sorry i know people made a bunch of these already

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What is a Kin tag? And what’s wrong with it? Sorry I hope I don’t irritate you with this question...

kin tags are for people who are other/fictionkin
theres nothing wrong with it in general
i just dont want kin tags on posts of my ocs
bc my ocs are very personal;; theyre me i use them to cope with my illnesses and addictions
a bunch of angelkins have been tagging that post of my oc agostina as “angelkin” and i have already made it clear several times not to kin/id as my ocs
and i know theyre mostly tagging it as angelkin bc shes depicted as angelic in that drawing rather than kinning as her directly but that still bothers me because shes not just some random angel i drew that you can say “me” abt;; shes my oc who is very important to me