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Psssst--So a friend and I thought about a Steven Universe AU for Septiplier and it ended up with this really angsty bit where Mark (Morganite, for a gem reference) is cracked during a battle against homeworld, and Jack (Emerald) had to poof and bubble him to save him from suffering, not unbubbling him until he had a healer to save him. I was just wondering if you could maybe draw a bit of that? ^^

 I’m sorry it took so long to answer x3 It’s a nice idea, and tho I am the worst with character design, the concept is neat :) 
 (I’m proud of the second one, why) Thanks for giving me something to procrastinate with btw x3
 I love suggestions like these :) 

@ trans guys trying to pass:

don’t colour your eyebrows in. don’t fill them with a pencil, don’t draw them on thicker, please please i am begging you. it doesn’t work. it’s just really obvious that you’re wearing makeup (if you want to wear makeup by all means, do you. this isn’t about that tho, this is for those who want a natural look)

instead, find eyebrow/lash dye/tint or a really basic mascara (no lengthening or whatever - waterproof is good though). make sure it matches your natural hair colour or is just a little darker. don’t go for jet black unless you actually have black hair, it’ll look fake.

use that instead. only colour the hairs, not your skin. try to get all the little hairs. done. dye is good because you don’t have to reapply it every day! but if you use mascara use it lightly & try brushing your brows around a bit so they don’t look too neat. 

it’s a lot more subtle and i promise will masculinise your face more effectively than pencilling on unnaturally thick brows. 

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I think the mental impact of the stolen century is something they kinda accidentally worked in a bit. Throughout the show all three of them didn't take much seriously and were basically awful to everyone they met. Joking about everything and taking nothing seriously is like the leftover mentality that they have seen and been through worse, and even if they screw up they'll come out alive. (1/2 sorry didn't think it would be this long)

Them being dismissive and rude to everyone is I think all three of them falling into Taako’s “everybody’s dust” mentality. Taako is of course the worst, having lost his almost literal other half Lup. Magnus and Merle I think started with it after forgetting about the IPRE crew, thus losing a big source of empathy, although they both probably got better after making new families they reverted back after losing those too. (2/ I guess 3 sorry again)

Those probably wouldn’t be the only effects the century had on them, or even how severe they would have been. I just thought it was funny that the weird way Justin, Travis, and Clint made their characters see and interact with the world could then be kinda explained by their backstories. (3/3) 🙃


yo, that makes a lotta sense — i don’t really have anything to add other than to be like “hm, yeah, you’re right. that makes sense!” 

its kind of neat how the meta-plot of the bros getting more and more invested in their characters worked so neatly into the plot of the boys remembering how to be people again. 

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Hi, I'm, um, not sure if anyone's discussed this or pointed this out (i haven't seen anything?), but in the scene in the fog where red and black are slowly drifting towards each other and the red and blue hues are meeting to make purple, the rock formations in the background resemble a rib cage with a hand-looking structure pointing to kinda where the heart would be? I might just be over analyzing but... I dunno. Your thoughts?

that’s a really neat way to look at it!!!! it’s one fucked up rib cage, that’s for sure LOL but i can see what ur saying. it’s mainly the structure that looks like a little hand pointing that’s got me like………. damn……….

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if you're still doing the misc sentence starters thing: "you have no idea how much you mean to me" (marco to star) I loooooove ur writing! <3

Thank you! I hope you enjoy this!

“Star!” he called, hearing nothing but the soles of his boots slapping against the marble floor as he ran through the halls looking for an exit she might have slipped out of. What was he thinking? Bringing Jackie to Star’s fifteenth birthday ball, especially when things had been so weird between all three of them since Star’s confession. Way to go, Diaz.

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Si estás a mi lado, enciendes el sol

Day 2 is here and ths is my weapon of choice… Thanks to the lovely Bianca @from-red-string for proofreading. 

PSA: this prompt made me think of the song You Are The Moon by The Hush Sound. It doesnt have much to do with my actual fic, but you’ll thank me later if you check it out ;)

Ficday 2: “You’re my roommate and it’s way past midnight and you’re talking about how the moon must feel insignificant because it borrows light from the sun and this is all very interesting but will you please shut up and go to sleep”.

“Damn it, bro! I love you and all, but can you shut up for a minute?”

