sorry i talked too much about myself

How to tell that it's getting bad again:

- I sleep to much or not at all
-I eat too much or too little
-I sound disinterested in everything
-Be spaced out a lot
- I will ramble a lot or not talk at all
-I lose track of time
- I make cynical comments, usually about myself
-I push people away
-I tend to rub my eyes and head a lot
-I avoid eye contact
-I am always shakey
-I will avoid certain conversations

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Peter gets bullied in school and they all say that he could never get a girlfriend, so Y/N who’s rather popular at school just kisses him in front of every one.

Words: ~ 1500

No spoilers!

A/N: This took me way too long to write… so sorry! Tell me what you think! :)


Walking through the overcrowded hallway, I felt myself being to tired to move and bumped against several people. Not that I cared.

Normally I didn’t care about much going on in school, referring to the people. I did care about my grades and my career and all- but the people in school? I didn’t care at all about them apart from my friends.

It’s not that I didn’t like them. I mean, I was quite popular in school and I talked to a lot of students over the day. But honestly, I didn’t really listen when they told me about the last party or a concert they went to.

But there was one person that I cared about who wasn’t part of my friends even though I hoped I would have more contact with him. Body contact, too.

It was Peter Parker, the nobody of our school. No one seemed to notice him apart from me. His gorgeous face with the sweet hazel eyes and the fluffy auburn hair…
Yes, he was my secret crush that nobody knew about and nobody ever would.

I kept my little secret a long time, talking to him occasionally or having school projects together which lead to me falling in love with him.

He was so clever and his shy side was so cute that I just couldn’t handle it. I loved how kind he was and he always had something interesting to ramble about.

Nothing caught my attention while walking through the hall way, apart from him. I saw him standing at his locker, opening it to put a book inside. Me and my friends stopped at my best friend’s locker and I occasionally let my gaze slip to Peter for a few seconds.

I jumped when Flash and his friends appeared out of nowhere and pushed Peter against his locker after he had closed it. “What a looser you are!”, Flash exclaimed after Peter groaned loadly, getting everyone’s attention.

“Sorry to ruin your face but with these looks you won’t get a girlfriend, anyway.”, Flash claimed and his friends laughed at this comment before he pushed Peter again.
And Peter only stood there, head down, shoulders stiff while Flash threw several mean words at him.

But when Flash grabbed Peter’s backpack from his hands Peter looked up, his face filled with anger as Flash started throwing all of his stuff on the ground.
“Oh, what’s this?”, Flash exclaimed when he took a piece of paper from the ground. “DEAR Y/N, I wish i had the courage to tell you that I’d walk through fire just to see you smile…”, he started to read and I saw everyone’s eyes stare at me, making my face heat up.

I unconsciously made eye contact with Peter who seemed to be internally screaming. And while I was glued to the spot, not able to speak or think, Flash continued bullying him.

“But you do know”, he laughed, “You do know that someone like Y/N Y/L/N would never love you, right?” Oh, boy, how wrong you were…
I saw Peter’s head lowering again, his fingers brushing over his face before they ran through his hair.
Flash laughed triumphantly and suddenly I felt the strong urge to prove a point.

Someone like Y/N Y/L/N would definitely love Peter Parker.

My legs brought myself over to them, even though my friend’s arm grabbed me slightly. But I ignored it and shoved Flash ’s friends aside so that I could get to Peter.

“Peter, you told me you wouldn’t drag this old thing with you.”, I laughed, rolling my eyes and earning a very confused and very cute look from Peter.
“See? I told you that someone would think that you’re single.”

In the corner of my eye I saw Flash looking at me as confused as Peter and I smiled to myself.
And then I laid my hands on his shoulders and leaned in quickly, pressing my lips on his.

Ignoring the electricity coming from him and the urge to kiss him forever, I pulled back after a few seconds of giving in.

Peter’s face stated pure shock and he stared at me nervously before I smirked at him. “Bye, Peter, see you later.”, I smiled proudly, wandering off to my next class and ignoring everyone’s dazzled looks.

I let out a shaky breath I didn’t know I was holding. This had been life changing.

“Wait, Y/N, what the hell was that?”, my friend wanted to know, a strange look on her face.
“Spontaneous.”, I only answered, shrugging. “Yeah, I know. But what were you thinking?”, she asked and now there was a worried look that made me angry somehow. It seemed like she thinks something is wrong with me just because I kissed my crush. Okay, secrete crush. She couldn’t know this part.

“Nothing really. I just thought that Flash is a dick and Peter doesn’t deserve this.”, I simply said and only got a confused “Okay…” as an answer.

Later that day I sat down at a bench outside, my eyes roaming over the campus. I enjoyed being alone at lunch. Not because of my friends! I simply enjoyed the time to think without talking slash gossiping.

I thought about the kiss, obviously.

Was it right? Apart from the fact that probably the whole school knew it by now, Peter knew too.

But still, I was proud of myself: Helping someone by proving his bully wrong. Somehow it made me feel strong.

And there was another positive aspect, as well. I had kissed my crush Peter Parker!

Thinking of the devil… Peter suddenly stood next to me, a nervous grin on his face.
“Can… uh… Can I join you?”, he chuckled, nodding his head towards the empty seat in front of me. “Sure.”, I nodded, a smile on my face which was maybe a bit too wide.

He let out a relieved sigh as he sat down, letting his bag fall on to the ground.
“Rough day?”, I asked and he only nodded before he leaned forward slightly, his arms supporting his weight.

“Uhm, yeah.”, he replied before biting his lip, my eyes not being able to look at something else but him.
“Actually, it wasn’t that bad.”, he chuckled softly, his brown eyes meeting mine.

“Yeah?”, I grinned and he just nodded with a cute smile on his lips. Oh, how soft those lips had felt on mine…

A few moments of comfortable silence passed before my mind brought back the letter that Flash found in Peter’s backpack.
“Uhm, Peter…”, I started but paused briefly when his beautiful eyes stared at me, “I was wondering… I mean… would you… Would you really walk through fire to see me smile?”
He nodded instantly without a word, nervously fiddling with his fingers before my hands grabbed his. I couldn’t help but smile, my heart beat running in my chest.
“You know, you don’t need to do this. I start smiling as soon as you smile at me.”, I clarified, earning a grin from him and I returned it instinctively.

“Uh, I… um, I wanted to thank you for… you know.”, he began and I only shrugged, playing it cool,“No problem.”
“But the whole school thinks were a couple now.”
“Is that bad?”, I wanted to know, a flirty tone in my voice.

Peter shook his head, causing his brown strands to dance on his fore head. “No, it’s not bad at all.” He clearly gained some confidence when I grinned at his answer. “I liked kissing you.”, he confessed, tilting his head. “No, that’s an understatement. I loved kissing you.”

“That’s good.”, I laughed before grabbed the collar of his shirt and nearly pulled him over the table to feel his soft lips on mine again.

He was able to place his fore arms on the table to support his weight before our eyes closed and our lips met. He hummed softly when I started moving my lips and my grib on his collar loosened since I had him where I wanted. My cheeks blushed due to all to blood that my heart pumped through my veins and I felt the excitement rushing through my whole body.
My fingers wandered up to the back of his neck, playing with some of his strands after Peter tilted his head to deepen the kiss, causing my mind to go mushy.

