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AND LASTLY. My final post for this image: a wallpaper! (I’m sorry I can’t fit everyone in it’s too big!) I threw the art up yesterday without much of an explanation aside from ‘it’s done!’ HUZZAH.

But really, I meant: It’s done: Thank you all so much for the support. This was a labour of love. It really, really was. But it felt warranted! I don’t do this kind of art unless I love something deep down in my little black heart. This is my tribute to the series and to Sarah and to @blackbeak and everyone who has ever thanked me for introducing them to something they’ve gotten enjoyment out of. Every kind word and every bit of encouragement. Thank you, it’s for myself and it’s for you.

It only felt fitting to draw something that literally required me to give up a little of my own life force to get done *eyebrow waggle* and to mark the end of the series (or the end of this particular arc) in the only way I know how.

(And this isn’t the end of my Thorns and Roses art, per say. But I have done a lot - and I’m looking forward to working on my own things again! I have something else up my sleeve but it won’t be for a couple of months) <3

Nervous Touch| Jimin

Jimin is known for his charm on stage but when the lights cut out he cant help but become flustered. Its something you’ve learned to deal with but often grow tired of. Maybe Jimin will show you what actually riddles beneath the flustered boy he once was.

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Warning: Cussing, smut, flustered Jiminie!, then out of no where hot sexy Jiminie!

Genre: Smut and a lovely amount of fluff

Word count: 7.4K

A/N: Im sorry i meant to upload this yesterday but i didnt have my laptop to post it and i tried to post it on my phone but it fucked up. Here it is now tho, please enjoy the trash that i write

Life was enough of a struggle at the tender age of finally being able to find yourself. Being surrounded by hard studies and your parents attempting to guide you only driving your insanity. All though my plate was already full of these things it only grew larger as i was brought into the lime light. Instead of the guidance and judgment i gained from my parents they came from other peers. everybody judge your every movement, every talk and every blink. I however didn’t ask for it but my boyfriend Jimin did so willingly. Jimin had been one of the very handsome members of BTS. He was known for his witty charm and irresistible ways but however when the light was taken away from him he was quite the opposite. He became soft and warm hearted when around me always making sure i was cared for.

Jimin held two personas, one where he is on stage as the cheers and roars from the crowd fuel his energy and sexy behavior. The audience always encouraged this persona making him crave it even more. His other persona was the one I was familiar with, the one where he was so afraid of touching me, as if i was a porcelain doll and i might break at any moment.

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gwynn-ap-nads  asked:

Hey so I know you didn't mean any offence by it but using repressed gay thoughts as a way demeaning someone, even a fictitious one isn't a great thing to do.

Just so people reading this know, the post they’re referencing said: “I’m great at improv comedy and I’m sort of pretty in the right light. I can’t believe a middle-aged GameStop employee with repressed gay thoughts about Marty McFly hasn’t settled for me by now. I’m a catch.”

First of all, I am so, so sorry that a reckless post I made out of frustration was upsetting and came across as demeaning. I didn’t consider the fact that my words could’ve been interpreted as cruel, and that was careless of me. The fact that I didn’t mean it that way doesn’t change the fact that it made you feel like I did, and I’m sorry that I hurt, angered, or disappointed you. I really appreciate you being civil and polite about it; you didn’t have to be, considering what you must’ve thought of me.

I wasn’t demeaning people with repressed gay thoughts. I had them for years before I realised that I was bisexual. I was referencing the fact that, recently, a lot of my relationships have fallen through because of my identity as a nonbinary person, due to the fact that I was dating straight men and lesbians who were (understandably) not comfortable dating me if I wasn’t willing to call myself a girl. The “joke” (which I now understand was in poor taste) wasn’t, “Maybe some HORRIBLE LOSER will date me,” and a subsequent implication that repressed gay thoughts were a deplorable trait, but rather, “Haha, fuck, maybe somebody out there will be okay with dating me even though I’m not a Hot Girl. Maybe I’m okay enough that someone will compromise and tolerate me.”

I was meant to be the butt of the joke, not this hypothetical dude.

I know that, “I didn’t mean it that way!” is a bullshit excuse. It’s an explanation and not an apology, but I still wanted to explain. I should consider all of the ways that my posts could be interpreted before I hit post, even when I’m upset and frustrated like I was yesterday. Thank you for bringing up the fact that what I said had nasty, thoughtless, awful implications, and again, I am so sorry that I was so flippant about a serious thing that a lot of people still struggle to accept. I of a all people should know better.

