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Please Don’t Go.

I wanted to write a fic of how I think it might play out tonight, or you know, how I wished for it to happen in my mind. Because I’m Bellarke trash :P Anyway ignore my bad explanation and enjoy!!

“I’m going to stay behind.”

For a moment Bellamy couldn’t think, it felt as though his heart had dropped to his stomach, completely speechless. He should have expected her to do this, he should have noticed from the quizzical look on her face when Raven was talking that she’d stay behind. Bellamy wasn’t alone, everyone elses expression was blank except Echo and Emori who weren’t really bothered by Clarke’s decision. Clarke had informed them all but her eyes were piercing into Bellamy’s she knew what he’d say, she knew him better than he knew himself at this point.

“No.” Bellamy managed, his throat tight but the words came out stern, the others eyes darting from Clarke to him. “You’ll die, Clarke. You’re not staying.”

“Someone has to go out there and remotely turn on the launch pad, you are my people and seem as Kane isn’t here to make the sacrifice, I am.” Clarke spoke as though she’d planned her argument in her head.

Our people, Clarke. We lead them together, not alone.” Bellamy finally moved, taking a step closer trying to seem intimidating, doing his best to keep him safe, just like he’d promised Abby. “You’re getting in that rocket with us, Clarke.”

Clarke shook her head, she strode over to were they’d hung up the suits, they only had ninety minutes and she didn’t have time for arguing. Raven came forward this time, stepping in Clarke’s way of the suits. “Raven, move.”

“You’ve done a lot to save your people, Clarke. But I don’t think killing yourself is a good idea, you might have nightblood but as far as we know it’s useless against the radiation.” Raven reasoned, she held her helmet in her her hands, she’d been practicing her plan in the rocket until she heard Clarke’s declaration.

“Raven you won’t leave this planet on time if I don’t, it’s what has to be done.” Clarke sighed, moving around Raven and snatching up her suit, sparing Raven a glance. Raven didn’t continue to fight, she knew she couldn’t shake Clarke.

“If you’re really doing this then we need to talk,” Bellamy’s low voice echoed throughout the lab but when she turned to look at him, the suit clamped in her hands. Bellamy’s eyes wouldn’t meet hers, focused on the floor. Clarke knew she was hurting him, she knew her decision could end horribly for her, she’d never see her mum again, her friends…she’d never see Bellamy again. “We can talk upstairs.”

Clarke mustered a reply and followed Bellamy’s lead when he headed towards the stairs, she was preparing herself for a lecture of how she was risking her life and how there was another way. Because they always found another way. Except this time they didn’t have time for a second plan.

Clarke closed the bedroom door softly, turning only to see a blur of Bellamy’s blue shirt before her face was buried in Bellamy’s chest, his arms weaving around her like she was something precious, keeping her close to his heartbeat. Clarke didn’t hesitate to hold him back, startled at first, Bellamy never initiated contact and the fact that he was meant it was serious. They remained enveloped in one another for a couple of minutes, they didn’t want to let go. Especially not knowing this could be the last hug they have for five years. Bellamy eventually released her, his eyes instantly boring into hers.

“I don’t want you to go.” His words were simple, but she could see the pain in his eyes as he let out the words. Clarke bowed her head, she hated being the one that caused that pain.

“I know.”

“I promised your mum that I wouldn’t let anything happen to you, that I’d take care of you.” Bellamy sighed, his hand quietly brushing back a strand of Clarke’s blonde hair which had fallen out of it’s plait. Clarke caught his hand before he could drop it back to his side, his eyes flickered to their joined hands for a moment, his thumb smoothing the back of her soft, pale skin before meeting her eyes once more.

“I promised to take care of you too, I promised Octavia that I’d do everything in my power to keep you safe and that’s what I’m doing, Bellamy, I’m keeping you safe.” By this point tears had welled in Clarke’s eyes, threatening to spill down her cheeks. Bellamy’s heart broke at the sight, his grip on her hand tightening.

