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honestly one of the reasons i love miraculous ladybug is. the dramatic irony. dramatic irony is my shit and miraculous ladybug is literally filled 2 the fuckgin brim. everyone i know hates dramatic irony but this shit is my life source. its so satisfying to me knowing somehtnig everyone else doesnt know, thinking of all the possibilities if they did. and its so good bc its so PAINFULLY obvious too. really tho. nobody knows who ladybug or chat noir are which is just the icing on the fuckibn cake. chloe is ladybugs biggest fan. and goes 2 school. where she constantly puts her idol down. then we got alya who has no idea the superhero she blogs about is her best friend who listens 2 her ladybug screamign eveyr day, marinette swoons over her perfect manic pixie dream boy and puts posters of him on her wall and she has no idea that he’s literally paris’ favourite piece of shit pissbaby that she hangs out with all the fuckign time, adrien is in fuckign lov e with ladybug. hes in love with her and she stares at the back of his head every day in class and he doesnt kNOw. NEIther of them know. theyre both in lvoe with each other as different people. and thERE she is thinking “oh if only he could love me back~~” like BITCH HE DOES!! HE FLIRTED W U LIKE 2 MINS AGO!!!! if all of you knew. IF ALL OF Y OU KNEW. holy s hi t if everyone knwe if you kN

this shit gives me life.

yo real talk like…..say all u want about alan rickman’s performance in dh part 2 and he definitely killed it don’t get me wrong…… but the one person in hp who truly TRULY deserved an award but went almost completely unrecognized was tom felton for half blood prince like he was absolutely incredible and it’s a CRIME that the scene on the astronomy tower was chopped down so much because you cannot even watch it withough feeling draco’s pain. tom in that scene delivered the best acting in the entire franchise which is saying so much considering how many big names are in these films. and like this is just my opinion but also i’m right

things ppl tend to forget because sherlock is super genius-smart

> sally donovan is HELLA FUCKING GOOD at her job. we see this in TEH when sherlock isn’t around to help. sherlock might get things done quicker due to his superhuman brain, but by regular people standards, sally is A KICK-ASS SERGEANT and A REALLY HARD WORKER.

> john watson went to MED SCHOOL. that’s at least 5 YEARS in the UK, plus specialisation, and then military training. MED SCHOOL IS CRAZY INTENSE AND COMPETITIVE. john watson is a huge nerd.

you told me to take a shot of vodka for everytime I wanted to kiss you; I was a messy puddle of slured words and vodka filling my lungs.
you told be to take off an article of clothing for everytime I wanted to fall asleep next to you; it was winter and I must have been wearing at least two shirts and a scarf, you stripped me bare of my clothes.
you told me to kiss you for everytime I wanted to tell you I love you; I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to scrub the taste of you off my lips.

Taken from an Interview with Seventeen Magazine:

I went all Rita Skeeter on him and asked if the feelings were mutual. 

“Er, uh, um, no,” he replied, fidgeting nervously.

Did he know that she (Emma Watson) fancied him?

“No,” he replied, before bursting into nervous laughter. “Sorry I’m being a bit aloof with  my answers.”


everyone wants dean to be the demon with too much soul and still have feelings and stuff but

screw it I want a vigorous demon dean whos finally able to let out his rage without feeling guilty, who can run off and do shit without thinking twice about his family and others’ feelings

if he’s a demon, he might as well be a horribly evil one who laughs at others’ pain