Luna gets up pretty quickly from the couch, her pink slippers lighting up every time she takes a step. She hears Gastón’s loud voice coming from the entrance of her apartment, followed by Nina’s. “Luna, are you still awake?”

She is about to answer when she hears another voice; quieter, but equally familiar. Luna quickens her steps and finds the three of them in the kitchen. Nina’s by the fridge, pouring water into a glass while Gastón stands beside Matteo, who is sitting in the counter with a loopy expression and his left arm wrapped in a cast. Gastón spots her first, a scared smile on his face. “So you are awake! How was your day? Did everything go alright with you presentation?” The fake cheer in his voice almost makes her afraid to ask what happened. She does, anyway.

“Cut the crap.” Her voice sounds sleepy to her own ears, it’s way too late to be dealing with this.“What the hell happened to Matteo’s arm and why is he just sitting there looking like he’s high?” She gestures to the boy in question. Matteo is apparently murmuring something to himself and his eyes look lost, he hasn’t even seen her yet.

Nina lets out a nervous squeak at the same time Gastón mutters “That’s probably because he is.”

Luna resists the impulse to hit her head against a wall. “I thought you guys were just going to watch Star Wars at your place?” She turns to Nina, hoping her friend will give her some answers. Matteo still looks like he’s not even there.

Nina bites her lip apologetically and bursts out “I’m so sorry Luna! I was out and had no idea!” Nina’s outburst seems to finally snap Matteo out of his trance. “Luna! what are you doing here? I thought you had to study.” He looks around and seems to notice his surroundings for the first time. “Hey! This is our apartment! When did we get here?”

Gastón gives him a tight-lipped smile and pats his cheek. “S'alright, bro. How’s the arm?” Matteo shakes his head before answering, “Doesn’t hurt as much as it did before.”

Nina hands him the glass, telling him to drink up. Matteo smiles gratefully and gulps down the water as if he hasn’t had a drink in ages.

Luna is getting madder by the second; how is it they just expect for her to be calm about this when they won’t tell her what’s up? She had been studying for her exam when she got Gastón’s text that said not to worry and that they would bring Matteo home late; no other explanation. She’d been worrying since that moment, of course. That had been three hours ago; now it was half past midnight and all she’d gotten from them before they decided to barge into her apartment was another text, this time from Nina, saying that things were slow at the hospital and that they would see her later.

Well, now is later and Luna still hasn’t got any freaking clue what’s going on.

“Screw you all!” Her friends freeze in their place, terrified expressions on their faces. They have known her long enough to know that an angry and sleep deprived Luna is someone they don’t wanna mess with. “Can anyone tell me right now what the actual hell happened?!”

Matteo and Gastón look at each other and Nina buries her face in her hands, Luna just keeps glowering at them with her arms crossed. Gastón seems to be the bravest and grabs at his hair before answering her. “Look… we decided to take a little break between Episode IV and Episode V and Matteo here wanted to play football.-” The boy sends him a dirty look “-So we played in the living room and accidentally broke a vase…”

“You broke the vase my mom gave me for Christmas?!” Nina gapes at him, her hands shaking at her sides. Matteo winces and Gastón just looks at her apologetically, “Sorry honey! Really! I thought you didn’t even like that vase!” Nina glares at him, “But it was a gift!”

Luna is losing both her mind and her patience. “Who cares about that stupid vase! I want answers!” Nina looks down embarrassed and Luna feels a little pang of guilt for screaming at her friend; she is probably innocent in all of this, anyway.

Gastón sends his girlfriend a contrite look before continuing, “As I was saying, the thing fell and there were shards all over the floor. My bro here, the neat freak, didn’t only sweep the shards away but mopped the living room floor. It was kinda wet, but we kept playing until this idiot-” he looks pointedly at Matteo (who seems a little more lucid) “-slid and fell on his arm.” He glances down at his wristwatch, “That was about 4 hours ago. We left for the hospital not long after, Nina met us there. We waited a lot and when the doctor finally came, they took some X-rays and told us Matteo had broken his arm. We went for tacos after he was released and then we came here.” He nods, satisfied with himself for being able to sum it all up.

