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What do you think were the best nalu moments in this arc so far?

Hmm~ This is a good question!  I had to go back quite far for this one, but I think you’ll like it!  It’s gonna be a long answer, so let’s get started!

First off, we have Natsu coming back from his year long training session:

I mean, in the entirety of chapter 418 we see just how much Lucy misses Natsu (and Happy too of course), but in this page, you can see how happy she is that he’s back.  She looks almost relieved (not that she wasn’t thriving on her own, but she had a hole in her heart).  Natsu looks ecstatic to see Lucy (we even get a little blush).

Moving on to chapter 419 (don’t worry, I won’t be going through every chapter like this lmao) but OH MY GOD LOOK.  Natsu had no idea how hard Lucy was working and how broken she was losing Aquarius, everyone, and HIM all at once.  I think this is where he truly understood her pain whether he knew all the details or not.

Also, how can we forget how “first chapter” this page is.  It’s almost like Lucy can’t believe it.  He’s back and so is Fairy Tail.

Here, it’s pretty clear that Natsu has learned how much him leaving as well hurt her.  I think this is v important for their relationship…  Which they still have yet to “resolve” though I don’t think Natsu leaving was entirely “selfish”.

I think here Natsu is trying to gain Lucy’s trust again.  To prove himself to her, and honestly I believe that this scene is very intimate between them and the way their relationship is.  Not so much romantically, but their trust in each other.

We also get a LOT of scenes of both Natsu and Lucy reacting like this to one another… 


Okay, okay I know, I’m nitpicking everything- HOW CAN I PICK JUST A FEW FAVORITES??  But alright, I’m going to get into general, overarching moments that I think are the best and really love!

There is A LOT under this break and there are also spoilers of the latest chapters!!  Please read with caution :)

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So I’m thinking about Root and Shaw’s relationship development (when am I not lbr) and I just really appreciate how slow burn it was. Has to be one of the best developments I’ve seen for a f/f pairing so far, well for my view. We meet Root in s1 and Shaw in s2, by s3 they’re both regulars now buuuut they’re nowhere near to the point of falling for each other. In fact, most of s3 Shaw hates Root with a passion and Root loves flirting with Shaw because she knows it annoys the mess outta her and she’s a little shit. Then a little further on in s3 they become friends with benefits or maybe enemies with benefits lol; just casual sleeping together that for the most part meant nothing. Shaw is adamant about not doing relationships and one night stands only (three nights if you’re lucky).

Then by the end of s3/early s4, that’s when feelings start getting involved especially on Root’s end. By s4 you can tell Root is falling in love day by day and them sleeping together is no longer just a no strings attached situation for her. She can’t even handle seeing Shaw ‘date’ other people even if it’s just for a mission and she’s very clearly on the verge of bursting from all these intense feelings that she has for Shaw. Shaw on the other hand isn’t quite where Root is feelings wise, she cares for Root a huge deal so much so that she prefers to stay with the team and Root rather than run off with an attractive thief, but because of her personality disorder she knows she’ll never be able to be enough for Root not knowing that Root was aware of this but really didn’t care.

Then 4x11 happens and they finally have 'the talk’ about what this is they have between them. Root drops hints that she really wants to attempt a relationship with Shaw but Shaw thinks they’d be too much and too lethal together, of course Root doesn’t mind, she just wants Shaw. Then they kiss for the first time on screen (this showed that the feelings were pretty much mutual between them now or at least Shaw wanted Root to know that she cares more for her than anyone else romantically) and then Samaritan captures Shaw and Root goes on a warpath to find her in the following months. You can tell pretty much all of the back half of s4 that she’s dying inside and is pretty much a hollow shell without Shaw.

Then comes s5 and we have no idea how Shaw’s feeling or how she’s doing etc. Then 5x04 airs and we literally see everything Shaw feels for Root in that one episode. Anyone that thought she didn’t care as deeply for Root as Root did for her was so very wrong. Shaw considered Root her safe place/her home, the only person she thought about when Samaritan’s torture got too bad for her. The thought of Root made her feel comfortable and like everything would be okay eventually. And in simulations she killed herself over and over instead of Root because she just couldn’t bear the thought of anything happening to her.

