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roadtrip – kim taehyung au (m)

a/n: first time publishing a fic here on tumblr, advanced apologies if it doesn’t satisfy you. + the photo above is my edit. ☺︎

lowercase intended.

genre: fluff + smut (dom! taehyung) — 90’s au

word count: 2.4k

taehyung was adventurous. he always wanted to bring you to places he knew you’d find amusing. he introduced you to art. he taught you art wasn’t just paintings or songs or poems—it was in any form possible; you.

first destination: museum

could be any; as long as she smiles.

he writes it down the back of the map, following with a huge circle indicating a museum at the front. “as long as i smile?” i ask.

“yeah,” he smiles, “your smile is the reason for mine.” i squinch at him.

“what?” he asks, giving off his boxed smile again. “it isn’t my fault you’re that special to me,”

“it’s my fault then?” i ask.

“maybe,” he chuckles. “you’re the rose i’d do everything to keep red and fresh.”

“sweet, taehyung.”

“that’s me!” he playfully declares, pointing at himself. “but only to my girl of course.”

“hmm,” i chuckle. i kiss his cheek. “i love you.”

“i love you too.” he looks into my eyes, placing a chaste kiss on my lips.

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Hiiiii~ headcanon where mc's addicted to the dab and the rfa + minor trio's reaction?

A/N: *constant dabbing* (it’s almost like I can hear 626 shouting at me in the distance to stop) ~Admin 404


           -He’s a college student, he should know what the dab is

           - if not then he’s gon’ learn today

           -He’ll laugh when you do it unless the two of you are in an extremely crowded place

           -If strangers start staring, he gets really embarrassed!!

           -MC pls, those old people are judging us ;A;

           -He’ll join you every now and then for a pose, but usually just smiles at you

           -Sometimes you like to climb up on things and do the dab just so he can take a picture

           -But every time you do that though, he gets so worried?? Like what if yOU LOSE YOUR FOOTING WHEN YOU GO TO POSE AND FALL???

           -Honestly started to pick it up from you- meaning just out of nowhere, if something cool happens that he likes, he’ll dab



           -WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

           -After the first few times, he realizes what you’re doing

           -That’s that weird meme thing, isn’t it!!!!

           -It doesn’t bother him that much, but every now and then he’s like??

           -Stop it MC, I want to see your face

           -Give him the puppy dog eyes and he’ll do it with you

           - damn those eyes

           -You took a picture of him doing it once and he decided, “Hey, fuck it, I’m gonna post it”


           -No longer cares how often you do it because you’re the one who got him to do it in the first place, so thanks to you, he got even more attention from fans <3


           -“God bless you”

           -This precious girl thought you were sneezing

           -But?? Were you just quiet about it??

           -Until she realized that….that’s a very odd position to sneeze in

           -Didn’t understand it was a meme thing until Zen explained it to her

           - because you and Saeyoung refused to explain it and threatened Yoosungs rank in LOLOL if he told her

           -MC please don’t do that in public;;;

           -Hopes holding your hand will make you stop please you’re going to hit someone in the face one of these days

           -Will not do it with you, stop begging, she’s strong-willed, will not give in!!!

           -Judging you every time you do it in front of her because? Really MC? I don’t see the appeal


           -What the fuck are you doing

           -Genuinely concerned for your health

           -Are you allergic to something????

           -You have to explain to him for a solid hour on what the dab is

           -Still doesn’t understand



           -You don’t post it anywhere though because you wouldn’t do that to JuJu

           -When you said anywhere, you didn’t mean the chatroom though



           -You thought YOU were addicted to dabbing


           -The two of you have a competition on who can perform the dab in the coolest place

           -Y'all are so extra, climbing up to extremely high and dangerous places

           -He has you beat though because hello he’s not about to lose this competition so he never tells you the cool places he knows


           -STOP DABBING

           -Always takes the pictures of you two dabbing and edits it to be aesthetic

           - fuckin meme lord

           - MC, can we dab in our wedding photos



           -What’s a meme?

           -That pose is a meme?

           -He has a photo album labeled “MC + DABBING” because??


           -“MC! Say cheese!”

           -Instant dabbing pose

           -He’s so used to it, he’s surprised if you go through an entire day WITHOUT doing it

           -In public he just disregards it, like I said, he’s so used to it now

           - secretly you feel bad so you try really hard to not pose like that in pictures from now on


           -oh no

           -pls don’t do this to me MC

           -It’s bad enough he has to deal with Saeyoung and his memes but!!!

           -YOU TOO?????

           -Groans every time you do it

           -Straight up, leaves the house when both you AND Saeyoung do it

           - he’s not gonna have it

           -CAN and WILL restrain you in public. Only he doesn’t hold your hand to do it

           -If his death glare isn’t enough to deter you, he will hug you from behind and make sure your arms are against your sides



           - nO


           -DID SEVEN CORRUPT YOU??????????

           -THEY’LL KILL HIM!!!

           -Literally face palms every time they catch you doing it

           -It’s some stupid fucking internet thing, isn’t it?


           -Hates it, absolutely hates it

           -If they can, they’ll catch you before you do it and physically restrain you

           -“JUST S T O P” see the ocean in your eyes

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: some swearing

Words: 933

Summary: You had a pretty bad day. As you sit in your favorite café you notice Sebastian. He wants to be alone, so you head home, but not before you do something nice to brighten up his day.

A/N: Hey guys, so this is my first fiction I´ve ever wrote. I´m sorry if there are any mistakes in it - English is not my mother tongue. If you like it, I´ll maybe continue the story. In this part Sebastian is just a side character.. . Hope you guys like it! Love you xo

To say it was the most uneventful week of your life would have been the understatement of the year. None of your friends were available and none of your clients of your photo atelier had a job for you. And though you had loads of pictures of a wedding to edit it was the most boring week you´ve ever had.

“I´ll call it a day, Hannah!” you shouted towards your co-worker, who prepared herself another coffee in the kitchen. “Yeah, see you tonight! Don´t forget to wear something hot”. You rolled your eyes. Hannah wanted to hook you up with her friend Tom for about 2 months. Actually you weren´t really interested, but you knew she´d never shut up, so you agreed to a double date tonight. You grabbed your belongings and exited the building. At this time of the year it was still pretty cold in NYC and – lucky you – it just started to rain as you walked outside the main exit. At least it´s just a light drizzle, you thought while you headed to your favorite café. The small, cozy place belonged to the family of your best friend Dave and over the years it became your second home. Finally arrived you opened the door, muttered a “Hey” towards Dave and made your way to your favorite spot. The broad window-sill with the plaids and cushions. It never looked more welcoming. You stuffed your belongings under the table and made yourself comfortable on the window-sill, on which at least 2 people could lay. Dave offered you a large coffee you happily accepted. “Bad day?” he asked. You shrugged and mumbled something into the cup before you took a sip of the hot beverage. Dave chuckled in response and nodded. He knew that, although you were the personification of sunshine, rainy days affected your mood in a significantly bad way, but he also knew that you loved taking those days as a little break from everything. So he decided to walk back to the counter and let you be. You pulled your favorite book and your earphone outside your bag and began to read. Usually you observed the people outside on the street but you needed a little time to yourself, so you opened the book, turned to page 394 and began to read the last chapter. During the passing hour you completely drifted away and got to finish the book and two large cups of coffee.

As you looked up, to put back your book, you noticed the guy, who now sat on the other side of the window-sill. Something on him looked familiar to you. He wore a bright blue beanie and a jeans jacket with a striped jersey underneath. While he took a sip of his drink you noticed the stunning jawline this man was blessed with. As his phone rang, he took down his sunglasses and you got to catch another glance on him. You knew this bright blue eyes…

Oh my god! Your heart skipped a beat. OH. MY. GOD. Sebastian Stan. Sebastian FUCKING Stan! You quickly turned off your music, because it distracted you even more. Calm down (Y/N), calm down. Don´t hyperventilate. Everything´s ok. You heard him sigh and saw that he ran his large hand over his face. “No, Chris, listen, everything´s fine. I just needed a little break. Y´know, some alone-time. I´ll call you tomorrow, ok?” He looked pretty stressed and tired, but still like the cutest cinnamon roll you´ve ever seen. “Yeah, ok. Thanks man, really appreciate it. See you.” He sighed and let himself fall against the wall behind him. It teared you apart to see him like this. And though you wanted to help him you thought it would be too weird if you just started to talk to him and as he said: he wanted some alone-time. Of course it was a hell of a chance to have Sebastian fucking Stan right beside you, however you couldn´t do it. You couldn´t force yourself to talk to him. Sebastian wanted to be alone, he wanted to calm down after a pretty rough day and you couldn´t bear the thought of you interrupting him in his intention. He´s such a good and sweet guy, I can`t do it. He deserves some privacy…I mean, I could, but…No, no, no. You knew if you stayed any longer you couldn´t bear the sight of him and eventually talked to him, so you grabbed your bag and you went over to Daves Mom to pay your coffee. “Hey Mrs. Miller.” you greeted her. “Oh, hello sweetie, Dave already went home. How can I help you?” You glanced over your shoulder to see Sebastian, who still leaned on the wall with his eyes closed tightly. Suddenly an idea popped up in your head. “Ummm…Mrs. Miller, could you do me a favor, please?”


As you walked out of the café, along the window, you saw Mrs. Miller in the corner of your eye, as she brought Sebastian a delicious looking piece of chocolate cake… and she was pointing at you…

You couldn´t help but grin to yourself at the thought that you just made Sebastian Fucking Stans day better! At least you hoped so. Ok… maybe this was a sign, maybe not…however, now is the time to pull yourself together (Y/N)! You´ll never meet him again so it doesn´t matter. Date night´s tonight. Time to get ready. You turned on the music on your Spotify, but still felt like the coolest fucking person on this planet.

Unbeknownst to you, Seb ran outside the café trying to catch you.

Hacked (Sombra x reader)

A/n: to the anon who requested some awkward Sombra, I hope you like it ^^ thank you for the request

Edited 12/20/16 by @shadowbolt64

The lights flickered as the underground subway made its first turn out of the subway station. The old thing squeaked and sputtered in protest as it continued down the rusted tracks. Your eyes glided across the many faces of the early morning commuters who were taking the early subway to work.

Most of the bodies on the train were covered in dark heavy coats and thick scarfs, as the subway could not hold the heat inside of the old passenger car, even if it was ten feet underground. The winter morning was definitely the worst time to commute on a subway.

You held tightly to the old leather strap that was attached above your head, you tried to keep your balance as the subway went over another bump. You groaned in protest as you quickly grabbed your phone out of your pocket to look at the news.

