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Lafayette x Reader: Modern!AU (Part 2)


Words: 1320

Warning: hangover, implied throw up, implied smut (okay I know I said no smut but there was no way I couldn’t do this)



“Hey man hey, I literally just found your blog but holy cow, I’m totally down to clown with a part 2 for the Lafayette x Drunk!Reader. ٩( ᐛ )و Pretty please? IT WAS REALLY CUTE, (Sorry I didn’t get the reference though >.<)”

“um so like part 2 of that laf fic plEASE?????? thank you i love your writing ur gr8”


“I need a part two of the laf x reader. Omg it was so good i need know what happens next.”


“part two part two part two part twoooo”

“part two pleaseeeee”

“Please tell me your doing a part two”

Prompt: nada

A/N: you !!! guys !!! are !!! so !!! sweet !!! (and you really wanted this I did not expect this many requests)


The slow pulsing headache caused you to push yourself to sit upwards as you woke up, but the blinding white light consumed your line of sight and you put yourself under the large blanket once more.

After blinking a few times, and using your hand to wipe the crust from your eyes, you sat up and squinted around the room, getting used to the light.

The lights source was coming from a tall lamp across the room– wait, you didn’t have a lamp across from your bed at your apartment, where were you?

As you started panic, you shoved the blanket to the side and threw your legs over the side of the bed, standing up.

A wave of nausea hit you, the hangover taking effect, and you groaned as you clutched your stomach. How much did I drink? What happened last night? You asked yourself.

You remembered ordering a couple rounds of shots for yourself at the bar, paying for it, and getting in an uber. Then, knocking on the door of an apartment, you couldn’t remember the number, but you’re surprised the person took you in.

Footsteps grew louder as they made their way towards the room you were standing in, and your stomach twisted as you were getting quite anxious. You sucked in a large breath, as you were getting ready to blurt out this long apology to whoever strangers house you made yourself comfortable in.

“Hey, princess,” someone said opening the door. You recognised that voice, so you looked up.

You let out the biggest sigh of relief, “Oh thank god, Hercules, its you.”

Hercules smiled, “Well, yeah, who else would have paintings of horses all over their guest bedroom?”

You looked around, nodding, he did have more than three on one wall, “Oh. Yeah…”

He walked over and handed you the glass of water that was sitting on the nightstand, you hadn’t even noticed it before,

“Drink up, after that I’m taking you towards the bathroom.”

You gladly sipped the water, before following him out of the room. Hercules took the glass from your hands as you entered the bathroom.

“I’m sorry for, you know, intruding your home last night. I mean, for all I know you could’ve been sleeping! I don’t remember much, so I’m sorry for anything that happened. I really shouldn’t have been drinking in the first place,” you kept rambling until Hercules stopped you.

“Hey! You’re fine, nothing bad happened. And I wasn’t sleeping.”

“Oh thank God.”

He left the bathroom to make breakfast, also not wanting to see what kind of art show you would be showcasing in the toilet.

After you were done, you walked into his kitchen and wiped your mouth off with some paper towels before throwing them away.

“So, uh, if I didn’t wake you up, and you were already up, who was keeping you awake?” You said, wiggiling your eyebrows.

Hercules rolled his eyes, “It was Lafayette; I was Face Timing him. Speaking of, he’s going to be over in a few.”

You didn’t ask why, just gave a small nod, before getting some cereal down for yourself.

When you mentioned Lafayette, is got some sort of ‘déjà vu’ feeling. Maybe it was from last night, maybe you butt-dialed him. You hoped Lafayette didn’t actually see you, or hear you, for that matter, last night. You didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your crush of all people.

You sat down, and ate your cereal across from Hercules, who was texting someone, until the doorbell rang.

He stood up, mumbling an ’I’ll get it’ under his breath, and he opened the door to reveal Lafayette standing there.

He was wearing one pair of his pink sweatpants, with the waistline of his Mickey Mouse underwear showing, and his hair in pigtails.

Hercules said nothing, just moved aside got him to come in, in which he did.

You were slightly taken aback by what he was wearing, and you turned around toward the door,

“Hey, Laf.”

“Hello, mon cherie.”

You felt your cheeks burn up and you turned back to your cereal, when Hercules spoke up,

“Oh, John just texted me. He… needs me to… come over… for something…” He grabbed some shoes, and left.

“Do you think he realises he’s still in his pajamas?” You said, glancing back.

Lafayette walked in the kitchen and sat in the chair across from you, digging into the untouched portion of Hercules’ toast.

There was just silence, as you could feel Lafayette staring at you. You didn’t know how to react, so you took your bowl and put it in the sink after rinsing it out,

“Are you okay?” You looked back at him while putting your hands on the counter behind you.

