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What do you think we will learn about Nana? I'm excited to learn anything of previous One For All users and just what they were like, obviously never been at the same level of All Might in popular, but at least nana had enough enemies for them to come after her husband. Have a lot of them been quirkless users or All Might and Izuku being quirkless just a coincidence

To be honest, I’m not really sure about what exactly will come out for Nana Shimura. In the few flashbacks where she made an appearance, she told Toshinori he should be proud of his power because he won it; he was different, he was quirkless and earned his power.

She seemed to think Toshinori was a curious one after all and found his grand ideals interesting.

I’m curious about One for All overall, can it activate a malfunctioning plus alpha system? Does it means everyone has one and it could be activated somehow? From a storytelling perspective, I think that being born quirkless is a special trait Toshinori and Izuku share that brings them closer. If a lot of previous users of One for All were quirkless, maybe it would make it less special for Izuku and Toshinori’s relationship, and would make his story and achievements less groundbreaking.

Toshinori still keep a lot of things from Izuku; he’s more knowledgeable about One for All that he lets it know, but I think he would have say so to Izuku given how he admitted he was himself quirkless. One for All is a quirk that accumulates power, so All Might was probably more powerful than Nana, and Izuku will be even more powerful in the end. You’re right though, for enemies to come for Nana, and particularly All for One, she must have been powerful. But I think the most special about her was less her power than her convictions. All for One seems to heavily despise her for those. 

If she was that powerful, she would have been a legend, like All Might, but Izuku seems to know nothing about her. So she didn’t quite make it into history, but she was enough inspiring for All Might and threatening for All for One for the both of them to be strongly shaken and forever remember her. It seems Toshinori will never be over her death, as he still strongly resents All for One for what he did. As for All for One, he despised Nana so much he came after her descendants. We still know nothing about Shigaraki Tomura backstory, apart that he was taken off the street by All for One. 

I suppose that with a quirk like his, Shigaraki was harshly rejected by others. His quirk is destructive and deadly. Shinsou was already mistreated because his comrades at school were afraid he would control their mind. So a child who can kill just by touching you? Can you imagine how terrified he must have been by his own powers, and how he must have been thrown off? And, in fact, could we suppose All for One gave him this quirk without him knowing so he could ’rescue the child thrown off by hero society’ and manipulate him just because he was Nana’s grandchild? Even if it’s not the case, he still took care of Shigaraki and raised him so he could fight against hero society and particularly All Might himself.

For this hate to be ingrained like that, All for One must have truly despised Nana. He mocked All Might for his ideals about peace and hate him for disfiguring him, but he didn’t have that kind of reason to hunt Nana. And to go as far as where he went to stain her memory even after killing her… She must have been someone really special. Toshinori still holds her in high regards and can’t stand the idea of sullying her memory by hurting her grandson. After this fight, Toshinori is despaired to know where Shigaraki is, and probably hopes to talk to him, and ultimately, save him. We already know how her story with Toshinori will unfold, but I guess it’s gonna be as tragic as beautiful and inspiring. I can’t wait to know more about her.

new WIP update! sorry for the gap in updates, i’ve been busy because of school and band concerts and stuff;;

i just finished painting the villains; given how much i’ve gotten done so far this week even without having a whole lot of time, i think i might be able to finish it this weekend? assuming i don’t have to stop bc of my eyes or anything, they’re starting to hurt from working on this too much lol


              b l o o d w i t c h

                                         v o i d w i t c h

                                                                  d e m o n

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“Aeduan.” She’d never said his name aloud. She was surprised by how easily it rolled off the tongue.
He looked back, his expression inscrutable as always. But laced with … with something. Hope, she found herself thinking, though she knew it was fanciful.
Aeduan was not the sort of man to ever hope.