After 11 months of separation, they reunite and this is where their relationship started really moving forward. Absence makes the heart grow fonder rung true in their case. Root admits she can’t live without Shaw and Shaw admits she’d rather die than have Root in any sort of danger. They take milestones with each other, the main one being Shaw letting Root hold her hand. From the outside looking in that seems like such a small non important gesture but for them?! It was everything and it said so much about how far they had come. And even their playful banter, Root’s flirting use to annoy Shaw to no end (so she says) but now? Shaw welcomes it with open arms.

They were meant for each other, Root always knew but Shaw needed time to figure it out and she did.

It took 3 full seasons (plus the last eps of s2) but their journey (what we got of it) was beautiful and I’ll always be emo af over it. Definitely a noteworthy slow burn imo.

I’m really sorry about the long hiatus but I’m back with more memes. This was actually the idea of my lovely friend Rina from fluffy-rainbows-and-darkness. I’m using my crappy android phone so no hyperlinks sorry. If you were wondering, I actually am playing the game (UmaPri) because I need high quality screenshots to make these memes.

Right now my art style is going through quite a change but I’ll start posting art related stuff soon enough.


Maybe Just A Little (Veronica Lodge x Reader)

Request: Yes and my own Prompt Idea

My Prompt: “Please, just don’t break my heart.”

@riverdalexoxo Prompt idea: Veronica x fem!reader. Like, the reader is scared of something stupid but like, she doesnt want it to be seen so shes like “Me? Sscared? Nooo..” And Veronica teases her about it. Btw your work is awesome, i love the scooby doo one haha xx

Anon: Imagine where Veronica thinks it’s funny to make the reader jealous and flirt with the players of the football team but stops once she sees the angry/possessive/mischievous look on reader’s face.Thanks!

Warnings: Slightly sad, Insecure!Reader, Lots of Fluff, Like one or two Cuss Words

So it turns out my thumb is sprained and I need to wear this stupid tape around my finger, so it takes me a while to type.  I’m sorry for the lack of updates, but I’m trying to get more posts up.

Here’s the babe Veronica Lodge!

Originally posted by kevinkeller

What if you weren’t good enough?

What if she would finally realize that you were way too out of her league?

What if she left you for someone better?

There was no doubt in your mind that you were not deserving of Veronica. She was beautiful, smart, funny, confident, and had this ability to make anyone smile.

Veronica Lodge was a masterpiece.

You sighed watching from afar as your girlfriend got cozier with Riverdale’s high school football team. Your stomach sank. While most would get jealous, you just got more and more insecure. You didn’t believe that you belonged with a woman of such potential.

You would only hold her back from greatness.

Veronica was doing this on purpose.  She wanted to make you jealous.  She had only seen your jealous side once before, and to say it made her feel exhilarated was an understatement.

The way your nose would scrunch up, the look of pure confusion on your beautiful face, as your eyes crinkled made her heart swoon.

Veronica needed to see that again.

If flirting with the football team would do that, than so be it.

She smiled that beautiful smile at Archie Andrews like he was the only person in the world.  Your insecurities rose to a high point, but as soon as she leaned up to whisper something into Archie’s ear, only for him to smile back at her and nod, replaced the insecurities with anger.

How dare he.

You were good enough for Veronica.

You would prove that to her.

Or at least, in the moment, that is what you thought.

She watched the anger rise in your eyes.  Enjoying every minute of it, she grinned.

When she realized that nothing was getting a reaction out of you, she had asked Archie to play along.  She knew that would spark something, and surely to god, it did.

“Do you have any idea what the hell you are doing to me?” The fire in your eyes was enough to tell her that she had succeeded.

Pulling you away with her, she sent a wink Archie’s way over your shoulder.

“That would be?” She smirked.

“Shit Veronica! You’re driving me insane.”

“Mmm.” She hummed as the anger on your face diminished.

“I get it, I’m not good enough for you, but please,” you pleaded with her, “don’t break my heart.”

