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Cherry Flavor

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“Hey, do you um…need a ride?” Connor looked up at the nervous, messy haired boy with a cast on his arm. He took a long sip of his cherry slushee and realized he’d reached the bottom of the cup. He slurped up the last of the artificial syrup and sighed.

“You’re Evan Hansen aren’t you?” He said, evading the question. He’d seen him gawking at his sister during jazz band concerts.

“And you’re Connor Murphy,” he replied. “It’s late.”

Connor was sitting on the curb, shivering in his thin hoodie. In hindsight he probably should have gotten a hot chocolate but he liked the way the cherry stained his mouth.

“Thanks Captain Obvious,” he sneered.

Evan seemed to shrink from him. “So you don’t need a ride or…?”

“Can we just go for a drive Hansen? I’m still kinda high and my parents are pissed off enough as it is.”

“I…um, sure,” he said. Connor got up.

“Do you want a slushee? I’ll buy you one.”

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Thoughts on IT

(spoiler free unless you don’t want to know ANYTHING)

- I’m about to do what I disliked about other reviews, say who I thought was best in the film….sorry other cast members!

- Richie/Finn: Oh my god, Richie was fucking hilarious. I laughed so much, along with the whole theatre. He definitely stole the show, Finn is so talented. Its been a day and I’m still laughing at his lines when they come into my head. His sense of humour has become a lot less offensive and a hell of a lot funnier.  It feels like Richie had the most screen time and some of the other Losers suffered due to it, but I just can’t imagine cutting any of his scenes or lines

- Ben/Jeremy: I love Jeremy, but I didn’t expect to enjoy his performance as much as I did. He and Richie were my favourite losers in this film (even though Eddie and Mike were my favourite in the book) and I don’t understand why more reviews aren’t calling out Jeremy for an excellent performance like they are for Finn and Sophia. His introduction scene is probably one of my three favourite in the whole movie- another hilarious scene but it had such heart behind it and Jeremy was just brilliant, as was Sophia

- Bev/Sophia was also excellent. Bev is a really enjoyable character in this movie, she is a love interest and the film avoids making her a sexy lamp or a plot device by really adding to her character and giving her some strong individual scenes.  She’s definitely romanticized but she definitely is a lot more than a love interest. There is one scene with the whole ‘everyone is in love with Bev’ schtick but it was funny enough that I didn’t mind. I think the film also avoided the damsel in distress trope pretty well. Bev is a really interesting, well defined character and Sophia did a great job!

- I don’t have much to say about the others but they were all great! Great performances from all, they just didn’t stand out as much as those three

- I really enjoyed the Losers Club and their dynamic as a team and as a friendship. I wish we had gotten just a little more scenes like the swimming one, where they are just having fun (after all, they played games in between fighting IT in the novel) but it was pretty clear that the film was cramped for time…

- the film did feel at times like it was rushing through a checklist of scenes that it had to get through, to set up the plot or characters. The film lacked some stuff (particular losers suffered from a lack of screen time, see next point) Maybe this sounds odd considering IT has such a long runtime, but I got the impression they struggled with actually narrowing it down to that time. They definitely cut a few scenes, one pretty important one that was seen in multiple trailers (I was disappointed to see it go and I’m definitely not gonna be the only one). There was one sequence where it suddenly jumped to a different person nearby and I don’t know whether they cut a scene in between or edited it poorly but I still don’t know how they got there or what they were doing or where they actually were? It’s hard to explain without spoiling but yeah, that scene confused me

- Stan and Mike, particularly Mike, definitely didn’t get enough screen time. Stan probably had more actual screen time then Ben but Ben just felt more present, since he had more importance in the story and an important relationship with Bev. Stan was one of the original 4 losers but he had the least dialogue out of all of them and its a shame, Wyatt is really talented and I would have liked to have seen more. I can tell Stan was the victim of a few cut scenes. I also feel pretty sorry for poor Chosen as Mike, who was under-utilized and just…. joined the losers. There was no scene of him getting to know them, no bonding scene for the whole seven. He just joined the Losers and went with them to kill IT. He did have his own character arch, which I enjoyed but he still had the least screen time, which is unfortunate, especially considering how important he is in the sequel

- As for the horror, I wasn’t scared during the trailers and I wasn’t scared during the film (horror films just never feel real enough to genuinely scare me) The audience members did react to the film positively, to the jokes and to the scares. Personally, I thought the horror was a little lazy because (KIND OF SPOILER) nearly every scare was a jump-scare. It was effective but I guess I just expected more. My favourite scary scenes included the first group trip to Neibolt Trip (probably another one of my favourite overall scenes) and the projector scene

- As for the couples, I’m trying not to be biased here but I think people who exclusively ship Bill/Bev after the trailers might just be swayed by Benverly who have some brilliant scenes, their dynamic is great and I can think of one small, hilarious moment they shared which really stood out. They didn’t have any moments in the trailer but they had plenty in the film. A combination of the two really talented actors and a great dynamic made it the superior couple in my mind (then again, I always preferred it to Bill/Bev. To be fair, they had a good dynamic and Jaeden is obviously also very talented! I’m not a fan of the love triangle in media but I could stomach this one.

