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@littlestpersimmon this isn’t very good because I’ve been writing it on a note on my phone but I thought maybe you’d enjoy my ideas about kindergarten!Kent and his teacher. The best kindergarten teacher I know was a certified scuba diver… and after graduating high school I decided to become one too, because their passion stuck with me. I’ve had a history of passionate teachers who love what they do, and I wanted that for Kent.

Hockey doesn’t enter the life of Kent Parson seriously until the very first day of kindergarten. Mrs Smith is an older lady (well, old to kindergarteners but probably only a decade into her teaching career) and she’s well known and well lived in the community. And she’s absolutely mad for hockey.

His first day is okay. He’s kind of afraid at first, but he’s Kent Parson and by snack time he’s got a gaggle of friends and they’re eagerly listening to Mrs Smith read a hockey book. When he’s picked up by his mom that evening after the after-school program he excitedly tells her all about his day.

His mother recalls in an interview after he’s drafted by the Aces that it was the first time he’d ever mentioned playing hockey. And that’s when life changed.

Mommy enrolled him in a learn to play hockey program a few weeks later, after getting a flyer in his backpack from a kind Mrs Smith, who saw Kent’s excitement and knew of a program that was affordable and single parent friendly.

Kent learned a lot that year. He learned every NHL team from the pennants on the walls (and how to read them!) all the jerseys of his favorite players (and numbers!) how to work together (like on a hockey team!) and how to work alone (like a penalty shot!!). He learned to skate forwards and backwards, how to hockey stop and even got to play goalie!

Dear Mrs Smith sees that excitement Kent has for the game on the weekends when she goes to all the games her husband coaches: mites and squirts and peewees and bantams. Of course at Kent’s level the little ones are following the puck in a group and still wobbling around on shaky legs, but she’s here for the joy, not the sick plays. They watch enough professional NHL hockey at home, weekend days are for the kids and their unbridled joy for things they love.

Her favorite memory of little Kent Parson was his last day of kindergarten when he hugged her and told her that she could wear his jersey someday, promise! She had smiled and hugged him back and sent him on his way to first grade, thankful once again for the job she got to do every year.

She keeps tabs on as many of her kids as she can. Bobby married three years ago and has a little girl, Shelly swims for a college down south, Austin moved to New York to act, Janie’s oldest daughter is in her new class.

But she can’t help but tear up when a picture of little Kent Parson lifting the Stanley Cup over his head is the front page of the local news. She and her husband attend the parade the city holds, and John has the picture of Kent hoisting the Stanley Cup over his head framed for her classroom.

And her favorite memory of the no longer so little Kent Parson is when he awkwardly knocks on her classroom door a few days before he heads back to Vegas, a backwards cap on his head and a jersey under his arm.

She didn’t think he’d remembered her, which was fine. Her job was to give her small ones a solid foundation for their education, a passion for learning, a good first year to grow and learn.

But when he holds out the jersey for her with that same silly smile she’d seen years ago on a much smaller Kent Parson she can’t help but grin and ignore the jersey while she wrapped him up in a hug.

After letting him go, she takes the offered jersey and flips it over to see his name on the back.

“I told you that you could wear my jersey someday, Mrs Smith.” He says softly, his eyes flitting around the pennants that still grace the walls, eyes lighting up when he sees the Aces one in the collection. “I had to keep my promise.”

And for that, she has to wrap sweet little Kent Parson up in another hug, jersey once again forgotten on her desk.

Please consider YouTuber bitty doing collabs with other big yt people like he guest stars in videos, dances with people, maybe even ends up on a video of youtubers react like pls he goes out with Jack and he ends up being recognized before Jack does bc they’re both niche markets but at least in yt you see their faces a whole lot more and they aren’t covered by helmets

Hockey Luke (Chapter Fourteen)


im back, sorry for making you guys wait to long. but this is a long chapter to make up for it

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chapter fifteen

So Calum actually listened to me, he didn’t say anything to Luke. Which was good, I really thought that we wasn’t. Actually I hadn’t said anything to Luke as well, which maybe was one of the problems.

I really wanted to find him and talk to him, but we never really seemed to get a chance to. Either he was just leaving, or I was, or we were together in a group. He didn’t act any different around me, he was just acting like my friend. I had finally admitted to myself that I in fact liked him. So now the only thing I wanted to do was tell him, and get it off my chest but I couldn’t seem to find a way to do it.

