatic and extroverted while Pidge is more awkward and introverted. They connect though I think on a deeper level which is why I like them so much???

But the proving wrong thing??? A lot of it could just be teasing. Teasing is a HUGE part of their relationship. One of their most notable interactions is Lance teasing Pidge about her bayard before she shoots him with it. Lance knows how much of a genius she is. He gushed about it to the yuffer in 2.10. But he also probably thinks she’s a bit of a dork and enjoys teasing her sometimes for how she is. I know I can be like that with my friends.


“Mila and I have done a ton of things together. The first movie we did was for Funny or Die on the internet; it was performance love at first sight […] We’re just made for each other, I guess.”

#948: You two don't get along, but he lends you his jacket.
  • Louis: "I'm fine," you had shouted out after noticing he had followed you from the darkened night club to make sure you were okay, "Jesus Christ, Louis, leave me alone." He hadn't mentioned it, but he saw the tear tracks on your cheeks; saw how you had stormed out after someone had said something quite crude. "Listen," he started out quietly, not wanting to fight, "Let me just. I'll get you a cab, okay? Let me get you a cab." You sniffled and nodded without thinking, mumbling a small 'thank you'. He took a small amount of time to call the cab provider before sliding down next to you against the brick wall, offering his coat. You looked at him with tears still in your eyes and slipped it on, chest heaving from the aftermath. "It's okay," you heard him saying, and before you really knew what was happening, he had slipped his arm around your back and pulled you flush into his side so your cheek rested against his warm shoulder. "I still hate you," you mumbled, and he let out a laugh. "Hate you too," he said, though he doesn't mean it -- never did. "Don't get snot all over my jacket."
  • Niall: Frankly, he's lucky another friend of yours is sitting inbetween the two of you, because he's getting aggravated against better judgement every time he sees you rubbing the skin of your arms. "Jesus," he mumbles, already shrugging out of his jacket before he can stop his conscious, handing it to you. His team he just scored another goal and he missed it, since he was more focused on your cold skin then the upcoming place. "Fuck me," he says, but watches you sneer at the logo on his jacket. "What now?" he asks incredulously, and you reply, "I don't even like your team." There's a tense moment of silence between the two of you, and the one mutual friend that was just sitting finally stands up to remove himself from the dispute. "You are... you are...," he sputters, "a pain in my ass!" You shrug and put on the coat, sending him a look. Both of you are silent before he says slowly, "My team scored, so..." It's a bad comeback, and both of you laugh; by the time you hand him back his jacket, it smells like you, and it's the only thing he can think about for the rest of the week.
  • Liam: "You cold?" It's the first time he's talked to you in weeks, the situation all a bit weird since he's walking up to the entrance of the haunted house with you. The rest of your group is a few yards ahead of you, but he has decided to stay back. "I, uh, I just wanted to say." He rubs a hand awkwardly at the back of his neck and looks down at you while you all wait in line. "I'm sorry for what happened the other week. I didn't mean...," -- a pause, he shuffles out of his jacket and hands it to you, and without another word, you slip it on -- " hurt your feelings. I feel awful." He lets out a gush of hot air into your face and you wrinkle your nose up, and there's this split second of absolute dread, staring down at you in his coat that is much too big around your waist and shoulders, your face all scrunched up and adorable and he wants to get down on his knees and beg. He finishes off, "I'm sorry." You don't say anything, but smile. You two don't talk anymore that night, although he stays with you in the house, and every time you get scared, you swear you even feel him wrap his pinkie around yours.
  • Zayn: He almost didn't stop the car, but he's almost glad that he ended up doing so. He knew he had noticed something familiar about the person walking down the sidewalk in the dark, shoes stumbling over cracks in the pavement. "Hey," he had said, calling out your name before abruptly stopping the car. Honestly, he didn't know why he gave his shit, and he was even more surprised when you actually halted your walking at the sound of his voice. In the same moment you opened your mouth to speak, his eyes zeroed in on the bruising skin of your cheek. "Can you... can you take me home, Zayn? Please." He doesn't mention how weak your voice sounds, because he's already shooting out of the driver side of the car and slipping his arms out of his jacket, muttering explicits underneath his breath before reaching you. He gingerly rests the coat over your shoulders and helps you slip your arms into the fabric before buttoning you up, guiding you to the car without touching you, because he sees how you flinch. "Of course," he says softly, "I'll get you home."
  • Harry: It's the first thing you notice from the corner of your eye -- a bundle of soft brown leather being shoved into your arms. You glance up quickly, noticing he has a scowl on his face, his arms now bare against the cool autumn wind. You look around and wonder if any of your mutual friends have noticed, but they're still laughing, completely unaware, and you go back to staring at him. "I noticed you were cold," he forces out, like it's hard for him to be civil, "Goosebumps." He nods towards your arms and you almost give him back the jacket before another gush of air wafts around your body. You slip the leather over your body and notice the sleeves cover most of your hands, too. You guess he notices as well, because you see his fingers clench at his side, like they're about ready to reach for you and start to roll the cuffs up. "Don't worry about it," he murmurs when you start to open your mouth, "Just...." He backs away, eyes roaming over your body in one swift movement, and he doesn't think he's seen anyone look better in his clothes. He has to walk away.
How They Tease You (Be My Princess 2)
  • Oliver: Affectionate. He hugs you, and whispers sweet words in your ear. It's all too much for your rather reserved personality. A blush erupts on your face and he practically gushes with more compliments. "You're so cute when you're embaressed!"
  • Sieg: Mean. He calls you a commoner. He tells you that you have good taste for a 'commoner'. And that you look fine in that dress for a 'commoner'. The first few times you laugh it off with a snide remark or two. But after an entire day you finally shed a tear, asking him if that's really all he sees in you. He hugs you close wiping your tears away. "I'm sorry you just look so cute when you get mad, that I wanted to see it again. I'm sorry!"
  • Hayden: Boyish. He'll flip your skirt up when you're not looking, and he'll tease you on your choice of underwear. But the minute anyone else does, he'll beat the crap out of them. You ride back home sitting on the handlebars of his bike, his body is covered with scrapes and bruises, diet staining his knees. You can't help but tell him that for a prince, he sure doesn't act like one. "I can't help it, when I'm around you, it's like I turn bake into a little boy."
  • Aslan: Cute. He doesn't even know he's doing it. He tells you that you're pretty, and he tells you that the dessert you made is the best in the world. He doesn't understand why your cheeks stain red. "What, are you feeling feverish?"
  • Ivan: Sexual. He slaps your butt whenever he walks past you, and kisses your neck whenever he catches you alone. He whispers dirty words in your ear, and he loves blowing in your ear whenever he passes by. Just to see the flushed look on your face immediately afterwards. He grins, and tucks a strand of hair behind your ear. "Make sure you only show that expression to me."
  • Kuon: Needy. He kisses your neck and wraps a strand of hair around his finger around your hair and he whispers in your ear. "We should a start bath ring together, I don't really like this new shampoo you've been using."
  • -SKY

