sorry i talked too much about myself

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Hello, sorry this is my first time contacting you like this. If it´s not too much for you then I would like to ask you something. I want to make a personalized phone case (only for myself of course!) and I wanted to ask for your permission to use one of your designs. I won´t use it if you say no don´t worry! If you want to know which one I´m talking about, it´s the picture you drew with the compilation of all the haikuu backpacks. I think it´s also your twitter header? Thank you for reading!

Hey, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately I’m gonna have to say it’s probably a no on using the design for your phone case, sorry :( I really appreciate you asking though!

How to tell that it's getting bad again:

- I sleep to much or not at all
-I eat too much or too little
-I sound disinterested in everything
-Be spaced out a lot
- I will ramble a lot or not talk at all
-I lose track of time
- I make cynical comments, usually about myself
-I push people away
-I tend to rub my eyes and head a lot
-I avoid eye contact
-I am always shakey
-I will avoid certain conversations

Dream Come True - Baekhyun Drabble

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Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader
Genre: So much fluff
Word Count: 881
Request: Ur writings are too good srsly the baekhyun scenarios are just 👌🏻 so could I please have a baekhyun scenario where he comes home after a long day at the studio and wants to cuddle and talk about deep life etc and can it be a little bit suggestive/smutty? (Not extreme lol) If not all good xxx

A/N: First off, thank you so much! I kinda used this as a way to get myself out of this crippling writer’s block, so sorry if it’s not that great/long etc… Either way, I hope you enjoy!


With a quick glance at your phone, you realized the time. It wasn’t odd for Baekhyun to come home late - especially while preparing for yet another comeback - but he was typically home by now. You tried to swallow the tinge of worry that crept into your mind as you flipped through the channels on the television; a blanket tangled loosely around your bare legs that were sprawled out on the sofa.

“He’s fine, Y/n, just busy,” you muttered to yourself in an attempt to calm your nerves.

When a decently appealing show flashed across the screen, you set the remote down and pulled the blanket up your torso. A deep inhale revealed the faint smell of Baekhyun’s cologne to your nose—most likely from his shirt that was draped over your frame. When your boyfriend did come home tonight, you knew he’d be pleased to see you dressed simply in his shirt and a pair of panties, snuggled up on the couch with messy hair and all.

As if he read your mind, the sound of his key turning the bolt lock open caused you to jump. A smile stitched onto your face as you turned your head toward the entrance; yet it quickly dropped when you were met with his slouching, obviously overworked frame.

“I’m home,” he stated bluntly, voice drained of its typical joyous ring.

Without a response, you stood from your spot to wrap your arms around the boy’s neck. Placing a gentle peck to his cheek, nose, and finally lips. The sound of his bag dropping to the floor caught your attention before two strong limbs snaked themselves around your waist, returning the embrace. You felt a hand feather across your ass; a slight gasp emitting from Baekhyun’s lips when it did. Before you could explain, his hand was groping at the plush flesh, eliciting a gasp from yourself this time. Looking up you noticed a slight smirk dressed on the boy’s lips to replace the drooping frown, and a smile curved onto your lips at the sight.

“I knew you’d be happy to see me like this,” you confessed.

“You know me so well, don’t you?”

With that, he swept you off your feet and planted you on the couch. All past tiredness seeming to flee from the boy as he crawled on top of you. That is until he collapsed on your chest; legs tangled in yours as he flipped you on top of him instead. He always insisted on being the big spoon. Always. A tentative hand brushed the stray hairs from your eyes before he planted a sly kiss to your forehead.

“Tell me about your day,” he mumbled.

A small giggle escaped your lips, “I haven’t done anything interesting, Hyun…”

“Okay, tell me how you wish your day had gone.”

You narrowed your eyes slightly, pushing your head up so they met his own.

“What do you mean by that?” You questioned.

“I mean,” he paused and ran a few delicate fingers through your fluffy hair, “tell me how you wish life would have played out today; play God in a way. If you had control over time and could start today over again, what would you have done?”

