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When I got this dlc I didn`t know that costumes change only in castles or mementos so after I tried making my squad walk around in swimsuits and failed I eventually forgot about it since I was in the “real world” at the time doing boring stuff like going to school or talking to (pretty) Goro. So that being said I was really surprised when I finally had to go to the castle and saw them like this lol

for @jikoooktrash and @kookmint (i read that one immature anon on your ask so i decided to type this while half sleeping. i just cant resist im sorry) *note that this post isn’t about me hating on ships. it’s me hating on immature stans that won’t allow jikook stan to be happy for once* friendly reminder to that anon that said jikook moments in summer package 2017 was fanservice: jk sat on jm’s lap then tried to carry jm bridal style, it’s clearly shown on their face that they’re genuinely happy, also when jk was trying to carry jm bridal style at first it was only jm’s right leg, then it’s very clear that jk tried to fix the position, I MEAN HE TRIED TO “REALLY” POSITION HIS ARM ON BOTH JM’S LEGS BUT THEN IT WAS CUT THEN SUDDENLY THEY’RE BY THE SIDE OF THE POOL PUSHING EACH OTHER I WAN TO SCREAM SO LOUD IF IT’S FANSERVICE WHY DID BH CUT IT WHY DONT BH JUST CONTINUE IT? AND LET US SEE JK CARRYING JM BRIDAL STYLE TO THE POOL LIKEEE WHAT THE FUCKKK?!?!!???? here’s a fucking bonus to those who said that jm is hated by either jk or v: jm is loved by jk just as much as jk love all his other hyungs jm is loved by v just as much as v is loved by jm bts fucking love each other ok cant yall fucking shove this facts into your dumb fucking brain????? fun facts that yall immature stans probably doesnt know: - v SAID THAT DURING THE HARDEST TIME (when his grandmother passed away) THE ONE WHO STOOD BY HIS SIDE THE MOST IS JIMIN - V ASKED JIMIN WHETHER HE’S HAPPY (THIS BOY LEGIT CONFIRMING WHETHER THE ANGEL OF BANGTAN IS REALLY HAPPY CAN YALL HEAR ME CRYING FROM THE DISTANCE) - V CRIED IF EVERYTIME JIMIN IS ON DIET (I CRIED TOO AT THAT MOMENT WHERE THE OTHERS WERE EATING AFTER PRACTICE EXCEPT JIMIN. JIMIN KEPT PRACTICE SINGING ALONE THEN THE CAMERA DIRECTOR ASK WHY HE DOESNT EAT. HE SAID HE ALREADY ATE I PRAY TO GOD THAT HE’S TELLING THE TRUTH I DONT WANT MY ANGEL TO STARVE) - V COMPOSED 4 O'CLOCK ABOUT WAITING FOR A FRIEND, NAMJOON ASK WHO IS THAT FRIEND AND V ANSWERED THAT IT’S MOSTLY ABOUT JIMIN (who the hell fucking cuts onions here is it u namjoon?!??!!) - WE ALL SEE IN BV 2nd SEASON V FUCKING CRIED OVER HIS LETTER FOR JIMIN. - V ALSO GAVE JIMIN A LETTER ON HIS BIRTHDAY AND HE GAVE IT IN SUCH A TSUNDERE WAY. IN THE 3RD MUSTER JIMIN SHOWED ARMY HOW V GAVE IT TO HIM. (THESE TWO ARE FUCKING CUTE GOD BLESS) - V AND JIMIN CRIED IN THE BATHROOM TOGETHER AND I BET THEY CRIED OVER THEIR HARDSHIPS FOR BEING IDOLS. HOLY FUCKING FUCK IM GETTING GOOSEBUMP TYPING ALL THIS. I SWEAR THERE ARE SO MANY PROOF OF V AND JIMIN LOVES EACH OTHER listen yall im a new army to be fucking honest, it has been only two months, (and yeas bts is the first group that makes me crazy like this, really ive been living for 21 years and it’s really hard for me to have an interest with kpop then bts come sliding through my life like fuuuuckkkk) and for this past two months i didn’t miss a day marathoning every video of bts that exists on the internet. i start from bangtan bomb, rookie king, american hustle life, their backstage video, their anniversary videos, mv making, every variety shows in which bts appeared, every radios that interviewed bts, jacket making videos, season’s greeting videos, all of their v live including run bts and bangtan gayo, etc etc!!!! do you all immature stans watched bts 3rd muster? in the bonus video v teared up while talking about his grandmother in front of ARMY, and after he was done, jimin immediately back hug him gosh im tearing up again right now! after that, in the backstage jimin was interviewed by the camera director, he said something like “i bet you all are worried about v, but don’t worry he’s fine. we are fine.” (something along those lines) HOW ANGELIC JIMIN IS HE REALLY UGH I CAN BET YOU AN APPLE THAT BTS GENUINELY LOVE EACH OTHER AND NOT EVEN A SINGLE SECOND THEY EVER HAVE THE THOUGHT OF SOMETHING LIKE “ah i wish he’s not in this group”. LIKE NO. OK. EVERYBODY SAY NO. istg if any of you said A hates B i’ll say that you’re not a true A.R.M.Y and you just never watch their videos when these 7 walking memes are being dorks or being mushy with each other. because trust me at first i was into bts i only have my eyes on mr worldwide handsome aka wide shoulder hyung aka jin and also jungkook and i sleep on the others. but thanks to my decision to watch all of their videos i got to know more about all of them. how hardworking and talented they are. and i just cant sleep on or even dislike one of them. been an army for 2 months now but i feel like i’ve been one since their predebut… ps bts love each other and wishes for each others happiness. they even wish for army to stop worrying about them. so let’s stop fighting over each others’ ships. as a jikook stan, i respect taekook, yoonmin, yoonkook, hopemin / jihope stan and all the others’ stan. i don’t say hateful stuff on them. i have reasons to stan jikook. so i’m sure they also have reasons to stan their favorite ships. it’s not right to bash it. let’s just be a good army and learn to respect each other. and start supporting bts as whole! thanks and bye.