Veronica’s smiled dropped.  Is this how you felt?  She had never seen you so vulnerable.

“(Y/n), no, you should not feel this way.”  How could she have been so stupid to try and make you jealous?  Jealousy wasn’t who you were, it wasn’t one of your traits.  You were sweet, and understanding, and incredibly caring.  You were shy, and your timid smile could light up the whole galaxy.  “I love you so much.” Veronica smiled up at you encouragingly. “If anyone doesn’t derseve to be with someone, it’s me. (Y/n), you are so much more special than you give yourself credit for, I don’t deserve you.”

I was so scared you’d leave me. I-”

Veronica grinned, deciding it was time to tease you a bit.

“Aw, you were scared.”

Your eyes widened at your mistake. “Shit.” You cussed. “Scared.  Did I say scared?”

“You did.” She teased further.

“Me? No.  Never.” You hunched over, embarrassed. “Maybe just a little bit.”

“I love you, you dork.” Veronica laughed as your cheeks reddened.

“It’s one of my best qualities huh?” You joked timidly.



PruCan ‘Comic Strip’~

I definitely need new ideas for the next requested ships help….
It’s not animated I’m sorry for that but I currently work on my 2P!talia stuff ^^;


Okay, so I wouldn’t normally make a post like this, but it is upsetting me so I can only imagine what its putting @wiishu and @therealjacksepticeye through.

This woman is certain that wiishu is hurting jack. which we all know is a load of bullshit. If you think that this is fake, or even her messing around. This is NOT the first time- click the picture and swipe for the rest of them.

This person will not believe that wiishu is nothing but a nice, beautiful human being, and that jack and wiishu have a healthy relationship - as in wiishu DOES NOT abuse him, in anyway shape or form.

It has gone as far for her to say this as well.

honestly, this girl is really frustrating me. I’m making this post, not to make everyone go to her account and attack her, please dont.

But, if you see a comment like this from her please report it or SOMETHING. Because, I really hate to see Signe and Seán upset.

It might not bother them, but to know that it could be bothering them, bothers me.

@wiishu You are a beautiful human being, inside and out, and I want you to know that. You must be one of the nicest people I know of, so please if this is getting you down at all, please know that this is one person out of the millions who love you, she is just obviously jealous, but Signe, please ignore her… Her words are nothing, and are incorrect… We love you <3

@therealjacksepticeye I know you most likely wont like this person to get attention and I’m sorry for making this post, but I really needed to as it was really stressing me out, I hope you arent getting upset about this either, and if you are, the same goes to you, you have millions of people who love you, and this one person shouldnt and hopefully doesnt mean anything. 

We all know what she is saying about Signe is incorrect and obscured, Signe would never do this, I dont know anyway that we can stop her personally as we cant ban her from jacks accounts. The only way is if we report her comments. Even then that might not work…

All we can do is show them our love.

Again. I am truly sorry for this post, but it had to be made. 

Kylie Ryder

Here is my first EVER commission, and it was for the lovely, the beautiful, the amazing @havvk-e !! Thank you so much for helping me with this whole idea, commissions were never something I thought I was good enough for but hey ho here we are haha!

I hope you like her darling, she was a pleasure to draw! I had so much fun! <33

*insert commissions information post here*

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Ep 22 review

Hey there everyone! Sorry i wasn’t able to post my review earlier than expected. 

So in this episode we had the DNA test but we all know who the real mother is right?? haha unless others haven’t read the manga.

First i want to talk about this:

Forehead Poke (favorite scene)

We get to see the FLASHBACK my goodness,Sakura is so beautiful, she’s like a goddess with long hair and through all of the episode Sakura’s voice was really so motherly and very gentle, Sarada is sssooo cuteeeee like she stole my heart, we need to protect her at all cost haha, damn the Uchiha fam surely have great voice actors!! i don’t have anything else to say. 

we all know the meaning of the forehead poke right, it is the ULTIMATE EXPRESSION OF LOVE from the uchiha’s starting from Itachi, believe me i really miss itachi a lot, since he’s one of my favorite characters.

