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Journeys - (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) - Chapter 2

My warning: This is basically the first thing I’ve ever written, so beware. Also, there may be some inaccuracies, as I only have a vague idea of how Broadway and the musical-writing process works.

Please, if you feel the need to do so, leave feedback to see if I should continue this.

Summary: When Lin asks you to work on Hamilton with him, you’re absolutely ecstatic. But you may be in for more than you thought with deadlines, stress, and complicated feelings for Lin.

Warnings: a lil cursing, reader has slight insecurities?

Word Count: 1957 (someone stop me)

A/N: Oh god, I’m so sorry for not updating. A lot of personal junk. Lame excuse, but still. Anyway, as I said, fics will be coming regularly now. Thanks for putting up with me. Enjoy!

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Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

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You rapped on the door in front of you, then quickly smoothed down your hair. You would be writing with Lin for the first time today, and you were absolutely ecstatic. This had been your dream for as long as you could remember, and you would be pursuing it with Lin. But you were nervous that you weren’t good enough to be writing with him.

You heard feet pounding, and then the door suddenly swung open to reveal Lin, wearing sweats and headphones that were obviously just unplugged.

He smiled his unforgettable smile. “Hey.“

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🎵 Shuffle Tag 🎵

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Rules: put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people

1. Waiting Game - Banks (sexiest song alive, oh my, will 10/10 get me neked)

2. There Is A Light And It Never Goes Out - The Smiths (we got any smiths fans in the house???)

3. Losing Your Memory - Ryan Star (10/10 will make u cry)

4.Never Gonna Change - Broods 👌👌👌

5.  Post Break-Up Sex - The Vaccines (I was one of those typical British 16 year olds that listened to the vaccines jks i still love them also this music video was legit my 16-17yr old aesthetic)

6. Build Me Up Buttercup - Frank Turner (such a good cover, from a fellow Brit too! Frank has the loveliest voice)

7. Exile Vilify - The National (10/10 will make u sad, especially if you’ve ever played portal 2- honestly, such a beautiful song!)

8. Let’s Go Surfing - The Drums (This was my ringtone for THREE YEARS)

9. A Part Of Me - Neck Deep (POP PUNK’S NOT DEAD PPL 👏👏👏)

10. Sunset - The XX (The XX manage to make me feel at peace and make me question my existence all at the same time)

From this experience I’ve learnt:
1. 60% of my music makes me sad 
2. I should never put my playlist on shuffle bc I will get 100% nostalgic 

I did this pretty late so I don’t know who’s done this and who hasn’t, so if I tag you and you’ve done it, I apologise!

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is there somewhere i can read your whole comic in order?? im a huge fan of it and the art style, plus Emilio's whole abuse backstory really resonates with me because i have been in the exact situation, including about him not being ready to be with Rocco because of it, and i feel like you've done an amazing job with it

Okie! I went back and put links for the comic in order! If you want to start with the first page, here it is! As for the previous comics that have some regards to the plot, you can find in the comic tags and ask tags! I do apologize how separated the plot of the comic is.. I didn’t plan to reveal much of the plot when I started this blog :( Only recently I decided to make a page every Sunday~ I hope this helped!!

Also, thank you so much!!! ;o;)/// I reallY APPRECIATE THAT!! I am sorry for your abusive relationship in your past though.. :((( I really hope you had a good week and weekend!!! ;w;)

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What is your favourite thing about Ryuu? I personally love how he always seems ready to fight someone?? Idk hes great id love to know your favourite thing about him! -Kinshiro

oh my gosh I never expected to get this question haha put I find it funny tbh and adorable that he’s always ready to fight someone

ahhhhh I can’t say I love him so much I guess my favourite thing is his design I love cute charaters but of course must their personality also be good ahhh I’m so bad at explaining and I can’t decide what my favourite thing about him is so sorry this becamme me rambleling about Ryuu Ill but under a read more if you’re not intrested to read

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am i going to regret this? of course! lmaoo but i was tagged to do this like 359648965 years ago and its time, its time for me to finally do my tags asdgfhjkl, anyways this is yo gurl laura, whos going to be 21 on march 22nd but still looks like a 17 year old… tragic (@ god…..why?!?!!?) also these pictures dont make sense bc i literally just put here the first two i saw so excuse me

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hes trying to make up for it he “apologized” by saying “you all have to put a part into it we all have to work together” like no bitch youre supposed to provide us with basic needs like food and shelter not kick me out of my own house and not only force me to make my own food but to also cook for you when literally any time i cook for you you always get pissed because its “too salty” or “undercooked” its perfectly fine?

Rules: You can tell alot about a person based on the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle, list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people  

@dearleen gracias brunch™

Blow us all away- hamilton

Behind the sea- p!atd

The schuyler sisters- hamilton

Hurricane- hamilton

Demolition lovers- my chemical romance  

Boombayah- blackpink 

Guns and ships- hamilton 

Lie- bts

Shooter- clippings.

