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Anemia - Jungkook (M)

part 2

Genre: Smut, Horror, Vampire!AU

Word count: 5.2k

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

! TRIGGER WARNINGS ! : Rated M, sexual content, blood play, biting, mentions of death, mentions of blood, oral, overstimulation

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Okay. You dont know how much I hurt for Will when we see him again, 3 years later after Digestivo.

The guy is still fcuking trying so hard to move on from THAT. And the fact that Will is still trying so hard to move on speaks how strong he can still feel the pull even after 3 fcuking years later with a wife and a kid and a new house and a life free from the FBI. He is still actively fighting all of it.

The guy didnt let Jack in his house, despite the freezing cold and despite the fact the guy still values his relationship with Jack, enough to listen to him even though the guy didnt want to talk about the murders at all. Will could have drove Jack away and not talk to him at all. Instead, he was “I can’t just shoo you away so let’s hear it anyway.” But not in his house where the guy could not bear to hear the echoes of his and Jack’s voices talking about murders and serial killers bouncing in the spaces his whole new life is built around (because it sure hell will bounce like crazy). Jack and his cases are tainted with thoughts of Hannibal, the guy would not NOT be reminded of Hannibal and the past life he’s trying so hard not to think anymore.

The guy didnt go fishing with his wife and kid. 

Instead, he stayed at home to fix a door. 

We are talking about a guy who used to have a deskspace dedicated for crafting his own lures, near his bed. Heck the guy was a fcuking fly fisherman and he was good at it! But the guy could not bear to share that outdoor activity he loves/loved with his new family without being reminded of Abigail, his murder-daughter who was given and then taken away by Hannibal, 

It was only in his memory palace but he sure is fcuking so happy about the idea, look at that face. Im not crying, you are.

When we see him 3 years later, Dear Will has not been able to put the past behind him at all. He’s still at that stage where reminders can take him back to the past as if he’s still living in it. Emotions are still attached to those thoughts and memories, and Will still feels those emotions strongly.

And what makes this hurt more is the fact that Hannibal made it sure just so. 

The moment Hannibal surrendered, all of Will’s plans of moving on were screwed. Will can change his life completely, new house, a happily married life, new things and activities to occupy his mind and time BUT Will would not be able to completely not think about Hannibal when (1) he still hears what’s going on with Hannibal, and (2) he can’t completely avoid it.

With Hannibal’s arrest:

1. Hannibal will be all over the news

In this way, Hannibal is still in Will’s fcuking face, unless Will decides to move to a remote area or island. But we know that didnt happen

2. There will be trial, in which Will will be very likely dragged into. Oh yes he certainly was.

3. More Hannibal will be on the news. 

You see? The news will be covering his arrest, his stay at bshci, his trial, after the trial — the Chesapeake Ripper is caught and that is sensational my friends, the media will follow him and will talk about him for g-d knows how long. 

How long, you say? Looks like Hannibal’s trial was a thing for all 3 years?? 

Poor Will. And the fact that Will’s visit made it cover story worthy means Hannibal the Cannibal is still relevant after 3 years since his arrest, i mean surrender.

Hannibal knows Will’s recipe for moving on — time, new environment, new people, not knowing what’s up with your ex Hannibal. Will may not be able to forget but these ingredients will gradually dull his feelings until they are no more. Someday, it’ll all be nothing but just memories for Will. And Hannibal knows that him leaving, just as Will wanted him to, will ensurely make that happen. 

So what’s Hannibal’s plan? Get in Will’s face and make sure he wont be able to entirely escape it. 
Keep dear Will emotionally attached with memories of you.

You tried so hard Will but Hannibal knows so much about how your mind works. 


Okay, about the fishing

My sorry ass managed to look away from Hugh Dancy’s glorious face only now in my Nth rewatch and see the thing past him

Wait. What is that golden circle thing behind him. Looks familiar…

And in a different angle… pardon the dumb quality, no giffing tools for me so if you want it clearer i suggest to go back to this scene in that episode.

Yes, it IS that fishing gear the guy has  

— this magnifying glass.

Because his fishing gear isnt out of sight and boxed up, it does seem Will was still fishing! 

HOWEVER this does not guarantee or say with absolute certainty that Will DID NOT stop fishing. (i mean, for all we know, he could have just put it on display or something but not really using it, or maybe it could be Molly’s. The woman CAN fish at the very least so…)

What it tells us is that there is possibility Will was still fishing.

HOWEVER this does not change the fact that Will chose not to go fishing with his wife and kid on that day.

  • Because for some reason, Will needs or wants to be alone? 
  • Or because fishing with his wife and kid family that day isn’t ‘good’ for him since it reminds him of his murder daughter Abigail?

A lot of things could be on his mind then since what does he do when he wants to quiet his thoughts? He fixes stuff. What are those things that could be on his mind?

Maybe Hannibal’s note just came in and somehow he feels like it’s something to do with those peculiar murders in Chicago and Buffalo he had been reading about? Wait, so does that entail that Will somehow knew Jack will pay him a visit about the murders any day by then??? Or maybe even on that exact day because he knows Jack knows what’s in Hannibal’s note since the fbi 'screens’ the ingress and egress of Hannibal’s parcels? Another possible reason why Will chose not leave the house that day????Woah, no i am not looking more into that or i will digress

Whichever the case may be why Will chose not to go fishing with his wife and kid that day, he was trying to 'stay away’ from the memories of Hannibal the past he left behind, coming back to haunt him.

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Look, the Christian witch thing? Most people don't support them because people who are Christian tend to tell most pagans that they willl burn in hell, they're evil, etc. A lot of us were raised with their religious doctrine, and abused trough it. It feels like an invasion to allow Christian Witches to occupy the same space as the people that are constantly being to,D that they are wrong by the same ideals. It makes the community unsafe.

Okay, look.

Some people really do act like dicks to witches, and some do so under the guise of Christianity; however I believe it is irresponsible to reflect that sort of thing onto every Christian, particularly ones that are Pagans themselves.

It is awful some of the things people who are Christian do to others, I cannot deny that people who have been Christian have done terrible things… but that is not necessarily a fault of the religion specifically, but those who are a part of it. It is not the religion’s fault that people choose to act how they do; the people choose to act how they do, using that religion as an excuse to do so. That doesn’t make them right, but it isn’t inherently the fault of the religion either, or every single person who puts faith in it.

Blaming other Christians for what one (maybe many) Christian has done is something I believe to be really irresponsible and incorrect. Because yes, some people do awful things, but it is not accurate to say that all of them will be that way.

You are judging people before even getting to know them, based off their religious path.

You have every right to decide who you have around you, who you keep in your own personal circles, etc. But there is no one that has the right to say who can be a witch, practice magic, get involved with Paganism, at all. You don’t need to be around them, sure, that’s fine, that’s up to you, but you also have no right to say they have no right to be in the space at all.

Saying “it makes the community unsafe” is honestly a very dangerous remark. I understand where you are coming from, and I feel sorry you suffered at the hands of some people like that, but again, that sort of thing shouldn’t be projected on the entire group, because it isn’t accurate.

I know some pretty amazing Christian witches out there, who would never do any of the things you have claimed they would do to make the community unsafe, and the reason I stand up for them is for things like this, for this exact message you have just sent me.

Because, hey, guess what? They get abuse from both sides. They get abuse from Christians for going against God’s will, being told they’re going to hell, mocking their own faith, etc. And they get shit from the witchcraft and pagan community, much akin to what you have just sent me here, told they don’t belong, that they make our community unsafe just for being a part of a certain faith, etc.

