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The Right Way

When John opens his eyes, everything is white and silent.

His first feeling is shock.
Shock over this surreal environment. The sand, the heat, the tanks and the death have disappeared. No screams and no helicopter sounds can be heard. Instead, quiet, friendly voices around him. Birds singing somewhere. Well, outside. Outside where the sun shines. Where there is a daily life. Around him is the smell of disinfectants and mild detergent.

John blinks at the bright light in the room. He realizes he’s in a bed. No narrow, hard cot. It is a large, soft bed. A thick pillow under his head. A blanket pulled up to his chin. It’s warm.

He also notes that he can hardly move. It’s like a heavy weight is pushing him down.
John grunts, and wiggles tentatively with his toes under the blanket. This works very well. But as he tries to lift his head, an unpleasant, throbbing pain passes through his shoulder. At the same time, it occurres to him that he has been shot.
Shot. In Afghanistan.

John lets his head sink back into the pillow and breathes in the cool air in the room.
I was shot …
Pictures before his eyes make him swallow.
Running soldiers, screams, shots, an explosion. A hand on his arm, a whisper, a groan as eyes close forever …
And then the sharp pain as the bullet pierces him. Pain, so much pain, he falls into the sand and he can hear his name. Someones shouting his name …
A moment later it’s all gone.

John knows he’s been taken to a hospital. For the initial treatment. And then. Home.

Home, meaning this hospital.

He sighs, and licks his dry lips. Thirst.
His gaze falls to the side of the wall, where a call button is.
He presses it.
A few minutes later, a young nurse comes into the room. She smiles the certain standard smile, which is so common in a hospital.
“Ah, Dr. Watson, you are awake. Very good. The doctor will want to see your wound soon. Do you need something?”
“Water,” John can only croak with difficulty. And he points his finger vaguely at the bed. “Could you … raise it please?”
“Yes, of course.” The nurse pushes a button on the bed and it slowly lifts. “I’ll bring you water.”
Then she is gone again.

John can see the room better now. And when he looks aside, he sees that he is not alone.
Next to him is another bed. And there is a man in it.
The face half hidden by an oxygen mask.
John can see thick, dark locks. And pale, almost white skin. He judges the man to be in his mid-thirties. He stares at the completely motionless body and swallows. Something is drawing him to this unknown man … something he can not explain. John notes that he is fascinated. Fascinated without really having a reason for it. He shakes his head slightly.

The nurse comes back with a mug and a water bottle.
She pours him water into the mug and John takes it with a still unsteady hand. He drinks, relieved.
Then he says softly, “Who is that?”
The nurse follows his gaze and says with a sad undertone, “Oh, this is Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes. He’s been here for a long time. Almost half a year. He’s in a coma.”
“Ah,” John says, swallowing. Half a year. That’s a long time. “How …?”
“How it happened? He overdosed on cocain. We … well, we can’t ask him, but we think it was a suicide attempt.” She gently shakes her head and takes the empty mug from John. “It’s really a shame. He never gets any visitors. Never. The thought that no one in the world is there for him … Who knows if he will ever wake up again. Perhaps there is simply nothing worth it for … Oye, I talk too much.” She seems a little embarrassed and clears her throat. “If you need anything, just call, ok? The doctor should be here any minute.”
“Thank you. Yes.”
The nurse leaves. John does not look away from the sleeping man in the other bed.

Half a year. No visit.

The days pass at a quiet, slow pace, which both soothes and disturbs John.
He is not used to it.
He almost expects to be suddenly torn from the calm routine by a shrill siren. Or suddenly lie back in the hot, bloody sand of the desert.
But of course it doesn’t happen.
Instead, he wakes up around 9 in the morning, receives his breakfast and is examined. The doctor is friendly and passive. Nodding pleased at the sight of John’s wound, while John himself stares at the hole in his shoulder with a growing nausea.
After that, he can only watch TV, or watch Sherlock being fed.
It’s hard to watch.
No reaction comes from the comatose man, when the nurses lift his limbs off the bed to wash him. Turn him to his side. Dress him again.
The motionless body doesn’t resist. It reminds John of a doll. He does not like this thought.
At noon, they bring John food again.
For Sherlock, of course, nothing comes. He is fed artificially.
In the evening, more food. And more TV.
A lot of rest. A little too much, John thinks once, and feels strangely guilty at the thought.
On the third day of this routine, he talks to Sherlock for the first time.
It’s because a James Bond movie is on.
John always liked James Bond.
And that’s what he says.
“This is a good movie. A really good movie. Lots of action. And the women are pretty, the men too,” he says aloud in the room. And laughs. There’s no answer. And he feels a little stupid.