Itachi and Sasuke may not be that kind of person who shows their affection through words but it is through their actions. Sometimes we misunderstood both of their character like how Itachi tortured Sasuke in his Tsukiyomi and even beat the crap out of him. But it was for his own safety and Itachi’s own way to to make sasuke grow stronger. He even sacrificed his own family, clan even his lover Izumi for the sake of the village and peace. And this is how I see Sasuke doing his own sacrifices. 

Although I am not really glad that they added this scene. They are making Sasuke look like a heartless husband/father, they could have change this scene though like he could have said this when sarada asked him “Your mother is capable of taking care of herself, she is strong and I believe she will be fine, so you don’t have to worry” not only that but through this words he will be able to reassure sarada and at the same time comfort her as a father. 


I didn’t expect this, Madara, Hashirama, Tobirama, Tsunade, Kakashi wow deadly and powerful people were also in this ep for only a few seconds.

This people too, we get to see them again. While Juugo, Suigetsu and Yamato-sensei aged Orochimaru just got younger like isn’t it supposedly the opposite? Like oro’s age is suppose to be 70+ hahahahaha..him and his experiments

I don’t want talk about the DNA scene (i dont hate karin btw although i ship sasusaku i never did hate her) it’s just that the DNA scene makes me sad :(, i understand that Sarada is in an age where she is curious and the purpose of the story is that “Blood connections aren’t important, as long as their is LOVE that’s the real deal” that this message is what Kishi is trying to deliver to the readers, I just dont like the fact that Sarada is doubting her parents especially about Sakura who was there throughout her entire life, its because of some glasses. I admit, i really prefer Sarada without her glasses she looks cooler and more beautiful with long hair. But dont worry guys, I’m fine with just the way how things are flowing. :) 

My second favorite scene

Naruto doing the TALK-NO-JUSTU again

Seriously, a lot of people have been saved because of this Talk no justu. Naruto is after all the Uncle of Sarada or godfather, and he cares whatever happens to his friends daughter, he was there to reassure sarada that the most important thing is not blood connection but love.

 We get to see the flashbacks from naruto the trials that he have been through, including those people he doesn’t have blood connection with. 

This is actually the scene where i started to cry, like after all he has been through he now has a family that loves him. He fulfilled his dream you know and creating a better Shinobi World together with all his friends and the people in naruto series. 

Sasuke Calling Sakura his WIFE (tsuma in japanese)

my wife, wife,  MMYY WIFEEE!!kyaaa hahahaah >///<. we get it sasuke no one is going to steal sakura away from you. stop being so possesive i dont mind though>

Cut Scenes

It’s in the ending song but I believe that this scene will be in episode 24, it is one of the most important scenes after all,  since Honda in twitter told us that Ep 24 will be the epilogue and one of my predictions are: birth of sarada, sasusaku travel, uchiha fam moments before sasuke’s mission, sarada’s sharingan. I don’t want anyone hopes to get high but these are just my prediction, so don’t get you hopes high okay? :D

They cut this scene except for the “My wife is not weak” and i’m a little dissapointed :(

Lastly, Naruto yelling at Sasuke 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I don’t know about you guys but i absolutely love this scene. It was Naruto bickering with sasuke again, brings back memories. 

If we think about, if this was naruto in his genin days he would beat the crap out of sasuke for knowing the “truth”, before he just acts without thinking but in this scene he is mature enough to think and believe that sasuke wont do such a “thing” (you know what i mean)  and prioritize first in saving Sakura, T_T can’t believe he is already mature and thinks and acts like an adult too.   (you know what i mean)

I am REALLY REALLY looking forward for the next episode. We all saw the preview right. More Sakura Vs Shin fight, team 7 moments, Uchiha fam moments and sarada doing some action finally, a many more. 

If anyone can tell me the soundtrack in Sakura and Sarada flashback scene i would really be happy, but i think it wasn’t released yet. I was looking for it in the youtube.

