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 Hahah since its the end of the year and the new year is soon arriving I’ve decided to do a follow forever to recognize all the amazing blogs that make my dash so happy!!!.sry for the banner I love you all and your blogs so much you guys are just wonderful. There are a lot of fantastic people on this list and mutuals that I adore. I really should talk to you guys more often. Without further ado my follow forever!! 

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@hinaxnaru I’m no animator this is my first time trying animation’s.
But I animate the sunshine family eyes and in my opinion I find it amazing! Especially Himawari 😍 Sorry I didn’t ask your permission to use your art as a gif but I love the picture so much and I have an app that has something to do with making gif so I choose this one and yeah sorry I just love this pic 😭😭


Favorite World: Space Paranoids

The Tron aesthetic is the best, in my opinion. Glowing cyan circuitry, futuristic design, and the badass computer feel is what makes Space Paranoids (and The Grid!) my favorite world. Also I love the color blue.


Teen Wolf GenderSwap!Stiles: Part 15/?

“Find your balance,” Coach said, “You gotta clear that mind of yours, girl. Focus.”

Easy for him to say. He’s not the one who woke up in a girls body three weeks ago.

Stiles has been spending most of his time training. Practicing tricks he’s seen others do both on YouTube and at the gym he’s practically been living at.

Hoping to find some way to even the odds amongst his fellow pack mates and what do you know, he’s actually almost getting this whole gymnastics thing down. Almost, as in barely. Down, as in face down to the floor because as Coach says, “You’re pushing too hard, girl. What are you so mad at?”

Stiles just shrugs, picks himself off the floor and heads towards the drinking fountain, all the while Coach is still rambling on about her reminding him of a student he trained long ago.

“Where is she now?” One of the listening girls asks.

“I’m not sure. Last I heard she married her Cop boyfriend and moved. But I’ll tell you what, she really had that spark. It was unnoticeable at first, but it was there. Boy was it there.”

Stiles is already standing back on the red mat, arms crossed. “What was her name?”

The Coach smiles at her, almost as if he could see her, “Claudia.”

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ATY Challenge | Day 2: Let’s wish Ryke Meadows a Happy Birthday!  » September 19th“Never give up on the things that fill your soul.”


the 100 » jasper & monty
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let's be alone together, we could stay young forever,
scream it from the top of your lungs, lungs, lungs.

Wang Yibo for my beloved tsaritsa @babyibo


they have the same hair color.


kim seokjin: wrap ur salads to keep them fresh kids 

referenced from @cutbu ‘s brilliant comic!! 


All credit goes to the wonderful and beautiful @hester-ulrich (Alex) for these amazing gifs!

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Thank you all so much for another wonderful year! I know my blog has been a complete mess and has changed constantly over the past year, so thank you all so much for sticking around. I’ve met so many amazing and wonderful people that I have the honor to call friends. So thank you again for being there for me when I most needed it and I hope all of you guys have a wonderful holiday and stay safe! <333