After a while, John realizes that he will not get any visitors either.
It’s not really that surprising.
Harry is … well, he doesn’t even know where his sister lives. His mother is dead. And he does not want to see his father. Not that he thinks, his father would want to see him …
Once, he receives a call from the leader of his unit. From Afghanistan. He says something like, “it’s a shame” and “get back on your feet soon”. John doesn’t say much. He only murmurs “Yes, sir” now and then.
His hand is trembling as he holds the phone. A tremor. It hasn’t stopped since he woke up.
He doesn’t get any visitors. Just like Sherlock.
Only the nurses and the doctor enter the room.
“Here we are, huh?” John says to Sherlock while eating his bland soup. “We’re alone together here.”

And then the nightmares start. About the war. About death and pain. About men he could not save. Distorted faces in the dark. Eyes full of despair.
He wakes up in the middle of the night. Heavily breathing. Bathed in sweat.
He moans and sits up with difficulty. Runs a hand over his face.
He looks at Sherlock. Sherlock, who is, as always, motionless in bed. A part of his face lit from the machine that measures his heartbeat.
John swallows. He must … He feels the overwhelming desire to talk to someone. It needs to stop. He can not … Oh, hell, he has no one and it’s not like Sherlock would complain, right?
He clears his throat and begins.

“Well, uh, Sherlock. How do you feel? Um, I hope I didn’t wake you. Sorry, haha, bad joke … I had a nightmare, which is quite obviously, right? Well, uhm, I hope it doesn’t bother you if I just talk a little. Yes. I’ll talk. So make yourself comfortable. Haha.
Sometimes I think I’ve gone the wrong way. I became a doctor because I wanted to help people. And the army … Well, it was just a whim. An idea that me and my friends had. One of them is dead, by the way. Mmh. I … it was not always bad. The training was exhausting though. Sometimes I thought I could not make it. My family was not much help either. My father is an asshole. There is no other word. My sister was thrown out. My mother died. It was all … a mess, you know? Anyway, I’ve been struggling. I wanted to do it. This one thing. And I did it. I’ve become a doctor. I went to Afghanistan and treated soldiers. I’ve seen things that would turn your stomach. Wounds that seemed like death sentences. I’ve looked into hopeless, desperate eyes. Sometimes I saved them. Sometimes I couldn’t.
And the faces of those I could not save, they haunt me now, you know? In my dreams. God. I’m so sorry. I really am … Do you see that? I’m crying. That hasn’t happened for a long time. It seems to make you sentimental when you get a bullet in your shoulder … " 


"Thank you for listening to me all the time, Sherlock. All this blabbering must be terrible. I thought about James today. Who that is? Well, good question. We were more than friends. But never more than … no idea. I kissed him. Well. In the desert, watching the sunset. Once. Just once. Do you think that is romantic? Shit, yes. Mabye it is. ”

“My middle name is Hamish. I hate it. I mean, who calls their child John Hamish? My father chose my name. There we have it again. This bastard. Hamish. I always avoid telling people that name. So, I guess that makes us mates? Hey, buddy, haha. No. That just sounds wrong. Sorry.”
"I can get up today. Great, huh? I feel like an old man. My damn shoulder, my trembling hand … a pretty sad picture I make, huh? ”