He pulled himself back slightly, a huge grin on his face when I ran my fingers through his hair. “You like me.”, he breathed out and I nodded before I pecked his lips briefly.

He leaned back again, giving me a charming smile. I had to bite my lip to hid that huge smile on my face which Peter saw anyway and I felt my heart skipping a beat.

This one question wether I wanted to be Peter’s girlfriend was definitely in his head but there was no need to voice it.

He knew that I was in love with him.

Part 2

I Was Wondering - Jeff Atkins Imagine

Jeff Atkins x reader 

Request: I would like to request an imagine where y/n is Tony’s best friend there very close but Jeff has a crush on y/n so one day in gym class Jeff talks to tony about y/n when y/n talks to Clay cause there good friends too . So tony gives good wording about Jeff then he leaves them alone in a group in gym class they bond and he walks her home spending time in his house and while they were talking somehow they ended up cuddling and he asks her out.


“You look ridiculous in those shorts”

“Shut up Tony, your smaller than me so you have no say so in my gym clothes.”

He puts his hands over his heart and fake cries “Ouch y/n, way to burst a mans ego”

I playfully push him as we walk into the gym. There are a few guys playing basketball and volleyball, girls walking around the gym talking, some girls practicing their cheer routine, and other people just sitting on the bleachers. That’s what me and Tony do until gym class start in 10 minutes. 

“You’re still driving me home right?”

“Yeah, cause after I have to take it to the shop and it’s right by you.”

I roll my eyes, “You and that damn mustang” I laugh.

“You can never take a car to serious miss.”

“Yeah whatever auto boy”

“Don’t ever say that again please”

We both laugh and start talking about the game next week. As we are talking, Tony’s friend Jeff comes and sit down next to us.I don’t know much about him, but I know he’s close to Clay and Tony. I know he’s surprisingly not an ass like the other jocks. 

“Hey what’s up Tony”. They do their ‘boy’ handshake and then he glances at me and smiles.

“Hey y/n” I looked at him surprised. I didn’t even know he knew me. We aren’t what you call, in the same ‘popularity range’ not that he seemed to care. As I looked at him I never realized how cute he was up close. That sounded kind of creepy.

“Hey Jeff” I smile.

“What are you guys up to?”

“Nothing we were just talking about the game next Friday”

“Oh, well thanks to Clay I can play” he smiles at me. I look away, not wanting him to see me obviously blushing at his look.

As soon as he said that, we heard a thud on the gym floor. We look and see Clay laying on the floor holding his head. Of course, leave it to Clay to get hit with a ball. 

“Oh Jensen” I whisper. “I’ll be right back guys, I need to give Clay tips on catching the ball with his hands and not his head.”

As I bounce down the bleachers, I here the guys laughing at my statement. I jog to Clay and help him up.

“I fucking hate gym” he whispers.

“I’m sure gym hates you too” I laugh.

“It’s that obvious huh?”

“Very much so” I laugh.

“What are you guys talking about up there?”

I look back up to the bleachers and see Jeff quickly snap his head back towards Tony as they continue their conversation. He was looking at me. I smile to myself.

“Hello,earth to y/l/n”

“Sorry, just school stuff, come up and sit with us unless you want these balls to keep kicking your ass.”

He rolls his eyes, but starts walking towards the bleacher, knowing I’m right. When we get there Jeff is red and Tony is just staring at me. We all start talking and laughing. Jeff is in the middle of talking to Clay about his sad love life when Tony turns to me.

“Hey y/n um.. I’m not gonna be able to drive you home today.”

“What the hell Tony why? you know I don’t like walking alone”

“Well because, my buddy Jeff is gonna walk you home.”

When he said that, I saw Jeff staring at me, looking somewhat anxious for my reaction. I choose to react coolly although my girly insides were screaming. 


“Oh come on y/n/n I honestly think Jeff is pretty good company. You’ll like him.”

I know there was more meaning behind what he said but I didn’t say anything. I look towards Jeff and a still oblivious Clay still rambling about Hannah and smile.

“Okay, yeah why not.”

Me and Jeff walk together in silence side by side while my hands are on my book bag and his in his front pocket. It’s so silent it’s almost laughable. I decide to break the silence, but so did he.



We laugh and he looks down at me.

“Sorry you first.” With his eyes still on me I continue.

“So did Tony really blow me off, or was it his lame excuse to get us to walk together?” 

“I’m the guilty one. I wanted to get to know you and wanted us to be alone.”

I look away to hide my goofy smile and pull my hair behind my ear. I start to smell that dampy air and know rain is about to come. 

“Well that’s honest of you.”

“Why thank you miss.”

He brings up the dance and ask if I was going with anyone. When I was about to say no, it started pouring down out of nowhere. 

“Shit, its coming down hard!”

I use my sweater to cover my hair, but I can already feel myself getting soaked and my house is still about 6 blocks away. 

“My house is right around the corner if you want to wait for it to settle down!” he yells over the rain. I think about it and its better than getting even more soaked. 

“Ye-yeah okay!”

We jog to his house, and I sigh in relieve when we enter the warm house. 

“My parents aren’t home if that’s okay.” 

“Yeah that’s fine.” I stand there awkwardly, not knowing what to do. He noticed and spoke up.

“Um if you want, we can chill in the living room and watch tv until we dry off so I can continue walking you home.”

“Yeah sure.” I smile. We sit on the couch and Jeff gets a blanket for us to share and to warm up. He turns on Family Guy and we start laughing immediately. I didn’t even realize how close together we became after the second episode. I was leaning into his shoulder with his arm around me and our legs were tangled together on his coffee table. I didn’t know if he realized but I know one thing. I hope we stay like this. I snuggle closer into him and he looks at me.



“I have been wanting to ask you something” he seemed anxious again.

“So ask me.”

“Will you go out with me?”

I don’t even have to think to know my answer.

“Yes” I smile and Jeff breathes out the breath he was holding in and smiles with me.

“Thank god” and he pushes me in closer and smashes his lips on mine.

When shy meets shy (Bucky X Reader)

Title: When shy meets shy (Bucky X Reader)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst

Summary: After Hydra, Bucky became shyer than he ever was before. Until he meets someone even more bashful than he was. Could he help her rebuild her self-confidence? Make her believe she’s worth more than she thinks? And convince her he’s truly madly deeply in love with her?

Note: So this is a little something for @whotheeffisbucky who is having an especially hard time today. Know that you’ll always be loved for who you are! 


Bucky was a new presence in the Stark Tower. He was a quiet soul and kept to himself mostly. After the civil war between the Avengers, he couldn’t help the guilt that bubbled in him every time his eyes met his now teammates.

He wasn’t the only one in the tower that mostly kept to themselves. (Y/N) has been in the team for a good year and the other Avengers still didn’t see much of her aside from during missions.

Quiet people seem to notice each other and the two often noticed each others presence and little quirks every time they were in the same room.

During briefing sessions, Bucky would notice (Y/N) fiddling with the corners of her shirt when the conversation was directed at her.

In turn, (Y/N) notices how Bucky’s eyes avert away from people and stare at the tabletop when anyone in the team seemed to ask him for his opinion.

