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I headcanon this idea of Switzerland being a trans man, because as cis Heteromantic Asexual girl with a older brother that's transgender that has helped me all of my like. I find myself strongly identifying with Switzerland and Liechtenstein's relationship. Switzerland is hilariously like him. I can see a trans man Switzerland explaining periods to Liechtenstein and express extreme disgust with it (he hates periods). Similar to my brother.

I’m so sorry but this is the first thing I thought of, and I obviously had to draw it.

but like I love your HC so much!! You and your brother sound so cute and you’re so lucky to have someone like that in your life!! #SiblingGoals

Lovebirds (Peter Parker x Reader) (Requested)

Request: Hiii! I’ve read your imagines and drabbles, and they are so good! I have one request though! Could do one with Peter x female!reader, where some ‘evil villain’ suddenly attacks the avengers tower? Kinda similar to the scene where ultron and the other robots attack the avengers in the tower. Also, could you do the scene similar to where Bruce falls on top of Natasha but with Peter and the reader? Idk, I just thought it was hilarious and cute of how flustered he got..😂 sorry this is long!

A/N: Reader has got the power of teleporting! This is a bit rushed since I am supposed to leave in 5 minutes for my birthday party, so I haven’t edited it 😅 I hope it is nice anyway!!! xx 

It had been a relaxing day at the Tower, just chilling out and watching movies. You were wrapped up in a blanket, your head resting on Peter’s shoulder, eyes almost closed. You had been trying to get Peter to notice your liking towards him for the longest time, but he was so oblivious. As you were about to close your eyes completely, you heard the glass walls break. Opening your eyes to see clearly, you saw a group of around thirty men, armed with guns, pointing at each of the Avengers. You didn’t know how, but in a few seconds, they were no longer pointing at you, and there was a huge fight going on between your friends and the men. You felt Peter leave -probably to put on his suit, and you teleported to do the same, since being a teenager you didn’t want people to recognize you.
All dressed up and back in the living room, you started to fight. Using your powers and the fighting skills Natasha had taught you, you made your way through the men, getting a few scratches, but mostly winning. Everyone seemed to be doing well, but you didn’t see Peter. Starting to get worried of the thought of something happening to him, you teleported to his room, not finding him there. Teleporting back to the living room, you were almost shot by one of the men, and when trying to move, you fell to the ground. Teleporting behind the man, you hit him on the head, making him pass out. You then hid between the couch and the wall, trying to get your gun ready, which for some reason was blocked. You could hear your friends fighting, some of them already tired, and just as you were about to get up and help, you felt somebody collapsing on you.
‘Shit, I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, you know… I’m sorry’ Peter said. He was right on top of you, one of his hands on the ground and the other extremely close to your boob. Looking down at his hand, he looked too, and removed it really quickly, rambling more. ‘Oh my God, I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpo-‘ he was cut off by Tony, shouting and moving things around.
‘Okay, guys! Fight is over! Has anybody seen Parker and [Y/L/N]?’ Tony asked. As you heard his steps approaching you, you teleported with Peter back to your room, pushing him off you just as you got there. He took off his mask, his cheeks still red, and he took a glance around him.
‘I had never been in your room’ he said. That was true -you had been in his multiple times watching movies, but you liked to keep your room as something private.
‘Well, if we had stayed there and Tony had caught us in that position, he would probably joke non-stop for months, and this was the first place I could think of before teleporting’ you said with a shrug, trying not to blush at the thought of how close you had been to Peter moments ago.
‘About that, I’m sorry -I was pushed and didn’t see you and you know, I-I didn’t mean to touch you in an inappropriate way -not that you are ugly, cause you are not! You are extremely beautiful! I mean-shit, I’m rambling, I kind-‘ he was rambling so much by this point, and even if you found it funny and adorable, you wanted him to shut up.
‘Cut it, Parker’ you said, and approaching him you took his face in your hands and pressed your lips to his. You could tell he was startled at first, and just as you were about to pull apart, he pressed you closer to him, and softly unlaced your mask, careful not to pull your hair. Pulling apart to remove it, he threw it to the bed and pulled you close to him once again. Just as you two were about to lie on the bed, your door flung open, and pulling apart extremely quickly, trying to act as if nothing happened, you both looked at who it was.
‘So here they were, our lovebirds finally actually acting like lovebirds’ Tony said, a smirk on his face, the rest of the Avengers behind him, giving you guys a thumbs up. You wanted to be ashamed, but hey, you had gotten to kiss your crush, and you didn’t really care about the rest.
Looking back at Peter, you saw him smiling at you, and using your powers to quickly close the door and be back in his arms, you smiled back at him.
‘I had been wanting to do that for so long, ya’ know’ he whispered before pulling you close again, kissing you and pressing your body to his.

