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@allesiathehedge told ya I was going to do something for Alphys’ birthday… even tho it’s a week late… Hope you don’t mind >.<’

I tried to use your designs for the characters… but I started doing this before you posted that little comic on Alphys’  birthday, so she has no pretty dress.. sorry ‘bout that..

This comic has, like, the best Papyrus I ever drew… Also, was the first time I drew Asgore, and Toriel (if you don’t count that time I drew Altertale Toriel). Drawing baby poses is so hard for me… I don’t even know why, it just seems like everything I try is unnatural… Hope I got at least 40% good poses in this.

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For the fic title thing, "Killer Queen" and rebelcaptain

When Cassian Andor is assigned the job to kidnap the Erso daughter, to give the Rebellion leverage against her father and thus the empire, he doesn’t think twice before doing it. He’s done worse for the Rebellion then kidnap a woman. 

But Jyn Erso’s not what he expected. The kidnapping goes off without a hitch–but Jyn doesn’t seem like an Imperial brat, pampered and mean. She can give him a run for his money in a fight, might be innocent but definitely isn’t unfeeling or unaware of the privilege her status gave her, and she’s in no hurry to get back to a place where her little rebellions would be quashed again. At first, it’s for the adventure, the chance to see things her father would never let her–but as Jyn sees more, and understands what the empire is doing–and her parents’ quiet rebellion against that–that changes. She might have been kidnapped, but Cassian’s the one swept into her orbit–and for all the things he’s done for the rebellion, he thinks falling in love with his mark has to be the most painful. 

(Don’t worry Jyn’s in love with him too but is sure he’d never return those emotions because he thinks of her as a spoiled rich kid, and misunderstandings and pining abounds until K2 decides enough is enough)


Could you write something smutty where Harry and the girl are broken up but are somehow at the same party and at one point, she needs a lift and Harry decides to drive her home. During the trip, Naughty Girl by Beyoncé comes on the radio and she starts whispering the lyrics to Harry’s ear and at the end, they end up having sex.

Hii, so I know this is bot based on the song you wanted and I changed it up a lot. Still, it is loosely based on this request and the song ‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers. I know it took me ages, I’m sorry. This contains smut so read at your own

Parties weren’t her thing lately.
Especially not when it was the party of her ex.
She had to come though, she promised it.
Y/N and Harry broke up four months ago. She couldn’t even remember why, only knew that she missed him more than anything.
But that didn’t mean she was ready to see him.
Tonight was his big party. The Another Man launch party. And she promised four months ago she would be there, no matter what.
Back then she didn’t know what would happen, didn’t know they would break up. She hoped he wouldn’t invite her but he did, sent her a text with the details and said he was looking forward to seeing her.
And now she was sitting inside the bar where the party was at. She was so incredibly uncomfortable and feeling so out of place that she wanted to get up and leave as soon as possible but somehow she couldn’t.
She was sitting there next to Gemma, sipping on a cocktail that didn’t have enough alcohol to make her feel at peace. Gemma kept an eye on her the whole time, noticing the little changes in her. Her hair has gotten longer. Her body looked like she did sports on a regular basis. Her makeup was different, her plump lips painted in a shade of red and her eyes framed with long curled lashes that would make any man fall for her immediately.
She looked amazing.
Even though she didn’t feel amazing at all.
She was only waiting for him to enter the party. Then she would say ‘hi’, congratulate him and then leave. That was her plan.
But when he entered the bar her plans quickly changed.
God, he looked good.
He was wearing a black suit which she assumed was Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent or any other expensive brand. He was wearing a white button down underneath which deserved the name ‘button down’ rather than ‘button up’ because only three buttons were done.
He wore one of those black silk scarfs that she loved to tug on while being on top of him and riding him so hard the headboard slammed agai-
“You okay?” Gemma asked quietly when she realized her brother was there.
“Yes.” Y/N replied.
She wasn’t okay.
God, how she missed him.
He came over when he saw her. Her brain was screaming at her to leave, to turn around and hide in the bathrooms until he was gone but she didn’t. She stood up from where she was sitting when he reached her, a bit unsteady on her legs from all the alcohol she consumed.
“Easy, love.” he said and held onto her arm to steady her.
Has his voice always been so sexy?
“Hi.” she breathed.
“Hey.” he whispered.
They stared at each other for a few moments before Y/N cleared her throat and shrugged his hand off.
“Congratulations on your magazine. You did really well.”
She saw the sadness that flickered through his eyes when she pulled away from him but he caught himself quickly.
“Thank you, love.”
That’s when Gemma saved them both from the awkwardness.
“Hi, baby brother.” she greeted him and pulled him into a hug.
“I’m so proud of you.”
Y/N excused herself to get another drink, downing it within a few seconds. She wasn’t nearly feeling as drunk as she had to be in order to get through this party.
She watched from the bar how Harry mingled with everyone, shaking hands and exchanging smiles.
She thought she was fine. Thought she would get through this without needing to get absolutely wasted but apparently she was wrong.
She did that a lot lately, drinking. Not to a degree where it was dangerous but still enough that she knew she couldn’t continue like this. She couldn’t help it though.
She tried to interact with as little people as possible, really not in the mood for any small talk or any conversations in general.