You could see your own breath as you slipped your hand from one of your gloves to scroll through your newsfeed. You lazily looked over the passengers in front of you. Trying to find something decent to look at while you were waiting for your stop.

Suddenly a message popped up in the middle of your screen, your eyes squinted at the message. It clearly read that your data usage was almost up and that data should be turned off.

You scoffed loudly as you quickly exited out of the news app and went into your settings. You crossed your fingers that there was an unprotected Wi-Fi somewhere that you could use. It wasn’t exactly legal, but who would catch you?

As the phone searched for a signal it immediately picked up on a unprotected network that had three bars in your area. The Wi-Fi was named S0mbra1. Curious you tried to connect to the network and sure enough it worked. Your eyes lit up with delight as the network allowed you to browse your favorite apps.

It was an incredible network, it loaded all photos and videos on the app in an instant and would never buffer. Your smile widened as the network continued to do its magic.

Suddenly, the subway came to a halt, you looked up to the old blinking sign confirming that this was your stop. The light in your eyes faded away as you slipped your phone into your pocket and continued to your work.

You threw your belongings on your small desk as you quickly sat in your office chair. Your spun it around a couple of times before you turned on the tower hiding underneath your desk as well as the monitor. The painfully familiar blue screen clicked on with the usual request for a username and password. You rolled your eyes as you quickly typed it in. You navigated to the online service and typed in yet another login. Your job was one of the worst out there but hey, money is money right?

You slipped on your usual headset and clicked a button on the side; it immediately directed you to a call. You cleared your throat and introduced yourself.

“Hello, this is y/n with tech support. How may I help you?”

The voice on the other line belonged to a Hispanic woman who casually talked to you in a rather calm tone.

“Yeah I had a question about my computer, the monitor seems to be glitching out and the mouse isn’t appearing on my screen, what should I do?”

Before you could answer you heard rather fast typing on the other end. It seemed rapid and well placed as if the person knew what they were doing.

Suddenly, your monitor went white before revealing the screen of another computer. Your eyes went wide with shock as you quickly shuddered into the microphone.

“H-hey, I’m going to need to put you on hold for a second, my computer isn’t w-working properly.”

Suddenly the typing on the other line paused, the sound of a moving chair could be heard as the women continued to speak.

“Oh, that is me, I hacked the server your company is currently using with your IP to show you what is happening, I thought it might be easier for you to se-”

“And if you know how to hack a private network do you really think you need tech supports help?”

The awkward tension grew as the silence was dragged on. You heard the woman tapping her nails on her desk thinking of an explanation for her actions. She finally took a deep breath and answered.

“Yes, b-because I need assistance with the monitor a-and I don’t know how to fix it.”

You’re rolled your eyes before quickly saying something to stop her from rambling on forever.

“Ok, thank you very much for calling tech support, you have the number on your phone already so call when you have a real problem ok?”

Before you gave her a chance to respond you quickly ended the call before she could continue. You leaned back in your chair letting out a long drawn out sigh.

Your monitor sputtered and clicked a bit before displaying a rather suspicious purple coding. Soon your computer was automatically transferred to a Skype call to a women with electric violet dyed hair and rather vibrant clothes. She spoke up before you could freak out about her being on your screen.

“Ok listen, I’m sorry for all of my fussing. But when I saw you on the subway you looked really cute in that winter coat so I wanted to get to know you. So I decided to help you out with the Wi-Fi network and I wanted to talk to you, so that’s why I made the call and that’s… why I am … here.”

Her face suddenly became warm as she scratched the back of her neck waiting for a response. Your first reaction was a loud laugh before you looked back at your screen.

“You seriously hacked my computer just so you could talk to me? Ha! That is just hilarious.”

Her nose suddenly scrunched up while you continued to have your laughing fit. She crossed her arms before responding.

“You really think I was just going to walk up to you and say hi, this was way more elaborate then anything anyone else could do.”

You finally got you composure back and cleared your throat before responding.

“Oh no! That is very elaborate… and I thought it was cool, it’s not often you meet someone who can hack a server just to talk to someone, we should talk more often.”

Suddenly the woman’s eyes went wide with shock before she let a smirk fall on her face. She wasn’t actually expecting you to comply with a wave of her hand she did her best to cover her blush before responding.

“Perfect, I’ll keep in touch. Talk to you later.”

Before you could reply your screen went back to its usual blue hue. As if it never even happened. You slumped in your chair and let out a tired sigh. You realized that before she left you never even asked for her name.

Suddenly your phone dinged with a message. You looked over at it and saw that a new contact by the name of Sombra was added to your phone, and the number already sent a message.

“Did you think I wouldn’t get your number before leaving? That’s what happens when you join unprotected networks.”

You let a smile creep up on your face as you leaned back in your chair and responded.

“As I said before I would love to chat more, Sombra.”

(Forgive me if she seems cheesy! I don’t know her well enough yet ;-;)

Hello Lawley

Request - None

Overview - Y/N is poorly and Kian looks after her (lots of fluff but nothing serious since they are just really close friends)

A/N - Sorry it’s short, I’m working on a few longer ones, enjoy!


‘Do you want to keep watching?’ The laptop screen shone bright, lighting up your dark, stuffy room. You clicked yes, obviously. Netflix clearly didn’t understand your intentions of sitting in bed all day watching re-runs of friends and consuming your body weight in junk food.

You felt the same as you had for the past three days, weak, tired and very, very ill. One moment you were sweating from places you didn’t even know you could sweat from, and the next you were buried under two blankets and a thick duvet to keep warm. Ontop of that, mother nature had decided to take action and aunt flow had come for an early visit. No matter what position you were laying in, your back felt like an old man’s after a hardcore weight lifting session and your cramps felt like satan was tap dancing on your uterus.

After numerous hours of tossing and turning in your bed, you decided it was finally time to try and do something productive. Your apartment was still a complete mess after a party you hosted a few days ago so the floor was littered with red plastic cups and the counter surfaces were covered in sticky substances which, by the smell, you presumed was beer. Dom’s and Jc’s drunken attempt at beer pong was still set up on the ping pong table in the games room next to a pile of various items of clothing that had been lost throughout the night. You fished through the pile in hopes of finding something warm to throw on since your body was acting as though you had just jumped into an ice bath. Most of the clothes were boys t-shirts and shoes but there was a few hoodies, one of which belonged to your best friend, Kian, and it happened to fit nicely.

Before you continued with the cleaning, you snap chatted Kian a picture of you in his hoodie, captioned ‘Look what I found!’ Within minutes, you had a text from Kian.

K - ‘I’ve been looking for that fucking hoodie all day, I don’t even remember wearing it at yours?’

y/n - ‘I think u lost it playing strip poker haha’

K - ‘Oh god, I don’t wanna remember that night haha . Me and Jc are going to lunch, do u wanna join?’

y/n - ‘I would but I feel like shit and look like it so there’s no way I’m letting myself be seen in public, sorry, maybe another time?’

K - ‘u didn’t tell me you was ill? Whats wrong?’

y/n - ‘Apart from mother nature letting me know I’m not going to be a teen mom, i think I’ve got the flu or something :(’

K - ‘Do u want mcdonalds? I think that’s where we are going?’

y/n - ‘I would love it but i don’t want u getting ill, I will just order a pizza or something’

K - ‘Nooo, I want to see u, don’t worry, i have a strong immune system’

Y/n - ‘oh god, just don’t blame me if you catch anything’

K - ‘ok, See you in 10′

Kian always knew how to cheer you up, fast food was the quick way to your heart. You threw your unwashed hair into a messy bun, practically using a whole can of dry shampoo to make it look somewhat acceptable. You opened the curtains in your room and opened the windows to let the room air out since it smelt like yesterdays chipotle, how lovely. By the time you had finished clearing away the mess from the party, your front doorbell was ringing. You opened the door to a smily Kian, holding what could only be described as a gift from God. Along side the mcdonalds, he held a big bouquet of flowers and a box of feminax. (feminax is period pain relief for u guys that don’t know what it is

K - ‘wow you really do look like shit’

y/n - ‘wow Kian, you have such a great way with words’

K - ‘you know I’m joking, you look beautiful as always’

y/n - ‘stop bullshitting and come in’

Kian entered your apartment, put the mcdonalds on the counter and made himself at home, laying out on the couch and turning on the tv.

K - ‘what do you wanna watch? I’m staying tonight’

y/n - ‘Kian, you don’t have to honestly, are you not busy? and you can chose’

k - ‘no, me and Jc filmed today and its his turn to edit so I’m free for the next few days. And you know what we will be watching then’

You heard the start of tangled blaring from your tv as you put the flowers in a vase and took a feminax. You grabbed a blanket and sat next to Kian with your mcdonalds. As always, he took half of your chips, even though he had already eaten. 

y/n - ‘Kian get your damn hand out of my mcnuggets, I’m not sharing them, you can have the chips’

K - ‘I payed for them, at least let me have one’

Y/n - ‘no, you payed for them, for me, so let me eat them’

K - ‘To be fair, i didn’t even pay, Jc did’

y/n - ‘Oh my god Kian you are so tight!’

you joked, hitting Kian on the shoulder. You quickly text Jc to say thank you for the meal and cuddled down next to Kian. Within half an hour, you were asleep on him. 

(third person pov?)

Kian looked down at the sleeping girl next to him. He stared at her perfect face, her rosy cheeks from where she was hot, her tired eyes, her soft lips. How he would love to kiss them. The sound of ‘tangled’ faded in the background as Kian listened to y/n’s steady breathing and quiet snoring. She looked so good in his hoodie, it was oversized on her but not too much that she was over powered by it. He took a photo of the moment to add to the countless other candids he had of her. He loved her with all of his heart and couldn’t imagine not being there for her. Not that she would ever know or see them because Kian knew she would never feel the same way. Y/n’s lips curled into a small smile, she was dreaming about something, or someone, little did Kian know that that someone was him.


