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all we do // (k.l imagine)

request: can i get a kian imagine where y/n and him are going through a hard time in their relationship and fight all the time one day y/n comes home late thinking kian’s sleeping so she slips into bed with him but he’s awake so he grabs and cries into her neck saying im so sorry for everything,love you so much,I don’t want u to leave me,y/n is playing with his hair and gives kisses on his head telling him that she loves him back and she isn’t going anywhere,the ending can be all fluff

some angst, fighting, swearing, etc.

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Hurt and Comfort

Request: Can i ask for some insecure and broken crying mess aka Murphy when reader finds him and comfort him. Just wanna see how her comforting him will make Murphy ready to believe in someone else. Maybe they will end up together?

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Sorry it took me so long to upload! I took a break yesterday and only got to it tonight, again I apologize! But, here it is! 

Warning: hurt/comfort.

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You could hear sniffling and the soft sound of sobs, but they were muffled as if someone was trying to hide them. Placing down the gun you’d been checking, you walked around the wall that blocked you off, walking somewhat into the dropship searching for the sound of the heart wrenching sobs. 

When you spot the person, you were incredibly shocked to see John Murphy sitting there. His knees up to his forehead as he placed his head against them, his body wracked with soft sobs and your eye widened in bafflement. You didn’t know Murphy very well but every time you’ve seen him you’ve never actually seen him shed an ounce of emotion. This was a completely different side to him.

He was usually so abrasive and cold, you weren’t sure if you should walk up and say something or walk as if you’d never seen it? Though, the choice was clear, no matter who he was there was no way you could leave such a suffering person alone on their knees.

Walking forward, you meant to be quiet but your weight made something crack and Murphy’s head snapped up. When he saw you, his eyes widened and he looked as if he was about to run. He hastily wiped at his tears as you raised your hands slowly, trying to prove you meant no harm. “Wait, no, Murphy.” You said, walking towards him.

He took a step back, eyes betraying the fear he felt of letting someone see him so vulnerable. You smiled lightly, trying to show you meant no harm. “I’m not gonna hurt you or anything, I just… are you okay?”

His mouth opened as if he was going to say something before it snapped close. He looked at his dampened sleeve and then back up at you, “why would you care?” He asked, cut and cold. You blinked slightly in surprise before you shrugged.

“Why wouldn’t I?” You retorted, smiling on the inside at the shocked look on your face. You felt as if you were making some progress.

“Because no one helps just because they want to.” He said, as if from experience. You took this moment to step up beside him, softly bumping your own shoulder with his as he seemed hesitant to let you this close. You did nothing but smile supportively at him, trying to show you only wanted to help.

“Well, sure not everyone. But some people, like me.” You said, looking at him with concerned eyes. “What’s wrong?”

He was silent for a long time before he sighed, looking away he began to speak. “I just don’t want to be alone.” He whispered, barely audible but you caught it. Looking down at your clasped hands, you shook your head.

“You’re not alone.” You mumbled.

His head snapped to you and he narrowed his eyes. “How’s that exactly? Everyone in this camp either hates me or fears me, and I know it’s my fault but it’s still upsetting.” He said angrily.

“Well, what’s say we stick to each other.” You said looking over to him. His eyes widened and his face contorted in shocked happiness, before he blinked. You’d never seen someone go through so many emotions at once, and before you could help it you began giggling a little bit. He seemed insulted and embarrassed as he scrambled for what was wrong.

“What? What did I do?”

“Nothing,” you waved. “Your just much more expressive then you seem at first glance. You’re quiet funny too.”

“Why are you being so nice to me?” He asked, and with a final glance at him, you smiled knowingly. 

“I just don’t want to be alone.”

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Part 1

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  1,138

Author’s Note:  This is my first series that I’m posting on here! Please let me know what you think, I really love getting feedback.

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Scotty looked up at exactly the wrong moment. Jim made a joke and the whole table burst into laughter, including you. Your beautiful eyes crinkled up and your unapologetic smile bared your gleaming teeth. You simply shone.

Scotty couldn’t even bring himself to laugh when you laid your hand on Jim’s arm, steadying yourself as you calmed. Scotty’s heart clenched painfully.

And then there was Jim, that bastard, not that it was his fault, leaning in and laughing with you, tickled to make you smile so beautifully.

Scotty mumbled an excuse and stood, dropping his napkin on his tray and leaving the table at a steady stumble, trying to navigate through the pounding of blood in his ears.

The hallway rang with silence as the mess hall doors closed behind him.  Scotty looked up and down the hall, completely lost. He’s walked every single hall of this wonderful ship with you on his arm and now… what’s a man to do without you? How could he possibly move on and find some semblance of peace when you were in there laughing like that with Kirk of all people? Captain Fucking Perfect Hair with all his goodman charm and warmth…


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“I’m gonna get some drinks”, Calum told the guys as he walked over to the bar.

“No, I think that the other song was better”, he heard a voice say.

His eyes went wide as his head immediately turned to look around. He didn’t see the face that was supposed to match the voice, his mind must’ve been playing tricks on him.

“No way, that was a 5 Seconds of Summer song”, the guy told you.

You crossed your arms, “What’s wrong with that?”

Calum turned his head once more and saw the familiar face he loved seeing, but this time sitting on someone else’s lap. He felt his breath hitch as he watched his past lover move on.

The guy you were sitting with just shrugged, “I don’t know, your history with them.”

“I have history with one of them, that doesn’t mean I didn’t like their music. It’s great”, you shrugged back as you took a sip of your drink.

Calum smiled lightly while staring at you, your eyes always sparkling. Your messy hair looked perfect to him, your laugh definitely brought back memories as well as he watched you two for what seemed like forever.

“What was the first thing you noticed about me when we met”, the guy you were sitting with asked.

You thought for a second as Cal’s heart was threatening to sink even further, “I don’t know, your smile.”

Calum felt like he was going to vomit, you had said that to him. Well, you said his laugh but Calum was taking this to heart.

The guy smiled, “Like this.”

You nodded with a giggle, “Just like that”, you dug your head into the crook of his neck while whispering in his ear.

Calum gulped before turning around, completely forgetting about the drinks, and heading back to the table.

“No drinks”, Michael asked.

“Not in the mood anymore, I’m just gonna go home”, Calum shoved his hands in his pockets while fighting the urge to cry.

“You okay”, Michael asked with sincerity.

Calum simply nodded as the other boys were now taking in the situation, “Just tired, that’s all.”

“Well we’ll go with you”, Luke chimed in.

“Yeah”, Ashton added as the boys began to stand up.

“No, I don’t wanna ruin the fun”, Calum waved off.

“Are you sure”, Michael asked again.

Calum wanted nothing more than to cry, but he only smiled again, “Thanks for the gestures boys, but I’m actually just tired”, he lied.

The boys all sat down hesitantly as Calum said his goodbyes and turned around, running into another body.

“Shit, sorry”, a voice said.

“No, you’re good”, Calum looked up at your face, his eyes going wide.

Your eyes did the same as you stared at him, “Hey.”

He was biting his lip to keep from the explosion of tears, “Hi.”

“Well, I’ve gotta go”, you began walking again but felt someone grab your arm.

“If he breaks your heart like us idiots do”, he chuckled a bit as you did too, “don’t be a stranger.”

Fallen Idols - Part 2

Word Count: 5209

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence 

A/N: Thanks to @percywinchester27 for being my beta 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Y/N.” You buried your face further the scratchy motel pillow, letting out some kind of weird whiny noise and pulled the blanket over your head. “Y/N, someone else got killed. We gotta go check it out.”

“Let Sheriff Stupidhead handle it, Sam.” You mumbled and reached out for Dean to bury your face in his chest, only to realize he wasn’t there.

“He went to grab some coffee and breakfast.”

You groaned in protest and sat up, using one hand to throw your hair out of your face. Sam sat down next to you on the bed, resting his hand on your knee. “So…that nightmare last night sounded kinda bad. You wanna talk about it?”

“What nightmare?” You questioned. “Are you sure you weren’t dreaming, Sam? I slept fine.”

“You –“ Sam stuttered, furrowing his eyebrows and staring at you in confusion. “You were crying in your sleep again. You’ve been doing it for weeks. You really don’t remember?”

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Tana Mongeau Who?

