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Backyardigans / Cole Sprouse (brother x reader)

Hey, would you be able to write an imagine where the reader is Cole and Dylan’s little sister and she hasn’t seen Cole in ages since he has been away working on set. Dylan and Dayna hold like a small family dinner party or something and the reader sees Cole for the first time in months and it’s just rlly sweet cos he’s really protective of her and yeah lots of fluff, if that’s okay? And I’m love with your writing btw💞💞x

Warnings: idk. Fluff, I guess.

Word Count: 1,923

Characters: Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, Dayna Frazer, Matthew Sprouse


—- —-

You sat cross-legged on your bed, your laptop in front of you as you typed away, trying to finish your English and Lit class assignment before the 11:59pm  due date. (You procrastinated a lot. It was a bad habit). Taking a deep breath, you looked at your word count and let out a massive groan, starting to hit the keys a little harder. Sighing, you shut your laptop, getting off your bed and stretching your arms above your head. You grabbed your phone and then headed downstairs to the kitchen, seeing Dylan and his girlfriend, Dayna.

“Hey there, lovebirds.” You walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge and looking for something to eat. You furrowed your eyebrows, hearing Dayna and Dylan whispering to each other as you continued to look for something to eat.

“We’re having a family gathering tomorrow night. Just letting you know,” Dylan spoke. You closed the fridge, looking at Dylan and nodding. “Alright, then.” You continued to look through the pantry for something to eat. Grinning as you found a packet of Doritos tucked away at the back, you reached up, trying to grab them. Dylan came up behind you and got them down for you, handing them to you.

“Who’s coming?” You asked, sitting on the bar stool, next to Dayna, opening the Doritos and offering your brother’s girlfriend some. She grabbed a handful and you put the packet on the marble counter, leaning forward on your elbows.

“Uh, I have no idea. Dayna’s organising it.” He looked at Dayna, making her roll her eyes. She sat up straight, turning and looking at you. “Well, your dad and step-mum are coming, obviously. Dylan and I and someone else. I think it’s a cousin or something. An aunt?” Dayna looked at Dylan and he shrugged. “Just, be ready by 4:30 tomorrow okay? You’re helping me with dessert.” Dayna smiled and you nodded, grabbing the packet of Doritos.

“I’ll be in my room. I need to ring Cole for some English help.” You grinned, bounding back up the stairs to your bedroom.


“I hate school. I’m going to drop out and start a stupid YouTube career,” you huffed, typing away on your laptop as you heard Cole’s laugh through your headphones. “I’m being serious! Every teenager has probably studied ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ and no one can tell me one simple answer to a question about- Ugh!” You whined, pushing your laptop off your lap and getting off your bed and walking around the room.

“C’mon, kiddo. You’ll be fine. You’ve got 2 more years and then you can go to University and study to be a Vet, okay?” Cole spoke. You sighed, opening your balcony doors and stepping outside. You took a deep breath, pulling your phone out and logging into Instagram.

“Okay. How’s this. When I come home-“

“In like 5 months,” you murmured, pouting.

“Yes. When I come home, in 5 months, I’ll take you to the cinema and we can watch every movie that’s on that day and we can eat so much popcorn, and then I’ll take you to In-N-Out and we can order so much food and then we’ll go home and play video games all night. How’s that, kiddo?” Cole suggested, making you put your phone back in your pocket and smile.

“Promise?” You looked at the time, seeing it was 3pm, and you took a deep breath. “I should go. I need to send this assignment in before midnight.” You added, turning around to go back into your room.

“I promise, and alright, kiddo. I’ll talk to you soon. I love you.”

“I love you too,” you smiled, hanging up the call.


You had finally finished your assignment, sending it in and now here you were, staring at the fairy lights that were strung above your bed. It was about 12:30 in the morning and you were exhausted –it was that point where you were too tired to close your eyes- and just wanted to sleep, but you couldn’t.

Getting off your bed, you pulled on your jacket and headed downstairs, your phone in hand as you used the flashlight so you didn’t wake anyone up when you turned all the lights on. Walking into the kitchen, you opened the fridge and sighed, leaning against the door, peering into the shelves.

“What are you doing up, kiddo?” You heard the voice of your dad, making you turn around and see him standing by the counter, wearing a pair of sweat pants and his old college shirt.

“I uh, I just finished my assignment not long ago and I’m hungry,” you laughed nervously, biting your lip. Your dad flicked the kitchen light on, making you wince at how bright it was. You turned back around, closing the fridge door and going to the pantry, grabbing the Cheetos (which you hated) and throwing the bag at your dad. “Thanks, kid.” He laughed, making you smile.

You and your father had a relationship that was different to Cole and Dylan’s, obviously. You were the last born, being the only girl in the family, you got a bit more spoilt, and since you were only 16, you still had a lot more spoiling to happen. You were the family princess.