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Hey!! Would you mind writing some Drarry in 8th Year featuring some hurt!Draco and a comforting!Harry pretty please? If you don't, thank you so much :) <3 (I love some good sectumsempra scars, so if you could add that to the story it would be lovely. Thank you again <3 <3)

it’s not eighth year sorry but I think it’s alright 

Draco saw him there. Eye’s closed and bruised in Hagrid’s arms. He tried his best not to cry out when he saw his limp figure. The Dark Lord stood there, speaking and smiling but Draco wasn’t paying attention. All he saw was the boy who lay there, dead. It couldn’t be. He was waiting for Harry to jump out and fight just like he always did when he dreamt of this day. Only this time he didn’t.

Draco woke with a jolt. He was screaming and tears were pouring down his face. Harry woke up next to him. He turned on the lamp on his bedside table and pulled his glasses on. “Draco?” He said sleepily until he realised what was happening. “Draco! Are you okay? What happened?”

“Sorry.” He said through tears. “J- just a nightmare.”

“Was it that again?”

Draco nodded. “But this time, you didn’t come back.” He whispered, starting to cry again.

“Shh, it’s okay. I’m alive, you’re alive. It was just a dream, love.” Harry said in an attempt to console his boyfriend. He had his arms wrapped around him tightly and buried his nose in his white blonde hair as Draco sobbed against him.

“It felt so real.” He choked out. “It was like watching you die all over again.” At that he lifted his head so he was looking at Harry. “Do you know how that feels?”

Harry sighed. “For weeks after I hit you with that hex in the bathroom I dreamt about it. Everyday. It was awful really.” He kissed him gently. “But then I’d see you in potions or in the halls and remember that you were still alive. That’s all that matters.” He looked down Draco’s chest and ran his hand over the scars.

“Harry Potter, don’t you dare feel bad about that.” He said in a stern voice.

Harry looked up at him and gave him a guilty look. “I can’t help it.”

“It’s been three years! Like you said, I’m still alive and that’s all that matters.” He said, wiping away the remaining tears on his face.

Harry brought him into a kiss. “I love you, Draco.” Draco smiled softly at the man next to him.