Hope you enjoyed my review. See yahhhh!! happy day everyone :DD


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I have a problem I'm usually an Olicity shipper (from Arrow) but lately I've fallen off that wagon and jumped on the Kastle wagon. Which leads me to my current problem. I literally read ALL the Kastle fics on AO3. (I'm literal garbage, my dude) so my question for you is: who are the tumblr authors that post Kastle ffs that are either exclusive to tumblr, or AO3 authors that post stories on their tumblr that they don't post on AO3? I am so sorry for this confusing question. BUT I NEED MORE

HAPPY TO HELP :D Because you’re right, a LOT of us (including me oops) don’t cross post everything to AO3…! Have you gone through my ‘fic rec’ tag? 

Well now you don’t have to because I did it for you:

@queensofthekastle is the wonderful StellarRequiem on AO3; she fills prompts on her tumblr <333

@capriciouswrites - has filled some kastle prompts!

@ejunkiet - has a few things she hasn’t uploaded to her AO3

@girljustdied wrote some beautiful fills last year - I don’t think they’re on AO3?

@librarian-repellent is the wonderful an-ardent-rain and she posts here too 

@padmeahmidalas  prompt fills - again not sure if they’re on AO3?

@hedgewitches - prompt fills, not on AO3!

@thekastlediaries - Silbecoo I’m not sure she AO3s everything?

@shipsabound - PurpleLex on AO3, she has fills that she hasn’t crossposted!


SPEAKING OF POETS @phenomenaaa  (we are so lucky to have these two <333)

@foxsdana - AO3 - Filled prompt (just the one but it’s great <3)

@c-sand edits and writes, 2 perfect things in one wonderful person :D (do you have a writing tag??)

@cheesemcgee - AO3 - but I don’t think all of their prompt fills are on there?

@nagia-pronounced-neijia - AO3 - but HOT DAMN her fragments are amazing.

Check out the amazing stuff here.

@sarcastic-dogood - has drabbles here, I haven’t found their AO3? I haven’t been too active on AO3 recently, though.

@ambrosiaswhispers - do you have an AO3? Fics are all posted here!

@kastle-fics is a MACHINE - their wonderful fics are here

I MISSED @evilsquirrel18 - her wonderful writing tag is here

@judest-francis / @castlenpage is the amazing idekman on AO3

okay so this is all I have I KNOW I’VE MISSED PEOPLE and if I have I’m sorry! Please reblog and add people.

A good place to check as well - @kastlenetwork @kastlelibrary 

And they definitely crosspost their work on AO3 but are beautiful writers worth following: @lightofpage @favrielle @edourado @alchemistc


I commissioned @doodleladle for these two beauties and just LOOK at them!! LOOK AT MY BABIES! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. -Please don’t repost her art anywhere! I messaged her and got permission to post these on my Tumblr!

Sorry. This just a set of doodles. I planned to put together with this one that I am doing too( )
It’s a gift for a friend and it’s based on a fic she wrote, where Jack and Johnny have a … well. Those who know the song already know that it is.
It’s also based on some fanarts I’ve seen where Jack and Johnny have a kid. They are very beautiful
So I guess this is a wip ?? Because they are only scribbles that I need to make the lineart at least

decided to draw padparadscha, one of the newest gems! and i love her to bits omg

usually i don’t really draw fanart, but i really wanted to draw her, so here you go qwq

i’ll try to post more often, but i can’t promise, i’m so sorry QAQ

also, here’s the version without lineart if you want it i guess

*Come Back To Me | Pt 3* Newt x reader

Part one here! ○ Part two here!

◘ Anonymous asked:

Hi! Big fan! I was wondering if you can do a story about Newt x reader as in how they met in Hogwarts, the development of their relationship (from friendship to lovers), how he was going to propose to her but she gets killed by Grindelwald’s followers in order to protect Newt. He is knocked out and when he wakes up, he’s completely destroyed. However, later on the readers ghost comes to visit and tells him everything will be ok and so will he. I just need a angsty yet beautiful story please 😭

♦ Here it is! The final half of the story! Hope you enjoy! Sorry it took a few days to post! 

