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aw man one more yoi post before I go to bed though because I’m still not over it

I’m so so so so SO happy they didn’t kiss in the parking garage. I got spoiled before watching the ep so I knew they’d kiss, but I didn’t know when, and I was worried it would be after Viktor made Yuuri cry. I was fearful of that cliche where conflict seems magically resolved with intimacy (and, usually, invasive intimacy - aka The Suddenly Kiss™, most despicable of all kissing tropes). 

BUT, yoi didn’t do that, instead we got a great scene where Viktor was totally confused; he fucked up, and he was remarkably helpless and human. Meanwhile Yuuri got to convey some deeper feelings and feel cathartic about it afterwards. 

What I wanna point out though, and what I appreciate most, is that this isn’t the first time this has happened. 

In episode 4, on the beach, Viktor makes an effort to understand Yuuri, and then asks what Yuuri wants him to be for him. He suggests being his ‘lover’ as if that’s something they can simply BECOME for Yuuri’s comfort, like that’s a solution to the problem at hand. Yuuri refuses, insistently; he’s more interested in having Viktor be supportive and honest with him, and to be his true self. 

In both instances, some form of romantic and/or physical intimacy is put on the table (both times by Viktor) as a solution to a problem, or a means to an end. Does that make sense? Viktor wants to understand his place in Yuuri’s life, but when he asks Yuuri if he wants them to be together as a couple, it doesn’t come off genuinely at all - it sounds more like he’s simply trying to do whatever works for Yuuri in order for him to succeed (although, to Viktor’s credit, I personally think he was at least half-teasing Yuuri with that line). It’s a really blatant example of ways Viktor is horribly inexperienced. I’d say not even in a sense of his coaching - in general, Viktor doesn’t seem to understand how deeper and more serious relationships are meant to work. 

This is exactly what happens with the crying scene too, and this time we even have way more relationship development under the belt. Viktor has no idea how to help Yuuri, and his (shitty and dumb) attempt to motivate the other man results only in a more distressing situation. Viktor doesn’t know how to handle the crying and immediately resorts to suggesting, once again, a form of romantic/physical intimacy as a means of fixing it. And, once again, Yuuri rejects the insincere offer and asks only that Viktor be there for him. 

When the two of them finally do kiss, it’s not because Viktor thinks he should for Yuuri’s sake. He’s not even doing it to surprise an audience - he’s doing it to surprise Yuuri. He wants to show Yuuri how much Yuuri’s affected him. It’s a way for Viktor to express himself and say ‘I understand you’! He does it because he wants to be close and share in those good feelings with Yuuri.

I think it’s AMAZING that not once but twice is an inherently romantic proposal brought up as a means of fixing emotional distress and then soundly rejected in favor of honest conversation and asking for support instead. Not to say I don’t enjoy the romance, or the physical intimacy - these are both great aspects of Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship. But it’s never made into a tool to be used only to smooth over issues, or something that can magically make everything okay. We’ve all seen plenty of scenes between friends or lovers where an honest conversation or argument is shut down in favor of a Suddenly Kiss™ or supremely ill-timed confession. That doesn’t happen here, and I’m super grateful for that. 


Little Tease

Pairing: Kyungsoo x reader

Genre: smut

Note: yo yo yo, so haha first smut I’m writing on this platform, I didn’t really proof read so if there are a couple mistakes I’m sorry. So yeah, enjoy.


It was early in the night, the sun had just set and you were currently bundled up in blankets, sprawled out on your best friend’s couch. School had been taking up every second of your time for the past couple of weeks as finals was coming up, you thought that today you should give it a rest and go visit your best friend, Kyungsoo.

“What movie are we watching?” You heard Kyungsoo’s voice come from the kitchen.

“Hmmmm, what about… Star Wars?” You said, you knew he loved Star Wars so there wouldn’t really be any conflict in the matter.