“I love you too.”

i’m sorry but i am just so sick of taylor swift antis continuing to act like taylor was petting for releasing bad blood or refusing to have anything to do with katy perry. she wasn’t and isn’t. katy didn’t just ‘steal’ some back-up dancers. taylor said years ago that she was never really sure if katy was really friends with her or actually liked her. then katy became an apologist for taylor’s abuser and tried to make out like he was the greatest human being in the world for the entire period she dated him. she tried to invalidate the abuse taylor suffered and if taking some of her dancers back was the last straw for taylor, then so be it. taylor has every right to dislike katy and it’s just sad that she’s continuing to use this situation for promo. and on a side note, katy confirmed bad blood was about her, not taylor. she brought that on herself

HC Keith x Short S/O

Tried to redo it to the best of my ability, but I obviously forgot some things that I included in the first one. Sorry. 

- Keith loves being taller than another person tbh, it makes him feel better.

- Also can we just talk training? Like him trying to train you, but you just dodge and roll around so that you miss his hits.

- You get really good at that.

- But you don’t get any better at sword fighting tbh,

- He once lost you in the space mall while you guys were shopping.

- You stopped walking to stare at this item, but he didn’t notice and continued on. It wasn’t until he realized that your constant chattering had stopped because you weren’t present.

- He spent forever looking for you, and he got extremely anxious. By the time he had found you, he was so terrified. And very pissed,

- “You’re not 9, Y/N! You’re old enough! How could you just do that?”

- Ever since then, he holds your hand in every crowd. At first, he did it with a determined face, solely so that he wouldn’t lose you. Then, he started to warm up to it, and now (although he refuses to admit it,) he does it because it makes him feel happy. (ya’ll are so cute together jsjsjkdshkfdjl) 

- Cuddling and him just holding you close to himself. He gets nightmares but somehow they stopped with you guys cuddling. He loves that he can mold your form into himself.

- Him protecting you against enemies that tease you (Lance) by fighting them.

- Sometimes it gets physical.

- Him freaking out if you ever get hurt on a mission, hOLY oh my god, him picking you up right away and holding your small frame to himself. 

- Him assuming that you’d become friends with Pidge because you are both short.

- When he voices this, you and Pidge team up against him.

- “The hell does that mean?” “I just thought that-” “Stereotyping us? Short people have to run in packs now?”

- You two becoming friends because of that


Remember to request, as this is the last of the short!reader series, (you can request other people for this, but i originally only planned on the paladins). Check the rules before requesting ^^

Methods of Torture- A Remus Lupin Imagine (Part 2 of The Torturous Year)

A/N: Guess who’s back bitches! Yep, I finally got my shit together and wrote the next installment for y’all. It is a doozy. Over 3.5 k words here. I don’t know what happened, and it honestly isn’t perfect but I am just too excited that I don’t want to tweak it any longer. So sorry if it is kind of choppy in some areas. I also wanted to thank you all for being so patient with me. I hope to keep writing every day, although I am moving into my dorm in 2 days so we’ll see. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy! 

Previous Installments: The Torturous Year. (Part 1)

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Throughout the next few weeks after your return to Hogwarts, you tried to get control over yourself. It was a battle that you were determined to win because ‘no, you do not like him and even if you did, this needed to stop.’

So you did your best to ignore the spike of your heart rate whenever his arm brushed against yours in the halls, or how your hands grew clammy whenever he would lock eyes with you in the late hours of the night. Although, dear Godric did he make things difficult for you. The boy had methods of torture lined up for you, in every detail of his body.

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HELLO ALLY! :D just wanna say i really loved oikawa in your style and i was really hyped when you posted your latest hq!! art! 💫

(same oikawa anon) also! i was wondering… do you happen to have a link or a tag that can help me find your “how to recognize BTS members” guide? i’m getting familiar with some but i just can’t recognize jin and j-hope! and i was hoping you guide could help heheheheh. sorry if this sounds troublesome!! i tried scrolling through but can’t find it somehow… ;;

AW thankyou oikawa nonny!!!!! you can find the series here! it’s old art and embarrassing to me now tho hhhh so apologies in advance for inaccuracies!