As for my other IT ship, Reddie did not disappoint. The banter that we saw in the MTV grey water scene was a gift that kept on giving. We also saw a couple moments which showed the genuine closeness between them (one adorable shot made me want to write a fluffy AU immediately, certain scenes in Neibolt Street made me feel very angsty). I don’t mean to overhype this, they definitely aren’t ‘canon’ and I don’t believe their scenes become so overt it nears queerbaiting, just a well written dynamic which is pretty damn shippable. Also Richie/Bill and Richie/Stan shippers will have some moments to enjoy!

- The movie strays from the book quite a lot, I personally didn’t mind but if you’re a book purist then prepare yourself

- I know I did mention a few negative things but overall I really enjoyed the film! I recommend it completely, I had a great time and I can’t wait for everyone else to see it

Loose Coffee Beans

John Wick/ Reader

Originally posted by johnbabayagawick

Words: 1,364

Summary: Working at the coffee shop had its perks. You always smelled like coffee, got the leftover pastries to take home, and you get to see the handsome regular named John. Sweet Indeed.

Request: Hey I’ve got some more f l u f f for John Wick. Reader works at this cafe and John Wick goes there everyday and orders the same thing bc the first time he went he thought the reader was cute and eventually he asks her out and f l u f f

Tagging: @kwaiky, @ly–canthrope, @myfriendmagislit

Requested by: anonymous

Author’s note: looking through gifs of keanu reeves…makes me worm.

You’ve grown accustomed to the bell tied to the top of the front door. Every ring brings out that cheery smile and a greeting that you hope doesn’t come off as fake. You try your best to maintain an upbeat spirit but the small coffee shop you call your second home can be a bit overwhelming with many seeking authenticity.

But you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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Look. It’s not even a big deal, you’re the one that’s turning this into a whole thing. You’ve never done anything like this before, but that’s okay! There’s a first time for everything, even though the situation right now is a make it or break it kind of deal. But it’s okay! Don’t even worry about it, yo. You’re just going to tell one of your closest friends that you maybe kind of sort of think that you two should be more than friends! You’re confident. As long as you keep telling yourself that you’re confident, that’ll reflect in your words and Harry will instantaneously fall in love with you. Maybe. It’s not a guarantee. It’s worth a shot, though! Better than keeping everything bottled up inside. Plus, maybe this time it’ll be different! Usually, with your other guy friends, you can 100% tell if they only see you as one of the bros. Harry hasn’t sent any bro signals yet so you’re pretty much in the clear! Think about it, Y/N. It’s only a minute of confrontation and then you’re over and done with it. And you think he likes you back, so that helps as well! 

“Okay, I can do this.” You breathed out, blinking at yourself in the bathroom mirror before rubbing your clammy palms on your shirt. “It’s just Harry.” Were you really about to do this? This was a move that definitely wasn’t you. This was a move that a drunk off her ass Y/N would pull. No, no. You were psyching yourself out too much. “Yeah, it’s just Harry!” You decided that the best thing to do right now would be to block all the negative thoughts and hope for the best. 

“Hey, there you are! I was starting to wonder what you were doing upstairs for so long.” Harry hummed, smiling at you and watching as you plopped yourself down in the sofa chair across from him. 

“Ah, I got distracted by a game on my phone. You know how it is.” You waved it off, the little voice in the back of your head rehearsing what you were going to say to Harry. “I wanted to talk to you-” 

“I jus’ wanted t’ tell yeh-” The both of you paused upon the realization that the two of you had something to share with each other, your cheeks already growing bright pink at the slightly awkward situation. “How about you go first?” Did you wanna go first? Maybe you could let Harry go first, and while he spoke to you, you could rethink your decision to tell him the truth. Yeah, that sounded good. 

“No, no! I insist that you go first. If I go first I’ll end up blabbing for twenty minutes.” You snorted, getting comfortable on the chair and hugging a pillow to your chest. 

“Okay, cool. I promise I’ll be quick.” Harry grinned, sitting up a little straighter before leaning forward. “I want you t’ meet a new friend of mine.” Oh, that was it? Phew. 

“Alright, I’m down with that. Who is it?” I really like you and I’ve liked you for a long time, so I just thought that you needed to know that. 