bawson reunion sex fic

So, in the fluff fic I posted I said they had reunion sex and then I got inspired and thought it would be hilarious if I posted an angst fic, a fluff fic, and a smut fic all in one day. Hope that’s okay… ;)

Originally posted by merlinss

He thinks a cereal box must have fallen off the counter because he feels the small pops of rice crispies under his feet as he digs his fingers more firmly into the skin of her thighs. Her legs are wrapped around his waist, she lost her top and bra at some point and his shirt is open but still on, her hot hands run up and down his chest making him pant.

Ginny lets out a choked gasp when he thrusts forward into her body and he delights in how she grinds back into him, her nails scratching at his sides. Her head tips back a little and he sees her fight for air; he’d kissed her breathless the minute she’d got home. 

She’d been travelling for a string of away games and Mike hadn’t seen her in almost a week. He wasn’t even slightly ashamed to say he’d missed her terribly. When she’d walked in the door, home a few hours earlier than he’d been expecting, his heart had felt so full that he’d barely muttered a greeting before he’d wrapped himself around her like she’d just come back from war.

Mike had been stupidly restless without her, her trip the longest they’d been apart since they got together and he’d feel ridiculous if he wasn’t so in love. Besides, judging by how ferociously she’d attacked him back, he doesn’t think he was alone in his suffering. 

They’d still talked every day, even had some pretty hot phone sex on her third night away but it had just made him miss her more. Ginny was gloriously cuddly after sex, as was he, and when they’d finished his arms almost ached with a need to hold her. He’d fallen asleep to the sound of her voice which was a good, but not nearly satisfying, alternative.

This though, this is what he’d wanted: Ginny’s body flush against his, her little whimpers and moans up close, her eyes and her mouth and her back, her everything. His hands migrate from her thighs up her body to grip her breasts. She leans back more, offering herself to him freely and gratitude surges through him swiftly. He grips her tighter in response and she shudders wonderfully in his arms.

His lips kiss a trail from her neck down to her chest and he laves attention on her nipples, knowing it will make her grow impatient and twitchy. Mike loves when she gets like this, desperate and pleading for him, it fuels his while simultaneously being the greatest gift he’s ever received. It’s overwhelming and precious and perfect.

Her hands come up to to grip his hair tightly and Ginny pushes him more firmly into her breasts, telling him without words what she wants and he obliges happily. He bites lightly at first, then more firmly, at her left nipple before running a soothing tongue lovingly over her skin. She moans loudly as he switches to the right and repeats the same treatment. Mike smirks before blowing a soft, cool stream of air over her breasts and she shivers happily.

All of a sudden, her legs drop from his waist and he’s being pushed away from her body. She hops of the counter and quickly divests herself of the rest of her clothing, he sheds his shirt and pants frantically, already missing the feeling of her skin.

He’s about to suggest they go upstairs when she pulls his body back into hers, kissing him soundly, and he’s not going anywhere she doesn’t lead him. Mike turns her around and gives her perfect ass a playful slap; she gasps and looks over her shoulder at him, a stunning smile graces her features and he just can’t wait anymore.

When he finally, finally, pushes into her, it’s like the whole world quiets, he’s warm and comfortable and exactly where he’s supposed to be. They are both so keyed up from being apart for so long they move against each other desperately, the kitchen filling with the sounds of their love making, choked gasps and loud moans echoing off the walls. It’s like music to his ears.

He’s so close, can feel it tingling at the base of his spine, so he reaches around and rubs at her bundle of nerves loving the desperate groan that spills out of her as she nears her peak. She comes quickly and loudly, clutching him deliciously and making his eyes cross. He follows a short time after, feeling free and floaty as he rests his weight on her body, planting small kisses wherever he can reach.

“I want to fall asleep with you right here but the floor would be hell on my back,” he says into her skin, “plus there’s cereal everywhere.”

She lets out a breathless laugh and slowly straightens herself, he moves with her, both of them lethargic and slow, nearly glowing with contentedness. He squeezes her hips once before turning her body so she’s facing him and kisses her, gently and lovingly, so very happy to have her back in his arms. They leave their clothes and the mess and wander upstairs lazily, speaking in whispered tones, completely absorbed in each other.


Request: If you’re not too swamped can you do a one shot where the girl is Stiles’ girlfriend and she is the same height as him and she is super self conscious about it b/c everyone jokes about it and Stiles comforts her? Sorry its so vague! Love the blog!