Little did she know that Harry felt the same. He watched her, sitting there at the bar and looking so goddamn perfect that he realized again how pretty she was.
He knew he was breaking her heart all over again right now, and he hoped she knew that she did just the same to him. The last four months were breaking his heart.
And finally he couldn’t take it anymore.
He walked over to were she was sitting without stopping.
He couldn’t stop.
When he reached her he didn’t say anything.
He didn’t have to say anything.
She knew.
He pulled her off the bar stool, making her stumble against his chest but he made sure she was steady.
And then they left.
They left without saying goodbye or looking back. They took the back exist so no one would see them, walking until they stood in front of his black Range Rover.
He looked at her as if he wanted to ask if she was sure and she nodded. He opened the door for her and let her get into the back, following right behind and sitting down beside her.
And then she connected her lips to his. And it felt just like it always did. Nothing changed about the way his lips felt against hers. They were hot and soft, their plumpness just enough to feel so goddamn good.
She pulled him closer. Closer and closer. As close as there bodies could get.
Within minutes their bodies were bare, pressing and rubbing against each other but it wasn’t enough. They both knew they probably shouldn’t be doing this but god they couldn’t stop.
Harry was about to take the next step, about to connect them but she stopped him. He felt his heart stopping, his lips parting and goosebumps raising on his skin. No. She couldn’t want to stop him.
“Sit down. I-I want to be on top.” she whispered and Harry felt himself sighing with relief.
He did what she wanted. She remembered it. His favorite position. Her on top.
His breathing stopped when she sunk down on him. And when she rocked against him for the first time a loud gasp left his lips. A satisfied smirk grazed Y/N’s lips, her hands reaching up to his shoulders so she could steady herself.
And then she began to ride him for real. Her hips moved as fast and as hard as possible, making his body tremble and shake underneath her. They both knew that if someone walked by they could see the car rocking and hear their loud moans and groans but it didn’t matter. Nothing did but the pleasure they felt.
Y/N pressed her body even closer to his when her knees started to hurt a bit and nuzzles her face into the spot where his neck met his shoulder, her favorite place. She bit down on the skin of his shoulder, marking him as hers. Because he was hers.
Harry’s hands wandered from her hips to her ass, spreading the cheeks apart and squeezing them the way she loved. He helped her moving, making her grind hard and fast.
His cock stroked over all of her favorite spots and the hair at the base of it rubbed against her clit in the most perfect way. And she was close. So when she felt herself slipping over the edge she began to move even harder and reached behind her to stroke his balls. And Harry lost control. He came inside of her with a loud, strangled moan. His hot cum coated her walls with three thick ropes, some of it dripping out of her and dripping onto his thighs. She came as well, a scream rippling through her with the force and intensity of her orgasm.
She fell forward, against his chest with loud panting breaths constantly leaving her parted lips.
Harry wrapped his arms tightly around her body. He was scared he never got to do it again.
He felt the tears on his skin. The tears she cried into his neck. And when the first sob wrecked her body the first tear dribbled down his cheeks as well.
After at least ten minutes of crying and holding onto each other for dear life, she pulled back. Harry cupped her cheek with his hand, his thumb wiping at her tears.
“I’m so goddamn sorry.” she whispered.
He shook his head. She had no reason to be sorry.
“No apologies, darling. You did nothing wrong.”
“I left you. I I was so goddamn stupid and left you. I don’t even remember why.”
“Because I wasn’t good to you. I yelled at you for not having time for me when I never had any time for you for three years. I-I started to resent you.”
“Do you still do that? Do you still hate me?” she asked in a whisper.
He shook his head again.
“I don’t. I was blinded by how much I missed you that I didn’t see how much I loved you. I forgot it.”
“Do you remember now?”
He hesitated for a moment before he nodded and pulled her closer.
“Of course I remember. I don’t know how I could forget it. You are the most important thing in my whole life. I never loved someone as much as I love you. And I’m not ever going to stop.”
She stared into his eyes for another moment in case there was any sign of hesitation or insecurity. But all she saw was love and sincerity.
So she connected her lips to his.
And she knew they won’t ever stop.