It wasn’t unusual for you to have these kinds of conversations, especially when it was late at night. As a member of Exo, he’s known by fans for being a funny and loud person. Yet you knew a secret side to him; one that only the closest people in his life knew. Baekhyun has a very deep and philosophical mind, one that wants to talk about the probability of reincarnation, aliens, and even this.

“Well, first I would have stopped you from going to work today. It hurt my heart to see you so tired walking in the door,” you stated, earning a chuckle from the boy below you. “What about you?”

He hummed, running a hand down your spine, “I think I would’ve come home for lunch instead of going out. Your cooking is way better than take-out.”

A smile curved on your lips again, he somehow always fit a compliment into every conversation you had.

“You know you’re the love of my life, right?” He added, catching you slightly by surprise.

It wasn’t rare for Baekhyun to display his adoration for you. He always reminded you of how much he loves you, yet this time felt so… Different.

“I know,” you replied, “and you’re mine.”

He chuckled and you could hear his heart rate speed up from your confession, causing your smile to widen.

“Do you know that I’ve dreamed about this moment for my entire life? Lying here on the couch with my lover, talking about life after a long day. Y/n, you’ve made my dreams come true.”

Now it was your turn for your heart to pound. Something was different tonight, there was a new rawness in your relationship. A new realization of how pure and intense your love truly is. In a quiet moment like this where no one’s around. Just you, your boyfriend, and the sound of hearts beating as one. This is love.

-Admin Yeonie


to @eisschirmchen ♥♥♥

Alles gute zum geburtstag, Happy birthday, Feliz cumpleaños :3!!~

(sorry for late xD)

I was looking your waldgeist art when I found these adorable headcanons about your AU and when I read the last one I imagined a scene like this and I said “omg, this is too cute, I have to draw it”, just that day I found out that your birthday would be pretty soon so I said to myself “ok, let’s do it for Eis-senpai!!” (?)

(I don’t know if Maka can talk with butterflies, but the flowers were in trouble and they needed a messenger!!… and I laughed so much when I drew her ignoring Soul xD)

I hope you like it!! because I admire you so much and your drawings always make me smile. You’re a wonderful artist and an amazing person and you deserve all the good things of this world ♥ (and beyond~)

and now we know that the answer of all our questions is “because…something


Have a nice day!!

I'm sorry

for all the times I can’t think of a things to say
for when I talk too much about things you clearly don’t care about
for when I don’t put in the effort we both know I could
for when I make it worse
for responding too quickly
for singing too loudly
for laughing too obnoxiously
for letting myself get so fat
for being too clingy
for not understanding
for trying to understand
for bothering you when you’re busy
for over reacting
for being bad at everything
for messing everything up
for not being able to hold a conversation

I’m so infinitely sorry for being me

I went to the doctor

Hello everyone! So I went to the doctor and as I tought I’m not feeling well because I stay too much on the computer! I have to see an eye doctor (no idea how you call it sorry xD) and get a blood test! I feel better to know it’s not something bad! We talked about my anxiety aswell and it made me feel better about myself! Ill get help on that aswell! Maybe I’ll have to wear glasses to go on the computer ! I am so gratefull here in france you can get help (doctors,treatments) for free! (You pay some money each months, and you get a refund for doctors and such!) I hope everyone will have access to that in the future… I hope everyone is well and hopefully, ill see you soon for more custom content! Love you, take care

I’m sorry if i annoy you

I’m sorry if I am distant right now

I’m sorry I seem to mess up sometimes

I wish I had more time, energy and drive to help my friends who helped me through so much. I’m sorry if I’ve become a stranger to you. You’re always gonna be my friends though, and I have not forgotten about you.

Today I overheard a woman on the street talking about how big girls shouldn’t wear anything too sparkly because it “draws too much attention” - it’s just “too much” she said. I’m sorry, but FUCK THAT and FUCK YOU, LADY. This year, I’m going to give way less fucks about what women like her think and focus on what I like and what makes me feel most like myself. This year, I’m going to keep reminding myself that my weight does not equal my worth.

And this picture from my wedding day just makes me indescribably happy.