Once again, sorry it is short! I will hopefully see you all tomorrow, 



Girl Trouble (Simon Request)

“Alright I’m off” You mention, tying your hair into a ponytail, “I’ll be back in a couple of hours”
“Okay gorgeous” Simon smiles, turning round in his chair, “One question though. How do you have the motivation to go to the gym so often?”
“Because its part of my job babe” You laugh, walking over to give him a kiss, “I’ve gotta keep myself in check”
“Just don’t like the thought of other guys seeing you look this good” He raises his brows.
“Like they have a chance” You grin, kissing him once more and heading off, “And now you’re watching me walk away”
“Quoting ‘friends’! A girl after my own heart!” He calls after you.
You sling your bag over your shoulder and head down the stairs, bumping into Gee and Freya as you did.
“Hey girls” You smile, checking yourself in the mirror once again.
“Slay hun” Freya chuckles.
“Thanks” You laugh, “Ohh Gee I think Simon said something about needing some help with one of his videos. Would you mind?”
“Yeah sure that’s fine” She grins happily, pushing the frames of her glasses up.
“See you later” You comment to both of them, heading outside and getting into your car.
After a few hours working out and a swim to cool down, you return home to a house that seems empty. All of the guys at this point were in their rooms editing or filming meaning the majority of the house appeared to have nobody in. You didn’t mind, opting to grab some water and an apple from the kitchen before heading up to see your boyfriend.
“Well hello there princess” He grins when he hears you walk in.
“Hello” You chuckle, “How was filming?”
“Yeah good, I’m hoping to put the video out for tonight so I don’t miss an upload and then film a hunting we will go episode later” He explains.
“Great plan” You nod.
“How was the gym?”
“Tiring. Mainly did abs and legs so I’m dying” You joke, “I’ve actually got a phone call meeting in a bit about the next magazine shoot so if you need anything let me know”
“Its fine gorgeous. You go and relax alright?” He comments.
“Thanks” You laugh, heading into the shower and getting changed.
You and Simon go about normal tasks for you. Him deciding to edit and you starting your call. Soon enough, his video was posted and the response came flooding through.
You checked your twitter to realise your mentions had gone crazy. You generally had a lot of notifications from viewers because they loved you and Simon but this was ridiculous.
‘Can’t believe Simon would do that to @(y/n). She deserves better’
‘It disgusts me that he would make this so public. Feel so bad for @(y/n)’
’@(y/n) if this is what we think it is, we’re sorry. Simon’s a dick.’
You frown more and more at each response, clicking onto the link to his video to see what they were on about.
His video began normally though after only 20 seconds, you heard Gee’s voice in the background. You didn’t think anything of it until everything fit into place. They thought Simon was with another girl. They thought he was cheating? It seemed implausible to you. But there was only a part of your relationship that you would show onto YouTube. That then meant that the fans didn’t see everything else. They’d never seen Simon tell you how much he loved you when he was tired at 5am in the morning. Or how clingy he got all the time just because you were so ‘beautiful’ to him. They didnt hear him call you ‘babygirl’ or see him get embarrassed in front of your parents because he was scared they wouldnt like him. They never saw how he would mention the day you would eventually get married or how your first child would look. You couldnt blame them when you thought about it but for now it seemed crazy.
You jog upstairs to where he was and enter the bedroom, “Babe have you seen all of this?”
“Seen what?” He questions.
“Your viewers are going crazy because of Gee’s voice in your video. They think you’re cheating” You laugh, handing him your phone to scroll through.
“Holy fuck” He mutters, looking through all of the tweets.
“Its ridiculous. They think we’ve split up or that I had no clue. And by the looks of things, they’re on my side” You smirk.
“Yeah you don’t say” He scoffs, showing you one of the tweets about how disgusting he was.
“Well looks like we need to set things straight” He grins, pulling you to sit on his lap.
He wraps his arms around you and rests his chin on your shoulder, sticking out his arms to take a photo on his phone He grins like a kid and you turn to kiss his cheek. Perfect.
He writes the tweet on his account and it flashes up on your phone instantly.
'Nothing new here💞 MiniBae’s still stupid enough to stay with me’
And the happy responses came flooding through.

“oh, sure, i have a smartphone, i see it’s useful. but everybody knows that you can’t get a REAL relationship anymore (ha, ha) - everybody is always looking at their phones on buses and during classes. go talk to a stranger! feel the air! eat your body weight in kale! hang on, how do i make a note on this? i wanna write that down, that was a good quote.”

consider this: i am in a long distance relationship with somebody i met in person. we have a very deep connection. we both go to different colleges. we have over forty-two thousand facebook messages: about philosophy, our lives, our deepest secrets, the posts that we find hilarious and want to give the other person so we can share that experience (lizard playing piano with an existential crisis is the most recent) - maybe when he checks his phone in public, he’s just seeing me checking in on him

i have friends in places i never thought i’d find them. i have friends hours away from anywhere i’ve ever been. i have friends from school i rarely spoke to after graduation and i have internet friends who text me every day with pictures of animals and plants. i know people who fell in love over the internet, and when they met in person, it was exactly as perfect as they expected. they meet with an ocean of shared memories already, a match which was already lit. who cares that they weren’t at some office mixer and standing around awkwardly when they first locked eyes. who cares if they were on a pokemon forum. does it matter. is their happiness somehow hurting you in any way. does it offend your “real connection” sensibilities. “we met drunk at a frat party” is just as embarrassing as “i edited her fanfiction.” not everybody meets in hollywood ways. all that matters is that when they met, they were there to stay. friendship and love are amazing that way.

i get it. there are people who really do abuse the system. i personally don’t believe in technology at the table, as much as possible. it really is rude and hurtful when someone pulls out their phone while you’re talking directly to their face. but most of the people i know will excuse it with: “this is my mom, which drugs should i tell her i’m on,” “sorry, waiting for the doctor to get back to me” “hang on lemme show you this snapchat of a cat” “wait i have the perfect vine for that.” and if you have a problem with it - which is valid - just use your “real connection” powers and be an adult about it. say, “i’m sorry, i’m not comfortable when you use that, is there any way you could leave it until i’m done talking?” most people touch their phone subconsciously. they’re not doing it to be mean.

and as for meeting strangers: did your mother teach you nothing. i don’t talk to strangers for a pretty good reason. give me a safe place, and i’ll be incredibly friendly. but the fact i’m texting my friend rather than suddenly striking up a conversation with the dude who keeps burping loudly two seats away from me: that doesn’t mean technology has frozen my heart completely. but when it’s late and i’m tired and i’ve had a long day: it’s so comforting to get warm messages from family. and even if there weren’t circumstances outstanding: maybe your problem isn’t that people are on their phone, it’s that you by yourself feel strangely alone.

just because you feel that you’re becoming distant from your friends: that doesn’t make it true for the rest of us. society changes whenever large-scale changes in technology occur. the way we interact is different. that doesn’t make it wrong. for many of us, this is the only way we can see the faces of our loved ones on a frequent basis. who cares if a connection comes with the support of the internet. learn to adapt to it. and if you feel like you’re addicted: put it down. go for a walk. delete the game you have 458 hours on. solve your own problem. stop pretending like the younger generation is at fault.

phones are portals to books, music, family, friends, to photos, to calming coloring books, to video conferences. instead of seeing a wall: see the window that person is holding. yes, they’re not looking at the grimy floor of the train station. but when you can fill that time usually spent staring into the distance with a discussion of whether academia has reduced artistic representation down to a few hallowed artists of a certain dynamic: why wouldn’t you?

so download the kindle app, re-read harry potter. join online communities. make a twitter. i don’t care that you think you’re cool and distant because you never hashtagged something on instagram. try it before you mock it. talk to people about things. take a web seminar. use the device for good instead of seeing it  as evil. somebody said to me yesterday: all advanced technology would be magic to people of another age. you have something in your hands which would have been a miracle in another day.

use it fully.

—  This coming from someone who has never owned a smartphone/tablet/e-reader in her 21 years of life // r.i.d
[Miraculous Ladybug]: Think Alike

I cracked and finally started writing my Photographer!Adrien fic, with some Adrinette for flavor. Don’t know how long it’ll be, but I’m gonna ballpark it at around 7 chapters? We’ll see :P

Links to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

[Chapter 2] [Chapter 3]

Title: Think Alike

Summary: Adrien never really considered himself an artist per se. He only ever considered what he did a hobby, something that he did for joy and not for obligation. But Marinette held his prints up to the light, smiled up at the glossy photos he’d spent hours shooting and editing, and looked at them like they were practically perfect. And how could Adrien not let his chest swell up at the sight of her pride?

Chapter 1: Advice

“Okay dude. Torque problems. Are you ready for this?”

“I think the proper question would be are you ready for it. You slept through that entire lecture if I remember right. There are still drool stains on your notebook.”

“It’s just plugging things into equations right? Like….finding force.”

“This is a little more complicated than that.”

“How can it possibly be more — wait, what the hell is that pill looking symbol? What the hell is sin?”

“It’s sine. Not sin. And the pill looking thing is theta. You know, like when you need to find angles? Little bit of trig to spice up your afternoon. Hope you brought your calculator.”

“Screw you to Hell, dude. This isn’t funny. I forgot how to do this….”

“Wait, can you turn your head a little bit this way? I can’t quite get a good angle on your look of abject horror.”

Nino turned his head slowly and glared straight into the lens of Adrien’s camera, and Adrien couldn’t help but chortle as he he laid sprawled out on the grass and took three quick shots of his face. He peeked out from behind the camera and sent his friend a thumbs up. “Oh yeah. That’s perfect. But you gotta pout more. Really sell that glare for me. Make me feel it.”

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Love Contract >> Suga, You (Part 9)

PART 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5  | 6 | 7 | 8

My days started to get busier so I’m sorry for being late! (Am I even late? XD) enjoy reading~

And you ended up waiting for Suga until he finished his other photoshoots. Ellie, a model from Vogue’s magazine, whom Joshua knew her, was asked to do the photo shoots that you were supposed to do in the first place. 

The photo shoot for the new brand collection even the designer was standing happily watching the work. 

He was impressed by how pretty Ellie was. You almost got jealous because all the eyes were on her,

A sigh skipped your mouth followed by the other. Jimin promised to take you to the new place to stay in. He kind of told you that he had a nice place that you were going to love and that after the photo shoots he promised to take you there.


“I’m so sorry.” Jimin had apologized, his arm had still been around your shoulder. “I have another schedule and –I didn’t forget our promise, I swear– I just asked Yoongi to take you there. I’m sorry. He knew the place too…”

And just like the silly girl you were, you had just smiled and shook your head in understanding. “It’s okay. You have a work anyway. I’m sorry, I troubled you ”

It wasn’t okay. That meant that you had to stay with Yoongi until he finished his work and you were too hurt to even look at him.

You wished you still had had your apartment. You wanted so bad to crawl in your bed and cry. No, you wouldn’t cry. Not for someone who didn’t deserve crying for. 

Why would you even cry? It was just a kiss and it wasn’t like you were in love– In fact, you started to fall for him.

And it still hurt. Deep inside your heart.