“Then I’ll stay behind too, you can’t do this alone, Clarke.”

Clarke turned away as a tear fell, letting out a choked sob before shaking her head once more. “No, Bellamy. You can’t.” Her words barely making sense now. “I at least have a chance at surviving, you’ll die and I-I can’t…I won’t lose you too.”

Bellamy’s free hand swiped her tears away, his own approaching. “I won’t let you do this.”

“You don’t have a choice, if you don’t let me go Bellamy, our friends will die. I know you don’t want to let me do this, I know it’s hurting you, god, it’s hurting me Bellamy, do you think I want to leave you? But they’re our people and we can’t let them die.” Clarke breathed, her words continuously getting caught in her throat but she knew Bellamy understood. The look that had crossed his expression had told her that she’d won him over, but she couldn’t miss the water brimming in his eyes. The way he could no longer meet her gaze, she could practically hear his heart break.

Bellamy sucked in a breath, “I love you.” His words were steady, he wanted her to know and he didn’t want it to be a sad, shaky confession. He wanted her know that he loved her, that he was proud of her. His words pushed Clarke over the edge, tears pouring from her eyes, her nose starting to run but she let out a happy laugh mid sobs.

“God, I love you too.” She managed, pushing herself on her toes taking a moment to trace Bellamy’s features before squeezing her eyes shut, forcing her sobs to stop whilst she just took this moment to kiss him. Bellamy didn’t care about her soaked cheeks and the fact that she was holding back a cry. He returned the kiss gladly before breaking away and sliding her hand back into his. “I-It’s time.” 

“We will meet again, Clarke.”

A small smile tugged at the corners of Clarke’s lips as she nodded, “We always do.”

(Archie Andrews x Reader): You’re such a cliche

Summary: Archie and Reader (a cheerleader) develop feels and eventually a relationship, the only problem is that the reader doesn’t want it to get out.

A/N: (apologies for spelling and grammar) This is a different style from what I normally do so I hope you enjoy it :)

 It had all started after an away football game. (Y/N) had been sitting at the front of the bus like she usually did (she claimed she got carsick; she was really just trying to avoid most of the other cheerleaders so she could read in peace) and Archie sat down next to her.

“Is this seat taken?” Archie asked, causing (Y/N) to look up from her book.

“I guess not,” You mumbled, a little annoyed to be distracted since you were just getting wrapped up in the story.

“Sorry, there’s no other seats, otherwise I wouldn’t bother you, you seem pretty pulled into that book.” He explains, looking a bit nervous.

You take pity on him, “That’s okay, I just usually sit up here to take a break from the girls, I love them but sometimes they’re a little too much.” You admit.

Archie nods, “I totally get that, I have the same thing with a lot of the guys on the team, that’s why it helps to have good friends who aren’t only thinking about football.”

You shrug, not wanting to admit that you don’t really have any good friends, just the other cheerleaders.

“So what are you reading?” Archie asked.

And that’s how it all started. The two spent the whole ride back to Riverdale talking about everything from books to music to politics.

After that the two found each other more and more often, they started partnering up in the classes they shared and Archie made it a habit to always sit next to (Y/N) on the bus to and from away games. Any time anyone asked if they were dating they would both scoff and reject the idea, both convinced that the other one didn’t feel the same way.

You were at a party, you hated parties, the music was always too loud, it was too hot, and everyone around you was too drunk. Cheryl was hanging on to you, her arm around your shoulders, “Isn’t she so tacky?” She asked you, her words slurring together.

“Who?” You asked dumbly, realizing you’d zoned out of the conversation.

“Veronica, of course” Cheryl sighed, “God, you’re so stupid sometimes. Anyway, I think she’s probably had work done, I mean…”

You nodded along as Cheryl droned on, not noticing Archie standing nearby watching you.