Grabbing a packet of Fritos, you leant on the counter across from your dad, who was sitting on the chairs, you opened the corn chips and started to eat them.

“Cole told me you called him today. Something about dropping out of school and doing a YouTube career was mentioned.” He raised an eyebrow, making you giggle.

“I was having a bit of a meltdown. So many people have studies To Kill A Mockingbird and no one could give me a straight answer and I got mad. I’m definitely going to stay in school until Year 12 (im australian ok?) and I’m going to go to University.” You smiled, popping another chip into your mouth, looking at the glimmer of proudness in your dad’s eye.

“Well, you do you, Kiddo. I’m gonna head back up to bed. I love you.” He stood up, putting the Cheeto packet back in the pantry and kissed your head before heading up the stairs and disappearing onto the second floor. You sighed, grabbing a bottle of orange juice and going back upstairs to watch Vampire Diaries.


“(Y/N)! Get up!” You head a female voice shout, startling you from your sleep. You sat up in your bed, rubbing your eyes and looking at the figure at the end of your bed.

“Dayna? What on Earth are you doing? It’s like, 9 in the morning?” You groaned, falling backwards onto your pillows and looking at the ceiling. She had obviously opened your curtains, and your balcony door was also opened, letting the fresh air breeze into your room.

“No, (Y/N). It’s actually almost 1 in the afternoon. What time did you get to bed last night!?” She exclaimed, opening your closet doors and going through the clothes that were hanging up. She grabbed a grey hoodie and threw it on your bed. “I told you to be ready by 4:30, yes, but I expected you to come and save me from your brother and stop him from eating all the cookie dough!” She huffed, looking at you with a raised eyebrow. “Get up!”

“Okay, okay! Calm down.” You sat up, huffing and watching her go through your drawers now, looking at various pairs of shorts. She grabbed a pair of your blue denim ones and threw them on the bed, along with an olive green bralette. “Why are you picking my clothes out?” You asked, looking at the grey hoodie, which was your cropped one that had a rose on the left side of the chest.

“Because I know you will take forever, and I can put an outfit together easily, so here you go! Oh, and wear your Adidas Superstars, too.” She nodded, turning to leave the room. “Chop chop!” She clapped her fingers, looking over her shoulder with a grin on her face.

(Outfit: )


You had gotten changed into the outfit Dayna had thrown together, and you were now throwing on your sneakers. Headed into the bathroom that was attached to both yours and Cole’s (old) room, you turned the light on and started to quickly put on some make up and spritz yourself with perfume before tucking your phone in your back pocket and jogging downstairs, hearing a commotion of people.

Once you walked into the kitchen, there were way more people than just your parents, Dayna and Cole and the unknown person. “Dylan!” You hissed as he walked past, grabbing his sleeve. “What happened to like, 6 people!?” You looked at the blonde brother who had a smudge of lipstick on his bottom lip.

“We may have lie- What are you doing?” He questioned as you rubbed at his lip with the sleeve of your hoodie. You rolled your eyes, crossing your arms once you had gotten rid of the pink-y colour.

“Lipstick.” You simply said and walked out the back to look for either Dayna or your dad. There was a lot of people out the back, but since your family had a huge entertaining patio, they usually put it to good use. Especially when you had parties.

“Oh, (Y/N)!” You heard a very familiar voice call out, making you stop in your tracks and let out a whine. Turning around slowly and plastering a fake smile on your lips, you walked towards the aunt that your whole family dreaded, but she still showed up at these events.


You had managed to find your dad and step-mum, and now everyone was sat down. You were sat next to Dayna and your dad, chewing on a piece of meat as you listened to the chatter. You hated socialising, it just wasn’t your forte, so you usually just sat there quietly, nodding and smiling whenever you needed to.

“Hey, (Y/N). This is the part where you might wanna pay attention and turn around.” You heard your dad whisper in your ear, nudging your side. You furrowed your eyebrows, finishing your mouthful of food and swivelling around in the chair you were sitting on.

Standing near the gate, a bag slung over his shoulder and wearing the stripy red and white shirt you gave him, was your older brother, who was supposed to be home in 5 months.

Cole looked up, a grin on his face as he saw you, his beloved little sister. “I expected a little more excitement from you, missy.”

Your brows furrows a little, but the realisation struck as he walked closer, and your eyes widened. “Oh my god!” You exclaimed, scrambling up from your seat and slipping through the gap between the two chairs. You almost tripped over the leg of the chair (but the chair fell over instead). This was probably the only time you were going to run, but as soon as your arms were around Cole’s shoulders, you almost started crying. “You’re home? But- I- You.” You fumbled on your words, not pulling away from the hug, since it was a much needed hug.

“Someone told me you were a bit mopey without your favourite brother around and you were getting sick of beating Dylan at Mortal Combat all the time.” Cole laughed, his arms tightly around your torso.

