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Dating Min Yoongi Would Include:

•Oh boy where do I begin
•This man has a sweet spot for you
•Loves you to death
•Tho, he is always afraid he doesn’t show it to you
•He doesn’t say I love you a lot
•He’d rather say it once
•And prove it to you everyday
•Lazy kisses
•Lazy cuddle sessions
•Calling him cute nicknames
•And him not being able to get mad at you
•Because he adores you
•He doesn’t show affection in public
•But when you guys are alone, he’d treat you like a princess
•He’s not into skinship
•But some days he would be so clingy
•Also at nights
•He’s a total cuddler
•You pushing him away when you’re too hot
•And him growing and pulling you close again
•Judging the guys together
•Highkey judging/insulting each other all the time
•But you would hardly ever fight
•99,99999% of the songs he writes are for/about you
•Because you mean so much to him
•And that’s the only way he can show his emotions
•"my muse"
•Not being able to stay mad at him for more than 5 minutes
•Because he looks at you with that gummy smile
•And you instantly forgive him
•Taking care of yoongs
•Making sure he eats properly
•"Jagi I’m not a baby! I can take care of myself!“
•Lowkey loving it tho
•That tongue technology huehueh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (sOrrY oML I cOulDnT hElP iT)

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Moi pour toujours j'envoie valser
Les preuves d'amour en or plaqué
Puisque tu m'serres très fort
C'est là mon trésor
C'est toi, toi qui vaut de l'or


I’m letting go forever
Of the fake gold love proofs
Since you’re holding me real tight
That’s where my treasure is
That’s you, you that’s worth gold

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i couldnt help myself but hear that song and make myself a headcanon that Gerard sang that song for her and when she is alone, she dances ballet and sings that reminding of him (i know she doesnt have feelings and etc, but thats my headcanon )

Plus, sorry for being so innactive, i was very busy ;;;; i will try to draw more aaahh


Went looking through all your shelves
Sorry, I couldn’t help myself
Books on how to help you leave

Don’t really feel the love
Disappointment’s not enough
Eyes and looks away from me

If I told you
Really, really want to hold you
Really, really want to know you
Would you please
Run away
To be with me?

If I told you
Could never really know you
Could never really show you
How much you mean
To someone just
Like me?

He’s not a jackass
Or a fuck up
At the end of the day
He’s good enough
To take you home
But you’re never really there
It’s not that time’s passed
Or bad luck
At the end of the day
You got love
But not a home
Because you’re always here

It’s easy to watch you love
It’s harder to watch you go
So don’t pretend
That he’ll ever know
Without a roof above
Without a place to go
You’re back again
And he’ll never know

If I told you
Really, really want to hold you
Really, really want to know you
Would you please
Run away
To be with me?

If I told you
Could never really know you
Could never really show you
How much you mean
To someone just
Like me?

Ed Sheeran

tell me that you turned down the man, who asked for your hand

Everything about this moment was perfect.

The whole night had been perfect in fact.

When he came home with my favorite bouquet of flowers, pink peonies, I was pleasantly surprised. And when moments later he pulled out orchestra seat tickets to the play I had been dying to see, I was beyond thrilled. When he dropped to one knee as we strolled through Kensington garden later that night, I was shocked.

And for one perfect moment I could imagine it. I saw it all stretched out in his bright shining eyes, his hands clutching onto mine.

I saw myself walking down the aisle, my fathers steady hand at my elbow, and I could see him standing at the end there, head bowed before lifting it to meet my eyes.

Then everything shifted, because it wasn’t his brown eyes that met mine at the end of the aisle. In that moment I knew I could never say yes to him. Because when I pictured my future, it was clear blue eyes and a crooked grin.

I knew that I had jumped into this relationship with a broken heart. That I had tried to let this kind, generous, sweet man put those pieces back together. And I had thought he had been successful, that our whirlwind romance had been able to not only drive away the sadness, but also stir in me a love that I had previously never held.

But with his heart on the line, and a ring in his hand I knew that it hadn’t. While managing to drive away my sadness, he had not been able to glue back the fragile pieces of my heart and make them his own.

Those pieces still belonged to Niall.

All of these emotions crashed upon me in a span of five seconds. In those five seconds I saw his brown eyes falter at my hesitation, standing slowly from his knee.

“It’s too soon, I can wait.” He spoke slowly, wrapping his arms around my waist, “I still love you.”

With my head buried in his chest I shook my head slowly, tears staining the front of his dress shirt.

Pulling away I looked into his soft, sad eyes, “I’m so sorry.”

Nodding his head at me and swallowing thickly he embraced me once again.

“I thought,” his voice cracking as he squeezed me tighter, “I thought that maybe if I could give you this, that you would finally be all mine, but its ok. I can accept that a part of you will always be his, but I promise I will love you forever, I can stand being second best, as long as I’m yours and you’re mine.”

