sorry i messed up on the shirt. : (

Y9U THREE ARE TRIGGERING ME! THERE IS A THING CALLED A PERS9NAL 6U66LE AND THE THREE 9F Y9U ARE INVADING IT. If y9u three w9uld 6e kind en9ugh t9 LEAVE ME 6E and all9w me t9 c9ntinue reading that w9uld 6e VERY much appreciated.

And just in case the three 9f y9u didn’t already kn9w, the term “pers9nal 6u66le” is a simple way t9 descri6e s9me9n’es pers9nal space. And pers9nal space, is an area ar9und s9me9ne that N9 9NE sh9uld enter unless invited t9 d9 s9. Did I invite any 9f y9u three t9 t9uch my hair? N9. N9 I did n9t.

In fact, 6ecause 9f h9w triggered I am, I think I f9rg9t what I used t9 keep my hair “s9 s9ft”, s9 an9n y9u w9n’t 6e receiving y9ur answer t9day. The three 9f y9u sh9uld 6e ashamed. Have y9u n9 manners? H9pefully in the future y9u guys w9n’t 6e s9 rude, think a69ut what y9u have d9ne f9r n9w, and get a m9ve 9n. 

Hey, @thesocially-awkwardturtle look here’s the cover I drew ^.^ I hope you like it enough to use it

Now I just gotta figure out how to send the watermarkless version to you

The only person who has permission to do anything at all with this picture, other than me, is Sarah.