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Game on //Draco Imagine//

Requested By: @imagelover2

Request: Can you do a Draco Imagine where he pranks Y/n and she gets “mad” so she gives him the silent treatment and he does everything to make her talk to him?

Pairing: Reader x Draco

Warnings: none

A/n: okay so I said I was going to post this on Valentine’s Day but it doesn’t really have to do with it, so I’m just gonna post it now :) hope you like it!


“Y/n! Come sit over here!” You glanced around the room until your eyes landed on your boyfriend, Draco Malfoy. He was waiving his hand and you made your way to the bench beside him.

“Hey!” You greeted as you sat down and smiled at your boyfriend.

“We made you a plate.” Draco smiled as he slid you a plate filled with eggs, toast, bacon and a cookie with a jelly filling. “No need to thank us.” He beamed and you laughed quietly.

“Well thank you anyway.” You smiled. You listened to Draco complain about Granger and her pesky know it all mudblood brain as you ate your toast and bacon quickly. You picked up the cookie and took a large bite, getting all of the jelly in one bite. Although it didn’t taste like jelly….

“Draco…what’s in this cookie?” You asked as you examined it. It didn’t taste like jelly at all. In fact…it tasted more like…

“Hot sauce!” Draco exclaimed before erupting in a fit of giggles.

You threw the rest of the cookie onto your plate and grabbed the nearest napkin, spitting whatever was left in your mouth out….but it was too late.

“Ohmygod!” You gasped as the spice suddenly hit you. It felt as if your mouth was on fire. You grabbed a glass of water and chugged it down but nothing changed. “Draco!” You yelled through clenched teeth as you stood up and ran from the room towards the Slytherin common room. You ran right into the bathroom and brushed your teeth, not one, but four times.

“That filthy pure blood prince.” You cursed as you looked at yourself in the mirror. You brushed your fingers through your hair and straightened the collar of your jacket.

You jumped out of your skin when you saw Draco standing just outside the girl’s bathroom.

“Ok listen Y/n, I’m really sorry for pranking you back there, I thought you wouldn’t react so badly to it…forgive me?” He looked at you with puppy eyes. You straightened your back and walked right past him, bumping his shoulder as you passed.

“Oh no Y/n. Not the silent treatment. Please don’t play this game love.” Draco pleaded but you weren’t going to let him win so easily. You walked into the common room and planted yourself on one of the green couches facing the fire.

Draco sat down beside you and you turned away from him.

“Y/n…I’m sorry…what else do you want me to say?”

You stuck your nose into the air a little and Draco sighed. He got up and sat on the other side of you so that you were looking at him. You quickly shifted your body so you were now looking the other direction.

“Don’t look at me if you love me.” Draco said. You didn’t move. “Aha I knew it.” He chuckled. “Don’t face me if you don’t love me.” Again, you didn’t move. “Damn..” he sighed and you hid your quiet laughs.

“Y/n if you don’t talk to me….I’m going to put my foot in the fire.” Draco said as he stood up and moved towards the fire. You turned towards him but you folded your arms stubbornly. “I’m going to do it,” he sneered as he lifted his foot and moved it towards the fire. “Just one word and I’ll stop.”

You didn’t even raise an eyebrow as his foot hovered closer and closer to the fire that was raging in the fireplace. He pulled his foot away right before it was about to touch the flames. “Ughh Y/n, baby please talk to me!” Draco pleaded as he moved towards you again.

“Please don’t make me beg Y/n!” Draco pouted, his bottom lip protruding and his eyes widening just enough to give them a puppy dog appearance. “Fine.” Draco got onto his knees in front of you and pressed his hands together.

“Im begging you Y/n! I beg for you to talk to me again! I’m sorry for what I did and you have every right to be mad, but I just hear your serenading voice again or i’ll risk going mad!” Draco pleaded. You didn’t even smile as you turned your body away from him again and moved your eyes back to the fire.

“Fine.” Draco stood. “You want to play hard to get? Two can play at that game!” With that, he stormed past you and out of the common room.

“Game on.” You smirked to yourself as you laid back on the couch and looked at the ceiling.

It’s been two days since the games started between you and Draco. It’s been two days of noses in the air, crossed arms, and ‘humphs’.

Draco had been holding out rather well, considering he was more than completely obsessed with you and usually couldn’t go four hours without touching you, nevertheless talking to you.

He stuck his nose in the air whenever he saw you and turned his back towards you. He was obviously determined to win. But you were even more determined. You were at the point where you wouldn’t even look at him when he entered the room and you pretended he didn’t exist.

“This has to stop Y/n.” Pansy told you one day. “Soon the whole school is going to think that you had some tragic breakup. Plus he talks about you nonstop when you’re not around.” Pansy rolled her eyes and you smiled to yourself.

“I’m not stopping until he gives in. I’m not going to lose.” You replied. “And what kinds of things does he sa-” you ended your sentence short as the door opened and Draco walked into the room. You closed your mouth and looked towards the fire. You heard Pansy scoff.

“Good evening Pansy,” Draco spoke as he sat next to your best friend. “I wanted to tell you that Blaise was looking for you. Last I saw him he was headed to the great hall.”

“Alright, thanks Draco. See ya later Y/n.” Pansy waved and you waved back. You watched as she left the room, letting the common room door slam behind her. It was just you and Draco now. You leaned forward in the chair and began to stand up but draco stopped you.

“You win.” He said to the ground and you froze. He looked up at you, his gray eyes twinkling. “You win. I can’t go another day without seeing you and talking to you. I miss your voice and the way you feel in my arms. And it’s only been two days!” Draco scoffed. “I’m completely obsessed with you! Please talk to me again. Please?”

“That’s all you had to say.” You smiled at him and his eyes went wide.

“What? I only had to say please? This whole time I could have just asked you and added please!?”

You nodded and Draco scoffed. “I got you this by the way,” you said as you picked up a plate from the ground and handed it to him. “A peace offering.” You smiled. It was a Boston cream donut.

“Well you’re too kind.” Draco smiled at you. He leaned back on the couch and took a large bite. Not even a second of the food being in his mouth, he spit it back out.

“Toothpaste!!?” He yelled as he threw the donut onto the ground and began coughing. You burst out laughing, having to hold onto the arms of the chair to make sure you didn’t fall onto the floor. “You’re disgusting Y/n!” Draco scolded as he picked the donut up and put it back on the plate. You could tell by the playful smirk on his lips that this meant nothing more than a joke to him.

“Now we’re even.” You giggled as he stood up and put the plate on a desk. He stood in front of your chair and leaned in so close your lips were mere inches apart.

“Yes darling. I guess we are.” He closed the gap between your lips and the two of you shared a passionate kiss.

You made a face when you pulled away. “Ew…tastes like toothpaste.”

When the Cock Crows

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A/N: This is pure silly fun. Basically it’s the kind of trash conversations my ass blesses subjects my friends to. Seriously though, it’s a result of a post from @impala-dreamer, I yelled at her for it and then she was a terrible influence and encouraged these shenanigans by talking to me about it (oh yeah she beta’d it too because she’s an angel). I hope you guys like it!

Warnings: So many swears…l mean cock is in the title ffs…also we’ll call it smut adjacent (nothing graphic it’s just on the road to bang town) Gratuitous use of a Sam gif for no other reason than chest hair.

Words: 2,060 (I’m not even sorry)


“Did anyone catch what she said before the…the uh poof?”

“I got nothin’ Sammy. Y/N?”


“It’s…I’m fine. Just knocked the wind outta me. Babe, I’m ok really.”

“Ok well maybe she didn’t do anything? Maybe she just said stuff for the poof.”

“Sure Dean. Because stuff like that always happens to us. She was looking at us, Y/N was behind her so most likely if any of us are cursed it’ll be either me or you.”

Sam wasn’t looking at Dean while he spoke. He was checking you over to see if you were hurt. It was sweet. Sweet, and so annoying.

“Hey I’m fine. Let’s just get back motel and figure out our next move.”