The way chronic illness destroys your ability to form and maintain friendships is one of the things I hate most about being sick.

the  LASSO OF TRUTH  is a fictional weapon wielded by wonder woman. originally named the magic lasso of aphrodite, it is usually referred to as the magic lasso or golden lasso and forces anyone it captures to  OBEY  and tell the truth. originally, it was created by william moulton marston as an allegory for feminine charm and compelled its captives to obey the wielder of the lasso.

diana’s main tool is her lasso, always carried on her right hip, it is the first thing she reaches for, both for a fight and for a communication. but that lasso is not just about forcing people to tell  THE TRUTH  it is more about stripping everything else away until the truth is the only thing left. the lasso enhances diana’s  EMPATHY  – diana’s ability to feel other people’s emotions.

when the lasso is out around an individual, diana is able to look into their soul, gaining a greater understanding of their feelings and emotions. this breaks away lies and illusions, allowing nothing but the truth to survive. at this deep level, nothing is left a secret. as seen in  WONDER WOMAN VOL. 3 #15  where she looks into the soul of one of her enemies. during that time, diana comments that it is impossible not to feel empathy, even for him. 

by looking into the soul of an individual, diana is able to find the truth, no matter how deep it is hidden. the lasso can also clear the mind and dispel illusions. it dispels illusions because it is designed to be the  ULTIMATE  truth, truth in its purest form. because of this, no illusion can stand against it. it is known to break through both spells and mind control.

she also uses it when she requires someone to swear fealty to her, evidenced in  WONDER WOMAN VOL. 3 #14  where she gets the lead gorilla to kiss the lasso after he swears an oath. 

as stated, the lasso  BREAKS BARRIERS  including language barriers. truth is a universal concept and with the golden perfect diana is able to use to understand her friends in  WONDER WOMAN REBIRTH #10  and to also understand, to some extent, how steve feels about her.

there, however, if a  DOWNSIDE  to diana’s possession of the lasso. the lasso doesn’t just effect those she captures with it. since diana is always wearing it on her hip, she must always stick to the truth as well. diana must always remain steadfast in her beliefs and never deny the truth, if she doesn’t do this, the lasso while break – – the only thing that can break it. this first happens in  JLA #62 – 64  wherein diana denies the truth put in front of her. because of her denial, the lasso breaks, causing all of the truth of earth to break along with it. this also happened in  JUSTICE LEAGUE 2.0 #20  because, when diana killed lady wonder woman, she left her values behind, and become  UNWORTHY  of the lasso. unlike in the jla series, she was not able to repair it.

overall, diana can be just as much a victim to lasso as others. though the lasso is not necessarily a bad thing. exposing the truth has helped diana immensely, and for diana,  THE TRUTH  is considered  PURE  and the base for everything. in the end, the truth, and the peace that can come from that is what she strives for.


If you ever feel down about your art, remember this:

there is no end to art. 

Art expands as much as you put effort and feeling into it. You can’t get worse at drawing or painting, you can only get better and better.

Keep going!

Feel the movement of your lines and take pride in having your own unique style. Your art reflects who you are and tbh you are an amazing creative individual! Even if you don’t feel like your art looks quite how you want it, keep trying! Try new things! Don’t be affraid to get a little competitive!!!

Most importantly have fun!!!

Art shouldn’t make you want to pull your hair out, art is a way for you to express yourself in a creative way that evokes thought and emotions to others around who see it, be it positive or negative. The more fun you have with it, the more you want to draw, and the more you improve! And make sure to practice often!!!
There is no such thing as ugly art, only art that can be improved upon! 

What if you don’t believe in yourself? Well guess what? I believe in you! I believe everyone has the potential to make amazing art! No one can be bad at drawing or painting, they are just inexperienced. No one can make fun of your creations, they are beautiful because you put a little piece of yourself into each and every piece of art you’ve made, and you are a beautiful person! Anyone willing to devote time into making their own original art is so strong and brave!!!

super angsty fic idea that i can’t write myself bc it should b super long and super sad and super heartbreaking and i have too much commitment issues for that and i also write too slow for such a fic so someone write it for me pls

ok so i wrote most of this to a friend at like 3 in the morning a few months ago (and some more stuff when i talked about this w @sirius-orion-lupin ) so here it is (and sorry this is a mess i honestly just copy and pasted our texts) 

Ok so what if throughout the entire series, Draco was in love with harry.