As time passes, Bucky couldn’t help himself but have his gaze fleet over to (Y/N) anytime he was out in the common area. He noticed how she tries to hide, make herself as scarce as possible, almost trying to let her 3-size too large sweater swallow her as the Avengers team chat up a storm.

Bucky was used to having (Y/N)’s quiet presence around. She tried to make herself invisible but to Bucky, she was all he could see in the rowdy common room during movie night.

Today, though, Bucky couldn’t spot the girl. He was settled at the far end of the couch, his usual seat, where he could have a completely unobstructed view of the room, a habit from his days as a soldier.

As the clock hits 9 PM, Bucky couldn’t help the frown that appeared on his face. He knew that (Y/N) was a creature of habit. She may not be too sociable but she never missed a movie night, not since Bucky joined the team.

“(Y/N) isn’t here.” Bucky gruff voice sounded and the noisy room was suddenly plunged into a pin-drop silence.

Bucky’s voice was rare and surprised the group of heroes. Wanda snapped from her reverie quicker than the rest and cleared her throat.

“(Y/N) said she isn’t joining us tonight. She’s tired and wants to rest early.” the redhead said with slight disappointment.

Bucky grunted in response and his frown deepened as worry pooled at his stomach. The team didn’t miss the look he sported.

“I’m… I’m just going to go. Uhm, goodnight guys.” Bucky said softly, his voice deep with uneasiness.

Trudging his way to the living quarters of the tower, his shoulders were slumped. Steve attempted to stand up and go after his friend but was stopped by Natasha.

“Let him be, Cap. He isn’t going back to his room,” she said with a knowing smile. Only to be met with Steve’s look of confusion.

The soldier paced back and forth (Y/N)’s room, footsteps unusually loud considering his training.

“Would you like for me to inform Ms. (Y/N) of your arrival, Sergeant Barnes?” FRIDAY’s voice filled the silent corridor causing Bucky to jump.

“Uh, well, um, if you would please. yes, thank you?” Bucky replied, still not used to speaking into thin air.

He straightened himself and bit his lip, mind whirring at what to say to the lady when she opened the door.

As his mind went into an overdrive, the door cracked open slightly, (Y/N) face coming into view.

Surprised at having a visitor, (Y/N) was at a lost and remained quiet, her wide eyes staring at the shy man in front of her.

“Uhh, hi, hey. I’m Bucky. Uh, well, no, I mean I am Bucky but you know that.” Bucky blabbered on, the tips of his ear a bright pink.

A small laughter bubbled out of the girl before she could stop herself. At the sound of her chuckle, both of them stopped short.

“Hi, Bucky. Is there anything I can help you with?” her soft voice asked, eyes trained on Bucky, a concerned gleam reflecting in them.

“I’m just, well, I missed… I mean we missed you at movie night.” Bucky said, louder than he intended due to his embarrassment.

From then, the two formed quite a special friendship. Their silence, shyness and need to stay out sight bonded them in ways no one really understood.

It was from then that Bucky slowly understood why the girl was so quiet and reclusive even if she was working with the world’s rowdiest bunch of heroes.

She lived in her head more often than not and that bright mind would have all sorts of thought whirring through. And eventually, the only thought left swirling around her mind were negative ones.

Her confidence crumbled as her thoughts got louder. She started questioning her looks, her abilities, her everything. And eventually she was so overwhelmed, she kept to herself and her thoughts.

Bucky was no stranger to gloomy thoughts. He had them regardless if he was awake or asleep. It was a fact the team knew. He understood how suffocating it could be to have your mind controlling your emotions.

The duo was lounging in the common room, books in hand as they sat together, shoulders bumping.

(Y/N) found solace in having Bucky around. It was almost as if her thoughts were on pause, and it was just Bucky and her.

“Doll?” Bucky called out, nudging her.

Without glancing away from her book, (Y/N) let out a small sound to acknowledge him.

“You’re beautiful you know?” Bucky said with a small contented sigh as he placed his head on her shoulder. Bucky was a man of few words after Hydra, he didn’t know how to make (Y/N) understand how he saw her, other than simply putting them in the most straightforward words.

The girl was caught off guard, her face flushing without control.

From then on, Bucky made it his mission to show (Y/N) just how perfect she was. If she couldn’t see it, Bucky would show her, he thought.

In the early mornings, he’d always compliment her wonderful cooking skills. If she wore her hair up, she was beautiful, if she wore her hair down, she was beautiful.

She could be wearing an oversized sweater and mismatched lounge pants and Bucky thought she was the most amazing girl he’s laid eyes on.

Bucky thought she was the most beautiful make-up free, a small contented smile on her lips, wearing her favorite shirt from Bucky as she talked animatedly about the latest book she read. And he’d tell her that, never missing an opportunity to let her know she’s perfect just the way she is.

With time, (Y/N) started accepting the compliments given to her. It was a good step forward. Until she walked into the meeting room that day.

Stepping into the room, she shifted her eyes to her usual seat next to Bucky and realized it was taken.

She wouldn’t have minded sitting elsewhere if it wasn’t that the girl sitting on the seat was the prettiest SHIELD agent (Y/N) has met.

Seeing Bucky and her talking animatedly, her self-esteem plummeted to nothingness and she bit back a sob, turned around and made her way out. She’ll explain to Steve later on as to why she missed the meeting.

What she needed now was her room, her bed, her own space.

Bucky noticed (Y/N) immediately when she walked into the crowded room. Confusion was etched on his face when she saw her face crumple as she turned and made her way out.

Without excusing himself from the agent speaking to him, ignoring Steve’s questions, he hurried out of the meeting room.

The more he thought, the more unsettled he got. Bucky broke into a run and disregarded taking the elevator.

Running up 3 floors, Bucky reached (Y/N)’s door and immediately heard sobbing from inside. His heart broke at her whimpers and immediately entered the passcode her knew by heart.

He took only 3 steps getting to her bedside, he pulled the girl towards him and hid her in his embrace.

“Doll?” his gruff voice laced with so much concern even (Y/N)’s heart constricted at the sound.

“What’s wrong?” he questioned further at her lack of reply.

Bucky pulled her lightly off his chest, now drenched in her tears. He took one look at her and cupped her face with his wide hands.

“What’s wrong beautiful? Talk to me.” he pleaded, eyes desperate for her to say something, anything.

“I’m sorry.” her voice was tired and soft.

“Why are you sorry sweetheart?” his confusion evident.

“I just, when I saw you with her, I just couldn’t help myself but see all my flaws. And what I don’t have or have too much that she doesn’t. She’s perfect. And I’m me.” (Y/N) whispered out.

“Oh, doll… Are you talking about whoever was sitting on your seat earlier?” Bucky asked.

She nodded lightly, her face now buried in his broad chest, seeking some form of comfort.

“I’m sorry doll. I should’ve stopped her from sitting at your seat but I was looking for you and didn’t notice when she sat down,” he explained.

Before (Y/N) could reply, he pulled the girl by her waist, hoisting her up onto his lap, his arms locking behind her to keep her in place.

“Now doll, everyone has flaws. I do. Steve does. So do Nat and Tony. I have metal for an arm, I’ve had my mind messed with most of my life and I still struggle from nightmares at 102. But our flaws are what makes us, us. And to me, everything about you, including your flaws, are perfect. Because it’s what makes you (Y/N).” Bucky said, his eyes never leaving her.