“She’s right, Dean you want to pull the car up and I’ll help Y/N out?”

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Anger - Tom Wilson (smut)

A/N: Sooooo, this is my first smut ever, so don’t kill me if it isn’t good. I don’t know why I chose Tommy, but he was the first one to come to my mind when I thought about writing a smut imagine.

Word count: 2355

Warnings: VERY EXPLICIT CONTENT UNDER THE CUT. Above the cut you are safe. Mentions of alcohol. Fighting. Swearing.

Originally posted by bulletproofwhale

I glance at the clock on the kitchen wall and sigh, unlocking my phone to check if he has texted me and I haven’t seen it. No, he hasn’t. He should’ve got here an hour and a half ago and I’m worried, what if something has happened to him? I’m not the controlling type of girlfriend, but I decide to text him and check if everything is ok.

“Hey, you ok?” The moment I send it I feel rather stupid.

Hey doll. Yeah Im fine, y?” He texts back and I let out the air I didn’t realize I was holding.

You should’ve been here by now” I tell him, knowing that I look like an obsessive girl and he is probably laughing about it.

Im at Burra’s” And I don’t answer back.

Any other day I’d have been ok with him spending time with his friends, but not today. Today is our anniversary and he has forgotten. I’ve spent days preparing our Anniversary dinner and his present, and he has forgotten all about it. I look at down at my body, feeling quite embarrassed since I’m only wearing a set of lingerie I’ve bought for tonight and high heels, what was I thinking? My eyes keep traveling through the kitchen; the table is set and the candles burning, the lasagna is untouched and the wine on ice. I’m so fucking stupid. I walk towards the table and blow off the candles while grabbing the bottle of wine and taking a long ship from it.

We haven’t been fine for a while. Actually, I haven’t been fine for a while. The day he asked me to move in with him I almost bursted out of happiness, but moving to Washington has been the beginning of everything going south. I’m not saying he doesn’t love me, I’m sure he does, but we don’t really spend much time together. I knew what he does for living when we started dating, I knew he was going to be busy and travel a lot, but I was expecting a little more time for just us, not us and the guys. Right now I just want to drink my feelings away and so I do, drinking the whole bottle of wine.

“You know what, Tom?” I say, holding the empty bottle in my hand and walking to the kitchen “Fuck you. Fuck your I love yous. Fuck your excuses. Fuck your guys nights. Fuck your move in with me” and I hit the kitchen counter with the bottle, breaking it into a million pieces.

I’m out of control at this point, throwing around the glasses and plates from the table, grabbing framed pictures of us and breaking them, the cushions from the couch flying everywhere, his xbox controllers are now going for a swim in the jug of water… and when I’ve trashed the place I realize that doing it hasn’t made me feel any better and my arms and legs are covered in bruises and cuts from the pieces of glass. I need to calm down so I grab my coat from the entry closet and walk out, going for a walk in the middle of the night, drunk and wearing a set of lingerie, stockings, heels and my coat; probably not the smartest idea I’ve had. It is cold outside and that cools my anger down considerably, I now regret trashing his house. I walk for what it seems hours and I’m frozen and my feet ache when I get back to the building, the doorman nodding at me and I give him a shy smile, I probably look like a mess.

When I walk in the pent house Tom is standing in the middle of the living room, hands on his hips and radiating anger.

“What the actual fuck, (y/n)?” he yells and I flinch a little before my own anger makes me brave.

“What, Tom? WHAT?” I answer back, my voice as loud as his.

“When have you become such a needy bitch, huh?” He asks. Ouch, that stings.

“Me? Needy?” I laugh at him “When have I ever been needy? How many times I have stayed here alone while you went out with your friends? How many times have you stood me up and I haven’t even said a thing?”


“SO NOW IT IS YOUR PLACE? SO MUCH FOR PLEASE COME LIVE WITH ME” I scream and I know we are gonna be in trouble with the neighbors “YOU SHOULD’VE TOLD ME THAT I WAS YOUR FUCKING GUEST”


“BECAUSE YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN OUR FUCKING ANNIVERSARY, YOU ASSHOLE” and I break down, tears streaming down my face and onto my coat.

I look up and his red with anger face is now milky white, his brain running through his calendar. Hit and sunk, Wilson, hit and sunk. His eyes soften and I can see the guilt on his face, looking around and connecting the dots together, the wine, the food on the floor, the glasses, the candles…

“(y/n)… I’m…” I cut him before he can finish the sentence.

“Don’t say you are sorry, please” I whisper and I kick out my heels on an attempt of being more stable since my knees feel like they are going to give in at any second.

“Don’t do that” Tom says, pretty much running to me and holding me so my feet don’t touch the floor “there are pieces of glass everywhere…” and I bury my face on his neck as he walks upstairs to our bedroom.

When he walks in and stops death on his tracks I remember that I had left strawberries and champagne in the room for what was supposed to be a romantic night.

“God, I’m an idiot” he murmurs to himself but I hear him.

“That you are” I agree and he moves me in his arms so now I have to look at him. I want to hide my face but he doesn’t let me.

“I mean it, (y/n). I am so sorry” he tells me and I believe him, but it’s gonna take a little more than that for me to forgive him. “I took you from granted and I haven’t realized how lucky I am for having you until tonight. I love you, I really do”

His words melt my anger and I just nod, kissing him on the cheek while he wraps his arms around me and hugs me tight.

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Day6: comforting you after watching a scary movie

Jae: this nugget will tease the life outta you at first. Won’t even do it to be mean, he just loves your teasing relationship and loves to see you blush. If he sees that you’re actually shook tho, he’ll just smile and hug you really tight. “Aw, babe…you know it’s not real. Besides, you’ve got your big, strong boyfriend to protect you if anything happened.” He’d nuzzle his face into your neck and kiss you. “Sorry that I made fun of you…but you gotta admit, it was kinda funny-“ 

 Sungjin: aw he will be so sweet about the whole situation. He’d take your face in his hands and ask you if you were ok, and why you agreed to watch the movie with him in the first place. He will just sigh when you don’t give an answer, and give you a warm bear hug. He’ll pull away only to kiss you sweetly before asking if you wanted to take your mind off of it. Soft music will be playing while you two dance, him lightly stroking your back and whispering sweet little compliments in your ear. “You know I’d never let anything happen to you, right?“ 

 YoungK: Brian will just smile and ruffle your hair. "Babe, you know you didn’t have to watch it if you knew it was this scary.” He’ll then proceed to cuddle you, leaving little kisses all over your face and neck. When you ask to put a different movie on, he might still try and scare you by poking your sides and whispering in your ear whenever it gets quiet. He’d apologize while laughing, claiming that you were just too funny when you’re scared. Also will try to get your mind off the movie, but with different ‘methods’. 

 Wonpil: this cutie will probably be shook by the movie too, he just won’t admit it. With his trembling fingers he’ll hold your hand and tell you there’s nothing to worry about, it’s just a movie. If you were really scared tho, he won’t hesitate to man up and tell you he was scared too and that you two should’ve just done something else to pass the time. He’ll play with your hair and tell you funny jokes or cheesy pickup lines to lighten up the mood and get you to smile. When you two go to bed or fall asleep on the couch, he’s sure to hold you extra tight. 

Dowoon: probably won’t even sit to watch a scary movie anyway, but if you somehow convinced him to or you were watching it by chance, I think he’d get bored. When he sees that you’re scared after watching it, he just pulls you close and kisses your forehead. “Jagi, why did you wanna watch this crap movie anyway?” Will try to cuddle you and make you feel better, but if he notices that it’s not working, he’ll suggest doing something else. “Alright, why don’t we go out and do something fun? I’ll buy you your favorite ice cream, let’s go.”