A/N: I feel like no one is going to read this because of the title but I can assure you this story has nothing to do with Tana. This is also very short and I may make a part two but I don’t know I just needed this up buy today so that I at least have one imagine up a week so I’m trying my best. I hope you enjoy.

word count: 1,649

“I miss yeh so fooken much love.” Harry sighed on his end of the line. “I know H, I miss you too. I wish there was a way I could come with you.” Y/N and Harry had been separated for about two months now, they both missed each other dearly since this is their first time apart since their relationship started. Harry and his lover missed each other deeply. “There is a way yeh can come love, yeh just don’t want ta do it.” Y/N could hear the smirk in his tone.

“Harry, I’m not talking to you about this right now” Everytime Harry and Y/N talked while he was this tour, it was the same ridiculous topic they find themselves getting sucked into. “Love, please jus’ quit your job. It would benefit the both of us, you know this.” There it was, ever since they moved in together Harry tried to convince her to quit her job. “Love jus’ let meh take care of yeh. We both know I have more than enough money for us ta live off of for years. Perfect lil housewife you’d be.”

Letting someone as sweet and caring as Harry take care of them would be a dream. Hell, Y/N would have taken the offer the first time he asked but Y/N had the job of her dreams. Y/N wanted to be a veterinarian since she found out that precious dogs and cats got hurt. Now most kids changed their dream occupation everyday, but not Y/N, people would always her, ”What do you want to be when you grow up” and her answer never changed in the slightest. “A veterinarian.” , well the best she could pronounce it in those first few years the question was asked.

“Harry, I don’t care about being a housewife or whatever benefits that comes with me quitting, this is my dream job H. How many people can say they work where they’ve dreamed of since their childhood?” Harry’s end of the line went quiet, Y/N could hear him opening and closing his mouth. “So. So you don’t care about our relationship or me?” that comment shot deep into Y/N’s heart, how could he ever think that she didn’t care about him or their relationship. After begging all of her friends and her parents to see Harry as someone she loved not some womanizer that took advantage of girls like her.

“Harry, where the hell are you getting that from? Those words never left my mouth.” Harry let out a humorless chuckle, “Tell meh love, did the words “I don’t care about whateva benefits come wif quitting my job” come from your mouth or no? It may not be exact but it gets the same point across.” Y/N sighed “Yes, Harry bu-”

“So the benefits o’ you quitting are coming on tour wif meh so our relationship won’t be strained over long distance bull. Yeh said yeh didn’t care so you don’t care about us. Simple as that.” It seemed like Harry was putting words into her mouth but if the shoe was on her foot, she would probably accuse him of the same. “Harry, I want you to know that I care about us and I care about you. I admit I shouldn’t have said what I said. But how fair is it that I quit my dream job while you keep yours then I just proceed to cling to you being useless?”

“Yeh wouldn’t be useless.”

“Harry don’t lie to me. Remember when I joined you on your last tour? You were always working, then when I finally got you to myself you were sleepy and barely interacted with me. Harry, I was bored all the time it was terrible I felt useless, every day I was stuck in the bus or in a hotel because we were in a new city that I didn’t know shit about. The point of me going with you was to be with you so we don’t miss each other but you might as have been thousands of miles away at all times Harry!” After her rant, Y/N was in tears to the point of her shaking out of control.

Harry’s heart broke at the thought of what he did to his girl. He didn’t know what to say he also couldn’t imagine how damaging that could have been to her. “Sweetheart, why didn’t yeh tell meh this? Why’d you do this ta yourself?” Harry himself started to cry. “Why would I H, you were always happy, you were living your dreams so how selfish of me to ruin it by bitching and moaning because you didn’t pay attention to me?”

“That wouldn’t ‘ave been selfish, tha would ’ave been yeh expressing how yeh feel. Tha’s what you do in a relationship.” Y/N couldn’t do this anymore the arguing and crying wasn’t getting them anywhere. “Harry, it’s getting late, can we just talk about this another time? I have to be at work earlier than usual tomorrow.”

“So yeh aren’t quitting?”

“Harry” Y/N sighed, she couldn’t believe him. After telling Harry how she felt she thought he’d understand her reasoning for not jumping on the idea of quitting, but he didn’t understand her at all. “Can we just talk tomorrow? I can’t do this right now.” They ended the conversation shortly afterwards. Y/N had a headache from crying and she was beyond tired.

Harry felt defeated. He didn’t mean to seem like an asshole and disregard her feelings but he called her with the goal of persuading her the come with him. It never crossed his mind that she felt miserable when they toured before. Unfortunately Harry only thought about himself this time and he’s not sure if she’d ever shake that bad memory. After that emotional day, Harry nor Y/N called each other for a week.

They both suffered outside of their relationship as well. Y/N couldn’t focus at all, she mixed up animal names, different pet food, ruined appointments, and unfortunately poked Chichi the Chihuahua in the eye. Harry wasn’t doing so hot either, every little thing reminded him of Y/N whether it be city lights, little toys or trinkets he saw in shop windows, fans asking about her, the paintings in hotel room, or food he ate at different restaurants. He couldn’t focus at shows or on interviews. Both Y/N and Harry wait for the other to call but it never happened.

Harry laid in his hotel room, watching reruns of Family Guy, when his phone rang. Harry answered the phone before looking at the caller ID. “Hel-”

Y/N sobbed her heart out, “I’ll quit my job, I just want be with you. Even if I get bored I’ll start a Youtube channel and do storytimes and have the whole Youtube community like ‘Tana Mongeau who?’ she would be so fucking shook you have no idea I don’t care what it takes I just want to be with you.” Harry didn’t know want to do, of course he was happy but that fact she was crying harder than he could ever imagine, had him concerned and in pain.
“Button, that’s amazing. FaceTime me so I can see that beautiful face of yours.”

Y/N sniffed “Okay.”

Seconds after, Harry answered the FaceTime request. Y/N’s red eyes were filled with tears that ran all down her face.”Wha’s wrong? Why ‘er yeh crying on meh pretty girl?” Y/N used her sweater sleeves to wipe her face, “This week was hell H, I missed you so much and I could barely function. Baby, I was so frustrated all week because I was waiting for you to call every night but you never did so I assumed you hated me.”

“No no no pretty girl, I could never hate you. You know I love yeh with all my heart no questions asked.” Y/N’s crying slowed down. “I love you too H, oh god I love you baby. I called in a few hours ago to quit I’m packing up my stuff now. Jus’ wanted to call and see if you’d let me join you.” Harry couldn’t believe his ears, not only did she quit her dream job to be with him, which he was extremely grateful for, but she had the nerve to ask if she could join, like he would ever tell her ”no”.
“Pretty girl yeh know yeh don’t have to ask. I’ll take yeh anywhere and everywhere no matter wha. I’ll call a driver ta come get ya then we get an airplane ticket for my next show location, with luck you’d get there two hours after us. How does that sound pretty girl?” Y/N let go of the breath she had been holding in.

“That sounds perfect baby. I just wanna be in your arms again.” small tears left her eyes. Harry’s eyebrows came together in confusion “Wha’s that crying for? This time tomorrow you’ll be right here layin’ with me watchin’ South Park I know you like tha’ show.” Y/N shook her head and wiped her tears. “No, you’ve got it wrong. These are happy tears, I’m just so happy to see you and feel you again, that sounded weird I’m sorry.”

Harry chuckled “It’s not weird love, I understand yeh. I just finished booking everything go to the printer and get your pass, pack everything you need and make sure the house is in shape before yeh leave. The driver should be there in six minutes, call me when you arrive at the airport. I love you so much my pretty girl.” Y/N blew a kiss at the screen “I love you too handsome, I’ll be there before you can say ‘cupcakes’.”


The Reunion

Where Harry comes back home and Y/N missed him too much for words.

6 months.

That’s how long it had been since you had seen Harry in person. Of course there were the daily calls, texts and face times. But nothing could ever compare to the feeling of seeing him in person. There was something just so magical about his presence, that it made you crave him every second of the day. Whether that be the loving gaze with which he looked at you, or the glint in his eyes that sparkled with love and pure happiness.

At times, you wondered how you had gotten lucky enough to get someone like him. Someone so pure, so mysteriously beautiful. Someone whom you loved with all of your heart, body and soul. And to think that he loved you back all the very same. Harry had never failed to tell you how much he adored you, how every moment spent together was the best of his life. There was never a dull moment between you two. As spontaneous as you both were, there was always one thing or another to talk about. But even when there wasn’t, the silence was very much treasured, with the both of you dwelling in the comfort of the others’ presence.