“Oh, she’s great. You’ll love her. I mean, I kinda love her already and I’ve only met her like, twice! She has her own cookbook and everything, and she’s a great baker… Just like me! The other night at my concert we were talking backstage and she has the same taste in clothes as me! Y’know those silky lilac pants you were teasing me about? She liked them! And she was wearin’ this really cool denim jacket with a tiger embroidered on the back… I let her borrow one of my shirts and I’m usin’ tha’ as an excuse t’ see her again.” Harry paused, checking his phone when it buzzed in his hand. 

No, that’s too straight forward. How about something like ‘How about we go grab some dinner sometime? I can take you to that fancy Italian place that opened up downtown last month.’ “Oh, wow. She sounds really cool.” 

“She is really cool! And because you’re my ultimate best friend, I really want you to meet her before things get too serious.” 

Or maybe he wants to stay at home? I can cook something for him. Well, I’ll try my best- Wait, what? 

You snapped yourself out of your little thought bubble before blinking owlishly at Harry. What did he say? You heard something but you were really hoping he didn’t say what you thought he had said. “S-Sorry? Can you, uh, say that again?” You smiled sheepishly, Harry furrowing his brows before huffing playfully. 

“I thought you were listening t’ me this whole time. I was saying that I want you t’ meet Tess next week and approve of her so that I can maybe take it to the next level with her! Because you’re my best friend and all, and your opinion really matters to me. Anyways, she’s hilarious and she jus’ texted me this recipe on…”

At that point, you had tuned out. The smile slowly dropped from your face when it finally hit you that all of this was just in your head. Your chest tightened and you could feel your heart beginning to drum inside you. You could hear the blood roaring in your ears, rushing up to the back of your neck and your cheeks in humiliation. What were you thinking? Of course you were just a friend to Harry. All those late-night phone calls, all those hours you spent traveling with him while he was filming for Dunkirk and while he was writing his album, all those times you’d wake up early just to make breakfast for him even though he never asked for it, all those times just helped you to… Further establish your position in the friend-zone. (You hated that term, but there was no other way to describe it.) Harry was friendly with everyone and you were the one who took it in the wrong way! 

“So, what do yeh think, buddy?” 

“Um, yeah. I’d love to meet… Tess.” You trailed off, feeling as though Harry had just shot a bullet straight through your heart. 

“Cool! I’ll text her. By the way, what did you wanna tell me?” 

“I… I forgot.” You felt completely numb on the inside. 

How could you have been so stupid? 


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Snow Days - Part 2

Genre: fluff/angst, highschool!au

Pairing: reader/jungkook

Length: 3.5k

Summary: Although you’d been warned about the snowstorm that would affect your area, you decided to go to school anyway. Several hours later, you were trapped in the library, the weather too severe to go outside. Fortunately, you had your headphones so you could listen to your favourite artist: a boy who went by the name JK. Unfortunately, you were stuck with the new transfer student, Jungkook, who was a right pain in the ass.

A/N: this is the third time I’ve rewritten this i’m so sorry

the snow day joke was so lame I took it out…. I wrote the joke at work and I was laughing at myself for about 5 minutes because I thought I was so hilarious
reading it again, I realised it wasn’t even funny

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 [End]

As the storm had struck your area earlier than predicted, everyone settled back down in the library with ease, only expecting to be stuck for a couple more hours at most, as the logical thinking was that the storm would end earlier, too. There weren’t many students, as everyone else had headed home straightaway and not lingered at the school, unlike the twenty odd students who were locked in the library that early evening.

The librarians were busying about, setting up their emergency candles around the walls and handing out torches for those who continued to study. Due to the open plan, the warm glow of the candles created a dim light throughout the room, aided by the dirty white colours provided by the snowstorm outside. Soon, you were surrounded by little flames of light, all sending up ribbons of smoke into the high ceiling. You thought you’d see bright dots in your eyes for days. Luckily, Mrs Kang turned on the extractor fan so you didn’t die from the fumes of the smoke.

Those who still had battery left in their laptops continued to work, but you and Namjoon stood listlessly by the door, unsure as to what to do with your sudden free time. Jimin finished writing out a text to his parents, telling them that he wouldn’t be coming home before joining you again, looking just as lost as you felt. Jungkook was still loitering around you, waiting until you made eye contact with him so he could join in the conversation. You ignored him.

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Lovebirds (Peter Parker x Reader) (Requested)

Request: Hiii! I’ve read your imagines and drabbles, and they are so good! I have one request though! Could do one with Peter x female!reader, where some ‘evil villain’ suddenly attacks the avengers tower? Kinda similar to the scene where ultron and the other robots attack the avengers in the tower. Also, could you do the scene similar to where Bruce falls on top of Natasha but with Peter and the reader? Idk, I just thought it was hilarious and cute of how flustered he got..😂 sorry this is long!