I have never once met a Christian witch to bash on other witches. Ever. And if I did, I certainly wouldn’t blame it on the religion they are apart of - I would blame it on the person not being a good person, because in the end it is they who decide their actions and words, not their religion. They may twist the words of their religion to suit them, but that isn’t inherently something that the religion can be faulted for, but the one manipulating it for their deeds.

This is honestly akin to people saying that people who are not women cannot be witches. 

Honestly it just makes me really sad.

Again, I am sorry for what you have suffered through, and I’m sorry for other people who may have experienced the same from people like that. But it is not accurate to say that everyone in a religion behaves in that manner. It is dangerous to say people of a certain religion make an entire group unsafe. 

I hope you can see where I am coming from. Again, you have the right to decide who you want in your space, but witchcraft is an open practice, as are some sects of paganism; anyone can be a part of them. There are no gatekeepers. No one has the right to decide who can and cannot practice witchcraft or utilize magic in their lives.

i keep writing geno as the one who’s desperate for sidney’s attention, but what if sidney’s the desperate one, and Geno’s a little oblivious? Touch-starved, love-starved, shy Sidney always sitting close and pressing his face in Geno’s shoulder and breathing in his cologne and shirt smell because his thought process is: “wow wowowowow!!! i have a boyfriend!!! a real boyfriend!!! this person loves and cares for me!!! he wants to sleep in the same bed as me and take showers with me and wake up and see my face!! I’m worth loving!” Of course, that quickly delves into, “oh no what if he gets tired of me i am kind of boring these routines are kind of boring and geno’s such a spontaneous, extroverted person…….” 

He starts to research on how to make dates more interesting, surprising Geno with a homecooked meal that never got eaten, because Geno had come home later than expected; looking up Russian bakeries and buying pastries he knows Geno misses (Geno eats them and is appreciative, but he doesn’t seem any more excited than usual); he dresses a little nicer, which Geno doesn’t comment on–Sidney’s not sure if Geno noticed at all; and he starts to go out a lot more if Geno’s going out, even if all he wants to do is to sleep in–and even with all that effort, he still sees Geno posting on IG only on days Sidney isn’t present, on a boat with his friends, posing with women from back home that he knows, swimming with whales or penguins or whatever new exotic wildlife catches his eye, and Sidney doesn’t know what to think besides feeling worse and worse.

just,,,lots of sidney worrying because dating Geno has been so amazing and wonderful for Sidney, and Sidney has never loved anyone this much, but he’s scared that what if Geno doesn’t think dating Sidney is very amazing at all, and that he’s regretting everything.

‘He doesn’t love me as much as I love him,’ Sidney thinks, and that knowing that imbalance terrifies him. Too scared to ask and confirm, Sidney wonders when Geno’s going to come up to him and tell him, as gently as he can, that he’s had enough. (If that happens, Sidney doesn’t want to be let down gently. He’d rather prefer Geno dump him in the most careless fashion, so he can be angry instead of hurt. He wants to yell and scream and be mad for a few weeks so he doesn’t cry himself to sleep for being abandoned.)

So he gets a text from Geno one day, saying “we talk? have time later?” and he thinks, ‘This is it. This is really it.’ 

(more ramblings under cut)

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Jughead Jones x Reader: This Isn’t Goodbye


Hi, I love your writing! Can you please do one where the reader have been friends with the group for ages and actually set up Jughead and Betty up together… and then after they’re dating the reader realizes that she’s actually in love with Jughead but it’s too late? Something super fluffy and sad! The ending is up to you whether they get together or not.

A/N: Okay sorry for being gone quite a while. I thought I was going to get to relax and write a bunch and I was sadly mistaken. My mental health took a toll and some of my family decided to move back to my house so it’s not a calm as I would like it to be. Anyways I hope I did the requestors justice and that you guys like this. I know I’m behind on requests sorry babes.

Words: 1623

Summary: Reader sets Jughead and Betty thinking it will help her get over Jug.


Warnings: I don’t think so.

You and Jughead had been two peas in a pod since as long as you could remember. The two of you against the world. Soon you two would meet a ginger and a blonde and the square would be complete. Then the square met Kevin and soon Veronica and the square became a circle and finally met its end. The last pieces completed the puzzle.

It was your sophomore year in High School and all of you were inseparable.

You never realized that the one thing you thought would bring you happiness would utterly destroy you.

You wanted him to be happy and he was, so what was the problem?

She wasn’t you, and you were too late.

You were very different from Betty and Veronica. They rose to occasion becoming River Vixens and the guys drooled at a glimpse of them.

You had seen the stares Jughead starting giving the blonde, he was your best friend you had to do something.

You preferred jeans to cheer skirts any day.

You preferred Quentin Tarantino over Gossip.

You preferred Jughead over loneliness.  


You set Betty and Jughead up and they hit it off.

Why were you being so weird about them?

The more Jughead was with Betty the less he was with you and that didn’t bother you until now.

At first it was all okay, it was the same except for the countless kisses Jughead and Betty would give each other. He tried his best to be there for both of you when Betty got a kiss he’d peck your cheek, you’d roam the halls together his two girls at his side.

The times he was with you one of the most famous topics was now Betty and how he had such an amazing time with her. He realized he was being one of those guys so to compensate you actually got to wear the beanie which was a game-changer not even Bets got to wear it.

He seemed happy, but if it wasn’t for that night then you would probably wouldn’t have acknowledged your feelings.

The anniversary of when you both met came about, you would always separate from the group and celebrate it. The first stop was Pops, second the Drive-In, and lastly a walk near Sweetwater River ending in your special place.

Until you waited at Pops for an hour and a half and he didn’t show. You proceeded to go to the drive-in maybe he just caught up with something. The movie finished. The tears tried to escape your eyes and he wouldn’t even answer his phone.

Ever since Betty things became so different between the two of you. Sure Jughead tried his best to hang with you, but you were tired of the compensations you just wanted him to be there. You never thought that you and Jughead would be the type of friendship that would drift apart.

You started towards your spot at Sweetwater River hoping that maybe he was there. That spot you two cherished so much that nobody knew anything about.

Greatly he was there, but he had a visitor. The tears finally escaped your eyes. No one knew, you both swore you’d never tell anyone about it. You ran away, hoping they didn’t hear or see you.

You heart broke, how could he? He chose his girlfriend over his best friend, he exposed something that at least you held so dear to your heart.

You had gotten some news and maybe they were for the best as you missed the next few days of school. Wishing that your feelings would go away, except after that day what broke you the most was that Jughead didn’t even bother to reach out about missing your special day.

You ignored any messages that came from your circle. Then it hit you it finally hit you. You would be leaving your circle soon and thus there would be a missing piece. All of you were so cheesy about your circle about never leaving, never disconnecting. It wasn’t until Jughead not showing up and completely forgetting about you that made you see that some connections don’t last forever.


“Have any of you guys seen (Y/N)?” Ronnie announced at the cafeteria.

“No, she doesn’t answer my texts” Kevin added.

“Do you think she’s sick? We should go see her” Archie continued as the couple arrived at the table.

“What are you guys talking about?” Betty asked

“(Y/N)” The other three declared in sync.

“Has anyone seen or heard from her?” the raven haired spoke with worry in her eyes.

“Shit” was all Jughead said as he arose from the table and told them he’d report back later.


There was a knock at your door, you ignored it as your father answered the door.