We've Got Your Back, Jack...

I want to talk directly to Jack here, if he happens to see this. I’m really sorry to hear that you regret your video from yesterday. In the same way that I respect you, but don’t hold you up on this pedestal, that’s the vibe I got from your video about Felix.

I’ve been in situations with friends that have done some shitty things. But as their friend I’ve been able to talk to them and help them own up to their mistakes, and we’ve grown and learned from it all. I know that Felix has been going through a lot lately, but I don’t think your words were unsupportive. If anything, I think it shows what a really great friend you are.

I think it took a great amount of courage and respect for your friend to speak out about it. Staying silent might’ve been worse. Felix knows you care about him. Just because you acknowledged his mistakes, does not mean you hung him out to dry. To me, it felt like you were defending a friend, but you also weren’t enabling the behavior. That shows real heart, and I’m actually incredibly proud of you for it.

But I’m really sorry to hear that you regretted the video. It’s a shitty situation, but I’m glad you handled it the way you did. And I’m glad you’re open enough to tell us how you feel about stuff like this. It makes it really easy to reciprocate. Just hang in there, Jack. We’re here for you.


I CanProtect Myself Pt. 2

Pt. 1

“Y/N, your late.” You hear the familiar words as you strut into the offices. You keep your glasses on as you shed your coat, Tommy appearing in front of you with a disappointed look on his face.

“I know, I’m sorry.” You say, knowing it won’t help the situation; showing up to work late and hungover, something that’s become an increasingly bad habit of yours.

“It was my fault Tommy.” Michael says behind you, placing his coat on the hook. Tommy cocks an eyebrow at you two , wondering why Michael was covering for you. You rolled your eyes, under the protection of your glasses, going to make a cup of tea to wake you up a little more “I was late getting to her house and-”

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Imagine this

It so late, sorry but I can’t help but imagine Danny in a very big sweater, cuddling over a bunch of pillows, sleeping peacefully, while Dani is sleeping in another big sweater, with said pillows, sleeping next to Danny. And Danny getting sleepy protective and everyone in the JL knows. And they learn about this because Dick tried to take Dani into one of the guest room but Danny fought back sleepwalking/talking to per say.

And they know not to take anyone out of Danny’s sleeping circle. Because if your in it, when he is sleeping, you don’t leave. Because he will pull you back down and cuddle the ever living god out of you. I could imagine some of the JL members got to experience once or twice daily.

here you have a pic of my ship i was asking you for naj Faith (sorry im in kinda in stress, so it will take some time til i finally write a fanfic -_-’)

her name is Rose and she is a volunteer helper in the library

my idea is that Faith’s teacher want, that he have to take Private tutoring, because his grades got worse (because he’s always late etc.) and the teacher asked Rose (who is one of th best students) for help; of course he’s not very enthusiastic about it; she is very shy and is a bit nervous (because she know Faith hang out with the bullies) but Rose is to kind and always want to help; after some time Faith beginn to appreciate her company and they become Friends (or even more? ;) )

i don’t want to spoil to much, hope you like it

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I've been checking all day for the Blue Doll update!!!

I know, I know, I’m very sorry >_<  I’ve been working extremely hard to get all these prompts done in time, but prompt 7 is a BIG ONE. I’ve been writing and staying up late the last few days to complete it. GOOD NEWS: I just finished it, huzzah! (so technically I made the deadline of day 7… sort of? lol) buuuuuut BAD NEWS: I need to proof-read/edit it still, and I would also like my wonderful beta-reader @marcella-duchamp to look it over at least once too before I post it up for you guys. Sooooo hopefully I’ll have it available for your reading pleasure tomorrow ~_^  Thanks for your support and patience! <3 

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I agree with your last comment, but it's too late now. People are speculating, some take it as a fact and with posting this he even put more oil to the fire. If there was a wedding, and she'll post a pic about it (even if he wasn't there) we know exactly what will happen. And he for sure knows it, too. But if he loves drama, he'll get it. He could just have used another pic, and nothing would have happenend. Sorry for being a bit upset.