He moved a hand from her waist to her face, softly wiping away a stray tear.

I love you (Y/N).” he confessed softly.

“I really mean it. You’re beautiful even if you can’t see it. I can’t see myself as anything other than a murderer, but you see past that. You see James Buchanan Barnes, the man with flaws. But you still think I’m wonderful. So here I am, to remind you, that I see you, (Y/N) flaws and all. And I think you’re beautiful.” he whispered to her, as he landed a kiss on her lips.

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Comments of any form are always much appreciated! Everyone is beautiful in your own way and if ti so happens to be one of those days where you can’t seem to find the beautiful in you, I hope this piece reminds all of you that you are wonderful and loved!

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anonymous asked:

hi! i'm really sorry if you've been asked this before, but i was wondering, as an artist how did you find your style? like for a person that is interested in learning how to draw, should they start by trying to draw realistically and at what point should they try to draw in a way that is just their own? if they use other artists as references isn't it possible that they'll just end up developing a style too similar? what was your process? thanks!

I feel like you’re asking the wrong person here (I’m very sorry ;;) as you might see i /heavily/ lack of a coherent art style…

All of these have different coloring and lining I doubt they would be recognized as mine if you found them without knowing the author/signature on them

I basically do whatever I feel like doing and i’m /constantly/ changing this, that, trying this new brush, but also this new type of lineart, but now bigger eyes, smaller noses, more realistic bodies-less realistic bodies… However several months ago someone brought up a very similar question and when I replied with ‘i’m so much of a temperamental artist my butt can’t be quiet in the same style for long’ i got an anon saying the art style is not the formal features of your drawings, but the content of it, the understanding you have of the world which reflects on your art. I think this input was very smart, and very truthful. That made me realize- after being for a year very angry with my own art- i don’t really need to be coherent in formal features. I don’t like it. I like art!! to be an adventure!! To draw whatever, to try anything and making mistakes!!! Being incoherent can play a huge disadvantage on my artistic career but!! Talent is the longest trip!!!!, we must enjoy it!! I find that, at the end, the matter is not about finding an art style but finding what works for you. Art is also an introspective journey, the better you know yourself the better you know what you can improve and what you can use. To get some stability and coherence in your skill, if you lack of spatiality don’t try to draw huge ass super detailed backgrounds? Mm… like… I had a huge breakdown regarding art this year, I didn’t know what I wanted, how I wanted it, why my art was like that, where i was going with this… So I forced myself to start from scratch some things I had assumed as absolute (= body has to follow canon, coloring has to fit inside the lines, there has to be harmonic coherence in the palette, a mistake shows you don’t know how to art) and determined what my art currently had and the values I liked in other art styles. I think my art holds a very important photographic component, I wanted to keep that but with everything looking more delicate, so I have been trying to get there…

So my advice is that you throw out of the window every insecurity you have about the lacks in your art and analyze what it is that you like to draw, and why, and how, and where you found something similar in other artist, and what it is they have that it makes you like their art this much, apply it, twist it, experiment, have fun! It doesn’t matter if your anatomy, coloring, composition aren’t correct as long as it looks coherent put together. And slowly you will start understanding better what you’re doing and how, the tools you’re using, how you could improve, what else you could add…  (㇏(•̀w•́)ノ)

This Is War [10]

Summary: After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1558

Warnings: It’s a little angsty.. And there is bad language!

A/N: Sorry this took so long, I’ve been very sick!! Thank you everybody who has been reading this!! The amount of feedback has been incredible and amazing and I’m so thankful!! xo

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Ikémen Series staff oshaberi #1

Hi everybody! Thanks for following the official Cybird Ikémen Series Tumblr!

We’ve decided to start writing semi-regular staff blog posts here (and on Facebook, basically mirror copies of each other), letting you know things we’re working on, things that happen in our office, and so on! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) We look forward to the chance to connect with you guys a little more :D

A different staff member will write each time, but for now, let me introduce myself!

My name is Jan! My favorite Ikémen Series character is Albert from Midnight Cinderella. He’s tall and awkward and I’m in love with his glasses (°◡°♡) I’m a Libra, my favorite color is purple, and my favorite kind of sushi is California roll. My favorite voice actor is Mamoru Miyano (I love him so much, if I start talking about him I get really emotional…) I’m bad at introducing myself, sorry >_<

This is my desk! I have a lot of Albert stuff… Except for my giant Louis pillow, lol. I like squishing it when I’m having feelings or I’m stressed out >_<

Today I had a meeting for a new story event for Midnight Cinderella, that’s happening after Christmas! I can’t say much about it, but the theme for this one is really cool and new, and I hope you guys like it~ The story is really good, too! (๑>◡<๑) By the way, are you enjoying the Best Match Grab Bag and Starry Wysterian Nights Garden Gacha? I had a lot of fun making the sample avatars for those (*´∇`*) I think the pink and purple in the Best Match logo is so cute! My favorite part is how Sid in the Starry Wysterian Nights banner and the sample girl wearing Sid’s dress in the Best Match banner look like they’re gazing at each other… ❤

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Unexpected (Part 8 - Final...)

Your relationship with Yoongi has finally returned to a happy healthy place, but he is ready to start pushing some boundaries.

Warning: This chapter is long - 17000+ words. There is so much sex in here, I was worried that you might get tired of it (LOL!).  Super graphic and vulgar, like usual.  Lots of dirty talk, including derogatory name calling during sex – but then so do most of my stories. Includes non-BTS idols in major roles for this chapter.

Parts: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 (final)  8.5 (bonus)

It was 3pm.  Yoongi’s plane had landed at 2pm and now you were just waiting to hear from him.  He told you that he would come to your apartment as soon as he could after landing, and you were getting impatient waiting for him.  You busied yourself with cleaning the apartment as a distraction.  Between getting his luggage, going through customs, making his way through fans, driving back to his place to drop things off before turning around to come to your apartment… it was probably going to be another hour or even longer before he would be at your place.

It had been three weeks since you had last been together; he and the other boys were on a tour through several countries.  While he was away, he texted you frequently, sharing pictures of the places he was visiting and the two of you made a point to video chat every night before he went to sleep.  Being able to see his face even though he was so far away, was a comfort to you.  Yoongi would tell you funny stories about what was happening on the road or share snippets of songs he was writing; on a few occasions you made arrangements to share a meal over the internet – you would set up the laptop across from you on the table as if he was sitting there while you ate your meal and he would do the same, eating whatever he had ordered from room service.  More often than not, your late chats would devolve into an online sex session, with Yoongi asking you to strip and bend over in front of the camera, pulling your pussy lips apart so he could see inside you while you described a fictional account of you having sex with other men while he was gone. 

When Yoongi was still in town, role playing was something you would do maybe once a week to provide some variety to your love-making, but while he was out of town, role playing took a much more prominent position.  The scenarios you played out all started in different ways, but they always ended the same… with a graphic description of another man having sex with you, ejaculating in you, followed usually by Yoongi ejaculating in real life from masturbating while you spoke.  As much fun as your on-line sex sessions were, you were looking forward to doing something a little different.