“Oh Juggie” your father pulled him into a hug “I sure am gonna miss you.”

“What’s with the boxes sir?” Jughead questioned your father.

“Didn’t (Y/N/N) tell you? My company is transferring me to California” your father answered Jughead in shock “Well I think you best go talk to her then.”

“Dad I think I’m going to need more tape” you spoke thinking it was your father that entered your room.

“What the hell (Y/N/N)? You’re moving and you didn’t bother to tell any of us!” Jughead was fuming.

“Didn’t think it mattered” you spoke coldly looking him in the eyes.

“Look I’m sorry about missing our special day, I completely forgot” your heart sank.

“Of course you did” you grew angry.

“I really am sorry, I was with Betty, and she needed me” Jughead added.

“I NEEDED YOU!” a single tear escaped your left eye “I knew I was moving, I was hoping that at least we’d have one last celebration as best friends, and you were nowhere, until I found you.”

Jughead froze, he knew exactly what you were talking about.

“You took her to our special spot, you forgot about me, that’s was it Jug, I’m moving; starting new” you closed up one of your boxes.

“We can all still talk” Jughead countered.

“Wow you’re not even sorry for taking her there?” he avoided your gaze.

“It’s just a spot” he challenged.

“Just a spot” you repeated.

“Why are you acting like this (Y/N/N)? You set me and Betty up what the problem?” the beanie loving boy oblivious about your feelings.

“The problem is- The- there is no problem Juggie not anymore” you continued packing up some of your things.

“Obviously there is or you wouldn’t be ignoring all of us” Jughead’s voice was soft.

“I- I am happy for you Jug, I’m happy you got the girl. I just wish you’d remember me” you didn’t tell him you liked him there was no point in doing so you were moving and he was happy.

Jughead went up to you and gave you a tight hug, a hug you wished would fix everything, a hug you wish would’ve lasted longer.

“I like you Jug” you spoke softly “I thought setting you up with a girl you liked would help me get over my best friend, but it just made things worse for me” you pulled away.

“You showed her our special spot, I couldn’t do it anymore” you avoided eye contact “moving away was now my perfect escape from the crap that is Riverdale.”

“It’s not all crap” he reached for your hand.

“You’re writing about the death of a kid killed in cold blood by his father Jug” he chuckled at your comment.

“I’m sorry about forgetting our day, and for showing Betty our spot” you let go of his hand.

“Why’d you break that promise? Why’d you show her?” you wanted an answer.

“She found out her parents were getting a divorce. I had nowhere else to take her for us to just be alone” he answered truthfully.

“What?! Jug that’s a cost for celebration! Hal Cooper is the worst I wouldn’t have minded her joining us if I would’ve known” you exulted you never were a fan of her father.

“(Y/N) that’s her father, the man who raised her” Jughead nodded disapprovingly.

“Dude’s shady ass fuck Jug, that’s your father-in-law divorce or not so I guess you have to pretend to like him, anyway a ‘hey can’t make it’ text would’ve gone a long way instead of well this, but then again you said you forgot” you sat in your bed.

“I really am sorry, there aren’t enough words to say I am sorry” he lamented.

“That’s a shock coming from Riverdale’s finest writer” you chuckled.

“I really like her (Y/N)” he assured his feelings.

“I know Jug, you’re my best friend I know you” you sighed “do me a favor though?” you asked.

“What?” he breathed.

“Don’t tell her, I don’t want to make things weird, plus I bet I’m gonna meet somebody in California” you both chuckled at your last comment.

“I promise only if you actually try and keep in touch” he concluded.

“I wouldn’t break our circle even if I tried Jug, all of you mean too much to me. Plus my dad I agreed I can come back on breaks and stay with my grandparents.” You two hugged one more time before you broke the news to your circle.


Your last day was full of tears and laughs as you gave your circle a last hug.

“I’m coming back for breaks you guys let me breath” you giggled.

“I think she said tighter” Archie shouted and they all hugged you tighter and you knew this move was going to be hard, but it was for the best at the moment and you’d keep in contact with the best people in your life.

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Can I request a cute tickle war scenario with RFA+Saeran? Like maybe they're goofing off or they're asking questions to get to know MC and they notice her reaction even though she claims that she's not. And who would win the war between the members and MC? I love all the cuteness and fluffiness that goes on in MM 🙊🙈

I’m not the best at fluff, but I hope this is as fluffy as you wanted it to be!


  • You asked him to teach you how to play LOLOL a week ago. 
  • Now you two are on the couch playing against the other. 
  • He frowns when your guild beats his for the second time that afternoon, bringing your victories to a tie. 
  • “How’d you get so good so quickly? You’re a noob…”
  • “Hmph. You’ll be the bigger noob when you end up losing to a beginner.” 
  • “…” 
  • You’re on to round three, and the battle is getting close. He doesn’t want to lose. He can’t lose! His pride as a video game addict is on the line. 
  • Yoosung reaches over and pokes your side, causing you to flinch. Still, you refuse to take your eyes off of the screen. 
  • When you don’t respond, he reaches over and pokes you a second time, then a third. 
  • “Yah! Don’t even bother, Yoosung. My focus is impenetrable. Brace yourself for defeat!” 
  • He would have stopped had he not caught the small smile that had appeared on your lips that last time he reached out for you. 
  • He begins poking you repeatedly, making it more and more difficult for you to concentrate. Eventually Yoosung puts down his controller, tickling your neck and laughing as he watches you try to keep a straight face. He finds your stubbornness pretty hilarious. 
  • “You *giggle* can’t beat *giggle* me!” 
  • Finally, you put your controller down and begin tickling his shoulders. Every time he pokes your ribs, he earns a nudge to the stomach in return. 
  • Unfortunately, he’s even more ticklish than you are.
  • “MC s-stop, please I-I’ll throw up!” 
  • Soon, the two of you are on the ground, one on top of the other, breathless with laughter. 
  • Thanks to that distraction, you end up losing the game. 
  • 2-1 to Yoosung. 


  • You’re standing in the kitchen with a spatula in your hand, testing two new cupcake recipes for the cafe.
  • Jaehee comes up next to you and tests the batter out of one of the bowls. “This one is too bland. I think we should go with vanilla instead of carrot cake, don’t you?”
  • “But vanilla is so overrated…” You complain. “Besides, shouldn’t we wait until these are finished before we judge?” 
  • She thinks for a moment, then nods. She’s about to make her way back to the register when you call out to her. 
  • “Jaehee? Could you tie my hair up, please? My hands aren’t exactly clean right now…” 
  • She smiles a little at the sight of you in your rumpled apron, dutifully mixing the batter with your flour-stained hands. You were so cute to watch! The downside was that you never failed to make a mess when you were cooking; Jaehee could always tell when you’d been in the kitchen by the chaos your left in your wake -.-
  • She stands behind you and begins to lace your hair into a braid, taking notice of your slight recoil when she brushes the back of your ear.  
  • Hmm… Out of curiosity, she begins tickling your neck and your arms, causing you to shriek with laughter. “Jaehee- I’m- cooking!”
  • The sudden motion results in a vanilla extract stain on your shirt. 
  • But It’s so rare to see Jaehee being this playful that you don’t really want her to stop. You turn around to get back at her, chasing her around the counter and tickling her stomach. “Okay! I’m sorry- MC!- I’m- sorry, please-hahaha!” Thank God you didn’t have any customers right now, or they’d be wondering what sort of commotion was causing the maniacal laughter coming from the kitchen.  
  • You’re both giddy and covered in flour by the time you stop to catch your breaths. You have grated carrot in your hair, and Jaehee has a swipe of vanilla batter on her cheek. 
  • How could she have started this? T - T Jaehee realizes that the kitchen is an even bigger mess than it would have been had you remained there alone, testing out recipes by yourself. Now you’re both going to have to clean this up…
  • You test the batter on her cheek with your finger. “Not bad! I think we should go with vanilla, after all, Jaehee!” She reaches up and does the same, sighing. “I told you so!”  
  • I think MC wins this round. 


