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Advice For People Making Positivity Posts About Trans Guys

cw: mention of biological sex characteristics

Use the word “period” for the love of god… we have dysphoria for a reason? Mentioning the thing that women do is triggering as fuck because it makes us remember what’s going on down there and what our bodies do and we don’t want to remember this, at all. We’re not meant to be doing that, so just stop.

Use “monthly”/“sharkweek”

Refer to our CHEST as “breasts”. Again, this is triggering as fuck. None of us want to be reminded of the fact that we have breasts. Stop using female terms to refer to our body, please. Yes, our body is what it is and we do have a female body we know this, we’re not indenial, but using terms that are commonly associated with women when we are not women is not okay. Just stop.

Use the word “chest”

Call our private parts “vagina”… oh my god. Why does this need to be said, really like, why would you even say that at all. I honestly can’t say anything that I haven’t already said.

Use “down below”/“privates/private parts”/“penis”/“bottom area”

PUT ATTENTION ON OUR BODY PARTS. We don’t want to hear things like “to the guys with big hips”, “to the guys with feminine/high voices” and “to the guys with curves" etc. It is just focusing on the fact that our body is this way and we’re trying as much as possible to make our body what it should be.

These things are all examples of social dysphoria that can trigger sex dysphoria. Please. I’m on T and this shit still annoys me because I remember seeing this all pre-T and it made me so dysphoric. You’re just hurting other guys. Words are words, true, but they still hurt especially when we have dysphoria about these parts. Guys don’t want to come across a post that’s meant to make them feel good, read the first line and it says “To the guys with large breasts you are valid!” get that out of here! You are being so inconsiderate to what we suffer with and if you are trans, maybe tone it down and think about other people?

Reminder: we are not women, so stop talking about our parts in female terms.

Before I get that one person, obviously if you are speaking medically/giving medical advice then yes, there is no way around this but any other time, work around it. I’m sorry if this post has come across harsh but legit, it needs to be said.

*clears throat*

*long post warning but read to save lives*

hello this is lara!!

jsjds okay ive never done this before bcs im an ass with anxiety but rappornster whos only a couple of months old hit a milestone that im very thankful of!! which is also unbelievable bcs i was am a lost kid who had no idea how tumblr works and tf i should do here?? so i wanna use it as an excuse to spread my love so let me shout this out:

thank you so much.

*notice how i didnt use caps bcs i dont want you to imagine me aggressively screaming in front of your faces but its more like,, me holding both of your hands in front of ur chest,, looking at u with teary eyes filled with warmth&affection*

idk how else to express it you all are the crabs to my nj!!! you all deserve to get free concert tickets for life and meet bangtan irl i hope you are happy and enjoying life to the fullest but idk tho u do what u wanna do

mostly, thanks for loving bangtan, especially namjoon! (im legit super happy meeting so many nj stans here jsjds) ik you follow this blog bcs you love and support him no shit so y’all better keep on doing it and lets keep on loving him together bcs he the sole reason apocalypse decided to postpone itself facts only

lastly, kim the apocalypse postponer namjoon once said: we want you, we thank you, we love you.

same. (except idk what he meant by we want you but ok)


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Complicated (Pt. 6)

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Summary: Life was good. You had your boyfriend Cedric and best friend Oliver. But what happens when hidden feelings come to light?

Setting: Okay this all takes place during Sorcerer’s Stone, but I changed things around a bit so Oliver is a 5th year, Y/N and Cedric are 4th years (canon they’d be 3rd but for the sake of it I changed it a little)

Notes: Sorry guys I meant to post this yesterday but I got sidetracked a bit, here it is now! Part 7 (the last part) will be posted tomorrow, let me know if you guys would want me to post the epilogues!

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|Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5|

You’re woken to a pair of strong arms wrapping around you, one around your back and the other below your knees.