 He grew up listening to stories about The Boy Who Lived, all wizarding kids must’ve. And Draco tries to befriend Harry when they’re getting their robes fitted (Draco recognized that famous scar) and tries to impress harry like his dad would have; hes going on and on about how great and rich he is etc., but he just comes off as arrogant and dudley-like to harry and he rejects dracos hand in friendship. and it breaks him, but he has too much Malfoy pride to say sorry for being a prat and to start over

And so their infamous rivalry and hate arise, and Draco is trying to win Harry over (still friendship-wise at this point) by acting like that schoolboy that has a crush on that girl in class (calling her names, pulling her pigtails, etc), trying to make harry pay attention to him (which technically is canon)

He’s always observing and thinking about harry; trying to come up with The Plan that will make Harry Potter his friend (or just like him, really), and he notices small details and little quirks harry has

Like how harry likes his tea, his favorite dessert, etc

And Draco realizes at one point (prob around 3rd year) that oh shit. he’s actually in love with Harry Potter. It’s not just his looks or his reputation. He’s in love with the way Harry’s tongue sticks out a little when he’s concentrating, the way he walks (slouching a little, but big steps. Semi-confident, as if he’s trying to act like he’s confident, though he’s p insecure. Draco has no idea where he got that description), the way Harry laughs or grips his quill, and how harry hugs his friends.

He continues to try and get harry to like him, but now romantically, and is heartbroken every time when Harry spits insults at him and storms away after Draco pretends to be a dementor, climbs a tree to jump off to taunt harry, etc

And then 6th year rolls along and dracos so broken and stressed out that he doesn’t have the energy to do that to harry anymore, not to mention the sneers and insults he’s sure to get from harry, and Draco doesn’t think he’ll be able to handle living if those were added to his shoulders

And then 7th year, draco was cried when he was by himself after finding out that Harry wouldn’t be at school. the only comfort in the storm of his life wasnt there to keep him grounded. And whend he’s taken out of school, dracos dying with voldemort living in his house, and he thinks about harry whenever he feels like he’s gonna break, and when the trio is at the manor, his heart drops bc the guy he’s loved for the past 4+ years is here and his life depends on dracos words (and draco doesn’t identify him, obv)

And harry saves him from the fiendfyre, and Draco is thankful and so /hopeful/, maybe, finally, harry will want to start over

But his heart breaks again at his trials when Harry testifies for him, and finds out that he only saved draco bc he thought that he didn’t deserve to die, and bc they were both kids in the midst of a war they wanted no part of

And after the trials, Draco asks why harry testified for him, and harry says to repay the life debt that he owed draco for not identifying him in the manor and also bc he thought draco deserved a second chance

Draco doesn’t have enough nerves or guts to ask if he could have a second chance with harry. hes too scared of being actually rejected. hes too scared of his nightmares becoming a reality

They don’t speak after the trials, only keeping up with each other’s lives through common acquaintances and the Prophet

(Fuxk i forgot this) Draco’s boggart turned into harry telling him ‘I should have left you in that fire’ (post creds to @drarry-ponderings)

Anyway, it’s a stab in the gut for draco whenever he sees an article abt harry in the Prophet (which is often, to nobody’s surprise) about potter and the weaslette dating and getting married, the birth of their children, and seeing harrys happy smiles in every article makes draco cry while he holds the papers tight in his arms, because harry is so happy without draco, while he’s depressed out of his wits

And Lucius can’t handle this anymorw, and arranges a marriage, and Draco ends up marrying a pure blood girl to continue the Malfoy line

And when they finally meet at Platform 9 and ¾ after /years/, Draco is so heartbroken at the sight of Harry and his weaslette (shes potter now, but draco cant face that truth) wife sending their kids off to hogwarts. Even more so when after all these years, all draco gets from harry is just a polite nod

Switching pov - harry

Harry never saw draco romantically, and treated and thought of draco the same way as in the books

Hated him down to his bones

And was genuinely happy and in love with ginny

And never sought out a friendship with draco malfoy after he rejected his hand back in first year

And the final stab: draco knows all of this. He knows that harry hates him, and that he probably never will. But he still cries when he thinks of how much he is in love with harry and how he’ll never know Dracos feeling for him, and that he’ll never feel the same way – ever.