“It was not so bad. I mean, I for some reason I’m limping, quite badly, but the fresh air was great. I was down in the park. And imagine, a woman spoke to me. She’s called Mary. She said she’s working here. She is nice. And you know what, I asked her if we could go for a coffee. She said yes. Can I get a ‘well done’? No? All right. ”
“Do you know, that you’re pretty? Really, you are. I maybe would have asked you out, if I met you somewhere else before. Oh God, sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. I … Maybe I’m just afraid. Because … well. I’ll have to leave here soon, I guess. And I don’t know what to do then …”
“Well, that’s it. I … tomorrow I can go. I don’t know exactly where, but I can go. Mmh. I think I’m really scared. Mary said I should do therapy. No idea if that would help. I guess, I can try it. Maybe. Well, I’ll pack my things. You know … you really could wake up to say good-bye to me. It would be nice …”
“Surprise! Yes, here I am again. I … I missed you, Sherlock. You’re a good listener, you know? Better than my therapist … So, what happened since I left, tell me, haha.”
“I will marry Mary. That’s … yes, that’s good, right? She is … she gives me a certain hold in life. I would not know where else to go. What else could I do? So. We are getting married.”
“Oh God. Fuck Hey, Sherlock. I … She’s pregnant. She … she’s really pregnant. Did you hear that? I’m having a baby. I’m going to be a father. I. Can you belive that? No, me neither. I … Oh my God, what am I doing?”
“This is not what I wanted, do you hear me Sherlock? That … my God, I can not do that. That’s … That’s not me. Fuck. ”
“I love her … Really, I do. I mean, I married her. But … I just do not know what I’m doing. I’m … This is not me. I don’t want a quiet family life in a terraced area. I want … I don’t even really know what I want … But, I hate all of this. I … I thought I was going the right way this time, but that … that’s not what I want. I’m not a family man, Sherlock. ”
“You know, Sherlock, you can just wake up once. So … so we could really talk. Because, well … You listen to me here as I talk every day. Aren’t you bored. Jesus. I know it would be a miracle if you woke up. I have … I’ve heard the nurses talking. They’ve given up on you. It would be a miracle. But … I don’t know, maybe you can just make the miracle happen for me? Simply … Oh God, I don’t know what I’m talking about. Good bye, Sherlock. Until tomorrow.”
6 weeks later.

“Hello, Dr. Watson. I’m sorry to call you so late, but he … he’s asking for you.”

“Who? Who is asking for me?”

“Sherlock Holmes. The coma patient you have been visiting. He woke up and now he’s asking for you. Very urgently.”

John hurried to the hospital. He doesn’t even notice that he left his cane at home. Until Sherlock points it out. Sherlock, sitting upright in bed, an exhausted, oblique smile on his face.
Sherlock, who says quietly, “Hello, John.”
Sherlock, who steals John’s heart within a second and opens the door to a whole new, completely different story. Who shows John a new way. Which is finally

           the right one. 

This was inspired by this beautiful post of @johnnlocked: AU in which Sherlock is in a coma and John is in the same room.

Corrected by my wonderful beta @bakerstreet-irregular <3

Tags are under the cut. As always, if I forgot you or you want to be tagged in future works, tell me :)

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Little Tease

Pairing: Kyungsoo x reader

Genre: smut

Note: yo yo yo, so haha first smut I’m writing on this platform, I didn’t really proof read so if there are a couple mistakes I’m sorry. So yeah, enjoy.


It was early in the night, the sun had just set and you were currently bundled up in blankets, sprawled out on your best friend’s couch. School had been taking up every second of your time for the past couple of weeks as finals was coming up, you thought that today you should give it a rest and go visit your best friend, Kyungsoo.

“What movie are we watching?” You heard Kyungsoo’s voice come from the kitchen.

“Hmmmm, what about… Star Wars?” You said, you knew he loved Star Wars so there wouldn’t really be any conflict in the matter.

You turned on the movie and felt Soo plop next to you on the couch. He set down a bowl of popcorn on the coffee table and focused his gaze on the movie as it started.
After a while you began to feel bored, the screen in front of you no longer was interesting so you began to let your mind wander.
You started thinking about school, about your friends. And then your mind absently wandered to the topic of Kyungsoo. You two had been best friends since you were Freshmen in high school. You two had grown up together. But as you both started to grow up, you watched Kyungsoo turn from a boy into a man. A pretty attractive one to be exact. It wasn’t long before you started to have feelings for him, your heart would jump every time small touches were exchanged or the way he would say your name, in his ragged deep voice would make you quiver in your seat. But Soo was your best friend. Only your best friend.

You snapped out of your daydream.

“What?” You said, you leaned your head against the couch.

“I’m bored” he said, leaning his head against the couch as well as he shifted his body to face you.

“Me too.”

He got up. Your eyes followed him as he climbed the stairs.

“What are you doing?” You yelled after him.

“I forgot to give you pajamas, plus I think my parents put the bored games up here.”

You climbed the stairs, it’s better then sitting there bored out of your mind. You reached Soo’s room and saw him rummaging through his drawers.