Don't Go - Bucky x Reader - Angst One Shot

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Summary: After months of being ignored, (Y/N) broke under the pressure when Natasha informs her of Buckys secret. Their relationship crumbles but for reasons neither of them know of.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 2k


A/N: Requests are open and I absolutely am open to anything! I love speaking to you guys and receiving any type of feed back so please don’t hesitate to send an ask or message (: TWO IN ONE NIGHT SORRY I MEANT TO POST THIS YESTERDAY

Updated Masterlist!!

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Todomatsu: “Most of us have gotten one, actually, but Ichimatsu’s is a…personal favorite. All of the names though are Kawa, Cho, Chii, and Totty! I don’t know why or how, but he only pronounces Jyushimatsu’s name properly…”


*Chii can mean a ‘natural disaster; calamity’

The Jerk Next Door: A Teenage Cliché

“mysweetbloodyrevenge: Can you do Frank smut where he’s Y/N’s new neighbour and she finds him really attractive, but he’s like really confident and stuff and she’s shy and later on he kinda bullies her at school and makes her angry to get her attention?”

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So last year i made an appreciation post and I love making them and I have not made appreciation posts in a hot min so here we are.  (I meant to post yesterday on my bday but i forgot to oops) 

@ragnarable lau, my alien loving friend. I am so sorry I did not make you a bday appreciation post or a graduation one. I just want to say I am so proud of you. You graduated??? No more IB??? Stress is out??? Shitty school is over for you?? I am v proud and excited for you if you can not tell. I love the pictures you send of all your pets. I treasure them dearly. Thank you for always being there for me deer.I appreciate you so much. You are such a great friend. I love you very much deer.

@acmilans Kat, my favorite hoe. I love you so much. One of the people I trust the most (i mean like ya got all the passwords lmfao) Thanks for being you hoe, and trusting me a lot. I LOVE HOW MAD WE BOTH GET OVER DUMB SHIT AND JUST BE RANTING OH MY GOD i live for those convos. Thanks for hyping me up on ig sometimes. You too sweet. I love u v much pal. ((OUR STREAK IS GOING SO STRONG I’M V HAPPY V PROUD)) also that private message you sent really warmed my heart i want to print it out  

@fabiantasticschaer IS BEEN A HOT MINUTE you have come such a long way since we first met and I am so happy for you??? You deserve to be happy and I am glad you getting that. I hope you getting that. Let me know if ya ain’t i got it lol. I love you so much pal and I appreciate all that you have done for me. Thank  you. ((i think abt that eric short story you wrote for me a lot actually.thank you for that blessing)))

@boreussia-durmmund MY LOVE we been friends for such a long time. Lord knows how you put up with me but thank you. Out of the two of us you are the most reasonable and bless you?? We gon be adulting next year and that’s so crazy to me. I am so excited to have 500 pets with you, the only thing that makes adulting seem okay???i love you so much.

@pjacas Idk if you even gon see this bc you never on but BIh. We finally hit our 100 streak??? After like ages of trying to get there. Thanks for putting up with all my complaints i really appreciate it. I know we don’t get sappy a lot and all but I love ya hoe. Even when we don’t talk for 600 years lmao.

Some of my fave blogs

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Summary: During a relaxing day off with the team, Bucky gets a little too laid back and says something that may change the dynamic of his friendship with you.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1368

Genre: Fluff. Humor.

Warning: None.

A/N: I’m sorry, I meant to post this yesterday but I’m such a wordy little shit! I really don’t think I’m capable of writing anything less than 1000 words lol.

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No missions, no life or death situations, no fighting for your lives. This kind of thing didn’t happen often. It had almost become so rare that you all forgot what life was like without stress. But today you were going to take advantage. With the whole team being at the compound all at once, you were going to spend time together and relax in each other’s company.

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laflimpa  asked:

Hey do you mind linking us the Victuuri fics you're currently following? I feel like you have good taste! (Also huge fan of your fic jfc),

Thanks! I meant to post this yesterday but got waylaid. I’m sorry for the wait!

💙 Connections On Ice by sterlynsilverrose

  • ABO fic where Viktor is Yuuri’s destined alpha.