Scorpius writes often to draco, and draco finds or that his son has become best friends with albus potter

Every letter, Draco is rly happy to hear from his son, but his vision blurs and his heart wrenches when scorpius writes about albus and how hogwarts is so fun with him,  because it always reminds him of what he could have had with harry

(pls read more under the cut.. i cut it off bc i felt bad it was kinda long but i promise its good)

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while i’m too sensetive i’ll take this oppotunity to express my feelings. so i just wanted to say about people on this site who hold a special place in my heart.

@minkefreak sue!!! you’re so wonderful and so kind and always make everything that’s possible to make me believe in myself. i love you so much <3

@isaks-even we are so alike and i always happy to talk to you. i know you can understand me and i hope you feel the same <3

@skamisako we talked just a couple of times but i want you to know what you’re awesome and i hope we’ll know each other more. also i wanted to say that your “incorrect quotes” are my favorites!

@tarjeiandhenrik your blog always makes me smile and i wish we could talk more but i’m a stupid potato :D

@skam-addiction you bring joy to my heart every day and yes i wish i could know you more <3

@kardemomme-kisses we almost didn’t interact but i love you with all my heart and you know how i love your tags! our little collaboration <3

@whenitisreal  i love your tags so much too! and really wish we could know each other more! 

@herinkholm anki! i really adore you but always for some reason think that i shouldn’t bother you with my silly messages! but i really think that we share same views on many things!

@isakiyakis we are mutuals just since yesterday but i just want you to know what you are precious and deserves the best <3

@cheekyeven @lil-sami @mayfalda-blog you are too kind to me and i don’t deserve this! i love you all!

I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up much lately. With things going on in my personal life, physical health stuff has kind of taken a back seat. I’m disappointed in myself a little because I reverted back to unhealthy habits so quickly and easily, but I’ve had them for years so I’m not too surprised. I don’t want to have to solely focus on my mental health, but when it gets bad, it’s bad. I think I need to set up a couple of appointments with my therapist before I move to talk about stuff. I just… don’t want to lol. But it’s like, be uncomfortable now and learn to deal with it, or be uncomfortable later but never figure it out.

“Receiving is where everything begins in volleyball. Connections mean everything in volleyball.

request meme: Tsukishima bros for the lovely @miyukeis

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I hope this is ok but I could really use some supportive words from you (or ic yuri or your followers). A girl from my school tweeted about me by name for months, I went to the dean, and now that we've graduated, she's back to tweeting about me. I'm working on not looking but it destroys me to see all my ex-friends mocking me for asking the administration for help and generally shit talking me. I have so much shit already going on in my life and I'm desperately trying to hold it together. (1/2)

I have bad anxiety and depression and ptsd, and I’m trying not to hurt myself or to think too much about suicide. My eating disorder is getting worse and I just feel overwhelmed. I’m sorry to throw this on you but you’re such a genuine and sweet person all the time, and I don’t have many people I can reach out to. Maybe it’s silly but I guess I feel like I need outside affirmation that asking for help from my cyberbully wasn’t the wrong thing to do. Thank you for letting me word vomit here. (PT 2)

First I need her username I’m going to have a little “chit chat” with her. But next, I want you to block her, report her over and over again and mute her and everybody else that does what she does. Anybody that sides with her is toxic and you need to cut them out of your life they don’t deserve you.

Now, this may be easier if you DMed me so we can just talk this through. I can’t say everything I want in an ask so it may be easier if we just talked.