You turned on the movie and felt Soo plop next to you on the couch. He set down a bowl of popcorn on the coffee table and focused his gaze on the movie as it started.
After a while you began to feel bored, the screen in front of you no longer was interesting so you began to let your mind wander.
You started thinking about school, about your friends. And then your mind absently wandered to the topic of Kyungsoo. You two had been best friends since you were Freshmen in high school. You two had grown up together. But as you both started to grow up, you watched Kyungsoo turn from a boy into a man. A pretty attractive one to be exact. It wasn’t long before you started to have feelings for him, your heart would jump every time small touches were exchanged or the way he would say your name, in his ragged deep voice would make you quiver in your seat. But Soo was your best friend. Only your best friend.

You snapped out of your daydream.

“What?” You said, you leaned your head against the couch.

“I’m bored” he said, leaning his head against the couch as well as he shifted his body to face you.

“Me too.”

He got up. Your eyes followed him as he climbed the stairs.

“What are you doing?” You yelled after him.

“I forgot to give you pajamas, plus I think my parents put the bored games up here.”

You climbed the stairs, it’s better then sitting there bored out of your mind. You reached Soo’s room and saw him rummaging through his drawers.

“All I have is an oversized shirt, is that okay?” He asked as he held up a plain white shirt.

“Yeah that’s fine.” You said, taking the shirt.

You changed in his bathroom connected to his room. The shirt was oversized, but it wasn’t as long as you had hoped. Your underwear were definitely going to be on show if you walked or bent over wrong.
You walked out of the bathroom and didn’t find Kyungsoo in his room. You heard noises from what seems to be the living room so you headed downstairs.


“Yeah I’m in here.” You heard Kyungsoo say, probably from the couch.

You awkwardly walked in, trying to not let your panties show by holding the shirt in place as you walked. Kyungsoo was resting on the couch. He had changed into a plain black t-shirt and some gray sweats. His hair was messy and his hand was resting on the inside of his thigh while the other took place on the top of the couch. He looked so hot.

“We can watch the office” he said. You realized you had been staring.

You just nodded your head and took as seat on the couch with what seemed to be a comfortable distance. The Netflix home screen took over the tv and you watched the little pointer click on “the office.“p>

When you looked up from the tv you caught Kyungoo’s eyes, wandering up and down your legs and torso until his eyes met yours. He then quickly and awkwardly turned his attention back to the screen. Did that just happen?
You started thinking. Why was he looking at you like that? His eyes looked dark. Was Soo… checking you out?
This was it, if he wanted to tease you with that little look, then you were gonna tease him right back.

“Hey Soo? I think my phone needs your wifi password again, I accidentally pressed ‘forget’ when I was trying to connect it. Can I check?”

He looked up at me, nodded slightly, and pointed towards the black box on the floor next to the television, “the wifi box thingy is right there, the password should be on the bottom.”


You got up and walked over to it. You then kneeled and bent over slightly. Panties now definitely showing as you put on your little show. You then slowly put in the password on your phone, making sure that Kyungsoo was definitely watching.
You got back up and sat on the couch. This time you say pretty close to Soo, maybe an inch dividing the two of you as you pretended to pay attention to what was going on in the show. You put your head on his shoulder and scooted closer to him, he rested his head on yours and you felt so comfortable.

“Hey.” You said sitting up.


“Can I get something to drink?”

“Yeah sure go ahead” he said “the cups are on the top shelf” you nodded and got up, now in the kitchen.

“Kyungsoo.” You called out.


“I can’t reach the cups”

You heard him enter he kitchen. You were standing on your very tippy toes, your shirt lifting past the waistband of you undies. The next thing that happened shocked you.
Kyungsoo spun you around and pushed you against the counter. His eyes looked dark as he look down at you.

“What are you doing.” He said. You swallowed hard, you didn’t expect the aggressiveness.

