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did you know milo and kida are in the parade at disneyland paris??

I think it was just for that one day, the 25th anniversary celebration back in April :/ But everyone was so excited about it, I hope they’ll consider bringing them back. Especially since the movie was actually quite popular over there when it first came out.

I have a few extra photos from instagram I didn’t post. So hilarious, the way it’s shot it’s like this was their wedding lmaooo

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I can’t find the source for this one but it’s too cute lmao GIRL put them back

  • Jyn: As president of the Bodhi Rook fanclub, I decree that today we are all going to go around in a circle and say something we admire about Bodhi. Our Vice President has requested to go first.
  • Luke: [clears throat and pulls out list]

Matt Bomer + photoshoots