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Hidden Soulmate

pairing: tony x reader

@giantcookiez request Hey! Would you be willing to write a soulmate AU between a shy reader x Tony. Possibly where she has abilities that she hides. She could also work for him or another avenger, whatever you feel like! Thank you so so much!! *smut*

Y/n- your name

Y/f/n- your full name

Y/f/a/n-your favorite authors name

Originally posted by fymarveluniverse

Ever since you were a little girl you couldn’t wait to find your soulmate. You would ask your mom if she would tell you how she knew your dad was her soulmate and how you couldn’t wait until you met yours. She giggled and told you it was an indescribable gut feeling. So throughout your life you wondered what they would look like and wondered if they were as shy as you were.

You finally met when you were being interviewed for a job with the avengers. It was a long process and had to be interviewed by all the avengers just to be sure they liked you. Tony was the last person to interview you and you were scared you weren’t going to make a good impression.

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Hope you did (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Requested by: Anon

Request: Could you do a Bellamy Blake onshot based off of #92, #26, #9, and #65 from the prompt list, where the reader became Octavia’s friend when she got sent down to Earth, but she soon starts to fall for Bellamy and doesn’t know how to tell him, so she asks for Octavia’s advice?



9. “I’m so in love with you.”

26. “You make me feel invincible.”

65.  “This is girl talk, so leave.”

92. “Oh my god! You are in love with him!”


Originally posted by beliamyblakes

 Hope you did (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

You would never forget how you felt when you put your feets on Earth for the first time. You felt in home for the first time in your entire life. You felt amazed by the landscape. You felt do full of joy. But nothing of this was compared by the way you felt on the first time you put your eyes on him. Bellamy Blake. The older brother of your best friend.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?” Octavia ask you while she come closer.

“Nothing.” You answer her. “I just can’t believe we actually did it.” She laugh.

“You can bet we did.” She say holding your hand and guiding you. “I wantto show you something.”

“Girls! Where are you going?” You hear his voice coming closer of both of you and you freeze in your place.

“We will just look around, Bell.”

“It isn’t safe here, O.” Bellamy tryied to put convince his sister. “Y/N you agree with me, don’t you?”

“I-I…” You look from his face to your own feet, your cheeks starting to turn red, because you didn’t knew that he knows your name.

“Don’t bother us, Bellamy!” She yelled at him. “Go command your squad and leave us. Come on, Y/N.” She start walking again, but you can’t move, so she holds your arm and pull you to follow her.

“I say you’re not going anywhere!” He stops O. again. “Murphy, keep an eye in both of them. I have more to do.” And with this he walk back to the row of people that will take out their wristbands.

“Asshole!” Octavia just roll her eyes to you and you smile a little to her. “I guess we’ll have to wait.”


You are taking a break, sitting bellow a tree next to camp, a place where you could see the entrance off Bellamy’s tent. Just waiting to he and the blonde girl that followed him into his tent to go out. It hurt you everytime, but you always thought that if you be hurt enough you could forget this feeling, but it isn’t working.

You don’t see when Octavia sits next to you until she call your name, making you jump in your place.

“Is everything ok, Y/N?” Octavia ask you and you look at her ndding a yes. “Why are you always sitting here? There is nothing interesting to see.”

“I actually not looking to nowhere, O.” Just when you finifh your sentence you see Bellamy getting out of his tent and you gasp.

“Looking to nowhere, right?” She try again. And you feel all of your blood going to your face.

“I-I… I’m sorry O., I just…” But you couldn’t find the right words.

Oh my god! You are in love with him!” She interrupt your frustrated attempts to find a good explanation.

“No, I’m not, O.!”

“Don’t lie to me, Y/N/N. You’re in love with my brother!”

“Maybe I…”

“Hey, girls! Wassup?” Bellamy’s voice catch you and your face burn. You could feel Octavia’s eyes on you.

“This is girl talk, so leave.” She says to her brother who let a laugh out.

“Are you talking about boys? I don’t think I want you with any of them, O.”

“Is not for me, is Y/N that have a crush in one…”

“O., please!” You say much louder that you could, what isn’t louder at all, but both o them could hear you. Your eyes runs to Bellamy who are looking at you without expression.

“I see. Well, I will…” He points to a place behind him. “You know.” And with this he walk to the other side of the camp and you just watch him.

“Ok, maybe I’m in love with him, can you help with that?” In a moment of courage you ask Octavia.


Bad idea. You shouldn’t never had tell her about your feelins. She is your best friend, but at the same time…

“Bellamy?” You ask for him outside his tent.

“Come on in, Y/N.” He says and you walk back, just to see his shirtlees figure looking at you. “Hey, I thought Octavia was coming…”

“She did, but Jasper ask for help so…” You explain. “So what kind of help Octavia promise to you?” You ask trying to look calm, everything you don’t.

“Actually, I would help since she asked me to teah her how to shot.”

“Oh, I-I see… Guess I should go back then…”

“No, you can stay. I mean, I can teach you if you like.”

“Really?” You ask with a smile and he nodded at you.

And you found out how bad shoting you are. God, Bellamy would never let you with a gun, even if it’s to save your own life.

“I’m sorry.” You say after failing another shot. “I think I just made yo lost your time…”

“It’s ok, Y/N. You don’t need to be good in the first time you do it. We can keep practicing, ok?”

I’m so in love with you…” You whispered to yourself.

“What did you just say?” He ask coming closer to you. “Y/N?”

“I-I… It… I’m sorry I didn’t…” You get lost in your own words looking at your feet.

“Please don’t say you didn’t mean it, because I really hope you did.” He say to you making you face him with surprise. His hands cupling your cheeks. “Are you in love with me, Y/N?”

“Ye-Yes…” Your voice came out more like a whisper again, but it doesn’t matter since you feel his lips into yours starting a urge kiss.

“I wanted to do it for so long, but you know, you are O. best friend and so beautiful and kind and I’m not the right one for you, Y/N…” You didn’t say anything, you just face him with surprise don’t understanding what he is saying. “But God, you make me feel invencible right now with you in my arms.” He finish his sentence before leaning his lips into your again and kissing you with more passion.

That’s GAY | Michael Mell x Reader

Originally posted by protect-michael-mell

this was based off an otp prompt that went something like
A: I love you!
B: That’s GAY
A: …
B: …
B: wait I love you too

( also this is my first fic that I wrote so don’t get your panties in a wad if it’s bad ?? like i know ok ?? and it’s probably ooc too oops )
( also y/n means your name but you probably know that. also so that this could be gender neutral I did they/them pronouns and sometimes girl/boy !! )
( word count: 1,000+ )

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A teeny tiny preview of my tony soulmate fic

A/n be on the look out for this because I don’t know if it’s going to be out tomorrow, Sunday or Monday. All I know is that this fic is making me fall in love with tony.

By the time he found you you had changed out of the fancy dress and you were crying as you remove your make-up. “I’m sorry tony I tried, I really did-” you started to apologize but tony stopped you when he made his way over to you and kissed your nose

“Shhhh y/n it’s ok” tony cupped your face and ran his thumb over your bottom lip. “I know you tried but I also shouldn’t of forced this party on you. I’m not used to being with someone who’s shy and I was just so excited to show you off. Give me time to learn how to tone down what people like to say "my cocky attitude”. I love you.“

"I don’t want you to tone down who you are tony. We’ll figure it out because your confidence and how your able to work the crowd are two of the many reasons why I love you.

Monsta X As Fairy Tale Characters:


·      the pure hero

·      knows he’s a cutie

·      like the boi from the little mermaid?

·      Prince eric?

·      What a cutie

·      Rugged and manly but would do ANYTHING for you

·      “Whatever makes you happy, baby”

·      would try to do princely things but would instead get embarrassed and fumble

·      u know in kdramas when the rich guy takes the poor girl out shopping and then she gets all fancy and he’s like “hot damn”?

·      that’s hyunwoo

·      except he’ll do that abt everything

·      “look at my beautiful baby. You’re gorgeous”

·      “hyunwoo, I’m wearing pajamas”

·      “and?”