Luna’s glare still burns through his skull. “If it is about the tacos, don’t worry, we brought you some!” He smiles, a little unsure as he gestures to a takeout bag sitting on the counter beside Matteo. Nina rolls her eyes discreetly and Matteo winces again (Luna wonders if it is because his friend is an idiot, or if it is the pain… Maybe it’s both).

She’s really out of patience now. “Why is Matteo high, Nina?” Her friend looks down and plays with her sleeves,“He’s not really high. They gave him something for the pain and it made him a little loopy. It’s a common side effect of many painkillers, actually.”

“Ugh! But you’re fine, right?” Luna directs her gaze to Matteo, who still looks a little out of it, but not as much as when he first came in. “I…I think so. It hurts a little, but it’s better now”, he looks down at his injured arm and then back at her, as if seeing her for the first time. “You had a big presentation today, right? How did it go?” He tilts his head with curiosity, and he looks so adorable in that moment, she can’t even be angry anymore. It happens every single time. She can never stay mad when he’s looking at her with those beautiful brown eyes.

She sighs; her anger is gone, leaving only exhaustion behind. “It went well enough, chico fresa. I’m glad everyone’s okay, I was worried.”

Nina lets out a breath and reaches toward her with a hesitant smile, “I’m really sorry for worrying you, we knew you were studying for your exam tomorrow and didn’t want to disturb you.” Gastón also gets closer, his arms outstretched for a hug, “Yeah, sorry Luna. We should’ve let you know what was going on but I was actually pretty freaked out. Can you forgive me for letting your roomie get hurt and accept our peace offering of tacos al pastor?”

She’s way too tired to be even a little resentful… and tacos sound heavenly right now. She accepts Gastón’s hug and hears Nina sigh with relief. When she pulls back, she glances at Matteo, who is looking at her with an affectionate smile and her heart melts a little.

The tacos they brought were pretty good. She ate them in the kitchen with Nina while Matteo and Gastón settled on the couch, the latter determined to finish Episode V before leaving for his own home. The couple now says their goodbyes and she closes the door behind them. She returns to the living room to see Matteo laying on the couch, staring right at the tv, which is paused on the movie credits. “I thought you were asleep already. It is pretty late and you seem like you need ten thousand naps”.

He turns his head to look at her, “I do feel a little sleepy, but I want to talk to you.” “About what?” She asks softly, going to sit on the couch beside him. He drags himself to lay by her side, resting his head on her lap. Her cheeks are going red, she’s pretty sure of it.

It is so surreal, being so close to him. They’ve lived together for two years now, ever since she first started college. Matteo had lived in a small apartment with Gastón during their freshman year; but then Nina and Gastón moved in together, and Matteo couldn’t pay the rent of the place by himself (His dad is still pretty adamant on not giving him a cent). She’d been planning on moving out of the Benson mansion -where her parents still live, now that it is hers- for a while and when she got accepted into the same college as Nina, Gastón and Matteo; she’d asked him if he’d like to look for a place together. It had been a little awkward at first, considering their history, but their bond is too strong to be broken and living with each other has only strengthened it. They are so different and yet so alike, they work side by side in harmony and couldn’t be happier about it.

The only moments in which she doubts if being roommates was a good decision are moments like this one; being so physically close and having to hold back her feelings for him. She never stopped loving him, not really; she doesn’t think she ever will. But things had changed between them at the ending of her junior year of high school; after she discovered she was Sol Benson. She’d had too much in her mind at the time and no time for a boyfriend. They broke off things between them but stayed friends. Matteo had given her space for a while, pulling away from her; until they both realized that they couldn’t handle the distance. They’d started hanging out as much as they could, trying to mend their relationship and they turned whatever they’d had before into an unbreakable friendship. Still, she’s never been able to stop wishing for things to turn back to they way they once were. She misses kissing him, telling him she is in love with him, getting to call him her boyfriend. She’d tried dating other guys, but Matteo is the only one her heart beats for; no one else will do. At least she has the small blessing that Matteo has stayed single since he first started college. He went on dates sometimes, but she’s never had to put up with a long-term girlfriend; she’s never even gotten to meet any of the girls he’s been on dates with. Nina always tells her that the fact that neither of them has had a relationship that lasted more than a couple of dates since they broke up must mean they both still love the other, but Luna doesn’t want to hope only to get her heart broken. So she never says anything and just hopes he doesn’t notice how much she wishes he was still hers.