I stuffed back another sob, shaking my head harder as I buried myself into his chest; I gave a feeble “No.”

Pulling away I shook my head more fiercely, pulling in a deep shaking breath, before I found my voice again, “No, you deserve someone whole. You deserve a girl who puts you first, who loves you with her whole heart, where you’re just as much hers as she is yours.”

Clutching my hand he nodded his head, looking down to stare at his feet before glancing back up at me, a weak watery smile on his face.

“I’ll always love you, you know that right?” He asked one last time, before walking me silently back to my apartment, leaving me with one last kiss to the lips.


Two weeks later I was finally able to drag myself out of the apartment, hair washed and head held high.

The break up and turning down the engagement had been hard enough to swallow, let alone coupled with the fact that I was not as over Niall as I had led myself to believe.

It was like dealing with two break ups at once. Suddenly I was relieving eight months ago but with the added heaviness.

I tried halfheartedly to remind my heart of the torture it was to go through long tours. How I had cried myself to sleep after checking my mentions one too many nights. That distance was hard, different time zones were harder to manage.

Then my heart would send a whisper of sweet morning kisses, of late night cuddles, and loud booming laughs. It was a never-ending cycle of heartache.

And if I thought that I could quietly go through this break up, I was wrong. Suddenly dragged back into the dim spotlight that came with being a One Direction girlfriend.

“Don’t look now, but there’s a pap behind that bush.” Eleanor whispered before sending me a large smile.

I grinned back, “Well its not everyday that Louis Tomlinsons girlfriend is seen out and about.”

El grimaced at me before flicking her discarded straw wrapper my way.

“Seriously though love, how are you holding up?” she asked concernedly, large doe eyes peering over her sunglasses.

I stirred my water, distractedly poking at the wedge of lemon sitting amongst the ice.

“It’s been tough, especially with the added, you know.” I raised my shoulders and sent her a wary glance, unable to articulate the feelings swirling amongst the thoughts.

She gave me a small frown before reaching over to hold onto my hand gently, “Have you ever thought about giving him a call?”

I looked at her with wary eyes, “El, you would know better than I that he doesn’t want to hear from me.”

She gave me a skeptical look before leaning back in her chair, “I think that if you just—“

“He’s made it clear that he’s moved on.” I said throat starting to tighten as I squinted my eyes, trying to keep the threatening pinpricks from spilling over. “Been going to clubs, pullin birds left and right, flashing it in my face on every magazine.”

El frowned briefly before schooling her face into a small smile, “Enough of this, lets talk about something else, yeah?”

Nodding my head quickly I tried to discreetly wipe away the few tears that had managed to escape, painfully aware of the camera trained on my back.


Three nights later I woke with a sharp start, glancing around at the room as my heart pounded in my chest, trying to spot the source of my alarm. Frowning as I blearily checked the time.


Laying down with a huff I tried to chase back sleep before I was suddenly sitting back up, this time not missing the loud pounding coming from my front door.

Jumping out of bed I tip toed down the hall, grabbing the large umbrella near the door before peaking through the peephole.

I jumped back, heart pounding and suddenly wide-awake.

Stepping back cautiously again I glanced through the fish eyed glass, taking in the disheveled blonde hair, brown roots slowly making themselves shown, before blood shot blue eyes were looking right back at me, followed swiftly again with a pounding of my door.

Taking in a deep breath I reached toward the doorknob, hand trembling as I finally grasped the cool metal in my hand.

Pulling the door open slowly I bit my lip nervously, taking in his form before he stormed past me into the flat.

He didn’t say a word, just began pacing nervously, like he had the night before he met my parents.

He stopped and looked at me suddenly, startling me out of my silent reminiscence.

“Ni—“ I began only to be cut off immediately.

“Tell me.” He croaked, voice coming out thick and hoarse.

I stood stock still, finally hearing his voice after months of silence sending shockwaves to my very core.

“Tell me,” He began again, gaining strength, “you turned him down because you still love me.”

Stunned, I couldn’t respond, eyes wide as I stared back at his own frantic eyes, dark circles rimming them showing countless sleepless nights.

“Niall.” I whispered, face crumpling as I finally took in his words.

Stepping towards me he took my hands, leaning his forehead against my own, “Please, just tell me its because you still love me, if its not, I’ll walk right back out this door, but please, please.”

I closed my eyes, lip wobbling as I took in a deep breath, “I couldn’t.”

I felt him begin to pull away from me, a distressed noise leaving his mouth, before I grabbed him back roughly and looked in his eyes, “I couldn’t say yes, not when I looked at him and could only see you.”

I watched as his eyes widened, breath leaving his chest in a huff before he was pulling me into his chest, squeezing me as if he thought I would disappear from his arms if he let go for a second.

We stood there for several long moments, and the raw pain that I had been walking around in my chest with for months seemed to soothe over and heal its self.

“You, you’re the only one.” He murmured into my hair before kissing me softly.

The only one.