sorry i love hockey

so for the longest time I’ve enjoyed the way ngozi has given smh significant numbers for their jerseys. like how we all love that holster and ransom are 4-11 respectively because they quite literally give us the 411 on hockey shit in bitty’s first year.

but I only JUST noticed that shitty’s number is 42, which for all you non hitchiker fans out there, is the answer to the question “what is the meaning of life?”

this could either refer to the fact that shitty is a little existential (though he’s no johnson), and likes to answer questions about the world in a way smh giggles through with good-hearted amusement. or it could refer to the fact that shitty is one of jack’s few real friends, and certainly one of his first ones at samwell. he was responsible for getting jack a little more out of his shell, aggressively befriending him and making his life worthwhile again. so alternatively, the meaning of life is shitty - is friendship.

wow i cant believe dylan bone daddy dead raccoon demon boy strome, is the best canadian captain of an american hockey team in western pa its incredible theres no other canadian boy whos captain of a team in western pa that can match him

like, okay, honestly, have yall EVER seen a boy as beautiful as william nylander? like? ever? in your lives? god, his stupid smile, and even when that isn’t on his face, his EYES, his beautiful stunning eyes, are always smiling, and he’s probably going to have crow’s feet by the time he’s 30, with how much he smiles (seriously i can see them starting to form). and his jawline???? the fuck is that?? it’s so smooth and sharp at the same time i dont understand? and the lines of his neck and shoulders are literally anatomically perfect im pretty sure.

just. like. have u ever seen a boy as beautiful. ever. honestly.

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“Sidney Crosby isn’t playing like Sidney Crosby. Marc Andre Fleury is playing like Marc Andre Fleury.”

Sidney Crosby is playing like he got a concussion last week and Penguin waddled his ass back on the fucking ice. He’s playing like he got hit in the face and went head first into the fucking boards.


You want the team to win, tell the rest of the fucking team to show the fuck up for the game. You want another Stanley Cup, STOP LETTING CONCUSSED PLAYERS COME BACK MERE DAYS AFTER THEY GOT THE CONCUSSION.