  • He’s watching you play the piano, well, trying to play the piano. 
  • You could dance and sing without a hitch. But instruments? Definitely not your strong suit. You’d taken classes as a child, but you’d always found it difficult. There were notes and there were keys and your fingers had to be in different places at just the right time - it was overwhelming! How does Zen do this? 
  • He flinches when you play yet another wrong note. “You need help, MC?”
  • You give him a dismal look. “Is that even a question? I’m awful.” 
  • Zen smirks. “Well, aren’t you lucky to have such a talented boyfriend here to teach you?” You roll your eyes. 
  • He sits next to you. “Alright, play this key, then this one. That’s right! Now follow me for this next part-” 
  • He follows the movements of your hands as you slowly, but surely, make it through the first page and a half of “Clair de Lune.” Zen can’t help but smile. The sound of the notes as well as the way you’re playing with equal parts caution and eagerness reminds him of when he himself first learned how to play. 
  • Of course, “Clair de Lune” isn’t exactly a beginner’s piece. You ask Zen how the next part is supposed to sound. 
  • He scoots over and reaches an arm behind your waist to reach the other side of the piano. You can feel his chest against your back as he places his hands on top of yours. “Like this.” 
  • Zen notices you biting back a grin when he begins to play. He initially thinks it’s because you’re enjoying yourself, but he soon becomes aware that his bangs are brushing against your cheek. Right! She’s ticklish. 
  • Zen finishes the next stanza before resting his chin against your shoulder and letting go of the keys. Before you can grasp what’s happening, he traps you in an embrace and pokes your waist. You let out a yelp. “Zen- please!” 
  • You get him back by turning around and tickling his arm. Zen erupts into a fit of giggles. He tries to flee to the living room, but you catch up to him, pinning him down on the couch and grazing his collarbone with your finger. Now it’s his turn to beg for mercy. “No- hey!- MC- I’ll finish the song!” 
  • Zen looks like he’s about to cry from laughter, so you decide to stop. “It seems that my ‘talented boyfriend’ isn’t a very good teacher. Can’t you concentrate for at least that long?” You ask teasingly.
  • He narrows his eyes, then sighs wearily. Zen gives you a soft smile. “Lord knows I can’t concentrate when you’re around.” 


  • You were surprised at his enthusiasm when you suggested having ‘commoner’ food for dinner for a change. 
  • “Well, why not? I’ve always wanted to try it. You don’t think I’m that much of a snob, do you, MC?”
  • His curiosity for experiences you considered so ordinary is always endearing, if not amusing. 
  • You take him to a small, local restaurant on the outskirts of the city. It’s not exactly Michelin-Star, but it’s quiet and tasteful. Jumin is sitting across from you, adjusting the sleeves of his sweater. It’s unusual to see him go a day without a blazer, but you’re grateful for it. Something about “matching the mood” of wherever you were taking him. As a result, the stately aura Jumin has about him seems diminished somewhat, replaced by something lighter and more mellow. 
  • Jumin’s eyes light up when he bites into a soup dumpling. What is this flavor? He isn’t sure about the nutritional content, but it’s certainly not what he had expected. What a pleasant surprise! “MC! You must try this!” 
  • You melt at his excitement - his enthusiasm is almost childlike. He leans forward to feed you, but you nearly spit your food out in the process. 
  • He gives you a concerned look. “What’s wrong, MC?”
  • You continue to chew the soup dumpling, making a waving motion with your hand. “Nothing, nothing.” You respond, a slight smile playing on your lips. 
  • Jumin blinks at you before observing that his foot had been grazing your ankle. I wonder… He moves his foot up toward your calf, causing you to clench your jaw. Ah-ha! 
  • Jumin tilts his head. “Something the matter?” He begins nudging you with his foot again, and soon you have to put your chopsticks down. “N-Nothing- nothing’s- wrong!” Of course, this only makes him want to tease you further. 
  • Finally, you burst into laughter and kick him back. Jumin shoots you a dangerous glare, but you keep going, anyway. He’s much better at concealing his laughter than you are, but he can’t seem to maintain his composure - Jumin is smiling and snickering more candidly than he’d normally allow himself to.  
  • Everyone wonders about the good-looking couple in back of the restaurant who seem to be getting along so well. 
  • You both stop when you realize just how many people are glancing in your direction. Jumin clears his throat. “They must think we’re having a good time.” 
  • “Aren’t we, Mr. Han?” You reply, tracing his calf with the tip of your shoe one last time. 
  • He bites back a grin before giving you a playful look.“I don’t know if you’re a good time, but the food here certainly is.” 

707/ Saeyoung

  • He’s trying to make a Honey Buddha Chip ring. 
  • You were simply observing him at first, but it soon turns into a contest. Saeyoung gets so shaky at the last few chips that he keeps having to start over again. Because of this, you’re able to catch up quickly. 
  • “How have you already gotten that far?!”
  • You click your tongue. “Look babe. I can’t help that I’m gifted.” He eyes your creation with envy - you’re only a couple of chips away from a perfect circle. You really did seem to have a knack for these things. 
  • Both in need of another chip, you simultaneously reach out for the bag lying on the table. Saeyoung’s elbow brushes against your hip, making you wince. “Oh. Sorry, MC.”
  • You purse your lips tightly before a laugh can escape, knowing that you’ll never finish this exercise in fundamental physics if Saeyoung’s playfulness is to be unleashed.“It’s okay.” 
  • Oh… That must have actually hurt. I’ll try to be careful now. Unfortunately, Saeyoung backs up to get a better view of his structure, managing to collide with you for a second time. Shit. “Sorry!” 
  • You’re a bit to slow to hide that smile. Was that…? Bag of chips in hand, Saeyoung slides over and nudges your side with his elbow once more. You manage to resist it for all of ten seconds before a series of chuckles escape your lips. 
  • “Sae- young! Please- I only have- four chips- left!” 
  • He manages to corner you by the kitchen counter, but you retaliate by tickling his stomach. “Wait- no! My precious- chips!” Sure enough, the chips in Saeyoung’s hand are now scattered on the floor. However, you don’t give him time to mourn. 
  • You run around like children, shrieking and doubling over with laughter every time you come into contact. Saeyoung is panting, and your face is beginning to feel warm from the sudden burst of activity. You lunge for Saeyoung’s neck, but he dodges you and bumps into the table. 
  • You both shout, “NO!” As your Honey Buddha rings collapse. All your hard work - gone! Saeyoung hangs his head and sighs. “We had that coming, didn’t we?”
  • You look at him, frowning. “What do we do now?”
  • “The only thing we can do.” 
  • Needless to say, the rest of the afternoon is spent consuming the remains of your Honey Buddha creations. 


