sorry i'm going through my old photos

paperpoems  asked:

Hey, uh, I was wondering. Can I adapt one of your short fics into a comic?? Like, I absolutely adore them, and the one I want to adapt (where Morty finds an old photo of Rick while going through his stuff) is the one who made me fall in love with your writing. Keep up the good work! I will obviously give credits to you c: (PS: Sorry for the bad english ;-;)

 Oh, you! Your compliment made me blush X3 Thanks for asking for permission. I absolutely don’t mind if you adapt my fic into a comic! In fact, I’d love it! I’d also love for you to tag or mention me so I can get to see it. And no, your English is perfectly fine! 

this is super out of the blue and not even a thing anybody tagged me in, but i was just going through my old facebook profile pictures and felt like sharing some fetus lauren photos with y'all??




2015 (before I made this tumblr:)

actually that last one was my first icon for armadil-lauren for a little while so, like, props to anyone who remembers it hahah 😂

comparing these to all the selfies in my face tag now is wild. anyway, sorry for clogging everyone’s dashes with my fetus face LOL - i guess this could be a trend or smth, so if anybody else wants to share some old photos of themselves feel free to do so and tag me!! haha :’)

I was going through the picture gallery in my iPad to erase some old photos and I found this picture I took a while ago: 

It’s from Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods (the one’s that’s full of Percy’s version of the main Greek myths).

And I just… Is it just me, or is this basically Kylo Ren?