Eventually you excused yourself to go to the bathroom and carefully pried Cheryl’s arm off of you. When you got up to the bathroom you stared at yourself in the mirror for a long time, wondering how you’d gotten yourself in this situation. After washing your face quickly you opened the door only to stumble into Archie.

“Oh, hey!” You say cheerfully, putting on the facade you’d perfected in recent years.

“Why do you act that way when you’re around the other cheerleaders?” He asked bluntly.

“What way?” You asked, playing dumb, even though you knew exactly what he was getting at.

“It’s like you’re a completely different person when you’re with me, I don’t get it.” He tells you.

“It’s just easier.” You respond, defensively crossing your arms over your chest, “It makes it easier to fit in.”

Archie sighed, “Yeah, you’re a cheerleader, but you’re also so much more than that. Don’t let people like Cheryl dumb you down.”

“I appreciate that Archie, I really do, but if I was myself around these people…I’d probably get kicked off the team.” You reply, “Now if you’ll excuse me,” You add before slipping past him and making your way back to your post next to Cheryl.

The next weekend was an away game. It was a brutal loss and Archie was unusually quiet on the bus ride home because of it.

“Hey, you played great tonight, you know that right?” You said softly.

“Thanks, (Y/N), but I still feel bad, I could have played better,” Archie replied. 

“Hey, I’m sure next weekend will be better,” You say as you gently and hesitantly intertwine your fingers with his own. Your brain tells you not to, that this is a bad idea and you’re slowly becoming everything you hate but another party of you can’t bear that you’re not touching him more.

“(Y/N)…” Archie mutters softly, looking down at your hands and then back up at your face.

“Is this okay?” You ask quietly.

“Yes,” He replies quickly.

You smile softly as you turn to look straight ahead again. 

They held hands the rest of the ride, neither one wanted to be the first one to let go. Once they got back to school and everyone started getting off (Y/N) quickly snatched her hand away before anyone could notice it.

“Can I walk you home?” Archie asked, surprising you. The two of you never spent time together outside of school and stuff for football, especially not alone. 

You smiled and nodded, “Sure.”

As they walked Archie reached for your hand again.

“So what are we?” Archie asked as you walked up to your porch.

“I don’t know,” You replied, turning to face him, “I’m turning into everything I used to make fun of, but I don’t hate it.”

“Well, do you want to date?” Archie asked.

“I think so,” You admitted, “Do you?”

“Of course, ever since I first sat next to you on the bus I’ve been trying to figure out how to ask you out.” He replied, blushing slightly.

“Then you should pick me up tomorrow night at seven,” You reply as you unlocked your door.

Their first date was at Pops, they were having a good time, talking about their families and how dysfunctional they are when some cheerleaders walked in and made their way over to where they were sitting.

“Oh my god! Are you guys on a date?” One of them asked excitedly.

“No,” You quickly replied, “We’re just hanging out,” You lied quickly and believably.

“Oh, sorry,” She replied awkwardly, “Well…we’ll leave you to it…” She said before the group walked away.

“Sorry about that,” You said, turning to Archie, “They’re just…”

“Why did you say we weren’t on a date?” He asked.

“They-There are these really dumb stereotypes, you know, the whole cheerleader and the football player cliche? I just, I can’t become that.”

“But isn’t that what we are?” 

“No! We’re more than that, we’re more complex, but that’s how those girls will see us, and I just can’t-”

“Do you want to be in a relationship with me?”

“I-yes.” You admit, “But we’re some fantasy straight out of the 1969s.”

“Why is that so bad? What we have is real, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” You reply again, “Archie, I want to be with you, but if we are, we can’t tell anyone, at least not the football team and cheerleading squad.”

“Are you ashamed at the thought of being with me?”

“No, I just wanted what we have to be just between us, it’s too special to taint with everyone else.”

And for two months they did just that, they went on dates, spent time together, did everything that couples do, the only difference was that they didn’t tell anyone one at school, or act in any slightly romantic way when they were around other kids.