  • You’ve just returned from the grocery store. Saeran is diligently organizing cereals while you arrange the flowers you had selected together.  
  • Saeran finishes before you. He comes around the counter and rests his chin on the palm of his hand, watching you decide between chrysanthemums and peonies. 
  • You bite your lip. “Which flower do you think best suits this color scheme?” You were always so particular about these things. That’s my girlfriend. Meticulous as ever. 
  • Saeran thinks for a moment before pointing to the chrysanthemums. “These are more like you.” You smile and replace the peonies, arranging them in a separate vase. A strand of hair escapes your ponytail and brushes against your cheek. 
  • Before Saeran can stop himself, he reaches a hand out to tuck the strand behind your ear. He thought his touch would cause you would stop and stare at him with that innocent, wide-eyed expression he’d grown so fond of, but you didn’t. What is this? 
  • He reaches out and and touches your chin, this time tracing his fingers down toward your collarbone. You on the other hand, are stunned by this action. You keep your eyes trained on the flowers, but you feel electricity dancing across your skin - being so bold isn’t like Saeran. However, you quickly dismiss any suspicion of vulgarity once you become aware of how intently he’s studying your expression. 
  • Why weren’t you responding? Hmm…? He repeats the motion, this time catching a glimpse of a smile on your face. I wonder… 
  • Saeran tickles your chin, and this time you erupt into a peal of laughter. You laugh is so bright and playful that he can’t resist. He walks around the counter and begins tickling behind your ears. “Saeran- I’m not- done!”
  • You would have fought to get away had Saeran’s expression not looked so lively. You reached up and tickled his neck. Surprise flashed across his face for a moment before being replaced by a stream of giggles. You loved it when his eyes lit up like that - he was having fun. It wasn’t often that he allowed himself to be this vulnerable. 
  • “MC- wait- I might- cry!” 
  • In the midst of all the laughter, you had nearly knock one of the vases down. Thankfully Saeran catches you in time, wrapping you in his arms to prevent you from making contact with the kitchen counter. 
  • You both blush once you realize just how close you are. You look away bashfully, each of you thinking: “Now there’s the timid person I know so well.” 
  • You decide to break the silence. “You said chrysanthemums were ‘more like me’. What did you mean?”
  • Saeran sighs. “You’re never going to let me live this down,” he begins. “But chrysanthemums signify happiness.” 

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SPN usually doesn't just leave loose narrative ends. Like, the issue/question might be resolved subtextually, textually, etc, and it might take a while, but they do eventually come back to everything. Full circle. Dean and Sam have pondered life with someone "in the life." Dean has pondered "experiencing things differently." We have the love and love thing, we have he's in love with humanity, we have Cas textually saying i love you. I gotta wonder where it's all going. What full circle is.

(full circle anon) Sorry, forgot this: *sarcastically inserts we just don’t know bird gif*


I like to think of the show more as a spiral. Yeah, it seems to keep getting back around to the “full circle” moment and then just misses it by a hair enough to loop the spiral back around again.

Each go-around is bringing it ever closer to the center, and they make a little progress on each successive loop. It’s never exactly the same, and each time seems to have a (mostly) progressively better result… but the loop continues.

This is why I’m having such a time with s12. The loop has now wound so close to the middle that it’s like we’re seeing EVERYTHING from the previous loops all at once. Like we started the show circling the equator and we’ve been getting progressively closer and closer to the north pole where you can stand in all the time zones at once and theoretically tug bits of the story from any point around the entire loop.

(this is terrible because I’m now picturing Andrew Dabb in a Santa Claus costume running in circles around a candy cane pole shouting HO HO HO and throwing references to the entire series at us like Christmas presents and now I can’t even take myself seriously anymore)

But yes. Who can say where any of this will eventually end.

(oh no now Santa Dabb is pole dancing on the candy cane pole please someone come save me from my own terrible imagination)

#6:Swimming Pool*

;*mature content

“Wow, Harry. I had such a good time. Really you never miss a chance to make me smile..” Her obnoxiously screechy voice irritates Y/N to her senses, but for the sake of her dear Harry, she is quiet and not physically pulling this girl out of the house.

“Oh, Margaret, you know how much I love you; and really, spending time with you is my favorite.“Harry muses at his childhood friend, a sudden wave of emotion passing by when he realizes it’s time for them to bid goodbye.

“Aw, I love you too, Hazz…see you real soon, okay?” They advance forward for a long and tight hug, and Harry plants a small kiss on her forehead before he is waving her goodbye from the door of his house.

He turns around after the after drives away, and meets a Y/N with narrow eyes and a deep scowl on her face.

“Let’s get in,Hazza,"She mocks and turns away from him, descending into the house and purposely closing the door behind.

“Y/N!” Harry whines as he follows her inside, a frown settling on his face at his girlfriend’s attitude.

Y/N goes about and enters the bedroom, mindlessly standing in front of her dresser and begins to brush her hair.

“She is just a friend, babe.” Harry reasons out as he settles on the bed, lying over his stomach and propping a pillow under his chest.

“Yes, a friend, who has no other business than to keep popping up here at our place to meet her ‘beloved Hazza’” Y/N exaggerates with air quotes as she stares at Harry from the mirror.

Harry bursts into laughter.“ You’re really cute when you’re jealous, y'know.”

“I’m not jealous.” Defends Y/N instantly. She puts her brush back on the dresser and turns around, walking out of the room when Harry calls out.

“Baby, come down, there’s something right there, yeah..” He points on the tip of his nose, and frighteningly does Y/N bend down to his level.

“Where?! Just get it away.” She throws her hands frantically around him, as she waits for Harry to take it - whatever it is - away from her nose.

Harry’s fingers hovers above her nose, in circles, making Y/N’s eyes follow it everywhere. Suddenly, he grabs her nose and pulls it to him.

“There you go, that’s the thing I was talking about, sitting right at your nose - you temper.” He laughs and pulls it some more, causing a loud shriek to escape Y/N’s mouth.

“Harry!” She slaps his hand away, pushing at his shoulder and stomping her feet in even more anger.

Harry’s laugh keep going on, but fail to make Y/N smile as she storms away in anger.

“Y/N! I’m sorry, baby, I’m sorry, I love you, listen!” Follows Harry’s voice behind the fast walking Y/N but she is already out and the door is slammed closed behind her.

Harry plucks himself off of the bed and rushes outside, his laughter still not under control.

Y/N stands in the kitchen, preparing some coffee as a sad, annoyed face remains prominent on her face from a distance.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, darling, really, really sorry.” Harry walks over to her and pronounces his apologies with a serious face but on seeing her red nose, he is back to his laughing saga. A string of apologies and exclamations leave his mouth when Y/N begins slapping his arms and back with tight hands.

“You’re such an idiot!”

“Ow, sorry..” Harry repeats.

“First, your friend comes and irritates the hell out of me with her screechy voice and now you won’t stop being this ass for once and - I am stressed!” Y/N screams out her distress.

Harry gives her a scared look, with wide eyes and pouted lips.“Woah, someone’s really had their period-”

“Ugh!” Y/N walks away from him, back into the bedroom. Harry follows behind like a puppy, his apologies being chanted like a mantra.

Harry gets a hold of her wrist right in front of the bedroom door, and he spins her around, pressing her back to the wood.

“Let’s go swimming. I’m sure it will relax your body a bit, hm?” Harry offers, keeping his tone low and loving as he looks into her eyes for approval.

“No!” Y/N shouts in his face. “I will go for swimming by my self, you will not come with me, understand?” She pushes Harry off of her and enters the room, locking the door behind.

Harry is left behind to bang his head on the door in distress.