·      the rouge hero

·      like robin hood ya know

·      he wants everyone to have a good life

·      seduces people w his friggin sweet smile

·      also is FLYNN RYDER

·      WHAT A HUNK

·      “smoulder”

·      a soft softie

·      G R E A S Y

·      winks at you every chance he gets

·      a little weird at first but then opens up and W O W

·      so sweet and caring and if you ever hurt him istg ill fight you




·      Minhyuk 10/10 loves everyone and will make everyone happy

·      Big heart w lots of love

·      This also isn’t a fairy tale but he’s def abu from Aladdin

·      That monkey

·      Demands attention and u think he’s annoying

·      but just wants the best for you

·      fight me minhyuk is so sweet

·      imagine his lil monkey body hoppin around seeking attention

·      he’d prob have like some disappearing power in a story bc he likes popping up next to people to scare the shit out of ‘em

·      lmao imagine if he didn’t have the disappearing power and instead ran off into the night Naruto style with sound effects

·      bc that’s SO Minhyuk


·      that fake hero bitch

·      u know the one that didn’t do shit but takes all the credit

·      “omg yeah marry me, I saved your life even though I CLEARLY DIDN’T”

·      he acts like lord farquad

·      yeah go fetch the princess for me and I’ll let you keep your swamp

·      demands that everyone respect his shrimp ass

·      imagine him in lord farquad’s outfit!!

·      also tbh he’s that fuckin candle stick from beauty and the beast

·      Lumiere or Lumer or some shit like that

·      All hoity toity with his small shrimp lookin ass

·      tbh he’s that little shit that thinks he’s all that

·      Or even fuckin Rumpelstiltskin

·      Man imagine him cackling w glee as u struggle and then sit there all prim and proper like he isn’t a total asshole

·      I don’t actually hate kihyun I love him don’t worry

·      Hes just a lil bitch and I wanna fight him


·      fairy godmother

·      “that’s not ur color, I’ll do it myself”

·      makes u a cute dress or tux to wear in front of ur love

·      ok but imagine him leaning against the doorframe with a lil wand in his hand and drawling out a lazy “twirl for me”

·      does that thing ur friend does when ur crush walks into the room

·      waggles his eyebrows and makes meaningful glances before whooshing away

·      also I can 10/10 imagine him as raja from Aladdin

·      u know the tiger that princess jasmine keeps as a fuckin pet

·      but like more specifically hyungwon is the scene at the beginning where that suitor goes storming off bc he bit his ass


·      that croc from the princess and the frog

·      always jammin

·      big dreams

·      also has feelings PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS

·      wants to be accepted but acts casual abt it

·      is also the lucky cricket from Mulan

·      that isn’t a fairy tale but this shit went way off topic a long time ago

·      a hot mess tbh

·      literally crawled into the matchmaker’s tea and is the reason Mulan didn’t get matchmade which is rlly ironic considering he’s a lucky cricket

·      but also wants to help

·      just isn’t very good at it

·      ends up scaring himself most of the time

·      gets sad easily

·      responds better to praise than criticism


·      im sorry I know this isn’t really a fairy tale but changkyun is literally that dragon from shrek

·      u think he’s there to do smth bad

·      but he just wants love

·      ok im sorry im deviating from the tru tag

·      uhm he’s also the lil monkey from Aladdin

·      abu?

·      Bounces allover the goddamn place

·      Have u seen ppap?

·      Yeah that’s abu

·      twirls his fuckin ass in your face if you don’t pay enough attention to him

·      or you know, plays the drums on your ass

·      he’s such a meme how do they deal with him

Control (part 2)

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WARNING: There are mild mentions of suicide, there’s nothing too heavy but  the story does mention something which hints at having suicidal thoughts. Please do not read if this may trigger/upset you

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Just stop. Tate Langdon x Reader

A/n: ok so I’m going through a lit of shit so I decided to write something dark , sorry

Warning : language, alcohol , abuse and self harm

Plot : the Reader has lived in the murder house with her parents as a last chance to restore the happiness they one had but it all starts going bad real quick.

Just stop.

Tate looked at you from a dark corner .

You were sitting on your bead , knees to your chest, a bottle of whisky on your left and a pack of cigarettes near it .

His heart broke as he saw you slowly kill yourself. And the problem were your parents .

You and your parents moved in to the murder house 2 years ago. And right from the start you fell for the blond boy hard and he fell for you just like you.

You were happy for about one and a half years , being with him was all you could ask for. But of course it didn’t last long.

Your dad was caught cheating on your mom again, and that’s when hell broke loose.

All the fights , yelling , hatred.

It got to you.

Tate saw you deteriorate on his eyes. He did see you smile anymore, your laughter or the shine in your eyes. Instead they were dull and broken.

You two often faught, over anything, it seemed to get to you , all of it.

You got in to your old habits , or at least Tate beloved they were old seeing how you downed a bottle of liquor so easily along with a pack of cigarettes.

It hurt him seeing you this way, the only person he cared for.

But he finally decided to step in.

He saw as you stepped off your bed , legs and body shaking from the alcohol in your system, you walked to the bath room , he quickly follows you , he stood in the door way , watching you , but as soon as you noticed him you slammed the door in his face.

He slightly jumped but stayed in place , not willing to live you alone. He listened as you opened and closed a few shelves, but then you were quiet for a while. He started to get nervous as he heard a few sobs and when he heard something drop on the flood , something metal, he had enough.

He broke the doors look and got in the the bath room only to see you sobbing on the flor , a small knife near you , bloody .

He reacted quickly and pushed the knife under the bath tub before you could grab it .

But you didn’t move , you just sat there , head hanging low .

Tate felt his heart braking. He sat next to you and to his surprise you almost jumped on him, hugging him as close to your body as you could.

Tate pulled Hus arms around your waist , rocking you in his arms as you silently cried in his arms.

“I’m sorry” you say , your voice , bearly above a whisper. He kissed the top of your head “its ok baby , you have nothing to be sorry for ” he said , placing one hand on your cheek , making you look at him “ just promise not to do this again , I know it hurts , I really do understand but … you are the only thing I have … The only thing I love … So please don’t hurt yourself like that ok ?” He slightly smiled at you , teats already sliding down his face.

You smiled at him , nodding your head .

“ I love you so much Tate.”

“Love you too ”

He kissed you on your lips , giving you a warm filling.

Tate stood up , you in his arms, and he carried you to your room , locking the door before lying down on your bed .

For once you didn’t feel so bad.

You had your boyfriend by your side no matter what.

Somehow that made life just a bit more bearable.

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Don’t Leave Me Here (In This House of Wolves)

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Summary: It’s been weeks now since your boyfriend, Gerard, and his bandmates locked themselves inside the Paramour Mansion to work on their eagerly anticipated third album. You can’t shake the feeling that something’s wrong with Gerard, so you decide to visit the mansion yourself to make sure all is well. What you find only makes you more worried. Written for the Black Parade tenth anniversary (tho I’m posting it a day late ^^;)

It had been a few weeks since your boyfriend Gerard announced that he and his band were moving into the Paramour Mansion. He said that the label thought it would be good inspiration for the album he and the guys had been working on since Warped Tour ended. You wanted the making of this album to be a success, but, honestly, you missed him. You knew you weren’t supposed to go bother him while he was working, but he’d stopped returning your calls, and you were getting worried about him. So, you decided to drive up to the mansion yourself, and see how he was doing.

From the moment you drove up to the front gates, you couldn’t help but notice how creepy the place was. It did fit Gerard’s Gothic vibes perfectly, you had to admit – but, something about it also unsettled you. You couldn’t shake the vague feelings of anxiety as you walked up the driveway and rang the doorbell.

Gerard answered the door, and you were distressed to see how haggard he looked. He had dark circles around his eyes, and he looked even paler than usual. He was wearing a ratty pair of pajama pants that looked like they hadn’t been washed in days.

“……Baby?” Gerard said in a weak voice. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to check on you,” you explained, pulling him into your arms immediately. He collapsed into them, like he was going to fall asleep right there in the doorway. “And I’m glad I did, because you look like hell, Gee.”