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So this is a really old prompt the picture is here. I just finished re-watching I Want to Believe and I’m sorry in advance.

  “Scully please just talk to me.”  Your voice is strained from trying to hold back tears.  You’ve spent the last three hours following her around the house as she packed pleading with her to just talk to you.  Instead all she did was cry and keep asking,

  “Why Mulder, why couldn’t you just let it go?  Why couldn’t you just listen to me?”

  No matter what you did she wouldn’t answer.  No matter how many times you tried to explain that even though Monica Bannan was dead there was still another girl missing and someone had to find her.  After hours of insisting she knew who you were, and that she was the one that started all this, you find yourself sitting next to her in the dark on the porch, her bags packed sitting by the stairs.  There has to be something you can say, something you can do to keep her from leaving.

  She’s sitting in that old rocking chair you brought home six months ago.  You think about all the nights you two had spent tangled up together in that chair watching the stars.  No she can’t leave.  You kneel in front of her just as you try to take her hands she pulls them away, swiping the tears off her cheeks.

  “I love you so much Mulder.  We could have been so happy here.”

  “We can still be happy here Scully, just don’t leave.  Please don’t leave.”

  You see headlights bobbing in the distance slowly making their way up the driveway.  The SUV stops right in front of the porch, Skinner gets out leaving the engine running.  Scully throws herself into his arms, sobbing into his chest.  He pulls away from her, tears dusting the corners of his own eyes.

  “It’s going to be ok Scully, we just need to get you out of this house.”

  Skinner puts the bags in the car as Scully climbs back onto the porch, she walks over to the rocking chair placing her hands on the arm rests.  You rush up behind her afraid to touch her.

  “I don’t understand Scully, I don’t understand what’s going on.”

  A guttural scream comes pouring out of her as she throws the rocking chair across the porch.  Skinner rushes over to her but she rebuffs him as she drops to her knees, tears leaving hot red tracks down her face.

  “I miss you so much already Mulder… so much…but I… I just can’t stay here without you.”

  “I’m right here Scully, I’m right here.”

  she walks right past you, no acknowledgment, no goodbye.  You watch as Skinner helps her into the car immobilized by confusion and heart break.  As you watch the car pull away it hits you all at once.

  him knocking you out in the makeshift operating room.  The glint of the axe as he raises it above his head.  The sound it makes as it crushes your skull slicing into your brain.  Then somehow it’s like your watching everything through a key hole.  Scully finding your bloodied body.  skinner dragging her away.  All of it.  You died.  You’re dead.  You turn and walk into the house.  Scully will be back you tell yourself.  She’ll be back.

Breaking the fourth wall -dun-

// someone -that wasn’t me-// broke the fourth wall and let Cream and Hazel meet each would hazel react DUN DUN DUN..also i tried to draw her sorry if my draw is bad :‘v//

Hehe cute! Don’t worry it looks fine ^^

Nothing like a home-cooked meal

It wasn’t every day that Jason was given free reign of the Wayne Manor kitchen.

It also wasn’t very often that he managed to be in charge of his family. Damian was dutifully chopping carrots and Tim was mincing meat. Harper and Cullen were peeling potatoes in the sink. Jason himself was stirring a pot full of spices and chicken broth.

Dick was out with Bruce and Alfred, distracting them so they didn’t come home for a few more hours. Jason couldn’t remember what had possessed him to do this, make a meal for Bruce and Alfred. Maybe it was the cooking channel that Roy had been watching recently, or the meals Kori was trying (and failing) to make. Or maybe it was how thin Alfred had gotten recently, or how worn out Bruce was looking. Either way, here he was.

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and you’re worth fighting for

This is an H2Ovanoss SOS: The Ultimate Escape game au as requested by @hellmersy2001

I hope you like it :)

He doesn’t remember how he got here, in this place infested with creatures thought to be nonexistent only thirty minutes ago, and with people whom are both terrifying yet trusting. He doesn’t know why, can’t fathom what he must have done in a previous life to be thrown into a world that only knew how to fight or die.