“I just, I can’t believe it.” You pulled away from the hug, looking up at your brother. “You’re home.”

thoughts after seeing falsettos:

  • stephanie j block is absolutely incredible and breaking down changed my entire life
  • anthony rosenthal?? is so adorable?? his little dancing while listening to the walkman?? i died 
  • whizzer & marvin & the lesbians is the gay/lesbian solidarity we need
  • im so glad i never finished listening to the cast recording before watching the proshot it was a much more authentic experience
  • the set design?????? holy shit???????? did y’all see all that tape on the floor?
  • andrew rannells in those high waisted tight pants: 👌👌👌
  • im forgetting a lot of things uhhh
  • oh yeah
  • the sound of an entire theater sobbing together is such a bonding experience
  • seriously oh god i sobbed so much im so sorry ladies who were sitting next to me i tried to stay quiet
  • nothing like crying about the aids epidemic at 4 pm
  • jason inviting whizzer to the baseball game made me cry
  • marvin’s character development: 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
  • the cHESS PIECE ON THE!!! TOMBSTONE!!!!! who else died a lil
  • one more point thank you for reading this far:


what i want for the raven boys tv series:

1. A. DIVERSE. CAST. like give me some reece king and amandla stenberg thank you (also no lucky blue smith bullshit)

2. obvious but a good storyline!!!! holy shit this is important like look at all the book to movie/tv show adaptations and TELL ME how many of them follow the book. like, none. the books are there and i don’t see why you need to change everything.

3. GOOD!!! SETS!!!! sorry but the settings make up for lots of bad tv shows like… not only how pretty/aesthetic it is but like you know how cabeswater/monmouth/etc etc all have a certain mood yeah

4. i want the relationships (and friendships) to be super realistic like !!! dont rush into it and please make it soft and also BISEXUALITY EXISTS BUT DONT MAKE IT DEFINE THEM YKNOW THANKS


6. small details make everything more enjoyable for me. the coke shirt? the wireframe glasses? ronan’s tattoos? YES PLS

7. NO ERASURE OF CHARACTERS like please you dont see henry in all the chapters but everyone loves him so YOU SEE HOW IMPORTANT THESE SMALL THINGS ARE

8. a good soundtrack im BEGGING

9. bluesey blUESEY BLUESEY


yes so obviously i want this as close to the book as possible because well… the books are already THERE

tbh i wasnt thrilled to hear that this was being turned into a show but i am really giving it a chance now i just want it to be a good show that isnt THAT popular and mainstream but still gets recognition for what it is without it not being meaningful and soft and just an overall good show please !!!!! this series means so god damn much to me !!!!

Gotham Prompt List

So I’ve decided that the current prompt lists that are floating around are excellent, but a lot of them just don’t fit with Gotham as well as I would like. So I took it upon myself to bang out a list of Gotham-specific prompts.

Like all lists, all your followers will have to do is send you a number and a pairing, and hopefully some good fic will come out of this!

Feel free to like and reblog.

1. “You smell like the docks.”
2. “It’s snowing? But it’s August!”
3. “How about we meet down at Sirens and talk this over?”
4. “Sorry I’m late. Our normal liquor store got set on fire by some weirdo with a flamethrower so I had to go all the way to the one on 45th street to get the red you like.”
5. “I thought he was dead! I killed him myself, I should know!”
6. “Well, slap on your best leather. Tonight’s gonna get real weird.”
7. “You can’t shoot him if I do it first.”
8. “I really don’t think you’re qualified to be doing that.”
9. “Blackgate really did a number on you.”
10. “I honestly appreciate your creativity, but next time why don’t we just go to dinner or something like a normal couple?”
11. “I guess I just don’t feel comfortable in the Diamond District. Can’t we just go to the burger shop we like down in the Narrows? You know I’ll protect you.”
12. “God, you’re really slumming it, aren’t you?”
13. “Why the hell is someone like you hanging around here? You’re gonna get yourself stabbed!”
14. “I don’t care if you were personally invited, if you go to that Foxglove party you’d better not come home.”
15. “I feel like it’s been raining for weeks. Everything is so gray.”
16. “What do you mean she’s your daughter? When did you end up with a daughter?!”
17. “So I found out that it actually isn’t illegal to own big cats in Gotham. Meaning, I can absolutely have a tiger.”
18. “Metropolis? Why would you want to move to that backwater?”
19. “You have to go to Arkham. You don’t have a choice.”
20. “Care to explain why you’re here bleeding all over the carpeting I just had put in?”
21. “I need you to pretend we came here together. I’ll explain later. Just act like you’re into it, please.”
22. “You’re about as useful as the GCPD, do you know that?”
23. “I just want something to go right around here for once.”
24. “You’ve had some pretty questionable plans, but this one takes the cake.”
25. “I can barely keep track of who’s in charge anymore.”
26. “Well, that sounds completely stupid and unbelievable, but that’s pretty much par for the course when it comes to Gotham so I’ll choose to believe you for now.”
27. “If you wanted my attention you could have just called instead of breaking into my apartment. Again. The locksmith knows me by first name at this point.”
28. “You can’t just adopt random street children!”
29. “What? That isn’t biologically possible.”
30. “I love you, you idiot.”
31. “He owed me a favor.”
32. “It’s never been about the money. It was always about impressing you.”
33. “I know it has to be hard for you to trust anybody right now, but I need you to trust me. Please.”
34. “He’ll be fine. He’s survived much worse than this.”
35. “That’s so petty of you. I’m proud.”
36. “In a place like this you have to take the good with the bad, otherwise you’ll end up in Arkham screaming at the walls.”
37. “You shouldn’t be here. It isn’t safe.”
38. “I was only trying to help! I didn’t think it would end up like this…”
39.  "A circus? Absolutely not. Are you new to Gotham or something?“
40. "If someone told you I was straight they were lying to your face.”
41. “You know I’m always up for a little good old-fashioned vigilante justice.”
42. “I think I’m going to just drop out of the crime business and open up a store or something. This is too stressful for me.”
43. “You have 20 seconds to explain yourself, or I shoot.”
44. “Come sit on the roof and watch the chaos with me. I’ve got bourbon.”
45. “One of these days that mouth is gonna get you into trouble. I just hope I’m there to see it.”
46. “This is Gotham, nobody cares what you’re into! Who would I be to judge?”
47. “I would kill you but you’d probably find some way to come back stronger and fuck my day up.”
48. “This is fate, whether or not you choose to accept it.”
49. “Of all the people in the world I could end up tied to, why did it have to be you?”
50. “I wouldn’t drink that if I were you.”