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what I love about Wentworth's/Michael's eyes is that when he's all contemplative, calculating and confident, when his eyes are narrowed in a smug, flirty or just condescending way, they look so dark it's hard to tell the color, unless he's standing in direct light. And then suddenly he's surprised/scared, or otherwise rid of his calm mask and his eyes get big and I'm always surprised by the color (sorry, I just had to gush about this a little bit :D)

As promised, a prompt in response to the gushing!

This is how Leonard Snart can get in and out of places even when he was a wanted man. Sure, facial recognition exists, but you have to know what you’re looking for, and he’s never allowed a picture of himself to be taken where it’s not some sort of blue steel look. This makes Lisa crack up so much. So his records said his eyes are dark.

But he’s got a distinctive hairstyle and has a remarkably beautiful, memorable what is his face?!

These are thoughts that fly through Barry’s head as he tries to figure out how Len simply walked into the precinct one day. How he walked through the badge-filled corridors, found his way into the lab, and waited for him to flash on in. Let alone that they’d talked about this. He’s not supposed to!

Len just smirks when asked. He puts on one of them CSI baseball caps.

“How did you get that…?” The words die in Barry’s mouth as Len gives his shoulders a little shake and walks over in… more of an Eddie-esque way. Still confident but loose and laid back. At the same time, Len’s face softens and seems to transform, his usually narrowed and focused eyes go bigger. It allows more light in. And then that smirk loosens into a bright, warm smile. Wide and disarming.