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Told my class that they’d pick their own seats and there’d be no seating chart…. if they could handle themselves. If this proved too much of a difficulty, I’d assign seats. They did well the first day.

Terrible today. Warned them they were getting close to having a seating chart and they should stop what they’re doing right now if they didn’t want one. Didn’t listen, so I said “Alright. I guess we want a seating chart. There will be new seats tomorrow.” 

To which my students tried to apologize and get me to change my mind because they apologized. Kind of funny exchange:

Them in remorseful: Ms. DPQ We’re sorry for screaming and acting up.

Me: Apology accepted, but you need to show me you’re sorry by following directions, not just say you’re sorry.

Them: So we can keep our seats?! :D

Me: Oh, no. Not at all. You’re still getting new seats.

Them: But…..we said sorry?

Me: Yup. And I acknowledge that. However, just because you apologized does not mean you still won’t receive the consequences for your actions.

Them: *stunned into silence*

Preston stared up to the sky, the stars were twinkling in all their glory, despite his fool mood. It almost felt like they were monking him.

He remembered the phone call, the I’m sorrys, the promise of her being alright, ‘it’s just a routine visit’ after all, like it always was, since Preston could remember.
He felt tears coming, but tried to keep them in, he wouldn’t want Harrison to worry once he returned to their shared tent.

“Hey man…” Max’s voice was soft when he approached him, Preston turned his head, surprised to see the other boy standing behind him. It was a bright night, so he didn’t have trouble seeing Max’s face. He wished he couldn’t though.

“You earsdroped, didn’t you?” Preston asked, already knowing the answer anyways. “Yeah. Wanted to put a wasp nest into David’s drawer, sorry about that.” He said as he sat down next to Preston, letting his legs hang over the edge of the dock. “So…your parents aren’t showing either?” He asked carefully.

Preston nods. Tomorrow was 'parents visit the camp’ day, his mom was so excited about it, she wrote how she couldn’t wait to see all his friends and his theatre performance and…him. She wanted to see him most of all, since, even before the summer started they hardly ever could spent much time together. It would have been awesome if life for once gave them a break. But sadly life is a fucking bitch.

“She has a emergency 'routine’ hospital check up or in otherwords, she’s really sick but doesn’t want me to know.” He answered, Max nodded, “That sucks man.”

“What about yours?”

Max shruged, giving off a aura of indifference, “They never bother to come up with a excuse so who the hell knows? I’ve been going to this hell hole for 3 years now, they never showed up once. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t even pick me up if it wasn’t required by law.”

Preston stared at the other boy, he couldn’t imagine how this must feel. His mom wasn’t responsible for not being home a lot. She always tried to do what’s best for him and shelter him from the bleak reality of their home situation.

Max just stared down at the reflection of the lake. “What about your dad? Can’t he make it?” Max asked suddenly, Preston was taken by surprise, it wasn’t like him to be interested in the private lives of other campers, or at least Preston thinks that’s the case, they didn’t really talk much.

“He ditched my mom when she was pregnant. He was about to go off to college while mom was still in highschool. Last time I heared from him he sent me a birthday card.” Preston didn’t mention that it had the wrong age or that he also was asking his mom for money back then.

“He sounds like a ass. If you have his adress I’m sure we can sent him some platypuss shit.” Preston laughed, “I will keep the offer in mind.”

“I think that’s the first time you actually talked like a normal person.” Max noted, Preston smiled, but it was bitter now, “I didn’t feel like acting tonight.” He said letting himself fall backwards. “I’m no good at it anyways.”

“So what? You’re 11. Of course you aren’t good yet, that’s why movies don’t let children play children, that and because they want to sexualize fictional 15 year olds and think it’s less creepy that way.” Preston giggled at Max’s blunt remark, he had a point.

They stayed in comfortable silence for a while, listening to the quiet noises of the surrounding woods. Preston tried to take small glimpses of the other boy now and then.
Somehow, despite all the crazy shit that went down in their camp, he never experienced a more sureal moment.