I was at my locker that Friday, it was the end of school and I just needed to get my things I needed for the weekend. “Hey.” Cal dragged out, coming to meet me there. “Hey.” I grinned, looking at him briefly before going back to dig in my locker for the book we were reading in English class.” Are you busy tonight?” He asked, getting right to it. I thought it over for a second. “Nope, why?”

“You should come over. We’re having a chill night.” He said, as if that was a thing. “Who’s we?” I asked, stopping from looking for the book for a few seconds. “The usual squad.” He said, making me laugh lightly. “Oh, and Luke.” He added, shooting me a look. I buried my head back in my locker, mumbling a muffled “Really.”

“Yep.” He said. “Since we’re all such good friends now.” He said. I finally found the book, shoving it in my bag and shutting my locker. “Cal-“ I started saying, but he cut me off. “Don’t worry.” He waved his hand in the air. “I’ll be nice.”

“Good.” I muttered. “And yes, you know I’ll be there.”

So I was the first to arrive, since I had no life I dropped off my things and my house, told my parents that I would be sleeping over at Calum’s house and went straight there. My parents used to not let me sleep over, but after years and years of us being friends they realized that what they were saying was stupid and let me go whenever I wanted. I was extremely grateful of that.

“So what does this ‘chill night’ actually consist of?” I asked, putting air quotations around the words “chill night”. “Well,” Calum said, shuffling around his room, looking for something. “I don’t know. We have the house to ourselves until tomorrow, and I thought we could all chill. Since we’re such good friends.” He said, repeating his words from earlier one today.

“And by chill you mean…?” I asked, trailing off as I waited for him to answer. “I don’t know. I have food.” He shrugged. “Wow!” I exclaimed, overly sarcastic. “You’re so good at planning things.”

He gave me a look. “Fine, what do you suggest?” I shrugged, not really knowing either. “I dunno. I guess movies, so we don’t have to talk to each other.” I said with a laugh. His mouth gaped open, as if insulted by what I just said but he knew I was right. We were all good friends, that wasn’t the problem. It was just Luke that I was worried about. Still, Cal nodded. “You’re right.”

So that’s actually what we ended up doing. The guys came over, and I hoped to God that it wouldn’t be awkward. We had set up downstairs in this living room type area that was quite comfortable and Calum was complaining because his laptop wasn’t charging. He asked Luke to go get his other charger from his room, but he had yet to come back. “Can you go help him?” He asked me, impatient because his laptop was about to die. “And while you’re up there, can you get some snacks?” He said, grinning.

I rolled my eyes, still getting up going upstairs, to Calum’s room. “Do you need help?” I asked, cautiously staying at the doorway. “I’ve spent a lot of time here.” I let out a little laugh, as Luke turned around at the sound of my voice. “Yeah,” He breathed out, standing up from where he was knelt down on the floor. “That’d be great, thanks.”

“What did he tell you to get, exactly?” I asked, walking further into Calum’s room. “Uh he said he needed his other laptop charger because the one he’s using right now doesn’t seem to be working. And also since I was up here to get more food.” I rolled my eyes. Jesus, Calum was lazy.

I rifled through his desk drawers, knowing that Calum get all of his cables and electronic things in one of these drawers. “Ah,” I said, pulling it out. “Here we go.” I handed the cable to Luke, quickly pulling away when his fingers brushed against the palm of my hand, making the cable almost fall. He gave me an odd look, but didn’t anything.

I felt my cheeks get hot for some reason, and I went to walk out of the room, mentally cursing to myself for being so damn stupid. Why was the simple action of him touching me making me flustered? I made my way down the hallway, finding myself too focused on how close behind Luke was following me so I sped up my pace a bit to get further away from him.

I opened up the cupboards in the kitchen, getting out bags of chips and some popcorn. I took off the wrapper, setting it in the microwave for a couple minutes. I went to go look for some bowls the only ones being on the top shelf as I stood on the tip of my toes to reach for them. I had managed to grab the stack, but underestimating the weight of the bowls I stumble back slightly, the bowls still in my grip up high.

I actually thought that I was going to fall back, the weight of the bowls pulling me down. Before I could trip anymore, I felt someone being pressed up against my back, two arms reaching around my head and gripped onto the bowl, covering my hand. My eyes widened, once again starting to feel my cheeks heat up. Luke’s chest was firmly pressed against my back, steadying me slightly as one of his hands covered mine on the bowls.

I could his breath hitting the top of my head, and the soft rise and fall of his chest. His scent was strong in my nose, making me feel almost lightheaded because all I wanted to do was bury my head in his chest and inhale him forever, as creepy as that sounded. “I got it.” I heard him mumbled from behind me, and I took a side step away from underneath his reach, hand slipping out from underneath his.