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Hey did you guys know I write stories AND shitpost

Sorry for the huge break I was just… so unmotivated lol.

“Michael,” Keely drew out, rubbing her fingertips into her temples. “Sometimes two people have different visions, and it’s important that I get a picture of yours so I can best meet your needs now. So we’re on the same page.” Rather than answer, Michael just dropped his head on his desk, keening in the back of his throat. “Okay, okay, I get it,” she grumbled. “What about some more immediate goals, then? What about a studio? What are you looking for with regards to that?”

“What do I need a new studio for?” he asked, cracking one eye open to peer at her suspiciously. “I have a studio.”

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Hello there ! Long time fan, love your art and you'll forever by my inspiration, I have a question-- so i'm doing a concept art design course which is a lot of fun but it feels like Photoshop is very forced, it feels as if i want to be a good artist I have to use photoshop! But my problem is I'm so used to sai because my Photoshop has a mix of terrible pen pressure and doesn't seem to work for my tablet- do you have any advice on how to combat this and stick to photoshop?

Hello! Thank you so so much❤❤, I truly appreciate your support. And apologies for the late reply, it took me a while to think and type up the answer(〃´∀`) ( Also recently FFXV, the game that I waited for ten years came out and I just….(cover face and run away)

The answer is quite long so I will pop it under read more :) 

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Hey! Just to say that I love your work and I know I don't know the entire story, but you're amazing and talented and funny! If you tube doesn't make you happy, then you shouldn't do it, but if you do... well that's up to you! (Sorry, super random),have a great day/night/evening/(time is an illusion)

It’s not that YouTube doesn’t make me happy, it’s just that I’ve put so much at stake trying to make it a career and I feel like it’s not working. I feel like a failure most of the time.

I took a look at my bank account and it more or less set me off. I’m kinda living off savings right now and collecting pocket change from YouTube/Adsense. I really don’t make a lot. I probably only have 4 or 5 months left and this rodeo is over. 

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So I read the Bar Etiquette post, which was great thanks! But it also mentioned paying a 'tab' vs. paying 1 drink at a time, and I hear a lot of people with 'tabs' at the bar and was wondering how these work? I've always just paid one at a time, how does paying a tab work differently? Do you pay it all up front, like pay for the 4 drinks you'll probably order, or pay for it after you've had your fill of x amount? How do you set up a tab? Sorry if this is too many questions in one ask.

Don’t worry about it. I could talk about bars all fucking night. 

For all you other bar-going peeps out there, check out our fucking rad Bar Etiquette post.

So…tabs and shit, yeah? With a tab, you don’t pay up front, but at the end of the night (or whenever you leave). Tabs are beneficial if you plan on ordering more than one drink. They’re also beneficial if you are low on cash and want to pay by debit/credit. With a tab, instead of bugging the bartender by continuously making them slide your card and print receipts (like an asshole), they just keep track of all your drinks on a single tab, with a single receipt to print and sign at the end of the night. It’s fucking fabulous.

To open a tab at a bar, all you usually need to do is:

  1. Approach the bar tender (click here to see how to approach the bar)
  2. State that you want to open a tab.
  3. Hand over your debit/credit card.
  4. Now you’re ready to order drinks!