“Max?” He asked, carefully as if he was walking on eggshells, the other boy made a noice of acknowledgement. “Do you really believe there is no god?” It was a question that’s been on his mind for a while now. Max stared at him, his expression was hard to read, even with the pale moon light.

“If there is no god there also isn’t a heaven, right?” Preston continued, that heavy feeling whenever he thought about that was even worse while voicing it out loud. “And if mom-”

He broke off, feeling the tears well up around his eyes, “If mom-” he was sobing now, he was scared, confused and just couldn’t keep it in right now.
“She would just be gone Max.” He forced out between sobs. “I don’t-”, he tried to rub away the tears, tried to calm down, he shouldn’t have a breakdown now, not infront of somebody.

He gasped as he felt a arm wrap around his stomach, “Sorry, this is awkward.” Max said, as he leaned his head on Preston’s shoulder, “I’m not good at…emotions.”
Preston would have laughed if he wasn’t frozen in place. Max was hugging him. Max, of all people, was hugging him.

Did he enter the twilight zoon??

“I don’t know if god exists or not.” Max said, snapping Preston out of his shocked state. “I’m just a 10 year old. What do I know about shit like this? I don’t believe in it, sure, but that doesn’t mean I’m necessarly right. Maybe there is something waiting after death. Who the hell knows at this point?” Max said, he sounded like he was chosing his words carefully. “If the idea of heaven and god helps you then believe in it. If acting makes you feel better do it. Don’t listen to bitter assholes like me.”

Preston stared, his tears stopped now. He smiled as he wrapped an arm around the other boy’s shoulder. “Thank you Max.”
He said, letting himself enjoy the embrace.

“Don’t mention it.”

Preston stared up at the sky, the stars were still there, but somehow they seemed brighter now. Comforting.

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How if Rin and Yukio like the same person? What would they do? :D

Did you mean: Shiemi Moriyama


Originally posted by sairenji

  • Yukio wouldn’t openly tell anyone he likes someone
  • Rin would try to keep it a secret, but he’s literally the most obvious person ever
  • He’d end up just babbling to Yukio late at night about how pretty you were, and how you smelled nice, and how he loves your smile
  • Yukio tried to ignore this, because he wouldn’t openly agree with his brother
  • “Nii-san, it sounds like your in love.”
  • “What! Um,er, ah! No, it’s just a crush…honestly I thought they liked you…”
  • Yukio’s silent
  • “Do you like them?”
  • More silence
  • Rin realises he does, in which he immediately feels bad
  • “Hey um, sorry I didn’t realise, I shouldn’t of said that stuff.”
  • “I don’t care, y/n-san is very nice, but I don’t engage in such activities.”
  • “Come on I totally saw you staring at their a-”
  •  DingDong the demon is dead
  • Yukio would keep insisting he only likes you as a friend
  • “Hey Yukio, they might not like either of us like that! So lets not get worked up over this, okay?”
  • And of course Yukio smiles and nods, but inside his blood is boiling
  • It’s awkward between you three now, and Rin wants to get closer, but is distancing himself for Yukio’s sake
  • And Yukio is distancing himself because he can’t come to term with his emotions
  • Overtime, Rin cracks, and confesses to you
  • He explains the situation, and whilst he would never make you choose between him and his brother, he just wants to let you know
  • Yukio denies it up and down
  • And with much hesitation because of his brother, you end up with Rin

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H - “Hey Mama” - CBX
I - “I Need You” - BTS
I - “If You” - BIGBANG T^T
M - “Mansae“ - Seventeen
C - “Critical Beuty” - Pentagon
A - “As If It’s Your Last” - BLACKPINK
R - “Run“ - BTS
O - “Oi” - Monsta X
L - “Love Me Right” - EXO
I - “I’m Not Sorry” - Dean
N - “Never Ever” - GOT7
E - “Energetic” - Wanna One

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badboy!jjk; pale feelings (pre)

notes: just a v cute preview about this dumbo fallin in love, in addition to that, i would like to say that this includes chubby!y/n so sorry

rating: f

includes: jk just seeing you for what you’re worth. which is a lOt ;;;;

pov: jeongguk

song to get you in the mood: Jinsang - Summer’s Day [Version 2]

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