“Tr..trying to get a cu…”

You were cut off by his lips on yours, pressing hard and hungrily. His hands were on your hips as you tangled your fingers in his locks. He lifted you up, legs wrapping around his waist as you now moved up the stairs.
Everything was such a blur, you couldn’t believe this was happening. Soo, the one that had been your very best friend was now kissing you and carrying you up to his bedroom. You had dreamt of this night after night, and now it was so surreal.
You felt yourself being pushed up against a door. Your feet now planted on the ground and your clothes were now being removed. The t-shirt that covered you was on the other side of the room as you struggled to lift Kyungsoo’s shirt and put it with your own.

You took in his torso. It was so toned, and he was so tan. You moved your eyes up his body and your eyes met his.
He moved toward you and joined your lips together once again. He spun the both of you around so that you were now walking backwards towards the bed until you felt it hit the back of your knees and you fell backwards. You shifted up the bed, Kyungsoo following after you as he hovered.
His lips traveled down your body. They were so plump, they felt so good on your skin. And then he met with the band of your panties. I assume that they had been annoying him all night by the way he ripped them off your body.
He kissed down both thighs, and kissed everywhere but where you needed him. He was now the one teasing.

“You’ve been a little tease all night. You’re lucky I’m even touching you.” You felt yourself growing even wetter than you were before at his words.

His lips attached to your clit. You became a mess as he added his tongue to the mix. He began to lick and suck harshly, you could barely contain your small gasps and moans. He then inserted a finger and then two. It was all over from there. You came. So hard.

He cleaned you up with his tongue and crawled up your body.

“Wait condom.” He said looking down at you.

“No it’s okay I’m on the pill.”
He simply nodded and once again looked up and down your body.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” He asked, he seemed concerned.

“Kyungsoo please.”

He aligned himself up with your entrance, then slowly pushing in. He was big. Really big.

Your eyes fluttered shut for a moment at the pain, until he pulled out and sunk back in again slowly.

“Kyungsoo please, faster.”

He obeyed and started thrusting in and out, starting kinda slowly and then picking up the pace.
He felt so good. Your moans filled the room, thank god his parents were out of town, you thought.
He was so deep inside of you, he then lifted your left leg over his shoulder and somehow managed to go deeper. Your screams of pleasure announced that you were close.
He felt you tighten around him and went faster. You came again for the second time tonight and basically went cross eyed from the pleasure.
Kyungsoo followed soon after you and rode through his own orgasm.
He plopped next to you, breathing heavily with a sheet of sweat covering his body. He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you close to him.

“Are you okay?” He asked, holding tightly.

“Yes, very.” You said, giggling.

“What, what’s so funny” he said, a smile caught his lips as he watched you giggle away.

“I can’t believe we just did that.” You said looking up at him.

He then started giggling with you, so cutely as you laid together.


Note: I didn’t know how to end it!!! I didn’t want it to be cheesy but I also wanted to end it a little cutely so here’s what i came up with. I really hope you guys liked it. PLEASE tell me what y'all thought and send me requests if you would like. 😊

[붐붐SERIES] Hacker!Jihoon (G)

Prompt: Jihoon has to work his way through the nation’s most secured system.
Word Count: 928  
Genre: Action, thriller
Warnings: None

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry for not being active for so long! So Seventeen’s mv just dropped  (my heart literally went boom boom when I watched it HAHA) anyways, here’s a super short Woozi drabble I wrote during class based on the mv! Hope you guys like it ^_^


See the rest of the 붐붐 (BOOM BOOM) SERIES here:

Biker!Seungcheol | Collector!Jeonghan | UndercoverAgent!Junhui | FieldAgent!Wonwoo | Hacker!Jihoon | RoboticsGenius!Minghao

Originally posted by wonnhao

It was 20 minutes past one in the morning, and Jihoon sat hunched against his black swivel chair. A series of new codes flashed across the screen as he let out a deep sigh. He may be a professional hacker, but his opponent today was the nation’s most complicated system. It was a level of difficulty he had never faced before and currently, he was struggling with even the basic steps.