It was always hard when he left. A lot of the nights were spent awake, wishing you could be in his arms right then. It was hard for him as well, he knew that you had trouble sleeping alone, and he wanted nothing more than to hold you. But the movie was important, and he knew that you would pretty much kill him if he ditched the shooting and came back home for you.

You had always been appreciative of his career, as he had always been of yours. You were a book writer, one of the best of the time. Harry always asked you where your inspiration came from, and once when you replied with “You”, he couldn’t have been more surprised, yet happier than ever. Honestly, he hadn’t expected to be such an important person in your life that you would actually write about him. But it lit him to the core that the love of his life loved him back just as much as he did.

While he was away for his movie, you had been busy with your own book. But successfully, he had completed his movie just as you had gotten done with your book. The book was about a long distance relationship, which was pretty much inspired from your own, and you couldn’t wait for Harry to read it. He had been working hard for his movie, as well. Considering that it was his first, he tried to put his everything in it. As busy as the both of you were, you never failed to think of the other throughout the day. The usual phone calls may have been reduced on the days that were busier than others, but you still managed to make it work.

Today was the day that he was coming back home and you couldn’t have been happier. He didn’t have to do anything for a couple of months now, and you were the same. The two of you made sure to clear your schedules beforehand, so you could fully enjoy each other’s presence.

The trailer for ‘Dunkirk’ was to be released that day as well. Harry was more than excited for you to see it, as he had raved to you about it many times before. You yourself couldn’t wait, so when you woke up that day with your phone blowing with notifications of people freaking out, your first instinct was to click on the link straight away. The short video absolutely blew you away. The movie seemed so fascinating, and you felt immensely proud that your very own love was in it. You couldn’t help but notice just how good he looked. Needless to say, you were bursting with pride. Just as you were going to call him, your phone dinged with a text message:

Getting on my flight back home, love. Can’t wait to see you!

Of course, you had forgotten about the time zone. However, you felt your heartbeat fasten as you read the text. He was coming back home, back to you. You will be seeing him for the first time in months. The trailer definitely hadn’t helped your patience. After wishing him a safe flight, you decided to clean up the house. That got done soon, and you still had around two hours until his plane would land. Therefore, you settled for watching the trailer again. After watching it endlessly (you just couldn’t get enough), you finally decided to get ready to head out to the airport.

You wanted to look good for him, especially now that you were seeing him after such a long time. You settled with blue jeans and a tank top, with a cardigan above. Setting your hair in its usual waves and applying a little makeup, you were good to go. Taking your phone and keys, you headed out to your car. As you arrived at the airport, you were thankful to see no paparazzi around. You went inside, and soon the announcement came that the plane would land in a couple of minutes.

As the time for Harry to come out neared, you felt your heart racing. You didn’t know why you were so nervous. You had been together for a long time, and had been through this many times before. However, there was always this lingering fear of whether you two could fall back into your usual routine again.

That fear was whisked away as soon as you saw him coming out of the luggage department. He looked as good as ever, with a duffle bag in his hands. You were quick to run towards him, calling out his name. That was enough to grab his attention, and he dropped the bag to the floor as soon as he saw you. Spreading out his arms for you to jump in, he couldn’t have been happier. He had waited so long for this moment that he almost wondered how he had been able to go so long without you. His hold on you was tight, as he cherished your presence.

“I’m guessing you missed me, huh love?” he teasingly said with a smirk. That smirk was soon lost though, as he felt your body trembling, he pulled away to look at the tears streaming down your face, with your eyes shut tight. “Hey now, don’t cry sweetheart. I’m here now, ain’t I? Goin’ nowhere, I promise. Jus’ me an’ you now.” 

You nuzzled your face in his neck, still overwhelmed by the fact that he was actually back. Harry felt his own eyes watering, he had missed you just as much. And to see you crying, that was a sight he couldn’t bear watching. He wanted to see you happy, and he wanted to be the one to make you happy. “Baby, please don’t cry. Wanna see you smile. ‘S been so long, hasn’t it.”  You pulled back to look him in the eyes, as he wiped away your tears. 

“I’m sorry, I just missed you so much, can’t believe you’re actually here. It feels like a dream.” You replied, with a tearful smile. “Wouldn’t do this in a dream now, would I?” he said as he smashed his lips with yours. The kiss was slow and passionate, yet filled with impatience and excitement. Every kiss, it felt like the both of you fell in love once again. And all you prayed was that this feeling between the two of you would never die.

As you two pulled away, there were huge smiles etched upon your faces. You leaned closer to him and whispered, “I saw the trailer, Haz. I’m so proud of you, I can’t explain it in words.” He smiled back as he replied, “Thankyou baby, couldn’t have done it without you.” “I love you”, you said, as you held on to him tightly. The two of you had now resorted to a quieter area of the airport so you could have your reunion in private. “I love you too, pet. Missed yeh so much while I was’ away.”

Soon enough, you two headed for home, your hands were intertwined as you drove home. You could feel his gaze burning into your skin, and you turned to the side to face him. “You’re staring.” You stated the obvious. “I am.” He replied with a smirk. “May I ask why?” you questioned, with a smile on your face. “How about no?” he said, at which you let out a laugh. These playful conversations were one of the most cherished things in your relationship, and you missed them a lot while he was away.

“I swear you only get more beautiful every time I see you.” He complimented. Heat rose to your cheeks at the comment. It was strange how even after all the years of being together, he still had the same effect on you as he had on your first date. “Have you completed your book?” he asked, genuinely interested. “I have, yeah. Just need to get the editing done, but that can wait.” You replied. “I can’t wait to read it. I’m sure it’s amazing.” He replied, ever so appreciative of your work. In reply, you raised his hand to kiss it, as you continued driving to your shared home.

That night, you two lay in bed cuddled into each other, just sharing stories and experiences that you had during the time you were apart. He told you about his movie, while you told him about the ideas that you had for new books. You two snuggled deeper into each other with every word. Secret words and promises were shared in the dark, in the solace of your own home. You both cherished your time together, enjoying the blissful time that you had. You were both so caught up in each other, that time became irrelevant. All you two wanted was to just hold each other tight enough that you would become one. And in that moment, you wished for nothing else than to have the beautiful boy next to you, yours forever.

anonymous asked:

what are your thoughts about bakugou and midoriya's relationship? platonic, i mean

I live and die for it, every part of the manga in which that relationship is shown progressing is between my favorite parts of the manga and I’ve reread them a hundred times and cried over them way more than necessary - the battle trial one? yes, the end of terms exam? absolutely yes holy shit, the post-license exam fight? god yes fuck me that’s my absolute fav, the rescue arc? shit yes between all the reasons why that arc’s my fave the change in the deku/baku relationship is definitely a worthy of note one

It’s an interesting relationship, a painful one that’s making both of them grow so so so much, a rivalry they both need to better each other and keep each other straight on the path to become two great, all-around heroes - I’m not sure they’ll ever end up having the type of relationship Izuku has with Todoroki or Bakugou with Kirishima, I don’t think it’s possible for them to be friends like that, they’re just too different to properly fit like that and to avoid stepping on each other’s toes every single day of their lives they’d have to change their core personalities too much, but they did end up being able to coexist (Bakugou’s even giving Deku tips!!!) and I do think they’ll be able to cooperate and support each other in the end. If one day they’ll be able to make fun of each other in a friendly manner and egg each other on and be honest with each other without it escalating into a full blown fight I’d truly be happy, that’s probably my main dream for this whole manga. For them to have a healthy rivalry, one in which they can maybe even laugh together. I think it might happen, I’m waiting for it to happen

Anon said: Hi Fran! I’m obsessed with your BakuShimaNari work. Here’s a cute thought to hopefully cheer you up a bit while you’re unable to draw: they’re all in their early 20s and Denki likes to poke/smooth out the little crease between Bakugo’s eyebrows and tease him about getting wrinkles early from all the scowling he does. Bakugo flicks him in the nose and says he’s starting to get crows feet from always grinning like an idiot.