It was 3:45pm when your doorbell rang.  When you opened your door, Yoongi came bursting through, throwing his bag on the floor and pulling you immediately into a deep kiss, thrusting his tongue violently into your mouth without even saying a word to you first.  He wrapped one arm tightly around your waist to keep your body close to him while the other hand rested on the back of your head to keep your lips tightly locked with his.  Yoongi walked you backwards towards your bedroom while still kissing you feverishly, the movement was awkward since you both were too preoccupied with the kiss to pay much attention to where you were going.  Your feet got tangled up with each other more than once, you almost fell over when he accidentally backed you into a chair and he fumbled with the door knob to your bedroom.  Once he managed to get the door open, he walked you directly into the door jamb where you hit your head with a loud crack.  You cried out at the sudden pain and Yoongi pulled away, his eyes wide with shock.

“I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.  I wasn’t paying attention, I was just so eager to get to the bed, I misjudged the width of the doorway.  I’m sorry.  Are you okay?”  Yoongi’s hands cradled your head while he looked to see how badly you were hurt.

You couldn’t help but start laughing at the situation. “I’ve missed you so much,” you told him.

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“Bracelets” Finn Wolfhard

Plot - the stranger things kids come back to LA for the premiere of season 2, taking a private jet to get there. 

Pairing - Finn Wolfhard x Reader

“Reunited at once!” I shrieked when I saw Millie at the airport. We finished filming stranger things 2 a few months ago and we all went back to our families during the ‘hiatus’. Since I lived the closest to the airport Millie was flying into, I offered to pick her up and drive us to the other airport where the private jet was. And yes, i did just say private jet.

I’m still so ecstatic about that fact that I get pampered because of all the ‘fame’. When we’re filming most, of the cast lives in a huge mansion together. Which, is just insane to even think about, let alone live.

“Are you excited to see Noah?” I winked at Millie when we got into the car, our moms in the front seat. Me and Sadie always tease her about liking him, even though we know they are just really close friends. “Oh shush you, we all know how excited you are to see Finn.” Mille joked back, wiggling her eyebrows. I rolled my eyes and laughed.

The truth is, I was so nervous to see Finn. A few days after filming the last episode of season 2,  Finn and I were talking in his room back at the mansion. We were packing up to go back home and I was going to ask him a question and of course we ended up talking for another half an hour. We somehow got onto the topic of dating.

“So, do you have anyone special back home?” Finn asked me, sitting down on the bed next to me. “I do actually, his name is george, and he’s a bulldog.” I joked, earning a laugh from Finn. “I mean like a boy, human boy.” He chuckled, looking at me, getting a little serious. “No, do you?” I winked, looking him in the eyes. “I have someone in mind, but theyre not actually back home, they’re here on the show.” He mumbled the last part. I looked away from him, my heart dropping a bit, thinking he was talking about Millie. “You.” he said, taking my hand in his. My heart skipped a beat when he said that, making me look back at him. “Really?” I wondered. He smiled and rested his hand on my cheek. “Yeah.” He whispered, moving his face closer to mine. I closed the gap and our lips touched. It was a short lived kiss, but a kiss nonetheless. Once we pulled apart he had this stupid smile in his face.

“Kids! The car is here! Are you packed?” We heard David yell from downstairs, making me and Finn jump.

“Y/N, were here.” I heard Millie say, pulling me out of my thoughts. The thing is, no one knows that me and Finn kissed. We kept it to ourselves. Of course I told my best friend from back home but it’s not like she had anyone to tell. I wanted to tell Millie and Sadie but Finn didn’t want anyone to really know just in case it got out because we all know that it would cause so many problems in the ST famdom.

But I also couldn’t keep it in anymore. When Finn was in canada and I was in New York we were always facetiming and talking and all that but it was a little awkward. Neither of us talked about the kiss. It was like this unspoken rule almost. It was almost like Finn was embarrassed even though he made the first move. It made me a little upset… okay, a lot upset.

“Millie, I need to tell you something.” I whispered to her after we made it through security and were just waiting for the others to arrive. “What is it?” she whispered back, looking over at me. “MILLIE! Y/N!” we heard someone yell from a distance. It was Gaten and Caleb. “GATEN! CALEB!” Millie and I yelled back, hugging each other. I hugged Gaten first, then Caleb.

We all chatted and catched up while we waited for Finn, Noah, and Sadie. “They just got out of security. And they found Sadie already.” Caleb informed us.

“Ive missed you guys so much!” Sadie exclaimed, hugging me and Millie. “We’ve missed you too.” Millie replied. “Noah! Ive missed you!” I smiled engulfing him in a hug. “You saw two weeks ago.” Noah laughed, hugging back. Since Noah and I both lived in New York we got to see each other a few times throughout these last months.

“Hey Y/N.” Finn half smiled, opening his arms, suggesting I hug him. “Hey Finn.” I smiled back, accepting his hug. To say there was tension was an understatement. “Ive missed you, even though we did facetime almost everyday, it’s not the same.” He chuckled, pulling away. “Yeah. ive missed you too.” I blushed. “Hey lovebirds! It’s time to get in the jet.” Noah told us, making Finn blush too.

When you hear the word jet, you automatically think small, right? This thing was nowhere near being small. There was a living room looking area, a dining room looking area, and a bedroom looking area. It was insane.

I was sitting in the ‘living room’ when Finn came and sat next to me. “I got you something.” He lowered his voice. He took a small square cardboard box out of his backpack and handed it to me. I opened it, feeling a bit nervous. Inside was a bracelet, that had the name ‘Nicole’ on it, which is my character’s name. “Oh my god, Finn. this is so beautiful.” I beamed, taking it out of the packaging. “I thought you’d like it.” He added, helping me put it on. “Thank you so much!” I cheered, immediately engulfing him in a hug. “Youre welcome.” he mumbled into my hair. We pulled away, but not completely. His hands were still on my waist and mine were still around his neck. He started to move his head closer, until I pulled away. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Nothing, it’s just… Gaten is napping right there.” I whispered, making up some bullshit lie. “I’m going to go find Millie and Sadie.” I added, walking away.

“Millie. Sadie, can I talk to you two?” I asked the two after finding them Noah and Caleb in the ‘dining room’ “sure what’s up?” Mille answered. “Alone?” I asked, directing it towards Caleb and Noah. “You better tell me later.” Noah winked, leaving the room. “Y/N? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Sadie asked, a concerned look on her face. “A few months ago, the day we all left the mansion to go back home, Finn and I kissed.” I whispered. “Holy shit!” Millie smiled, getting excited and fangirl-y. “No it’s not a good thing. Afterwards, when we were back home, we’d facetime a lot but it wasn’t like how we used to talk. There was tension and he was just acting a bit weird, like he was.. Embarrassed? I don’t know. But then today, like just now, he gave me this.” I paused, showing them the bracelet. “And i’m just really shocked because we spend months apart where I feel like we’re getting further and further apart, and he’s acting weird in those months and then he just comes back and acts like nothing happened over the break! I don’t know what to do.” I rambled.

“Okay Y/N, calm down. Maybe Finn just didn’t know how to handle himself. All I know is that you were all he talked about to me, I could talk to him for you?” Sadie replied. “Yeah, just figure out why he was acting weird.” I sadly smiled, getting up from the table. “Thanks guys.”

