sorry i just really love that horse okay

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Okay but, could you draw centaur Miles & Phoenix as foals horsing around and racing one another to see how fast they can go?? I just love your art and that idea has been stuck in my head for days!

Hi! Thanks for enjoying my art!^^

I was very happy to draw it, because it’s a really good idea! So i make a little story about it. Sorry if i made mistakes, my english not so good for stories ^^”

I hope you’ll like it!

aaaand a bonus:


Previous part can be found here.  Hartbigguyz and tvfreakinabox continue to be kind enough to beta my story. 

Part 6 - SFW

Grace puts it down to a miracle that she manages to shrug and mumble her way out of her swift exit last night, something which she didn’t think possible. Not after she had basically ignored all of Hannah’s questions. Not after she had lost her cool when Hannah didn’t remember, and certainly not when she saw that Mamrie and Sarah had heard close to everything. There were bound to be questions. Questions she didn’t feel like answering just yet; not when she didn’t even know what this all meant for herself.

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