Oh my god. Oh my g o d this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read. Oh my g OD I’m just imagining them doing that and Kiri in the background watching them like they’re most precious thing in the world I’m dying rip me this just made my whole life thank you so much anon *sob*

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#2 5sos preference : You are drunk


Ashton was trying to keep you steady as you kept stumbling while trying to attempt walking.

“You are pretty” you poked his nose

“ But my boyfriend is the prettiest"you gigled.

“Really? tell me about him” he said as you stumbled through your shared bed room.“He has this smile so adorable with his cute dimples….and he has strong arms .He is sweet person.He is so cute …oh yeah and he has bouncy and fluffy hair” you continued .

“And he is a drummer!” you exclaimed. He chuckled and placed a soft kiss on your forehead.

“You will be jealous,he is so beautiful,my Ashton” you yawned.

“Good night ,cutie” he kissed your cheek drifting into sleep with you in his arms.


Your friend knocked yours and Luke’s apartment door with her arm around your shoulder.Luke opened revealing other three boys.

“she is completely drunk,have fun” with that she left.

“Hey Lukey!” you almost hit your face in the floor but Luke grabbed you.

“Oh my god! y/n” Michael laughed and helped you get up.“Luke,is this your girlfriend? She is really beautiful! ” you giggled making Ash and Cal laugh.

Luke shook his head and carried you bridal style.“do you want to know a secret?” you whispered.“what babe?” he asked.“you are a Giraffe Luke!” you laughed as it was a big joke.

“You are adorable” he kissed your cheek still keeping you in his hands. He put you in bed.

“sleep babe” he kissed you and left the room.


“Cal, can you pick me up? ” you slurred in your phone.

“sure babe. I’ll be there in ten minutes” he hung up. You really enjoyed your friend’s birthday party. By the time Cal saw you, you tried to remove your shirt and started to dance. Cal immediately reached you and pulled your shirt down.

“I want another one! "you yelled. "no y/n” he grabbed you by your waist. “I wanna drink ” you bawled.

“Babe, please”  he sighed. “No! ” you screamed. Everyone turned their heads towards you.

“sorry” Calum apologized. “y/n, come on we are leaving” he said patiently. You shook your head “ I don’t wanna”  you continued. He picked you up and walked towards the door.

When you guys reached home, he picked you up bridal style. “Cal, I’m gonn-” you puked in his shirt. “ Sowwy Cal” you started to cry.

“Don’t cry babe, it’s just a shirt,  its okay y/n” he removed the shirt and changed into another. He helped you change into your Pj’s and washed your face and helped you brush your teeth.

“You are never getting drunk again” he sighed. Man, you were handful. “wuv you Cal” you tried to kiss his lips but managed to kiss his eyelids. He couldn’t help but smile.

“ Love you too, y/n” he kissed your temple.

Michael :

“ Mikey!  Mikey!  Mikey!  Mikey! ” you continued to shout his name.

“y/n , what’s wrong? ” he asked with concern. “Michael, will you be my boyfriend? ” you asked in serious tone. He burst into laughter.

“ I’m your boyfriend ” he kissed you. “ really? "you smiled. ” that was easy” you hugged him.

“ I’m gonna buy her some meds for her headache tomorrow. Guys, take care of her” he said to the other boys. They nodded and he left.

When you realized Michael wasn’t there you began to cry. The boys tried to calm you down but you continued to cry. When Michael entered the door, you stopped crying. “Dude, she didn’t stop her crying the moment you left ” Luke said to Michael.

“y/n, let’s go to sleep, yeah? ” he said to you as if you were a small child. “only if you stay” you pouted.

“ Mikey, she is so cute” Calum cooed earning a glare from Michael. You jumped into bed. Michael went to change. “Mikey stay! ” you shouted. “Let me change. I’ll be back” he kissed your forehead.

When he laid down next to you, you clung to him. You blabbered randomly for a while. Michael nodded and listened patiently. You finally went to deep slumber.

“clingy baby” he kissed your forehead and began to sleep.

Joshua Scenario (a little smutty)

REQUEST: Hi ! Glad to see you’re back ;) Would you be okay doing a scenario, reaction or bulletpoint thingy (feel free to choose) about Joshua when you’re both his friend and crush and he gradually starts fantasizing about you in a nsfw way lol Like, how would it happen, how he would react, etc, Thank you !

im doing a scenario on this, if y'all want me to do a bulletpoint too, I will



I was meeting up with Y/N, my childhood friend, today. She came to visit me in Korea. I got really excited. I’ve had a crush on her for the longest time. Maybe it was her hair or how she carried herself so gracefully, but something about her made me happy and feel at home. I arrived at the airport, she was standing there in a long coat rubbing her hands together since the weather was a bit chilly. I chuckled and got out. After exchanging hugs and hellos I put her bags in the car, she has a lot of bags for someone who’s only staying two weeks, and then we drove off once more. “I have something really exciting to tell you Josh..” she said softly with a smile

“Hm what is it?” I giggled at her ecstatic expression. “ see.. I have a lot of bags even though I’m only staying a few weeks apparently..” She was confusing me. “Josh.. IM MOVING HERE IN KOREA!!! I GOT A JOB AS AN ENGLISH TEACHER” I fanboyed so hard. I was beyond happy at this point. The girl I’ve loved forever is moving here. She said she already got an apartment and everything. “Good luck with being an English teacher, you know I’d be the better English teacher” I teased.

“Yeah, the Hot Teacher” she said quietly. “w-w-..did you say something?” I asked shakily. She looked over in confusion, “Hm, me? Nope~” she stated it so innocently. 


“So this is the place, huh? nice” I stated looking over at Y/N. “Yup!” she said with a happy tone, “The bed and other basic things are already here, I just need to get some decor and things, yea?” I smiled and nodded. She walked ahead and took off her coat, revealing her outfit. It was a low cut top that hugged her body nicely. She was wearing jeans that made her butt look amaz- what am I thinking about? I can’t think of her like that, its not respectful…

“Hey Josh,do you think you could help me put my clothes away?” She asked with such a sweet voice. “Of course.” How could I think of such in innocent girl in that way? theres something wrong with me…

We were in her room and started to hang her clothes in the closet, she didn’t bring much, so I offered to take her shopping one of these days. “Great! looks amazing! Now I just need to put my other clothes away.” I looked at her confused, “You have more shirts?” She giggled, “No, silly. I mean my bras and underwear” My cheeks grew a decent shade of red. Don’t test me princess


I couldn’t stop thinking about her. In more non innocent ways then anything.. I just couldn’t help myself, the way her tits bounced perfectly as she walked, How perfectly the pants she owned fit around her a**, The way she acted so innocent yet wasn’t, everything about her made me go crazy. I slightly touched myself and hitched my breath. ~He then proceeds to take care of himself ;))))))~

As I pumped myself whispering Y/N’s name, I heard a ring on the doorbell. F*ck, I thought. What a convent time for someone to come here. I pulled my pants up and walked to the door, “What do you want- Oh! Y/n..” She smiled at me but her eyes traveled downward, I soon realized she was staring at my erection. She cleared her throat,”You said to meet up with you for shopping, but its raining outside, so I thought I’d come over anyway and we can hang out!” I smiled at her softly, “Of course” 

We were watching a movie but I couldn’t focus, She looked so gorgeous right now, Hair pulled up, No makeup on, A loose top, And really short shorts.. I couldn’t handle myself anymore, I touched her thigh and started rubbing it softly. She relaxed her head on the sofa and took a deep breath in. She moaned softly and thats all I needed. I cupped her cheek with my other hand and kissed her slightly rough. “Mm Josh..” She moaned in my mouth. I then groped her tits and started to kiss her neck.

 “Joshua, stop” I stopped immediately. “Im so sorry Y/N I-” she then cut me off, “Josh I’ve liked you for a really long time, you mean so much to me.. I don’t want to be your one night stand.. I wanna be your girlfriend” Tears started forming. “No no, don’t cry” I positioned her on my lap and pet her hair, “Ive liked you for a really really long time, I just..tonight I couldn’t control myself…and I’m so sorry.. If you can forgive me, I want you to be my girlfriend” She smiled up at me, “Of course I forgive you Josh… I love you” 

“I love you too” I replied. We started to kiss again and this time her hands took off my shirt. She palmed me through my pants and I groaned. Both my dreams are becoming a reality tonight. “Babe” I moaned. She took off her shorts and underwear and started to ride my clothed thigh. My breath hitched as I flexed my thigh, causing a moan from her. I held her hips with one hand and touched myself with the other. Soon, I hit my high as she did too. I ruined my favorite pair of gray sweatpants tonight, but it was all worth it.