“All I have is an oversized shirt, is that okay?” He asked as he held up a plain white shirt.

“Yeah that’s fine.” You said, taking the shirt.

You changed in his bathroom connected to his room. The shirt was oversized, but it wasn’t as long as you had hoped. Your underwear were definitely going to be on show if you walked or bent over wrong.
You walked out of the bathroom and didn’t find Kyungsoo in his room. You heard noises from what seems to be the living room so you headed downstairs.


“Yeah I’m in here.” You heard Kyungsoo say, probably from the couch.

You awkwardly walked in, trying to not let your panties show by holding the shirt in place as you walked. Kyungsoo was resting on the couch. He had changed into a plain black t-shirt and some gray sweats. His hair was messy and his hand was resting on the inside of his thigh while the other took place on the top of the couch. He looked so hot.

“We can watch the office” he said. You realized you had been staring.

You just nodded your head and took as seat on the couch with what seemed to be a comfortable distance. The Netflix home screen took over the tv and you watched the little pointer click on “the office.“p>

When you looked up from the tv you caught Kyungoo’s eyes, wandering up and down your legs and torso until his eyes met yours. He then quickly and awkwardly turned his attention back to the screen. Did that just happen?
You started thinking. Why was he looking at you like that? His eyes looked dark. Was Soo… checking you out?
This was it, if he wanted to tease you with that little look, then you were gonna tease him right back.

“Hey Soo? I think my phone needs your wifi password again, I accidentally pressed ‘forget’ when I was trying to connect it. Can I check?”

He looked up at me, nodded slightly, and pointed towards the black box on the floor next to the television, “the wifi box thingy is right there, the password should be on the bottom.”


You got up and walked over to it. You then kneeled and bent over slightly. Panties now definitely showing as you put on your little show. You then slowly put in the password on your phone, making sure that Kyungsoo was definitely watching.
You got back up and sat on the couch. This time you say pretty close to Soo, maybe an inch dividing the two of you as you pretended to pay attention to what was going on in the show. You put your head on his shoulder and scooted closer to him, he rested his head on yours and you felt so comfortable.

“Hey.” You said sitting up.


“Can I get something to drink?”

“Yeah sure go ahead” he said “the cups are on the top shelf” you nodded and got up, now in the kitchen.

“Kyungsoo.” You called out.


“I can’t reach the cups”

You heard him enter he kitchen. You were standing on your very tippy toes, your shirt lifting past the waistband of you undies. The next thing that happened shocked you.
Kyungsoo spun you around and pushed you against the counter. His eyes looked dark as he look down at you.

“What are you doing.” He said. You swallowed hard, you didn’t expect the aggressiveness.

“Tr..trying to get a cu…”

You were cut off by his lips on yours, pressing hard and hungrily. His hands were on your hips as you tangled your fingers in his locks. He lifted you up, legs wrapping around his waist as you now moved up the stairs.
Everything was such a blur, you couldn’t believe this was happening. Soo, the one that had been your very best friend was now kissing you and carrying you up to his bedroom. You had dreamt of this night after night, and now it was so surreal.
You felt yourself being pushed up against a door. Your feet now planted on the ground and your clothes were now being removed. The t-shirt that covered you was on the other side of the room as you struggled to lift Kyungsoo’s shirt and put it with your own.

You took in his torso. It was so toned, and he was so tan. You moved your eyes up his body and your eyes met his.
He moved toward you and joined your lips together once again. He spun the both of you around so that you were now walking backwards towards the bed until you felt it hit the back of your knees and you fell backwards. You shifted up the bed, Kyungsoo following after you as he hovered.
His lips traveled down your body. They were so plump, they felt so good on your skin. And then he met with the band of your panties. I assume that they had been annoying him all night by the way he ripped them off your body.
He kissed down both thighs, and kissed everywhere but where you needed him. He was now the one teasing.

“You’ve been a little tease all night. You’re lucky I’m even touching you.” You felt yourself growing even wetter than you were before at his words.

His lips attached to your clit. You became a mess as he added his tongue to the mix. He began to lick and suck harshly, you could barely contain your small gasps and moans. He then inserted a finger and then two. It was all over from there. You came. So hard.

He cleaned you up with his tongue and crawled up your body.

“Wait condom.” He said looking down at you.

