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okay you know what pisses me off? the fact that every other love interest kara has had, it has ended because of things that happen have even to her and mon-el

with adam, she didn’t think it was meant to be because they were always interrupted (via kidnapping or other means). with james, it was the same damn thing. they were getting interrupted constantly. that led her to think that the universe was telling her not to do it, that she wasn’t ready and needed to focus on her

now, i’m not knocking that. i’m knocking the fact that that same shit happens with mon-el. their first kiss was under a poison/drug induced mon-el who pretended it never happened. their other “flirtations” were interrupted or kara showed obvious disinterest. and their latest “thing” was interrupted again. but kara will bend over backwards to make this work, right? because he’s basic straight cis white boy #3 and that’s who she’s meant to be with because oh don’t the cw just love their basic white boys who give nothing to the plot but take everything from the leading ladies and the men of colour who should be getting the screen time (and the girl), and also the lesbians

Demon Makka: Happy New Year!!! ( Happy New Year guys!!! This year has been a roller coaster for me…..But ending this year i found friend who truly make me happy and i’m thankful for them helping me… the  YOI community has helped me a lot and i meet sooo many nice people and i’m great-full for them and a big thank you too you guys too for following me and liking my shit and i hope 2017 will be a open door for me ( because my family is moving to Florida in January and i hope it goes well for my health and education ) and i hope spending this year with the new friends i made who are such amazing people and i hope this year they will find happiness and so much more…. A big thank you too : @gay-trash-cats @ask-poledancer-yuuri @askpoledancerviktor @verygaykatsuki @priestvictor @incubusyuuri @ask-sugarbaby-otabek @yipesyipesyipes @phichitonice-chu @yuuri-loves-you @yuuri-on-heelys @spasticvocalist @badlydrawnyuurikatsuki @badlydrawnchrisgiacometti @badlydrawnjindopup @choirgirl-mila @sisteryurio @angelotabek @badlydrawnseung-gil @succubusmila @ask-dankmakkachin @askshibainuyuuri @ask–viktor @starsabovetheearth and the bae @novathehuman (i’m sorry if i miss any people!!! i know there are more but this is what came to mind!!!!) and all these people thank you some of you i have talk to some not… but still those who haven’t talk to me  i love there blogs and they always make me happy….. and thanks again and lets hope that 2017 will be a good year…….. )  

I love Moana so much it’s just so good and pure and the music is incredible and everything about it is perfect and I wanna go and see it again and again because it’s literally the best thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life I haven not stopped thinking about it for literal weeks it’s SO. GOOD.

i lined it to test out the brush

i really like this?? <3 look at how cute they look

and fucking hell the fact that jack’s hair is squished by the hoodie makes his head look so much smaller than hic’s because of hic’s abundant fluffy hair

might colour i t

again, listening to hamilton– i saw tags wondering what hamilton was and honestly it’s a musical i really recommend, while i am not a fan of musicals mysel f

there’s two songs that really help me out when drawing these two (helpless and burn for angsty thing s)

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I knOW I'M noT rEADy AT ALL???? LIKE I'M EXCITING BUT PLEASE TELL ME THE CONCEPT??? JJdhfudjfuwudh😂😂😭 I thought that it could be a winter concept but they haven't say anything yet so:') Jesus there are a lot of comebacks this month I honestly feel so attacked(?) ;w; AND DID YOU SEE THE MIMI DRAMA THEY MADE??? I LIVE FOR JINJIN'S 'ACTION' IS SO CUTE AND EVERYONE IS SO AWKWARD HAHAHAHHA 💙💙 That girl was so lucky I swear 😂😂😂 .- Tanned Anon


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in other news, I am feeling VERY attacked by all these February comebacks;;; Day6, NCT Dream, and ofc BTS YNWA, and now Astro ((and prob more I’m forgetting?? o~o))

My heart can’t handle all this TALENT;;; <333

idek how to express my feeling rn ;u;


I’m so proud of them?? like they wrote and directed and produced it themselves?? TuT my sweet children they’re so talented is there anything they can’t do???



suhyun: “i like soft guys”

rocky: “i’m soft~~” *body rolls*

like when they met their female lead and did the improv acting I was dyingggg lolol that’s my fave video I probably watched it like 6 times;; >u<

Anonymous said to exactingleverage: why do you like the pretzel moment so much? 