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Cameron Dallas Smut

• Happy first day of Cameron Dallas week! I know this is getting posted late but I don’t think ya’ll care anyway, lol. This scenario was suggested by a lovely anon. ❤️

“Babe, stop.” I said to (y/n) while grabbing her hand and removing it from my crotch. When I began to style my hair again, she attempted to slip her hand into my jeans, making me turn around while holding her wrists. “(Y/N), I have a photo shoot with Bryant in ten minutes. He’s literally waiting for me downstairs so we can go to the abandoned skatepark and take some pictures.” I explained to her slowly, so she would hopefully listen to me. For some reason, she’s been horny allll day, but I’ve been busy all day, so we couldn’t have sex. I’ve been editing my new video, cleaning up around the house, and I just got out the shower because now I’m gonna go do a photo shoot. “Ten minutes is enough time, please baby, I’m so fucking horny.” She whimpered, then bit her lip while attempting to slip her hand in my jeans, which I finally let her do. I wasn’t gonna fight this anymore. When she noticed I was finally giving in, she dropped to her knees and pulled my jeans and boxer briefs down. She wrapped her dainty hand around my semi hard dick and began to fist it up and down, getting it rock hard. “Cameron!” I heard Bryant call out from behind my bedroom door, making (y/n) stop her hand movements. “I’ll be out in ten minutes, my hair isn’t going right!” I lied, then when it was silent for a few seconds, I grabbed onto (y/n)’s arms, lifting her up, then turned her around so she was bent over the sink. Since she was wearing skirt, I simply lifted her skirt up and pushed her lacy panties to the side, which were SOAKED, and placed the head of my dick against her entrance. “This has to be quick baby girl, and be quiet.” I said to her, then slammed into her, making her moan loudly and grab onto the sides of the counter for support. I wasn’t gonna fuck her hard and fast just to get us off, I was gonna make sure it was good, even though we only had ten minutes. I slowly thrust in and out of her, and I could feel how greedy her pussy was for me. She was clenching so tight around me, making me groan. “Faster baby,” (y/n) moaned while pushing her ass towards me, wanting more. I suddenly slapped her right ass cheek, making her yelp in surprise, then began to sooth where I slapped her by rubbing it. “Cameronnnn, please more,” she whimpered, making me pick up my pace and slip my hand underneath her skirt and panties and began to rub her clit. “God you feel so good baby girl,” I moaned while adjusting my angle so I could watch myself enter her, which seemed to be a benefit for the both of us since her moans got louder and higher pitched. “Right there, oh god don’t stop you’re gonna make me come,” she moaned while gripping the counter even harder, making her knuckles white. I continued to hit her g spot and she suddenly pushed me away and squirted on the floor, my shoes, and my jeans. Holy shit. She has never squirted before. “Uh shit,” she moaned, and her thighs were shaking, and she was letting little whimpers out as tremors of her orgasm ran through her body. I began to jack off to the sound of her whimpers and while remembering her amazing orgasm, then squirted my come all over her skirt and shirt. “Ugh fuck,” I groaned ass i tugged my dick, getting every drop out of me. “I can’t believe you made me squirt.” (Y/N) said as she lay her head on the counter with her eyes closed. “Yeah me too, now my clothes for the photo shoot are soaked and I’m pretty sure Bryant knows what we were doing up here.” I said with a smirk as I took off all my clothes since I had to put some dry ones on. “Sorry baby,” she said quietly, and I could tell how tired that orgasm had made her. I made her get off the counter and made her take off all her clothes and I covered her up on the bed with the comforter so she could sleep. Once I was dressed in some dry clothes and I went to walk out the door, I heard (y/n)’s quiet voice. “When you get back, we’re fucking again and I’m gonna pay you back with a great blowjob baby.”

• I hope ya’ll enjoyed this! It’s not my best work but it’s almost nine and I’m just really tired for some reason. Tomorrow an outfit imagine will be posted so whoever reblogs this with a scenario or sends it my ask box will be tagged in it tomorrow. I’m also about to put the new poll in my bio for next week. ❤️

REQUEST: Dan being a long-distant dad

Request: “hi!! can you do an imagine on a song ‘Never Be Alone’ by Shawn Mendes, please??” -anon 

Link to the song here (i strongly advise you listen to it before or while you’re reading since that is what the request was based off) 

The tune of the song made me think of the music i used to listen back when i was 14/15 and made me feel all nostalgic. 

I traced my fingers through y/d/n as she laid her head on my lap and I read to her. She had these beautiful brunette locks, gently pulling out the knots at her split ends. She had been so adamant about growing her hair ‘as long as Rapunzel’s’ and although I wasn’t going to let my daughter have hair as long to the ground that she would stumble on her own locks, I was letting her grow it to her mid lower back.

“Clifford and Elizabeth walked down to the beach realising that Sally was in danger when-“

“Mummy, when’s daddy ever going to come home?” ,y/d/n sat up and turned around to look at me with an almost saddened expression as if she had forgotten that only moments earlier we had been laughing about Clifford the Big Red Dog and his silly adventures.


He was her father and she knew that. I didn’t hide it from her at all, that would be wrong and Dan had made the active effort in the past 5 years to be a part of her life. Neither of us had expected that our short fling would end in there being this long lasting commitment for a child we conceived together. However, the thing was Dan was now a big Media personality and all I had subsided to was working the occasional nursing shift at the nearby A&E when I was needed, otherwise from that we lived off savings and the odd commission from baking now and again. He was never really in London that much anymore and when he was his life became dictated by meetings and filming as if he wasn’t really the Dan that I had known and instead had become this corporate puppet. A puppet that let others play with his life but forgot about the one girl who wanted to have play dates with him the most.

Our daughter.

He said that he would come by every second weekend a few years ago and promise that she could stay the night with him and have dinner or watch a movie. But soon that turned into at first just grabbing some pizza and eating it in a nearby park to going out quickly to the Jungle jims and be back within the hour. I had told him over and over again to start making a proper effort. But soon it became scolds and arguments directed at him for not being a good father. I had the right to stand up for our daughter and make sure she wasn’t treated like shit but also to gurantee she had some sort of positive father to look up too.

3 months previous

“No, you listen to me Dan. You cannot put all this blame on me, you were the one who said you wanted to be involved and I let you into y/d/n’s life. You told me that you would be the best father you could to her but now all I hear from you is excuses towards why you cannot take her out to simply get fucking burgers. You keep telling me that your life is pretty crazy and whatnot now but you need to learn how to slow it down and actually stop and realise this family you have.  If you have a new girlfriend, just tell me and let me know that you do not want to the dotting father anymore and focus on her. Give a piece of your bloody heart to her and not some fractured and dull one to our daughter”

Those last words had stung as they left my lips. They were harsh to say the least but I wanted him to know that he couldn’t just forget about us. y/d/n was and still is pretty much my only priority and what keeps me going in a city where it seems I keep and keep getting fucked over by people in my life.

“Y/n please I’m sorry I don’t want to not be around but I don’t think you understand that me going and travelling in America doesn’t change anything. Yeah I agree I have not been around y/d/n lately but that was just because I was trying to make sure that the tour was going to go smoothly. I’ll make the effort when I’m away to Facetime her so that even though we will be apart, I’ll make sure she doesn’t feel alone”


It was now mid-June and there had been no facetimes, no text messages or no emails. I had seen photos of him floating around social media with his arms hugging girls only maybe 7 years older than y/d/n.  He had posted videos on his channel, so I knew he had had some free time even if it had only been a small amount. It almost broke me that it came across that he didn’t care at all.

Looking down at y/d/n, I smiled and reassured her that she would see her dad again soon or even talk to him. Although Dan would ‘never come home’ to this address in particular, she still was not aware fully that although Dan and I were not together at this exact moment, we wouldn’t be getting back together or living together again which seemed to in her own mind what the end game of ‘separation’ meant.  

She turned away from me, looking as if she was almost about to cry.

“It’s not fair mummy! I thought he love-ed me and I thought you loved him”, tears began to dribble down her freckled cheeks as she spat out words I never thought a five year old would say.

She got up from the couch in the living room and I heard the angry pattering of small feet run up the stairs and then a massive ‘flop’ down on a bed.

It tore me to see her like this and all because of fucking Dan Howell. The man who said he could be a father but lacked any skill to be a good one. I went over to the bookcase in the living room where I had placed my phone earlier and began searching through the contacts to try to find Dan’s number.

As I pushed the dialling button, I put the phone as close as I could to my ear, probably smudging off some foundation but so I could hear every excuse this man had to say why he could not call me.

“Hello y/n?”, It wasn’t Dan but Phil on the other line sounding very tired. It probably was either very late at night or very early in the morning wherever they were along the west coast but I just couldn’t care.

“Phil, can you put Dan on please?”

“Yeah sure I can try, he’s just in the other room editing a new promotional vi-“

“Phil just put him on. I don’t give a fuck what he is doing right now. He needs to understand he has a family back here in England whether he likes to admit it or not”

Phil was silent but I heard some muffles and mumbles as I assumed he went through a connecting door and into the other room to interrupt Dan editing. All I could really distinguish was “…Y/N..”, ..angry..” and a simple “Okay”

“Uhh hi Y/n? you still there?”

He sounded to un interested and almost distant as if he was acting like we had never been intimate before in our lives and that I was just a mistake.

“Yes Daniel I’m still here and I’ve got a crying 5 year old upstairs because her father hasn’t bothered to talk to her in 2 months”

It was silent for a moment when I heard a one syllable “Shit”

“Oh did you forget you had a child? Going to another country doesn’t mean that everyone you knew in the U.K. becomes irrelevant and void”

I paused for a moment. I knew continuing to get mad at him wouldn’t be worth it and soon I was worried that my voice would begin to attract an unwanted spectator from upstairs as the sobs became smaller and smaller.

“Please Dan just FaceTime her now and let her see you. She has been bugging me all week to see you and to hear your voice and for you to just hold her. I know you can’t do the later one right now but please just talk to her. She loves you more than I ever could and she looks up to you so much.”

He hanged up the call almost immediately, confusing me first but then I realised he was actually listening to me when I started to get an incoming FaceTime call. As I answered it I was met with the face of someone I almost didn’t recognise, an exhausted and unkempt Dan who if I didn’t guess it looked like he was about to cry.

Telling him to just quickly keep quiet I knocked on y/d/n door which she had decorated with stickers of Anna and Elsa from Frozen and a collection of other Disney princesses that had been her favorities from time and time again. Nobody answered so I slowly pushed it open to see a five year old face down into her pillows on her duvet silently sobbing any more grief she had out of her.

“Y/d/n honey please look up I’ve got someone very special who would like to talk to you”

Dan took it as an almost que and finally spoke up brining some joy to this household, the opposite of what he had done really in the past months

“Hey little pooh bear how you going?”