💙 Down the rivers of windfall light by cyan96 ( @cyancoffeecakes )

  • AU where Viktor is a dragon and he falls in love with Yuuri. Super interesting and adorable. (Yurio is so exasperated.)

💙 Florist & Wedding Planner AU by ingthing ( @ingthing )

  • The cutest AU ever, where Yuuri is a florist and Viktor is a wedding planner who needs emergency flowers.

💙 a song that’s meant for two by teaforest ( @forestealites )

  • beautiful AU set in the canon world, where Viktor’s family is full of famous violinists, and he falls in love with Yuuri based on the music in his soul. (just. so beautiful.)

💙 On My Love by rikojasmine ( @min-min-minnie )

  • the time-travel-reincarnation fic that beats all other fics, hands down. Yuuri dies late in life, and is reborn in his body as a young man, just before the Sochi Grand Prix Final

💙 Pacing Ourselves by vermillion_crown

  • demisexual Yuuri! Hilarious and amazing, with Yuuri stumbling through newfound feelings of attraction for one Viktor Nikiforov.

💙 pas de deux by intertwingular

  • ballet AU! where Viktor and Yurio are still skaters, but Yuuri is a premier danseur and teaches Yurio ballet. Focuses on multiple ships, so it’s not just Viktuuri centric, but still so lovely.

💙 say not a word; I can hear you by forochel ( @forochel )

  • Pacific Rim AU – SO FUCKING GOOD.

💙 solo and pair by calciseptine ( @calciseptinefic )

  • soulmate AU with soulmate identifying marks, where Yuuri knows he is Viktor’s soulmate, but hides it from everyone.

💙 Twenty-Five Hours by 0lizzybennet0

  • “In which Yuuri spends a 25 hour flight next to Victor Nikiforov, skating legend, and feels it might simultaneously be the best and worst thing that has ever happened to him.” SO GOOD.

💙 Winter Song by proantagonist ( @borntomake )

  • beautiful behind-the-scenes storytelling of the show. *sobs into hands*

💙 You Can’t Plan For Everything by RivDeV ( @contentwhatcontent )

  • ABO fic where Yuuri realizes that his heat is coming up in the middle of Viktor coaching him. EXTREME slow-burn with lots and lots of sex.

A/N: Not sure if I like this, thought the scenario was cute though. Sorry, I haven’t been posting the past few days but I have been heckin’ busy. Might write another something if I’m not too tired tonight c:

Warnings: None. Maybe a vague mention of smut but nothing else.

Words: 827. A little shorter than expected but hey ho..

Originally posted by seabasschino

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Say yes // Alex

A/n: I posted this yesterday and I apparently deleted, oops! sorry if the formatting is bad I am posting from my phone!