Such a beautiful question but since I’m always a nerd for ranting about Leverage, I apologize in advance:

In 3x05, The Double Blind Job, Parker obviously struggles with what she may or may not be feeling for Hardison; yeah, it might be obvious that she likes him, and jealous of the girl they’re trying to help for spending so much time with him, but Parker just isn’t ready to admit that. Hardison knows that she means him when she says that she “likes pretzels”, and pretzels become her way of avoiding feeling vulnerable or seemingly silly in from of him, her way of enforcing a kind of emotional escape plan. Hardison, being an awesome dude, accepts it, and tells her that pretzels are always around for whenever she may want ‘em. 

Fast forward ten episodes, 3x15, The Big Bang Job. Parker and Hardison have just diffused a state-destroying EMP bomb after jumping onto a moving train from a bridge and surviving the bomb’s explosion. Sophie’s in the car waiting for them so they can make their escape, but Parker (probably chalk-full of adrenaline) takes the time to turn to Hardison and go “you know what I feel like right now? Pretzels” - and it’s just such a pure moment. They both already know that they like each other, but pretzels suddenly aren’t a way out for Parker anymore. They become a quirky little inside joke between more-than-just-friends and they reveal Parker’s growth both individually and with regard to her crew/fam. Where Parker never felt like pretzels in all her previous life, she slowly realizes that she’s found a safe place that she doesn’t need to escape from, and so she’s able to stop running long enough to munch on something meaningful and worthwhile.

And I mean, c’mon, Hardison’s reaction alone is defs a reason why I love Pretzels <3

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it’s christmas eve and i just reached 3,000 followers and i want to thank every single one of you for helping make 2015 my best year on tumblr!! 

i can’t express how much i love the community we have here;  you’re all so talented, and you’ve never failed to brighten my days. thank you for reading my fics, thank you for talking headcanons with me, thanks for telling me about your lives and listening to my rambles, thank you for being the most amazing people.

i appreciate every single one of you and i hope that, whatever you celebrate, wherever you are in the world, you’re having the happiest of holiday seasons and that your 2015s have been as great as you’ve made mine!!

a particular shout out to @shelbychild, @percy-the-dark-one, @blackjacktheboss, @queenreynaavilaramirez-arellno, @aphnodite, @falloutpercy, @ihaveafrostyproblem, @percabeth-is-endless, @festivethalia, @hecatekid, @patrick-says-im-emo, @swftmas, @somethingmorecreative1, @snowbenderannabeth, @snowflakhione, @dgkeyblade, @sallyjacson, @ananbeth, @pepperminthazel and @son-of-rome for making this fandom feel more like a group of really great, really dorky friends

@lililibird@percyyoulittleshit and @ishelmascarinas for being the greatest squad to ever exist, aka. the princess squad, you girls are the absolute best and so talented and i’m so honoured to call you my friends

@aroacebiancadiangelo for being so lovely and making me so many beautiful things and still loving me even when tbah practically ruined you, ily so much itchy i will never be able to thank you enough

and to @lililibird (again). lili, my wife, i hope that the bananabird ship keeps sailing on, because you’re such an incredible friend and my favourite person to talk headcanons with and honestly it feels weird now if a day goes by without us chatting. you let me adopt our child, adult!jasper, and you dragged me down into the pits of punk!percy and girly!annabeth with you and i will never be able to express my gratitude. you’re an absolute sweetheart and i love you lots

happy holidays everyone!!!

Today’s Ocarina ok,,.

LIKE, first Dan said he was worried about Ar and seconds later called him big cat (as usual when he says he’s worried) aNd then fucking ARin mUST have remembered it because later he called Dan ‘small cat’ idk it’s just really fucking calming and sweet to know that whenever they brought up the big cat thing a while back, and Arin saying he didn’t remember Dan calling him that. Just him starting to listen for it more so when he hears in it makes him smile & his cheeks flutter and aaaa okk anywaaay,,

FuCking ARIn was all “ooo if im big cat then what are you?” and fuckiig Dan replies with go damn SEXY KITTen. Like OK just fuck me up??? All I can think of is Arin whispering that intoo Dan’s ear like during breaks and shit just to get him all riled up gOODBye..

& the end of the episode, GOD the end. It made my fucking heart flip,, when Arin was being a nerd with Link’s crouching animation and he was just giggling up a storm, which made Dan say “I love seeing you happy.” and Arin going “ok .” ,, jUust oh my god. Just, DAn staring at Arin while he’s laughing & he wasn’t laughing as hard as Ar because he was too stuck on Arin, just appreciating how cute and great and funny and happy his friend Arin looks rn which makes that little comment slip out,, 

*history of japan voice* BYE ~*