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Rfa + v and saeran with a Mc that is shy about having bad acne/skin picking ocd

Author’s note: I feel you, I struggled with bad acne for a realllyyy long time. BUT NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! sorry Jumin’s is so long & Jaehee’s is so short 



  • Literally did not notice it
  • All of his college friends have some sort of blemishes on their skin
  • And Yoosung always gets annoying blackheads every now and then
  • So when you tell him how embarrassed you are of your face HE WILL NOT HAVE ANY OF IT
  • “I just hate my-“
  • “Stop!”
  • “What?”
  • Please don’t hate any part of yourself! It’s not fair.”
  • “…N-not fair?”
  • “If the most beautiful girl in the world hates the way she looks, what does that leave all of us normal looking people to do?
  • “But I’m not-“
  • “Yes. You. Are.”


  • you honestly feel your worst around him
  • &&& his fans are always taking pictures of the two of you and you hate it
  • Of course Zen is completely oblivious to this bc he thinks you’re the most beautiful girl in the world
  • Until one day a fan posted just a HORRIBLE picture of you and Zen
  • & he found you in the bathroom, staring at your face and crying
  • He comforted you and hugged you
  • But at that moment Zen had never felt more heart break
  • He didn’t understand why you couldn’t see what he sees


  • She struggles with her appearances too 
  • So every Friday you two will try out new face masks & have a mini spa night
  • But she really doesn’t mind because she loves every part of you 


  • Similar to Zen, he didn’t realize how shy you were about your face
  • Until he took some pictures of you and you basically fought him for it so you could delete them
  • “Why?”
  • “Why what?”
  • “Why do you what to delete them so bad?”
  • “… My skin looks bad.”
  • “What?”
  • “Are the only things that come out of your mouth questions?”
  • “No! I can say statements, too. You’re beautiful.”
  • “Sure.”
  • “I’m serious! If I could capture every essence of you in a photograph, it would be too much for the eyes. You’re just too stunning.”


  • You told Jumin how you felt about your skin
  • Of course he didn’t understand because the stupid rich kid can afford all the fancy soaps
  • his skin is flawless
  • One night you two were just sitting on the couch, and you kept looking at his skin
  • Trying to imagine what it would be like to have yours look that perfect
  • “MC?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Quit staring at my face.”
  • “O-Oh… sorry…”
  • You quickly look straight forward, before sneaking another glance]
  • “That’s it.”
  • He stood up and grabbed your wrist, pulling you off the couch
  • “Jumin, I-“
  • “Just be quiet and trust me.”
  • You rolled your eyes
  • He dragged you into the bathroom and turned you toward the giant mirror that decorated the wall
  • “Look.”
  • “At?”
  • “Yourself.”
  • “Okay…”
  • You looked at your face, glaring at each of the little pimples, blackheads, and scratches that covered it
  • “What do you see?”
  • “Redness, pimples, ugliness.”
  • “Now, ask me what I see.”
  • “What do you see, Jumin.
  • “I see a beautiful woman.”
  • “Very funny-“
  • “Don’t interrupt. I see a beautiful woman, but not just that. I see someone who is as funny as she is smart, whose smile lights up a room. Someone who is kind enough to love a man like me. MC, I am waiting for the day you realize how truly amazing you are, inside and out.”


  • With all the junk food this boy eats
  • He’s bound to have a few break outs here and there
  • So it does not faze him ONE BIT when he sees you struggle with acne too
  • In fact you two talk about it a lot & always sneak glares at Zen & his poreless skin

Another Do5 Update: New Apology Video

Important things to note: The rest of the Do5 videos have been privatised/taken down, now including their previous apology blame video. 

I will not link to the video. I will summarise it as evenly as I can manage and put my own thoughts under the cut.

Heather says, “This week has been the worst week of their life” but she also says it is a result of their “terrible parenting decisions.” The tone of this video is very much them FINALLY taking some of the blame for what has happened.

Thing to note about editing: Anyone who watches the video will notice the odd fade to blacks in weird spots, even in the middle of sentences. I’ll talk about this more in my own interpretation.