You never understood much about the war.
You were a woman though, so it wasn’t uncommon. Everyone you asked just tsked at you and assured you that you didn’t need to worry. They would tell you there was no need to worry, the soldiers were fighting the war and such talk wasn’t meant for ladies. But you’d heard enough on the streets to know that things weren’t going so well. The British Forces were outmanned at Dunkirk and there was talk of fleeing. Your man was there. You’d only received one letter from him in all the time he was there on the coastal island and every time you read it, it sent a chill through your bones. Alexander was the love of your life. That was something you were sure of, but you weren’t sure he’d make it home with the way he talked. Every word on the paper seemed like his last and it disturbed you.
Alex had always been such a lighthearted fool. He always made you laugh with his silly jokes and antics. You adored his sense of humor, his positive and lighthearted attitude was one of the reasons you’d fallen so deeply in love with him. But it was clear when he wrote that letter he was fearing for his life. You’d hardly slept since he’d been gone, your heart always yearning and aching for his return home. Your parents were concerned with your attitude change. You’d always been a lovesick girl with Alex and they’d never been fond of the way you were with him, but this was different. You could tell you had them worried the same way that Alex was worrying you.
“You need to get that blasted boy off of your mind,” Your Father was snippy this morning at breakfast, something he never usually was. Your father was a warm man with a big heart. But it seemed he was tired of your worried demeanor. “You haven’t been sleeping, you’re hardly eating, you look like you’re sickly and distracted.”
“I can’t stop thinking about him, Father,” You whispered softly, looking down at your lumpy porridge. Food had become a thing of survival and nothing more than that. There was no flavor or life anywhere anymore. “I love him and I’m… I’m scared he won’t come home.”
“He might not,” Your older sister Peggy sneered. She was always upset that Alex had picked you over her. He’d picked you over every girl in your town and most times you couldn’t understand why. “He’s probably injured beyond recognition, possibly dead.”
“Peggy,” Your Mother sighed, shaking her head as your chin quivered, your eyes watering.
“He’s not dead,” You snapped. “I know he’s not.”
“You don’t know that,” Your Father grumbled that. “None of us do. You need to let the boy go, he won’t be the same after the war.”
“Nothing will be the same!” You cried out. “Shall we give up on our country and our family that fought because it’s not the same? Shall I give up on everything because of the war?”
“Don’t raise your voice,” Your Mother said. “There will be no more talk of this war or that boy.”
“That boy-“ You took a deep breath, your throat thick. “That man has my heart and once he returns home you will all be sorry you didn’t speak more highly of him.” You pushed your chair back, standing abruptly as your Father scowled at you. You tried to keep your tears at bay as you looked at your family in disappointment and disgust. “I don’t see why you can’t support me or the man I love? He’s fighting for our country, he’s fighting to keep us safe.”
“He’s fighting for his pride,” Your Father snapped. “He’s no hero, child.”
“And when you fought Father, what did you fight for?” You asked, smoothing your hands over your dress. “I don’t see how this is any different than that.”
You spun on your heel, walking right out the back door of your small family home. You couldn’t stand to be in there with them a moment longer. You needed reassurance and comfort. There were only a few places in your small town that offered such a thing during a time so bleak and grim. There was Yorks and there was Anne’s. Yorks was a local bakery that had been closed at the start of the war due to the rationing and shortage of food. You and Alex and all of your other school friends spent plenty of time in Yorks eating pastries and laughing over everything. But since Yorks was closed, you didn’t really have anywhere else to go but Anne’s. The Mother of the man you loved.
She hadn’t given up hope of her son coming home either. She spent most nights up worrying just as you did and she was the only one in the town that understood your worry. There were other boys from your town that had gone to war, but it just didn’t seem the same. You, Anne, and Alex’s sister had stood side by side when he was sent off on the train. The three of you watched as he was carted off by the large locomotive, heading down to the coast before he was sent off to Dunkirk. Anne cried into a handkerchief and Alex’s sister wept into her shoulder, but you stood stone faced as he peered out the window back at you. You wouldn’t cry. You wouldn’t show him that you were upset.
Alex trusted you to be strong for his family even if he didn’t say it. He expected you to look after them while he was away…..and if he never made it back. So you smiled softly and waved as Anne sobbed into his handkerchief. When you got home later that evening you cried yourself to sleep, your heart breaking as the memory of him leaving played over and over again. You were so afraid that he’d never come back, that you’d never get your chance to start your lives together like he’d promised the moment you both graduated from school.
