sorry i'm a neckbeard

I can’t stop laughing over the racist neckbeards on the Marvel Facebook page upset about a completely innocuous illustration of Miss Marvel urging people to vote as being too politically biased towards Hillary (it doesn’t say anything about who to vote for, but apparently a Muslim superhero talking about the election is too much).

And the fuckboys in the comments trying to argue that freaking Steve Rogers would be an enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter. I’m fairly certain they’ve either never read a Captain America comic or watched one of the films, or they’re just misinterpreting the character to a BAFFLING degree.

My follower base has grown substantially since the establishment of this “blog”, as much as I scoff at such a ridiculous term. I cannot truthfully say it comes as a surprise. I was well aware that, should I choose to establish my presence on the internet, I would become a “guiding light” of sorts for like-minded individuals seeking to reach intellectual ascension and superiority.

Because I have such a following, however, I must posit this opportunity: do any of you wish to partake in a friendly verbal sparring? The subject can be of your choosing; I have vast knowledge in many areas, both mainstream and esoteric.

Logic is my power, intellect is my blade. Care to do battle?