A/N: Reader has got the power of teleporting! This is a bit rushed since I am supposed to leave in 5 minutes for my birthday party, so I haven’t edited it 😅 I hope it is nice anyway!!! xx 

It had been a relaxing day at the Tower, just chilling out and watching movies. You were wrapped up in a blanket, your head resting on Peter’s shoulder, eyes almost closed. You had been trying to get Peter to notice your liking towards him for the longest time, but he was so oblivious. As you were about to close your eyes completely, you heard the glass walls break. Opening your eyes to see clearly, you saw a group of around thirty men, armed with guns, pointing at each of the Avengers. You didn’t know how, but in a few seconds, they were no longer pointing at you, and there was a huge fight going on between your friends and the men. You felt Peter leave -probably to put on his suit, and you teleported to do the same, since being a teenager you didn’t want people to recognize you.
All dressed up and back in the living room, you started to fight. Using your powers and the fighting skills Natasha had taught you, you made your way through the men, getting a few scratches, but mostly winning. Everyone seemed to be doing well, but you didn’t see Peter. Starting to get worried of the thought of something happening to him, you teleported to his room, not finding him there. Teleporting back to the living room, you were almost shot by one of the men, and when trying to move, you fell to the ground. Teleporting behind the man, you hit him on the head, making him pass out. You then hid between the couch and the wall, trying to get your gun ready, which for some reason was blocked. You could hear your friends fighting, some of them already tired, and just as you were about to get up and help, you felt somebody collapsing on you.
‘Shit, I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, you know… I’m sorry’ Peter said. He was right on top of you, one of his hands on the ground and the other extremely close to your boob. Looking down at his hand, he looked too, and removed it really quickly, rambling more. ‘Oh my God, I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpo-‘ he was cut off by Tony, shouting and moving things around.
‘Okay, guys! Fight is over! Has anybody seen Parker and [Y/L/N]?’ Tony asked. As you heard his steps approaching you, you teleported with Peter back to your room, pushing him off you just as you got there. He took off his mask, his cheeks still red, and he took a glance around him.
‘I had never been in your room’ he said. That was true -you had been in his multiple times watching movies, but you liked to keep your room as something private.
‘Well, if we had stayed there and Tony had caught us in that position, he would probably joke non-stop for months, and this was the first place I could think of before teleporting’ you said with a shrug, trying not to blush at the thought of how close you had been to Peter moments ago.
‘About that, I’m sorry -I was pushed and didn’t see you and you know, I-I didn’t mean to touch you in an inappropriate way -not that you are ugly, cause you are not! You are extremely beautiful! I mean-shit, I’m rambling, I kind-‘ he was rambling so much by this point, and even if you found it funny and adorable, you wanted him to shut up.
‘Cut it, Parker’ you said, and approaching him you took his face in your hands and pressed your lips to his. You could tell he was startled at first, and just as you were about to pull apart, he pressed you closer to him, and softly unlaced your mask, careful not to pull your hair. Pulling apart to remove it, he threw it to the bed and pulled you close to him once again. Just as you two were about to lie on the bed, your door flung open, and pulling apart extremely quickly, trying to act as if nothing happened, you both looked at who it was.
‘So here they were, our lovebirds finally actually acting like lovebirds’ Tony said, a smirk on his face, the rest of the Avengers behind him, giving you guys a thumbs up. You wanted to be ashamed, but hey, you had gotten to kiss your crush, and you didn’t really care about the rest.
Looking back at Peter, you saw him smiling at you, and using your powers to quickly close the door and be back in his arms, you smiled back at him.
‘I had been wanting to do that for so long, ya’ know’ he whispered before pulling you close again, kissing you and pressing your body to his.

Good Boy, Bad Boy? | Taehyung (m)

Prompt: Taehyung was always seen as the good boy, but you quickly realize that that is not quite the case.

Word Count: 7.4k

Genre: Smut

Warnings: This piece contains sexually explicit details. Read with discretion.

Disclaimer: An intoxicated person cannot give sexual consent. I have chosen to include a party scene that includes drinking but the characters portrayed are NOT drunk. I do not condone behavior that includes a person under the influence giving ‘consent.’ Also: always use condoms, kids.

A/N: This is literally 100% unedited because I’m posting this while I still have wifi at this café. I’M SORRY FOR ANY ERRORS IN GRAMMAR AND OR SPELLING.


Originally posted by myeong-su

Kim Taehyung was always seen as the good boy. You saw him that way, and frankly, so did everyone else. He had straight A’s, a kind demeanor, and a smile that could brighten anyone’s day. To everyone on the outside looking in, it was a mystery how he had ended up with the six other delinquents that he was always surrounded by.