This was all too awkward, especially after we kissed on the hockey trip. The air in the small-ish kitchen suddenly felt thick, almost like I couldn’t breathe. I don’t know if I wanted to jump out the window right now or jump Luke’s bones. But I did neither, and instead moved to the other side of the kitchen, still waiting for the popcorn in the microwave and sat up on the counter.

Luke placed the bowls down on the counter, taking three out of the stack and putting the rest up back on the shelf. He made it look effortless, but that was probably because he was about a foot taller than I was. I couldn’t help but watch the way his muscles moved in his arms as he placed the bowls up on the shelf, having a very good view since he was wearing a simple black muscle tank.

The sound of the microwave beeper cut me out of my thought, and I hoped off the counter to go get the popcorn. Cursing to myself at the hot bag, I opened up and walked over to where the bowls were, next to Luke. “Sorry,” I muttered, leaning past him to grab one of the bowls and dumping the entirety of the popcorn bag into it.

He had already dumped some chips into the two other bowls, and we silently threw away the empty bags, grabbed the bowls and the charger cable, and went back downstairs. “We have food.” I smiled as we saw the other guys. I tried to shake off the initial tension Luke and I had, hoping that it wouldn’t follow us into this room. I set up the new charger cable since I was the closest, getting thank yous from the guys and I went to sit in my original spot at the end of the couch.

Turns out that they wanted to watch the Conjuring. I had already seen it, it wasn’t that good honestly. It was just the jump scares that I didn’t like. I had watched it with a friend who loved horror movies, and honestly we spent the entire laughing at the stupidity of some of the parts. We ended up getting so confused by the story line we had to google it after the movie was over.  

I grabbed a blanket to pull over my legs that were crossed on the couch, also grabbing a handful of popcorn for myself. Luke came and sat down in the spot next to mine, giving me a small look that I didn’t quite get so I simply smiled. Calum, over Luke’s shoulder raised his eyebrow at us but I subtly flipped him off. Michael was sitting on Calum’s other side, and Ash was crossed legged on the floor, back against the couch.

The laptop was plugged into the TV, which was streaming the movie in a bigger picture so everyone would be able to see, and we all got comfortable and pressed play. The beginning of the movie was kind of boring, and I felt myself zoning out.

For some reason my mid was occupied with the thought that my knee was pressed up against Luke’s thigh, since I was sitting crossed legged. Also how if I leaned maybe an inch to the side, out shoulders would be touching. Also how from the corner of my eye I could see the steady rise and fall of his breath, and his eyes stare intently at the screen in front of us.

I finally started actually watching the movie once it had picked up a bit. It was getting to the part with when the mother was looking down that stairwell. I knew what was coming, and I watched as the lights turned off. The hands came out from behind her and clapped; the jump scare of that scene. One of my hands was resting on my leg, underneath the blanket that was covering me and at that scene I felt and hand grab at mine. I made me jump slightly, as it covered mine over my leg, and then proceeded to interlock our fingers.

I looked over at Luke, knowing it was him but saw him only stare ahead at the screen. Although, I did see the corner of his lips perk up in a small smile that he looked like he was trying to fight. I looked back at the screen, not moving my hand away from his. He had a blanket covering him as well, so it didn’t look like anything.

We stayed like that for the rest of the movie, our hands getting slightly sweaty but neither of us moved away. If anything, I think that I ended up moving closer to him because by the end of the movie our arms were pressed together as well, and my knee was basically on top of his lap. After the horror movie, they had suggested to watch all three Shrek movies, which I laughed along too and agreed that we should watch them.

It was much better than watching that bad horror movie honestly. They would yell out the lines as if they’d watched it a thousand times already (which honestly, they probably had), yelling out “fuckwad” whenever Lord Farquaad was on the screen and singing along to all the songs.

Halfway through the second one, I realized that it must be around one midnight and I was honestly starting to feel tired. Some nights I could literally stay awake until five in the morning, and others I was exhausted by ten. It all depended.

But tonight I found my eyelids dropping around the ending of the second one. I hadn’t realized it, but I was starting to lean and drop further onto Luke, my cheek ended up being smashed against his arm. I only realized when the second movie ended and the guys started singing along really loudly, causing me to jolt awake.

Still I didn’t move. I quickly glanced up at Luke, and he shot me a smile as if telling me that it was okay. I mean, we had cuddled before so it shouldn’t be too weird. But also, that was before he kissed me. The third movie started (honestly, the worst of the Shrek’s) and I felt Luke shift from underneath me. He had moved an arm to wrap around me, ending up around my waist as my head moved to lean against his chest instead of his arm.

