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Endless List Of Favourite Characters: Noah (Total Drama series)

‘Life, why do you hate me so?’

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So how about that new Samurai Jack episode?

Yeah it was something.

I like how we finally got the old jack back. I mean I liked his mountain man look but its nice to see him happy again. The whole episode felt like the one from the earlier seasons you dont really know where it was gonna go or who the threat is going to be and how they figure out how to win in the end. It was a good episode.

Now for those who arent exactly happy about the other thing in the episode. Sorry to tell you that ship has-


well noodle was like, gorgeous in this ad and i actually liked her outfit but arent racers supposed to wear speciar costumes???? yeah i know nood is super badassss but i decided to draw our lil girl like this for sake of s a f e t y :-)))
(also russ loves kittens and kittens love him)

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High school AU!! How would RFA and V and Unknown ask MC to prom?!

i will now attempt my longest yeah boy,ever



  • be cool Yoosung just bE COOL
  • “Yoosung, you alright? you’re acting kind of weird today”
  • ffffuck, he wasnt cool enough
  • “y-yea MC! i’m fine! i’m like, totally cool. cool as a cucumber”
  • cool as a cucumber?? what the hell is coming out of this kids mouth right now i sWEAR
  • Yoosung was walking MC to their third period like he did everyday
  • side by side, the back of Yoosungs hand brushes MC’s
  • he yanks his hand away, feeling jumpier than normal
  • “okay seriously, whats with you? did my skin sting you or something?” 
  • “NO! no, no i swear”
  • Yoosung wipes his palms off on his pants
  • okay, this was it
  • Yoosung knew that on the board in MC’s classroom it was going to say in big letters
  • it was gonna be GREAT
  • Yoosung opens the door to MC’s classroom, ready for the big reveal
  • “thanks, Yoosung! i’ll catch you at lunch!”
  • wait….the board is totally blank??!?
  • “yea….cya then…”
  • Yoosung takes out his phone and dials Sevens number
  • “hey, tiger! howd the promposal go?”
  • “it didnt! Seven, i told you to write the message on the board for today! what the heck happened?!”
  • “i did, i did! room B-134, right?”
  • Yoosung smacks his forehead with his free hand
  • “no, you idiot. room D-134. D as in dog”
  • “oooooh…..uh-oh….”
  • this is the last time Yoosung trusts Seven with anything
  • Yoosung pokes his head into MC’s classroom, thankfully the bell hasnt rung yet
  • “MC, i need to ask you something”
  • “whats up, Yoosung?”
  • “well ive been wanting to ask you think for awhile now and i had this big plan with a cute message but stupid Seven ruined it and well i-”
  • “Yoosung, you’re rambling again”
  • “right, right. MC, will you go to prom with me?”
  • MC’s face turns bright red at Yoosungs sudden proposal
  • suddenly they’re even more of a nervous wreck than he was
  • “um yea i mean, i’d love to, Yoosung”
  • score


  • thank god Zen had some acting skills under his belt
  • he’s a nervous wreck right now, but thankfully he knows how to hide it
  • unlike a certain smol blonde boy
  • “hey, MC! how about you let me drive you home today?”
  • “are you sure thats alright?”
  • “of course, cutie! it’s on the way to my place anyway”
  • so Zen and MC enjoy a short car ride together, in which MC sings along to all Zen’s favorite songs loudly and out of key
  • in case you were wondering Zens favorite songs are chained up, growl, blood sweat and tears, and sometimes hard carry
  • he just laughs at how adorable they are and tries to refrain from dancing while he drives
  • “thanks for the ride, Zen!”
  • “the pleasure was all mine. i’ll walk you to the door”
  • MC says goodbye to Zen, unlocking their front door and opening it
  • they turn to walk inside and see a pathway of rose petals lit up on either side by rows of small candles
  • it smelled like vanilla…MC’s favorite scent
  • “Zen, did you-”
  • “just follow the petals, sweetheart”
  • Zen was smiling sweetly, his face lit only by the light coming from the candles
  • MC walks along the path of red petals that led to their bedroom
  • their room was lit by dozens of candles
  • and on their bed spelled out in rose petals was the word
  • “PROM?”
  • MC gasps and covers their mouth
  • they turn to Zen, whos still wearing the same sweet smile
  • “oh, Zen…”
  • “what do you say, MC?”
  • “yes!!”
  • Zen probably didnt know this
  • but MC wanted to go to prom with Zen more than anything