“Y/N, love, what are you doing here so late?” you recognize the voice as Cedric’s, and you cling to him as you feel yourself being lifted. Where was ‘here’? You didn’t remember falling asleep anywhere. Slowly, you open your eyes, being met with the familiar surroundings of the infirmary. You look down and see Oliver, remembering why you were there in the first place. You’d been doing homework with Cedric, going up to see Oliver when you finished. You’d planned to stay there only a while, but apparently you fell asleep.

“How’d you find me?” you ask Cedric groggily, nestling your head into his chest.

“You didn’t show up for dinner, the team said you had gone to check on Wood.”

“Thank you,” you mumble, enjoying the feeling of Cedric’s arms around you, the warmth lulling you back to sleep.

You’re woken again when Cedric places you on your bed, shaking your shoulder gently to wake you fully.

“Y/N, love. You need to get ready for bed,” he whispers, pushing your robes off your shoulders and lifting your sweater up over your head, leaving you in just your button down and skirt. He turns around, not knowing whether or not you minded him watching you change, even though he’d seen you in your underwear before.

“How did you get us in here, anyways?” you yawn, pulling your pajama top over your head.

“I remembered the password from when you let me in a while ago.” You laugh to yourself, remembering that day.

“You can turn around,” you say at last, inviting Cedric to face you again as you go into the bathroom to brush your teeth and wash your face. When you return, Cedric is sitting on your bed, standing once he sees you.

“Thank you,” you step forward, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Anything for you,” he replies, kissing the top of your head while holding your body to his. “Get some sleep,” he says, giving you a quick kiss before slowly backing out of the room.

“Cedric?” You grab his hand before he gets too far, making him turn to face you. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he replies with a grin.

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Revelation for WOY Season 3

Hello. I just want to say I’m very happy that you are trying so hard to get WOY a season 3. I’m proud of all of you but we need to work harder because the petition is going kind of slow.

To keep you guys going, Frank Angones had dropped more vague hints of what S3 might have been in case some didn’t catch it. They’re answered on his Suspenderofdisbelief Tumblr blog (scroll under DuckTales posts and you’ll see his bit, or I can post a link here to check it out:

- S3 was meant to give Wander a new arc dealing with three new threats that are worse than Lord Dominator one way or the other (as Hater dealt with Dominator)

- The three threats however aren’t “villains” like the silly ones, Hater, and even Dominator

- Lord Hater would also have an arc dealing with being a hero by the Galaxians that praised his actions to defeat Dominator, but would have a dilemma of wanting to go back to the time when he was feared by them and still lead his Hater Empire to the max before Wander distracted him and became a goofball.

- As stated in SDCC 2015, he was gonna have a backstory of how he became a villain and where he came from.

- Monkeyboy has a big role in being related to more than one of the mains, and possibly related to Hater’s past.

- Peepers’ isolation from the Watchdogs, and evil traits would’ve been explored, plus being tempted by a darker side (Dave Thomas on his tumblr said that he might be a evil prodigy but he could be joking so we don’t know yet.)

- Dominator would’ve gotten more development as the first shot of S3 is her walking through the jungle planets and something happens afterwards.

- More characters old and new would’ve have time to shine when interacting with the mains with a point.

- More Main 4 interactions were to take up most of S3 in terms of comedic collisions and developed interactions in the S3 arcs

- Dave Thomas noted about exploring more of Sylvia’s past of being a bounty hunter who took Wander to her boss (presented as hints)

- Dave also considered that Craig would’ve add more hints of Wander’s past like in S2, perhaps to tie in with Wander’s arc of dealing with the threats

These are the reasons why we need a season three. Use these reasons to convince people why we need a season 3 and use them for motivation. The more petition we get the closer we would get on having a season 3.

audacityinblack  asked:

I am thoroughly convinced Lestat is one of those people who does this really annoying voice for people he doesn't like when retelling stories.

Oh definitely! This isn’t exactly what you meant but I remembered this dialogue from Hook, and my hand slipped, you can tell Lestat would be using a very annoying voice here to imitate Claudia:

Cute Q&A

‘What’s up my lovelies?’ I smile towards the camera. 