He’d proposed so long ago, a little paper ring he’d crafted himself his only means of showing he was serious about his proposal. Months later he’d given you a real ring. He’d saved from the moment he got a job to buy you that ring, to prove to you that he wanted to spend forever with you. You wore it around your neck now to keep it from your parents, but Anne and his family knew. They already thought of you as family and they were thrilled Alex had you in his life. You always had a bit of a safe haven at Harry’s home and you hoped that they’d be home today.
There was a lot of talk floating around the streets of an evacuation. The men at Dunkirk were sitting ducks and the Forces were ready to evacuate what little men they had left of their army. But there was no solid proof of this tale. Until Henry Hardmen’s uncle wrote about his personal fishing boat being sent out from the coast as a part of a rescue mission, that he was being paid a good chunk of money to sail across the channel to save some of the soldiers that were on the shore of Dunkirk.
Alex had to be on the shore. You had half a mind to travel down to the port city Henry’s uncle was leaving from and hop on a boat yourself. But you’d never be guaranteed to see Alex. It was a dumb idea, but it had your skin crawling with hope. You needed him to be home. You needed him to be safe and alive. He’d always been your protector, your best friend, your light. You needed him home and you couldn’t wait any longer. As you walked down the street towards Anne’s, you looked down at your feet, your eyes swimming with fear and frustration. You didn’t understand this war.
Why did so many people have to lose the one’s they loved in a war so gruesome?
Why did your Alexander have to jump at the first chance to leave home?
Why was fate testing you so?
You had so many questions and not a single answer.
“You’re leaving?” You whispered softly, looking up at the night sky as Alex’s grip on your hand tightened.
“Yeah,” He whispered. “I have to go.”
“You don’t have to,” You blinked. “We could run away.”
“Yeah?” You could hear the amusement in his voice. “Where would we go?”
“Somewhere peaceful that doesn’t want to go to war with a great evil,” You sniffled, your eyes filling with tears as you thought of him going. “I… I don’t want you to go Alexander.”
“I don’t want to leave you, darlin’, I don’t,” He rolled onto his side, his face just inches from yours as you clenched your eyes shut. “But I have to go. I have to fight for this country, for our home.”
“I know but,” You cried out as his thumb brushed over your cheek. “I can’t lose you, Alexander. You’re my world, you hold my heart in your hands and if you’re gone at war-“
“I’ll keep it tucked away in my armor and I’ll bring it back home to you,” He said softly, his own voice wavering. “I won’t leave you here on your own. I will fight for you until my dying breath and that I swear to you.”
“Alex,” You cried out, opening your eyes as you looked up at his sorrow filled face. “I love you.”
“I love you too,” He whispered as he leaned forward, pressing his lips to yours firmly.
The rumors were true.
Ships had been sent from the coast and the dogs were flying high in the sky, defending the small ships that had been sent out. Britain wasn’t the only one sending ships out to save the soldiers. You were amazed to see the unity of several countries, all band together to fight for the greater good. Anne had wept with joy at the news of the evacuation, but you couldn’t show any emotion. You couldn’t be happy until he was right there in front of you. You couldn’t be happy until he was in your arms. There was no timeline for him to come home, but the country had been advised to expect them home within a few days. That was five days ago and a large group of men had come home. There was no way to know if he’d made it home. It was all just a waiting game.
You’d heard of a few men in your town being reunited with their families, but you’d heard nothing of your man’s return. You’d stayed away from Anne’s for the last five days, afraid to visit in fear that your place of comfort would become the beacon of bad news. So you spent the last five days locked in your bedroom, reading and worrying. You’d rather not wander the streets and see the pitying look of people who’d gotten their loved ones back. You didn’t want to hear what your parent’s had to say either. You just wanted to hide away from it all. If he was home, you’d know it in your heart.
Monday afternoon seemed to be a busy afternoon in your home.
There was a lot of chatter in the living room between your siblings and your parents. Most of it was war talk. They’d talked about the casualties and the sunken ships that had been noted so far and it made your stomach churn. They had no reason to be courteous or to respect your feelings it seemed as they talked about it loudly. You sat on your bed, wanting to plug your ears and ignore their morbid talk. They’d said hundreds of thousands were dead and the army was diminishing with each other that past. You couldn’t stand to hear another word of their blasphemy. Thankfully they were interrupted by a knock on the front door, one that rang loud and clear through your home. You heard your Father open the door and greet whoever was on the other side and moments later your Mother poked her head into your room, a concerned look on her face.
“There’s a young boy here by the name of Timothy,” She said softly. “I don’t know what he wants, but he wishes to speak to you.”
“Timothy?” You sat up quickly, tossing your legs off the bed as you stood quickly. You pushed past your mother and rushed towards the front door to see Alex’s next door neighbor standing there with a wide smile. “He’s home.”
“He is home,” Timothy said happily. “He’s home and he brought me some boiled sweets from the city!”