Mike claims, once again, that he has been able to stand back and look at how their videos may have come across. “I acknowledge and respect how everyone feels about this and I do agree that we put things on the Internet that should not be there.”

Heather says if she had seen those videos on the Internet, not knowing the people, she would be thinking the same things. She says that after seeing the kids have fun with it, they started going more and more for the shock factor. (S/O to the train in the background noise)

She goes on to say that the kids think some of it is their fault BUT FOR ONCE she says, “But it’s not. We’re the parents and we should have made better decisions.” (Yes, yes, YES)

!!!!!! “We are now in family counselling because we need it. […] We need it to come back together and have everybody, even the kids, to understand what we did wrong in all this.” 

They want to give back their kids normalcy, especially when they start school again. They end it saying they just wanted to make their kids feel happy and not to get any backlash for their “bad decisions.” They apologise again.

There is no mention of the videos being fake.

Now my thoughts:

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Okay let’s talk about the new video. The 10 years later part 2. I don’t really like the new versions -except Dani, like holy shit-.
I get the storys behind all it but I just don’t see them like that in the future.

I don’t see Jack as a half-robot or ecto-whatever. I really liked the secound design like a older Jack that’s ok.

I always thought that Jazz does tries to help the team more in the future but I also think the she really would do something in the psychological area. She always cares about Danny’s wellbeing especially mentally.

I don’t really know what to say about the new designs for her. I think she would change lesser just like how I think about Jack.

Okay I really like Dani’s design. That she comes back to help Danny and becomes part of the team and family. Can’t really say anything against it.

Well these are my opinions about the new designs. Sorry for any errors English is not my first language.

Edit: I forgot Vlad but like no just N O

“When I was in Ukraine, there was only one thing I could think about”

Ok so I totally forgot about this! I did this ages ago when that idea of Bernie going underwear shopping was going about on tumblr (I cant remember who started it, sorry). I HATE how Bernie and the background was drawn but by the time I’d learned how to draw her, I’d already coloured and exported this as a JPEG without saving the PSD file (long story short… I’m an idiot who cant edit this image) XD

I’ve found drawing in black and white is a way around my inability to colour so me thinks I’m gonna stick to that ^_^


seokjin giving you love (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Handwriting Tag Thingie

I was tagged by my boo @sim-bubble 

Yes, I am super smart so I wrote it with a double “t”. I know you wish you had my English skills. Also, I uploaded this image upside down and with no text like 5 minutes ago because I am, like I said, super smart. Anyway, this is my handwriting, it’s cool I guess.

I usually don’t like to tag people because I never know if they have already done it or not, and I always seem to forget people but oh well, I tag @inquisitive-simmer , @our-dazed-sims , @ughplumb , @fatpandasims , @zauglom , @nadinemaee , @shysimblr , @loniden , @sapphiresims , @ohmypominit, @vicarious-sims@sportingsims@suzychi-sims@simwithsparkles, @lxcysims and anyone who wants to do it. 

edit: forgot @furiouslydecaffinated, oops, sorry hun

I named this outfit ‘Adeerable’. I just wanted to share the pun.

“You’ve changed the ‘dore’ sound from ‘adorable,’ which is how your design looks, to sound like ‘deer,’ which is the subject of your design. It’s a pun.”

“I don’t think Hika gets comedy.”

“… How en-deer-ing.”

“Did Hika just tell a joke?? … She can’t even smile at her own joke!”

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ok so how would the companions both romanced and unromanced react to the SS initially hoarding every item of baby stuff they found and how would they react to SS getting rid of it all after they find out that they would never need it? (Totally not based on what I did in my first play through, totally not)

Ohhhh my Gooood this is so incredibly sad. Everyone have tissues ready? Good, let’s begin. 

(Spoiler alert by the way

Cait (Platonic): When Sole first told her, she could tell how much they were hurting inside. The same look on their face was on hers for so many years. “Hey, listen… You supported me through hell and high water, so…. I’m here for you.” 

