sorry i ramble about school

Mike likes to watch Will sleep.

Sometimes he’s waiting for that little crease to appear on his brow, the twitch in his closed eyes, the slight tightening of his jaw. He waits until Will begins to squirm against him, fingers gripping onto the quilt or Mike’s clothes or his own arms, bony fingers staining hia pale skin purple or black. He waits until Will begins to whimper, ever so slightly, ever so quietly, pressing his face into the pillow, muffling the sounds that he makes, silencing himself.

When the pace of his breathing picks up, Mike wraps Will up in his arms, tucking his face into the smaller boy’s shoulder before he’s panicking enough to push Mike away. He rubs Will’s back, palms running up and down the length of Will’s spine, pressing gentle, soothing kisses against his collarbone. Sometimes it’s enough to stop Will from screaming, and he opens his eyes with just a shuddering gasp, eyes darting around the room until they land on Mike.

Sometimes it’s not, though, and Will will scramble out of Mike’s arms, tumbling onto the floor, crossing the carpet to press himself into the corner of the room. He’ll scream and he’ll sob, holding himself until he can bear the touch of someone else. Mike will always stay close, always within Will’s eyeline, because he never wants Will to feel alone, not ever.

Sometimes Will sleeps peacefully, sometimes only for a few hours, sometimes for the whole night. And Mike will just watch him until he’s tired enough to sleep himself. He’ll press soft kisses on Will’s cheeks, and he’ll run his fingers through his mop of soft hair, and he’ll whisper all the things he’s too embarrassed to say when Will’s awake. And maybe sometimes, Will’s only half asleep, and he listens to Mike’s mumble sentences, trying not to smile and give away his consciousness, not wanting Mike to stop.

imagine the nine-nine playing ninja spoon wars:

  • it’s an annual event that stretches multiple days and everyone gets really into it because of course they do, there’s a lot of sneaking around and watching each other with wary eyes
  • jake was the one to suggest it in the first place. every year he goes all out with a spoon bandolier, spoons shoved in his sleeves assassin’s creed style, fitting tunes, elaborate multi-spoon weapons (he makes a star out of some spoons; unfortunately it doesn’t work as well as it looks), etc. 
  • rosa is easily the most terrifying ninja assassin. one year she dropped out from a vent to get charles
  • amy is actually really good at ninja spoon wars because she makes secret binders of all their routines and devises traps. holt is the first to catch on and make sure that he’s unpredictable during the game
  • there’s a lot of ducking beneath desks and hiding in closets. once jake hides under HR jim’s desk for a good hour when rosa happens to walk in. HR jim is less than amused but stays quiet 
  • charles is the worst. one year he gets jake as his first target and every time he gets close to killing him, he “just couldn’t do that to jake, he’s my best friend! i can’t stab him in the back!”. eventually he just stands in the middle of the precinct and asks for his assassin to end him now before he’s forced to kill jake or the unthinkable happens and jake gets his name
  • (unfortunately jake already had his name. he feels only a little bad killing him)
  • (”et tu, jake?”)
  • actually hitchcock and scully are the worst. completely predictable, you just have to wait around by their desks or in the kitchen and soon enough they’ll show up. the only time hitchcock ever successfully killed anyone was when he had scully and even then, he was killed by amy a second later
  • gina starts out just being the judge and target assigner, but eventually starts playing
  • his first year at the precinct, holt pretends not play but secretly he does (gina plays that year to help with this scheme and she has his name because someone needs to have it and they both win in the end). terry is his first target so he stabs him alone in the office with the blinds closed and THE LOOK OF UTTER BETRAYAL ON TERRY’S FACE IS PRICELESS. holt also makes terry promise not to tell the others - which allows him to pick them off one by one until the end
  • “you never see a good ninja coming” is holt’s line when he ends jake, the last except for gina and himself that year. jake doesn’t even mind losing, he’s so thrilled that the captain is playing
  • (ok he minds a little, he vows to get his revenge next year)
  • one year after they’re dating, jake and amy end up as the final two, they spend over a day circling each other and trying to corner one another. amy ends it by surprise-kissing jake in the precinct one morning and then stabbing him in the ribs with a spoon. it’s a very dramatic death scene, full of betrayal
  • ninja spoon wars inspires a LOT of looks of betrayal
  • also a lot of spoons flying around the precinct
  • the beat cops always know when it’s ninja spoon wars because suddenly there are no plastic spoons in the building anymore except those on the ground. they always sigh and resign themselves to metal spoons for the week

add your own headcanons if you’d like

I was in textiles class today and our task was to pick an aspect of a theme “the animal kingdom” and make a moodboard in preparation for our next design task. And you know what my teacher let me choose as my aspect? 


That was probably a huge mistake.

(The design task turned out to be… “a children’s garment which demonstrated different safe fastenings”. And…DRAGON SUIT WITH WINGS. DRAGON. SUIT. WITH. WINGS. I might post when I’ve done it because this is the most exciting idea I’ve had in a long time NOW I JUST NEED TO ADAPT IT INTO SOMETHING I CAN ACTUALLY MAKE FOR MYSELF WHO CARES IF I’M NOT A CHILD I AM IN MY HEAD)