“I think that question should be directed at you, considering your hangover,” Lafayette shrugged.


“You know, the how you say– aftermath of when you got intoxicated, confessed your undying love for me in a long rant, and then said that you had dreams about sleeping with me.”

You felt like you were going to cry, Lafayette was now standing directly in front of you, practically cornering you into where the counter and fridge met.

“I… have to go, I just remembered I need to go move to Alaska with my mother,” you said quickly, ducking under his arm and leaving the room.

“Y/n, wait!” Lafayette called after you, but you were already leaving the apartment.

You stopped at the end of the hall, and turned around, ready to take your embarrassing rejection so you could get it over with.

When Lafayette caught up to you, he held your forearms lightly, bringing you closer to him,

“Could you just listen to me?” He let out a breathily laugh before shaking his head, “Y/n, mom cherie, mom amour, whatever, I love you. I love how you sing to yourself all the time, I love how you stick your tongue out when you’re concentrating, I love how you’re so passionate about the things you favor, I could make a whole list about how I love everything about you.”

You just looked down at the ground, “Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, of course.”

You bring your head up and smiled, and you pulled his face down and kissed him as his arms wrapped you.

Before it could get any farther, Lafayette pulled away, “How about we go to my apartment and fulfill your dreams?”

You were quite confused at first, but two and two together and started letting out small laughs while nodding your head. Lafayette took your hand, and lead you down the stairs.

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I absolutely love your art! I really hope your wrist feels better soon, not just so you can draw, but so you can also feel better. Your is just so amazing and cute. It's very different!

Oh boi sorry for the late reply lol I’m so used of receiving hate from everywhere lately that I cried like a lill baby while reading this lol. :’) I needed time to recover wew. 

Holy cow that’s really nice of you anon thanks ! You just brighten my day !! ;w;

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Hey duo I just got into cow chop and funhaus and I was wondering if you follow any good blogs for either of them? I'm just now starting up a rt blog but I'm not sure who to follow. Sorry if this is annoying!!!

Oh no you’re not annoying at all! Unfortunately I don’t really have any strict Funhaus/Cow Chop blogs that I follow so I am not person to go to for recommendations. However if any of my followers have any recommendations I’m sure they would love to share them with you. I try to find blogs that do a bit of everything like I do so I can’t really give you a good list as of now. Sorry!

my friend and her boyfriend broke up like two months ago and got into a huge fight and he was being really verbally abusive and rude after so i texted him to defend her, saying he shouldn’t talk to people like that while preaching ~peace and love~ online (which he does) and he started talking down on me, calling me fat and just kept saying it over and over again. he called me a cow and said ‘that’s why your boyfriend doesn’t find you attractive anymore.’ it really got to me. anyway i blocked his number and moved on. she recently decided to get back together with him (stupid) and she texted me tonight, “he got his top surgery! you should congratulate him and try to be friends”

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh excuse me? i already think you’re a loser and a dumb ass for taking him back and you think i’m going to try for a friendship with him? nope. not at all. he owes me a huge apology, but even if i get one, i will never respect him.

150505 Lee Jong Suk Instagram Update

You all… must be bored? Recently I am not Lee Jong Cow but I am just me, sorry.. kk Recently I haven’t watched drama for a long time, Divorce Lawyer in Love is really interesting~ To sooth your boredom, I recommend this quietly.. (T/N: Quietly kinda meaning in the sense of secretly or discreetly here) Kol-kol.. Because I will be jealous, don’t fall for handsome actors..! kk If there are good dramas, hope you can recommend them to me…………..

그 대들.. 심심하지? 요즘 이종소가 아니라 내가 미안.. ㅋㅋ 난 요즘 진짜 오랜만에 드라마 챙겨보는데 이혼변호사는 연애중 재밌다~ 심심함을 달래 주고자 조용히 추천합니다.. 껄껄.. 질투 나니까 멋진 배우님들한테 너무 반하진말고..!ㅋㅋ 좋은 작품 있으면 나에게도 추천해주길 바라…………

just some reasons why i love matthew daddario

  • is the dad friend
  • have you seen his stupid hair? ?? have you!! its beautiful and fluffy
  • dumb eye crinckles
  • actual ray of sunshine
  • loves cows
  • makes a slightly not even really offensive in any way joke and then follows it with “haha just kidding sorry” 
  • seems like a v great hugger
  • tall
  • so so so tall
  • cares so much about alec lightwood and his feelings?? and cares soooo much about the way the fans feel about him
  • doesnt understand the internet at all
  • is basically snow white with animals tbh
  • daddy oreo
  • did i mention the cows