sorry i'm feeling really lonely

I love you guys. Seriously. I’ve been poking around the bookstagram/bookblr community for the past couple of months but I haven’t felt welcoming at all for some reason, and so I keep going back to this place. Browsing through my tag, indeed, made me very nostalgic but it also reminded me of the fact that I’ve been here for almost 5 years and feel like this community has become part of my “family” in a way :) We’ve all seen each other develop and grow and despite all the negativity (hence why I haven’t been active all that much) I still want to say thank you to the people who’ve sticked around here, spreading their positive fibes and content around this community! Y'all are the reason why I’m still here and don’t want to leave ❤

i feel so lonely. i have the most depressing life ever. just thinking about how everyone else in my life has someone whether it be a best friend or significant other or whatever and i have never had either of those things. everyone has someone to run to when something good or bad in their life happens, but i don’t and never have. i don’t have anyone and it really sucks.


  • me: i'm so lonely please someone talk to me i need company
  • person: hey :)
  • me: ew not you

anonymous asked:

I realized today that I'm nobodies closest friend and that really hurts :(

im sorry you feel lonely. that’s a sucky feeling. but tbf i dont think being someone’s closest friend is something tht should be important. if you have friends, that’s fantastic in itself. i dont know if im anyone’s closest friend but thats fine bc i have people im close to and love. i can name my best friends, but by saying that someone is closest is kinda just unnecessary ranking. dont let it hurt you, bc im sure theres people out there that really care for you. be a good friend to others and appreciate who’s in your life. you’re gonna make some rad friendst throughout life and it’s gonna be lovely