“He’s home!” You cheered out, rushing out the front door, ignoring your parents shouting as you ran down the street.
You were so elated you couldn’t slow down.
Every fiber of your being pushed you harder as you ran down the streets, turning down lanes and small blocks until you were on Alex’s street. He was home. As you ran up the walkway and his steps, you found yourself stopping at the front door. Should you have waited for him to settle in with his family and spend time with them? Should you have waited for him to come to you? You froze in front of the door, afraid to lift your hand up and knock. But your body worked on it’s own, reaching up to knock without your permission. Your brain couldn’t wait any longer.
Anne opened the door, her eyes red and a smile splitting her cheeks as she looked over you.
“Oh you’ve heard!” She cried out, pulling you into a hug. “He’s home, our boy is home!”
“Timothy told me,” You whispered, hugging her back. “I don’t mean to intrude Anne, I shouldn’t have bothered you. He’s just got home and I’m sure you want some time-“
“I want him to be reunited with his love,” She scolded softly, pulling you into her home. “He’s in the kitchen with everyone, talking about his new friends.”
Anne started to guide you towards the kitchen, but your feet were frozen.
“I can’t,” You said softly. “I can’t go in there, Anne, I can’t.”
“Why not?” She asked softly. “He’s finally returned home.”
“I feel sick,” You whispered, looking up at her with wide eyes. “He won’t like my new haircut, it’s too short! I know it’s the style but he’ll hate it! He’s…. I’m not wearing the right dress Anne! I’m not ready, I can’t-“
“Love,” She said softly. “He’s been fighting for his life. I’m sure the last thing on his mind when he sees you for the first time in months is your dress or your hair. He’ll just be happy to see you.”
“I can’t go in there with everyone,” You whispered. “I’m sorry Anne, I can’t-“
“Darlin’,” Your head snapped up, your eyes landing on him standing in the doorway immediately. His cheeks were hollow and his eyes were tired, but he was your Alex. He stood proud in his uniform, his hair brushed back and his honorary pin dangling on his chest. “Hi.”
“Hi,” You whispered, heart pounding loudly in your chest. “Alexander.”
“Is that all you have to say?” He chuckled softly, walking forward as you stood frozen. You watched as Anne retreated towards the kitchen, mumbling about tea. “I’ve just come home from fighting a war and all you have to say is Alexander.”
You looked up at him as he neared you, your throat growing thick and your eyes swimming with tears of relief. Before you knew it you were sobbing, your whole body shaking as you cried out his name. This was the first you’d cried since he’d left. His arms were around you quickly, holding you steady against his chest as you wavered. You felt at peace seeing him, feeling him here.
“I’m here,” He brushed his hand over the back of your head, soothing you. “It’s okay, I’m home.”
“I couldn’t feel you anymore, you know? That little aching in my chest was gone and it felt like you were too. I didn’t think you’d come back,” You cried. “Everyone else was home and you weren’t. I couldn’t-“
“I’m sorry it took me so long love,” He said softly. “Got on a few boats that couldn’t stay afloat on the water.”
“No,” You gasped, pulling back to look up at him. You grasped his cheek. “Please don’t say you got on one of those destroyer’s that sank?”
“Look at you,” He smiled softly. “You’ve been doing some research on things, haven’t yeh?”
“I needed to know, Alex,” You whispered. “You made it off the boat?”
“The first one I jumped from,” He said softly. “The second one almost took me and a few hundred down with it, we had been locked below deck but luckily someone opened the door for us. After that we were washed ashore. Climbed onto another sinking ship then, too.”
“We’re never vacationing on the beach,” You said seriously, a small laugh bubbling from his throat as he tried to blink away his tears. “I won’t ask if you’re okay, I know the answer, but just know I love you and I’m so happy you’re home safe.”
“I promised you I would come home,” He whispered, brushing his thumb over your cheek. “Promised you I’d fight to come back home to you love and I did.”
“Alex,” You said softly, reaching up to grab his hand. “I want to get married. I want to marry you right now.”
“Love,” His smile grew as he looked into your eyes. “I’ve just got home, let’s let the dust settle before you decide-“
“Alexander we’ve been engaged for ages,” You said urgently, excitement bubbling in your veins. “I can’t stand to go another moment without being your wife, Alex. Please, marry me.”
“Alexander if you don’t say yes to that girl,” You both snapped your heads up to see his Mother standing there, clutching her pearls. “Marry her!”
“Mum!” Alex laughed, shaking his head. “Where will we live? How will we survive if I hadn’t got a proper job to support us?”
“You’ll live here,” Anne said seriously. “You’ll live here and the Forces will up your wages because you’ll be married.”
“Alex,” You whispered, squeezing his hand. “Life is too short and I can’t wait. I need you to be my husband. I don’t care about where we live or what we make! I’ll get my own job and everything will be okay because I’ll be your wife.”
“You’ll be my wife?” He whispered, his eyes brimming with tears once more. “My beautiful wife whom I love with my whole being.”
“Yours,” You whispered. “Say yes, Alex. Let’s get married today!”
He waited for a moment, his eyes searching your face as he tried to keep that boyish grin off of his face. You waited, holding your breath as he mulled it over.