“……I’m sorry,” Gerard muttered, leading you into the foyer.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that,” you frowned, tenderly brushing his hair out of his face and wiping a spot of dirt off his cheek. “I mean, of course you’re always a cutie pie, Gerard, but you don’t look healthy.”

Gerard kissed your cheek, seeming relieved that you were here. “I missed you,” he confessed.

“I missed you, too,” you replied, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“Hey, Gerard!” you heard Bob’s voice echoing from down the hall as he approached.

“Oh, hey, Y/N,” the ginger drummer added when he saw you.

“Hi, Bob,” you waved.

“Gerard, did you fill the bathtub upstairs?” Bob wondered.

“Uh, no?” Gerard answered, seeming confused.

“Well, Frank and Ray said they didn’t either,” Bob explained, looking spooked. “And I sure as hell didn’t. Just like I didn’t open that door last night. I swear to God, dude, this place is haunted.”

“Haunted?” you repeated, surprised.

“There are some rumors about this place,” Gerard shrugged.

“Do you actually believe them?” you asked.

“Mikey swears he saw some shit,” Gerard revealed.

“Where is Mikey?” you asked curiously. “I haven’t seen him in a while, either. I want to say hello.”

Gerard and Bob grew quiet, which made you nervous.

“….I’ll let you tell her,” Bob said finally, and walked away. After he’d disappeared down the hall, you looked at Gerard, waiting for an explanation.

“Mikey’s…..gone,” Gerard said simply.

“What do you mean, ‘gone’?” you asked, alarmed.

“He couldn’t deal with this place,” Gerard explained. “And I don’t blame him – he got so creeped out that he’d started sleeping in my room. The energy in this place was just fucking with his head. He had to go.”

“Where is he now?” you demanded.

“He’s with Stacy,” Gerard replied. “You know Stacy, right? Our lawyer friend?”

“Of course I know Stacy,” you snapped. “But, Gerard, oh my god, if things were getting so serious that Mikey freaked out and left in the middle of recording this album, why didn’t you call me and let me know what was going on?”

“I wanted to,” Gerard said apologetically. “But, I’ve just been so tired, and….well, you know I have depression, of course.”

“I know,” you said, taking Gerard’s hand gently. He’d “come out” to you as mentally ill a few months into your relationship.

“Well, I don’t know what it is, but I feel like this house is making my depression worse,” Gerard confessed. “Sometimes, I get so stressed out, thinking about how we’re going to finish this record, and if anyone will even get it, and sometimes I just want to go crawl into the bottom of the pool in the yard and just lay there until I can’t breathe and can’t worry about this goddamn album anymore.”

“Don’t talk like that,” you said, squeezing his hand. Your heart was suddenly filled with worry for him.

“I won’t do it, baby,” Gerard promised. “I’m not going to actually do it, I’m just…..always in such a dark mindset lately. But, I think I need to be. The album is very dark, and it deals a lot with death, and so I kind of have to be in that headspace while we’re working.”

“You don’t have to,” you protested. “Gerard, you don’t have to destroy your psychological health to make this record, ok? You don’t owe the fans, or the label, or anyone, that.”

“I guess I just don’t know how to do things halfway,” Gerard admitted. “I get obsessive when I’m trying to create something. I’ve done that with every album I’ve made, and even with my comic books, too. I lock myself up with this…..concept, no matter what it does to me,  and I don’t leave until it’s finished.”

“Well, too bad,” you decided, “because we are leaving.”

“Wait, what?” Gerard blinked.

“I’m getting you out of this house,” you said insistently. “Just for a little while. You need a break, Gerard.”