‘Today I am joined with…. THATCHERJOE!’ Joe then pops up from his hiding position and beams widely at the camera.

‘HELLO!’ he shouts right next to my ear causing me to screw my face up at the camera and say,

‘You’re so loud man, jeez!’ I turn to find him with an upset face and his arms crossed, sulking like a baby.

I smirk slightly, ‘ aww is wittle joe sad?’ I say whilst pinching his cheeks and winking to the camera.

Joe shoves my hands away and laughs.

‘Shut up!’ We both laugh at each other.

‘Right back onto the subject, Joe and myself are going to be filming a wonderful Q&A!’

Joe then speaks up,

‘We asked on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, for you guys to send us some questions which we will of course, answer’.

‘We had a lot of amazing questions but we’ve managed to narrow it down to what we think are the best 7 questions’.

‘So, LET’S GET STARTED!’ I say throwing my hands in the air, accidentally scarring the life out of Joe.

‘Y/N 1, Joe 0′, I smirk.

‘Not for long…’ He replies.

‘Anyways let’s get onto the questions’ I say, looking at my phone. ‘Right question number 1, what’s the cheesiest pick-up line you have ever said? Joe you go first’.

‘Okay, it would probably have to be… Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Because you have a sweet ass’ He winks to the camera.

‘Yeah, that was the time you used it on me, wasn’t it?’

‘Yes it was’ he smirks back, proudly.

‘And the rest is history’ I wink at the camera.

‘Right, next question! Who can do the best photo shoot pose? EASY!’ Joe says, shouting the last part.

‘On the count of three we will pull our best pose and you guys leave a comment who you thought was the best. 3…2…1…’ 

I pull my best photo shoot pose for a a few seconds. I look round at Joe thinking we had both stopped to see him pouting as hard as he can with one had on his head and the other on his hip. He was basically doing the most stupidest pose I have ever seen in my whole life! I suddenly burst out laughing and fall back on the bed, which causes Joe to stop and look at me, still in his pose. 

‘What’d ya think babe? Am I sexy?’

‘HAHAHAHAH.. J-Joe stop… it HAHAHAHA’ I stutter, tears rolling down my face. He bursts out laughing as well, looking at me in the process. 

I start to calm down (which takes me about 10-15 minutes if I may add) and we continue the video. 

‘Well that’s it for today guys…’

‘Wait a minute’ Joe interrupts me. 

‘ I have one more question’. I look at him, confused as to what he’s talking about, but I let him carry on.

He looks at the camera and says ‘The question is, do you guys believe in soul mates?’ He then turns to me, looking deep into my eyes. 

‘I do. My soulmate is right here and I am so glad I met you Y/N. I love you very much and I never wanna lose you. You’re beautiful, funny, cute, clumsy but in a cute way, your smile brightens up a whole room. I hear guys saying they wish they could go on a date with you and it makes me jealous but at the same time, it makes me really smug and happy that I can call you mine.’

By this time, I have tears of happiness running down my face and the butterflies are going crazy in my stomach. I think Joe’s forgotten about the camera still recording, but in this moment, I don’t care either. He looks at me waiting for an answer.

I lean forward and kiss him passionately, hoping this shows him how amazing he’s just made me feel. I feel him smirk into the kiss. After some time we pull apart for some air. 

‘Thank you for that. You have no idea how much that meant to me. No one has ever told me that before. I love you.’

‘I love you too gorgeous’ He gives me a light peck on the lips.

‘I’m guessing I should edit that out?’ I laugh whilst gazing at him.

‘No, leave it in love’ He replies, smirking once again, causing me to blush hard and smile.

Finally I’ve updated:L!!! Sorry for the wait, but here it is! I hope you guys like it! I am starting my next one right now and should hopefully post that one later on today as well!

Thanks Guys!xx

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