Right now, Matteo grabs her hand and pulls it to rest on his head, meaning he wants her to play with his hair; he does that a lot. “I’m really sorry that I worried you. I forgot to tell the guys to call you to let you know what happened; it hurt a lot at the moment and I was pretty distracted.”

“It’s okay,” Luna says softly,“I’m just happy you are alright. I didn’t know what to think when I got Gastóns message, and then Nina texted about a hospital; I got worried you’d been in an accident or something.”

He snuggles closer to her, “I know, and again, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll never forget to tell you if something is wrong again.” He takes her hand that isn’t in his hair and kisses it; her heart tries to jump out of her chest. “Thank you for waiting up for me, I thought you’d be asleep. You have that big test later today, remember? Actually, I think it’s time you go to sleep.” Matteo looks up at her with concern.

“I know, but I couldn’t sleep without knowing if you were alright or not.” She hesitates before adding, “Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep until I make sure you do. I don’t want you staying up late after the day you’ve had.”

He gives her a soft smile. “Hey, what about we both sleep here on the couch? I really don’t wanna get up and walk all the way to my room, and that way you’ll make sure I actually get some sleep.”

She lets out a choking sound she tries to disguise as a cough. It’s not like it’s the first time they’ve both slept on the couch, but the idea still makes her flustered and nervous. Sleeping next to him is always torture. “Uh, okay, I guess” Matteo grins at her and she does her best not to regret her decision. He lifts his head so she can stand up. “I’m just going to get us some blankets and pillows.” “Sure,” she hears him call after her.

They are both already laying on the couch; one on each side of it, to Luna’s relief and regret. She brings the blanket up to her chest and looks at the night sky through the window. Matteo is apparently doing the same because she hears him say to no one in particular, his voice already sleepy, “I bet the moon must feel pretty insignificant up there, having to depend on the sun in order to shine. I mean, she’s so small and he is so big! I don’t really want her to feel bad.”

Luna tries to hold back a chuckle. The meds they gave him must be really strong. “Matteo, that’s very nice of you and all, but I’m pretty sure the moon feels pretty good about herself. Just close your eyes and go to sleep already!” She murmurs fondly.

He yawns loudly and she hears him shift a little. “I hope she does, really. You’re named after her, that should make her feel honored enough. You’re as beautiful as she is.”

She freezes for a moment, not knowing what to think about his words. He’s half asleep and high on meds, after all; he probably doesn’t know what he’s saying. She risks a look at him, sitting up to see his face in the dark; he’s already asleep. Luna lays back down and sighs. She tries not to hope he meant it, but it’s futile. She’s in love with him and there’s nothing she wants more than for him to return her feelings. Usually, she would do her best to drown her thoughts of him, but it’s late and she’s tired; so she lays back down and hopes for sleep to take her soon, not before whispering as soft as she can, “You make the moon and all of the stars in the sky look bad, Matteo. None of them shine as bright as you.”

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Castiel and Lys What they smell like Left or right Handed And religion pretty please❤️

(I suck at describing scents please forgive me my dear. and also the religion part is not meant to offend anyone, these are just my personal thoughts on what the characters think so if it offends you then I’m sorry?? Move along I guess lol)

  • Castiel is right handed, and he writes pretty fast too. It can be really neat one day and really sloppy the next day. Sometimes he doesn’t even care and writes chicken scratch.
  • He has no particular religion, he kind of believes in god but he doesn’t give it too much thought? Like he does but at the same time he doesn’t? He feels like there could be some higher power but he isn’t super into religion at all. Tbh he doesn’t care, he just feels like some things don’t make sense.
  • He smells really… Idk the word but he has one of those male scents that make you seriously wanna freaking smell them all day? Like he could give you his shirt or jacket and you’d be in love because he just smells so damn good. It’s very masculine and has a hint of cigarette smoke but it’s not super overwhelming to the point where it smells weird or anything. You can smell him as he walks by and it’s just like omggg <3
  • Lysander I feel like would be left handed. He just seems very creative and imaginative and as a fellow left hander I think it matches him very well. His writing is a mixture of cursive and print. Like, he’s not writing cursive but he doesn’t pick up his pencil when he writes words so it looks like it’s cursive sometimes. Very slanted hand writing.
  • He kind of questions religion a lot of the time. He doesn’t believe in god but he does believe there is something in the afterlife. Maybe he believes in reincarnation instead, I could see that. He just thinks some things are very controversial so he’s always up late at night like “what is the meaning of life??”
  • Lysander smells very light but also super distinct. It isn’t overpowering but if you catch a whiff of it you know it’s his scent. He’s just got his own unique smell. Uses a small dab of this really fancy cologne. It smells really nice and kind of makes you relaxed? His coats and cravat always smell like him no matter what. I also feel like his hair smells really nice, like some really good chamomile scented shampoo lol