However, things had drastically turned around in the span of one night, and as Kim Taehyung himself plowed into you from behind, whispering dirty little things into your ear, everything seemed to make more sense and things clicked into place.

Kim Taehyung was not the good boy that everyone had always thought.

So how exactly had you gotten yourself here?

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A Quick Penumbra Meta-Thought

So, I listened to Juno Steel and the Final Resting Place the other day and I had a thought when I was processing it this morning. How ironically hilarious would it have been if Miasma actually managed to successfully use the Egg of Purus as she had intended? Because she is quite literally the /only/ person that it could even damage; there’s no one else out there who matches the genetic code it was meant to wipe out.

So it would get to the surface, detonate, and nothing would happen. Miasma would still be down in the tomb, gloating and feeling superior, thrilled to have facilitated a world that would consist of her and her alone. But when she finally re-emerges however much longer after the event things are basically the same as before it went down. Just imagine the look on her face; beyond infuriated and absolutely priceless.

Family (Teamiplier x Reader)

Request: Can I request a teamiplier x platonic friend reader where she is really sad and they keep her company and they all have a movie night.

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Platonic, Teamiplier x fem!reader

Summary: The reader has a family member who’s in the hospital, and she’s super sad and worried but the team is there to cheer her up!!

A/N: okay this one was honestly so cute that like i died a bit???? goodness i feel like the team would be so caring and supportive ahhh i need friendships like this in my life smh

You walked around the offices, obviously sad and sulking. As your legs got tired of walking, you sat down on the couch and let your chin rest in your hands as you stared at the wall. It was very comforting but it’s better than having your legs ache as you wait for some sort of motivation to work. You felt guilty for not editing anything in the past few hours that you’d been at work, but it was difficult. It was completely understandable, even if you thought otherwise, you simply had your cousin on your mind. To say at the least, you were extremely worried. Ethan was the first to walk into the room and notice something was wrong.

Walking slowly over to you, without being noticed, he sat down and looked at you concerned. He stared to you, then the wall, then you, then the wall, obviously very confused. Soon he spoke up, “hey Y/N… are you alright? You’re uuhh pretty involved with that wall there heheh..” Ethan laughed a bit and slightly nudged you. When he first spoke you jumped and looked at him alarmed, you relaxed as you processed it was Ethan. You smiled a bit sadly.

“Heh yeah I’m fine, I guess I’m just kinda out of it tonight. Seriously don’t worry about it, I’ll get right back to work!” You quickly stood up, but was pulled back down gently.
“What’s actually wrong Y/N? You know you can talk to me right?” The concern in his eyes made you melt. See, you were closer to Ethan than anyone else in Teamiplier because you’re closer in age and you two clicked with a brother-sister bond almost as soon as you two met.

Of course Amy and Kathryn were your close girlfriends, you three were almost always out to get away from the boys to just go see a movie or chill somewhere.

Mark tried hard to be some protective kind of dad since you were the youngest and felt the need to protect you from everything, it was honestly super funny since he’s so childish.

Tyler and you had a fun connection, sometimes you guys were the trouble makers. Starting prank wars, invading on certain things, hell he even scared off a date you were supposed to have one night by pouring freezing water. He thought it was you, he was deeply sorry but you found it hilarious. 

But none of it could compare to how much Ethan cared, joked around, and helped you. You were so thankful for them all, if you were being honest.

“I know I know, I’m sorry. It’s just I’m really worried about a family member right now,” Ethan gave a questioning stare, “..they have a blood clot in their lungs. My cousin does, and I was really close with them when we were younger. I just.. don’t want to lose them!!” You cried out a bit and tears started to fall. Ethan quickly pulled you into an embrace, telling you comforting words. 

Soon the rest of the team came to the room where you and Ethan were, obviously wanting to know what the commotion was. Amy and Kathryn were first to run over to you. Amy sat next to you grabbing your hand, Kathryn sat on the floor. Mark came and sat next to Ethan while Tyler went to stand behind Kathryn with his arms crossed, looking concerned. 

“Hon what’s wrong?” Amy asked, looking up at Ethan. Everyone else nodded, wanting to know what was up. Ethan quickly explained what was wrong, since you could barely speak through the small hiccups. Everyone gave tiny oh’s and you felt more arms around you along with even more words of comfort.

“Please don’t worry..” 

“I’m sure they’ll be okay!” 

“Aww please don’t cry or else I’ll cry…”

“We’re here to support you Y/N”

“Exactly! You’re a big part of this family, so we’ll care as much as you do!” Soon everyone pulled away and you wiped your tears away, smiling. You couldn’t stop smiling, you loved them all so much you felt so lucky. What could you do without them all? Laughing at how amazing you felt you shook your head slowly.