“Hyung, I’m at the door to the control room, what do I do now?”

Mingyu’s voice from the walkie talkie alerted him. He had to act fast, any delay and their mission could be aborted.

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Mystic Messenger Week — Day 3 : Chatroom
  • 707 entered the chatroom.
  • MC: Hey honey~ What do you want me to make for us tonight?
  • 707: lolol Saeran wanted to eat out but I reminded him that you were cooking tonight <3
  • MC: Haha, if you want we could eat out today~
  • 707: Aww
  • 707: You're so sweet babe
  • 707: lolol Saeran you happy now?
  • Saeran: Why are you two messaging through the app when we're sitting next to each other...
  • Saeran: ... fuck this family
  • 707: Watch your language young man!
  • 707: LOLOLOLOL
  • Saeran: So we're eating out right?
  • Mc: LOLOL
  • Saeran: ...
  • Saeran left the chatroom.

Jean was cute in today’s episode, though admittedly he always is

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L-let's talk!!

Ahh hi guys!! I’m not very good at interacting with ppl because over the years I’ve become kinda shy to make text/personal posts somehow ;;; but today I checked my inbox and I realized that I have a lot of messages that I’ve not replied to and I feel really terrible about it. I’ll start answering them now! I’m so sorry. ;;

I have an upcoming con season and once again…. I’m rly out of the loop with stuff haha…. Please let me know if you have anything you’d recommend I play/watch!! I’d rly appreciate it since I have no idea what is going on anymore aside from overwatch stuff…. //laughs nervously

For the next couple hours I’ll be answering questions in my inbox so if you have anything you’d like to talk about/ask me feel free to message me ;;;

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King George III lockscreen by any chance? Please?

I went through hell and back for this.. I can’t do small details, so I’m sorry but…

TADAA! I slaved over this, believe it or not. I didn’t put this off, by the way! I just had other requests and I’m doing them in order. Thank you so much for being patient!!

Reminder that if you’re not the requester, please ask before using! Although with this one I’m not sure why you would hahaha.. Sorry for not getting anything done today! I had a party. (And I finished watching Heathers haha) I might close requests tomorrow, so if you have anything you want, make sure to ask tonight! Or today. Timezones. Thanks for being patient with me!

MikoChiyo Week 2016 - Day 7: Crossovers / Free Day

That concludes my contributions to MikoChiyo Week 2016!! I hope you all had fun~

Happy birthday Mag !!!

To my sister from another mother, @myinnerfangilr : I hate time zones !!! :( But I hope you had a great day today ! 

To make this fabulous day even better, here is a little compilation of Louis protecting or defending Harry because that’s the cutest thing ever !! Don’t believe me ? JUST WATCH ;)

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sorry i havent been super active. two weeks ago i started training to be a dog trainer and havent been able to think about much else haha. unfortunately today another dog got a little to ruff at daycamp with mine and bit him bad enough to need a vet visit. it was a pretty superficial cut on his ear but dog ears bleed like crazy. so i had to sit out of training today and make sure he didnt wiggle out of his bandage so we sat on the couch and watched PAW Patrol (which is, kid you not, his absolute favorite thing) and i got a chance to doodle.

One of my puppy pupils as Chase and just a regular Skye.

Go ahead (EXO Tao Smut)

Heeey! Thanks for the request. I’ll do my best to fulfill it, but i can’t go full explicit because tumblr could close my blog. Here we go <3

Smut Scenario 
Characters: Tao & Reader

NSFW +18

Originally posted by jointhedarksidewehavelight

Y/N! Open the door.

Almost running you went to open the door to Tao, you knew it was freezing outside and about to rain.

Y/N: I’m sorry, I was preparing the popcorn :)

Tao: haha *coming into your house* It’s freezing outside. What are we watching today?
Y/N: Idk, it’s a movie that Kai recommended me. Here *you give him a warm blanket*. Wait for me on the couch :)

When you finished cooking the popcorn, you went to the couch and asked Tao to share the blanket. You got really clumsy and pushed play.