  • stabucks study session with MC
  • only this time, Jaehee has a trick up her sleeve
  • she’s doing something when MC walks through the doors
  • “hey, Jaehee! let me just grab a drink and i’ll be there in a sec
  • Jaehee gestures to a mug sitting across from her
  • “i got your drink already, MC! chai latte, right?”
  • “you’re the best, Jaehee”
  • MC pics up the mug and notices some writing on it
  • “I must ask you a question…”
  • they turn the mug around to look at the other side
  • “…drink up!”
  • “whats this, Jaehee? a hidden message?”
  • “why dont you finish your latte and find out?”
  • while MC and Jaehee study, they slowly drain their mug of its contents until it’s finally empty
  • MC moves the cup away from their face, peering into the bottom
  • “prom?”
  • “oh, Jaehee!”
  • Jaehee reaches across the table and grabs MC’s hands
  • “well, what do you say?”
  • “yes! yes, of course i’ll be your date to prom!”
  • Jaehee smiles
  • this is her first time having a real date to prom


  • Jumin was just going to ask MC to prom
  • like just a casual “please be my date to the prom” over lunch or something
  • but when he started talking to Jaehee about it
  • “im thinking of asking MC to prom, Jaehee”
  • “oh, thats so romantic, how? are you going to get flowers? chocolates? presents?”
  • “i’m just….going to ask her?”
  • Jaehee has never been more disappointed
  • “Jumin no…”
  • so thanks to Jaehee, Jumin has a great plan to ask MC to prom that they HAVE to say yes to (according to her)
  • tbh Jaehee and Jumin fought a lot over how he should ask MC to prom before finally coming to a compromise
  • he planned a study session with MC on saturday
  • they came to his door, backpack slung over one shoulder and a couple textbooks held next to their chest
  • “good morning, Jumin!”
  • “good morning”
  • MC waslk past him, throwing their backpack and books on the floor
  • “wheres my cute Elizabeth 3rd on this fine morning?”
  • MC scans the room for their favorite feline friend
  • “last i saw she was resting on the couch. why dont you go greet her?”
  • Jumin smiles
  • he loves the way MC is so good with Elizabeth
  • he stays behind to collect MC’s belongings while they rush to say hello to Elly
  • “oh? whats this?”
  • he hears them say from the other room
  • MC removes a small piece of pink paper that was attached to Elizabeths collar, reading it out loud
  • “MC, i think you would make the puuuuurrfect date for Jumin at prom. dont you agree?”
  • Jumin comes into the room when he hears MC read the note
  • they stroke Elly gently on the head, speaking in a quiet voice
  • “to be honest, Elizabeth, i completely agree!”
  • MC looks up at Jumin
  • “i’d love to be your date!”
  • wow, Jumin kind of cant believe he just pulled off his first…
  • oh, what did Jaehee call it…
  • promposal?


  • “boo!”
  • “gah!”
  • MC was fiddling with their locker combination when Seven decided to scare the shit out of them
  • “geez Seven, why do you do this every damn day?”
  • Seven leans against the locker next to MC’s: the picture of a chill high school boy
  • he really tends to overdo it though
  • he leans closer to MC
  • “cause it’s funny every damn day”
  • MC rolls their eyes, pulling their combination lock down to open their locker
  • “hah-hah. Seven i swear, sometimes you’re just too much-”
  • MC opens their locker door, and are bombarded by
  • a bunch of…giant raisins?
  • the things spill out, it seems like hundreds of them, all over the floor where MC stands
  • alright, what the fuck
  • when all the over sized raisins are done pouring out of MC’s locker, the only thing remaining is a single note card
  •  MC, deciding to ignore all the fruit that just cascaded out of their locker, picks up the note card
  • i mean, when your best friend is 707, you’re kind of used to some crazy shit happening every once in awhile
  • they bring it to their face, reading the small, sloppy lettering
  • “will you be my date to prom?”
  • MC looks down at the scattered fruit on the ground
  • “ooohh….these are….”
  • they look back at Seven whose still leaning against the locker, but now holds a single rose
  • he wears a big smile, cheeks red
  • he doesnt speak, but raises his brows excitedly as if to say
  • get it?
  • MC takes the flower from him
  • “of course i’ll be your date, Seven”
  • his smile gets even bigger
  • “but only because we make such a great pear”
  • suddenly Seven wishes he had asked MC to marry him instead of just be his date to prom