Note: I honestly thought that this was such a sweet request. I want every single one of you to know that you are incredible exactly the way that you are. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel bad about the way you look. You are perfectly you. 

Liam had always been that “annoying little brother” that I cared for in a friendly sense and joked around with on a daily basis. He was goofy and spastic at times, which I found completely hilarious. At others he was huffing and puffing and for some reason, I found that even more funny. 

But this particular day Liam’s  good-natured teasing hit a chink in my armor. I know he didn’t mean to hurt my feelings. I know he was just joking. But it still stopped me in my tracks, erased the laughter from my lungs, and had me at a loss for a few seconds. 

“Oh shut up, you walking light pole.” Liam retaliated after I laughed at him for needing help retrieving a book from the top library shelf. “You’re like a giant or something.” 

My brows furrowed slightly at his comment. I never really thought about my height until recently, when I started to date Stiles. I had always been a tall girl-in fact, I was as tall as Stiles- and then it became a secret weakness of mine. I had always read stories romanticizing short girls, spelling out their dainty features and how the boys always went after them because they were something small and delicate. They were how girls were supposed to be. 

But I had never gotten the chance to be that. I was tall, with long lanky limbs and big feet. I wasn’t delicate; I was durable. I wasn’t small; I took up space without meaning to. And I hated it. 

But Liam didn’t know that. So when I lamely offered “I’m not that tall” in response to his remark, he rolled his eyes. 

“Oh no? I bet you can’t even wear heels when you’re out on a date with Stiles ‘cause you’d pass him up.” The glint in Liam’s eyes hinted that he had said it without the intention of being mean. 

But he had hit the nail right on the head, and it hurt. Badly. 

I gave him a weak smile. “Hey, Liam, I’ve gotta go. I have Pre-Cal homework to catch up on. I’ll see you tomorrow?” 

“Yeah sure.” He smiled, not picking up on my damp spirits. 

“Hey babe,” Stiles chirped when I picked up his call on the second ring. In reality, Stiles was the last person I wanted to talk to right now. But it wasn’t his fault that I was the way I was, or that Liam had picked that particular subject to joke around about. So I had answered the phone and attempted to sound up-beat. 

“Hey,” I winced at how off I sounded. 

“You okay?” Stiles asked warily.

“I’ve been better.” I told him honestly. “What’s up?”

“I’m just trying to decide which movie we should watch tonight.” He sounded slightly winded, as if he were moving around quickly, or just finished doing several jumping jacks. Knowing Stiles and his spontaneity, it could be both. “I’m kind of leaning towards Indiana Jones because I haven’t seen it in a while, but you still haven’t seen the third Iron Man yet, so…”

Crap, I had almost forgotten! Stiles and I had planned to have a movie night at his place since his dad was going to be working late. 

“Stiles…” I chewed my lower lip. “Listen… about tonight…”

“Yeah?” Stiles asked. It seemed like he was rummaging through something- probably the huge storage bin of dvds in his closet. 

“I’m not really feeling well… I think we should do it tomorrow or something…” 

“Wait, what do you mean you’re not feeling well? Y/N, what happened? What’s wrong? Are you sick?” Stiles spit the questions faster than I could answer them. It tended to happen like that when he got worried. 

“No, I’m feeling fine, I promise. I’m just not in the best mood right now.” 

“Why? What happened, baby?” I flinched at the sentiment in the pet name.

I didn’t really want to be one of those girlfriends who relied on their boyfriend to shower them with compliments and make them feel like a princess. That wasn’t my style. I had never told Stiles about my insecurity. But he was asking… 

I sighed. “It’s just that… today Liam and I were talking, you know, goofing around, and… he wasn’t trying to be mean, I’m sure, but he kind of… hit a soft spot with one of his jokes.” 

There was a silence on the other line. “What would that soft spot be?” His voice was careful, level. It was almost emotionless. 

The words came out almost in a whisper. “My height.”

“Your height?” Stiles echoed me, although he was louder and much more hostile. “That shrimp is giving you crap about your height? He’s a damn two by four! I could pick him up and probably shove him in a washing machine! Not that I would actually do that…” 

I let out a light laugh, despite the fact that my eyes were stinging. “Yeah,” I agreed. “He sure is small.” I wish I was that way. 

Stiles snorted. “That’s one way of putting it.” He was very quiet for a few seconds. Then, in a softer tone, he said, “Don’t let one stupid kid’s jokes get you down, okay? Like you said, Liam didn’t mean anything by it. He doesn’t know how to filter anything that goes through that microscopic brain of his.” 