Cait (Romantic) : “Fuck, Sole.” She instantly hugged a crying Sole. She knew something was wrong when they hauled a pile of baby stuff into an empty lot and set it all aflame. “I… I don’t know what to say, except for that I’ll never leave you.” They stayed like that, embracing each other while watching the black smoke billow into the sky. 

Codsworth (Platonic): “W-what are you doing?” Codsworth asked in a shaky voice. Sole was solemnly packing up the piles of baby junk they had been so diligently collecting. When they told him what happened, he felt a surge of pain through his circuits. “I am so, so sorry, Sole. You never could have known.” But the bot decided it was best to leave Sole to their thoughts. 

Curie (Platonic): “Oh, Mes douleurs cardiaques.” She immediately pulled Sole into a tight hug, “This is such grave news. You must be going through terrible pain. You tried your very best as a parent.” 

Curie (Romantic): When Curie heard the news, she felt her heart shatter into one million pieces. She hugged Sole, crying alongside them. “This news fills me with, such… pain inside. But this pain is eased when I know that you and I will be together forever.” The pair laid in bed for hours, embracing each other. 

Danse (Platonic): “Soldier, what are you doing?” Danse’s stern voice demanded as Sole was angrily shoving all the baby stuff into bags and boxes. They whipped around and ranted about the news. When it was all out, Sole broke down crying. “Hey, Sole…” Danse’s voice was gentle and soft, “I understand what you’re going through… So please don’t hesitate to come to me for support.” 

Danse (Romantic): When Sole broke down, he rushed out of his power armor and pulled their head close to his chest. “I can’t imagine the heartache you must be feeling. But we can tackle this together, right?” Danse murmured. A few tears rushed down his cheek and fell onto Sole’s. 

Deacon (Platonic): “Jesus Christ, that’s horrible.” Deacon whispered in shock. He had seen Sole gather all the stuff into a bag and load it onto a Brahmin to sell. When he confronted them about it, Sole told him the news, teary eyed. “I know this seems really scary and sad now, but we can take this on, together.”

Deacon (Romantic): “Please, please don’t cry.” Deacon begged as he saw tears begin to spill out of Sole’s eyes. “I promise that we can work through this together, but please don’t cry.” He wiped away the tears from Sole’s face, not noticing one of his own creeping down his cheek. 

Hancock (Platonic): “Shit… Do you want to talk about it? I’ll get you anything you need. Chems, food, water…” Hancock walked in on Sole carefully moving piles of baby stuff around the room, sorting it out. He got Sole anything they needed at sat with them, letting them vent. 

Hancock (Romantic): Hancock came and sat quietly next to a grieving Sole. “Listen, I know it better than anyone how shitty it is to lose a family member. Even if your little one isn’t completely gone, just know that you’re one of the bravest people I know.” He put his hand on Sole’s, gently kissing their forehead. 

MacCready (Platonic): “Sole, what are you doing?” Sole was putting all the baby stuff out onto the street, stony faced. “Don’t tell me…” His stomach sank when he realized that Sole had lost Shaun. “I… I’m here to talk, come get me when you need anything. For now, I’ll let you be alone.” 

MacCready (Romantic): It felt as if MacCready had swallowed a rock for dinner. His stomach felt cold and weak. “I couldn’t imagine how you must be feeling. C’mere.” He pulled Sole into a bear hug, stroking their hair. “He’s lucky to have a parent like you. Never forget that.” 

Piper (Platonic): “Jesus, Blue.” Piper’s voice was weak and shaky. Seeing Sole pack up all the stuff they had collected, worked so hard to get made her insides twist around. “This must be like a bad dream, huh? But I’ll be damned if I let my best friend be alone.” She put her hand on Sole’s, giving them a hopeful smile.

Piper (Romantic): The lump in her throat appeared too rapidly for her to say anything. She just walked over to Sole and intertwined her body with theirs, warming up their cold skin with her body. She gently massaged their back as they silently wept. This time, she didn’t need words to tell them what she felt. 