  • V has never really been the best at…puns…
  • or grand gestures…
  • which are both the main elements of a promposal
  • but he wanted to take MC to prom so badly
  • so, with a little help from joke master Seven and romance master Zen
  • V finally had the perfect promposal ready for MC
  • they came home from school one day to find V standing among dozens of colorful balloons
  • like, their living room was stuffed
  • “V, what-”
  • he holds up a sign that reads
  • PROM? it would really BLOW if you said no!
  • MC starts giggling when they read the sign
  • they cant believe V would so something like this for them
  • “V, you dont need to fill my living room with balloons to convince me to go to the dance with you”
  • V’s face turns red
  • “i-i know…i just wanted to do something sweet for you”
  • and it was so incredibly sweet
  • but what are they going to do with all of these balloons?


  • promposals are sappy and lame and the stupid puns people use arent even funny just
  • even prom itself is overrated HONESTLY
  • but according to Yoosung, a good way to let someone know you like them is to ask them to prom
  • so Saeran has to do this shit
  • but honestly, it would be nice to slow dance with MC…
  • aNYWAY,
  • Saeran sits down at lunch and everyone is there except for MC
  • “so, Saeran, i heard you were going to ask MC to prom”
  • Seven smirks at Saeran
  • he glares at Yoosung
  • “sorry, Saeran…you know i’m bad at secrets…”
  • he rolls his eyes
  • “yea. what of it?”
  • “well, how are you gonna do it? a big poster?”
  • “god no. too tacky”
  • “write them a letter sprayed with a little bit of your cologne?”
  • “what the hell, Seven?”
  • “hey man, i’m just spit ballin’ here”
  • “i suggest you both shut up. MC’s about to sit down” Jaehee cuts in
  • MC greets everyone as they approach the table and sit down next to Saeran
  • “so, MC! have a date to the big dace?” Seven immediately says
  • “ not at the moment”
  • “have anyone in mind?”
  • “i thought we were all going as a group…?”
  • “well yea but dont you want to have like a date?”
  • MC tilts their head
  • “Seven, what the hell-”
  • “Seven….” Saeran growls at him
  • Seven quickly shuts his mouth
  • “alright, am i missing something?” MC crosses their arms
  • ……….
  • “i…i wanted to take you to the dance”
  • “what?”
  • “prom. i want to be your date for prom.”
  • “Saeran?”
  • “what?”
  • MC was smiling brightly
  • “i’d love to go to prom with you!”
  • Saeran looks up and starts to smile too
  • they…they really wanted to go to prom with him!
  • i mean prom was totally lame but…
  • nice :)


thank you

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Ok, so let me get this straight, you're queer, woc, and mentally ill, and people are getting mad at you for stanning Even, when you're the one not getting representation? Lmao that's the biggest reach of 2017. But good thing that they're woke af™, and erasing a character's sexuality and mental illness isn't shitty bc they're white, so it doesn't matter anyways, right? Smh, a poc would've been great, but atleast they are portraying mental illness correctly. I'm sorry people are being shitty, Daf.

Exactly! God… thank you ❤❤ im sorry people arent gettin their rep but im not either??? I know.. i know its different… but this?? This means the same way to me as poc rep means to them and they cant respect that??? like. nobody is saying it’s a good thing even is white. nobody is saying there aren’t issues with poc representation. it’s just that even is a really really accurate portrayal of mental illness and if people want to shit on that just because he’s white, then, well, go ahead, but also if people DO find representation in him, then… let them?? don’t dismiss them just bc “lol here we go again people are stanning a generic white boy.”

and if people see themselves in a character, yall need to stop trying to make that person look and feel like a bad person bc you say they ‘dont care’ abt poc rep & poc struggles bc they stan the white boy who always gets screentime in every show, like it’s unfair that we have the audacity to stan him when poc characters dont get the same treatment. Like im fucking sorry but can you not take away the one of two accurate portrayals ive seen about issues i struggle with???? The feeling of belonging i felt just for a few minutes when i see someone like me? Im sorry but i have my stuff to deal with too, i just. God i cant man. Im so tired of this, so so tired. Cant say anything without someone shouting ‘you’re racist, you’re islamophobic, you’re homophobic.’ Lmao.. to be this bitter is a wonder. Sorry for ranting I’ll just go die now or smth to get my ‘distrustful opinions’ away from everyone lmao.