It was much more comfortable. And beforehand, when all I wanted to do was inhale his scent, yeah I could do that now. I really wasn’t paying attention to the movie at all. I could feel Luke’s heartbeat beating underneath me. My eyebrows furrowed together at the fast pace, but I didn’t think much of it. Some people just had fast heart beats.

Honestly, the last thing I remember from that night was just feeling Luke’s chest rise and fall from underneath me. I think I fell asleep to the steady pace.

I woke up, at first very confused of where I was. The first thing I saw was Michael sprawled out on the floor, blanket covering him. Next I saw Calum lying next to him. Aw, I thought to myself. They looked cute. I craned my neck to see Ashton lying on the loveseat. That looked pretty uncomfortable, especially considering he was probably a few feet to tall for it.

I almost jumped up when I felt someone shift beside of me, and I looked to the side to be met with Luke’s chest. We had fallen asleep on the couch, one of his arms still around me as I was half on top of him, half next to him.

I wiped my eye with the back of my hand, a yawn leaving my lips as I still tried to wake up. I saw a trail of black on the back of my hand, and I realized that I had fallen asleep with my makeup on last night. Thank God for being the first to wake up, and slowly pried myself out of Luke’s grip, not having the time to think about how I kind of already missed his touch and went to my backpack to look for my makeup bag.

I quietly walked over to the nearest bathroom, starting by brushing my teeth and washing my face. I tied my messy hair up, wiping all the black makeup from underneath my eyes. I wiped the rest of my face, washing it once more and going to dry it.

I started to put on my usual makeup, which consisted of some foundation and concealer to cover up some spots and the discoloration of my skin. I was just wiping it into my skin, making sure to blend it in well so it wasn’t noticeable when I saw Luke at the doorway of the bathroom through the mirror. I decided not to put on any more makeup, not being bothered with putting on eyeliner or even mascara. “’Morning.” I mumbled to Luke, since right not neither of us were speaking and it was kind of awkward.

“You know, you don’t need any of this stuff.” He said, walking into the washroom and closer to me, pointing to the makeup. I felt my cheeks heat up at what I think was a compliment, but I raised my eyebrows at him. “Maybe I like it.” I challenged, crossing my arms on my chest. He shrugged. “Fair enough.”

“When did you wake up?” I asked, trying to change the subject, and not wanting to be silent in fear that it was going to be awkward. “When you got up.” He said, talking about when I got out of his grip. “Sorry for waking you.” I muttered.

He simply grinned. “It’s fine. I was more disappointed that I didn’t get to hold you anymore, not that I didn’t get to sleep anymore.” Once again, fighting off a blush I looked away from him and occupied myself with putting everything back into my bag.

“Look,” Luke sighed quietly. “I know that one the bus, I said no pressure. And honestly, I just want to make it clear again that I’m putting no pressure.” I looked back up at him, realizing what he was starting to talk about. “But,” He muttered, continuing to talk. “I just really need to know. Where you’re at, and all. Especially after last night.”

I was slightly confused by his wording, but he cleared it up for me. “Like, I know that you kissed me back that night while the tournament but I don’t know if you actually meant it, or it was one of those in the moment things.” He said, teeth biting at his lipring, probably a nervous habit.

“I-” I started to say, but I got cut off by him. “I just want to say, that I’m actually kinda into you, if that wasn’t obvious.”

“I-” I said again, not being able to get a sentence out because Luke kept rambling. “You know what. You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to.”

“Me too.” I said, and he gave me an odd look, not really sure what I was talking about because he had just said a bunch of things. “Me too,” I repeated. “I’m kinda into you too.” He let out a breath, smile perking up at his lips. “Oh,” He breathed out. “Okay. That’s good.” He said, voice now at a whisper.

“Hey!” I heard a voice call out, interrupting me from what I was  going to say next. Calum was calling us from the living room, looking for us. “I should go.” I whispered, laughing to myself at the irony because that was what I had said to him the night after he kissed me.


  I really love the idea of Mama Bittle being a quilter.  And like, she asks Bitty to send her his teammates’ jerseys when they can no longer be worn.  Bitty and all the guys are confused but they don’t argue or question it because it’s Suzanne Bittle.  

  Then on one of her trips to visit Bitty at Samwell, she brings this beautiful quilt with the numbers and names from all the old jerseys.  The quilt becomes the go to blanket whenever one of the guys is sick, or just feeling sad.