“Goodness I love you all so freaking much.. I felt alone earlier dealing with the news but you all helped so much. I don’t know how I could survive without such amazing friends like you!” You exclaimed, everyone awed and agreed. Soon Mark jumped up and went over to a cabinet filled with movies. You eyed him and asked what he was doing. 

“Since I am quite bored, and we need a good mood booster, we should watch the BEST movie in all time. Which happens to be your favorite hahah,” Mark pulled down a movie case you couldn’t see, since the room was rather dim-lighted, and stood in front of you grinning, “The one and only… TOY STORYYY!” Mark sat down in front of the Blu-ray and inserted it. You and the others laughed. Kathryn went to go make some popcorn as the previews played as everyone got comfortable. 

Grabbing a pillow you found yourself comfortable on the floor instead, Ethan joined you and you laid your head on his shoulder. Mark and Amy sat in the corner of the couch with Mark’s arm around her as she snuggled into his chest, stretching their legs across the sofa, but left enough room for Tyler to settle in on the opposite side of them. Kathryn came back with three big bowls, one for the three on the couch, one for you and Ethan to share, and one for herself. Kathryn sat in a chair that was next to the couch on Mark and Amy’s side 

You sighed contently, glancing at everyone who was mainly focused on the movie.

This is where I belong.

The playlists

So I was checking out the Spotify playlists since I never got around to it, and there was that one post going around that–unless I misread it–said that Mike has ‘Don’t You Want Me’ from the Human League on his playlist twice, so I wanted to check that out.

Now as far as I can tell it’s not on his playlist twice. (So I feel either I misread the original post or it was a glitch and was fixed? Someone help me out here lol) But it is on his and Steve’s playlists separately. The song on Steve’s playlist is the original version from their studio album. And then it shows up on Mike’s playlist–the same version of the song not a remix or anything–from a Celebrate Gay Pride album–which was already pointed out by eagle eyes (I wish I had the post at hand sorry I thought I faved it but I guess I didn’t?)

So like, the Spotify people (in conjunction with the show runners? idk how much they were involved?) did an awesome job of doing character specific song playlists. They really nail the vibe of the characters with their song choices. And since this song is already on Steve’s playlist, and they obviously have that song link at hand, I find it HILARIOUS that when they slapped it on Mike’s they used a gay pride one.

Intentional? I guess it depends on how we are supposed to read these playlists–as extensions of the show in some form and therefore subject to the C word–CANON!!–or just as fun, supplemental promo stuff that ain’t that deep.

I am gonna choose the ‘it means something’ cause it’s fun and I am bored and we have a long ass wait for more content so fuck it imma take what I can get and roll with it lol

On a side note I am just tickled pink that ‘If You Leave’ by OMD is on Mike’s playlist because it’s the song from Pretty in Pink, and I love that film and song and I really want to show to inject a little John Hughes teenage angst into the proceedings. 

Finally, the fic I promised that anon ages ago is finished (it’s not even that long, I’m sorry, school just got in the way).

They requested: “You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.” I hope they weren’t expecting this to go a sexual route because I took this in an entirely different, but still cute (hopefully) direction.

Jamie’s sick, stuffy nosed whining under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

RFA+V and Saeran take care of MC after she gets her wisdom teeth pulled


  • Okay, he feels really bad for you
  • When he drove you to the appointment, he tried to comfort you the best he could and just ended up singing to you
  • When they let you go, you were as high as a gd kite
  • He felt really bad because it was obvious that you were uncomfortable and just all around super messed up
  • “MC you can’t sleep here we have to go home”
  • As soon as you guys got home you passed out
  • Like, you didn’t even change
  • You just walked right up to the bed and face planted into it
  • He took off your shoes for you and put you under the covers
  • When you wake up, he just hella babies you
  • He feeds you apple sauce and makes sure you takes your meds and checks your mouth all the time
  • He’ll come nap with you sometimes because you’re just so freakin tired, like
  • He didn’t know a person could sleep so much


  • He got his wisdom teeth pulled in high school and he just remembers being f u c k e d  u p
  • He sort of tries to give you your space because he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable or overwhelmed
  • He brings you home and you take a little nap as he plays LOLOL
  • When he sees you in the chat room, he immediately asks you how you’re feeling and if you need anything
  • He brings you water and that’s when he realizes that you guys didn’t prepare
  • “Okay, I’ll run to the store really fast and get a bunch of smushy foods for you to eat! I’ll be right back!”
  • He left you alone and you’re starving
  • The two of you don’t typically go shopping together, but he gets distracted by every new food he hasn’t tried, so it usually takes like four years for him to get out of the grocery store
  • you put a banana in the blender
  • and then ate it out of the blender with a spoon
  • Anyways,
  • he comes home within a reasonable time frame with mashed potatoes, oatmeal, and macaroni
  • “MC what did you put in the blender???”
  • “Ok so it’s like you made your own baby food… Now I don’t feel so weird about buying you actual baby food.”
  • He feeds you because you want to be babied and its actually adorable