Almost two weeks had past since the night Grindelwald’s attackers had taken you away from Newt. He was lying in his bed, like he had been most days, staring at the ceiling. He had barely eaten the past two weeks and the circles under eyes indicated the same about sleep.

People tried to visit but Newt placed a spell to keep people from entering his apartment. Nothing was going to help him feel better. Not unless someone could bring you back, which he knew was impossible.

Keep reading

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all yoUR ART IS SO BEAUTIFUL IM WHEEZI NG. can i ask how you started off? it must've been a long journey and im just starting mine. i just need so encouragement that improving isn't impossible yknow

Hi! I started off really young, but honestly this advice applies for all ages lol

When I was really little my mom was sort of offput about me being an artist she even went as far as putting me in a million different career classes for me to stop (lol asian moms). Um, but it didn’t work because I kept drawing and I’m pretty sure I pissed her off a bit. I had so many people tell me that I just sucked (they weren’t wrong though I was pretty bad haha). I drew really bad yaoi (and got made fun of A LOT) it was so cringey I wish I could dig some up for you but the evidence is all gone…

ANYWAYS. I must’ve had like earplugs in or something because I was so stubborn I was just like “I’m becoming an artist or becoming nothing” and I guess the best artists are stubborn as fuck. The point is, no matter what anyone tells you and no matter what you tell yourself you gotta truck through it. There’s going to be so many moments where you’re like “why am I doing this” or “I don’t see improvement, etc.” and if you stay head strong in those moments you will be successful. For all the moments that make you feel like you aren’t improving there will be moments where you make something that you’re proud of and in the grand scheme of things it will be so worth it. 

I absolutely believe you can do whatever you set your mind to. So, if you give up you dishonor this ask. Now you’re obligated to keep drawing, this contract has been sealed┗(•̀へ •́ ╮ )

Preference 8: Your Twitter Conversations (w/Pictures)


My baby y/n says she needs more bubblegum flavored ice cream.

Yeah, Con. Thanks for telling that to 1.6M people.

Did you just went on my profile and checked how many followers I have? xD

maybe…maybe not. Is it weird?

Aww it’s okay baby, its not weird at all. But what’s weird is the fact that we’re just sitting besides each other.


Haha, accurate. So, uh, shall we stop and actually speak irl?

Okay…if you go get me some more bubblegum ice cream.

Fine, fine. I’ll go back to the shop.

Aaaaand this is why, ladies and gentlemen, Condor is the best.

Thanks for that, baby. But I really don’t need a reminder right now… ;)

I take that back.


Babes ring collection is growing <3

Oh so this is why you’ve asked me to take a picture of my hands xD

Aha, of course! Need one more babe?

WHAT? On my thumb? Nooooo I have enough! xD

Nope. I wanna spoil you.

You’ve already spoiled me enough with food and things Brad xD I don’t really need a ring on my thumb…

Ohhh yes you do. 

No I don’t.

Oh look! Thumb rings exists!

Brad, no, no, no, no, no. I really don’t need another one!!


You didn’t just ordered one…nope.

Already did, love x

I hate you.

I love you too xx


Gorgeous x

I hate you for posting that Evans.

Oooooh she called me by my last name!!

And so?


Oh wow, well, sorry Tris xD

It’s no problem. You look beautiful in the picture btw.


You should say thanks for letting me show the world for how gorgeous you look x


That’s more like it ;)

You’re gonna be called by my last name as well anyways x


Y/N still got her disney dvd’s…

Is it really that bad that you posted it on twitter?

No its not! I really love it <3

I think Im so childish now. 

No you’re not! I really love it that you still watch disney films x

I’m classy like that xD

Of course! Currently wishing to watch all of them with you right now… :’( 

@y/t/n: I know James, me too. But its only three more months left before your tour ends. Hang on :) 

@TheVampsJames: Baby, I cant hang on. I miss you like crazy. I want you to be with me right now. I badly want to hold you again. 

@y/t/n: Babe…of course I do really miss you too. But we need to hang on a bit longer, okay? 