“The thing that gets me though is how right he is.” I couldn’t stop myself. It all came pouring out of me like a geyser of painful inner thoughts that’d been bottled up since I was a little girl, since I was first told that I was tall, since I had first met Stiles. “I am tall: freakishly, annoyingly tall. Pretty girls are short and they have tiny feet. I’m tall and I have big feet. I can’t wear heels or I’d look like Godzilla. And damn it, Stiles, I’m as tall as you are, and it makes me so mad because I can never wrap my head around why you’d want some monstrosity like me, and-”

“Y/N,” Stiles interrupted me. “I want you to take a deep breath.” 

“Okay.” I said- admittedly a little bitter about being cut off, but I still did what he asked. 

“Alright, again. And I want you to keep doing that. Now listen to me. You probably won’t believe me, but you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I honestly don’t care that you’re as tall as me. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal either. We literally have the best hugs ever.” I could practically hear him smile. “Don’t worry about it, okay? I think you’re pretty just the way you are, and I wouldn’t change anything. Plus, my feet are still bigger than yours, my dear.” 

Laughter suddenly slipped through my lips, and I covered my mouth to try and contain it. “Okay, thanks Stiles.” 

“No problem. You know you’re everything I’ve ever wanted.” When I assured him that I did in fact know and that I felt the same way, he said, “Great. Now, this might be a bit insensitive, but I kind of want to watch Godzilla.” 

“Eh, kind of. I’ll be over in twenty. Have the popcorn ready, if you please.” 

“Sure thing.” 

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Other people lose it when something happens to Kaneki. You're mostly then really calm. Then your man Amon gets involved you start to lose it then in your tags. But somehow you don't lose it when Amon meets Takizawa or Akira. No when he mets Kaneki. He mets Touka? that made you lose your calm completely. I find that hilarious.

Oh god. Sorry. Uhm yeah. When my fav chars meet each other this happens :’D. I had been wondering for days if after kanekis/amons conversation I get in the future a meeting between touka/amon. Just because I wanted that both share their thoughts and meet each other. I just wanted to see them once in one panel together ……I never thought it will be today. So I’m basically finally dying today :’’D. 


So… @comyet might have made a comment about “what if Ink’s backstory ended up just being a supermarket au” [here], and I hope she doesn’t mind but… this is a hilariously awesome idea XD

So I had to wonder: how would a supermarket full of Sanses operate? I’d like to imagine all of the more hostile Sanses are at the registers, just for giggles. This was mostly drawn with that idea in mind. 

Fell quits on a regular basis, Error hates technical “glitches”, and manager Sci’s seen it all.

Credits: Nightmare by @jokublog, Cross by @jakei95, Error by @loverofpiggies, and I believe Sci and Fell’s designs were community generated? Also, this is just a one-off thing, don’t worry. This disaster doesn’t need to exist past this post XD Edit: Scratch that. I guess this ‘lil disaster gets to exist a little bit longer, I’ve been noticed haha

Ok I Just Had The Most Adorable Thought

I heard the head canon about where Inktale and ErrorTale Sans are mortal enemies because one creates and one destroys, and I thought of an AU where Inky and Error are just little kids and they are having a play date. Inky builds a cool block tower, and Error knocks it down. Inky gets a little flustered, but forgives him. So he builds another, and Error knocks it over again. OMG I’m sorry this is just too adorable/hilarious not to post. @askerrorsans @loverofpiggies @comyet

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"So I was right? I had a feeling they weren't prescribed. So that means you can wear other glasses, right? Try these!" They weren't for fashion, but they were hilarious to Aoba. The added nose and mustache was completely unneeded.

     With a few quick blinks the man stared at the glasses Aoba was offering. They were quite silly but it was endearing that the younger would think of him enough to want to see him in them. It was nice that he thought about him at all, it made the snake’s cold heart skip a beat. A slight laugh left the older’s lips as he genuinely smiled at the gesture. Gently taking the the spectacles from the other’s hands, the serpent glanced at them with icy hues as he looked back at the younger man.

     “I am quite honored that you would think enough of me to wish me to wear these.” Spoke the man in his usual polite voice as he removed his own glasses, placing them inside the pocket on his chest. 