The above steps are pretty much the same at every bar. Some may vary a bit, but those are the general guidelines.

To close your tab at the end of the night, just go up to the same bartender and tell them that you’d like to close your tab (so simple it’s almost criminal!).


  • Don’t forget to sign your tab receipt!!
  • Don’t ask to put your drink on someone else’s tab, unless that tab owner has informed the bar tender that you are allowed to put drinks on their tab.
  • Don’t order one drink and then close your tab. And don’t fucking close and open and close and open and close your tab.
  • Don’t freak out if you leave and forget to close your tab! Just go back the next day when the bar/tavern/club/etc is open and close it then. If you left before they closed, you could also go back that night.
  • Unless you are 100% sure there’s shit you didn’t order on your tab, do not argue about your tab.
  • PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO TIP YOUR BARTENDER. I cannot even begin to tell you how fucking rude it is to open a tab, buy a bunch of drinks, and then not tip the bartender.

Now, go forth, open tabs, and drink responsibly!

-The Sudden Adult

PS. If you’re drinking enough to open a tab, I highly recommend and encourage having a designated driver or money for a cab/bus/train home. Drinking and driving is for dumbasses who are not grown up enough to care about their lives.

My Favourite Game

It’s so broad, isn’t, it, something like this? A favourite game might be the best performance you remember (8-1 Nottingham Forest), or the first time you ever watched your team live (1-0 Crystal Palace), or something of such importance it still gets talked about today (Ryan Giggs’s chest sorry, 2-1 Arsenal). I think of petty games like 3-0 Liverpool and 4-2 City. I even think of the guaranteed-a-mention-in-almost-every-match 0-4 MK Dons which, while perhaps not my favourite, was certainly one of the most formative in teaching me that Jonny Evans getting his arse handed to him was still something I would wake up at 3am to watch. And that, regardless, I’d do it all again the same time next week.

I’m someone who sets a lot of store by history. (You’d expect that from a history student.) I suppose that’s one of the reasons I fell in love with United in the first place; the vast landscape of moments that we have reason to be proud of. The lore that every United fan seems to know, like magic, the moment they become one. Everyone says that United live in the past. If that is true I don’t begrudge them, for what a past to live in. When I got off the tram in Manchester on the fourteenth of June two years ago and saw the LEGENDS ARE BACK banners hanging outside Old Trafford it was this that confronted me. I was struck, suddenly, by the enormity of what I was going to watch: Yorke and Cole playing together again! The treble-winning back line of Stam and Johnsen (and the wrong Neville)! Cult favourites no one but a United fan would know in van der Gouw and Blomqvist! 

And. Of course.

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Warning: Rated T for language

Fight Me: a drabble about one character fighting with/or against another

The best way to describe his relationship with Pacifica over the past few months was a downward spiral. As the fights grew more heated, the silences in between stretched out achingly longer and longer. He could hardly talk to her without causing an argument or meeting a cold shoulder. This argument was a long time coming.

He didn’t expect to have it over an overturned martini with a fire in his blood that could burn the whole house down.

I’m selfish?” he demanded. “I’m at my job, Pacifica. I’m not the one who gets to lounge around every night and sip martinis.”

Pacifica looked like she wanted to snap at him, but she took in a deep breath to calm herself.

“I’m not having happy hour,” she said in a low voice, “I’m waiting for you, wondering if you’re going to come home. Do you know how much I worry about you every day?” Pacifica swiped at the alcohol that had dribbled down her chin after her last sip. Before Dipper had knocked the damn glass over.

“I know, I’m sorry,” Dipper said, his voice rough with frustration, “But I worry about you too, you know. You’ve been drinking a lot; every time I come home you’re drinking. Don’t think I haven’t noticed, because I notice these things.”

She scoffed like she didn’t believe him and it set his blood boiling.

“What next, Pacifica? Pills? Am I going to find you shooting up in a grungy frat house?”


“Oh my god,” Pacifica laughed, nastily then. “You’re so pious, you know that? I’m not an alcoholic, I was just…drinking to stop thinking about you.”

“What, because I’ve been out late for work the past couple of months? Is that it?” Dipper gave his head a jerk and insisted, “Pacifica, you know I love you, but career comes first for me right now. I thought you understood.”

“I do understand,” she folded her arms, “I just don’t get why it means I barely get to see you anymore.”

“Look, I’m not lucky like you, okay? I don’t get to just waltz into a management position in a successful company because my dad is a shareholder.”

Pacifica lunged at him and stabbed a finger at his chest. “You take that back right now, Dipper. I worked my ass off for that position and you know it.”

“Yeah, you definitely used your ass,” Dipper muttered.

Her eyes flared. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“I’m just saying,” Dipper said as he threw his hands in the air, “it seems awfully convenient that the guy who hired you just happens to be the sleazeball who’s been checking you out at every company function since you were sixteen.”