Y/N puts on the bikini she has, and puts on a robe on top before moving out of the room. Outside, it is quiet and lonely, the place having no signs of Harry.

Rolling her eyes and knowing it’s just some silly act of Harry, she walks to the swimming pool attached to their home.

Newly renovated and designed, this swimming pool lay right in front of the living room. It displayed an exquisite view of the beautiful city of Los Angeles, and the lights built for the nights gives out an extremely romantic scene.

But tonight it was going to be just Y/N, so she bothered not to think of any romantic feels.

She shed off the robe and put it down on the chair, and slowly getting down with the stairs, she let her body inside the warm water.

The water reached up to her chest, and with the fine weather and warmth of the water, she really did feel a lot relaxing.

In solitude, did she spare some time and think of the useless arguments this evening. As she took strokes from one end of the pool to the other, her mind began to cloud with a sense of regret for being this harsh on Harry and his relationship with his best friend. But before she could make up her mind to apologize Harry for the same, she saw his figure walking over to the pool in his swimming trunks.

All forms of regret were forgotten, as she continued her act of ignorance towards him and kept swimming casually when Harry got into the water and looked at her.

She got on the other side and stopped, seeing Harry also at rest on the side opposite to her. She pulled her eyes off of him and swam to where he was, and when she stopped right on the other side, Harry had gone to the opposite.

She knew what he doing and hence paid no attention.

As she reached to the other end, and of course Harry on the opposite, she heard Harry’s voice call out.

“I have known Margaret since I was two. She was four then and she literally has treated me as a brother always. She is like a second sister to me, y'know..” Harry justifies in a low voice, but due to the fact of just these two here, his voice reached up to Y/N very clearly.

Y/N not knowing how to reply to his statement, swims mindlessly to the other side, and this time as she lifts her head above the water, she finds Harry right beside her.

She grows confused as to where to be now, when suddenly Harry moves and pins her to the tile, his hands going round her as he captivates her.

“I really acted like a dick today, didn’t I?” She smiled at his comment and looked down.

“And I like some hypothetical bitch..” They chuckle together. “I’m sorry?”

Harry leans down and presses his lips onto hers; slowly and softly made his lips move about her shape, and once having picked up a pace, began to bring out the passionate demon inside him.

He yanked her leg up to wrap around his hips as he consumed her with his tongue fighting to invade her mouth. He moved her to the center of the pool where the red and pink lights shimmer about in the water, and setting her down, he brought his hand behind her and began to undo her bikini top.

Y/N twisted her hand to help him in the task but his lips joining back on hers distracted her from her intention. Her hand now moved to his cheek as she pulled him closer and closer every moment, and finally when the string of her top opened, Harry didn’t show any hesitation as he threw her top to the side.

She stood bare in front of him now, her wet skin and hair, her aroused eyes and her pink lips having water dripping from - everything seemed to be inviting Harry; and his sensuous look and wet, throbbing body was everything Y/N wanted over her.

Harry wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close, meeting her nipples to his skin and making the sensitive skin turn hard immediately.

Y/N moaned as Harry’s lips came down to work on her neck, as he guided her to the bar table and pinned her to it. Y/N’s body bended over the glass table as Harry went down and down on her, his lips now fiddling with her left nipple as her other hand massaged the other breast.

His thumb and index finger fondled with the pink skin, pressing and circling around the skin while his lips had moved higher and attached to her lips.

Y/N felt put of breath and completely controlled with Harry’s quick change in positions and touches. He was so harsh but so lovely at the same time that the moans and mewls were impossible to control.

Harry pulled away from her lips and gave her a look in the eyes, before disappearing under water. Y/N felt him tug her lowers down in the water and then attached his tongue to her clit, the sensations sparking through her system making her weak.

Gosh, she loved it; She loves him.

Harry moved up again but kept his fingers down at work over her princess parts, slowly entering the wet core of hers and drawing around circles.

“We need to get to the bed, baby.” He whispered in her ear, biting the soft earlobe, causing an anticipated moan to escape her parted lips.

“Then take me please..” Y/N’s saying was only enough for the action at night to commence.

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Virgil’s Torture

so hey this is a scene of what is currently happening with Virgil. it’s kind of a dramatic irony thing. Logan, Patton, and Roman only know of the thing Chase sends them in one part so only ask about that once Patton makes a post about it. anything else they have no idea about so don’t reveal it to them as you’re not supposed to know what’s happening either. get it? sorry im bad at explaining things lol

tw for torture/violence, k*ife, kinda sorta implied g*n mention, and vague implied s*xual assault. im so sorry lmao but seriously don’t read this if it’s triggering for you. you can skip over this, and still keep up with the plot. it’s not essential. also let me know if i missed any warnings!


Chase, the gang leader, circles Virgil who is kneeling on the concrete floor before him. His hands are cuffed behind his back, but otherwise he is free to move around should he need to. Hunter sits on a chair nearby observing the scene. Kaleo stands by the door to prevent Virgil from leaving. Kieron, and Adrean are nowhere to be found.

“Look at him. So weak. So vulnerable. Just like Patton was. Ya know, kid your "father,” or whatever the hell he is, is just a pathetic coward right? You’re not related, but you certainly do take after him.“

"The only pathetic cowards here are you assholes. Look. You can do whatever the fuck you want to me, but you leave Patton out of it. Just take me instead. He doesn’t deserve this.” Virgil spits back. Chase glowers at him, and roughly grabs his chin to force him to meet his eyes.

“You got a lot of sass for someone currently cuffed, and kneeling on the ground. I’d watch your tone if I were you, kid.”

“Yeah, trust me you don’t wanna piss Boss off. Fucking idiot is one trigger happy motherfucker.” Hunter interjects. Chase turns to give him a warning glare. Hunter smirks, and holds his hands up in defense.

“I kinda like this Hunter guy.”

Chase turns back to Virgil, and scoffs, “Yeah, well he doesn’t fucking like you.”

“I mean he’s pretty cool-”

“Hunter, shut the fuck up! Kaleo get him out of here.”

Kaleo easily lifts Hunter, who shrugs as he accepts his fate, and takes him out of the room. He quickly returns to guard the door.

“Now. Where were we? Oh, that’s right. Patton. I bet he’s real worried about you right now. Probably praying, and hoping that we won’t lay a hand on you,” Chase pauses, and grabs Virgil by the throat. Not enough to cut off his air just yet. “It’s such a shame that we have to. See, Virgil. Your friend fucked us over. Our gang wasn’t doing too well, and he was the perfect kind of kid to manipulate into doing our bidding. But he was a disobedient little shit, and then he just ran away. That’s not acceptable. So, since you’re close with him, we’re holding you for ransom. Patton rejoins us, and listens to our orders, you’re free to go. For now we’re going to torture you until he gets here so he’s more willing to comply. Sorry, kid.”

With every other word Chase’s hand tightened, and only once he was done talking did he release his hold; Virgil was left spluttering, and trying to even out his breathing.

4, 7, 8. 4, 7, 8. 4. Fuck. 4, 7, Come on. 4, 7, 8.

“That’s not even the worst of it, kid. Toughen up.” Chase moves to leave. “I’ll be back later. Have fun worrying about what I plan to do to you. But if I hear you sobbing like a little baby you’ll be gagged. That’s a promise. Not a threat.”

With an evil chuckle Chase was lead out of the room by Kaleo. The door was slammed shut, and a soft click indicated that it was now locked.

Virgil squeezes his eyes shut, and bites his lip hard enough to draw blood.

