sorry i wanted to draw these four swim wear since long

Camping ft pocket!jungkook

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Genre: fluff, pocket!jungkook

Words: 920

This of course took way too long to do, I’m sorry, Btw, should I write a part two??

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philkas week - day 4; breakup. 


The fight is explosive. Raised voices, crying, pacing around the room, hair-tugging explosive – and the looming finality of Philip’s whispered, “I don’t know what I want anymore,” after Lukas asks sucks all the air out of their little apartment like a flashfire. It’s the worst argument they’ve ever been in, and, by the end of it, Lukas is drained; sits on the edge of the bed – their bed – with his head in his hands, lungs burning from the effort he’s putting in not to scream. It’s been six years. Six good years. High school and college and the year Philip deferred for an internship in London. And now…

“I don’t know what I want anymore,” Philip said, eyes wet and shiny with unshed tears, and Lukas doesn’t know what he wants either, but he knows it sure as hell isn’t this. Him, without the words to patch everything up brand new. Philip, across the room and a million miles away.

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Summer Pool

SPN WRITING CHALLANGE  @zeppellindean vs. @thethingwewrite

Prompt : Pool aslo nsfw 31 for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing celebration challenge

Summary: You need vacation and someone to take care of yourseld and you remeber the pool your family house as but who will be there to tak car of you

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count : 1862

Warning : Smut

A/N: Here is the entry for the summer challenge for @spnwritingchallenge and Celebrating challenge from @thing-you-do-with-that-thing . Thank you for the both of you for letting me cross the two prompt. Also, thank you for this one-week extension :). Last thanks to @like-a-bag-of-potatoes for reading it in premiere. I am sorry for the mistakes left in the text i corrected myself.

One last thing there will aslo be two other part coming of it

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When was the last time you had a real vacation? When was the last time you pleased yourself? With those two questions in mind, you immediately asked your boss two weeks of vacation, except she refused at first because the agency had too much work at the moment and less staff around. You were the best executive assistant in the building that was why she hesitate to let you go on vacation.

However, you still manage to convince her and told her that she could reach you on the phone. In no time you were and left the office to go home quickly, as you got there thinking about a destination, you didn’t know where exactly you wanted to go, so you just opened your closet, randomly grabbed a few clothes and put them on your bed.

You took a step back thinking it might help, walking on something, looked down and saw a bikini on the floor and you knew exactly where to as you pick it up off the floor. You grabbed the summer clothes and packed your bags, with a smile on your face thinking about your parent’s second house in Cleveland. You knew you had the whole house and the pool just for yourself while your mother would be on a cruise.

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Il Dolce Far Niente

Sam x female reader

Prompt: Sam’s Sixty June Jobs Challenge - I got Pizza Man!

Words: 2901 (I got a little carried away)

Warning: Smut, smut, smut. So much smut. Oral sex (reader receiving). Maybe a little fluff? Also, bad language. Alcohol use.

A/N: So I had a blast writing this and I put a unique spin on the term ‘pizza man’ that I hope everyone likes! This is my first challenge and my first published fan fic so please be kind! Thank you for this opportunity! @teamfreewill-imagine  @latinenglishfandomblog  Also, I come from an Italian family so I took a lot of my knowledge and used it here. ‘Il dolce far niente’ basically translates into, “The sweetness of doing nothing.” All NSFW under the cut.

Positive feedback or criticism is always welcome! I only want to get better! xoxoxoxo

The pizzeria smelled divine. It had just opened up about a block from where you lived and you and your friends were starving and had been wanting to try the place for a few weeks.

The modest sign lit above the brick building read, ‘Riot’s Pizza’ and the soft glow of the vintage street lamps outside already made you feel welcome. It had a small-town yet upscale charm about it and you found yourself reminded a bit of your vacation to Italy in the ninth grade.

           “Y/N! Jeez. Come on, we’re being seated.” Your good friend, Erin, tugged you along inside. It was sparsely lit, with cozy booths nestled everywhere. There was a separate section you passed with tables and TVs tuned to sports stations. Two pretty blondes manned the bar.

Once you were seated and ordered your drinks from the waiter the four of you fell into deep gossip. It had been awhile since you all had seen each other and there was a lot of catching up to be done.

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'Camp Counsellor Ashton'

requested by anonymous

summary: I was anticipating a summer to get away from feelings about boys but I wasn’t so sure when I met the other young counsellor with fluffy hair

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