“What, are you jealous? Is that it? Oh my god,” Pacifica laughed without any humour, “Dipper Pines, jealous of some middle-aged jackass who checks out anything under 30 with boobs. Do you think I asked for that attention or something? That I use my body to get what I want?”

The way her voice broke stopped the roar of blood in Dipper’s ears. He came down from his rage with a horrifying realization that he had seriously messed up.

“No. No, of course not,” Dipper groaned and ran a hand over his face, “I shouldn’t have said that. Sorry, that was a dick move.”

“Yeah, it was.” Pacifica swiped at her under eye, hopeful a rogue tear hadn’t made her eyeliner run.

“And the thing about your job, that,” he sighed, “that was really shitty of me, too. I know how you feel about your dad.”

Pacifica nodded. “He’s an ass.”

“He is,” Dipper agreed as he crossed to her, “I shouldn’t act like an ass, too. You don’t deserve that.”

Tentative, all too aware that the wounds were fresh for both of them, he placed a hand on her upper arm and gave her a reassuring squeeze.

“I’m sorry,” he said softly, “for what I said, and for not being here for you. I’ve been really caught up in my new job, and I haven’t spent enough time with you.” His fingers traced the outline of her arm and teased at the back of her hand. “But I’ve thought about you a lot. Every day I work late, or come home and you’re asleep, or wake up and see you’re gone…I’m thinking of you.”

He couldn’t read her stony expression, but her stiff hand wasn’t encouraging. Another few seconds, and Pacifica seized him by shirt front. She tugged until they were eye to eye and he could smell the gin on her. But her eyes were focused, as if the fight had sobered her.

“I want this to work,” she confessed, her free hand sliding up his shoulder, “but I can’t live like this anymore. I miss you too much, and I’m so tired of fighting. Things…things need to change.”

She played with the collar of his shirt, her eyes fixed on his chest. Up close, Dipper could see the signs of fatigue: the bags under her eyes, the slump of her shoulders. She was running on fumes, and so was he. They couldn’t sustain this fighting.

“I know,” he breathed. He considered her for a minute, then proposed a plan he had been mulling over for a few days. “What if I talk to my boss about having Friday afternoons off? God knows I work more overtime than they can afford to pay. That’s an afternoon you can book off, right?”

Pacifica cocked her head. Hesitantly, she said, “I don’t see why that would be a problem.”

“It’s a start,” Dipper said. He squeezed her hip and smiled.

Slowly, Pacifica mirrored him. The inferno had burned down to embers again, and that was a heat she could handle right now. She hugged him around the neck and buried her face into his chest, basking in the warmth and the rich smell. His arms wound around her, protective even as they sought comfort, and they rocked in place together.

They stayed like that for a long time in the middle of the kitchen, clutching at each other like a lifeline.

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Hi Bronte, I hope you're ok! Would you mind recommending some knitting patterns and things for a beginner? I've recently taught myself to knit and have made some simple things like a scarf and a bag, and now I'm making some socks. I would love to be able to make beautiful jumpers and shawls like you do but don't really know where to start! How do you choose a pattern and yarn for your projects? Thanks a lot! :)

Hi there! Oh my gosh I’m so sorry it’s taken me a million years to answer this! I’ve been so busy and I wanted to set aside time to answer this properly for you, because I wanted to give you good advice!

Okay! I personally think if you can make socks (i’m guessing on 4 double pointed needles?) you’re not a beginner anymore! Socks can be tricky, and because you’re knitting in the round, increasing and decreasing, you have all the skills you need to make a jumper! 

There are some excellent beginner patterns from Quince & Co., an American yarn we sell at Loop. The Agnes sweater is particularly good for beginners, because it’s in lovely chunky yarn so it grows fast! It also has a great construction; you do the whole thing in the round so there are no seams!

That’s the pattern! We sell them at work as a PDFs so if you got one we would email it to you! I’ve made that jumper and I love mine so much, I’m going to make another one (one day, I have so many other things planned!) The yarn the pattern uses is quite expensive, but you can substitute it with this, which is way cheaper and still makes a lovely squishy jumper:

As for shawls this one is a great one, again I’ve made this and it’s nice and easy for a first shawl:

It’s in an aran weight yarn, so quite heavy, but you could totally substitute it with something else. The amazing thing about shawls is that, because they aren’t fitted, you can use any weight of yarn you like, with the correct needles. So if you used a heavier weight of yarn that what the pattern says, it would come out bigger, and if you used a lighter weight of yarn it would be smaller! 

As for how I choose… Well I spend a lot of time at work squishing yarn (I love restocking shelves because I get to play with colour) and I see lots of patterns and other peoples projects so I’m constantly getting inspiration. I also follow lots of knitters/designers on Instagram so see what they are making, and new patterns being released by designers and things! I always pick a pattern I think will go with lots of my clothes, and with my personal style. I also always pick a colour of yarn that will go with lots of things. For example, when I make a shawl I always bear in mind that I have a navy blue winter coat, so I try to pick colours that will go with that! 