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  • it took like five hundred years and like numerous pep-talks from jeonghan and the rest of seventeen to get him to build the courage to ask you out on a date but like thankfully one day he was just like ok gotta do this cant chicken out alright hong jisoo you can do th I S
  • is still teased to this day by hoshi about how joshua apparently said “you’re just so beautiful that it’s intimidating to approach you” as an excuse as to why he couldn’t ask you out 
  • skinship makes him super shy like in the beginning he couldn’t even look at you for more than ten seconds without turning so red you thought he was going to overheat 
  • now he actually really likes holding your hand when you two are in public he finds it to be the most endearing type of skinship especially when you lace your fingers together (although it took like two months to get to that stage)
  • surprisingly enough though when you tell joshua you’re cold or something he has no problem initating skinship for the benefit of your health
  • literally would wrap you up in his arms and press you close to his chest and whisper against your ear if you’re warm and enough and you’d be like ????? hong jisoo is this really you??? since when were you so…….soft and touchy…… and he’d just be like nonononono this isn’t romantic skinship it’s skinship for survival but too bad you’re already blushing and your heart is racing even quicker than before
  • joshua of course is oblivious to that 
  • on the first date you told him what your favorite song was and he remembered it so he could learn how to play it on the guitar for you 
  • when he finally got it perfect, he surprised you by playing it for you on your 100th day celebration 
  • while performing he looked so calm and collected and smooth and you were literally swooning because good lord jisoo you look so handsome but once the song was over his cheeks went pink and he hide his face in his hands for like an hour 
  • “was it really ok? oh god it was embarrassing wasn’t it? im sorry if i ruined your favorite song…..”
  • cooks for you sometimes but gets flustered to see you try his food 
  • keeps underestimating himself in everything so you’re always like look at me joshua you are talented and amazing and such a great person!! i love and support you no matter what!!
  • of course when you say this he gets speechless and stutters and cant process any words but just happy sounds god what a cutie amiright 
  • sometimes when you’re being really cute or he’s distracted with something you’re doing he’ll start switching between korean and english and mixing up words and just being like “im sorry oh my god it’s just you make my head spin because you’re so cute…..did i say that outloud? did i say that in korean? i need to sit down….”
  • when you fell asleep on him while you two were having an adventure time marathon he literally froze in place because he was too scared to wake you and woozi came in to check on u two only to see joshua sitting stiffly on the couch and woozi was like bro… least cover them with a blanket……
  • once seungkwan caught you singing to ‘20′ and so he recorded it and sent it to joshua with a joking text like “hey hyung make this your ringtone!” and guess what…..
  • joshua did it. he made your cute singing voice his frekaing ringtone…..
  • the background of his phone is actually a photo of you that he managed to take when you weren’t looking because you were focused on trying to help him tune his guitar and he thinks you looked really serene but like….he didn’t even notice he took the photo like it just happened… and for a while he was too embarrassed to own up to it but it was too nice to delete so he made it his background….
  • when you teasingly asked him why he took it he couldn’t give you an answer and was like “um uh oh look at the time i gtg” 
  • you once walked in on him dancing to ‘jam jam’ and he begged you to never tell any of the members but like……you had to….you had to tell………joshua has yet to forgive u for that 
  • your first kiss is initiated by you because like you’d be in the perfect moment but joshua would obviously keep hesitating and you’d be like “well……..” and he’d be like “well…here we are….” and you’d just roll your eyes and pull him down by the collar like just kiss me hong jisoo we do not have the time for this 
  • after a while though you learn that joshua takes everything slowly when it comes to kissing, from pulling you close and shyly placing kisses up your neck to your mouth and then holding your gaze for a bit before leaning in to capture your lips.
  • all his kisses are drawn out and long and he’s never harsh or rough with you. 
  • his hands always hold your waist or the small of your back and you don’t know if he knows it but he always holds you in a very protective manner like he doesn’t want to let you go ever
  • joshua has a hard time with jealousy because he’s not a very bold person so if someone is hitting on you or something he might panic and not be sure what to do 
  • he’d actually sort of not notice it until someone else points it out or it begins to get physically but by that point joshua figures out that he has to step in to protect you so he’d just weave his way into the conversation and like step in between you and the person and just swallow his shyness and be like “can i help you? if not, we’ll be going now.”
  • he’d be a real gentlemen about it hehe 
  • what he’s not a gentlemen about is when someone or something intends to hurt you. the people he loves and cares for are the things he holds closes so if he ever saw you in a dangerous situation he’d lose that calm and collected image and even lash out in a way you wouldn’t expect from him 
  • this side won’t come out unless provoked of course
  • but anyway because he’s such a sweet, polite person by nature your family and friends all adore him but he still get shaky like “do you REALLY think they’ll like me?” and ofc they do they always do
  • he turns into a real geek when it comes to watching anime and he talks all the while explaining the characters and backstories and he gets all passionate and excited and it makes you giggle because jisoo stop you’re being TOO cute to handle rn 
  • when you get him cute merch from his favorite animes he literally just glows with happiness because yes this is perfect you know him so well he doesnt dESERve you 
  • seungcheol was jokingly asking joshua if he’s ever used you as a muse for a song on the guitar and joshua got super defensive and shy and now you think maybe he’s composing something just for you but you’re not sure (answer: he is but he’s saving it up for a special time) 
  • in the mornings he’s a little drowsy so when he leans in to maybe get a kiss on the cheek from you, he misses and keeps bumping the edge of his mouth against yours and it’s like joshua sweety wake up om g……..
  • also when you try to wake him and he’s still in bed he has this habit of like pulling you down and murmuring that he just wants to hold you because you’re warm and when you flick his forehead and he comes to the realization of what happening he just becomes this mess of apologizes…… 
  • once cuddling becomes a day to day thing you notice that joshua likes to cuddle while facing each other 
  • although he’s a nervous wreck with skinship sometimes, when you two are alone he feels like having your foreheads close and just looking into each others eyes is really romantic and relaxing 
  • he’d want to just close his eyes and listen to your breathing and have you maybe run your fingers through his hair. The best time for you two to be like this is right in the morning, with the sun just coming up so you and him are still too tired to really talk….
  • took you out to play soccer with him outside and when you scored a goal on him he said it was because he ‘let you win’ but in reality he’s just too embarrassed and flustered to admit u beat him and now he owes you a piggyback ride back to the dorm
  • likes staying up with you on the phone because your voice brings him comfort
  • he misses america sometimes and he tells you that and you see that his family and being so far from them has really taken a toll and so when you take his hands in yours and promise that one day you’ll go there together you don’t even know how much those words mean to him
  • he wears lots of cardigans and when you borrow one one day because you’re cold and he sees you wearing it with your cute sweater paws and all he literally zooms out of the room because the image is too cute……too much….heart is not beating…….
  • “joshua, do you want to get married in korea or in america?” “m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-ma-r-marr-maRRIED !!!!!!1
  • hoshi in another room: “i think you broke him” 
  • for joshua its hard to ask someone for help, but in you he sees someone who is there to not judge him no matter what he is going through so sometimes he spills out a lot and it’s all genuine, raw feeling and when he can’t find a way to say it, you still understand what he’s feeling and that enough shows him that you care
  • on the other hand when you’re upset, joshua can get frazzled and worried easily, but he keeps a collected face because he doesn’t want to burden you further. he always listens first and offers advice later. he always reminds you that no matter what - a situation can be positive and there’s always a way to grow from it. sometimes he doesn’t even know it, but just his presence brings a sense of hope with it for you at least 
  • when you two have lazy walks around the park he’ll secretly pick a flower to put in your hair but he’ll keep it behind his back for too long because he wouldn’t be able to find the perfect moment to tuck it behind your ear 
  • thankfully you tuck one behind his ear and he finally has the ability to do the same to you 
  • likes it when you read him fairytales or stories out loud. again, your voice really enchants him 
  • when you ask him to go on rollercoasters with you or anything extreme like that he sort of swallows and just shakes his head like “no……i love you but…………” 
  • his scared face is really cute you always tease him for it
  • you have this little tradition that whenever you travel you’ll bring him back a guitar pic from the place you went to and whenever he travels he’ll get you a set of pretty postcards 
  • once mingyu gave you and joshua matching hairstyles and when you two looked at each other you couldn’t help but laugh so hard you lost all your breath
  • likes sitting around with you late at night eating pizza and talking and listening to 2BiC and other favorite artists of yours 
  • is a worry wart about your health so always makes sure you have a scarf when it’s cold or sunglasses when it’s hot 
  • wrapped his scarf around you once in the winter and hoshi refers to that moment as you and joshua’s “drama-like romance”. joshua keeps telling him to stop. hoshi doesn’t.
  • saying “i love you” is important to joshua. it’s not something he takes lightly. it takes time for him to say it but when he does you know he means it because he’s looking at you and he’s holding your hand in his and the night sky is twinkling and hong jisoo’s voice isn’t wavering. not even a little bit.
  • when he’s happy his whole face literally gets bright and you love that about it him and when you tell him he gets embarrassed but it’s nice he admits, to have someone tell him that he’s bright especially someone who he thinks is literally always glowing 
  • when you two are together people say you’re just a positive couple that gives off a caring and calming feel.
  • joshua is one hundred percent flustered around you no matter what but he’s flustered because you’re cute and hey guess what - he also totally really truly loves you 

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Then Again, Maybe Not

A/N: Reader is one of the younger of the Avengers, and super clumsy, yet wants to learn to ride Steve’s motorcycle. Also a true story about how I learned to ride a motorcycle.  

Word Count: ~1600

Tagging: @avengerofyourheart @buckyb-avengers @beccaanne814-blog @bovaria If you want to be tagged/untagged, please let me know 


“Pleeeeeaaaaasssseee, Steve” I beg, knowing I sound like a petulant child.  

“Absolutely not, Y/n” He sighs out in frustration.

“I’m not that bad!” I counter.

“Yes you are!  You are agile and quick out in the field, but around the compound…?”  He huffs, “I don’t know how you manage to knock over just about everything that isn’t nailed to the floor.”

I pout my bottom lip out and give him my best puppy dog eyes, to no avail.  Steve just chuckles and walks away.

This has been going on for months, ever since I asked him to teach me how to ride his motorcycle.


We were all eating breakfast at the kitchen bar; “Hey Steve, I was wondering something.” I said after I finished a bite of omelet.  His eyes rose from the newspaper and he hummed around his coffee.

“I think it would be really beneficial to the team, if I knew how to ride a motorcycle,” I stated.

You could hear a pin drop, as I look around at my teammates, most of them are staring at me, mouths ajar, spoons and mugs suspended halfway to their mouths.  

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this is just too cute ahhhhhhhh 😊☺ young love at its finest awww️


c/n/n = crush’s nick name


on a Saturday night when most people would be out with their friends partying, I’m deciding to stay in and relax. I usually do have a busy weekend, so having a night like this is always nice. I hop into bed early and cuddle in all the blankets, enjoying myself. I hear my phone buzz on my bedside table.

“y/nnnnnnnnnnn” it’s from c/n. I smile and set my phone back down when I hear it buzz again.
“I neeeeeeed youuuuuuuu!”

