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  • Jyn: As president of the Bodhi Rook fanclub, I decree that today we are all going to go around in a circle and say something we admire about Bodhi. Our Vice President has requested to go first.
  • Luke: [clears throat and pulls out list]

I know I vanished from here and twitter since like Friday or whatever. I didn’t even talk to friends or anything, I kinda just needed a break from everything. I’ve been fighting a cold/virus too. Sooo on another note, I’ve struggled with chronic back pain for about 7ish years now, I’ve whined about it here and there in posts so some of you know already. Anyway I’ve been doing physical therapy for about 5 months now with basically no improvement—it actually got a lot worse and I started having numbness in my limbs and stuff. So they put me on this new medication yesterday for that and now they wanna do this procedure for the pain on June 12th. It actually makes me really nervous and I’m paranoid as fuck that they’re gonna fuck it up and paralyze me or make my pain worse cause I ALWAYS seem to be in that 1% of possible risk when it comes to medical things, like agajdkjd fuck. But a big part of me is like, wow if this actually works and even for a few weeks/couple months? Fuck, even ten minutes would be appreciated as long as they’ve found something that helps.


Matt Bomer + photoshoots

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i had to cancel my patreon subscription to you because i lost my source of income, sorry :(

it’s nbd! thank u for helping me out while u could

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What brushes do you use

I’ve been using cale’s brushes a lot, they have a nice texture. I also use goro’s brushes , and these ones a lot too. Those are the main sets.

I also have a lot of Kyle’s ink/painting/watercolor brushes, some sketch brushes i’ve lost the source to, and a ton of other brushes I’ve lost the source to (sorry) though I only use them once in a blue moon