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I’m so happy I could cry. I worked really hard to make Manon’s +1, but when Floy got put up for download I had to cancel the wedding to fulfill my selfish headcanon. Sorry, really not sorry. I usually have a thing about not using other people’s sims as main characters in my story, but I can’t… not… Thank you tinny for putting him up! I have had absolutely 0 motivation to play or do anything sims related for a few days now, but this made me so, so, so happy tonight I was smiling from ear to ear. You will probably (read: definitely) see him cropping up on my blog now. Because I’m actually in love with him? I’m really not sorry.

Floyden (well, base, since I alphaed him) by @tinwhistletoo (random edit: this photo is pre scars and acc, because I am too lazy to restart my game and wait for it to load for the sake of accuracy) 


uhh lol soSOREY ABOUT MY KNEES. idk i curled my hair and i think that i looked decent today. maybe? i dunno. and ignore my messy room and the screen in the background and my blue phone case. i was moving a plant in the second pic so that’s why my hand looks like it’s going like 27km/h. and yeah i took it by accident lol. i’m sorry my knees look so stupid i hate them so plz just ignore them ty. i mean i could crop them out but i’m way too lazy. sorry. and yeah i prefer he/him if it’s ok for you,, i can’t make you do anything, you do you.


Aaaand here are the best body selfies of this year ☺️

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Banco Do Brasil the largest Brazilian and Latin American bank by assets, answered some kpop related question on their twitter

- who’s your bias in Super Junior?

- Choi.🇰🇷

- Jongkey or Jongtae?



- They are the ones that have to decide, right?

- YES, THAT’S RIGHT. but, are you a kpopper?

- Markjin is real, right?

-Only they know

- Even bancodobrasil shippa (namjin) why woulnd’t you?

- I shipped namjin?

- Jikook or Vkook?


-What did you think of 4Walls by F(x)?

- The beat is nice

- Did you watch mama 2015? what did you thought about it?

- I didn’t… I was at work during the live streaming

- do you shipp someone in EXO?

- I don’t, but maybe they ship themself’s already

-Ultimate group?

- Girl’s Generation 

- Is Markson real?

- I don’t know. I need to observe more

-hunhan or xiuhan?


- Kaisoo or Chansoo?

-I don’t know about exo

- Who’s your bias in BTS?

-I don’t have one, I like them all

I don’t know why I translated this, but, this is so funny, like this is one of the biggest Banks in Brazil and this is their official twitter, this just shows how weird we Brazilians are sorry I was too lazy to crop the pics @maknaeslut did you see this?

Exo Reaction to Seeing Their Girlfriend Rub Her Butt After They Accidentally Smacked Her Ass too Hard

^Do you see how lazy I got? I didn’t want to crop four times, so I moved them under the most recent and then screenshotted that. I was pretty much so lazy I did more work to be lazy. Good job, Karnia. Round of applause please. 

Also, I am sorry this is as terrible as it is. I have four requests for it though and didn’t want to leave it sitting there any longer. 


When he noticed her pouting at him and rubbing her butt, he made fun of her by mocking her because he didn’t smack her very hard at all. 


“Sorry Jagi,” he said as he watched her rub at her backside with a frown on her face. He smirked at her, raising his brows when she made eye contact. “It was an accident.” 


His girlfriend came up to him and then didn’t say anything as she turned and hiked up her shorts. She looked over her shoulder at him with narrowed eyes and a scrunched up nose. “Look at what you did.”

“I’m not even sorry.”


“I did that?” he asked her with widened eyes as he played with her hair. 

“Don’t grab onto my ass so hard next time,” she said with a huff as she chucked a pillow at him. 


His girlfriend came out of their bathroom attached to their bedroom and turned around, lifting up the t shirt of his she was wearing to bed and showing him the vague outline of a hand on her ass. 


She walked up to him while they were shopping and whispered into his ear about how she has discovered there was still the mark of a handprint on her ass after their activities earlier that morning. He avoided her gaze and hurried away to keep shopping, pretending like she never said anything. 


He watched her as she walked into the kitchen, rubbing her butt with a cross expression as she opened the fridge. He wondered what was wrong despite having smacked her ass playfully a few minutes before. 


She walked by him, carrying groceries inside the house when he took one of his hands away from his phone and pinched her ass as she passed. He smirked as she looked over her shoulder and gave him a cross look; somehow he got even more cocky when she set the groceries down on the counter and rubbed her butt with a sour expression on her face. 


He didn’t say anything as he watched her rub her ass and scrunch up her face into a pout. Sehun just smiled pervertedly to himself instead. 


“Look,” his girlfriend said as she turned to him and shrugged her bathrobe off. His eyes found what she was gesturing to immediately and then widened. “Don’t spank me so hard next time.” 


When she walked away from him, pouting and rubbing her butt he began to giggle to himself. When she looked at him with narrowed eyes, he covered his mouth and still continued to giggle. 



frisk is dressed as bubbles from ppg iguess they got fake fangs as a twist

alphys was supposed to be dressed as minako from sailor moon but i cropped too much and you cant see the red ribbon well anymore 8′)

and flowey, well sans made his costume this year