     Bearing the gag spectacles on his own face, the man did what Aoba had wished him to do. Virus was simply his fan after all, it was only natural to do something to make him happy. Plus it amused the snake to go along with the younger’s odd antics. He gazed at the other with a polite smile, which was probably much unnoticed due to the ridiculous glasses he now wore upon a usual pale face. “I hope they do not disappoint, Aoba-san.”

ooc ;; just a heads up guys,, you thought I was joking when I said I shipped wolverine x deadpool,, welp I’ll soon be looking for a deadpool who is willing to be stupidly fucking flirty with Logan. I personally find it hilarious, and even though it is a bit of a crackship, I do unironically and guiltily enjoy it im sorry - plus im on my phone, so I unfortunately cannot edit text so yeah. I had to post this though, get ready for that to come into your dashboards haha. another also, I may be slow at replying for a while because for some reason I’m really suffering emotionally and I have a lot of homework atm. It’s stressing me out. I will not be inactive though, not at all, still daily posts definitely ;)

entirely random thought but what if clone club meet each other during jury duty and everyone is really freaked out and doesn’t know what’s happening and when the final jury is picked out it’s just a whole row of all them Tatiana and everyone is very very confused but just goes with it anyway. That would be pretty hilarious.

This is entirely contrary to my thoughts on the show, but I really hope the Star Vs fandom stays relatively small. Not just for the tight-knit feel (which I absolutely adore), but also because of what happens when fandoms (especially on this hell site) get big.

Star Vs is a fun, light hearted show with some great characters, fantastic writing, and the ability to punch you in the gut immediately after a hilarious gag. A lot of these things aren’t unique to the show. OtGW, AT, SU, GF, MLP, and AtLA had all or most of these elements. It’s part of what made them so good (at least for a while, some got a little stale).

But what separates this show from those ones?

The size of the fandom.

The bigger a fandom gets, the more caustic it starts to become.

Infighting, political controversies, art policing, predominant headcanons and ships, these all start to boil over and taint the entire fandom. It can suck the joy out of interacting with fans. You go from worrying your theory was baseless to worrying the thought police are going to flood your inbox with pro-X or anti-Y literature. It really gets bad when those outside the fandom start chiming in without any context and it gets blown out of proportion.

What worries me is this is starting to happen with Star Vs.

Star is a wonderfully written, beautifully characterized, (and I use this without an ounce of irony) strong female character. She really does embody what I think the term should be used for. She has flaws, they’re not just superficial, and she actively works on them in the show. That said, she’s not totally useless without Marco. She can hold her own and isn’t just a plot device with boobs. She actually feels like the main character. This is rare and it’s nice to see it.

That said, shows like this tend to attract certain crowds. I’m not saying that’s always a bad thing. I understand the desire to praise a show with these strengths. What I’m opposed to, is that it feels like these groups steam roll whatever fandom they latch on to.

What I’m getting at is what’s already in this and any other fandom isn’t going to go away. Since the dawn of the internet, and long before it, people have made fanart and fan theories and fan porn. It’s just how humans are. Tearing apart a fandom isn’t going to make them go away. Upsetting the creators or dragging them into the arguments isn’t going to fix it. The best thing to do is simply ignore it, and let the artists make their art. As long as they’re tagging it with the appropriate tags, it’s only going to show up if you go looking for it.

That said, if it is getting through your censors or leaking into the “safe” tags, don’t be an asshole about it. A kind request for better tagging/hiding/etc is going to be seen as far less incendiary than hate mail, doxxing, and controversy. People generally get defensive and contrarian towards outward hostility.

If your main concern is how safe a show is for kids, the internet has already failed you. It’s not everyone else’s job to make sure kids don’t access porn/violent content/excessive cursing. If it’s in a space designated with active warnings, everything else is on those in charge of the kids. I guarantee most of you reading this looked up content you weren’t supposed to as a child.

If your main concern is that YOU don’t want to see that content, then don’t actively seek it out. Apply filters, request tags, avoid tags known to contain that content, but don’t harass someone for making something you don’t like. It only makes you look like an asshole.

I don’t want this fandom to grow because I don’t want to see it turn into another Steven Universe. Or Undertale. Or MLP. Those fandoms utterly drained my excitement for the content they circled. It’s too much work to not piss off someone and end up with a mountain of hate mail.

I want to keep loving you guys. The content is so good and the fans are (generally) so respectful of each other. Banter is just playful fun. Theories are entertained without being forced on people. There isn’t some omnipresent hivemind dictating the Proper™ way to enjoy things.

You guys are great. I adore every one of you. You’re active and excited and tolerant of each other. I hope it stays that way. At least as long as the show is running. Let’s be the example for every other fandom.

snapbat notes:

  • there are actually multiple parts so it’s not going on ao3 until they’re all done
  • i am… so sorry… to the poor souls who thought there was an actual video… and who have been trying to find the video… the video does not exist because tim drake is fictional… and does not have a youtube channel…
  • bad publicity got a bump after that started going around which is hilarious to me
  • i had other things to say but i forgot because i am too adhd to live