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Do you have any thoughts/meta of Dean seen as a neat freak while Sam is more "messy"? Is just that I've seen some post about it and I was curious. Sorry for my bad english :s


I don’t really have a lot to add other than my POV is that Dean is very tidy and enjoys this because he’s always wanted to be a home-maker, to nest, to feel comfortable and clean and tidy in his own environment, preferably a home. He I think is innately so but it also has a nurture aspect to it. He had to look after Sam and was greatly affected by the motel living bringing up a child life that he had, they dealt with it differently, Sam just wanting to run away and Dean wanting to make the best of the situation because he had to look after Sam.

If Dean didn’t have Sam around perhaps he himself would have wanted to run away? I find it interesting to think about what would have happened if the roles were reversed.

We know that when Dean is in a bad place he allows his environment (and himself as per 12x14) to get messy and dirty, in contrast to when he’s happier and nesting, making healthy home made burgers in season 8 when things start getting better for example.

If Dean and his environment and baby are dirty/unkept and he’s drinking alcohol (beer is bad but liquor is worse) then it’s BAD. If he is clean and tidy, clean shaven and drinking coffee it is usually GOOD. 

Sam on the other hand is generally quite tidy too, he’s not a slob, but I just don’t think he has quite the same intrinsic need to be so tidy because he doesn’t associate it with the same feeling of harmony and safety as Dean does, he’s not as extreme one way or the other depending on his emotions, so there’s not so much emphasis on what it means for his emotional state, other things show us this like him actually using his words which he does better than Dean sometimes (e.g. 12x03) or through food, his clothes etc.

botw first impressions

i’ve only just beat the plateau and got the glider and stuff but i thought i’d give my thoughts on breath of the wild. i consider myself a pretty big zelda fan, especially from wind waker onwards and i’ve been really excited about this. i wont be talking spoilers but i’ll put it under a readmore anyway. im just gonna type as i think so sorry if it doesn’t come together all neat and tidy

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hey, love your stuff. just thought to mention that some of the posts that you reblog with 'can this be drarry', are actually from an underage ship (otay*ri) where people ship an adult with a 15 y/o :(((

Ah jeez I’m sorry if those were offensive, and I’m not actually part of the yoi fandom, so I don’t have a clue? And also, I just asked a friend and she assured me that the age gap between those two is no more than three years and that they’re both over 16? I’m not justifying anything that anyone might find offensive, love, and I just thought the art was really neat

so like in february of year of our lord 2017 i decided it was a neat idea to make a tf2 blog cos i was REALLY getting back in the fandom for good. i made an account called “sh0ts-f1red” because i guess i was the godess of roasting people at the time and everyone said something like “shots fired” or “DANgNHhng” every time i even said something???it was strange

anyway i keep all my fandom stuff VERY secret until one day there was a video of i tiny suitcase and i sent it to my friend nate (who i play video games with) and i accidentally sent it on my TF2 BLOG ANd i had a stroke

SO i went into panic mode, made another account called “sh00ts-f1red” (cos my other blog wasn’t yet deleted) and reblogged EVERYTHING from my old blog. it took a good hour and a half

after i deleted the old blog and my anxiety was over (or so i thought) i thought it would be COOL if i changed it back to “sh0ts-f1red” aaand i did

then i realized nate could possibly find it by just typing in the username he saw on the text message ~QUE PANIC MODE~ i went in and changed it back to sh00ts-f1red faster than the speed of light and i never went back again

the reason why i don’t change it now (even if i know i’m fine) (i think) is cos now because i’m kind of popular it would be….weird???for me to go my a different name? even though it’s basically the same it feels weird to type now

À la Mode


Dean was rearranging the tubs of ice cream in the back freezer when he heard the bell on the door jingle.