They’re going to find me. They’re going to find me. Patton wouldn’t let his child suffer. Patton’s gonna save me. Logan & Roman will fight to get me back. I’ll be back in their arms before I know it- No that’s not true. They’re relieved to have me gone. Stop trying to reassure yourself, Virgil. I’m going to die here. Should be relieved. This is what I want- No fuck I don’t wanna die. I want Logan. I want Roman. I want dad. I want my family. Please let them fucking find me.

“Yo, Virgil.”

Virgil snaps his eyes open at the sudden voice. He looks up to meet-uhh Adrean’s?-gaze.

“Look, I’m not supposed to do this so don’t fucking rat me out. I’ll literally be killed. Just.. here. You better appreciate this. I’m risking my life.”

Adrean lifts the wet washcloth that Virgil didn’t notice was in his hand, and wipes the sweat off Virgil’s forehead before gently tipping his head back, and leaving the washcloth to rest there. Virgil shivers at the sudden cold, but it feels good against his burning skin.

“Uhh, here. This too.”

Adrean pulls Virgil’s head down again, not enough that the washcloth will fall off, but enough for Virgil to drink the water bottle he now has pressed to his mouth. Virgil gratefully accepts the drink despite fearing it was poisoned, and looks away in shame. This might be worse than being tortured in Virgil’s opinion. This was absolutely humiliating, but he will admit it’s a huge relief on his dry throat. It was also slightly comforting that Adrean seemed to feel just as awkward as he did.

Now, Adrean’s clearly an idiot that follows an assholes’s orders, but Virgil sees the compassion he secretly has, and he can appreciate that if only for a moment.

“That’s all I got for now,” Adrean takes the washcloth off much to Virgil’s dismay. “Chase will be back in a half hour.”

Adrean stands to leave, but as an afterthought, he mumbles a quick “Sorry, man.” before exiting the room. Virgil is once again left in solitude, and his thoughts run wild as tears run down his cheeks.

The half hour passes by agonizingly slow. As promised Chase returns; this time holding something slender, and shiny that makes Virgil pray it’s not what he thinks it is.

As Chase steps into the light the object gleams, and reveals it to be what Virgil had feared. A switchblade with a seemingly newly sharpened edge, and an aged handle. Virgil gulps as he carefully observes Chase’s every move. He twiddles with the point of the knife before pointing it in Virgil’s direction.

“I didn’t wanna go this far, but Patton hasn’t shown up yet. Let’s give him a little incentive shall we?” Chase pulls out Virgil’s phone from his back pocket, and opens the video recorder before quickly slicing the blade across his arm. Virgil cries out in pain, and immediately regrets it as the blade swipes across his arm once more. This time Virgil bites the inside of his cheek to suppress any noise. Chase smirks, and stops the recording.

“If he still takes a long time to arrive after I send this I am going to make you suffer. Again, promise. Not a threat.”

Virgil winces as he hears the familiar sound of a text message being sent.

Patton does not need to see that, but hopefully it’ll get him here faster. God, Patt. I’m so sorry. I should have been more careful. I should have stayed home last night. I can only hope you’re not blaming yourself.

“Hey, dreamer, I’m talking to you. Pay attention.”

Virgil snaps his head up to see Chase’s darkened eyes, and shivers in fear. Chase smirks as he kneels down to Virgil’s level.

He uses his free hand to gently run his fingers through Virgil’s hair, and just barely presses the knife to Virgil’s throat with his other.

“Ya know, kid. As much as I want Patton back I don’t think I mind the delay anymore. I’m gonna have a lot of fun with you.”

Virgil wasn’t sure if his voice was laced with insanity, or lust, but either one was equally terrifying.

For now Virgil could only hold onto what little hope he had left that his family would save him before it was too late.

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Your blog is amazing! I have a question though... when reading spells they usually start off with saying you need to cast circle. I know that it's about protection or whatever but how do you make one and why is it so necessary? If I just send the intention that i'm protected will that work or do i need things like a normal spell to make one before i even start my spell? Sorry if this is confusing.

Thank you for visiting my blog and your question is not confusing, don’t worry. :) I hope I can help provide you with the information you are looking for.

Okay so, a Magick Circle is beneficial to perform before you attempt any sort of magick because it simply acts as a precaution to stop any negative energies from bothering you while you’re at work. We all want our practice to go as smooth as possible and to keep ourselves safe, right? So, that’s where casting a Magick Circle comes in handy. It’s kind of like a comfort blanket, it’s a safe space where only you and whatever or whomever you ask to enter it with you are allowed to cross it.

Is it necessary to cast one if you’re already putting out the vibes for protection? This answer will depend on who you ask, but, I personally think that no, it’s not necessary in that case. Our minds are our most powerful tools and with that being said, casting a magick circle is pretty much all in visualisation anyways. But, I figure, if we’re already putting focus and intention into a spell and magick to begin with, then what is the harm in taking a few more minutes and going the little step further to ensure our protection? It is all up to you though, and the time you have to spare!

When it comes to tools needed to cast a Magick Circle, all that you need is your mind and a quiet space, really. Some people may sprinkle salts beforehand to create a circle around where they are working or sit with sage and incense to purify their space. Some may light four candles to represent the four directions, to represent their spirit guides/ancestors and some may even use colour coordinated ones that have to do with the specific magick being practiced (Example: Surrounded by a circle of white red and pink candles for protection during love spells). Myself, I just use my mind; partly because I am cheap and also mainly because it’s just the way that I feel works the best for me! So, I sit and imagine a beam of bright white light coming down and spiralling around me and outwards, taking over the room. I don’t really envision one single circle, I see it as myself in a small, confined circle with bigger circles on top of more circles overlapping, like multi-layered protection lol! From there, I imagine the beam moving to my crown chakra, filling my entire body with warm, white light and when I feel at peace and am no longer distracted by the world around me, I then move on to the other magick work I wanted to perform to begin with. :) 

TL;DR A magick circle is for protection, it is not necessary to create but, it is a great aid for your protection during casting/magick works and the best tool to use is your mind; other things are just fancy lil’ additions imho. :)

I hope this could help you out, take care and blessed be. x

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How do you draw your inklings? Like ive been wanting to draw mine for awhile now and ive come up with sketches and junk but my style makes them look like adults which is what i was afraid of.

its kinda like…

All Inklings, male and female have the same face shape! It’s a cool way to keep them looking like squid kids instead of squid adults.

Also remember, round faces always makes things look younger :U

The masks, I simplified them to merely an outline under the eyes, even making the connecting mask a triangle. It looks legit and it can be done with any mask style you want.

Also another thing. Inklings don’t have teeth its like an interlocking beak. Always making sure the beak makes sense is difficult (Ive seen many people get it wrong) but its like a little puzzle in their mouth.

For hair and ears and all that jazz, i draw circles that indicate where those things go. Its like a helpful little guide to keep anatomy on point.

fingers and toes both have flat ends, both are bigger than human fingers and toes. Bigger hands and bigger feet make the character seem younger and smaller. 

They have these awesome things called tentacles and there are many cool things you can do with them: “hair” styles!

They have 2 main tentacles that they can use, so its always soooo important to keep that in mind when making up hairstyles. Again, its a artist’s preference, but its always good to keep in mind the original concept. Here I show tentacles 1 and 2 being used in different hair styles for males and females. Its all up to the imagination. 

always never forgetting that sucker! One of the first things I mentioned was the circle guide tool. It makes drawing the sucker and easy little thing.