  • “MC are you okay? Is there anything I can get you?”
  • Constantly
  • Nurse Jaehee at your service
  • “No. Seriously, Jaehee, I’m fine.”
  • She won’t even let you get out of bed
  • If you need anything, she brings it to you as fast as humanly possible.
  • You tried to get up to get yourself some water after a few hours and she dragged you back to bed, then got you water herself
  • “I don’t care if it’s just your mouth. You need to rest and feel better.”
  • Even the next day, she’s still going at it
  • On the third day of all of this, you convince her that you’re good enough to be alone and she goes back to work
  • She makes you promise that you’ll only get up when it’s absolutely necessary
  • She still calls you whenever she has to remind you to take your meds or do anything else
  • She’ll even call when there’s nothing important to say
  • “I just wanted to make sure you’re okay and you don’t need anything. Also, I wanted to make sure that you’re still in bed.”
  • “Y-yes ma’am.”
  • You’d been on the couch all day, watching TV, but as soon as you heard that tone, you practically sprinted to the bed like she could see you.
  • “Oh, I’m so glad! I’ll be home later”
  • She won’t let you shower alone, “In case you have a bad reaction to the medication.”


  • He doesn’t totally know what to do with you, but he sort of treats you the same way he does when you have a cold
  • Makes sure you’re comfortable and have food that you can actually eat
  • He actually skips a day of  work to go to your appointment with you and then stay home with you afterwards
  • “MC what are you doing…?”
  • “I con’t feel ma mouf”
  • He’s a little woozy with blood, so he’s not very helpful there.
  • He does offer you applesauce and mashed potatoes though
  • He kissed you without thinking about it and freaked out because he tasted blood on his lips
  • After you ran out of gauze, your mouth was still bleeding and you started panicking
  • “MC I looked it up, and people say that if you use tea bags instead of gauze,”
  • “You what”
  • “I looked it up…?”
  • “YOU WHAT”
  • The boy learned google for you
  • He actually went out and looked at the flavors of Popsicles and bought you what he thought you’d like best
  • “My wife’s mouth is bleeding, so the least I can do is purchase…. Popsicles….?”
  • He googled what popsicles were too


  • He filmed you waking up, sent it to the group chat, then put it up on Youtube
  • “Sa…Seven…? I wanna sleep.”
  • He just laughed at you the whole time.
  • Eventually, he was able to wake you up enough for them to let you go home and you fuckin passed out in the car
  • He refused to miss anything hilarious that happened on the ride home
  • After like ten minutes of driving you bring your head up and widen your eyes
  • “Oh my god… OH MY GOD.”
  • He starts freaking o u t. He thought you were in pain or that something legit had happened.
  • And then you’re out again
  • He has to pull over to laugh because he doesn’t want to crash the car
  • He’s laughing so hard that he’s crying and there’s a girl passed out in the passenger seat
  • A very suspicious officer forced him to show her the video of what had happened to make him laugh so hard
  • He carries you inside because you will n o t wake up
  • He wants to take care of you, but you keep doing the dumbest shit and he keeps laughing
  • Eventually, you get super frustrated and tear up
  • Then he feels bad and starts babying you


  • He’s not overly worried about you, but he really wants to take care of you.
  • Whenever you offer to do something you usually do, he tells you no and does it himself
  • When you’re super out of it right after the surgery, he just kinda plays along with whatever you say
  • “V, I don’t wanna go to school tomorrow… Fuck high school…”
  • “Well MC, you can skip school tomorrow and stay home with me if you’re good for the doctors.”
  • “Baaaaaaaabe, I want to call Jumin.”
  • “Okay, tell him hi from me.”
  • He thinks that it’s a little hilarious, but he also can’t help but feel bad for you
  • After you come down from your dental high, he makes sure you’re not too horribly uncomfortable and lays with you
  • Finally an excuse to just lay in bed together all day
  • He gets you whatever you ask for and just holds you all day


  • Seeing you this drugged up is really weird for him
  • Like, he’s hella worried and absolutely refuses to leave you alone
  • “MC… If you wanted to see Michael Jackson in concert, you should have gone a few years ago.”
  • When the two of you get home, he just sits in a chair in the same room as you and stays there all day.
  • “Saeran, my mouth just hurts now. You can leave if you want to.”
  • He really didn’t want to.
  • It was comforting for him to sit with you and you’d be lying if you said that you didn’t love his company.
  • When you started to get antsy from not doing anything all day, he suggested going shopping for foods you could eat
  • He giggled every time you’d spill food on yourself, but he’d help you clean yourself up
  • At night when you two went to bed, he did something that you found (for some reason???) hilarious and you got a nosebleed. 
  • That scared the shit out of both of you, so he made you stay up for another hour to make sure you wouldn’t die
  • You ended up falling asleep ten minutes later and he didn’t have the heart to wake you up.