Preston (Platonic): Preston was going to ask Sole about their success with the Institute, but the pain in Sole’s eyes jarred him. “General, is he…?” When Sole told him the story, he felt like he wasn’t real. Sole had gone through so much, and now this? “Jesus… Don’t hold back if you need advice, please.” He gave Sole an encouraging hand squeeze and left them to think. 

Preston (Romantic): “S-Shaun…” That’s all he could muster in a shuddery voice. This was a rare occurrence, for Preston to sound so weak and vulnerable. He dropped his laser rifle and tightly hugged Sole, shushing them and stroking their hair. 

X6 (Platonic): “You were… planning on him being an infant?” X6 observed the myriad of objects before him. He paused and bowed his head slightly. “I’m sorry.” 

X6 (Romantic): “I understand how this could be very difficult for you, Sole.” He placed a hand on Sole’s shoulder. “I wish it didn’t turn out this way. I would change time, if I could.“ 

Strong (Platonic): Strong didn’t say anything, because this time, he didn’t need to. He gently patted Sole’s back and walked away, letting them have time to think. 

Dogmeat: Dogmeat whined and sat with Sole, cuddling them. 


Nick (Platonic): “Shit, kid.” Nick’s voice was filled with pain and anxiety, “I can’t believe it. C’mere.” He flicked his cig to the side and hugged Sole tightly. He can relate, this new world was one filled with such horrors. 

Nick (Romantic): He pulled Sole close, wrapping his coat around them. “I’ll always be here. Never forget it.” He murmured and sat there, embracing them for an hour while they wept, “I know you’re a great parent. Some people never have that luxury.” 

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Sorry if I ask too much, but how many characters are gonna be in Sonic Skyline? Like are you gonna add all Archie characters in or something? Also is Lemon The Parrot gonna have a skyline form? I think he is really cute and I would like to see him in the skyline art style XD

EDIT: ahh forgot to answer how many characters…

Main Sega Sonic canon characters..

the main 5, plus Team Dark, plus Team Chaotix, Marine, Blaze, Silver, Mephiles, Tikal, Chip and Chaos, Vanilla, Big Froggy, Maria, Honey the cat, Mighty Ray, Team Hooligan, Team Babylon and maybe Wendy Witchcart and MAYBE her minions..

i’m not going to put all Archie Sonic characters.. only the  main freedom fighters (Sally, Antoine, Bunnie, Rotor, Nicole and Uncle Chuck) and Shard wich is theoricaly Metal Sonic 3.0… and their
design is already done (except by Shard’s)

 and that would be enough for ever and ever

about Lemon: since the begining i did not wanted to introduce any of my fan character to the au.. you know.. to make it look more to the SEGA’s rules.. XD but now i think i would like to do it someday.. maybe as a cameo character..i have already an idea of what his role would be ..

I was tagged by @therarestgaz to answer 30 questions and then tag people I’d like to know better. And oh boy this will be FUN since I’m on mobile… Sorry I cant put a undercut guys.