“No it’s okay I’m on the pill.”
He simply nodded and once again looked up and down your body.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” He asked, he seemed concerned.

“Kyungsoo please.”

He aligned himself up with your entrance, then slowly pushing in. He was big. Really big.

Your eyes fluttered shut for a moment at the pain, until he pulled out and sunk back in again slowly.

“Kyungsoo please, faster.”

He obeyed and started thrusting in and out, starting kinda slowly and then picking up the pace.
He felt so good. Your moans filled the room, thank god his parents were out of town, you thought.
He was so deep inside of you, he then lifted your left leg over his shoulder and somehow managed to go deeper. Your screams of pleasure announced that you were close.
He felt you tighten around him and went faster. You came again for the second time tonight and basically went cross eyed from the pleasure.
Kyungsoo followed soon after you and rode through his own orgasm.
He plopped next to you, breathing heavily with a sheet of sweat covering his body. He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you close to him.

“Are you okay?” He asked, holding tightly.

“Yes, very.” You said, giggling.

“What, what’s so funny” he said, a smile caught his lips as he watched you giggle away.

“I can’t believe we just did that.” You said looking up at him.

He then started giggling with you, so cutely as you laid together.


Note: I didn’t know how to end it!!! I didn’t want it to be cheesy but I also wanted to end it a little cutely so here’s what i came up with. I really hope you guys liked it. PLEASE tell me what y'all thought and send me requests if you would like. 😊

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King George III lockscreen by any chance? Please?

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MikoChiyo Week 2016 - Day 7: Crossovers / Free Day

That concludes my contributions to MikoChiyo Week 2016!! I hope you all had fun~


sorry i havent been super active. two weeks ago i started training to be a dog trainer and havent been able to think about much else haha. unfortunately today another dog got a little to ruff at daycamp with mine and bit him bad enough to need a vet visit. it was a pretty superficial cut on his ear but dog ears bleed like crazy. so i had to sit out of training today and make sure he didnt wiggle out of his bandage so we sat on the couch and watched PAW Patrol (which is, kid you not, his absolute favorite thing) and i got a chance to doodle.

One of my puppy pupils as Chase and just a regular Skye.


For some reason I can see Usopp and Nami people watching in a corner of a bar and making up life stories for each of them. Usopp is much better than Nami, obviously, but it’s quality time with good company.

Go ahead (EXO Tao Smut)

Heeey! Thanks for the request. I’ll do my best to fulfill it, but i can’t go full explicit because tumblr could close my blog. Here we go <3

Smut Scenario 
Characters: Tao & Reader

NSFW +18

Originally posted by jointhedarksidewehavelight

Y/N! Open the door.

Almost running you went to open the door to Tao, you knew it was freezing outside and about to rain.

Y/N: I’m sorry, I was preparing the popcorn :)

Tao: haha *coming into your house* It’s freezing outside. What are we watching today?
Y/N: Idk, it’s a movie that Kai recommended me. Here *you give him a warm blanket*. Wait for me on the couch :)

When you finished cooking the popcorn, you went to the couch and asked Tao to share the blanket. You got really clumsy and pushed play.

The movie was about this couple, it was romantic comedy about friends that decided to turn into a benefit couple. Tao hugged you, and kinda sleepy, sometimes he layed his head on your shoulder.

It was really funny until…suddenly a sex scene came in.  Every second you felt more unconfortable, but you didn’t know why. His hand, began approaching your thigh, but you felt so horny about it that you let him come closer. He came to your loose lucky shorts, and going straight to your v, started rubbing your clit… The movie wasn’t longer important, your moans covered all the voices. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Tao pushes you, laying you into the couch, and he’s on top of you, looking really deep. Saying nothing, just looking, he starts kissing you and takes you to the floor roughly.

Originally posted by robinjennie

He looked at you again:

Tao: I love you _____. It’s been so long since i wanted to do this.

He starts taking you shirt off, and kissing your breasts, takes your bra off. He looked at your nipples and softly, sucking your nipples, you got turned on as hell.

Y/N: *as Tao goes down* Tao, I’m… do you… want to do this?

Tao: I have dreamed about this. *his tongue goes inside of you and his thumb goes touching your clit*

Y/N: *after several minutes of him getting his fingers inside with his tongue on your clit* I need you now. Please.