“OH FINNY!! WE HAVE TO TALK TO YOU!!!” Millie sang from the dining room area, a few minutes after I had left. He looked at me before getting up and going towards her and Sadie. “You and Finn kissed?!” Noah asked me, his voice quieter than normal. “Sush Noah! How did you know?” I whisper yelled, lightly hitting his shoulder. “I was spying on your conversation.” He chuckled. “Hey! You can’t do that!” I slightly laughed. “But yeah, we did. Finn didn’t want anyone to know but I couldn’t keep it to myself anymore.” I whispered. “I knew you two had something.” He winked. “Shut up, it was one kiss.” I rolled my eyes. “And a bracelet?” He smiled, wiggling his eyebrows. “Stop it!” I laughed.

Finn walked back into the room, looking half upset and half angry. “Y/N, lets talks, now.” He demanded, walking into the bedroom area. “Yeah?” I asked, closing the door behind us. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I was acting so weird during these last few months but I didn’t mean to make it seem like I was leading you on. I was mad at myself for not telling you earlier, and I just missed you so much and I really didn’t know what to do.” He stuttered, taking my hands in his. “Its okay Finn, we just should have talked to each other about this.” I lightly chuckled. “And, I missed you too.” I smiled, leaning up, our lips almost touching. “Good.” He breathed, closing the gap between us. This time, the kiss was a lot longer lived, but he still had that same goofy smile plastered on his face. “When we get to LA, will you go on a date with me?” He asked. “Of course.”



The Friendly Wager (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,978

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, complete and utter denial, social drinking, cheese - I needed something this fluffy ok? haha

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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Take care of her - Theo Reaken


warning: none and my grammar in English is terrible sorry for the mistakes, have fun!

“Don’t worry Mason you’ll be fine, we’ll get out of here”

Mason’s arm was around Theo’s neck as Theo dragged Mason through the underground.

“Theo I think we’d better stop” Mason said with a grunt of pain.

Theo lowered and placed Mason on the floor.

“Mason, are you okay?”

Mason shook his head making a negative signal as his face gave away the pain he was feeling.

Then Theo took Mason’s hand and tried to heal him, but it wasn’t working and he didn’t understand why, it never worked, he already had tried other times but didn’t get any results.

“You can’t heal if you don’t care” Mason said.

Theo looked at Mason and then he started to get desperate, Mason couldn’t die, not in his presence, the guilt of Mason’s death was going to fall directly into Theo and he could already imagine the beta of scott wanting to break his face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll call somebody”

“Theo you can’t bring them here …”


Theo picked up the cell phone and reached for the number of Y/N, it took a little longer and she finally answered.

“Y/N, I need you here, Mason is wounded and I …”

"Y/N don’t listen to him, don’t come!”

“Shut up Mason I’m trying to save your life!”

“You’re going to end up killing us all!”

“ Shut up!”

Theo heard Y/N calling him on his phone and stopped arguing with Mason.

“Theo, what’s going on? Aren’t you where we told you to go? Tell me you didn’t break the plan. ”

“Y/N, I didn’t break the plan, we’re both underground the hunters already knew, I don’t know how, please I need you, hurry up, Mason is dying”

“I’m on my way”

“And Y/N please be careful, they are everywhere”

With that she hung up and Theo turned to the mason who was pale and sweating cold.

“You shouldn’t have done that”

“I needed”

Then Theo stood to stay on watch as Mason tried to rest a little, and all Theo asked in his mind was for Y/N to arrive before the worst happened.

Y/N and Liam went down to the underground, yes she had taken Liam with her, after she heard Mason screaming in the background wanting her not to go in there , she needed backup.

“Are you feeling the same as me?” Liam said.

“Yeah come on, we can smell Mason’s blood three hundred yards away.”

The two hurried through the corridors of the place and when it seemed that they were near it made a noise, a click.


Liam tried to stop her from turning the corner but it was too late, an arrow bathed in wolfsbane went straight into her belly and then the wall beside it exploded. Y/n’s body was thrown against the wall and huge piece of concrete had fallen well over her leg, Liam came running towards her and took the concrete from above, she was still awake, she is a werewolf, strong one, but the wolfsbane wasn’t helping at all, Liam pulled the arrow and held her belly trying to stop the blood. Her blood darkened to black in a few minutes, and Liam began to take the pain out of her, but he knew it wouldn’t do much good, she was dying.

“We need to get you back to the animal clinic, there are things there that will help you and …”

“Liam you need to find Mason”

“Y/N we gotta go back”

“LIAM NO! Find Mason, you can help him, Theo can’t ”

“Please go”

Liam got up undecided and ran off to where Mason was, when he got there he saw that his friend was almost in the same situation as he left Y/N.

“Liam what are you doing here I thought… “

"Theo we don’t have time to talk, Y/N is hurt and it’s very bad, I need you to go to her and take her back to the animal clinic, we can help her”


“JUST GO THEO! You can’t help Mason I can, now go” Liam had barely finished speaking and Theo had already run off towards Y/N, his heart was racing and he couldn’t feel her presence as he always felt, it was different with her, he always knew when she was near or far away, they felt the presence of the other much faster than any other creature. He didn’t know how to explain, all he knew at that moment was that he was desperate, and it never was, with her it was different, and if anything happened to her, he wouldn’t know what to do.

Theo stopped in the middle of the corridor trying to find her then he let out a roar, he knew where she was he would find her and that’s exactly what happened, he heard her roar back and followed his left, when he arrived he saw the Y/N clothes full of blood, she was on the floor pressing both hands on the wound, was helping with blood but not with the wolfsbane, he approached her and took her in his arms.

“I’ll get you out of here, you’ll be fine,” Theo said as he pressed his forehead to hers.

“And Mason?”

“Mason and will be fine, Liam is with him don’t worry babe”

She was almost closing her eyes and when he realized that it would be better to continue talking to her, he was terrified.

“Don’t close your eyes baby girl look at me, keep talking to me okay?”

“I’m tired Theo, it hurts too much”

“I’m sorry babe, this is my fault Mason said not to call you”

“It’s not your fault” Y/N said putting a hand on Theo’s face. His eyes were filled with tears and he was hurrying toward the exit, Y/N could hear his heartbeats, they were accelerated as well as his breathing.

“Yes it’s my fault, I was selfish again, I just thought of myself, all I could think about was how everyone would blame me for Mason’s death, I didn’t give a fuck if he really was going to live Y/N, What is wrong with me?”

“There’s nothing wrong with you Theo”

“But then the Liam came to us and it wasn’t you, I called you and you were not there, something completely wrong was happening, I knew, you’re always there for me, always. And I can’t let anything happen to you baby, you’re the only thing I have, only you, nothing matters anymore.”

Theo closed his eyes and his forehead Still leaning against hers he was suffering from seeing her suffer and he hated it, suddenly he pressed his lips to hers, he would try again just once and if it didn’t work he would give up, he would have no reason to fight.

Then Y/N began to feel the pain leaving her body, the relief she felt was huge, so she opened her eyes and saw the reason, Theo’s veins were black, he was taking the pain away. Then he broke away from her and they were on the way out and he said.

“Let’s get you out of here”

Y/N opened her eyes and realized that it was morning, she was lying on an operating table, the bleeding from her belly had already stopped and she could see only the strip all over her belly, then the door opened and Theo passed through the door  with a calm smile on his face.