Nicknames: Mega, Meghanladon, (I don’t even know how to spell this next one cause its a weird pronunciation they use) Meig-ham????
Gender: female
Star sign: Capricorn
Mbti type: I think it was INFP?
Height: 6'0 or 6'1
Time: 2:30 pm
Birthday: January 12th
Fav bands: queen, Oingo Boingo, the offspring, Green Day, The Killers, violent femmes, panic at the disco (but I guess that counts as solo as well??)
Fav solo artists: David bowie, billy Joel, Elton John, bonnie Tyler
Song stuck in my head: Once upon a December
Last movie I watched: the wild thornberrys movie
Last show I watched: hey Arnold
When did I create my blog: uhh… This blog was made I think back in may?? My friends encouraged me to make a art blog to get my art out there more
What do I post about: whatever I feel like, which is mainly fan art. So lately its been a lot of jojo and bnha
Last thing I googled: lovesac beanbags (needed a reference)
Do you have other blogs: my main for memes is @mega-conquest and I have a kakyoin ask blog @dailycherryboi
Why did you choose your url: my main nickname is mega so I decided to make it megasketches because its my art blog
Following: 86
Followers: 63
Fav color: dark royal purple, though red and black are both a close second
Average hours of sleep: hahaha
Lucky number: dont have one yet
Instruments: I learned and forgot how to play the recorder, but I think I’d play a Mean triangle
What I’m wearing: shorts and a old grey pajama shirt
How many blankets do I sleep with: 4
Dream job: something in the game design field, either being in art design or character modeling. Preferably at Blizzard
Dream trip: I want to go to Japan and have nerdy fun but also visit the historical monuments and forests
Nationality: American (Californian)
And uhhh… I’ll just tag my buds @bumbleplier and @jiji-waifu cause I don’t want to bother anyone else. Sorry guys you dont have to do this.

Being a Father

Title: Being a Father

Author:  Kat

Reader Gender:  N/A

Word Count: ~900

Summary: Dean’s still learning how to be a good father.

Warnings:  I don’t think there is any. Adorableness? Is that a warning?

A/N:  I have been on a kiddo fluffy kick lately! This was written for @iwantthedean 2k Giveaway Challenge. My song prompt was Better by Plumb.

EDIT: I totally forgot to thank @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog for being my beta on this!! Sorry, Mimi, I’m a terrible person! 

#nic2k  #nic2kgiveawaychallenge #nic2ksongfic  

Character: Dean Winchester


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Music blared through the bunker when Dean and Sam walked in. Both covered their ears and turned to each other, wincing.

“What the hell is that racket?!” Dean yelled over the lyrics. He stormed through the bunker to Amalia’s room.

You’re so afraid, so you try to break me, yeah
I don’t want to care
And I don’t want to hate
And I don’t want to see you fall too far away
All because of fear
‘Cause when you’re afraid
You lash out at me
When you say all the things you never meant to say
You’re so afraid, so you try to break me

Dean walked into the room, strode to the stereo and jammed the power button. The song cut off and he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Amalia, what the hell?! You know the music rules–” he stopped talking when he saw his daughter’s shoulders shaking. She was laying face down on the bed, face buried in her pillow.

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Hey Jude - Part 1

Title: Hey Jude

Pairing:Daughter!Reader x Dean

Words: 6,300 (I think it’s safe to say this is mylongest yet)

Warnings: Swearing, Angst, cute puppies

Requests: Sk8rwolfy - Something different you might like. Dean had a daughter (the reader) and a girlfriend , but when the reader was around three she noticed a weird drawing on her dad’s arm (The Mark of Cain) and how Dean was being abusive towards her mother and herself. But after a long night of her mother and father arguing , the mother just decides that Dean needs to leave. So Dean gets a five minute goodbye with the reader where he promises he will come back for her.  Okay so part 2 , it’s been years since Dean has seen or heard from his daughter (the reader) so eventually decides to track her down until he finds her , now thirteen , in an orphanage (whatever reason you want , most likely her mom gave her up or she passed away) and Dean tried to apologize for not being around , they talk for a while , and as Dean is about to leave because he thinks the reader will never be able to forgive him , she just hugs him and says “I love you , you came back for me.”

A/n: Here it is! Also, I’m sorry about this not going exactly as requested, I forgot to go back through and read the request again until I was more than halfway through this, so I’m sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted! I’ve decided to cut this into two parts, seeing as how this part alone is already more than 6k words…Oops. That also means that I’ll try and include some things from the request in the next part!

I’ll go through and edit/Add gifs tomorrow. I don’t have school tomorrow due to weather and stuff so hopefully I can get a gif imagine or two out for you guys :D

As always, I hope you enjoy this and feel free to tell me what you think! (AND LADY GAGA AND EDDIE REDMAYNE OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!!!)

