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I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! AND YOUR DRAWINGS AND YOUR STYLE!! IS IT SO..! *Dead* I'm sorry for that xD but I love your drawing style is very cute I wanted to say this A long time ago, but it didn't give me the value, I'm very Shy :T Sorry, I hope ya see this, I'm so exited!! ^w^!! Many hugs for ya! You have a good Night... or day XDD Umm one more thing, you are very creative!! I Admire you ^U^!! (Sorry for my bad spelling it's just that I'm nervous Dx) I don't know if anyone sent this, Welp Seya! ^w^

really thanks anon, i appreciate this :D

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I'm sorry if this is too personal, but what is your job?

Welp I’ve gotten this question a lot so just… listen. Listen, my blog friends. I do not want to say on this very public forum the specific place where I work for various complicated reasons that I’m sure you can guess at least a few of (i.e. please don’t show up at my workplace demanding to see “that one nerd who blogs”)

What I WILL say is that I work mostly with a heck ton of moon jellyfish (specifically a lot of adorable, infuriating baby jellyfish cultures), work more sporadically with some freshwater fish that I love very much (but if you tell anyone that I will deny it vehemently), and work even more sporadically with a whole slew of other aquatic inverts&fish (that I also love very much, but this one is public knowledge).

Basically, all I do these days is spend my time worrying about water chemistry and learning how to be a (bad?) plumbing engineer and looking up obscure papers on stuff like Chrysaora gonadal tissue but somehow I love it anyways

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I've followed this blog for so long I can't even remember. it has always satisfied my shipper heart so I just wanted to thank you running this for so long. Canonically, how do you think Aang would have handled Zuko and Katara's feelings for each other? Do you think he would have picked up on them before even they realized what was going on? Or would it have been broken down to him? Just your thoughts on how this could have come to be. I'm sorry if someone has asked this at some point.


How iz you so sweet?!?? How iz you asking me to think so much while still making me smile and making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside my cold, cold heart with your kind words?! That´s not fair, I tell you. But I´m always so, so happy to meet fellow fandom fossils (I should patent that term, really). Thank YOU for sticking around all this time. Imma have to hug you again. 

And now, onto your question. Canonically we were already shown how Aang would react to Zutara in  Book 03 Ep.17 · The Ember Island Players, where Aang totally looses his shit when the actress playing Katara tells his actor counterpart that she only sees him as a friend and a child. Aang then has to leave the play altogether because he can’t stand what is being said or the thought of Katara with someone else (Zuko). Afterwards when Katara goes to check on him he COMPLETELY goes off on Katara for no reason other than his own hurt male ego/jealousy. And then he goes on to just ignore Katara´s wishes mere SECONDS after she tells him SHE IS CONFUSED AND NEEDS TIME TO THINK ABOUT HER FEELINGS and freakin’ kisses her. 

And although Aang apologizes the second Katara lets him know he just fucked up good, it´s still obvious this kid still needs a lot of maturing to do in the emotional department. War or no war, avatar or no avatar, confusion or no confusion; to me there´s no excuse to ignore someone’s consent like that. Love has absolutely NOTHING to do with ego. If you truly love, you don’t push your feelings and necessities unto someone else. Aang was feeling needy, frustrated and needed reassurance he wasn’t viewed as a kid so kissing Katara was his way of trying to fix the way he was feeling. But she had JUST fucking told him to back off and what does he do? Kiss her. 

I guess at the last episode you don’t see him hounding her over their relationship again at least, but then again there was no time for him to do it…ANYHOW, moving on. I’d like to believe Aang did some maturing after defeating Ozai and restoring balance to the world. 

Now we have two options: to pretend Katara and Aang DID date and eventually  broke up; OR, Aang and Katara never hit it off after the final battle. Personally I think it’d have been necessary for them to date because dating would have the same effect going home after The Crossroads of Destiny had for Zuko. It’d help them realize they had grown and evolved after the events leading to and after the final battle. Especially Katara, because she was never the same after confronting her mother’s murderer. Not to mention finally finding someone who understood her completely, both the good and bad. 

I don’t think Aang would notice anything at first but eventually Zuko and Katara’s chemistry and closeness would’ve been indisputable. Toph would probably be the one who’d start preparing him for the obvious thing to come. So I guess Toph would be the one to bluntly break it down to him.  The thing is guys, when you have such a connection with someone that special and that strong, it is completely evident to those around you. Just been in the same room together sets off a chemical reaction. There’s just no way around it. 

I think part of Aang would mourn the loss of what could’ve been with Katara; it would sting his heart a little. But mostly I think he’d have finally understood why it never worked out with him, and that would probably give him closure. Closure he thought he already had until that happened. Nonetheless Aang would see how much love and understanding grew between his best friends and that’d always win at the end. 

You have to remember, before anything else these kids are family. They grew up together, helped each other every step of the way. A bond like that is not so easily broken. They laid down their lives for each other time and time again. That’s something that stays with you forever regardless of where life takes you. 

That’s why I don’t understand the way the Gaang is depicted as adults in LoK. I just cannot even comprehend it. But yeah, getting off topic here…

Overall I think most of us see Zutara happening some time after the final battle after Zuko and Katara have more time to become much closer to each other and I think by then, everyone would’ve grown quite a lot. Including Aang. The rest, as they say, is history. 

I hope I answered your question!