Immediately her puffy red face looked up over at me as I held my phone screen facing her so she could see a smiling Dan in her vision


They talked for a solid hour with Dan seeming genuinely interested in how her last days at kindergarten were going and if she was excited to move onto the ‘big-kids school’ soon. God I had forgotten how good he could be around kids. As it started to get late, I suggested that y/d/n needed to be getting to sleep soon with of course led to protesting from her

“But what if I don’t get to see or talk to daddy again for ever mumma??”

I heard Dan laugh slightly from the phone and he promised her that he would call again sometime this week and make sure he would tell her exactly what was going on with the tour

“Little monkey we will talk again soon I promise? And if you ever miss me just remember that we are laying under the same stars and I can see exactly up there what you see. I’ll always be there and you’ll never be alone. Goodnight bud”

“night night dadda” she waved to the camera and placed a big kiss on the lens in which Dan reciprocated.

I tucked her into her blankets and gave her her favourite stuffed Harrods teddy bear with 2011 stitched on its paw that Dan had gotten her when she first born like his grandma had done for him. As I gave her my own goodnight kiss I turned off the lights and let her glow in the dark ‘Tangled’ stickers illuminate her wall next to her bed.

Looking at the phone myself this time I saw Dan looking almost guilty but I couldn’t make him feel bad. He meant so much to y/d/n and she meant to much to me.

“Thanks Da-“

“No y/n don’t thank me please. I know I’ve been a rubbish father to her lately and I feel like crap. I just can never stay around that much anymore and live a ‘normal’ life like the one you two have. I go from one work project to another and just forget about what makes me normal and happy that has nothing to do with work. You don’t understand how much you mean to me and how much our daughter means to me because she is everything I could have asked for and I know I don’t deserve your pity or forgiveness but please know that who I was before I will not let happen again and I owe so much to you. Y/n you are an amazing mother and I know you don’t hear that often but please know you are and that I admire that plus so many things about you ”

Looking directly at him I could tell how honest he was and how much he really did want to be a part of not just her life but mine as well  

“When you’re back in London, we will talk properly about this because I know you can’t stay long but just know that you mean so much in mine and her heart and I’m going to make sure we all see each other soon hey?”

“Yeah I’d like that. I’ve got to go now but I’ll call as soon as I can and I love you both for than you will know”

Hanging up I realised how lonely he was. Although he had Phil, sometimes you just wanted to be around family as well as your close friends. Quickly grabbing my laptop, I looked up at websites like, and for flights to Los Angeles for the end of the month.

None of the three of us would be alone then or again. 

Flying-Joe Sugg

Could you do an imagine where you are travelling alone with Joe? Like plane rides or train rides.

Yep, I hope you enjoy this. I wasn’t too sure what to base this on, but I tried to make it quite long.

“Come on sweetheart, we have to be at the train station in an hour.” I giggled, nudging Joe softly to wake him. He groaned in return and rolled over, hugging his pillow closer to his body. “I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want to go on holiday.” He grunted, causing you to laugh. You kneeled down beside him and ruffled his hair up slightly. “Oi, well I do, and you don’t want to let me down do you Joseph?” You asked, sticking out your bottom lip. You knew he loved it when you called him by his full name, and you were the only one he wouldn’t get annoyed at for it. “Eh.. I’ll live.” He shrugged. You grabbed the pillow from underneath him, whacking his head with it when you brought it back down. “Up! Or no kisses for the rest of the day.” You smirked, he pushed the covers off and shot up instantly. “I’m up!” You chuckled, and bent down to where he was sitting on the edge of the bed, planting a light kiss on his lips before continuing to pack. You’d wanted to delay waking him for as long as possible, because as strange as it may sound, watching him sleep was one of your favourite things to do. He just looked so peaceful, not so much when you woke him up at 4:30 in the morning however. “Thank you.” You joked, patting his head.

“Are you sure you picked up my passport?” Joe asked, as you stood waiting for the train to arrive, which would then take you to the airport. “Yes Joe! It’s right here!” You chuckled at his panicked state and waved the passport in his face and putting it back in your bag. “Good, I’m really excited!” He exclaimed, and grabbed you by the waist, pulling you into his arms. “Me too.” You whispered, nuzzling your head into his chest and taking a deep breath. “And tired.” You added. Waking up at 4:30 and standing in a train station for 5:30 was not what you called an ideal morning. “Well we could have stayed in bed this morning, I would have been totally fine with that.” He replied with a cheeky grin. You pulled away from his arms and gave a soft snort of laughter. “Yeah, but just think, tomorrow we can stay in bed in New York.” Just as you said this, the train pulled up in the station and everyone began to climb inside. Joe hauled you luggage over and the two of you did the same.

Joe vlogged a bit on the train, but not too much, as all you really did was talk and eat, and Joe edited his new video whilst you scrolled through twitter. Joe also didn’t want to vlog much, as this was just a bit of time for the two of you to get away, and have a little bit of alone time, however you still wanted to involve the viewers.

Once inside the airport, all of the necessary procedures were carried out, you grabbed some food, did a bit of last minute holiday shopping, resulting in new sunglasses, and Joe spraying aftershave in your eye, and having to have a look at it for you. Before you knew it, your flight destination was called, and you prepared yourself for your long flight. Before boarding, yourself and Joe had run to the toilet to change into some comfier clothes. You removed your jeans and tank-top, replacing them with a pair of joggers and one of Joe’s hoodies, and you didn’t care what you looked like. You showed your passport to the staff, cringing at your terrible photo, and you were both allowed through to take your seats. You did just that, Joe by the window and you on the isle seat, he slid in first, knowing that you sometimes got a little restless on flights, and preferred to have a little space. “I can’t wait to get to New York!” You exclaimed, grabbing Joe’s and bouncing up and down on your seat like a child on Christmas morning. “You’re going to love it!” He informed, you’d never been before, and Joe had always said that you would go together and now you finally are. “I’m sure I will-” You began but were cut off by the voice speaking throughout the plane. “Hello and welcome to..” You pretty much zoned out after that, having to listen to the health and safety regulation and instructions as you had so many times before. “Thank you for listening, please enjoy your flight!” The voice finally said, and you let out a small squeal. Joe let out a laugh and you, and you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. “What?” You asked with a questioning frown. His arm stretched to drape around your shoulders, and you linked you lifted your hand to hold his just beside your arm. “Nothing, you’re just so bloody cute.” You couldn’t help but blush, even having been with Joe for so long, he still gave you butterflies. “I don’t want to be cute.” You said in a fake angry voice. He smirked, and leaned in so his lips were beside your ear. “Okay, you’re quite hot too.” You smiled, and brought his face to meet yours for a gentle kiss. “That’s more like it.” Seconds later, the plane was airborne and you were soaring over the English streets below. You began to get a bit chilly, so pulled out a blanket from your carry on bag, and wrapped it around yourself and Joe. Before you knew it, your eyes drifted closed, as you buried your head into his side and wrapped your arms around him.

You awoke about 30minutes later to hear someone trying to talk quietly. “She’s so excited aren’t you Y/N?" the voice asked and you automatically recognised it to be Joe’s. You slowly opened your eyes and stretched out. Then reality hit you and you frowned. "Are you vlogging?” You asked. Joe grinned at you cheekily. “Joseph Graham Sugg you did not vlog me sleeping?!" You exclaimed, before trying to grab the camera from him. He reacted quickly, switching it off and throwing it back into his black back-pack. "Sorry about it.” He mimicked in a fake American accent. you hit him lightly on the arm. “I hate you!” You chuckled, actually finding it quite funny. “What did you just say?” He asked warningly. You replied “I said I hate you!” And he was having none of that he suddenly attacked you with tickles, and you tried to tickle him back, but he had pinned you to your seat. Minutes later the flight attendant came along with an obviously forced smile on her face, as she tried to hide her disgust towards your PDA. You ordered, and she pottered away to the next row of seats. The two of you settled down a bit when she left, and you snuggled back into Joe’s side. “Let’s watch a movie." You suggested, and he agreed. He plugged in his headphones, and handed you on, before you placed it in your ear, you nudged Joe with your elbow. "Hey guess what!” You smiled.

“What?” He returned your smile, and once again wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

“I love you.” You whispered.

“I love you too baby girl.”

A/N: Thank you so much for reading, I hope this was what you were hoping for. Ask me for requests if you like. x

anonymous asked:

so i found your page and since today's my birthday, would you mind writing hc's about what the rfa + saeran and v for mc's birthday and where they'd celebrate it? thank you! i love your page so much!

[ Happy Belated Birthday anon-san!! Ooh this is a great one, thank you so much! Consider this a b-day gift from me^^ 

Oh, but unfortunately I can’t do Saeran- I am still unfamiliar with him (I’m finishing Jaehee’s then Seven’s will be my last)- so sorry I can’t do him for now! Hopefully I’ll add his later on -u-; Sorry!

~Z:)  ]




  • this puppy boy is so excited 
  • his favorite person in the world’s special day!! 
  • And he has been planning it for a while- the perfect day! 
  • He tells you a day before that you two will be going on a trip
  • He’ll actually have your backpacks and the car all packed with snacks, change of clothes, nintendo ds for the ride, and other little (secret surprise) things by the next morning 
  • Of course after making you a grand “Happy Birthday!” breakfast of all your favorite things (his omeletts have improved greatly), you guys will hit the road early 
  • “Where are we going?” 
  • “It’s a surprise!!” he’ll sing while bouncing in his seat 
  • this precious summerchild 
  • Unfortunately, halfway there, you guys run out of gas and the car breaks down 
  • He nearly cries, but you calm him down enough for you both to walk to the nearest exit and get gas
  • Sweaty from the walk, you’re at least two hours behind his planned schedule 
  • But he cheers up as you two start doing karaoke listening to the radio 
  • “Oppa Gangnam Style!”   sorry what is this 2014
  • Then, as you drive along the coast, you see it 
  • *both of you scream with excitement* 
  • You’ve been wanting to go since last summer, and here you are! 
  • He even bought special tickets for all the attractions and front-of-the-line passes (his bank account is officially dead)
  • You two are running around all day- challenging each other to who can last the longest on the UFO ride, laser tag, roller coaster screaming, and just messing around while having the best time 
  • at one point you guys ate too much cotton candy 
  • he of course also made lunch for you guys, so you sit out on the beach and enjoy a picnic of your favorite sandwiches and just chill 
  • when it starts to get dark, you guys get on the ferris wheel and watch the sunset (awwwwwwwwwww) 
  • After you guys had your fill of fun and are exhausted, he takes you back out onto the beach for a bonfire, all snuggled up in his hoodie and spare blankets listening to the ocean waves 
  • “MC, I have something for you.” he has a white box and a wrapped up package 
  • Ripping opening the package, you find a handmade and cute, geeky birthday day card that says “You fill up my hearts” with a LOLOL character design
  • and under it is the softest hoodie with your favorite quote on it 
  • You stare at it for so long without looking up that the poor boy starts to panic that you didn’t like it
  • “MC? Oh no! It’s too cheesy, isn’t it? If you want, we’ll go buy-” 
  • You turn to him with the biggest grin and nearly topple him with a tight hug, assuring him repeatedly that you love it 
  • You almost don’t trade wearing his for your new one at the moment, but of course he gives you the puppy eyes 
  • Almost forgetting the white box, he opens it to give you your birthday cake! Which he made himself and had put the message in icing-
  • “Happy Birthday, MC!!! I love you!” 