@TheVampsJames: Okay love. Love you so much <3

I love you more x

ladyoftheinternet  asked:

Hey! How are you? So I'm a fangirl in dire need of some Sterek meta. Can you just please talk about how in 3x10 when Stiles was running to Scott he saw Derek in the elevator but he went to Scott anyways (then came back for Derek) and in 4x12 Stiles HESITATED to leave Derek to go save Scott. I mean he was obvi gonna go but I mean HOW LONG DID HE JUST STAND THERE WATCHING DEREK? Jeff likes his 3s and I just really want the 3rd time to be Stiles choosing D. I love the Sciles bromance but STEREK!

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Scott! I was so excited for his daek arc this season but I was really disappointed in the end. I just needed him to kill Peter or anyone really. But I think plot wise, Stiles choosing Derek can make things REALLY interesting!

Sorry, this is late in coming. I’ve been busy. 

Okay, first thing is when you get a chance, make sure you read Cupid’s post here. She takes all the Sterek in season 3 (a & b) apart and does a beautiful job with it. Seriously, once you read her take on 3B, it becomes a totally different thing. 

Now 310 was a wonderful episode. It’s one of my favorites, because it’s when Teen Wolf is firing on all cylinders. The characterization is true and vital. There’s lots of plot points crossing over and moving very rapidly, and then, there’s the Sterek. In a season that had some really great Sterek moments, 310 kinda broke the mold. 

You will notice, we spend a lot of time in this episode watching Derek, because he’s the one making most of the decisions. But then it flips just at the end, and it’s suddenly a view from Stiles’s head. 

We start in the loft, with Stiles and Scott there. Now, realize, they have JUST come from the High School, where the Sheriff has JUST been taken- and the go to Derek. Not Deaton. Not Allison and Chris. Not Lydia. They go to Derek. Directly. Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200. And that’s important.

Jennifer comes flying in, and he’s giving her nothing. Letting her speak and incriminate herself. Then the boys step forward, and even before Scott throughs the Mistletoe, Derek is looking between Stiles and her and he’s picking Stiles- asking where the Sheriff is. The Mistletoe proves it for everyone, but it’s Stiles who give Derek what he needs to slip out from Jennifer’s net. 

And Derek is ready to kill her. Understandably. The last time he was betrayed, he paid a terrible price. So his instinct is screaming at him to kill her. And again, it’s Stiles who stops him. Not the threat against Cora, nope. It’s Stiles begging him. And that’s important.

So, we rush to the hospital. Jennifer keeps trying to talk her way out of things and Derek’s having none of it. Stiles is terrified, but he’s holding it together. (and Man! I feel for Stiles here. DOB does a fantastic job of playing a person in the middle of a huge, crushing crisis.)

All through the hospital run, Derek is being so careful of Stiles. He’s being gentle when he tells him to put things down. He follows him when he runs off. He lets Stiles yell at him about the most triggering experience Derek’s ever had, because he knows how Stiles is hurting. Think about it: Derek’s just realized that he’s been bespelled to think he’s in love with another killer! That’s horrible. He must be so filled with revulsion and disgust, at both Jennifer and at himself. And he’s Stiles tearing him a new one over the woman who killed his family, and he just takes it. If Scott had gone off on him like that, Derek would have put him literally through a wall. And that’s so important. 

Then it all goes south. Stiles sees the clipboard and he knows. He knows that Scott’s not going to find Melissa on the roof. He knows he has to get to Scott, because he knows what Scott’s going to find. So he’d pounding down the hall, and he’s got to get to Scott. Got to try and save Melissa. 

And he finds Derek. Now, Stiles has been on this since the start. He knows that Jennifer has killed everyone she’s encountered. He knows that Derek’s no longer under her spell, so she might have very well cut her losses. Basically, he knows Derek might be dead. That’s why he stops. Now he can’t tell if Derek’s breathing. We can’t tell if Derek’s breathing. He very well might not be, judging by how Stiles reacts in 311. And you can see, he’s so torn. He’s got to stop Jennifer, got to save Melissa, got to help Scott. 

But there’s Derek, and Derek needs him too. 