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ok ur one of the few people that doesn't blatantly hate william and noora together... so... listen i really like noora and william together i think they're cute and i like william until i think about how he was sooooo rude to vilde and hurt her so bad and then how noora just accepted it like she still dated william even tho he hurt her friend so badly?? but then i think about how u can't help who u fall in love with?? idk... what's ur opinion

oh boy, okay, so i won’t get too much into this again because i’ve talked about it before and tbh i don’t really like repeating myself, but i guess it’s been a while since i said this so here we go.

(this turned into a real essay lmao sorry)

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I’m still positively reeling from the new episode but I really, really wanna talk about Pearl’s song for two specific reasons (which I had to process back-to-back so consider me thoroughly destroyed.)

Beyond the fact that it’s beautiful and touching and basically everything about it is perfect - the pacing, the colors, DeeDee’s vocals, the lyrics, the cinematography, the emotion - I feel like this song does a little extra for us. It might feel like a rehash, especially given how much material we already have concerning Pearl’s feelings for Rose, yet despite all previous musical numbers and instances of Pearl addressing that, this still feels very fresh and unique a perspective to bring to the topic.

Because I think what’s really gripping about this song is how it’s not even really about Rose, it’s about Pearl! Who she is, what she wants, how far she’s come.

It’s about Pearl wanting to move on, about her loving Rose but her wanting to move on from Rose, to move past petty feelings, to focus on what’s important now. 

I’ll say that the moment that really struck me most in this song was when we take a step back and we see Pearl fully, when she’s standing on the glass of the balcony and delivers these lines: 

War and glory, reinvention

Fusion, freedom, her attention

Out in daylight, my potential

Bold, precise, experimental

I feel like this is Pearl reflecting back on all she dreamed of, the things she aspired for before Rose left. She was a renegade soldier, fighting for change, ideals of freedom and self-importance. Pearl came from a background where she was never meant to fight, but she worked at it, became something stronger than she was, for herself as much as for Rose. Out in daylight, my potential. Bold, precise, experimental. These are things Pearl truly sees herself as, or at least, she used to. Someone who was growing, becoming something better, something she could be proud of.

Then immediately she falls, doubts herself, thinks of what she is now, what she’s become in Rose’s absence. She thinks herself ‘petty and dull’, as if she’ll never be anything beyond that (what does it matter? it’s already done), but she has to be here without Rose. Be there for Steven. Because if there’s nothing else Pearl can do that’s worthwhile, she at least wants to be there for Steven. 

That’s why this song is so heartbreaking to me, but also gives me hope. Pearl isn’t quite there yet, but she desperately wants to be, she wants it to be over. She wants to move beyond this. Yet the song isn’t hopeful, it’s a sigh of defeat. Benign acceptance that it’s over, isn’t it? 

But Rose is gone, and she’s still here, and she still can’t move on.

I think she can, though. I think it’s important that we’re shown Pearl wants to become better. I think that’s the point of her character, in the end. As much as it might sometimes feel like Pearl’s entire character is built entirely around Rose, to the point where it feels like they’ll never be separate, I think it’s more that her character is built on top of the impact Rose left on her. 

Pearl’s development is about her learning to love herself, to better herself on her own terms, for her own reasons, and this song is amazing because it shows that she wants it and she’s slowly getting there, despite how much it still hurts.

Happy Birthday stormy ( @khaoticvex)

Lemme remind that once upon a time I asked you wether I could draw your belly dancer AU or not and guess what I was saving that for today (aka yesterday the day of your birthday) problem is I didn’t really know the day of your bday but I was waiting for someone to say it or do something and BAM it was yesterday and i discovered today when I went to the traitor the supposedly natsu to my gray @selenba ( we gonna talk about this later you traitor ). And so i tried the belly dancer thing and the only way to honor that AU was using your way to color Natsu that’s why i he is a bit more tan compared to how i usually color him as for the bg you could have guessed that i had no idea what to do so I did a starry sky with shooting stars clever move Sou ( sou is me tbh i am praising myself so what ?[ so so what I am still a rockstar I ‘ve got my rock moves … ] ignore that okay ) CAUSE when you see a shooting star you can make a wish and when you blow on your candles you make a wish SO thanks to my shooting stars you can make tons of whishes and have a really happy birthday belated actually but happy nonetheless or maybe charles or pantherlily