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Aight: It's the UA sports festival and Aizawa is up against Mic. The gets to the platform and the teacher starts the fight. The first thing Mic does (god knows why) is blurt out that Aizawa should let him take him on a date some time. Could you blame him??? Aizawa got a pink tint on his cheeks, then promptly punched him in the stomach then roundhouse kicked him out of bounds. Later on, he went to the stands and asked if the offer was still up because he would be happy to go on a date with him

Oh heck, my tumblr didn’t even tell me I had this so I’m sorry if this is a really late response.
But that’s hilarious. Maybe Mic, while being totally serious, also thought it would give him an opening to win. Sadly no, not at all did it weaken Aizawa’s defenses.


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Genre: Comedic smut? (18+)

Characters: Kim Jinwoo X Reader X Some random guy.

Summary: You’re on a date with a very busy Kim Jinwoo, but can’t stop checking phone. 

A/N: Feedback always appreciated and let me know if you like this! Also, if you followed this blog before I started writing, do you think I should keep making wallpapers and other stuff too? Also, do I need to put a word count in for these? 

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okay okay i just wanna say that green is the number one source  of the conspiracy theories of where red is 

like he just hears someone talk about it and he just interrupt them oh yeah champion red he became a pikachu and ran away to johto

in a press conference: yeah i was pretty shocked when zapdos came from the sky and took red

he probably goes on forums answering threads saying that red probably got taken away by ho-oh, a particular good time was when he got an entire forum to argue if it had been lugia or ho-oh the one that took red, the arguing ended when green proclaimed again it had been zapdos

it becomes even more hilarious when leaf joins him like one of them says some shit like a yes i still remember how red became a magikarp and the other is just like yes i remeber he just jumped into the water and his clothes floated to the surface we just thought it was a red thing  

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I'm sorry I keep asking stuff of you! But Manly Eren getting angry at someone specific and cussing them out in fluent German, terrifying them? And Levi is just sitting back questioning his sexuality.

Originally I was just gonna choose Jean but it was just to cliche, have some random prick instead!

Eren had grown tired of the snickers and scoffs he heard whenever he walked by, the cocky cadets and even higher ups thought it was so hilarious to point out the fact he was a titan and mockingly wonder how he was humanity`s hope.

But finally he snapped.

Perhaps most would say it was the wrong person, he wasn`t some rookie cadet like himself, the guy who`d bad mouthed him was a seasoned soldier and a lot larger than he. In fact before he had the nerve to bash Eren, he`d been bragging on and on about how strong and experienced he was. Too bad Eren`s anger didn`t have a filter.

“Ich habe Leute wie dich verdammt nochmal satt! Denkst du, dass du besser als ich bist? Ist es das, was du denkst, du Stück Scheiße? Denn es klingt verdammt danach!” Eren growled, turns out the guy wasn`t so tough when he was be screamed at.

 Eren had no idea he wasn`t making sense to the arrogant soldier, blinded by his rage he could have been speaking any language, not just his German tongue. The man shriveled under Eren`s harsh gaze as the boy hunch over him, seemingly ten times larger when he was angry.

Levi watched from the superior`s table across the room.

“Should we stop him?” Petra asked warily, Levi shook his head.

“Let him vent.” He said, in all actuality he just wanted to hear him snarl in that delicious language that was his mother tongue, an angry Eren made for quite an attractive Eren, it only got him more hot and bothered when the shifter grabbed the much bigger man by the throat and held him above his head effortlessly.

(German: “I am fucking done with people like you! You think you`re better than me? Is that what you think you piece of shit? Because it sure as hell sounds like it!” Thanks to the German MVP that is ghiralink-addiction for correcting my crappy translations uvu\)

every time i play Arkham Knight, i joke with a friend of mine that Ed’s only doing the shit he’s doing in the game because him and Oswald got into this huge bitchy fight and now he’s trying to prove his love by pissing off batman.

the riddler shows up on the billboards during the game and i just had this hilarious thought that he’ll get on the billboards one time saying “OSWALD I’M SORRY. PLEASE I DIDN’T MEAN IT” just embarrass oswald and him in front of all of the criminal underworld and batman in gotham.