  • he is fretting 
  • while racking his brain- for the first time he cursed his blessed good looks for not having a matching blessed brain
  • First- it took him days to find you the perfect gift (he actually had to ask for a recommendation from the store worker)
  • And now-
  • Why can’t he think of anything special to do for his significant other?? Something that you’d enjoy??
  • He’d love to take you to one of his shows, but you’ve guys have already done that for too many dates 
  • Fancy restauraunt? No, too cliche. Movies? No no. Carnival? Nah. 
  • the poor albino has only Meh Ideas
  • He wants it to be fun and almost calls Seven “I only need an idea, I’m not that desperate.”  Yet.
  • It also needs to be equally romantic and not where his fans can interrupt your time… Candle-lit dinner? A picnic? 
  • He shakes his head, about to scratch that off and call Jaehee for advice, but then he thought- 
  • “Picnic in the moutains! And a cabin-! And-” 
  • *brain idea generator warmed up 
  • “We’re going camping?”   “Yes and more!” 
  • He already reserved a cabin and has packed everything you’ll need in the car 
  • You arrive late afternoon after getting lost for a few hours on the way
  • As soon as you unload your things for the weekend, he urges for a hike
  • “Zen, it might get late? Can’t we go tomorrow?”
  • “Don’t worry, MC. It’s all apart of your Zenny’s amazing surprise plan!” 
  • You follow along, skeptical, and getting tired pretty quickly as you make your way through the woods 
  • Then when you get to the end of the trail, you arrive at a high clearing just in time for the goregous finale of the sunset 
  • *romance intensifies 
  • “MC?” 
  • you turn around and you see that Zen has already set up a picnic, your meal surrounded by candles and scented flowers 
  • damn boy moves fast
  • He even lights up a fire for roasting marshmallows while you both talk and laugh for a while
  • Sings and plays his guitar for you (of course he’s good on almost any musical instrument) 
  • ridiculous campfire songs
  • Soon you both lie down to stargaze in awe, and he suddenly gives you a small case 
  • Opening it, you find a lovely gold necklace with both your names intertwined on its hanging star pendant
  • “Even after, we’ll be two stars together in the sky forever,” he kisses you as he gestures to the star-stitched sky above


  • this amazing woman has it all planned
  • Heck, she has a whole schedule 
  • And she was going to make the most of the day (jumin being fond of you, gave her the entire day off despite it being extremely busy at the company) 
  • First thing in the morning, she had you unwrap your birthday gifts in bed
  • the cutest outfit and matching scarfs for both of you (scarf twins!)
  • gal pals
  • a dorky harry potter mug that says “I’m a keeper” (don’t fight me on this, jaehee is a potterhead!!!)
  • and the latest Zen limited edition merch “Baehee, you shouldn’t have!”
  • Afterwards, you guys are ready for your day
  • 8:30 am- you went to your favorite breakfast place (yummy b-day pancakes)
  • 9:45 am- took the subway to the downtown area of the city (for once you don’t mind the traffic)
  • 10:15 am- Begins your day of sightseeing and exploring the city!
  • You two have never actually been to all the attractions and done any dates to the many places in the area 
  • “What exactly are we going to do?” “All the dates you ever wanted to do, mashed into one day.”
  • Baehee, you wonderful land mermaid 
  • It’s also a bit of a girls’ day- 
  • 10:30 am- you have an appointment at the salon and spa 
  • Both of you get a relaxing pedicure, nails and hair done, and just making yourselves beautiful 
  • Treat yo self
  • One of the places you go to is the new and huuuge bookstore you nerds have been so excited to see
  • You even visit a wax figure musuem (”I can’t wait for the day they make one of Zen”) and other wacky attractions (so many goofy touristy photos) 
  • You guys pretty much throw your schedule to the wind and just go exploring
  • You end up doing shopping for random cutesy stuff while wandering the street markets 
  • She even buys you a cute teddy bear key chain and teases “It looks so much like you!” 
  • For lunch, you guys head over to the commercial district and experience the foodie adventure to the max 
  • 3:28 pm- Taking the bus, you enjoy the sophisticated wonder of the musuems 
  • At one point, you see a painting of a half-naked redhead and notice the likeness of it to Seven and end up almost dying from laughter and having to retreat from the building before getting kicked out
  • You dared Jaehee to post the picture in the chatroom “Oh wow, 707, this is a new disguise”
  • and everyone just explodes (seven actually swears that will be his next costume)
  • For dinner, you get take-out and sit in a nearby park where a street performance is going on 
  • A man had a bucket and large bubble blowing stick, which kids all took turn using to make HUMONGOUS BUBBLES (this is really fun!)
  • “We have to try that!” you literally scream as you drag her there 
  • You admire and watch all the dancers and musicians when Jaehee waves two tickets in your face 
  • “We don’t want to miss Zen’s musical now, right?” 
  • Of course she had tickets 
  • After his performance, all three of you go to Dunkin’ Coffee as Zen’s treat 
  • This day keeps getting better and better, amright?
  • The evening was still early when you both invite Zen to your next stop- the bowling alley! 
  • (Jaehee obviously wins with the most strikes) 
  • It was getting late, and surprisingly Jaehee still had another place to take you to 
  • Ice-Skating Rink (my cliche heart)
  • You, being the less coordinated person, hold on to her the whole time
  • “Don’t worry, MC, I got you.”
  • when you get to the center of the ice rink, blushing Jaehee slips out a small box and paused to kneel
  • you nearly faint 
  • “MC, please hold this while I tie your laces.”  “Oh…oh sure.” (lmao) 
  • She stands up after tying the skating laces and smiles, “Open it up.” 
  • Inside the small box were two matching frienship bracelets 
  • “Happy Birthday, MC! We’ll always be each other’s happiness!” 
  • you nearly slip from that happiness


  • you had specifically told him you didn’t want anything big for your birthday 
  • of course he forgot 
  • And not just your request, but the actual occasion too
  • But that was because he was swamped with work and extremely busy with a new launch in his department 
  • And just a mere day before the special date- “Mr. Han, you wanted me to remind you just in case, that you have two flight tickets booked tomorrow after MC’s party. When exactly will you be leaving?” 
  • ??? 
  • Jaehee’s eyes widen- “Mr. Han you didn’t forget MC’s birthday tomorrow, did you? There’s a large party you had organized.” 
  • He nearly fell out of his chair 
  • “Tomorrow? As in her birthday is certainly tomorrow?!” 
  • For the time he broke office etiquette and let loose a loud sting of curses jaehee awkwardly closed the door 
  • “Assistant Kang! Agh I can’t believe I forgot, of all things! I don’t even have a gift-” 
  • “Sir, you already have the presents. They’re packaged and have been delivered to the location of the birthday party.” 
  • “Oh. That’s good. And where exactly-?”
  • “A reservation at the Grand Ballroom, tomorrow at 12:00 sharp.”
  • “Ah. That’s fine. And you said something about flight tickets? It doesn’t happen to be for our weekend trip, is it?” 
  • Jaehee readily filled him in (thank you baehee)
  • Early next morning- things started out wonderfully
  • Breakfast special in bed with strawberry pancakes for the birthday girl (Jumin serving them in *ahem cough* only wearing a plushy robe)
  • Cuddling in bed with Elizabeth 3rd 
  • “Ready for your birthday surprise?”
  • You were super excited to spend the day with him and was expecting a birthday party
  • but 
  • You didn’t think it was going to be a huge one with hundreds of guests…
  • Looking across the sea of people, you realize you barely know a tenth of these people-! And most of them you only recognized from company dinners and others as business partners 
  • Jumin is oblivious to your discomfort at being surrounded by so many strangers at something so personal
  • “Happy Birthday!!!” suddenly the RFA steal you away, all the members making the awkward event much better 
  • For the next hours, Seven and Yoosung keep you laughing at their jokes and antics while Jaehee and Zen help you stay cheerful with their lively conversations- all of them trying to distract you from the one person who should have been by your side 
  • Apparently this birthday party was more of a business social event, for Jumin was constantly meeting and talking with the other guests
  • At one point you were going to snap when you noticed all the women flocking around him 
  • The others must have caught on to how upset you were getting, for Jaehee suddenly returned with Jumin by her side 
  • “MC? Are you ready to leave?” 
  • Not trusting yourself to stay in control if you opened your mouth, you simply nodded before he quickly whisked you out through the back exit to avoid the paparazzi 
  • You stayed quiet through the drive trying to form your words without letting your anger get the best of you- 
  • Just when you were going to confront him, you noticed the car driving towards the airport
  • “Jumin? Where are we going?” you now forgot your anger 
  • “MC, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the party. I understand how uncomfortable it was. But I promise your actual birthday surprise will be exceedingly better!” 
  • “Oh… actual? But where are we really going?” 
  • “Peux-tu deviner?” that’s French
  • “To France?!” your excitement makes him smile brightly
  • And sure enough, you two spend an enjoyable weekend trip in Paris 
  • Relaxing, luxurious days and romantic evenings
  • Exploring the beautiful sights and attractions, visiting museums and enjoying the classical cafes and fancy restaurants 
  • Obviously you beg him to take you to Disney World (what an amazing time you two had lol)
  • Jumin devotes all his time and attention to you (Elizabeth 3rd is staying at the company’s cat hotel)
  • And of course he had more gifts waiting for you 
  • “Jumin did you seriously buy me a villa here?!” 
  • “Yes, why not? It’ll be a lovely vacation home. I did of course attempt buying the Eiffel Tower, but the government refused selling a historical monument. It would have looked nice under your name.”