He grabbed your neck and taking your pj shorts, he pushed himself inside.

Tao and you moaned so hard, that the guys apartment could hear it.

Y/N: Please, Tao, go easy on me.

Originally posted by fvcking-sexual

Tao: I can’t. *He held your neck even stronger and with his other hand, he started touching your clit. You got even more wet and his member could go faster inside of you* Oh god, you’re enjoying this so bad *he bites his lip*
Y/N: Tao, I can’t hold it any longer.

Tao: *moans* ____, i’m so close. *He holds your face with both hands and kisses you*

With a final hard thrust, he fills you and hugs you by your side.

Originally posted by want-your-kisses

Tao: *whispering in your ear* You are the best ____.

As you woke up in the morning, you heard several knocks in the door.

Y/N: Who is it? *yelling sleepy*
Tao:(whispering) I think it’s the guys

Xiumin: Is Tao in there ____?

Kai: Did the movie work Tao?
Lay: You pervy guys, get out or let us in

Tao: Get out of here, I need to wake up & ____ needs too.

Kyungsoo: So you told her…

Tao: That I love her? Yes. She’s mine, and only mine.

Exo guys: Awwwwww

I hope you enjoyed it :)
Keep the requests coming guys, love you so much.

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If you're still taking requests: Hannistags 16 and 21! :)

Still not taking prompts. But you asked about Hannistags and I am bad at not answering questions.


16. Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?

“Hannibal. Hannibal,” I whisper in his ear. It twitches away from my mouth, disturbed by the hot air, “C’mon, get up, it’s morning!”

“Mmmpf…” he rubs his face into my shoulder, muttering something distinctly grumpy, and rolls over away from the sunlight, pinning me back against the cave floor.

“Hannibal! C’mon, get up!” I whine. That… is the one downside to sleeping with him. I can’t get up until he does because even in his sleep his arms are like vines wrapped around me, “I can’t get up until you do, move it!”

He growls and buries his face in my chest. I know he’s awake now, he isn’t so deliberate in avoiding getting up when he’s more asleep.

“You big baby,” I shove at his shoulders, raising my voice to an annoyingly unavoidable pitch, “the day won’t wait for you to get up, it’s here whether you want it or not.” I crane my neck over his shoulder, gauge the distance carefully, and tactfully pinch his ass.

He jumps in surprise and I earn a loud snarl. He lifts his head enough to glare at me. “No,” he pouts.

“No what?” I stick my tongue out, “I’ll do it again, I swear I will!” I lift my hand but he grabs it and tugs roughly.

“Staaaay,” he growls, voice low and rumbling with sleep. He sighs, eyes closing, resting his head comfortably against my chest.

I groan, “I can’t stay in here, we have things to do. How long do you want to stay in bed?”

His lips stretch in a smile, still holding my wrist tight, making sure I can’t protest too strenuously, “Forever.”

I roll my eyes, “Uh huh, like that’s gonna work…” He means five minutes. Or half an hour. Or, hell, maybe we won’t get up until hunger drives us both out of the cave.

I stroke his sleep-mussed mane with my free hand. It always sticks up in every direction in the morning. I can’t help smiling down at him. To be honest, I don’t mind a lazy morning. I just don’t want him to feel he can have his way every morning. He’d be even more unbearable than he already is.

Yes, it is truly unbearable running my fingers through his hair in the warm light of morning while he snoozes on my chest with a pleased look on his face. I don’t know how I stand it.

21. Who is more likely to start dancing with the other?


I imagine Will must have SOME kind of dance background. He does love prancing and leaping and running through the trees and grass. Surely there’s some group dancing that went on in his herd, I imagine Forest Stags would be into that kind of thing. Celebration of the seasons, mating rituals, all that good stuff. Though unlikely they emphasized solo work as they’re into cooperative efforts. So Will probably feels awkward just dancing by himself, or even just with Hannibal. But I have a feeling he’d get used to it ;) Especially as Hannibal is so eager and willing to learn the steps and participate in any possible position.