“Hi there! Delivery to Lab number 1?”

This should make Barry concerned. He’s too busy getting a little star stuck. Wondering who this man is, and how they ended up together. Doesn’t even realise his mouth parted until Len brushes a thumb over his lower lip aaand those dark eyes are back when he leans in.

If they’re not secretly dating by the start of this scene, they will be by the end of it.

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Gush all you want, we’re just as excited as you are!

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top 5 courferre headcanons go

  • they’re bad influences on each other. combeferre is the master of subtly breaking rules so you don’t get caught, courfeyrac blatantly, extravagantly breaks the rules and talks his way out of trouble, and also loves grand romantic gestures. cue them breaking into one of those fancy whitebread country club golf courses and having a picnic on the grass and then having some sexy times and twenty minutes later they’re half naked and stealing a golf cart with security guards chasing them through the sprinklers
  • they’re actually the worst couple in the world to drive with. the entire world. combeferre is a cautious, inexperienced, goes-exactly-the-speed-limit-or-slower driver, and courfeyrac is a reckless, been-driving-since-thirteen-and-thinks-he-knows-everything-and-the-speed-limit-is-more-of-a-suggestion driver. doesn’t matter who’s at the wheel, the other one will be telling them, in detail, what they’re doing wrong. usually loudly.
  • not so much relationship-y but i am a firm believer that courfeyrac and combeferre, while entirely different in style, are both excellent at flirting (not so much with each other, then they tend to get flustered and dorky and adorable) but, like, courfeyrac is genuine, and sweet, and while he isn’t the smoothest operator in the world all his compliments make you feel really special and he’s funny and adorable and uses really cheesy dumb pick-up lines and you’re swept off your feet before you know it. combeferre, on the other hand, is a pretty direct, straight-to-the-point kind of guy. his compliments aren’t flowery and neither is he, but he’s sincere and he’s quiet but in that way that makes you think there’s some kind of mystery there (and that makes you feel like he’s really listening and cares what you have to say- which he does). and he’ll give you that one, genuine compliment that you don’t see coming and then wink and that’s it, you’re gone, you’re done for. (also, the sleeve tattoos don’t exactly hurt)
  • they fight. couples fight, everyone fights, and courfeyrac and combeferre, as adorable  and perfect as they may be, are no exception. when they do fight, it’s kind of unbalanced. combeferre, as he gets angrier, gets quieter, calmer, and courfeyrac gets louder, more excited, and usually starts crying. the tears don’t mean he’s any less angry, but he hates fighting with the people he loves, even if there is a good reason for it. they don’t make a huge show of it, especially when they’re in public, but courfeyrac will usually be the one to walk out, slamming something as he does. they will, however, always, always say ‘i love you’ before they go off to sulk and lick their wounds, and the one (usually courfeyrac) who storms off will text the other (usually combeferre) after he’s done storming, just a simple message telling him where he is so the other knows he’s okay
  • they love enjolras to pieces. no one could ever forget how important he is to them and how much they love him, because it’s so obvious in pretty much everything they do. they have movie nights together, the three of them, and when they all squish onto one couch courfeyrac and combeferre sit on opposite sides of enjolras so he doesn’t feel left out. they schedule dates around meetings and protests and demonstrations because they really truly support him and his cause, and they, in unspoken agreement, never vent to him when they’re fighting, because they know he hates it and don’t want him to feel like he has to choose a side. (they do gush to him about each other but that’s a different story) as courfeyrac once put it, ‘i think we’re all soulmates, the three of us. we’re just meant to grow old together, spend the rest of our lives together, except combeferre and i are gonna kiss and stuff. occasionally. also probably get married but we can discuss that later.’