No need.  Everyone’s on edge.  It’s a shitshow.  But…this ship has weathered shittier shitshows than this and come through stronger than ever.  This too shall pass.


powerpuff girls themed little girl/non-binary little 

sorry for the infrequent uploads, I’m not feeling great lately and i don’t know how to shake it so the uploads will be coming, just not as often (it makes me smile to see all you little cuties enjoying these tho)

I really want to apologize for the lack of content lately. I wish that I had a legit excuse for it, like I’m busy or I just haven’t had time. But the truth is that I haven’t had the motivation to sit & create anything. I make things in a fog, almost like I’m not even aware of it & just do it to get it done. I’m sorry for that because I know it isn’t the best quality that I can produce. 

My mind & body have been separate for a while now & I haven’t been able to pull myself together. I promise that I am working on it though & I am trying to bring my blog back to life, it’s just taking me a while to do it. Hopefully those of you that care enough to read this will understand & stick with me, as always. I have a lot of mental work to do on myself, which may or may not fix how I manage my blog, but I’m working on it. 

I love you guys very much & I say it all the time, but thank you for supporting me even when things aren’t as happy & positive as normal. I’m not taking a break or anything, just giving myself breathing time until I can figure everything out. A little less content for the time being, but I won’t stop posting altogether. I intend on keeping as close as I can to a regular posting schedule but in a more manageable way. Hopefully. ♥ xo

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104th kids and how they deal with crushes! (Sorry if that has been done before!)

OOooooooo! I honestly don’t know if I’ve done this before, but I’m gonna do it again if I have cause this is a fun prompt. Thank you! (This also got long, so I’m going to add a keep reading!) 

Eren does not realize he has a crush until it is too late. He doesn’t feel himself falling for someone until oh no, he really likes them. Appreciation turns to adoration in .2 seconds, and suddenly, Eren breaks down. He gets super nervous around his crush, stuttering and trying to be funny. He thinks about everything they’ve ever done together, and chastises himself for all the times he’s done something stupid in front of them. He tries really hard to come as someone worthy of their love, (when they often never needed him to ‘prove himself’ in the first place. That’s just Eren’s brain sabotaging itself.) In summary, Eren panics. 

Mikasa is a piner. Once she recognizes she likes someone, she finds it very hard to actually talk to them. So she spends a lot of her time studying them; listening to them, remembering their likes and dislikes and other key information, spending as much time with them as she can. She really tries her best to become their friend, and hopes that from there, something more will happen. She’ll make up scenarios in her head a lot, but those rarely pan out. She is also a very caring person, though, so her natural instincts to care for others will often kick in a lot when her crush needs a helping hand or a smile. 

Armin has two sides when it comes to crushes: the super smooth charmer or the adorably awkward child. Depending on the day, he can either be a master at witty banter and generally chivalrous, romantic behavior, or he’ll be a stammering mess that gets flustered by even a smile from his crush. It depends on how mentally prepared he is. If it’s a hang out that was planned, he’ll be fine, his charming, witty self. But if it’s unplanned happenstance, he’ll be a wreck and will probably yell at himself later as he’s trying to sleep but can’t cause all he can think about are the stupid things he said to them that day. (Good thing the crush thinks he’s pretty cute when he’s helpless!)

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send me ‘sorry i’m so late, babe, traffic is crazy now’ to save my muse or send me ‘save me’ for my muse to save yours in this situation.

post and idea were originally written/made by @likehemmins (sadly, deactivated by now). [] <- things added by me.

imagine that you’ve been stood up by your douche of a boyfriend [or a girlfriend] on date night and the waitress keeps asking if you’re ready to order but you keep asking for more time hoping that he’s [she’s] just late. people are starting to look at you with those apologetic looks like they know and you start to feel worse and worse about the whole situation but as you decide to just get up and leave, this boy [or a girl] you’ve never seen sits down explaining loudly “sorry i’m so late, babe, traffic is crazy right now.” and he [or she] quietly adds, “i’m —–. just go with it, yeah? whoever didn’t bother to show up is a dick [or a bitch].” and so you do go with it because he’s [she’s] being sweet and trying to save you (and plus he’s [she’s] the cutest thing you’ve ever seen) and as you’re leaving the restaurant after the best non-planned date ever, he [or she] asks you out for real this time. [after non-planned date they can just stay as friends or see each other later, but the meme is specially for the reaction to characters meeting each other for the first time and helping out]

works great for first meeting !! 