Song: “Hey Jude” by The Beatles


Ten Years Ago

Tiny feet hugged by the warm comfort of a pink onesie scoot along the wood floor as little fingers trace an imaginary crayon trail along the walls as a little blonde head of pillow pressed hair makes it’s way down the hall, following a pair of familiar voices coming from a room somewhere near the end. Despite the fact that it’s well past her bedtime, the child in pink is wide awake with an nearly insatiable curiosity, never wanting to miss a single second of every day, lest she miss something exciting. And that’s why she’s awake now, having been stirred from a light sleep by a mix of voices heard coming from elsewhere in the house. The voices she heard seeping through the light of the barely cracked door of her bedroom relit that curiosity, and as if enchanted by the hushed calling of Maleficent, she pulled away the covers of her bed and slowly traded the darkness of her room (save for her nightlight) for the dim golden lamp lights overhead which lead down the hallway to a door opened no wider than the width of her smallest pinky finger. She’s drawn to the bright yellow light at the end of this tunnel like a moth to a flame, completely naïve and ignorant as to what lay beyond. With each step she takes, the voices get relatively louder, until she realizes that distance is not what controls the volume. Slowly, she approaches the door and pushes it open using the palm of her hand.

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alright, I think this is everyone so far.

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marebound  asked:

hey!! I'm not sure if it's been said before but your character poses seem so real and organic. I've been a real slump lately because I've been struggling with how to capture that. Hopefully asking for advice isn't too :"0 annoying? ? I've done many forms of life drawing and action analysis but nothing really sticks. I would really appreciate it!!!

Hello! No worries, not annoying at all! Unfortunately that’s all I can really recommend, and that’s all that I do even though I don’t feel like my people feel very organic or fluid. It’s also worth taking into consideration that these things can take a lot of time to sink in for certain artists, and to not feel disappointed if you don’t think you’re getting something or improving at the pace you want right away. I would also look at other artists you admire, and try to study how they capture life and movement. Sorry this isn’t too helpful, but don’t get discouraged! 

Edit: Just a quick note I forgot. Make sure to also do real life studies if possible! get out in the world and watch people walking and moving and running instead of always looking at flat images. 

anonymous asked:

either is fine (regarding the phan blog recs). they can be dan and phil blogs, phan shipping blogs, phanart blogs, phanfic blogs, any will do!

Alright! Here we go!

@ennuidan and @qanhowell, they are my gifs senpais and I admire them so much and I can recognize their gifs everywhere bc everything about their gifs is perfect and they post regularly and you probably follow them already

More people that make beautiful gifs/ edits (honestly how can you do that? teach me to be perfect like you): @howelles, @flowryphil, @tinybeanlester, @punkphan, @anomex-x, @crisshowell, @danisnotonfiretm, @danielfuckinghowell, @glowinghowell, @howltrs, @marvelester, @oops-phan, @spacelestr, @smiiseveny, @starlighthowell, @danteko, @phanielhowell, @crescendohowell, @lstered

I just realized i won’t categorize people bc i obviously don’t know and can’t categorize all, if you post gifs/edits and i didn’t mention you above it’s because i’m stupid, I’m really sorry

More!: @dailyphan, @sliceofphan, @danisnotonfires, @spacejacketphil, @dreamyhowell, @hellyeahhowell, @leftsharklester, @pinklester, @astrolester, @goldfishsunglasses, @danyphil, @cookiephil, @cafephan, @moaninghowell, @melonphan, @pinofs, @phanmoonlight, @phanscherryblossom, @phantastic-dan, @dantiloquent, @lesterlime

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone! That’s all I can think of right now

Reigisa Week

Day One: First Kiss!

This was super rushed and last minute cause I forgot about it and I’ve been super busy! This isnt exactly how I think it’d go since I think nagisa would make the first move, but I had art block so I thought I’d go with the first thing I thought of! Nagisa is super proud of himself for improving his time and apparently so is rei! He just looked so beautiful in that moment!