I hope this is helpful, and again, I’m so sorry it took me so long to answer your lovely polite question! (Also if you wanted more help/a chat come off anon and we can chat about knitting more!)

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I agree. I like what I’ve heard the premise to be, finding Bo Peep, but it’s completely unnecessary bc they finished the story. I was discussing this with someone and we came to the conclusion that “Toy Story” should now be stories about different toys instead of the same set of toys every time, but idk that’s just my thoughts.

I don’t even think there is any need to be any additional, small stories. I think we always knew that Andy would give away/get rid of his toys and personally, I feel, that’s a good enough ending. I don’t think there needs to be anything else added to it. I love Andy, and I just feel that without Andy in the movie it’s not really Toy Story for me; and I can’t really see this next movie having Andy in it at all. I mean, unless it’s going to be Andy all grown up with his own family and somehow Woody, Buzz & the gang make their way back to him somehow and he passes them onto his children I just idk

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6. Massive Attack & Mad Professor - Radiation ruling the nation
7. Nirvana - Scentless apprentice
8. Bauhaus - Crowds
9. Portishead - Nylon smile
10. Ani Difranco - Pixie

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Nightmares (Emmett/Rosalie imagine)

A/N: I know I’m writing a lot of imagines in Eleanor’s POV, but I absolutely love Emmett and Rosalie as parents. Like they’d be great parents

Inspired by this song

Eleanor is about 4 in this imagine. I wrote this a while ago, but I absolutely love the idea of their child waking up from something as normal as a nightmare, and they handle it like any other set of parents. Sorry this was the closest gif I could find that related to this

Word Count:  500+


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My eyes snapped open and I quietly whimpered before I felt the courage to get out of bed and run to mommy and daddy’s room. If I don’t run to mommy and daddy’s room, the monsters will get me and take me to their lair, like in my dream. What if I am like auntie Alice and can see the future?!

Finally, I made it to the door, and heard mommy talking to daddy.

“Em, can you get the door?” Mommy asked, and Daddy opened the door while I pulled my Minnie Mouse doll closer to my chest.

“Awe baby girl, what happened?” Daddy asked, pulling me into his chest. Mommy dropped whatever she was doing and ran in front of me and Daddy.

“I had a bad dream,” I squeezed Minnie and leaned against Daddy.

“Do you want to talk about it sweetie?” Mommy asked and I left the safety of daddy’s arms and went into mommy’s arms, curling into her chest.

“The monsters took me away and brought me to their lair. What if I’m like Auntie Alice and that happens?” I asked, tears pooling in my eyes. Mommy wiped my tears away before they could fall.

“The monsters won’t get you honey. Daddy and I won’t let them,”

“Yeah they will have to go through mommy and me first,” Daddy gave me a smile.

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Not anything anti related but I felt the need to share. I'm so glad Tumblr has your follower count hidden like you have to manually go into settings and screenshot that shit because looking at my follower count makes me really nervous and anxious. Not because I have a lot, but because I don't have pressure to get more followers for not have a 3/4/5 digit follower count. I'm sorry, this post is kinda stupid...

That’s one of the reasons I kinda like tumblr more than twitter bc people don’t judge you on your follow count they just judge you on your content which is how it should be

Self massage tips!

massage is one if my favourite stims and it’s something everyone should do more, but it’s especially important if you tend to hold anxiety and tension in parts of your body, look down when you walk, sit watching TV curled up in a strange position and never sit straight, and don’t want to be massaged by another person because you don’t like being touched (all things which apply to me) these are some tips I’ve picked up from physiotherapists and Pilates instructors over the past couple of years and I thought I’d share (sorry if this gets long, I’ve tried to break up the text to keep it easier to read)

You don’t need anything for this but if you have very tight/knotted spots you could get some spiked massage balls, which are about £3-4 each or £7-10 for a set of three on amazon, and you can find tutorials of how to use them on google. I really like the sensation and I get sore wrists easily so I can massage harder for longer with these, but you can do lots of techniques with just your hands. 

You don’t need to use any oils or creams unless you really want to, it’s fine without 

Some general tips before you start:

  • Always even up on both sides. Symmetry is important, so it’s better to do, for example, left lower arm and then right lower arm etc than the whole left side and then the right so that you can make sure you do the same on both sides and don’t run out of time/get distracted before you’ve evened out
  • Massaging a tight spot will hurt, but don’t push through intense pain. It’s better to work at it gently and for longer. Be kind to yourself.
  • Little and often is usually better than trying to give yourself a full body massage all in one go. You’ll be surprised how good just 5 minutes will make you feel, and it will be a more sustainable habit if it doesn’t take up a huge part of your day
  • Stay hydrated. Especially if you’re doing more of a deep tissue massage. Finish off by having a glass of water/tea/juice and then try to have another glass after about an hour.
  • A general safety rule for massage: for soft fleshy parts, you can get stuck in and press as hard as you feel you need to, but for joints and bones you should be very careful and not press down. This is especially important for your spine and you should never put a spikey ball on your spine (including up to the back of your neck) or joints in general. 
  • Do whatever feels nice! It doesn’t matter if it’s a ‘proper’ technique or not, as long as you’re happy.