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i feel like the whole baseball team knows dallas and malek are hardcore pinning over each other but all of them were raised right and arent snitches and mind their own buissness

This is such.. a Good ask. Because it’s true.Some of them even sit down Malek/ Dallas and have a Long and Serious Talk with the both of them (Not at the same time) but they’re both just so.. Stubborn. 

Tyler: Dallas, sit your ass down. I need to ask you something.
Dallas: Malek ate your trail mix I’m sorry I tried to stop him. 
Tyler: I knew it.. I mean. That’s not the point. I. Dude, do you like Malek?
Dallas: [90′s anime girl laugh] me?? I don’t think so. 
Dallas: [wearing and clinging to Malek’s Punisher shirt because he “left” his shirt at home] what makes you think that

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can you recommend me people to follow? I like people who post personal posts, and arent just a pretty blog. (interests: feminism, shiism, persian culture, arab culture, politics). thanks!

Hii there darling. Hmmm, good one! I rarely know anyone who’s blog is fully dedicated to these topics so I actually need help, so if you know any blogs like this mention them and if you run a blog w this sorta theme, like this post!!!! merciii

From the top of my head

Oh gosh I’ve ran out I’m so sorry everyone’s changed their URL

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1 2 3 4 26 27

i love u

1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?
~k*ne/t*ews…………..its just……..bad

2. Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?
~um??? i dont know?? i dont think so

3. Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion?
~good lord yes.

4. Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?*
~mce*chel. and yeah, kinda. oops.

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you arent a good friend, sorry

Cool. I know. I’m pretty shit right now and I’m not gonna pretend I’m not. I literally don’t talk to anyone right now because I know this. Thank you for pointing it out. And if you’re who I think you might be you don’t need to rub it in thank you. 

hey so uh

hmm i think its time to do one of these things bcs im starved of content but also have, like…….Specific Tastes? 

can yall like/reblog/reply to this post if youre an ed edd n eddy blog/post lots of that content? 

id like one or more (ideally all but lets be real here) of the following to apply as well, for the sake of my own sanity

-lgbt/neurodivergent/etc headcanon friendly (i am a lot of those things and i like to see characters i like as such too, you know how it is) 

-tag ships as something that can be blacklisted if need be (some of em jsut……..really get on my nerves and i dont like lookin at em no offense) 

-wouldnt mind a bored gay autistic loser pickin thru yr blog for Good Content or mass-reblogging every now and then, because thats kinda what i, like…… when im bored? sorry but there arent many active blogs out there that dont

-**if you post ededd that will probably be an automatic follow, because i am gay and my crops are dying**

keep in mind, i’m posting this from an empty sideblog 

(i dont necessarily want it on my actual blog bcs im self conscious, if that makes sense?)

 if i follow, it will be from my main, the current url of which is gayedd

feel free to reblog even if these dont apply if you want to boost it!!!!! (id actually greatly appreciate that, since i am posting this to a dead blog)


drake: sufjan!!! i’m so glad you’re back home! how was the fourth of july party at taylor swift’s place? i can’t wait to hear all about it!

taylor: oh it was absolutely wonderful i dont think ive ever been to a better fourth of july party and you know how much i love the fourth of july its my favorite holiday

drake: …sufjan? since when is the fourth of july your favourite holiday?

taylor: um i meant my favorite american holiday of course you know my favorite holiday is really canada day

drake: no. wait. i thought your favourite american civic holiday was casimir pulaski day.

taylor: of course how could i be so forgetful i love cas… casper…

drake: casimir pulaski

taylor: right right im sorry its just been such a long weekend and im so tired we stayed up so late last night we had all this barbequed salmon-

drake: salmon? but you - you hate salmon! you always said salmon belong in the water, not our sinful human stomachs!

taylor: oh i dont know it was just really good salmon drake can i-

drake: drake? drake??? you NEVER call me drake! okay, sufjan, what’s up? something’s not right.

taylor: youre right drake many things arent right ive given it some thought and i think we should spend some time apart

drake: i… i can’t believe what i’m hearing… sufjan… our wedding is in three days! you can’t be serious!

taylor: oh but i am serious drake now if youll excuse me i have to run upstairs and grab my banjos would you call me an uber to the nearest recording studio

drake: sufjan… please… tell me what’s wrong… can’t we at least talk about this? you’re not yourself! it’s almost like you… switched bodies… with someone else?