“what’s up.” I reply.
“y/n, I just need you right now.”
“come on, c/n, you can have one day without sex” I type, shaking my head at this lovely boy I get to call my boyfriend.
“no like I just need to be next to you rn.”
I look at his text, slightly confused.
“what’s wrong?” I ask.
“idk I just need you right now.” he replies almost immediately.
“alright, wanna come over? my parents are here but they’re already asleep.”
“k, be there in 10.” he texts, and sure enough, in 10 minutes I hear a car door close. I get out of bed and walk downstairs quietly, trying not to wake up my mom or dad. I open the door as c/n walks up.
“y/n,” he says, greeting me with a smile and kiss.
“hey, c/n/n.” I say as we walk upstairs. we get to my room and I lay back down on my bed.
“you’re welcome to join if you want.” I smile, motioning to my bed.
he toes off his shoes and crawls onto the bed.
“c/n, what’s wrong. this isn’t normal.” I say, turning on my side to face him.
“y/n,” he whispers, cupping my cheek, “I just really want to be with you.”
“ok th-” I start, but stop because I see his blush.
“tell me what it is!” I smile, kissing his nose.
he takes a long breath, then lets it out, looking me in the eyes with the greatest emotions present.
“y/n, I think I love you.” he says, barely audible.
I gaze at his beautiful face, too amazed to say anything. his eyes start to water.
“I’m so sorry.” he says.
“why?” I ask, pulling him closer, “I think I love you, too.”
the smile that appears on his face is more precious than anything and everything ever.
“you’re just so beautiful in every way, so smart, so kind, funny, I just,” he stops and smiles, “I can’t be without you.”
I place my hand on his cheek, then run my fingers through his hair.
“ditto.” I whisper, then bring my lips to his, soft and smooth and slow, but so passionate.
“God, I love you.” he breaths out, running his hands down my side. he pulls me closer and I flip over with my back pressed to his front. his top hand glides under my shirt to rest on my skin, his head near the crook of my neck.
“good night, y/n.” he whispers, kissing my shoulder.
“good night, c/n/n, love you, see ya in the morning.”
I click off my lamp and within minutes we fall into peaceful, lovely blissful sleep.

Winter Wonterland [EdmundxF!Reader] [One-Shot]

We didn’t get any snow where I live, so I just felt like writing some cute and fluffy Ed set in winter… ^^‘ 

[If you actually enjoy my writing, feel free to request something! ^^]

Winter Wonderland

Fic Summary: He’d never liked winter. The White Witch had made him hate it. But maybe she can show him that winter isn’t all bad.

Word Count: 2,4k

Warnings: None

The (h/c) haired girl inhaled the crisp, cool air; a smile creeping onto her features. Winter was beautiful. The entire world was covered in a fluffy, white blanket, the ice on the windows and the trees sparkled like diamonds, and every new snowfall brought thousands of snowflakes with it, each unique; yet the same in a certain way. She could (and had) spend hours outside in the snow; making snow angels, snow men, being the one to start an all out snowball war or climbing one of the highest branches of a tree, gazing at the stars at night and watching her breath curl in clouds before her. Sure, rituals like that had ended with her getting a nasty cold and having to spend at least a week in bed often enough already, but she couldn’t care less. Winter was beautiful, no one could tell her otherwise. She couldn’t understand people who locked themselves in their rooms, trying to shut this beautiful season out completely. 

Unfortunately, her immediate surroundings included exactly such a person. That person being her boyfriend of all things

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm a new bnha fan, and this adorable hot and cold dude made me fall for him. How do you think he would react if you (student in the same class as him) asked him to heat up your cold coffee? LOL I'm laughing as I type this. Thank you! :)

Believe me, I know how it feels to be in love with a strawberry shortcake. So same XD Anyways this is cute af and you are cute af for sending this request and you deserve a cute af answer so I’ll try my best. 

Ah, there you were, as usual. The uniform looked so beautiful on you, so did your smile, so did all of your face. You were perfect. So painfully perfect. You were ruining his life.
Day by day Todoroki had spent his classes distracted by the sight of your concentrated features as you studied, sometimes he stopped whatever he might have been doing just to listen to the sound of your voice, or even constantly raised his hand in class to answer Aizawa’s questions just to impress you…even though you still didn’t seem to notice him yet.
It was just a silly crush, he needed to get over it. He didn’t have time to think about nonsense, and his interaction with you seemed to be going anywhere. So as he took the decision to forget about you, as he made up his mind and realized it was better to just give it up,he managed to ignore his feelings for a couple of weeks.
What he didn’t manage tho, what he wasn’t prepared for, was to predict the upcoming events. There was no way to expect you walking towards his desk that morning, there was no clue that could have lead him to you ducking right next to his seat, smiling politely, looking as dashing as ever. And there was no possible way, no existing miracle that could have help him guess the motive of your approach.
“Uh, excuse me” You had caught him spacing off, distracted, his mind totally somewhere else. He looked surprised, scared even, and you began to get your doubts as weteher it was a good idea to talk to him for this. He was so cool after all “could I ask for a favor?”
He cleared his throat, composing himself and trying to keep eye contact with you, even though he seemed to have trouble keeping up with that.
“Sorry, I was thinking about something else” he excused himself. Gosh, why did you have to talk to him now? Now that he had managed to forget how nicely you spoke…“A favor? What is it?”
“Oh, I hope this is not impolite but…” you said. He swallowed hard “could you…” what did you wanted?? Why him?? Why now?? “Could you please heat up my coffee?”
It wasn’t till then that he noticed the cup awaiting in your hand, and it wasn’t till then that he noticed he still wans’t over you and your lovely smile.
“Are you mad? I’m sorry!” you apologized before his puzzled face, not quite getting the hang of what was really going on “I just thought that because of your quirk you…”
“Oh, no, it’s ok” he bit the innert part of his cheek. Hard. Half because he needed to release tension, half as a silent punishment because he was an idiot “hand it to me”
“For real? Thank you, you are my savior!”
He had to make an actual, physical effort for not blushing at that.
“Yeah, I just can’t deal with my day without a cup of coffe, you know?”
Ah, there was that laugh, that beautiful laugh he was so weak for.
“I see” he almost curses as you sat in front of him, turning the chair around for it to face him and place your elbows on his desk. Why were you making it so hard for him?? “Why didn’t you ask Bakugou though?”
“Are you serious?? I wouldn’t trust that guy a rock, not to say my precious coffee”
He giggled, oh gosh you had made him giggle. Just like a pathetic little school girl. It was a low blow. It didn’t mean to happen.
And just when he thought he couldn’t fall even deeper into the hole, you titled your head to the side, looked at him with those luminous eyes of yours, and gifted him the sweetest smile followed by those killer words:
“Did anybody ever told you you have a really nice laugh?”
He didn’t have the time to answer, as a cloud of vapor suddenly filled the air and Kaminari felt the need to interrupt.
“Oi! Todoroki! You are boiling the coffee!!”

Sorry if it was too short, I didn’t want to make it longer by adding irrelevant happenings and Todoroki getting even more flustered XD

I ain’t all bad

 Can you do a short thing where you find out about Matty’s past and all the bad things he’s done &other girls he’s been with and you’re super upset even though it’s the past and he kinda reassures you and says he loves you bc this is happening and I need to be cheered up :’(

I met Matty at a party my parents made. My dad introduced me to him.

He was wearing a suit and his curly hair was in a ponytail, but in that moment I knew he was different from all the guys I dated. And I liked it.
We chatted for a really long time, and when the party ended we exchanged numbers and soon he took me on a date.
In that date I figured out he really likes tattoos, smoking cigarettes and music. So far from what I’m used to. But I was ok with that, he really amazed me.

What I didn’t know was that he was a drug addict and that he loved to “party hard”. And those facts scared me.

“Please… don’t go” Matty whispered grabing my arm. I was about to get out of his flat. “I’m changing. I’m so much better than before." 

"I… I don’t know Matthew.” I said as I started crying. “I’m scared…”
“Scared of what? Of me?” He asked in sourprise. I only nodded. 

I understand it was the past but you just can’t quit drugs like they’re nothing but a silly game. And also, the girls he used to date… they were so different from me. And the people he hangs with, they make me feel uncomfortable and sick by just breathing the same air as them.

“Why would you be afraid of me? I’m not a monster…” He whispered the last sentence. “I know that I did mistakes, but I learned from them and it’s in the past now. I would never do anything bad to you, love.”
“This is too much for me, I don’t know if I can stand this whole situation.”
“Have you never made mistakes? Are you THAT perfect? Huh?” He started  and yell at me. And I was more scared than before.
“The only thing I’d regret in my life is breaking up with you for this stupid argument”. 

He smiled and my cheeks turned red. “I’m sorry. I’m just worried” I whispered ashamed of everything I said earlier.
“It’s okay.” he chuckled. “One of the things that made me fell in love with you was your innocence, the good person you are.” He hugged me and I hide my face in his neck. “I want to change. I really do. Let me learn from you…”
“I love you. I’m sorry for my overacting.”
“Shhh, it’s ok angel. I love you too. Please don’t ever leave me.”
“I would never, Matty.”