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Shitty ending I know lol


My Nirvana

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh
Pairing: Dylan O'brien x Reader
Words: 2299

A/N: This is sad. I am sad. Everything is sad.
Keep in mind that English isn’t my first language! Thanks a lot to my lifesaver @cynicallystiles💙 for proofreading, editing and for not letting me delete this, even though I thought it was shitty ✨ your support means a lot!

Please let me know what you think 💖


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Who would have thought that ‘forever’ sometimes means ‘until someone better comes along’.

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Media Naranja

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media naranja (n.) one’s better half; a partner, a spouse, or a soulmate; lit. “half of an orange”

Everything about life certifiably sucked ass, at least in Connor Murphy’s opinion.

His family never understood him, his social standing at school was beyond pitiful, and his love life, laughable.

You’d think as someone who was about to be a senior would have more to say for himself rather than a nobody who didn’t have a single friend and spent most of his time in a bitter state of self-hatred to make up for his lack of control over himself.

Not mention almost everyone thought he was absolutely insane, and sure he’ll admit he as a bit of a temper.

And sure maybe he could try a little harder to be nicer to everyone around him.

But that’s not the point here.

No, No, as far as Connor Murphy was concerned he didn’t care about a single thing that was happening in his life. He was simply a passenger on a ride he couldn’t seem to get off of.

As far as his family was concerned though, he was just some misfit who spent majority of his time getting high in the back of the woods and spent far too much of his time alone.

“I’m sure if you tried, you’d make lots of friends, sweetie.” His mother said to him one morning at the breakfast table as she refilled her coffee mug.

Connor couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “I’ll make friends when I make them, stop worrying about it.”

Zoe pushed her cereal around her bowl. “Nobody wants to be friends with someone who’s so pessimistic all the time.”

“Nobody asked you, smartass.” Connor said sharply, before pushing himself away from the table and getting up to leave.

“Where are you going?” His mom asked quickly as she side-scolded her daughter.


“Well when will you be home?”

“Don’t know, when I feel like it.” He answered, shoving on his coat.

“Connor!” His mother called, but it fell upon deaf ears as the front door slammed shut.

There were only a few places Connor took solace in, and it was usually on the outskirts of town where nobody else went to, more often then not they were secluded areas or abandoned lots where he was absolutely certain no one would be.

Today was no different, he was playing music loudly through his headphones as he walked the usual path to one of his favorite hideaways.

It was close to where he lived, but beyond the nice houses and lavish gardens was an scenic spot of land. What was once a small graveyard was turned into an open sitting area tucked away in a small grove of trees. The only evidence that it was there was a simple walking path that went along the back end.

The summer was coming to a close, the trees were stripped of their green hue and replaced with shades of crimson and gold. And sitting in the center of it all was a tall bronze water fountain with a statue of an angel purched at the top, one of it’s hands held outward as it reached for the sky.

Connor wasn’t a religious kind of person, but looking at it always gave him an odd sense of serenity and it helped him think. The quiet also did wonders to help with all the thoughts zooming around his head.

He made the usual turn, expecting to be greeted with the usual empty sitting area, with the only the rustling of the leaves to keep him company.

So imagine his surprise when instead, he sees you sitting at one of the wooden benches facing away from him, with what looked like a stack of books sitting beside you.

Connor pulled a face, wondering who the hell managed to find his secret hideaway. Maybe his sister found out where he went and decided to have one of her friends torment him.

He yanked his headphones out of his ears and shoved them in his coat pocket as he went around to the other side of the fountain, trying to get a better look at you. But your face was burried in the thick book you were reading so he couldn’t make out any of your features.

Deciding there was no other option, he stomped off the path, walking through the grass and making his way over to you.

He stopped a couple feet away, somewhat surprised the obnoxiously loud sound his boots made against the stone wasn’t enough to draw your attention.

“Hey!” Connor said, trying his hardest to look as pissed as possible, folding his arms tightly.

You didn’t say anything, you didn’t even move.

“Hey, I’m talking to you!” He said louder, moving closer.

He was silent for a few seconds, debating if he should go as far as to snatch the book out of your hands and make you listen to him.

Just then, your eyes flickered up to his and then down again, but noticing someone before you, you raised your head, trying to decipher if you recognized him.

“Listen dumbass, what are you-” Connor cut himself off whenever he got a full look at you.

You were pretty.

Like really pretty.

Like ‘hot damn where have you been all my life’ pretty.

Connor just stared for a minute, honestly taken back a little. He even felt his face get warm.

You took out your headphones and turned to him. “I’m sorry were you saying something?”

Oh wow, your voice was nice too.

But nevermind that, remembering that he was supposed to be angry he scoffed. “Oh, so she does speak.”

You blinked languidly, wondering how you got in this situation. “I’m sorry?”

“Did my sister put you up to this?” Connor asked, slowly but surely getting more angry by the minute. “That’s what’s happening here, my darling little sister had you come up and invade my space just to piss me off, didn’t she.”

Now you were annoyed too. “Excuse me?” You asked, setting your book aside. “Invading your space, if i remember, you were the one who interrupted me.”

“What the fuck did you just say?” Connor asked as he tried to keep his temper in check.

“I was sitting here reading by myself, I wasn’t interrupting anyone,” You said as you made a show of opening your book again. “Besides, even if I did have the misfortune of knowing your sister, I certainly wouldn’t take the time to bother someone as miserable as you.”

That was it.

Connor was practically spitting steam out of his ears.

“Yeah? Well I certainly shouldn’t be wasting my time talking to a bitch like you, but hear I am!” He was raising his voice now, the birds that had gathered around the fountain all flew away.

You were looking wide-eyed at him now, a bit surprised by the sudden increase in his volume.

“Huh, you suddenly have a lot less to say now, don’t you!”

“Why are you so angry?!” You yelled back as you stood from the bench, beginning to grow tired of his unwarranted attitude.

That was what snapped him out of it.

Connor’s face fell and he looked at you curiously. “What?” He asked, now becoming quiet.

“Why are you so angry! It’s not like I did anything to you. You don’t even know who I am and you’re going off on me!”

Why are you so angry?

It was a question Connor asked himself all the time, a question his sister once cried at him while he was in the midst of one of his fits of rage.

“I-I’m sorry.” He said, grasping onto the shoulder strap of his bag tightly with his hands, trying to make himself as small as possible.

Now was your turn to be quiet, was this guy bipolar or something?

Still, there was something about the look on his face that made you forget about being angry.

“Well,” You started before shoving your hands into the pockets of your cardigan. “Thank you for apologizing.”

Connor’s hand went to the back of his neck, scratching his head as he flushed in embarrassment.

It was quiet, Connor almost forgot you were there for a moment until your voice brought back into the moment.

“What’s your name?”

Connor frowned. “Why do you wanna know?”

You quickly held your hands up. “Nothing, I just wanna introduce myself to you.”

“Fine, you can go first then.”

You gave him a look before shaking your head. “(Y/n). My name’s (Y/n).”

He nodded, taking note to remember that you weren’t one of Zoe’s freinds. “Um, well mine’s Connor Murphy.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Connor Murphy.” You said, now standing in front of him as you hold out your hand.

He looked at it for a moment, giving it a look.

“You shake it.”

“I know what a handshake is.” He said sternly before yanking your hand and shaking it.

You quickly took your hand back, laughing a little as you rubbed your wrist. “Then maybe next time you won’t have to pull so hard.”

Connor looked scandalized for a moment. “What d'you mean next time, are we meeting again?”

You noticed his expression and quickly reverted. “Well I mean if you don’t wanna meet me again, I can find somewhere else to read and-”

“No!” Connor said, much too loud and too urgently for his liking.

He cleared his throat and crossed his arms. “I mean I don’t really care if you come back or not,” He said trying his hardest not to look at your face. “I’m just saying it might be nice to have someone who doesn’t totally annoy me hanging around.”

You nodded, deciding it was his special, long winded way of telling you you could hang around him here.

“Well okay then.” You told him, glad the tense atmosphere had disappeared.