The movie was about this couple, it was romantic comedy about friends that decided to turn into a benefit couple. Tao hugged you, and kinda sleepy, sometimes he layed his head on your shoulder.

It was really funny until…suddenly a sex scene came in.  Every second you felt more unconfortable, but you didn’t know why. His hand, began approaching your thigh, but you felt so horny about it that you let him come closer. He came to your loose lucky shorts, and going straight to your v, started rubbing your clit… The movie wasn’t longer important, your moans covered all the voices. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Tao pushes you, laying you into the couch, and he’s on top of you, looking really deep. Saying nothing, just looking, he starts kissing you and takes you to the floor roughly.

Originally posted by robinjennie

He looked at you again:

Tao: I love you _____. It’s been so long since i wanted to do this.

He starts taking you shirt off, and kissing your breasts, takes your bra off. He looked at your nipples and softly, sucking your nipples, you got turned on as hell.

Y/N: *as Tao goes down* Tao, I’m… do you… want to do this?

Tao: I have dreamed about this. *his tongue goes inside of you and his thumb goes touching your clit*

Y/N: *after several minutes of him getting his fingers inside with his tongue on your clit* I need you now. Please.

He grabbed your neck and taking your pj shorts, he pushed himself inside.

Tao and you moaned so hard, that the guys apartment could hear it.

Y/N: Please, Tao, go easy on me.

Originally posted by fvcking-sexual

Tao: I can’t. *He held your neck even stronger and with his other hand, he started touching your clit. You got even more wet and his member could go faster inside of you* Oh god, you’re enjoying this so bad *he bites his lip*
Y/N: Tao, I can’t hold it any longer.

Tao: *moans* ____, i’m so close. *He holds your face with both hands and kisses you*

With a final hard thrust, he fills you and hugs you by your side.

Originally posted by want-your-kisses

Tao: *whispering in your ear* You are the best ____.

As you woke up in the morning, you heard several knocks in the door.

Y/N: Who is it? *yelling sleepy*
Tao:(whispering) I think it’s the guys

Xiumin: Is Tao in there ____?

Kai: Did the movie work Tao?
Lay: You pervy guys, get out or let us in

Tao: Get out of here, I need to wake up & ____ needs too.

Kyungsoo: So you told her…

Tao: That I love her? Yes. She’s mine, and only mine.

Exo guys: Awwwwww

I hope you enjoyed it :)
Keep the requests coming guys, love you so much.

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Hey! I am so bumped they didn't win today. It was my first time watching the stream of a music show because I wanted to see them win. I feel I brought them bad luck ): haha jk jk but yeah, that stage was so awesome and they slay so much. And can we talk about Bam's hair?! I love my bbys so much and you could hear Jinyoung's disappointment in his voice T_T I'm going to bed sad today.

No don’t blame yourself it wasn’t you!! I’m sorry you couldn’t catch them
Win this time but don’t be too sad they did really well if you look at the numbers they were so close!! they only lost by a few points like they really did well tonight and SLAYED that stage too and already they have accomplished so much with this album with 4wins so far and so many records broken like we have come so far!! I wish they could have won tonight to so they could celebrate a win on stage as 7 with jacks and also snatch that 5th win it’s sad but we must not be discouraged we just gotta try a little harder next time it was digitals that got em they were 55% of the score and those two artists are monsters when it comes to digitals😩 but even with out the digital numbers we still came so close even tho competition was tough that’s so amazing and something to be proud of and like outside of digitals all our other number destroyed our babies are out here competing big time!!! They still have music shows next week so we can snatch more wins then so don’t got to bed sad my love cause our boys are doing real good and like they always say it’s not about the wins but about got7 and ahgase going together happily and doing our best together it’s a bummer this couldnt happen for them today but do not be discouraged!! and yes that stage was bomb and right bammie look SO GOOD👌 All of them SLAYED ☺️💚 #Got7andAhgaseFighting 💚

Note: when in a bad mood, I get snarky, salty and petty. Bitch, the fuck? Complete 180°

Things… Aren’t all that great today. I wish they could be! And I’m trying to flip things around!