  • honestly, you were a bit terrified with what he might have come up with this year for your birthday
  • *shudder* there was a year where he ordered several birthday cakes and pinatas as a prank- you had to find the one that wasn’t filled with insects or other creepy unpleasant things 
  • you say a quick prayer before getting out of bed in the morning 
  • And strange enough, the house was clean and very quiet 
  • too quiet
  • Your senses were alert as you looked for your little pepper boy all around the house
  • the place was empty 
  • but there was a note under a plate of breakfast 
  • Even more suspiciousSaeyoung doesn’t cook healthy meals?!
  • however the note said, 
  • “Happy Birthday Sleepyhead! If you want your special surprise gift- you have to find it yourself on a scavenger hunt! I’ll meet you on the way, so here’s the first clue- What’s 6ft tall, cold and gray, and almost married to the (2nd) most goregous being in the world? Tom btw will be waiting outside to drive you! Have a good breakfast and good luck MC! ~707
  • You were excited, because wow this actually sounds fun
  • It was a surprisingly good meal, and after hoping there’s no weird chemicals or some wacky microbotic insects in it, you set off
  • Sure enough, Tom was outside in his simple car and you tell him directly to go to the C&R building 
  • the first clue was obviously Jumin Han (wonder what he bribed him with to help)
  • When you arrived at the receptionist, you were surprised to find Jaehee already waiting to take you up to Jumin’s office 
  • “MC, good morning. I see you’re here for Luciel’s clue.” he then handed you an envelope with a zoo ticket pass
  • your phone vibrates and you see a text message from Seven:
  • “Good you knew Elly was 2nd to you in my world! Cool, next clue- this animal is closely related to the lovely Elly, equally majestic but with the opposite color. Can you guess which kitty this is? ~God Seven” 
  • You thank both Jumin and Jaehee before returning down to Tom’s car
  • Obviously the ticket indicates you having to go to the zoo, and the animal must be a big cat…
  • Once you arrive and grab a map at the animal park, you quickly realize the animal is a black panther! 
  • Off you go hunting for its habitat, and show up to watch the goregous black leopard lounging 
  • You look around, wondering what exactly you have to do next when-
  • “Hello. Are you MC?” a zookeeper taps your shoulder and once you confirm it, tells you to follow
  • “Oh, okay…” you say as she leads you around to a hidden ‘Authorized Personnel Only’ door 
  • “It’s feeding time, so you’ll be able to go in and retrieve what you need,” the zookeeper explains as she takes you to the back door of the panther habitat and proceeds preparing to open the gate 
  • “Wait. WHAT?! I HAVE TO GO IN THERE?!” you should’ve known Seven would have something like this prepared….
  • The zookpeeper continues to assure you that’s fine, even pointing out the white envelope tucked near the roots of the large forest tree…
  • You pray to the heavens, and if you die curse Seven a 100-fold before carefully following the zookeeper’s instructions
  • After several life-terrifying moments, you somehow have the envelope in your shaking hand and walk jitterly out of the zoo
  • Seven, being the brillant hacker he is, was likely keeping an eye on your progress
  • Your phone instantly vibrates with the next text: 
  • “Wow babe! You’re a wild one! Haha…don’t be mad at me…uhm so I guessing that wasn’t as fun. Your next clue is fun for sure!- If you can guess already, it’s what we ate on our first date! I’m sure this clue will be easy enough!”
  • Remembering to open the envelope, you find a folded popcorn bag with the logo of a popular popcorn-maker store at the mall 
  • Tom happily joins in search of the shop- you both nearly drool at the amazing selection of popcorn. There’s rainbow colored popcorn, blueberry flavored, and just soo much more in variety (btw I’ve been to an actual place like this) 
  • Focusing on your task, you quickly find the shelve of honey carmel popcorn- the exact kind you guys had on your first date when going to the movies
  • “Surprise!” a redhead suddenly pops out from behind it
  • He tackles you into a hug before handing you a chocolate covered apple
  • Of course, after accepting the sweet treat, you punch him “That’s for endangering my life!” 
  • “Aw, come on MC! How would I ever dare do that? I made sure you were safe, I was there all along!”  he’d had special security/safety arrangements just in case anything occured 
  • “Now, are you ready for the next clue?” he gestures to the shelve 
  • Behind the rows of popcorn bags, you find another envelope
  • Inside it was a page from a superhero comicbook 
  • You instantly knew where to go next, both of you grinning as you moved to leave 
  • “Thanks Tom!” you both say, Seven adding that he can buy as much as popcorn he wants for payment 
  • From there, Seven drives you (obviously in one of his babies) to the large comicbook store for the next clue
  • After a game of hide-in-seek (I, Seven-Zero-Seven, Defender of Justice, shall find the villanious MC!), you eventually find the matching page for the comic 
  • “The Magician” was the title and you racked your brain before you remembered a costume shop near the pier with that very name
  • When you arrive, you both have a game of dressing-up (you as a king and him as a cross-dressing joker) until you find another envelope hidden in the pocket of your cape
  • Inside is a unlimited token card for an arcade with a prize number
  • “Your majesty, your carriage awaits you for conquering!”
  • You spend nearly three hours winning games and gathering tickets in your crazy costumes before cashing in to get a giant teddy bear holding another envelope 
  • For the rest of evening, you two are running around finding clues all the while having the best time together (you guys almost get arrested)
  • You guys even stop at several food places for birthday specials and discounts (you literally had at least 3 birthday cakes today)
  • Finally, you come to the last clue- several numbers written on a slip of paper
  • “Hmm…these look like coordinate numbers…” 
  • Like before, Seven simply smiled and didn’t answer whether you were right or wrong
  • “Pull over to that gas station, I’m going to get a map and check!”
  • Sure enough, you found the location- it was outside the city somewhere
  • When you return to the car, you find that Seven had unlocked the trunk and was stuffing balloons into the interior of the car
  • “What are you doing?!”  
  • *literally throws confetti at you* “MC! Congrats on finding the last clue! Now you can receive your AMAZING, FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY PRESENT! Do you like them?” 
  • They were all birthday balloons, but you burst out laughing once you could see the images on them 
  • Some had your actual face on them, while others had cats and ridiculous memes- you didn’t expect less from 707 
  • As you put the coordinates into the GPS, you guys drive out of the city
  • Snacking a lot on honey buddha chips, Ph.D. Pepper, and all sorts of junk food while singing with the radio- you two were having quite the time
  • But the further away you got from the city and crowded highway, the quieter and somber Seven grew 
  • You both are obviously tired, but there’s still layer of anticipation 
  • After an hour, you pull up to a field in the middle of nowhere
  • “You aren’t going to murder and bury me here, are you?” 
  • he snickers, “Well if I do, I’m glad we made some good memories!”
  • He asks you to get out of the car, and you watch as he spreads a blanket across his precious sports car’s hood 
  • It’s dark except for the bright headlights of the car 
  • He then invites you to join him and as you curl up next to him, you realize how exhausted you are
  • “Okay, ready?” he suddenly asks
  • You aren’t sure for what, but you nod anyways
  • With his car keys, the headlights turned off
  • You were swallowed up by a darkness
  • But then, the thousands of stars above suddenly lit up the sky
  • You were awestruck- your eyes not quite believing the world around you 
  • Saeyoung chuckled quietly as he smiled at your reaction 
  • omg this beautiful boy
  • Pulling you into his arms and lying down with your head on his chest, you two admire the goregous sky 
  • Then with another click of his car keys, the car hood lowers and tens of the balloons in the car float high up into the dark sky
  • They all are dark shapes as they disappear above
  • “Let’s marry at a space station,” he whispers to you, before slipping a laser pointer into your hand and guiding it up using the red streak to point out star constellations 
  • He spelled out ‘Happy Birthday’ using the red lazer
  • You smiled, “One day, let’s.” 
  • For the rest of the night, you blissfully stargazed


  • he was at a loss of what to do
  • you deserved the best, but he knew he wasn’t able to do that for you (stop hurting yourself precious blue boy)
  • Yet, he was more than willing to try
  • It was your special day, so who better to ask than you 
  • “Oh, anything really! I don’t mind if we don’t do nothing anyways.” 
  • “It’s your birthday, how can you expect me not to do anything for you?”
  • “Oh, fine then. Anything simple, like what we do for dates!”
  • Something simple wasn’t much to work on, but he was creative enough and loved you dearly 
  • He had already a gift ready for you, he’d been working on it for so long (although you’d prefer him doing something about his injury to anything else)
  • So for your birthday breakfast, he set out early to the bakery to get you your favorite morning pasteries (thankfully he came back before you could start worrying)
  • he gives you a bouquet of flowers when you come downstairs and kisses you “Good morning, birthday girl.”  awwwwww
  • together you made breakfast in pajamas with the radio tuned on and enjoyed your lovely meal out on the patio surrounded by your plants
  • it was peaceful and you two spent most of the warm and sunny morning chatting about everything happening these days 
  • Then you two went for a stroll in the park where you both watched the lively people spending their day in activity 
  • You two loved people watching, especially as V helped you learn to take pictures of the world around you 
  • You would tell him what you see “There’s a group of children playing tag on the playground…haha a cute brown dog chasing a tennis ball… And ooh a family flying kites!” 
  • He obviously caught your excited tone and suggested that you two should go buy a kite and fly it 
  • Sure enough, V helpes you get the paper blue kite up and you both laugh at the attempts you make before finally finding a good wind on top of a sloping hill 
  • he tried helping by running and launching it since he was tall, but he almost ended up breaking his neck (no V you’re blind and that’s dangerous)
  • Afterwards, you two hang out at a cafe where you drink your coffee and enjoy reading some books together (his of course is in braille) 
  • Taking your drinks, you eventually wander out to the nearby woods
  • More pictures of nature (he also sneaks some when you’re busy picking flowers)
  • “Smile, MC!”   “V, that’s a tree- I’m over here.”
  • He actually collects a bouquet of wildflowers for you (some of them are weeds by accident) 
  • Since the seasons are in the middle of changing, autumn just arriving, there are mounds of already fallen leaves 
  • You two make a large pile of the scattered leaves and jump into, making a bed as you giggle and cuddle on the forest floor 
  • “v, don’t move-! There’s a huge-ass beetle on you!”
  • Eventually you get back home, where he surprises you more with a homemade candle-lit dinner and your favorite ice-cream cake 
  • You both sit in the living room to enjoy your birthday cake and unwrap your gift
  • Carefully undoing the ribbon and not wanting to rip his carefully wrapped paper, you gasp as you hold a photo album 
  • Not able to see your face, he wasn’t sure whether your gasp was a good sign or not 
  • “MC?”   this heartbreaking teal boy 
  • “I love it! I will cherish this forever” you say to him with tears as you flip through pages of pictures, most are of you, when before his eyesight is at its worse now, others taken with the RFA members 
  • Lots were of the group messing around at meet-ups and when hanging out (there was an incredible one of Seven laughing so hard, Ph.D. Pepper shot out his nose)
  • Your favorites are the ones of just the two of you together
  • You thank him and hug him fiercly, trying to assure him that you truly love him no matter what 
  • Just as you were cuddling on the couch together, eating while watching a movie, he suddenly takes a deep breath and gets your attention
  • “I have one more present for you. It’s a surprise…” 
  • he then finds your hand and carefully places a folded paper in it
  • “What is it?” you read it and then you freeze 
  • You don’t quite believe your eyes 
  • He softly smiles before kissing you, “I’ve decided that you are the light of my life, and I need to see you if I want to give you the best you deserve.”
  • the paper had the appointment date for his eye surgery 


[Thank you for reading this super long post! Haha sorry for the length, but I was just having so much fun. I need to write one-shot fanfics for these lolol    

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breaking in | gajevy

prompt: “i thought someone was breaking into my apartment but it turns out you just forgot your key and thought this was your place” AU 

notes: slightly ooc, but i had fun writing it and that’s all that really matters

now on FFN

Levy almost didn’t notice the noise at the door, as lost in her book as she was. In fact, at first she thought she was just imagining it. She knew better than to read horror novels late at night, they always freaked her out. So when the thumping near the door started, she just brushed it off as her imagination.