“Do you come here often?” Connor asked before his brain stopped him. “Uh…no, i didn’t mean for that to come out the way it did,” He said, his eyes locking with yours as his mouth hung open while he tried to cover for himself. “You know what, nevermind.”

“Yes,” You answered, “I come here a couple times a week if I’m not busy.”

“Cool, cool,” Connor said as he kicked the ground, arms now limp. “So…I’ll see you around then?”

You nodded. “See you around, Connor Murphy.”

His mouth flickered up in the slightest hint of a smile before he turned around on his heel to walk away from you. When he reached the beginning of the tree grove he turned around, wanting to see if you were still there.

Then he realized he just awkwardly made eye-contact with you again before quickly turning around and zooming away to his house.

A/n: aaaAAAAA i did it, i wrote for DEH and i was internally crying the whole time. I actually really love Connor’s character so writing this was super fun, but I’m still new to the musical so i’m sorry for any character inconsistencies.

I’m halfway through a bootleg of the thing but from what I’ve seen Connor is the sort of character who’s real insecure and actually a decent person, but when he’s angry it just all goes out the window. (lots of prince adam vibes, eh?)

Part 2:

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klunk and a bunch of cuddling bc lance is homesick and :c

A/N: I have literally never written an OT3 before ahzjxbdhsjdj what is writing???

Lance stared at the ceiling. He closed his eyes. One second, two seconds, three seconds passed. He opened his eyes. 

He couldn’t fall asleep again. Lance sat up and sighed. He wiped his face with his hands. It was wet.  


Lance stared at his hands. He didn’t remember crying.  Had he been crying in his sleep? Lance frowned and wiped his face with the sleeve of his pajamas. 

He let his hands fall onto his bed and stared at the sheets. He looked at his pajamas and finally he looked around the room. 

He was still in space, still miles away from Earth. Miles away from home. This room liked nothing like the one back at the house where his family was. He wondered if they missed him as much as he missed them. How were they holding up? 

Lance looked at the door. He stared at it for a moment before kicking off his covers and jumping out of bed. He put on his blue lion slippers before making his way to the door and opened the door.

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what ifs and what could have been

“what if mj-hyung was in charge of rap?”


“that was random.”

“yah! what’s wrong with me doing rap?!”

“where do i start–”

“binnie, you’re not in charge of it either, so shut up.”

“he can rap, though.”

thank you, rocky. you were saying, hyung?”

“jinjin, help–”

“what if i became the main vocalist?”

“pfft, jinjin as vocalist– ow!”

“respect me!”

“what if sanha was the leader?”



“we’d definitely be called something dumb.”

“excuse me?!”

“like strong berry, or something.”

“what the hell kind of name–”

“what if he did turn out to be a good leader?”

“thanks, eunwoo-hy–”

“then i’ll stop believing in everything–”

“stop being mean to me!!”

“we’re not being mean, we’re being realistic.”

“no, you’re being mean!”

“what if jyp had accepted me?”


“what if j–”

“no, hyung, i heard you the first time, i just– what?”

“well, think about it. if jyp had taken me in, i wouldn’t be here, lying on the training room floor drenched in sweat–”

“that’s exactly what you’d do there too–”

“–with five other brats all across the floor with me.”

“hey, now.”


“you’re a brat too, hyung!”

“shush, child. you’re the brattiest of all of us.”


“but why would you think that?”

“we are on the topic of ‘what ifs’, so… it was just a thought.”

“i don’t like that thought.”

“you don’t like anything, bin-hyung.”

“sanha, remember our talk about disrespecting our elders–”

“but hyung, if you’d gone to jyp, we wouldn’t have met you.”

“exactly, eunwoo. imagine that. what if we had never met?”




“like, just– in another lifetime, maybe none of us are idols. i’d be a designer or something, maybe jinwoo becomes– i don’t know, just really good at whatever he’d do.”

“aw, thanks.”

“rocky would probably still do dance. he’d win medals and stuff and become a legend.”

“and eunwoo would just go be an actor.”

“ah, no…”

“binnie-hyung would probably keep riding bikes and picking fights like in tbc.”

“come here, you little–”

“what about sanha?”

“i don’t know. he’s still going to school, so like… maybe sell flowers part-time or something.”

“what the heck?”

“either way, things could’ve turned out very different, and that’s really weird, isn’t it?”


“i’m serious! one small change could have made everything different. maybe astro never happened in another timeline–”

“i don’t want to think about that.”

“it’s not real, i’m just saying–”

“you made rocky sad. look, he’s– he’s turning away to wipe his eyes. he’s crying!”

“i’m not crying, i’m just rolling around.”

“more like rolling away from mj-hyung bringing up this topic.”

“you’re right, eunwoo-hyung.”

“but he has a point, though.”

“no, eunwoo, shut up–”


“if all that had happened, i wouldn’t have met you guys.”

“yes, jinjin, mj said that–”

“and i wouldn’t have made great music with five best friends, wouldn’t be chasing my dream here with you.”


“and i wouldn’t be able to do something i love, wouldn’t be lying on the training room floor exhausted. wouldn’t be having the time of my life here.”




“life would really suck if i never met any of you.”


“i’m sad.”

“are you crying?”

“no– get out of my face!”

“eunwoo is sniffling.”

“it’s just sinus–”

“he’s crying.”

“i’m not!”

“my god, sanha is tearing up!”

“i am not– ah, sheesh.”

“what do you think, binnie-hyung?”


“yeah. you haven’t said anything for a while.”

“i don’t like thinking about it.”

“it’s just a thought, guys, i wasn’t serious about any of it–”

“i know, mj-hyung, but before we all knew each other i couldn’t stop thinking about whether or not i’d ever debut, and that sucked. i’m happy here, right now, as things are. i don’t wanna think about sad what ifs like that again.”





“it’s alright. let’s just not think about it anymore.”




“sorry, just– what if we were called strong berry?”

“i swear to god–”

High School Band AU: Ch. 15


You blink a few times as your sight adjusts itself to the change of lights. Now there’s none, not even from the screen of your phone, that Saeyoung insisted you should leave there before entering the closet with Saeran.

The closet is big, of course it wouldn’t be a small tight normal coat room if it is in Jumin’s fancy chalet. And even though is so roomy, it doesn’t change the fact that Saeran is close.

Too close.

But not that close, his forearm is brushing against your shoulder. If you twirl your hand a little, you’ll touch his. Should you…?

“My brother jinxed the bottle, I’m pretty sure.”

“How could he have done that?”

“You have no idea what he’s capable of.” He sighs. “That idiot, why is he even doing this?”

Well, uhm… you weren’t sure of what to expect, but cussing out someone that wasn’t even here wasn’t exactly what you thought it was going to happen here. So… talking, right? Yeah, will do.

“I think… your brother thinks you like me.”

“Why do you think this?” oh, no scoffing?

“I don’t know, because he said something about that, but I didn’t understand. I think he was talking in metaphors.”

“He doesn’t know what a metaphor is, I doubt it.” Ah, now there’s a scoff. “But uhm… what do you think?”

“About metaphors?”

“Wow, yeah, let’s have an exciting conversation about metaphors while playing Seven Minutes in Heaven, MC.” He being his usual dick self never felt so relieving. “Or are you being dense on purpose?”

“I’m not being dense. I’m just… dodging your question, I don’t want to answer what do I think about the possibility of you liking me.”


“Ahh, why are you torturing me like this? You heard my conversation with Zen, you know it would be good news for me if you like me back!”

“Like you back? Back… you like me?” you know he’s probably looking at you, even though he’s seeing nothing, is he grinning? But why does he sound so puzzled?

“You heard me. Twice now.”

“What are you saying, woman?”

“Ahhh, you really want me to believe you weren’t listening when I told Zen I like you?”

“That time in the balcony? No, I haven’t heard a thing. All I saw was him patting your back.”

“You…? Shit…”

“What was that, MC?” ah, now he’s definitely grinning. “So you like me…”

“I… I don’t think you’re that much of a dick, that’s all.”

“Wow, are you getting on your knees right now? Because that sounds like a proposal coming from you…” he laughs, and you want to run to hide your face in one of those hanged coats over there. “So, uhm… you’re playing Seven Minutes in Heaven with the person you like… lucky you.”