“Jo, there’s a customer!” He shouted over his shoulder, hopefully loud enough for Jo to hear. He turned back to the pile of Cookies and Cream tubs that needed to be situated. He had a firm grasp on one of the slippery tubs, a mantra of ‘lift with your legs, not your back’ playing in his head, when Jo poked her head around the corner.

“This one’s for you, lover boy.” She grinned and nudged him aside, lifting the tub with ease and only slightly bruising Dean’s ego.

“What do you mean? It’s your shift on register.” She turned to look at him and cocked an eyebrow.

“A pair of blue eyes you’ve been drooling over for months says otherwise.”

“Shit, it’s Cas?” He scrambled to find his apron and standard issued Baskin Robbins visor. “What day is it? Isn’t it the 18th?”

“Last I checked, why?”

“No reason. I’ll be back.” He nearly skidded out of the storage room.

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Hate me all you want for giving Athena a human face, but her Christmas themed logo and screen was just so adorable. That it made me suddenly have a stupid idea, like what if there was an AU where she had a human projection or something? I don’t know. 

(I’m aware of that concept drawing with the omnic that has her logo on it.)

Bittybones AU Information

So… I’m maybe doing a bunch of research on @fucken-crybaby and her @bittybones-au, and I’ve found out a bunch of stuff that I may or may not use to write a story for. In any case, I thought I’d compile it together in a post, just so I can refer back to this if anyone has any questions, and because I think I have a really neat and easily understandable compatibility chart near the end.

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Memory - Part 2 

First of all I would like to say… I am SO SO SORRY. This came out REALLY late and there is just no excuse. God forbids me to have a formidable handwriting.  Need to improve my scriptwriting skills in the future.  Also, non-canon mom, I though I’d made her look like Cass but has Hiro’s nose for the sake of genetics and heredity.

EDIT: I forgot to tell you about the side ponytail thing XD thanks for pointing that out ishipitandyoucantstopme. I thought she has the same messy hair as Hiro so she ties it up to make it neat :D but non-canon still. I don’t understand WHY the quality of the image is this crappy D: if anyone knows why please tell me. Is it simply too big?

Part 1 here

Part 3 here

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hi so !! I'm not sure if this is weird to say or not.. the last picture you just reblogged of the drawings of those people with albinism and the eye and the rabbit with albinism? idk I just wanted to say that like. irl ppl with albinism do Not have bright red eyes like that. it's become a nasty way to picture us I think bc it sorta demonizes us. in reality our eyes are v light blue or gray. It kind of bothers me to see pictures like that bc so many ppl don't know so I thought I'd just share aaa

it’s not weird to say at all! i’m sorry if i made you uncomfortable by reblogging that. i really didn’t intend to spread misinformation by doing so. honestly, i didn’t even register the subject matter at the time; i just thought it was a neat piece of vintage medical illustration and wanted to share it. but you’re right, it’s inaccurate, probably on account of its age - so the correction is appreciated <3 albinism seems like a pretty widely misunderstood disorder, and people ought to recognise that popular depictions of it aren’t always accurate. thank you 

Old Promises - Theo Raeken Imagine

Old Promises – TW Imagine

Prompt: You and Theo known each since preschool and started talking again a few months ago. As you guys become close, he’s never been to your house yet – so you invite him over. He finds the homemade bracelet he made for you in preschool and asks you about it.

A/N: I’m back! I have a few request half written. I’ve been suffering major writers block and busy with school work but since it’s the weekend, I’m going to be writing more! At least try to. Btw, I’m so SORRY that this is really bad – again – writers block.

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Word Count: 1499

Originally posted by thundermockingjay

Your POV

You were in the middle of walking over to your next class when you were stopped by some large hands covering your eyes. You heard a soft chuckle and immediately you recognized who it was. “Hi Theo.” You smiled, removing Theo’s hands off your eyes and turned around to hug him. His strong arms held you around your shoulders, making you squished in his hold. “Hey Y/N!” he put you in a headlock, ruffling your hair. “Stop! I just fixed my hair!” You” tried to escape from his hold, but completely failed against the Hulk.

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