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,,i came out to my mom that I'm gendrfluid,,ehhh,,,h,hhh idk if she took it so well. she cried and left for a walk, she came back...but she's quiet. uh-- did i mess up?

sorry I couldn’t reply to this right away! The most important thing to remember is: if you come out to someone and they react badly or have a hard time accepting it, that is not your fault. It’s their problem ,not yours. You have done nothing wrong. I’d recommend talking to your mum about it as soon as you can - ask her why she was so quiet, get her to talk about how she feels - because it’s so so easy for this kind of thing to just get swept under the rug and never mentioned again in a ‘If I ignore it for long enough it’ll just go away’ type fashion. Good communication is the key with this sort of thing <3

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Can you delete the transphobic comments on the thread about trans men wanting to carry their own kids? They're misgenderinf trans guys who birth their own children and its kinda messed up :/

I’m not sure how I’m able to do that anon, I’m sorry! It is super messed up though. :/


klance movie theater au where keith just had to fall for the employee whose favourite movie is this terrible lowbudget 80′s sci-fi film called voltron which happens to be keith’s favourite, too

plus he’s cute

Think about Yuri reuniting with Otabek.

Think about Yuri reuniting with Otabek.

Think about Yuri arriving hours before Otabek’s plane arrives. 

Think about Yuri pacing back and forth, not knowing what he would say and planning every word.

Think about Yuri forgetting everything as soon as he sees Otabek appear on the screen in the arrivals. 

Think about Yuri dropping his phone, his jacket, his keys, and running as fast as he can towards Otabek.

Think about Yuri being so excited and happy that he trips midway and gets up immediately to continue running.

Think about Yuri pushing past the crowds of people surrounding the exit, attracted like a magnet to the iron of Otabek’s presence. 

Think about Yuri jumping onto Otabek before realizing that people are watching and he’s in public.

Think about Otabek’s gorgeous expression upon realizing that someone had been expecting him.

Think about Otabek’s tender smile when he realizes just how much Yuri missed him and how good it feels to be needed. 

Think about Otabek picking up Yuri and carrying him all the way back to their ride because Yuri can’t physically let go.

Think about Yuri starting in surprise when Otabek brushes something off his cheek because he didn’t know he was crying. 

<CBX fan sign 170216>

Chen: I have good stamina~
Xiumin: Yeah he has good stamina
Baekhyun: You’ll be very good at marriage 😉
Baekhyun: Don’t get any weird thoughts
Chen: What does having good stamina and marriage have to do with anything~
Xiumin: He must be crazy 😂😂
That’s always a superficial thing, and I think Alec might understand that. You know it’s always difficult, you look at your person you love and you say ‘look at all the people before who they spent time with’, right? But, you know that to judge them for that would be unfair and irrational and also not a helpful thing. So you have to be able to get past that, but that’s not you. So, yes it bothers you, but you have to take the steps to get past that, and Alec is no different. Alec understands that. Luckily. […] That trap of weird yeah- yeah and like oh yeah well this person, this person, well you didn’t- I didn’t know you then! Are you gonna judge someone for the people they dated before they knew you, are you crazy? It’s nuts.
—  Matthew Daddario, the real mvp
Vodka was easier to swallow than the fact that you weren’t coming back.