I’m late because I was too tired to post this when I finished it OTL

KAITO, you’re too special to me. Through your warm heart (one that you, technically speaking, don’t even have), I came to know and follow the desire to be kind to people. Your voice has opened my eyes to so many things I had never imagined knowing, and those were wonderful things; I can hear feelings when you sing through a synthesized voice and pre-recorded syllables, and even though the words you speak and sing belong to someone behind the screen, I truly believe that you mean everything nice. Your voice can reach and touch my heart when I hear it. Being your fan has brought me close to many people I love and many places I never imagined going to, and I truly believe that loving you has changed my life. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way; I know you have reached millions with your voice.

Thank you for existing, thank you for these eleven years, and thank you for your hard work! お疲れ様!

I just would love to know why I keep bumping into guys I end up liking who suddenly within maybe two weeks, freak out at the thought of commitment and just leave.

I want to be part of someone again. I want someone to be a part of me again. I want the late night movie watches, dinners at our parents houses, meeting each other’s friends. I want all of this.

I want to love again

merchant-of-aegis  asked:

Idr if I've sent you any prompts lately. I'm sorry if I did just ignore this if it's too much. IronWidow? A comparison of them and their places with war and battles (started of more behind-the-scenes with Tony making weapons/Nat being a literal spy) and coming into the forefront. Adjustments, missing the past (no matter how wrong, even tho they both know they would do things differently if they could or not), etc. hope that makes sense. Thanks love

I went angsty background on this and hope you like it!! ;)

Natalia blinks slowly, maintaining eye-contact as much as possible. She takes a deep breath, slow and steady so it isn’t noticed, and lifts the knife, mimicking the position the instructor performed.

Natalia wishes this was dance practice instead. She isn’t the best at that, not yet, but she’s more confident, which the instructors like. Natalia isn’t confident in knife-throwing, not yet, hence her being picked out of line to throw the first knife.

She eyes the target, mind moving a mile-a-minute as she figures out the amount of force she needs to push through the blade, and her world tilts as her vision blackens for a moment.

Her cheek screams in pain, first from the slap, then from smashing into the ground. Natalia holds in the small cry of pain that wants to be let out, she knows it won’t do her any good. It’ll garner further punishment, make her an even bigger failure.

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190217: 2033


i believe you must have heard the latest development. hunnie told me you have been keeping to yourself again and refusing to talk to anyone about it. i really hope you will try to open up and share more with others. its unhealthy to keep all those emotions and worries inside.

i am sorry that i cannot always be there for you in person due to our schedules, but i just want you to know that im always here for you, anytime. please pick up the phone and call me if you need to. i am never too busy to speak to you.

i have some free time this weekend. let me cook something simple and we can go for a short picnic to the mountains. i think you have been too stressed and worried lately with filming, recurring ankle pain, dancing practices and that rumour too.

im really worried about you and im feeling helpless now. so please let me do something to ease your worries.

you do know that seeing your smiles brings so much joy to me, right? i miss seeing those smiles on your face.

your happiness is my motivation. and even if you closed your doors to others, please let me in.


OOC: Thank You!

Thank you everyone for your kind words. You’re all just… 


Sorry if I don’t get back to everyone, but know I read every message, and it all means so much to me. I haven’t been having the best of times lately, and it killed my motivation to do anything…

But coming back to check on the blog and seeing all of you guys’ kind words…Oh man… 

Thank you. Thank you all so much. I love you all! 

I will try to work on some asks! I been really wanting to, but the lack of motivation/energy/inspiration had been killing my art! Everything looked wonky n’ ugly! 

But I need to get back into art so I can finish all the commissions, and to keep the blog running! So I’ll try my best! 

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It's also annoying when you beg for feedback all the time

Seriously? That’s what annoys you about me? The fact that all I ask is for the people who read my work to take one extra minute out of their lives to tell me if what I wrote was good or bad? To tell me if there are things I need to change in the way I write or things they like and want to see more of? 

I’m sorry that you don’t like it but I write this stuff for free. I spend time working on my writing for this blog, I haven’t written my original stories in months because I’m focused on writing for you guys. I stay up late, compromise my sleep, I forget to do things like eat and drink because I’m focused on getting the next story out for you guys so excuse me if I ask for you people to spend a couple of minutes encouraging me to keep going, to let me know that all of that isn’t for nothing. 

As a reader of fanfiction I always take the time to either reblog, reply to, or send the author of a fic I like an ask telling them that I enjoyed their story because it’s polite and it does give an author more confidence and inspires them to post the next fic.