“I would be luckier if… I didn’t like such a jerk! Ugh… this was a terrible idea, what was I thinking? I should…” you swiftly walk towards the closet door, only to have a hand grabbing your arm. Then all you feel is the smoothness of a coat on your back, and the warmth of a body pressing against yours.

“Where do you think you’re going? We probably have some 5 minutes left, we would have more if you weren’t blabbering so much about metaphors and s…”

“Ah, just shut the fuck up and kiss me!”

Saeran’s lips are surprisingly soft. You thought they would be all chapped and dry, but… wait, when did you even put so much thought about Saeran’s lips? Eww! Ah wait, no… no eww, this is actually… really… nice.

It doesn’t make a difference if it is that dark, but you close your eyes. His tongue shyly slips inside your mouth. Oh… he’s so careful, so… different from the guy who threatened those seniors with a razor, so different from the guy who calls you a bitch like it is your name. Such a timid little thing… like… you were when V kissed you that night.

This is Saeran’s first kiss, isn’t it? Oh… you’re being his first kiss…

He cups your cheek, changing the angle of your head. Panting hard, his eager lips start planting pecks on your cheeks, down your jaw, then your neck. Oh… this is… this is really good… he is… oh, teeth! You… feel like pulling away, but that was actually nice, so you grab his shirt, bringing him closer.


Was that… a moan? Did he moan?

“Saeran, did you m… ah mmm…” you inhale sharply, feeling warm fingers crawling behind your shirt and touching your skin.

Not so timid anymore, his left leg seems determined to make you spread yours. His right hand desperately brush against your bra, while the left trails a little down… is he…?

“Sae- Saeran…”

“Mmmm?” his lips are busy, kissing your neck messily.

“I… think we should… go slow…”

“Don’t worry, it’s my first time too.”

“Yeah, but… here’s the thing, it’s uhm… not my first time.”


“It’s not my first time. I’ve done it before.”

“Oh…” he pulls away from you.

“Yeah…so uhm… it’s not that I don’t want or anything, but I… thought you should know.”

“Yeah, it’s cool. So what if you’ve fucked before?” wow… a gentleman with such a way with words… “I don’t care if you’ve fucked a guy before, it was… it was just a guy?

“What? Yeah!” what is he thinking?

“A guy… yeah, I mean, you’re 15, you can do that with… guys at your age, guys in your class… was it with someone from your class?”


“Someone from my class?”

“No, he’s not… he’s not in school… I mean, he is in school, but… not high school. But that doesn’t matter, we still have some minutes, should we…?”

“You mean he’s in college? You’ve fucked with a college guy?”

“I… yeah, I did, but…”

“You’re 15! The guy is at least 18, did he… force you?”

“What? Oh my God, no! No, Saeran! I let him, I wanted…” yeah, you deliberately wanted to fuck a guy who already has a girlfriend… “We were getting all sentimental and… he was very nice and there was one of the sexy songs playing on the radio.”

“The Weeknd?”


“’Do I wanna know?’ by Arctic Monkeys?”

“No. It was…” ahh, so embarrassing. “Robin Thicke.”

“Robin Thicke?”


“Blurred Lines?”

“Gross! No! ‘When I Get you Alone’…”

“It’s still Robin Thicke, what’s wrong with this guy? He likes Robin Thicke! He… oh…”


“Oh, I… it’s been a while I don’t listen to Robin Thicke, last time was… V’s birthday party.” Oh…


“No, it can be, there must be another college guy listening to Robin Thicke you might know. He would never… no, you would never!”


“What the fuck, MC? Did you really?”

“I… yes…” you whisper so lowly not even you listen to yourself. But he apparently does, scooting away from you. Saeran growls, it almost sounds like… he’s pacing back and forth… like a caged animal. “I regret it, Saeran. It was wrong, I…” then it hits you. “Why are you so mad?”

“Because… the guy has a girlfriend! And you… you can be a bitch, but you would never do this, MC! You… no, you would never look so chill about it after doing something so wrong! You would feel guilty.”

“I am feeling guilty! It didn’t mean anything, Saeran! I was just… really confused and troubled with something else, V was so sweet and I…”

“So you don’t like V?”


“And yet you’ve fucked him?”


“We almost fucked, you would come out of here telling it didn’t mean anything and you don’t like me?”

“What? No, Saeran, this is different, I like you, I…”

“STOP LYING!” you hear a thud and feel a presence next to your ear.


The light from the room invades the closet, revealing Saeran’s arm next to you, you look to the side and see his fist against the wall, he punched the wall. Then you remember all that talk you had about anger before, he looks… scary, like he did when threatening those guys to help you. He’s anger at you like he was at them.

“I hate you.” He mutters before walking away from the closet.

You feel like just staying there, waiting for everything to stay dark and quiet and that excitement from before to come back. But no, you have to get out and face the light, the noise, and the guilt.

But you can’t go back to that stupid game, no. You need to… oh, where’s the circle? Did the game already end? But… won’t there be other rounds? Why is everybody dispersing and doing other stuff? You look at Saeyoung, he winks at you playfully.

He really did something for you and Saeran to end up together. And you ruined everything with your big mouth. No, everything was ruined from the moment you’ve kissed… ah, forget the euphemisms, from the moment you’ve fucked with V.

You look around, no sign of Saeran. You want to run to him, apologize, oh… but what if he loses his temper again? No, he would never hurt you, no matter how wrong you are… would he? No, he wouldn’t, and you should never think like this about the guy you… like.

The guy you like hates you. And you deserve all his hate.

But it hurts. It hurts so much all you want to do is run and hide in one of the many rooms of this chalet. Yeah, running and hiding suits you, and that hurts even more.

And then there is darkness again. No, you’re not being poetic, it’s really dark in here.

“Ah, the power must be off. It must be snowing.” Jumin states stoically.

Ah yes… there were some snowflakes falling when you were with Zen at the balcony. Did it start snowing that much in only seven minutes?

Well, shit! You wanted to run and hide, but how do you do that without seeing anything?

It should be worth to try.

As soon as you motion to walk towards what you think it’s the hallway, your face meets a chest. Oh shit! Saeran…? No, the guy feels shorter…

“Who’s that? Are you alright?” ah, that voice… Yoosung.

“I’m fine. I’m sorry, Yoosung.”

“Oh, it’s… it’s you, MC. Are you okay?” why is he asking again?

“Yeah, I am…” oh, could it be because your voice is obviously breaking? Are you crying?

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah… just… I just need to get to my bedroom.”

“Oh, I’ll help you, I have my phone as a lantern, let’s go.”

And you go, because you really don’t wanna cry. You won’t as long as you have someone else next to you.

“Thank you, Yoosung.”

“Don’t mention, MC. Is everything alright? Saeran left the closet in a hurry, and you…”

“I’m a monster, Yoosung. Don’t mind me.”

“You’re a monster?”

“Yes. I’m a terrible person doing awful things after awful things.”

“Ah, I’m sure that’s not true, MC. You’re so talented and funny, and everybody likes you so much because you’re very honest.”

“Don’t say that, Yoosung.”

“I mean it. We were so hopeless after Rika left, then you showed up and now everybody is feeling so confident and excited and I… I’m so happy to have you here, MC.”

“Stop it, Yoosung.”

“I like you so much,MC…I…”


There’s an awkward silence, and then you hear a small voice. “You what?” but it’s not Yoosung, it’s a female voice.

Because of course, if Rika joined this party, she would obviously stay in a room next to yours and Jaehee’s.

“YOU DID WHAT?” yes, it’s definitely Rika shouting right now.

“What’s going on here?” you hear a bunch of steps coming closer. Ah, great, now everybody is here.

Everybody is here to listen to the truth. And there’s nowhere to run and hide.

Not on the dark.

