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So I wanted try a new brush since a got a few hours of free time this weekend but then I accidentally became fe13 trash. I’m blocking grima-of-nohr​ and ur robin headcanons

it’s almost 6 am and i didn’t sleep because i’m ill

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OCN Save Me’s character Choi Man Hee isn’t just any smart and caring guy but someone special and unique, because he’s one of the few well-rounded fat characters in kdramas. We obviously have a lack of fat characters in Korean dramas. If we get them, they’re usually not actually played by fat people or they are the ones we’re supposed to laugh at. One of their main or only purpose in a story is to let us see them either stuffing their faces with food or losing weight. But Man Hee is different and I love that. I want to see more fat characters like him in kdramas, male and female alike.


why is it that you loathe us who teeter on the edge of nothing?

happy release day, 358/2 days (05/30/09 in japan) + happy birthday, me!

When Dean was little, less than four, he was told Angels were watching over him.

He stopped believing when he was six.

At 30, although it felt like 70, thanks to the 40 years in hell, he was rescued by an angel. But it’s been years, and Dean had no faith.

Dean gained faith that Cas, an angel, was watching over him, only to feel betrayal and loss.

At 38, Dean understands, that it was his fault.

No angel watched over him

But also he didn’t watch over his angel .








And all the angels say ooh, ooh, oohh, oohh You are all to blame…
And all the angels say ooh, ooh, oohh, oohh You are all to blame

“All the Angels/My Chemical Romance

King Byron!

Sir Albert!

And Nico!

The Steiner Brothers!!!

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