Dear theodosia- hamilton 

and in conclusion im a boring bitch with the lamest music taste! bhhbbff uhh i tag @lthrmthxo @vampgerard @el-thebabyvampire @vampirefrances @revengegerard @transgee @ghostofgay i think im missing some people njncdv but damn look @ me with the coolest mutualz  



• NAME. Zelda
• ANIMAL. Zebra
• BOYS NAME.  Zebro Zach/Zachary
• GIRLS NAME.  Zebra Zoe
• COLOR.  Zebra white  Zaffre (the only reason why I know this exists is cuz I learnt it to spite people who wanted me to name things starting with Z)
• MOVIE.  Zootopia (with Zebras)
• SOMETHING YOU WEAR. My Zebra coat Z…Zipper?
• DRINK.  Zebra cake Smoothie just put it all in a blender and WHABAM Zucchini Smoothie (I’m so sorry I’m reaching here)
• FOOD.   Zebra meat   Zebra cakes
• SOMETHING FOUND IN A BATHROOM.  My collection of zebra toothbrushes Zits.  HAH YOU WISH.  //cries
• PLACE.   Zebra Safari  Zora’s Domain
• REASON FOR BEING LATE. Zebra Wrestling  Zzzzz’ed in


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The Scientist Lindsey Sterling and Tyler Ward Cover

True Love Pink and Lilly Allen

Rather Be Pentatonix

Can’t Help Falling in Love Hearts and Colors

Unbroken Demi Lovato

Standing By Pentatonix

Penny Lane The Beatles

She is Love Parachute

Brokenhearted Karmin

Lay it All on Me Ed Sheeran

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handwriting tag!! everybody who does these has really nice writing and then there’s me ??? LOL i wrote so much about music bc i was thinking about it all day sorry

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i tried to tag some people i haven’t talked to before (’: if you do this make sure to tag me bc i’d lov 2 see what you write

“We need to treat everyone the same and as you want to be treated, because we’re all equal” look pal i know you WANT to believe we’re all equal, but like. There are entire groups of people who don’t even regard entire races of other people as human. And they have power to oppress them. People get killed for their identities every day, all around the world. Our president literally put a ban on an entire religion. If you own a uterus you can’t even get easy access to basic reproductive healthcare in most places. so please take a look at all that and tell me if we’re equal???? Are we all human? Sure. Yes. Definitely. But not everyone is being treated as such, so until you solve racism/homophobia/transphobia/sexism/colorism/antisemitism/any other bigotry, THEN we’ll be equal. but until then stop acting like everyone is cause you can live in a bubble and ignore the worst of it.

hey everyone!! since it’s kurt cobain’s birthday (and my birthday lol) i thought i would do a tumblr awards! and i will never stop using this gif effect. you can’t stop me now. (and i’m mad @ cartoon network and adventure time you’re ending next year so make bubbline canon!! it doesn’t matter if russia or anywhere else stop showing because it’s a gay ship it make it canon at the last episode!! just let them live as happy girlfriends after all they’ve been through jeez) alSO i’m almost at 400 followers!! omg thank you all, why do you even follow this trash pit??? i’d like and explanation pls + thank you


  • must be following this bubbline shipper
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  • you have until march 6, 11:59 est to enter (two weeks!)
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magnus bane award - best theme
effie trinket award - best mobile theme
bart curlish award - best icon
andrew minyard award - best url
barb holland award - best updates tab
enoch o’conner award - best side bar
hermione granger award - best harry potter blog
shego award - best multifandom
alex treveney award - best music/aesthetic/other blog
yuri plisetsky award - personal favorite


wednesday adams award - best orginal text posts*
peggy carter award - best writing*
marceline abadeer award - best creations*

* put the tags for text posts/edits/writing so i can find it easier

prizes under the cut!

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@cloudsnbubbles curse u for tagging me!!1! jk jk these are fun

rules: put your music on shuffle (im gonna use my playlist here), list the first 9 songs and your favourite lyrics from each, then tag 10 other people to participate

okay so im not rly a lyrics person, i tend to concentrate more on the melody but i’ll try

1. Bubblegum Bitch - Marina and the Diamonds

  Don’t care if you think I’m dumb,
I don’t care at all.
Candy bear, sweetie pie, wanna be adored.
I’m the girl you’d die for.

2. Not Gonna Get Us - t.A.T.u

My love for you, always forever
Just you and me, all else is nothing
Not going back, not going back there

3. Vivica - Jack Off Jill

She takes the pills to fall asleep
and dreams that she’s invisible
Tormented dreams she stays awake
recalls when she was capable…

4. Star No Star - Jack Off Jill

I don’t know what to believe
Sew up the sore make it fake

5. Lost in Hollywood - System of a Down

They take you,
And make you,
They look at you in disgusting ways,
You should have never trusted Hollywood.

6. Sono Chi no Sadame -  Hiroaki “TOMMY” Tominaga (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

The sun leads those who seek the path of glory 
Demanding a sacrifice from all who pursue their ambition

7. ACUTE - Kurousa-P feat. Vocaloid

Something like “I want you to have eyes only for me,”
there’s no possible way for me to just say it out loud.

8. White Robe - t.A.T.u

Sun is painted in the corner
But it’s never getting warmer
All the lies they keep on selling
But you never check the spelling

9. Unhappy Refrain - wowaka feat. Vocaloid

An upside-down girl, an adulterated world

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on a scale of snape to snicket, how well are you gonna treat the orphaned kids of the married woman you loved?


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