I Was Scared and I'm Sorry (Part 1)

Vladimir x Reader. Both you and Vladimir struggle to fight the feelings you have for each other until the truth all comes tumbling out in an unexpected way. **Title from The Wonder Years’ song, lyrics from Neck Deep’s “Rock Bottom”**

But I know you’re chasing something, or has what you wanted got you scared and running? And I know you’re missing something, because I felt it there that night, and caught you blushing.

“Volodya,” you huffed out exasperatedly, tugging at the blond’s scarred and tattooed hand. “All you’ve been doing lately is drinking in your office alone or going to the same overrated club to fuck variations of the same girls. How is that possibly fun?!”

Vladimir pulled out of your grip and rounded on you, an irritated look crossing his face. “How do you know what women I fuck?”

You snickered. “Tolya told me he can hear their heels and smell the clouds of perfume from down the hall. Not to judge.” You paused and grinned wickedly as he swore under his breath. “And I heard all about the false eyelash fiasco that left you mentally scarred for life. What was her name? Star?”

“That is it, out, now,” the blond growled, trying to push you out the door as you dug your heels against the concrete with resistance. You waited a second before spinning around, wrapping your arms around his waist tightly and laughing as he staggered back from the impact. You felt your stomach flip involuntarily as you breathed in his cologne and felt his muscles tense instinctively. “You smell good, Volodya. Loving this cologne!” you murmured playfully, your voice muffled against the soft blue fabric.

You didn’t see it, but his cheeks started growing red at your words. “The fuck are you doing, crazy?!” he sputtered.

You looked up at him with a determined gaze. “I’m not letting go until you agree to come out with me tonight! You’ve bailed on me for 2 weekends in a row and I miss partying with you. "I have work” is not an excuse when we work at the same place and I know what work you have.“

Y/N,” he growled threateningly, trying to pry you off him and failing.

You chuckled. “You watched me win a pull up contest against Sergei, shithead, you think my arms are gonna wimp out that quick?” You squeezed tighter and that was it.

“Fine, I go!”

You released your hold with a triumphant smirk and patted his cheek as he looked at you with an odd expression of annoyance and amusement – and was that a little bit of nervousness you saw? You kept your hand on his cheek, surprised at how warm it was. “God damn, you need to hit the gym, look at you all red from trying to pry my 130 something-pound ass off,” you said teasingly with a smirk. Vladimir scowled and your face fell for a moment. “Seriously, Vlad is it some kind of punishment to hang out with me outside of work suddenly?” You said with a harsh laugh.

Vladimir shook his head quickly, looking at you earnestly with his blue eyes. “Nyet. It is not that.” You stared at him, waiting for an elaboration. You knew he wasn’t one to talk about how he felt, and up until now you had played it off like it wasn’t bothering you, but you were a bit hurt that he was bailing on plans to go out with you to drink alone or fuck strippers.

You and Vladimir had grown close since joining the Russians a few months back to help them expand the distribution of Gao’s product to wealthier clients across the city and abroad. You and Anatoly got along well right away – he was the one who brought you on and liked you right away, admiring your sweetness coupled with a ferocity that rivaled that of his brother’s when it came to speaking your mind. You weren’t intimidated by him or Vladimir; you would tell them when they weren’t handling business as efficiently as they could or when they were just being assholes.

Unlike his brother, Vladimir didn’t take so kindly to any constructive criticism. He hated being told how to do his job, and he hated it even more when you did come up with better business strategies than he did. After the first week, however, his agitation dissipated entirely when you skipped into his office triumphantly with a list of 30 or so filthy rich clients you had scored and he couldn’t help it, he was impressed and extremely thrilled– and kind of turned on. Vladimir felt himself smiling, a rare thing for him these days. You smiled back. He offered you a drink and you spent the next few hours getting drunk contentedly with him and Tolya, loving whenever you could get the blond’s scarred face to light up with a smile or even laugh.

You liked Vladimir a lot. You weren’t stupid; you knew he was dangerous, had major problems with emotional intimacy and had a nasty temper. But you also knew that he always asked how your day was and that his smile gave you butterflies, that you liked the banter you two had, that you loved being around him and you liked how adventurous he was. You noticed how his eyes lit up like a child when he was excited and that he would talk comically faster, that he was actually pretty smart and insightful, that he would punch out any men he caught making obscene comments about your body and that he was fiercely devoted to the rare few he let in – Anatoly was enough proof of that.

He found himself noticing things about you as well. He still had the picture of you and him on his iPhone from that night; you had snatched it from him and rested your chin on his shoulder while you smiled happily, yelling out “Now I have TWO Russian crime lord best friends!” It made you sad that he only really had his brother, you liked making sure that he knew someone else cared about him. Now that he had put his stubborn pride aside, your humor and passion, your sincerely caring and slightly reckless nature were all made clear to him and he found that he liked it. really, really liked it.

At first, he didn’t think anything of it, just told himself that he just thought you were hot and smart and an off limits work associate. But the more time you spent together in and out of work sober or drunk – throwing knives at a dartboard while you talked about shipments, running and giggling through Times Square together with a handle of vodka, backing each other up in any bar fights, sitting in his office going over paperwork with takeout, watching your body hungrily as you dragged him off to dance at a crowded party– the more he found himself wanting you. But not just in a physical sense, it was deeper than that. It was an emotional, yearning, encompassing kind of want, could he call it love? He had never felt like this. Whatever it was, it scared the Russian crime lord to death.

And two weeks ago, you had found him in his office in a fury about the masked man, his blue eyes shining as he blinked furiously and screamed at you to get out. But you didn’t. You approached him gently, grabbing his a hand and talking to him until he calmed down – Tolya was the only one he thought could do that. He had never seen anyone but Tolya look at him like that – like he deserved to be cared for – and as you pulled him into a hug, he found himself almost saying three words and panicked. So he bailed on plans with you while he tried to figure out how to control the way he felt – but he didn’t know if he ever would be able to.

“Vladimir,” you said sharply, watching him pull himself out of whatever thought he was having. He exhaled and looked at your pained face, feeling a twinge in his heart as he lied about why he was really avoiding you. “I think I love you and I don’t know what to do,” he thought to himself bitterly. But what came out of his mouth was, “Just been stressed with shipments delayed because of that fucking masked prick running around. It is not your fault. I am sorry I upset you, that was not my intention.”

Your gaze softened and you nodded. “It’s ok, Vlad. I just didn’t know if I did something to piss you off.” He shook his head and chuckled. “You know I let you know when you piss me off.” You laughed. “This is true. But hey, now you can enjoy the weekend and come have fun with me!” You gave him an exaggerated grin and did your best spirit fingers, laughing as he smiled and shook his head at your antics. You stood on tiptoe and mussed up his spiky blond hair. You grinned coyly. “Smile more, Volodya. It looks good on you.”

Without waiting for a reaction, you pushed your Ray Bans down over your eyes and headed out the door. “Be at my apartment at like 9:30, OK?” You called back as you looked at your phone nonchalantly, somehow keeping your voice even a smile broke across your face, turning to a sigh. You knew how you felt about Vladimir, but you weren’t stupid – he wasn’t exactly a relationship kind of guy. What was the point of telling him how you felt if it would just make things more complicated? You didn’t need anymore heartbreak and you liked what you two had now. So you kept your feelings to yourself and settled for enjoying your friendship and his company – and throwing in sly flirtations and compliments along the way.

As soon as you shut the door, Vladimir turned to the couch and fell on it facedown, screaming into one of the cushions. He sat up suddenly and hit Anatoly’s name on his phone and chewed at his lip. “Tolya, come to the office,” he fired off in Russian. He hesitated. “I need your help, brother.”

- Holy hell this was hard to set up PHEW can’t wait to progress with this baby