But I’m too tired, I’m just gonna go with the flow today and just see what happens. Send me some good things? Like as if anyone will really read this lmao. Gonna go watch my follower count drop haha.

Sorry. I’m sorry.

It Hurts: Part 5

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

A/N: This is super short haha but im just excited about this :) and ive been watching too much new girl so theres some humor amidst the angst LOL

Originally posted by bangts

He placed the basket of fruit on the kitchen counter and slipped off his jacket. 

“Hyung? Jimin? Jungkook?” he called out into the empty dorm. He heard someone in the shower, so he just slumped onto the couch and turn the tv on.

Today was a weird day for Taehyung. He was gonna spend the entire day watching dramas, but he ended up making…kimchi. Weird day.

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Mets and Water Fountains. (Stiles Stilinski)

So I know the Mets didn’t win the World Series and I know that Stiles isn’t Dylan (but like come on. They have to be the same person.) but, I still wanted to make this imagine. I’m a Mets fan at heart, but I have to support my home team. Nice job KC way to take the crown. :)

Word Count: 515

(Long Drabble sorry. Haha. ‘Splash’ Drabble)

You and Stiles decided that today was a perfect day to take a walk in the park. You guys decided to visit New York because he is a huge Mets fan and he wanted to watch the World Series game. So naturally, there would be lots of parks with fun food and of course, water fountains. Years of seeing people get knocked into one in California make you afraid to go near one. But not today. It was the inevitable truth that you would have to go near one. After your hot dog lunch, and tour around the city Stiles wanted to take a break and sit down for a minute. It was almost dark, so lots of people were trying to make their way home.
“Hey! Let’s sit by that fountain!” He suggested as he walked to the fountain. You stop.
“Stiles I don’t think that’s a good idea…” You say trying to stop him from going over there. He turned around.
“Why not (y/n)? It will feel nice. A soft most will be blowing on us. Come on.” He whined and dragged you over there, forcing you to sit next to him. The longer you say and talked, the less nervous you got around the bubbly fountain. After a few minutes of peaceful silence, you felt something wet trickle down your neck.
“STILES!” You gasp when you realize that he had splashed your neck with water. He chuckled. You scoop up some water and throw it at him.
“Hey!” He laughs. He stands up and throws more water at you. You get up and do the same. After awhile, Stiles had you backed up against the concrete fountain with a smirk on his face.
“(Y/n), I love you but I have to do this.”
“Do what-AHHH!” *splash* your worst fear had come true. Yet, it wasn’t as bad as you thought. I was actually pretty….. Fun.
“STILES STILINSKI!” You shouted as you stood up.
“Hey, alls fair in love and war.” He replied. You smirked.
“You are right.” You lean over the fountain and pull him in for a kiss…. Well not a kiss. You pull him into the fountain. After a moment he comes out of the water and gasps.
“Hey! That’s not fair.” He groaned and stood up.
“I’m sorry babe but, you asked for it.” You giggle. He looks you up and down.
“Yeah and I’m glad I got it.” He smirks. You gave him a confused look and look at his shirt.
“Stiles, your shirt. It’s see through.” You laugh and pluck the white material.
“Yeah. So is yours.” He laughs back. Mortified you look and see that your purple and black lace bra was showing.
“Ohmigoshohmigosh.” You grown in embarrassment as you cover your chest. Stiles brings you in for a hug.
“It’s okay babe. I got you. Let’s get back to the hotel, we’ve got a game to get ready for.” He whispers in your ear and kisses your forehead.
And That’s how you overcame your fear of fountains. And your fear of public humiliation.