“I heard your heartbeat accelerate a little from the other room, I knew that you had woken up, how do you feel?”

"I feel great, I was just feeling a bit confused”

“Yeah, you passed out when we were coming”

I sat down at the table and Theo approached me standing in front of me, he placed both hands on my cheek and gave me a kiss on my forehead, Y/N took his hands and gave a kiss on the left hand.

“Thank you, you saved my life.”

“you’re welcome princess.”

“Theo, you couldn’t heal Mason but you managed to heal me …”

“I know, Mason told me that I can’t heal if I don’t care about the person, I care about you princess, only you are nothing else.”

Y/N wrapped her arms around Theo and he stood between her legs so he was closer.

“I love you” she whispered just to him hear.

“I love you too baby girl, now I know”

Theo approached Y/N’s mouth and kissed her, they decided to stay in that bubble for a while, just Theo and Y/N, Y/N and Theo.

I'm sorry

for all the times I can’t think of a things to say
for when I talk too much about things you clearly don’t care about
for when I don’t put in the effort we both know I could
for when I make it worse
for responding too quickly
for singing too loudly
for laughing too obnoxiously
for letting myself get so fat
for being too clingy
for not understanding
for trying to understand
for bothering you when you’re busy
for over reacting
for being bad at everything
for messing everything up
for not being able to hold a conversation

I’m so infinitely sorry for being me

Alec Lightwood Imagine: Lifeline


Prompts: 19.-“Stop it! It tickles!”, 
26.- “Come over here and make me.”,
62- "You got a cute butt.”

Summary: Reader finds Alec training in the middle of the night andapologize s for the harsh words from earlier. Then they train together which ends up with Alec getting tickled.

Word Count: 1003

Originally posted by alectightwood

“Dammit Alec, can you just stop ignoring me?” I threw my hands into the air getting impatient by his behavior.

It was 3 AM and instead of sleeping he was in the training room fighting the punching bag. It was a result of us having a fight before.

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Basically same as per your reaction to the recent Doctor Who news. Didn't think I'd be watching it again until Moffat leaves, but... That was basically what I wanted for YEARS and now it happens?? I just hope my favourite character's portrayal doesn't get as messed up as the show :/

Yeah I have concerns about where exactly in the Master’s timeline they intend to have Simm!Master come in. Like… if they’re having him return, are 12 and co. going “back” and come across him that way? Because if you stick to what we see in RTD’s era, it seems to be pretty impossible for Simm!Master to swan off and do other things himself, because he doesn’t have access to his own working (”unlocked”) TARDIS and has all this other shit to deal with in LotTL/EoT/etc. so it wouldn’t make sense.

Although I suppose if they did it from post-EoT onwards, when he “disappears” and we don’t know what happens between then and when he regenerates, that would be best way to not fuck with established events in s3-4.

But this is DW we’re talking about and after The Last Great Laser Tag Fight, fucking with established events is a thing that I don’t think is taken all that seriously anyway because wibbly wobbly humpty dumpty

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bOI can i ask for some jeffmads? It fuels my soul,,, super fluffy and Thomas being a lil gay shit



James, at this point, was only half listening. He heard this at least five times a day - at the least. Hamilton this, Hamilton that. He’d never admit it, but every time Thomas brought up Alex, a spark of jealousy would light in his stomach,

He didn’t hate Alex as Thomas did - sure they weren’t best friends but after doing a project with him and them both doing most of the work - stupid John Jay - you grow fond of the little dude.

When your boyfriend won’t shut up about them, that’s when you get annoyed with them.

With a sighed he pushed his roller chair back, having submit the essay he was writing. Thomas paused his rant, hearing James’ sigh.

“You okay?”

James nodded. “Just…tired I guess.”

A worried look came over his face. “You’re not getting sick again are you baby?” He fell from his position, feet having been over the back of the couch and head hanging down, he turned to look at his boyfriend.

“No, I’m not getting sick.” Sick of hearing about your spite centered crush on Hamilton.

“I know that look. Something’s bothering you.” James rolled his eyes, moving to sit on the end of the couch, pulling out his phone.

“Nothings bothering me Thomas…” His voice held annoyance.

His eyes went wide as he felt a  weight lay down on him, looking sideways to see a massive floof of curls in his face.

“Thomas, what are you doing?” The weight intensified, Thomas leaning heavier on his body, James being squished onto the couch.

He began laughing, small giggles as Thomas forced more weight onto him.

“Gravity is increasing on me!”

James caught on, kicking his legs half heartedly, “Is not.”

“Is too! The same thing happened yesterday!” He threw his arms out, smooshing James more, causing breathless giggles to escape him.

“You rotten boyfriend, your butt is crushing me! Why do you have to act so weird?” Thomas laughed, James feeling his body shake on top of his.

“I love you Jemmy.” He rolled his eyes, sighed in fake annoyance.

“Love you too Tommy.”

Thomas rolled over, face right above James’, leaning down, leaving a soft peck on his lips. “What’s wrong Jemmy?” He sighed, turning away a bit.

“You just…It’s stupid.”

Thomas tilted his head, rolling his eyes. “If it’s bothering you it isn’t stupid. Now out with it you big fluff ball.”

“You’re one to talk.” James rolled his eyes and laughed softly. “Just, I dunno, whenever you get home all you seem to talk about is Alex…”

Thomas opened his mouth but James beat him to it, “I know it’s stupid to be jealous of it - you hate him! But, I don’t know. You talk about him so much I just feel like I’m put second. Like you put your fake debates over me. And I know it’s important to you but - “

James’ eyes fluttered shut, Thomas pressing his lips against his softly. Thomas pulled back, laughing softly. “I’m sorry I make you feel that way baby. Alex - I don’t know, they just get me mad, fired up. You’re the only one who listens and cares so I vent to you! I’ll limit myself, make sure I don’t talk about him too much.”

“I know you need to vent! But, yeah, maybe just, limit yourself? Like, only an hour after you come home?” 

Thomas nodded, burying his face in James’ neck. “Of course baby! Only an hour for Hamilton venting! The rest is to be focused on you!”

James rolled his eyes. “They don’t have to be - oh.” He breathed shakily, Thomas’ teeth slowly nibbling at his skin. “That - That works too.”


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Long Distance (Final Chapter)

This is our last chapter guys! Thanks so much for all the love on this fic, and for coming along on the ride for this thing. Love my readers.

Art as always by my favorite @latelierderiot – writing this with you has been so fun!!! thank you for such a wonderful prompt!

Long update- 3400 words– can’t wait to hear what you guys think!


Enjoy :)

{Group Text}

From Bucky– it pissed me off that there was only two of us in bed this morning when I woke up.

From Steve– it really did. I’ve never felt so unwanted in my own bed

From Bucky– whatever Steve, you rolled towards the middle of the bed and totally grumbled when you got my big ass instead of Tony.

From Tony– so Steve rolled over and grabbed your ass, Buck? And then complained? My god that’s rude

From Bucky– so rude. I was devastated

From Steve– Oh my god, you guys.

From Bucky– seriously though, sweet thing, after waking up next to you two days in a row– monday morning was suddenly about 10x suckier than usual because you weren’t lying next to us.