And I imagine he might surprise Will by being quite a skilled dancer, but trained in a very different style. I imagine dancing would play a big role in the mating rituals of Mountain Stags too. But that they would emphasize solos and duets rather than group dances. So perhaps after Hannibal figures out what Will’s doing, he embellishes a little and soon Will just has to sit down and watch because he hasn’t a clue what Hannibal’s doing but it’s REALLY BEAUTIFUL to watch. And Hannibal just goes for it and almost forgets Will stopped dancing and is surprised to see Will sitting there, just staring at him, when he finishes, going like, ‘oh… yeah, sorry, I know I’m a little rusty. It works better on a mountain side than on a grassy plain, but there you go.’ and Will is just ‘MAKE LOVE TO ME THIS INSTANT I MEAN WOW THAT WAS GREAT YOU MUST HAVE MATED WITH ALL THE DOES I MEAN WHAT I MEAN G-GOOD JOB THAT WAS A Good job good job that’s enough dancing for today haha let’s all go in and just not do anything for awhile kay?’

These are my thoughts on dancing and how Very Necessary that now is.

Inter~league Ma~tch!♫ | Kudo Haruka (2017-06-15) Blog Update

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Today, we had rehearsals for 6/23’s Budoukan concert

Since it’s been so long since we’ve sang and danced for 2 hours,
I couldn’t believe how much I was sweating!

Because my T-shirt was soaked with sweat,
it clung to my shoulders;
[everyone went] “Ueee~!!!” and I was laughed at (;ω;)(haha)

My baad, sorry←

Sweating occasionally isn’t bad, right!

After that, we went to Tokyo Dome

We went to go watch the
match between SoftBank and Tokyo Giants

So many people!

There aren’t many chances to see games in person,
so I’m glad I was able to go!!

The cheering squad was also amazing;
the young lady vendors were especially amazing too!

When I watched the game at ZOZO Marine [Stadium] the other day,
[I was watching it] at a completely different place
so I was touched by the new and vivid [view](^^)☆

I was also watching
Akanechin’s “Sepa Paka” dance~

With the bases loaded, the second that Player Abe went out
[the stadium] trembled with cheers and excitement!

It was a considerable distance

To all the players, you’ve worked hard today

Being responsible for the “Saitama Seibu Lions” team

Since the very beginning, it wasn’t like their rank was high,
so each one of the players all thought
“I want to win!” but
they’ll have to change the position of the [other] teams. (?)


They won this game; I want them to win the championships [too]!

And then, first championship win in the interleagues this year!

the [start of] a rumor that Kudo-chan is the goddess of victory!?!?

Too hasty, too hasty←

All the Lions fans!
Let’s cheer for them together(^^)(^^)

Gratitude, deep emotion, Kuduu—? Kanduu—!

Today’s “It Duu’snt Matter” Thing
Rumor has it that the deep fried food at baseball stadiums are delicious

Kudo Haruka

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#SepaInterleagueMatch #SaitamaSeibuLions #SportsReallyAreFun

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(Boyfriend anon) haha sorry i wasn't specific think i was just too excited that i found this blog but maybe a headcanon on how the members would treat their s/o or how they would show their affection...?

“How they show affection” headcanons in the way!


  • He showers you with gifts;
  • Also likes talking to you and asking your opinions;
  • Keeps his schedule open for you;
  • Introduces you to everyone.


  • She leaves little notes for you to find, like “good luck today” or “don’t forget to eat”;
  • Takes you to watch musicals;
  • Likes holding hands;
  • But gets shy with more PDA.


  • He likes joking and teasing you;
  • Kisses you all the time, even more if he knows how it affects you;
  • Likes making things for you, so you can always remember him;
  • Really protective, is worried someone from his past will hurt you.


  • Calls you even if he is busy;
  • Sings for you when you can’t sleep;
  • Calls you “his muse”;
  • Big on PDA;
  • Compliments you a lot.


  • Send you a lot of texts during the day;
  • Wants to hear everything about your day;
  • Cooks your favorite dishes;
  • Worries about your health a lot.

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Hey Tony! What's Christmas like in Winters?

Tony: Ms. Snidely also makes sure no one gets left behind on a big Christmas breakfast so don’t even try to sneak out to look for presents before emptying your plate!

We also get to watch performances prepared by seniors, believe it or not - Max is a great actor!

And that’s basically it… We can also help with decorations and the play before Christmas for bonus points if we want, but that’s not exactly the way of spending holidays, is it?


some twitter doodles from today that i might clean up and color later! also, AUs where saito is alive but sickly make my heart ache (in the best way) HAHA weeps… ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` ) i just want them both to be happy…!