A few techniques:

  • The most simple technique is just to make circles with your hands or fingers over any part of your body. You can leave it at that if you want.
  • Start off by warming up the skin, you can gently brush your hands over a certain part of your body and gradually add a bit more pressure. It’s also nice to lightly tap your hand up and down the skin 
  • Spread your fingers out wide into a ‘claw’ shape and gently move across your skin in large circular motions. You can gradually add pressure as you warm up and find tender spots. Then, with your hand in the same shape, stay in one spot and move the fingers around in small circles (your fingers should not be moving across your skin this time, but instead the skin is moving around) 
  • Search for Pilates muscle activation points for some good places to focus on. Whether or not you believe in activation, they still feel nice 
  • Don’t forget to massage your hands too! You can use a favourite hand cream or massage them while you wash them to make it easier, or just do it dry if you prefer. Just rub circles all over your hands and make similar movements as you would if you were washing them
  • For tense necks and shoulders, (this might be hard to describe but it feels really good so bear with me) grab the tops of your shoulders with the thumb just above the collar bone and the fingers around the back and squeeze gently. Then move your hand upwards slowly until you get to the top. Repeat this in different places along your collar bone, and you can go all the way up the side of your neck with this same movement 
  • If you’re a chewer or tooth-grinder, massage the jaw by making small circles starting at the corner of your jaw (by your ear) and moving down towards the chin. Spend extra time on the tighter spots 
  • Leg tappers/jigglers will probably get tight legs. You can use the squeezing technique described for the neck/shoulders on your calves, taking the fleshy part and squeezing between the thumb and fingers, then pulling away from the leg and letting the muscle run between your fingers and thumb. Make circles of different sizes up and down the legs (avoiding the knees). Try large circles on the way up and small on the way down for variation
  • For a much more gentle and stimmy massage, you can take a soft blanket, cloth or item of clothing that has a really nice texture that you enjoy and just rub that over your skin. Try up and down first, then circles, and finish with a 'figure of eight’ shape
  • If you like water, you can try some of these in the bath or shower. The warm water will loosen up your muscles and you can rub nice soaps into your skin at the same time

You can do these any time, when you’re watching tv or at your desk. While it can be nice to take time out and put on relaxing music and light candles to massage to, you get the same physical benefit without all of that. You can rub your neck whilst waiting for a train, or your hands when you’re in a meeting. It’s soothing and doesn’t take any time out of your day.

Feel free to add to this with your own favourite stimmy massages!!

The University - Chapter 11

TITLE: The University
AUTHOR: Peskipixi
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: AU Tom character - Jonathan Oakley
GENRE: Smut/Romance
FIC SUMMARY: OFC Rosalita runs a very special institution of learning, and meets young Jonathan when he signs up for classes. Rosa knows from the moment that she lays eyes on him that this one is special…                               RATING: Smut/18+                                                                                         WARNINGS: NSFW for whole fic, nothing for this chapter                                   AUTHOR’S NOTES: It’s been too long, I know… I’m sorry. Real life like a lot of you know has been a real bitch. Also, this is a short, non-smutty one, but I hope you like it none the less.   

Previous Chapters:  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Chapter 11

Rosa lay sprawled on the couch, tears streaming down her face, visible only in the flickering light of the television as she watched the two characters on the screen say their last goodbyes in a setting sun, the strains of epic violin music swelling to drown her miserable sobs.

Crumpled tissues lay strewn about her and the empty Hagen Daäs tub glared at her from the coffee table. She picked up the bottle that stood next to the couch, only to find it just as empty, and just as accusatory. A fresh flood of tears streaked her face as she burrowed deeper under the blanket. Tonight was the first time since that day six weeks ago when she watched Jonathan turn and walk out of her life at her own command that she had allowed herself a proper ice cream and wine fuelled pity party. She watched three of the saddest movies she could lay her hands on and had nothing but said beverages for dinner. Half way through the last movie, the tears had started, and now, finally, she felt clean. Exhausted, emotionally completely drained, but cleansed.

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Hi, I liked your Fushimi meta post and I wanted to ask what you think about Fushimi and his interactions with Munakata and scepter4. I think hes more comfortable in scepter4 then in homra but I wanted to know your thoughts thanks.

Sorry this took a while to reply anon, I really like Scepter 4 and I have lots of thoughts on that whole dynamic (can open, worms everywhere) so I’m afraid it ended up all weird and long again, sorry.

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