But imagine you’re 6 months pregnant with Ashton’s baby, and you’re sitting in your room watching a movie while ash is hanging out with the guys downstairs. Suddenly you feel your baby kick and you rush downstairs to go tell ash. Smiling widely and clutching your tummy, you make your way down the steps but you stop when you hear your name. ‘Hows your baby mama doing Ash,’ you heard calum laugh. ‘She’s getting pretty big, eh?’ Luke’s voice filled your ears and you blush slightly. You expect to hear Ash respond, but he didn’t. ‘Whats wrong Ash?’ You hear Michael ask, moving closer to the room they were in. ‘Its just that, I know she’s pregnant and she should rest, but she doesn’t even want to go out anymore, she just sits at home. She doesn’t let me touch her in that way anymore, and I just I don’t know what to do! I wish I could have one night with her the way things were before she got knocked up, you know?’ You hear him say. Your eyes prickle with tears and you feel a lump in your throat as you clutch your belly tighter.
You quickly grab your jacket and your phone from the kitchen and you go and sit in your garden. You don’t even realize how many hours have passed, you just sit in the grass as tears stream down your face, while you talk to your baby.
You hear the door to the garden open and you immediately wipe away the tears when you feel a pair of arms snake around your waist and Ash’s smell fills your nose, ‘where were you babe? The boys were looking for you,’ he asked and you resisted the urge to pull away from him. You were so angry, you wanted to yell at him, but all that came out was a whimper and Ash came in front of you and cupped your face while fresh tears filled your eyes. ‘What’s wrong, kitten? Why’s my baby crying?’ He asked, worry etched into his features. You turned your face away as a tear slips out of your eye and trails down your face. Ashton turns your face towards his and his green eyes pierce into yours ‘what happened (y/n)?’ You look at him, you can feel the anger bubble under the surface of your skin, ‘I heard you talking to the boys.’ You reply curtly, looking straight into his eyes. Immediately his hands fell from your face, ‘Baby I-’ you cut him off ‘I came to tell you that our baby kicked for the first time today, and I heard what you said. I’m sorry I’m not good enough for you Ash, I know I’m never going to be good enough for you. I’m sorry I got knocked up and that I don’t want to go out anymore and I’m so fucking sorry that I don’t want to have sex with you right now. But I’m pregnant Ash, I’m fucking pregnant with your child and I just can’t -’ you’re cut off midsentence when Ashton’s lips press against yours.

‘I didn’t meant it kitten, you know I love you and the baby and I’m so fucking sorry. Please don’t feel this way, you’re the best thing that happened to me and I’m just a fucking idiot okay? I love you. I don’t mean that, I’m just frustrated and I am so sorry,’ he went on and on and you just stared at him. He slowly places his palm on your tummy and speaks to your tummy, 'hey baby , it’s daddy. I want you to know that I love your mummy so very much. She is the bestest person in the whole world and I’m an arse. She makes me the happiest man in the universe and I wouldn’t trade her for any other girl in the world. She’s always so insecure but she doesn’t realize that daddy thinks she’s perfect. She’s perfect for me,’ he gushed and kissed your stomach and you giggled a little and suddenly you feel a kick and ash just looks at you and screams 'did you feel that?!’ And you nod and he just gets so excited and he kisses you and apologizes forever because he’s so cute and he would be such a good father.

Wow. I had a magical night at fusion dance. They had a dance contest, and I went up and told the winning guy that he was astounding and that I couldn’t take my eyes off him during the contest. Also that I would come back to fusion just to dance with him sometime. He was flattered and offered to dance the next song with me.
Now, I’m not much of one for slow songs, people usually end up being kind of boring, but that dance was the most genuinely charming thing that’s happened to me in ages. I’ve never had a more perfect romantic experience with someone I just met.
He probably dances like that with everyone. It’s amazing how something so common to someone can be so touching to another.
I really hope I can dance with him again.

Ryan Hawley continues to amaze me with each episode. The acting skill he has shown just in the last two days is something to be marveled. Ryan has shown more range in the last fifteen to twenty minutes of screen time than most actors are able to show in their entire career. He has portrayed every emotion perfectly. Arrogance, glee, sassiness, disdain, pity, anger, contempt, humbleness, uncertainty, fear, love, longing, regret and everything in between. Ryan is able to speak without words. With a single look or facial expression the audience is able to fully understand what Robert is thinking or feeling at that exact moment. It is a great skill that few actors possess but Ryan has in spades. Ryan has always been a really great actor but somehow he still continues to improve with every new storyline he’s given. It’s honestly a privilege to be able watch him as he continues to grow and I’m looking forward to seeing what more he is capable of.