And sure enough it soon faded until she all but forgot about it.

At least until the scratching near the window started.

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Grace sat down on the bed and walked her fingers up Chester’s back. He groaned, clearly not ready to get up yet. She played with his hair. “Wake up” she sang. Chester sighed and rolled over. He stretched and rubbed his eyes, trying to wake himself up. “Good morning” she said. Chester yawned and looked around the room for the clock. His yawn was the most adorable thing ever and Grace loved it. “What time is it?” he said. “Almost 11:30” Grace said. Chester yawned again and pulled the covers back up to his neck. “Chester wake up” Grace said leaning down to kiss his cheek. “I’m still sleepy. I went to bed late last night” he said. “Well stop going to bed so late” Grace said. Chester raised his eyebrows. “Coming from the woman that doesn’t come to bed until 4 in the morning” he said. “Woah, woah, woah, I was editing” Grace said trying to defend herself. Chester mumbled under his breath. “What?” Grace asked. Chester pulled the covers down, away from his face. “I said, you’re always editing.” She would have taken it as a joke but his tone was different. “Oh. ok” Grace said. “I’m just saying” he said. “Exactly what are you trying to say?” Grace said. She really didn’t want to be defensive about it but his tone was much too passive aggressive and she knew he was trying to get at something. “That you’re always editing. That’s all” he said.

Grace got quiet and Chester picked up on it. “Look I’m not trying to start a fight, I was just making a statement” he said. Grace was starting to get upset. “Well what would have compelled you to say that anyway?” she said. Chester sighed and laid on his back to face her. “Can we not do this? I wasn’t trying to start a fight, ok?” he says. “I just want to know what would have made you say that?” she said. “I’m just saying you’re always editing and… doesn’t feel like you really have time for anything anymore. There. That’s it” he said. Grace was starting to get angry now. No, she wasn’t angry. She was sad almost. She was..offended? She felt criticized. “Well what do you want me to do? It is my job and something that I care about” she said. Chester sighed because this had taken a turn for the worst. He made a statement and it backfired. “Grace please. I said I don’t want to fight about it” he said. Grace got up from the bed and she was pissed now. “Don’t make stupid fucking comments then” she mumbled, walking out of the room. At first she thought maybe she was being irrational by getting angry over it but she was honestly offended and a little hurt. It didn’t seem like a big deal but it kind of was. She needed air.

She left without saying a word, without slamming the door, without keys, without her phone. She just left. She walked for miles and eventually rested at the top of this hill, where no one could see or find her. She had worked herself up even more along the walk and now was cursing into the air at no one. She eventually calmed down and walked back to the house. Chester was gone when she got back but she didn’t care. She came in quietly, she showered alone, and she sat at her computer, typing up some more pages for her book and catching up on YouTube videos and emails. Chester came in an hour later. “Hey I picked up some food if you’re hungry. Went to your favorite place” he said. Grace pretended not to hear him. He assumed she was in too deep in one of her emails so he crossed the room to her. “Hey” he said. Grace turned her attention to him. “Hey” she said. “I got food. Went to your favorite place” he said pointing to the bags on the counter. Grace nodded. “Thanks” she said and turned back to her computer. She was short with him and he noticed. “Are you still mad at me?” he asked. “Nope” she said. “..Ok” he said. Grace turned to him and smiled. He stared at her for a moment to try and figure out what she was thinking. It wasn’t working. He kissed her forehead and retreated to the counter.

Grace continued to be short with him the rest of the week. She did it so calmly it started to freak him out. He couldn’t get inside her head and it made him worry. She didn’t curse, she didn’t yell, she didn’t pull away from him, she didn’t argue. She was calm. She took a flight to NY and came back just the same. Calm. They went to a party at Lilly’s and she was still calm. It was almost like the fight never happened and they never spoke about it. She was out on the back porch talking to friends when Chester found her. He placed his hand on her lower back and told her he was tired and was going to head home. He invited her and she said ok. They walked down the driveway in silence. “That was fun but I’m beat” Chester said. “Mhmm” Grace replied. “Did you have a good time?” he asked. Grace nodded. Chester was getting frustrated at this point. It had been like this for a week now and though they weren’t fighting, there was no emotion either. He couldn’t get in her head, she didn’t want to talk too much, she didn’t freak out over anything, and she never argued. You would think it was bliss but it was scaring the crap out him. It wasn’t her.

“Ok stop. Grace, what is going on?” he asked. Grace looked at him confused. “What do you mean?” she asked. Chester breathed heavily. “This” he said gesturing to her. “This, this..attitude or whatever. It’s not you. What is going on?” he said. Grace smirked. “You’re being weird” she said. Chester was getting frustrated at this point. “Stop doing this! This is not you Grace” he said. “Get mad at me! Tell me I’m being stupid! Cry! Scream! Do something!” he said. Grace looked him up and down. “C'mon. I’m tired” she said. Chester was about to explode at this point. “Grace please. Be real with me for a second” he said, grabbing her waist. Grace stared at him. She didn’t want to have this conversation right there but he looked like he was about to cry and she didn’t know how to react. “Anything” he said. Grace kept quiet and her eyes traced his face. From his eyes to his mouth, to his beard, to his chest, and then to the ground. “I’m just doing what you want” she said finally. Chester knew exactly what she meant. He felt horrible. As he was about to speak, Lilly came from the house.

“Hey guys, I didn’t get to say good bye” she said walking down the driveway. Chester let his hand fall from Grace’s waist. “Oh hey. Yeah we’re tired so we were gonna head out. Thanks for having us though” he said extending an arm out to hug her. “Yeah totally. I love you guys!” she said pulling both of them into a hug. “Wait before you go I want a picture” said Lilly. The three of them stood together for a photo. Chester stole looks at Grace. He wanted to hug her. He wanted to hold her and apologize. He wanted to kiss her. They walked home in silence. He reached out for her hand and she let him hold it. They got home, changed, and Grace got into bed. She didn’t go to her computer once. She asked him what he wanted to watch and they watched TV together and when it was done, they went to sleep.

In the morning, she was there. She was drinking coffee and doing some writing for her book. Chester needed to talk. He sat on the couch next to her and waited for her to look up. They stared at each other in silence for moments. Chester reached out for her hand and intertwined their fingers. Grace knew he was about to say something serious. “I..I..was stupid” he said. “You’re not stupid Chester” Grace said. “Wait, let me get this out” he said. “I was stupid. I didn’t realize that I was being stupid. I said too much and..”. He begin to play with the hairs on his beard. He was trying to compromise a full sentence that made sense but the words wouldn’t come. “I’m sorry” he said. Grace waited to speak. “It’s fine” she said. Chester shook his head. “Don’t..don’t do that. Don’t tell me it’s fine” he said. Grace was quiet. “Don’t do what you think I want. Do whatever you want to do. Be angry with me, but happy with me. I need you to be..I need you to be Grace” he said. Grace was quiet. “I’m trying” she said quietly. It was all Chester needed to hear to understand where she was coming from.

She was trying. She was trying every day and no matter what, it just seemed like it wasn’t good enough. She went to her business meetings, she shot, edited, and posted videos. She completed and started new projects. She showed up to conventions. She was a good friend. She was a great girlfriend. It wasn’t enough.
“This video was lame. She’s not funny. Stop doing projects if you can’t handle it. This was so dumb. She doesn’t really care about her fans. She’s a cheater, how disgusting. You never seem to have time for anything, anymore.”
It got to her and as much as she tried to be just Grace, it wasn’t enough. So she did what she was told.

Chester pulled her into him and held her as close as he could. He kept repeating I’m sorry and she told him she forgave him. He didn’t mean for her to feel so under appreciated. That night getting ready for bed, Chester couldn’t stop thinking about what had been said and Grace noticed. She found him in the bathroom, leaning over the sink. He was just staring down at the drain. He felt a soft hand run up and down his back and rest on his waist. She kissed his shoulder and waited for him to look at her. He looked at her for a moment and took in a deep breath. She rested her chin on his shoulder. “Chester” she said quietly. He looked at her. “I love you” she said. Chester could feel his heart beating fast. It was beating so fast he was sure she could hear it as well. “Thank you” he said. Thank you because though she did so much she still loved him and she loved him a lot. It was her being there at 4am, her staying there with him, her waking him up in the morning, her playing his music in the car, her being there. The little time she did have, she was there. “I love you” he said. Grace knew. They fought and disagreed and said stupid things to each other but she knew and so did he. It was enough.

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Prompt!- Genderbent!SoMa- "Piss off."

NO EDIT SPEEDWRITE. Mako reacts to Soul’s many admirers after she becomes a deathscythe. Features an actual pickup line an actual man used on actual me last weekend.

Title: Didja Get a Dick Pic?

Turning Soul into a deathscythe was the one thing Mako wanted most, but now that he had achieved his greatest ambition, there were a few downsides. 

A mountain of envelopes, greeting cards, and crumpled scraps of notebook paper lay on the cafeteria table. Mako watched his weapon and their friends Black Star and Pat open them one by one and laugh at the contents. Since it got out that a Shibusen student had really slain a witch and turned his weapon into a deathscythe, Soul had been showered with admiration and awe. Her locker overflowed with confessions of love, nervous invitations to secret parties, and Mako’s least favorite, blatant requests for Soul to switch partners. The nerve of them! 

Today’s yield of love letters and partner requests from Soul’s locker was a doozy. Mako propped his chin in the palm of his hand and languidly sipped his apple juice. His best solution to Soul’s popularity was to just ignore the whole thing.

“Didja get a dick pic?" Pat asked with a perverse grin. Mako choked on his apple juice.

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