From Steve– it absolutely was. And I know we left some things unsaid when we left yesterday afternoon, but don’t worry about that. Whether you say yes or no to moving in with us won’t change a damn thing. We fell in love with you long distance, we can keep loving you long distance too.

From Bucky– look at the professor preaching truth.
        – long distance or not, we love every inch of you.
        – i might be more partial to particular inches over others, but still. Love them all.

From Steve– Bucky

From Bucky–hey we both know you’re the smooth one, Stevie. Nothing I say should surprise Tony anymore.

From Tony– No surprises here. I’m going to be out of contact most of the day, but we can talk tonight.

From Steve– alright honey, love you

From Bucky– love ya baby doll.

From Tony– Yep. Love you guys too.


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Cringe Culture

Cringe culture is fake. Sorry, people having fun or enjoying something just isn’t cringey and horrible. Whether they’re kids or teens or adults, it honestly doesn’t matter. If someones having fun, just let it go!

It took me so long to actually believe this. Because of cringe culture, I never talked about how much Undertale meant to me. I never let myself enjoy self-inserts or making art. I even pushed myself to grow up too fast, because I was so worried that I was “too cringey” for my friends.

I’m just lucky that I can accept that about myself now. It’s like, I realized that others are at fault for making fun of me or my friends. We are just having fun, you know? I legitimately have an Emoji Movie self-insert, and I even made some for all of my faves. I have a whole team of Sailor Scouts that I designed. As a kid, I pretended I knew digimon. I drew bad art. I still do!

Just don’t let others say mean stuff to you because you like something or enjoy doing something. And if someone says your art or writing or whatever is bad, don’t worry. No one starts out great, and not even everyone ends up being great. If no ones hurt, then it’s okay. Have fun. Do whatever. Sometimes some people just suck and are gonna try to make you feel bad, but try not to let them do that.

Bad Girl

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Request: anon: Can you do one where you date peter Parker and the avengers are really protective of him specially Tony and Bucky and they all question you when he’s goes to the bathroom or something

A/N: I am free from the cage called exams. You can now expect regular posts. This one is just a drabble I wrote. I am really tired so I won’t blabber. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): none!

Word Count: 929

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“aren’t they the cutest superhero couple, folks?” the overly sweet, enthusiastic voice of the news anchor lady rang through the common room. Everyone’s eyes were fixed upon the television screen with varying expression. “just look at them, young, in love, saving the world together, just the perfect couple.” She said as she pointed at a picture of you and Spiderman a.k.a peter. His arms were around your waist, one of your hand was on his chest while you caressed his cheek with the other. “Spiderman and the Sorceress, people. something to look at when you’re having a-“ Tony turned the T.V off and tossed the remote on the couch.

‘they’re so cute together.’ Wanda scrunched her nose as she grinned.

‘I can agree.’ Thor’s voice rumbled as he entered the room.

‘No!’ tony uncrossed his arms and pointed a finger at her. ‘she’s not yet verified by me.’

‘or me’ Bucky walked in the room.

“or me” Steve and Natasha added in unison.

‘aww, come one, people. let the kids live a little’ Pietro zapped in the room and plopped on the couch. “they’ll be here in a couple of minutes by the way.” He leaned back and stretched.

‘I don’t think I encourage it, the girl always destroys things when she’s trying to do to do the hero stuff.’ Tony argued.

‘oh, the irony’ Clint smiled at the ceiling.

  ‘we at least know how to handle this shit she-‘ Natasha stopped speaking as she saw you both enter the room.

 You both stopped at a distance and smiled at them. they looked at you up and down, you wore ripped jean and a black leather jacket. kohl light and strength heavy in your eyes, you qualified for the classic bad girl.

‘hey everyone, this is (y/n)’ peter held his arms up to show you off and you chuckled. You received a bunch of greeting from everyone except.

‘so, this is your super girlfriend, huh parker?’ Pietro grinned.

‘yes.’ You wrapped an arm around peter’s waist and jerked him towards you. ‘it’s quite obvious with all the pictures and everything circling around, isn’t it?’

‘yup,’ tony said. ‘a little too obvious.’ Tony sarcastically grinned at peter as he tried to avoid his gaze.

‘why don’t you sit down?’ vision landed on the ground.

‘almost forgot he was hovering here.’ Clint muttered. ‘so, kids, when did this all start?’

  ‘just a couple of run ins’ peter shrugged.

‘and,’ you sat down in a manly manner with arms crossed. ‘an awful lot of flirting.’ You stressed each word and grinned at him. he shoved you playfully and you stuck your tongue out.

‘oh, I didn’t know you were capable, spiderling. I thought you were,’ Tony pretended to think for a while. ‘shy and awkward.’

  ‘he isn’t with the mask on, sir’ you looked at him.

‘I-‘ peter was interrupted by his phone. ‘it’s aunt May, I gotta take this.’ He got up. ‘see you in a minute.’ He smiled at you.

‘don’t keep me waiting, sugar!’ you called out.

‘NO’ he mouthed and you threw your arms up in surrender.

‘CAN’T HELP IT.’ you mouthed. He rolled his eyes and left.

‘that’s a little too much of a nickname.’ Bucky said.

‘sorry sir, it’s just I’m not capable of altering myself for others.’ You replied. ‘peter talks a lot about all of you’

‘that’s good, we can get to the main thing then.’ Tony smiled. ‘what are your powers?’ he leaned forwards and asked. You smirked to yourself. Were they trying to scare you?

‘element manipulation.’ You replied.

‘can you fully control them, enough not to hurt others?’ Steve asked.

‘yes. My hair, well, they burst up in flames if I’m enraged.’ You explained.

‘so, you can hurt someone if you get too… excited?’ tony cleared his throat.

‘no, no, I don’t think I’ve ever done that. You can trust me with that one.’ you couldn’t help but grin a bit.

‘are you kids indulging in activity not appro-‘ Steve started to speak but you interrupted him.

‘Sorry to interrupt you but that’s very personal, sir.’ You said sternly.

‘what kind of a student are you?’ Bruce tried to change the topic.

‘ 7. Something gpa type. I have other talents so I think I can make up for the remaining.’ You shrugged.

‘do you know how to fight?’ Natasha asked.

‘not all that good but learning, ma’am.’ You smiled.

‘you are free to come over if you wanna train.’ Natasha smiled at you.

‘that would be very nice, thank you.’ you tilted your head and smiled. ‘anything else you all would like to ask?’ you looked around.

‘no,’ peter walked in. ‘if you’re done interrogating my girlfriend, can we leave?’ he asked and received a nod from tony. ‘thank you.’

‘thank you, everyone. It was nice meeting you. good bye.’ You received a bunch of byes as you two left.

‘you liked ‘em?’ peter asked as you two got in the elevator.

‘actually, I did. they’re really protective of you though.’ you said. ‘it was a bit boring though.’ You looked at him. he smirked, wrapped his arms around your waste and pulled you forwards making you crash into his chest.

‘you wanna kiss away the boredom?’ he asked in a low voice.

‘I’m so glad I brought out the bad boy in you.’ you wrapped your arms around his neck.

‘nothing in the elevator, kids.’ Tony’s voice rang through the lift and you both jumped away.

‘sorry, Mr. Stark!’ peter said as his face turned a bright shade of red.