Chapter 14 | Chapter 16 

Dirty Sights Taint Pure Minds

So hey guys. Ik, i haven’t really been active on Tumblr in a million years so I want to apologize. I felt that I needed to take a break from Tumblr because it was putting unnecessary pressure on me to get new stuff out everyday. Which is something that is IMPOSSIBLE with my schedule. All in all it was stressing me out and making my anxiety flare up, something I’ve been working for the last two years to get under control. I still LOVE Tumblr, but I don’t know if I will be returning until the summer starts and my schedule relaxes. I love you all I just want you to know that, but I feel that my mental health is important. So, on a happier or smuttier note, here is my fic for Ash’s 2nd Writing Challenge. Please everyone go follow her and read her stuff. She is a really big inspiration to me just because she is an amazing writer and a supercool, openminded and understanding person. If everyone on Tumblr was like her than Tumblr would be better like magically going to school with Harry, Hermione and Ron and being their best friend. And who the frick can top that? Anyway, enjoy. I wish I had put more time into this, but I’m trying not to be a perfectionist so here is my un-perfect fic. Luv ya all! @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash

Request: Me because I wanted to join in on the smutty fun of Ash’s challenge

Summary: Read whats in bold ;)

Characters: Negan, OC - Amara and OC - Anita (Negan x Amara)

POV: Third POV

Warnings: Smut. Negan’s cursing. Age Difference. Unprotected sex. 

Dirty Sights Taint Pure Minds

“You want me to make you feel like a woman, baby girl? You want me to touch your body in all the places your father told you to never let anyone? You want daddy to make that succulent cunt squirt all over my sheets over and over and over again? Do you want daddy to show you what fun we can have blind? Tell daddy you want him to fucking destroy that tight little virgin pussy of yours, baby girl.”

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SHINEE reaction When they find out you wanted to date them just because they were famous, but now you really are in love with them

When they find out you wanted to date them just because they were famous, but now you really are in love with them

For M.!!

Hope you like it


Gifts aren’t mine

You’ve been dating for almost a year now, you did really date them just because they were famous at the beginning, but as time passed by you couldn’t help but to fell in love with them.

One day their manager called you into a  room and showed you a video took while you were speaking with one of your high school friends when you said you dated them but you weren’t in love, you were in love with their fame and their money. You had no idea of what to do when the manager started to raise his voice at you, telling you to never show up again.

You walked home sobbing, knowing that this was the very end, that even if you loved them they would never believe you again; but when you got at the front door of your apartment…


He was standing in front of the door, eyes on the ground. His high neck black sweater and light jeans fitted him perfectly as always, a black hat was hiding his face as the black mask. You tried to avoid him opening the door while hiding your puffy red eyes.

When you opened the door he walked fast behind you, getting in without saying a word.

Grabbing your wrist with one hand, he took down the mask with the other; his eyes were dark like you’ve never seen..

-Is it true?



You were startled, he never raised his voice before, at that point lying were useless so you decided to just tell him the truth


He grabbed your chin and made you look at him in the eyes, his pressure on your wrist becoming stronger

-You..I..I trusted you



-You’re hurting me!

He left your wrist suddenly and look at you in shock

-Why? I.. I trusted you..

-Cause I’m a stupid girl..and I thought I could just do it without any consequences..and

-I am not gonna sue you or consequences, no punishments..just… I don’t wanna see you ever again..

-This is enough of a punishment..

You started to silently cry while he kept looking at you

-I am so stupid..i know Jinki.. I am sorry and.. I.. I promise i’ll never show up again.. I never wanted to hurt you.. I..

You heard him sobbing but couldn’t look at him, feeling an incredible sense of guilt

-I love you, I am such a fucking stupid man.. I just still fucking love you.. You must be really good at acting cause I thought you did too

-I do..

-Stop lying

-Sadly.. I am not..that is the consequence and the punishment to try this stupid thing..

-How can I trust you?

-I don’t know..

-I..I need to go..

-Yes..I am sorry Jinki..I

You couldn’t finish talking that he was already out of your house

Originally posted by sibelhomme-tumb


You got home, no one there and just turned on the music.

You laid on your bed and cried all night, knowing that you hurt him so much that he would have never come back to you.

On the other hand Jonghyun were home alone, lights off and music on like yourself.. you were both so similar he couldn’t believe in his manger, you weren’t a liar.. you seemed too sincere, you told him things you’ve never told to anybody else..but how could he trust you now?

He was crying silently, taking his phone and watching all the pictures of the two of you, you were smiling so brightly, and he could see in your eyes you were honest, maybe you did approach him for fame, but now it was different..

He felt it in the way you kissed him, hugged the way you looked at him while he was working, the way you made love to him..

And so he did the only thing he could, he wrote a song, for you..hope you would found the courage to come back and explained him everything..

Originally posted by dayumonew


Minho was there, smiling brightly and you were confused

-Hei my love, manager shout me your video.. you’re a good actress ahah

-Minho..what are you doing here?

-I just wanted to have dinner with you, so..let’s go!

-Minho you don’t

-Come on!! You think I would believed the video?? You’re a good actress but you can’t fool me!

He took your hand but you moved away, he didn’t get it yet..and you had no idea of what to do

-Babe, come on stop acting..

-That was true..

-Stop princess I..

-Minho stop please! It was true, all of it..i..  I did really approached you first cause you were famous..i started to date you just because I wanted to date a famous person..

-Ya Y/N..

You started crying facing the ground, not wanting him to see you.. Minho was too much of a good man, you didn’t want to fool him and decided to tell him the truth..even if it ment losing him forever.

-And now that everybody found you..please just leave me alone ok? I..

He suddenly grabbed your wrist and forced you to face him

-I don’t care


-I don’t care if you started it as a joke..cause I know that is something more now..for the both of us..i know you love me..i can see that in your eyes

-But manager..and the others..

-I don’t care, cause I love you and I know you love me..or you would be crying and tying to make me go away..

He caressed your cheeks and wiped away the tears

-I love you Y/N..and I forgive you..we always do stupid things..

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You found a package in front of your door, with all the things you gave him, all the photos, all the letters.. you knew Key would have hated you and would have acted like this, so you decided to bring everything in.

But what you didn’t know is that Key were in a car, watching you crying while picking up everything he left..

-Such a fool… Y/N.. you’re such a fool you were tricked by your own game

He drove to the pub where the other members were waiting for him, bottle of sojus and snacks already prepared to fix his broken heart, at least for the night

-Ya Key..are you ok?

Jinki were really worried, he passed a glass of soju to his dongsaeng and looked at him

-I’m fine, she was just a girl.. not that I can’t find another one


-What? I said i’m fine ok?! Stop pitting me ok??

-We’re not pitting you kimbummie..we..we’re sorry ok? We just want you to be ok

-I am, I didn’t care of her that much

Drinking and drinking he hoped he could just forget her, the woman who broke his heart into a million of pieces were the only one who could help him and he knew.. he just wanted to forget..everything..the video of the manager, and the image of you, in front of your door crying while looking at all the things he left you.

He wanted to forget it and just pretend he didn’t know that your heart was exactly in pieces like his.

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You kept looking at your phone, all night.. knowing that you broke his heart..

Taemin were in the SM building, he got the keys to just got in whenever he wanted.

He was extremely mad, how could you? He trusted you like nobody else, he told you things only the other members knew.. you betrayed him and he couldn’t forget you.

He went straight to the dance practice room, turning the music on and vent all his anger and frustration.. it wasn’t enough. He started screaming and punching the wall

How could you?

He started crying and his anger vanished substitute by a sens of loneliness

How could you?

He cried like he never did, was this how it feel like to have a broken heart? He couldn’t breath properly, and his heart sank into his chest

How could you?

Just there, alone in the dark he still could smell your perfume and hear your laugh.. he looked at the phone, your picture as a lockscreen, you beautiful as always

How could you?

The quiet of the night calmed him down, but he didn’t want to go home .. alone..

He picked up his stuff and took the car.. driving to somewhere you wouldn’t be able to reach him, where your presence wouldn’t affect him anymore

How could you?

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markhyuck headcanonz

‘im egging your house for a dare but your parent is a cop and they’re yelling at me so i told them that you were my ex and you wronged me and now you’re coming outside and please go along with this i don’t want to go to jail’ a very specific headcannon if you want , I’m sorry - requested by an anon :’) <3

- ok so mark is a popular athlete, good student and all but his fiends r kinda… dumber jocks. so one time he is over one of his friend’s w the squad and they have a stupid contest over something like who can hold his head under water the longest

- and mark loses. and as a punishment he has to egg his friend’s neighbour’s house. he isnt looking forward to that tbh bc he isnt a bad person but… peer pressure

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anonymous asked:

to be honest i'm just very bad at requests (i don't wanna bother you). i was also curious since i've only ever seen Viktor being delirious in his native language. i'd love if you could draw it but you don't have to (sorry i'm so awkward) ~ graceless-fever

22. delirious/crying because they’re feverish