Have fun making cool squids. I hope this helps you! C: Sorry I took so long to make this ;;

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I don't know if you felt the same, but the last chapter gave me the impression that old wants tianshan to progress a bit slower then it was progressing. Like, on chap 199 He Tian and Guan Shan seems to be very comfortable with each other and chap 200 has this awkward atmosphere... And the way He Tian acts in the last chapter leaved me a bit disappointed, it seemed like they gone one step forward and then one step back.

i have a lot of mixed feelings about this chapter tbh, on one hand im really happy that chapter 199 wasn’t just an interlude and that old xian decided to continue it, and the thought of he tian buying an earring for guan shan and going to his house just to give it to him is frankly adorable to me (i bet he even reharsed how to do it, that nerd), but on the other the way old xian decided to portray it did leave me a bit disappointed, and i can’t say that i wasn’t expecting a bit more from he tian after everything that happened

(putting the rest under a cut because it got quite long;;;;;) [so strange, that never happens to me……..]

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Home - Peter Parker x reader

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Peter finds the reader drunk at a party

Warnings: None

A/N: Peter taking care of a drunk reader makes me happy

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Rating: M, for dicks.
Warnings: evan is a dick and jonathan is unprepared for his fuckery.
Notes: shoutout to the people that sent me all those nice messages about my writing. this one’s for y’all. also..LOOK MA I DID A THING ARE YOU PROUD

Evan had been blowing him up in GTA all day, and Jonathan was getting sick of it. The second he’d hit the lobby Evan had been lying in wait for him with a Sticky Bomb and a “Hey! Delirious! Look!” He’d laughed it off, like he usually did, but as the game (and day) went on he found himself starting to get pissed off, until he’d yelled at Evan about it and Evan had agreed to chill the fuck out.

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UPDATE: More to come???

Hey so I just wanted to make a post saying thank you guys for apparating in wotl if you did. This event wouldn’t be that great without you. Sorry for taken forever to make this post!! I wanted to wait until I closed the survey on how we did. 

From the what I got as review it seems that everyone wants the event to come back!! Yay :D !!! So this event will happen again!!! On more serious note, it seems a few of you are confuse on somethings about this event/blog (maybe you’re new or never saw some posts from the past).  So here’s to make somethings more clear:

1) Only one person is working on the event/running this blog at this time. I know I say we a lot but I don’t like saying I in posts??? like we’re all in this together???

2) if you want updates for the event, and see posts without having to dig in the tags follow this blog!!! Oh my goodness!! If you want the lowdown on this event you need to follow this blog!!!! Half of this blog is meant to reblog posts so you guys don’t have to dig looking for them in the tags and the other half is to get updates. (I will make a different post on the subject if your posts aren’t showing up in tags)

3) I can’t force artist/fans to make posts or participate in general. If someone doesn’t want to make posts or reblog or like any posts at all, than there’s nothing I can do. 

4) If you want this event to get bigger you need to reblog posts about this event and tell friends about this event. I’m limited by my follower count (which isn’t much), and this event is very much word of mouth. If I had the money and tumblr had a good ad system I would totally buy ads for this event, but I can’t. sorry :(

5) There’s is around 2 to 3 months between the events so far, and I plan to keep it a few months between each event. I don’t spring these events up the day of. There have been a post for each event with the dates and themes circling around during those months before the event. 

6) So far each event’s theme is and has been picked by you guys via poll. The only thing I do is give a list of themes, add any that are in demand, and whatever themes that are picked I put them in an order that makes sense. Such as I put free day on Wednesday because it’s halfway through the week. Last event I put suits and transforming on opposites ends of the week because they’re similar but very different. 

I have decided that the next wotl that I will pick everything. Some of you seem to not get the whole “take this survey to choose themes” and will still get mad at me if two themes are similar. I will also pick the date sinces you guys get mad at that even if it’s part of the survey :/ …I already know when and I have most of the themes picked out. I’ll post the dates and themes soon!! :)

And Finally, I will be looking for an admin to help me with some stuff. I get really stressed with this blog and I think another admin would help. A big reason why I’m looking for a new admin is that it seems from the survey you guys want this blog to not only be about the event but also post/reblog about female character fromt toku in general.  I’ll make a different post about what I’m looking for an admin.

Thank you for reading!!! If you have any comments, questions, or concerns send me an ask or message. I’ll get to them as soon as possible.

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favorite scenes from b99: Skyfire Circle, 4.08
          “Come on, Sir, the Math thing isn’t the problem. Night shift’s keeping you and Kevin apart. You two just need to bone.“ "What did you say?”

dreaming-of-traveling-stars  asked:

Hi I'm sorry to bug you... But I just love your blog sooo much and I was wondering if I could request a PietroxReader where the reader is a teleporter and she likes Pietro but e keeps bugging her so one day he challenges her to catch him and they sort of play tag? Idk it was just an idea. Love you sooo much!!! Keep up the great work and keep being amazing!

Hi! Sorry this took so long! I’ve been busy and I have so many requests! But anyway here you go!

You had special powers ever since you were born. You could teleport anywhere within half a mile radius or less from your current position. After discovering your talents you were sworn in as an Avenger along with the Maximoff twins and others. You knew as soon as you saw Pietro he would be annoying as hell. He ran circles around everybody, making them drop things, spill coffee and important papers. He especially loves to run around you, like a little bug that you wanted to hit with a fly swatter. But of course he was too fast. 

You had no idea why he was your favorite person to tease but after giving you a surprise tickle and making you drop your paper that you had been working for three weeks on into a disorganized mess on the floor, you had had enough. “Alright Speedy, you think you’re so fast? Well you’re about to get beaten at a game where speed is key. That’s right, I challenge you to a game of tag!” You declare and poke your finger on his strong chest. 

He throws his head back in a hearty laugh and shakes his head. “Oh Y/N, you never cease to amuse me.” He says and pinches your cheek gently, making you knock his hand away. “But I am not afraid. I am the fastest being on Earth I am sure that I can beat you at this simple children’s game.” He boasts.

“Then let’s begin.” You say and then he tapped your shoulder. 

“Tag you’re it.” He says and then sprints down the hall. You close your eyes and then in a fraction of a second you are at his side and you tap him. 

“Tag you’re it!” You say and he looks stunned and reaches to tag you but then you teleport somewhere else in the tower before he can. Now angered by your ability to be faster than him he runs all over the tower trying to find you. Occasionally you appeared before him, only to tease him by disappearing before he could touch you. 

After doing this for about half an hour of running around trying to find you again, he finally spots you in the living room with your back turned to him. Before you can do anything he runs up to you and wraps his arms around you, knocking you over into the couch and then rolling onto the floor. “Tag you’re it!” He proclaims proudly and you laugh. Then you notice just how vibrant his amazing blue eyes are and just how muscular he is as you lay on his chest, wrapped in his strong muscular arms. 

You peck his cheek gently. “Tag, you’re it.” You say and he blushes and pecks you nose. 

“You’re it.” He says but he doesn’t pull away entirely and then the next thing you know his lips are on yours and you two are enjoying a passionate make out session on the floor of the living room of the Avengers tower. 

“Does this count as a tie?” You ask inbetween kisses.

“Only if we get to keep doing this.” Pietro breathes and you nod and continue kissing until Wanda walks in and is scarred for life when she sees you and his brother devouring each other’s faces. 

Sorry this wasn’t that long but I didn’t know what else to write! I hope you like it :)