sorry i was really bored hahah


I’m not experienced with suspense, but I’m learning a lot… [Alfred Hitchcock] had this “bomb under the table” theory. 

Oh, that’s easy. Controlled detonation’s really your only hope to defuse a bomb.

Here’s how it works: Take a scene with two people sitting at a table talking. Really boring, right? 

Narrator: Yes. Much like a scene with two married people sitting on a couch talking.

To Anons...

i-i mean i’m not scary am i? ;3; SUPER LATE but i did it! erm… since..ya’ll are anonymous, i cant really tag individuals…so../u\; letshopeyou’llatleastseethis.

i really should draw kuma more. uwu

…whoops. wrong one…he really stop kissing that stock image. like. that’s….that’s wrong. yeap. it has watermarks n everything.

so.. tsundere claus ( :3 _/ )

the hardest part was choosing who was gonna do the nose boop~

same ninten. same… (drawing the same poses would be kinda boring uwu)

ʕ/ ·ᴥ·ʔ/  *poof* dont be sorry my anon. there’s nothing to be sorry bout.

yeap. real spicy~

h-he’s not disappearing pft. the fading effect was…erm. a mistake. yeah. totally. hahah….

not everyone my anon. uwu i just like drawing nesscas first. COUGHS TOTALLY NOT OCD. 

ANNNNND FINISH. DONE. NO MORE….wait a minute…. 

…. have a snicker. 


lilypotthr  asked:

Ahhh I have to stop by your inbox for a sec because your handwriting,,,,it's so beautiful and I love it sm??? Idk that sounded really weird how I phrased it lol but your handwriting looks flawless💕

???? omg thank you so much?? It looks so ordinary and boring to me. xD Well, obviously, because it’s my own handwriting, lol. Maybe also because my best friend’s handwriting looks so similar, sometimes when we compare notes or something we can’t immeidately tell who wrote what. Anyway, i’m rambling, whoops, sorry! Thank you so much, this made me really happy! :D ♥♥♥

midvriyas  asked:

for the br u shld definitely watch kimi no na wa / your name bc it's a rly good movie!!

yes omg i’ve watched kimi no na wa!! and in truth i really enjoyed it too hahah 

url: i feel like an idiot but idgi, sorry???
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+ i adore your blog sm (i thought i followed you before????? i guess not) everything in it is so pure and aesthetically pleasing and that’s not all??? your icon is lovely and i don’t think we’ve talked before but u seem like such a sweet person <3 <3 also i just read your about page and i love all the animes/kdramas/books you’ve watched/read, if u’re ever bored or want someone to message feel free to hmu, i’d love to talk anytime!! x

want one?