One of the most heartbreaking parts of this episode comes next, when Scott gives up and goes with Deucalion. It hurts because Melissa’s been taken. It hurts because we know Scotts making deals with someone who’s easily as evil as Jennifer. But it also hurts because Stiles is helpless. He doesn’t have an answer. He doesn’t have a plan. 

In season 1 Stiles was the one who always had answers. He literally saved Scott so many times. And in season 2, that continued, but not as much. There was times when Stiles didn’t have the answers. And when Stiles didn’t have a plan. Scott came up with his own plan that he didn’t share with Stiles. He want to other people for information and assistance. 

And in season 3, Stiles can feel how useless he’s becoming. He doesn’t know what to do against the Alpha Pack. He hasn’t been able to get ahead of the murders. He thought that Guardians meant Policemen and he was tragically wrong in that. His role of being Scott’s Yoda is disappearing. In 3B it will be gone. This episode marked a significant change in Scott and Stiles’s relationship. I believe it also marks a change in Derek and Stiles’s relationship. Because I think when Stiles wakes Derek up, calling him from where ever he was, is when he becomes Derek’s anchor. 

And since you were wondering, this was the second time Derek was dying in front of Stiles. The first time was 104, Magic Bullet. The second here, and the third was 412. 

Let me know what you think and I hope this helps. 

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The Hunt - Ch. 13 - Lady Sif

AUTHOR: loveCorrah
GENRE:  Romance, Angst
FIC SUMMARY: A beautiful and strange Elf Huntress is apprehended riding toward the Asgardian Palace, carrying a message of impending war. She can’t remember where she came from or who sent her, and Loki is going to make it his sole duty to find out.
RATING: Mature
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS:  I know it’s been forever since I posted a new chapter of The Hunt! I’m so sorry! If you need a refresher course of what happened in the last chapter, you can find that here. Enjoy! Feedback is always wanted and valued!  <3C


         “Good morning, little dove.”
          Kalah felt Loki’s lithe, cool fingers trace the nearly healed bramble cuts that resided up the length of her chest. She quickly tried to pull the sheet up to cover herself, but was slowed as she felt the soreness in her body. Her thighs ached with an enormous intensity, that radiated up into her abdominal muscles, finally ending in her upper arms.

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flashtakesnotes  asked:

Hi! I'm new to the studyblr community. I was wondering if you could recommend your favorite blogs? Thank you xx

hEYO ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ welcOME TO THE COMMUNITY :“”) sorry for the really late response hehe didn’t have the time to do a compilation till now! – disclaimer: these are some studyblrs I like!! no pressure or anything + there are more wonderful studyblrs out there! –

@studykouffee (fAV omg kOU is lovely and has really really beautiful posts + is always helpful and open to talk!! 11/10 would recommend anytime to anyone !!! HAHAH)
@studyingangels (has hella pretty notes / a lot of wonderful content and is super duper encouraging!)
@focusign (amazing master posts + v wide range of studyblr content!! bujo spreads are sO pretty yet minimalistic)
@studyingkit (handwriting goals. no other words needed.) (jk she gives really great advice imo!!)
@studymoo (another one w amazing handwriting pls send help hOW HAHAH anyw she has rly great original posts!!)
@studywithinspo (really unique and original posts ++ bujo aesthetic is sO DIFFERENT and fresh and just aaa really lovely checK HIS STUDYBLR OUT)
@sushi-studies (notes are oUT OF THIS WORLD I can’t even explain it they look so amazing and just. aa. dies.)
@studyign (has the best original content omg sUPER USEFUL AND HELPFUL + always gives advice / tips / ideas to those who need it!!)

there are so so so so so many more wonderful studyblrs out there! the list is endless hehe check these out if you haven’t + I hope you continue finding more gr8 studyblrs + have a fulfilling time as a studyblr yourself!! \(^o^)/

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DWC: Bajulate - character/pairing of your choice.

this prompt is ages old I am so sorry
ok here it is, the Sleeping Beauty/Snow White AU no one asked for, for @dadrunkwriting

Solas x Lavellan | SFW | Post “All New, Faded for Her”

When he had said, “I need some time alone,” this was not what she had thought he had meant.

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