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RinShi Week: Day 2 - Confession / Day 6 - Trust

Title: Testament

Fandom: Ao No Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

Pairing:  Okumura Rin / Moriyama Shiemi 

Rating: PG (mild language)

Summary: It is the start of the new year, and Rin and Shiemi find themselves alone, together. Rin decides to take that moment to talk about something else that was bothering him. Who does she like the most? A fluffy short, one shot on a headcanon I had about her being like his angel. :]  (Based mostly off the manga series - but the story should still be pretty understandable for those who have not read the later chapters after the 2nd season of the anime!)

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Ot4 for popnographic.  This is just complete ridiculous fluff, I just needed all the boys cuddling, and I have nothing to say for myself.

Sousuke figures he’s probably in trouble.  Friday nights are movie nights in their household, and he knows he’s going to receive more than his fair share of pouty looks for arriving home late, particularly from Rin and Haru.  Even if his tardiness is technically his boss’s fault, he doubts they’ll be kind enough to just let him off the hook.

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slothesaurus  asked:

Welcome back! In celebration of that maybe some souharu/makorin where Sousuke and Makoto are welcoming back Rin and Haru from a competition if you're up for it? Maybe they plan a nice dinner or outing and hilarity ensues while they gush abt their returning bfs. And tbh I just find the idea of Sousuke perpetually wondering when Gameface!Makoto will rear his head too funny. Go Team Bara Boyfriends!

Hmm… this only sort of fills the prompt??? I’ve never really explored Sousuke and Makoto’s dynamic before, but I’m sure they would be great friends.  Sousuke might be just a little scared of Makoto sometimes, even though he’s really a sweetheart haha.  These four just make me emotional.

Makoto has his face half concealed behind a throw pillow.  He squeezes it tightly to his chest, his eyes barely peeking out to catch glimpses of the laptop in Sousuke’s lap.

“Can you even see?” Sousuke sighs, sending him an amused look.

Makoto lets out a nervous laugh.  “S-sorry! It’s just- Haru’s been training so hard for this race! I can hardly watch!”

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