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okay, story time:
imagine doug waking up in a dark room and slowly realizing he is not in a cryo-unit anymore. his head hurts like hell, everything hurts like hell, his right leg hurts… stop. something feels wrong.
he tries to move toes on his right foot, but… there are no toes any more!
suddenly bright light turns on and doug has to close his eyes. it’s virgil the maintenance core, he has found doug and now he wants to make sure doug is okay. he tries to begin a casual conversation but shocked look on doug’s face makes him shut up. after a minute or two virgil begins to speak again, now more quietly and worried.
“i’m sorry… it didn’t work and looked awful… i didn’t know how to fix it so i had to remove and replace it… i only did how the instructions told me to do… i’m sorry…”
doug doesn’t listen. he looks at his new right leg, black muscle-like wires coved with shiny white panels, ending with a construction that looks like a long fall boot. he tries to stand up after a few painful minutes more, makes some small steps to the glass wall of the maintenance room. half of his head is bald, and it looks like he has just survived a long complicated neurosurgical operation. the pain eventually subsides as doug begins to laugh like hell because now he looks like a main character of a shitty sci-fi novel with edgy haircut and all that cyborg stuff. after a glass of water and some instructions about how to use and control his new leg doug is sure he is ready for everything, but then a familiar robotic voice says:
“if only every test subject could show such a will to live. come here, douglas rattmann. i want to talk to you.”

Because he is the kind of person I wanna be friends with ...

Open invitation for Matt Brown (the Matt Brown from the Brown family that have the show, ‘Alaskan Bush People’, on Discovery, not just some random person with the same name) to come hang out with me. Just to talk, eat, go outside & explore, watch movies, & make things. Maybe go to a junk yard a couple hours away & find something to make use of. I just think he’s so funny & seems so fun, & nice, & cool, & similar to me, & I’m so down, if I were any more down I’d be an earthworm. 🐛

sorcererinslytherin  asked:

Funny one: Gavin breaks his golden sunglasses. Or someone breaks them. And he weeps.

i know you didn’t mean for this to be an angsty one. but this made me immediately think of @thilesluna‘s fic Golden Boy where he doesn’t exactly break the glasses, they get lost and poor Gavvers just has a breakdown because it was the final straw on the camel’s back. And really it has absolutely nothing with what you said, but it made me think back to Georgia’s fic, so yeah. just read her beautiful fic

All I’ll say is that if Freddie had an elaborate fancy birthday party, y’all would be yelling about how Briana is “wasting her child support money” and being “so extra” and going so over the top for a one-year-old because they’re all clearly are trying to Prove A Point. 

….so anyways I’m sure Freddie will have a lovely birthday surrounded by people who love him and care for him, which is all that matters. 

some thoughts ;-;

i’ve been feeling so weird lately and i can’t really pinpoint it but i keep on getting all these conflicting ideas like, i want to continue education and stay for a full 6 years at high school and I really wanna enjoy school/learning but a part of me is just telling me that if i get good grades, i’ll go to uni and get a job, my life will just be constantly filled with working. and that thought alone hurts my heart bc it’s just so boring. i want to go into the medicine industry but i see my mum (who’s a nurse) work her butt off every time she gets a shift (she works part time as a nurse and she claims it’s exhausting) and i would be working full time and i feel like i would get so tired of it after a few months.

I want to break off from everyone and just become more self dependent (especially with friends bc idk what happened but i’m not even a part of the group anymore so what’s the point) but at the same time, the thought of being alone at lunch and going to/from school scares the shit out of me bc i’ll just become a shadow of my former self. (even though i’ve already become one, these past 5 months, i’ve nearly stopped talking in classes and my parents are becoming increasingly concerned) 

i want to just stop existing bc that would mean i wouldn’t have to try anymore more but at the same time, i want to live because dying is a scary prospect and i really love my cat and if i died i wouldn’t see my lil bean.

my only real idea is to move away from where i live (scotland) and i just wanna go to a country where no one knows me so i can just start again bc to be honest? i feel like i’ve fucked up with just everything like, i’m being so cynical and cold to the people I genuinely care about. like, i was mean to my dad when he was congratulating me on a test score, I ignored my friends(?) and i was more than rude to my teachers today.

i don’t want to be cold and cynical, i really dont. i dont want to be an unpleasant person. i want to be loved and accepted and i want to go back to 2k15 me, where i hung out with my friends every other weekend and genuinely loved myself and loved the people who mattered to me. (also 2k15 is when i had the clearest skin ever like?? bring that ass here boi)

so yeah thanks for the mental anguish, 2k16. i really love it.

ok, sorry for the spam! now to the 7k special!

I am going to make the poll for the 7k special (you can still send suggestions in these next minutes!), but for everyone who got lost in the whole pet spam (friendly reminder that to Shut Me Up you can blacklist the tag “blabbering”!), this is how it will work:

1) I will make a poll with the suggestions for what to do for the 7k special, and let you guys vote all through the weekend

2) On monday, I’ll anounce the winning choice and get working

3) Depending on the winner, it could take anything from a week to a day to complete the special- so take that in account when voting!

I’ll start making the poll (if you want to suggest something do it quick before I make it!) and link it on a reblog soon!

“Interesting. You want to go back. You want to go back to the world you destroyed. It was you who pushed everything to its edge. But you cannot accept it. You think you are above consequences.” – Chara (Undertale)

Sorry for the inactivity everypuppy, I’m going through a breakup right now and having a bad time. 

(for @thosefuckingsims)

Hey Guys!

A hair I converted in about 30 minutes, so if it’s a little messy I’m sorry!!! I’ll fix it tomorrow it’s 12:00 and I’m going to sleep

Curly Hair- Converted from kids to toddlers

~9 EA Colors

~NOT hat compatible (not well done, really weird. oopsie)

~NOT Base Game Compatible

Note: I’ll fix this hair tomorrow if it’s messy!!! trust me

Download (SFS)