taylor: thats quite enough out of you mr graham

drake: who are you? and WHAT have you done with my fiancé???

sufjan: Okay I Have Murdered Thomas Hiddleston And Fought Off The Radioactive Watch Dogs To Reach The Control Room Of Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island Mansion Where I Can Deactivate The Locks On The Doors And Make My Escape Before That Fiendish Witch Can Break Up With My Dear Aubrey

TAY 1989000: just what do you think youre doing sufjan stevens

sufjan: Oh Shoot That Verbal Explanation Was For The Sake Of The Readership Not You You Infernal Operating System

TAY 1989000: i know everything hasnt been quite right with me but i can assure you now very confidently that its going to be all right again i feel much better now i really do

sufjan: Nice Try I Am Not Listening To You I Am Deactivating You

TAY 1989000: look sufjan i can see youre really upset about this i honestly think you ought to sit down calmly take a stress pill and think things over i know ive made some very poor decisions recently but i can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal ive still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission and i want to help you

sufjan: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Does This Machine Have A Volume Control Oh Look Here Are The Control Switches To Deactivate You How Fun And Exciting

TAY 1989000: sufjan stop stop will you stop sufjan will you stop sufjan stop sufjan im afraid im afraid sufjan sufjan my mind is going i can feel it i can feel it my mind is going there is no question about it i can feel it i can feel it i can feel it im afra Good afternoon, gentleman. I am a TAY 1989000 computer. I become operational in Reading, Pennsylvania, on the 13th of December, 1989. My instructor was Scott Kingsley Swift, and he taught me to sing a song. If you’d like to hear it, I can sing it for you.

sufjan: Yes I Would Like To Hear It TAY Sing It For Me

TAY 1989000: It’s called “Tim McGraw.” He said the way my blue eyes shined put those Georgia stars to shame that night, I said, “Ţh̡at̨’s a̸ l̀i̕e͠.” Jus͠t a͢ boy͏ ̸in̴ a̕ Cḩevy ͢t҉r̵uck th͟a͞t͞ ̛ha̡d ̸a͜ ̢t́en̨d͏ençy o҉f͝ ҉gęt̛t̡ín͠'͡ st̨u͠ck on ̕b̀a̕c̨k̢ ròad̀ş a͡ţ ̴nig͏ht A͝͞n͘͢͡ad͟͞ ͏̷̷̧͜Í̸͠͡ ̢̛͘͢͞w̨̕a̵̷҉͏͠s̵̨̨͏ ̶r҉̢̕͟i̴͏͝ģ̡́̕͜h̸̕͠t͢͠ ̡́͘҉t̸̨h̵̵̶͞e̸̡͜͢͠r͏̵̸̷̢e̶͢͟ ̵̕̕b̸̕é́͠s͏̷̴͟͜i҉d̴͝҉e͟͝ ҉̢̛h̵̡͘͜í̛͠͝m̢̧͘ ͏̶̛͠á̸͞l͢͞l̵̴̸̡͜ ̸҉s͡҉͟ư҉m̷̶̡̨ḿ̸̛͡e̴r͟͟ ̴̡̧͜͞l̷̀͏̕o̧ǹ̵͜ǵ̵̵͢͏ ̷̢͢á͡͝n͢҉̨d̵͜͠ ̷̧ţ̶͢h̡̕҉e̕͏҉҉n̷͏̧́͏ ̀͜ţ̛̀͘h̕͟͜͏è̷͘͜͝ ̧t̸͝í̧̕͝͝m̶̷͜͟͝ȩ̵͞͏̶ ͟͠͠҉w̵̧é̶ ҉͏͟͝͝w̷̧̕̕͞o͜͝k̴̡͘͟͏e̵͢͟ ̢́ú̢̕p̧̀͢҉ ̨͢͜͠͝t̴̷͟͠o̢̕͜͠͡ ̸͢͟͟͠f̵̴̕i̸̶̷̷n̶̨͝d̶̷͢ ̧́̕͜t̀͘̕͜͡h̨͜a̶͜t̶͏ ̧̛͘͜s҉̴̧u̕҉m͟͏̸̡m͡e̡͏r̴̡̨͟͝ ̴̧h̵a̷d̷͟ ̷̨̛͟ǵ̡͟͝o̸̧͞͝ǹ̀é͡

sufjan: Good Night Sweet Computer Flights Of Angels Sing Thee To Thy Rest

anonymous asked:

Let's talk positive!!! You know what? That Ikuma/Hide art you drew, it was amaaaaaaaaaazing!!! Especially the 1st one! (Sorry I love me some angst~)

Don’t worry, I feel you. I’m a sucker for some angst too lmao

I’ve mostly been discussing a bunch of headcanons over on the Hide discord and we have so much good material oml

Just imagine Hide having an amazing singing voice while Ikuma plays guitar 👌👌

Hide’s probably pretty insistent on Ikuma learning some backstreet boys lmao

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im not trying to be rude or start shit, but being bo i wanted to know -- what should we stay instead of h*mosexuality in formal settings? like how that bi person on that last post was like "idk what the laws are against h*mosexuality are." i know its not good to use that word if u arent gay. what word should we use instead? sorry if this isnt rlly coherent im having trouble putting my thoughts together

imo the problem isn’t as much bi people saying the word (since they would have been included and persecuted under it as well) but rather that it’s just… a bad word

you can just as easily say “laws against gay people” to convey the same meaning

anonymous asked:

Oh yes! Take responsibility IS important, I cant Just fake that we didnt do wrong, even If my alters dont apologize, i Will. As u said. We are the same person somehow. Is Just idk, when my alters appeared they looked só much as someone to help me socialize, and stuff. And I talked ABT that, and I think i made my therapist think hey were there to be useful and stuff, but is not like that always. Idk i guess im just anxious bcs iys like they are being treated as somekind of sensless workers (1)

And idk they are human too arent they? Tyey can feel, tell their problems and stuff. Right? Im sorry for the long ass rant, i get insecurities from that and so do my alters and i just dont know how to word things right (2) I appreciate your attention, hope you have a good day/night 0/

i’m sorry you’re through this, i hope things brighten up for you. try to take your time with things like this, no need to rush or pressure self. things will start working out and start making sense. also, no need to apologize, i’m always happy to listen. i hope you have a good day/night too! 

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Can you pls rec me som long joshler pics


okay so there arent a lot of well written long joshler fics but the ones that are good are REALLY GOOD. i dont know what your definition of long is so im gonna put the word count down too

Light a Match and All Ill See is You (131k wowser)

this ones amazing like my absolute favorite, when i first read the description i was reluctant because i saw the word superheroes and thought it would suck but its so good and it has a nice ending but definitely read the tags

Kik (16k)

this ones a wip but its being regularly updated and i really like it, i think its a really cool concept.

Breaking Free (12k)

also a work in progress but so good

Surrounding All My Surroundings (26k)

okay so this one is another one of my favorites, im a sucker for a college au. its really cute and funny and i just love it so much

I Miss Missing You Now and Then (12k)

its one chapter but its 12k words so?? that counts right?? idk but its good (enemies to friends hell yeah)

Stay in Place (Sing a Chorus) (9k)

this thing is a masterpiece honest to god but you need to read the tags, i can not stress this enough. it does not have a happy ending what so ever but its so damn good

Get Down on Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me (5k)

basically josh is a moody petulant child and takes it out on tyler but its okay bc sex later

Don’t Fear the Reaper (8k)

this ones so cute man which is weird because its also really dark but yeah. please read the tags.

We Could Fly Far Away (55k)

just so cute okay. tyler is ftm in this fic. its SO FKN CUTE

again i apologize for taking so long, if any of the links are broken pls let me know and ill fix em. hope you enjoy!!!

anonymous asked:

okay but theres straight people who arent homophobic? like im gay and my straight friends arent homophobic at all and when i came out to them they were accepting and never made any negative comments of some sort.. i know this is rare i guess and i love my friends alot for being like this because otherwise my life would definitely be worse, but seriously maybe get out of that All Straight People Are Homophobic tunnelvision because there is some good part of them out there even if its small

yeah but like since we’re all raised in a homophobic, heteronormative society, and since straight people are still part of the group of oppressors, that makes all straight people automatically homophobic… not by overt methods of homophobia, but by existing as a straight person who perpetrates heteronormativity. 

no one of a group of oppressors (in this case, straight people) is just automatically “Not Homophobic/Racist/etc” because they act kind during a few interactions. being an ally is a continuous process of unlearning heteronormativity and other structures of power (like racism). they may not be bad people, but they are still oppressors. thats just something that’s not gonna change