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Oracle [Chapter 6]

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Series Genre: AU/Angst/Fluff/Smut

You had to answer. You couldn’t just lay there with your mouth hanging open. He would know something was wrong and you had done enough already to mess up the night. You weren’t going to do it again.

“Of course. I’m sorry… My mind is still a little foggy,” you giggled nervously.

Your words made Youngjae swell with pride. Hearing how well he satisfied you was such a turn on for him.

“Sorry, angel,” he smirked. “I may have gotten a little carried away, but you looked so stunning tonight and I’m just so excited about us trying again”.

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mimisari234  asked:

Ok, what about one where the reader is Kylo's apprentice and is more unstable than him. She lost her family, she feels guilty about it and when is alone at the end of the day, she cries a lot and destroys everything. Kylo always thought she was acting strangely and decided investigate, when he saw the reader so vulnerable his heart breaks and comforts her. Sorry if I wrote any word wrong, I am learning english yet!

It’s okay, congrats on taking the steps to learn a new language! It’s definitely a hard one so it’s fine to make a few mistakes

People were almost more afraid of you than they wore of Kylo, because even if they didn’t understand him he seemed pretty put together most of the time. You had never hurt anyone, at least everyone except your fellow Knights of Ren.

And though you may not be completely put together you have gotten extremely good at hiding it, no one really knows. Not until Kylo sees you breaking down on one occasion.

He knows what happened with your parents, it was his job to know, and though he could sense emotions you had gotten pretty good at concealing them through your training.  You made it seem like you were trying to get angry to fuel the dark side, rather then just being angry.  

But sometimes it becomes too much, and you can’t hide it anymore. This leaves you sitting in the empty, dark training room in the middle of the night bawling your eyes out. You didn’t know if you were even cut out for this life and you felt yourself doubting many of your decisions.

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