  Ransom and Holster say it’s magic because Mama Bittle made it with so much love.  


“I was talking to one of your teammates this morning and they said, ‘the best thing about Vladimir Tarasenko…’”

Hockey Luke (Chapter One)

oh god, the first chapter is horrible im so sorry 

i just really love hockey luke so i decided to write this

tell me what you think if you want

part 2

“Y/L/N!” I spun around at the sound of someone calling my last name. I saw my friend Calum Hood walking through the halls towards me. I stopped in the hallway to wait for him, clutching my books to my chest and tried my best not to get run over by the other students.

He finally caught up to me, and kept speeding past me. “Where the hell are you going?” I yelled, now my turn to have to run to get to him. “I have hockey tryouts.” He told me, not stopping from walking. “What? Why do you have to tryout, I thought that the team was already made, I mean isn’t it the same team as last year?”

Calum nodded. “Yeah, so did I. But the coach wants to do tryouts this year to give everyone a chance or some shit, I don’t know. He said it not me.” Calum suddenly stopped waling, and turned to me. “Hey, you wanna come with me?”

He started speed walking again, and I had to get my brain to catch up with my legs once again to keep up with him. “Cal, I have shit to do.”

“So what? You always come to my hockey practices.” He said, trying to argue with me. “No,” I told him, “I always come to your games, not your practices.”

“Whatever, same thing. C’mon Y/N, please? You can cheer me on.” He said, a small laugh escaping his lips. “Okay, fine let’s go. How are you getting to the rink?”

Calum stopped once more, running his hands through his hair. “Fuck,” he muttered. “I didn’t think of that.”

“Seriously? Can’t we get a ride from Ash or something?” I asked, pulling out my phone to see who we can ask. “No, he and Michael skipped last block to get to the rink early.”

“Why didn’t you go with them?” I asked, I swear he was an idiot. “Because I didn’t realize that there were tryouts today until like 10 minutes ago.” He muttered, cursing to himself under his breath.

“Dumbass,” I said, laughing even though I was insulting him. “Fine, Calum. Let’s go. We’re taking the bus.”

Finally after at least half an hour of Calum complaining about waiting for the bus, the weird smells and the mean driver was we got to the ice rink. I went to sit in the bleachers; there weren’t too many people there, or too many people that I knew so I sat alone.

I looked up when I heard someone sit down next to me, and was shocked to see Calum sitting there, not changed into his gear. “What are you doing? Why aren’t you out on the ice?”

“Coach yelled at me for being late.” He explained, pulling out some food from his bag. “What, so you don’t get to tryout?”

He smirked, chewing on what I think were chips. “I don’t need to tryout; coach said that I’m already on the team.”

I bumped his shoulders with my own, congratulating him. “Good job man.”

We sat, watching the others play and be yelled at a judged by the coach, while chewing on our chips. “Who’s that?” I asked Cal, after the practice was almost over. I pointed to a guy I wasn’t sure I knew. I’ve spent so much time in this place, watching this same team play that I knew everyone by now.

“That tall guy? That’s the new kid.” Calum mumbled mouth full of chips.

“There’s a new kid? Since when?”

“I don’t know, he’s new this year. I wouldn’t expect you to know him Y/N, it’s only been like a month of school. I’m pretty sure I have second block with him.”

“He’s good,” I muttered more to myself, watching him. “Not as good as me though, right?” Calum asked me, teasingly even though I knew that he really wanted to know.

“Maybe, I mean you haven’t played in a couple months.”

“That’s a lie, and you know it Y/N. I’ve been practicing basically every day.” We sat there in silence for the rest of the tryouts, watching the players.

I watched the new guy intently, waiting for him to take of his helmet so I could get a better look at his face. I just wanted to see if I would recognize him from school, I just liked to know everyone.

Eventually, once the tryouts were over for the day, and the players started skating off the ice and towards the changing rooms. The new kid finally took off his head gear, blond hair slightly flattened against his forehead. I saw his eyes scan the basically empty bleachers, landing on me when he saw me looking back at him and the corner of his lips perking up in a smirk.

I saw a gleam of something on the corner of his mouth, realizing that he had a lip ring in. “You’re allowed to play with piercings?” I asked, turning to Calum.


“The new kid, he has a lip piercing.” I explained to him. Cal nodded, clearly already being aware of this rule. “Yeah, though you really should take them out for practices and games.”

“Are you already like in love with the new kid?” Cal smirked. “Hey,” I protested. “I’m just curious.”