Archie had a hard time keeping it from his close friends. Betty, Veronica, Kevin-and even Jughead-sometimes tried to set him up with people, but he just kept avoiding their ideas, claiming that he was too busy with music and football and work to have a girlfriend. None of them really bought it (I mean, it hadn’t stopped him before when he was with Grundy or Valerie) but they had a hard time figuring out why Archie would be so adamant about it. Kevin was the one who first brought up the fact that he was hiding a secret girlfriend but everyone else thought that was highly unlikely, they’d never seen him act more than friendly with anyone, and none of the girls he hung out with stood out more than others.

But, like all secrets, the truth came out eventually.

You and Archie were at Pops one Friday night, enjoying your tradition of splitting a hot fudge malt and a basket of fries when the ice queen herself, Cheryl, walked in.

“Well, well, well, what are you two doing here? Out on a date?” She asks as she saunters over.

“Cheryl, for the last time, we’re not dating, we’re just hanging out.” You reply with an eyeroll as you glance over at her.

“Well, you two do an awful lot of hanging out for two people claiming to just be friends.” She comments, “Every weekend someone finds the two of you here, just the two of you,”

“Cheryl, everyone hangs out here all the time, what are you trying to say?”

“I’m just saying that if you’re not dating Archie, you should give someone else a ride on the ginger stallion.” She replies suggestively as she gives Archie a meaningful glance, “What do you say Archie?”

“I um-” He stalls, glancing at you nervously.

“Oh come on Cheryl, just because Archie doesn’t want to make out with you doesn’t mean he’s dating someone,” You cutting, starting to feel a bit defensive.

“Well, that didn’t stop him last time.”

“What?” You ask, feeling completely thrown for a loop.

“At my family’s maple syrup tapping,” Cheryl replies.

“Oh, that doesn’t matter, that was before we were dating,” You reply before realizing what you just said and claiming your hand over your mouth and glancing at Archie with wide eyes.

“Ha! I knew it!” She shouts triumphantly, “Jesus Christ, you guys made that way harder than it needed to be. I can’t wait to tell everybody, this is so exciting.”

“Great…” You mutter as she walks away, already typing on her phone (presumably texting the group chat the ‘good news’), “Shit,” You mutter as you rub your hands over your face. From across the table Archie reaches over and grabs your hands away and holds them in his own. 

“Hey,” He says softly, “It’s going to be okay, we’ll figure out how to deal with this, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re okay with this.”

“What did I ever do to deserve you?” You ask, giving him a loving smile, “I guess now that the cats out of the bag we should just embrace it, you know? I was getting kind of tired of hiding it anyway.”

“Good, because I’ve been wanting you to wear my letter jacket for ages now, and I think Monday would be a great opportunity for you to debut that look.”

“You’re such a cliche.”

“You know you love it”

Blind Date

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: it’s just really fluffy. Yeah.

A/N: This was written for “Kayla’s Birthday Challenge”! Happy birthday, @one-shots-supernatural! My prompts are “#13 ‘Not another blind date’.” and “L) Mini Golf” with Castiel. My lovely titling skills strike again! And I wrote this pretty late at night, so sorry if the flow is a little off. Enjoy!

You adjusted your blouse as you stared into the mirror. “Not another blind date,” you mumbled. This was the fourth one this month and, frankly, you weren’t expecting much.

Against your best judgment, you had left your matchmaking to your two best friends, the Winchester brothers. Of course, with your lifestyle, you couldn’t date just any ol’ guy off the street. You needed a hunter.

The idea was great in theory. But, over the last few weeks, you contemplated a single life… on a mountain… miles from anyone.

You told the boys that this was their last chance to get it right. Period. Then, it was life on a mountain for you. You slipped on a comfy pair of navy blue flats and headed for the door.

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Can you tell me more about your tmnt crystal gems au? Like gem placement, headcanons, just whatever you feel like sharing! I really loved the fusion posts and I've been thinking about the AU a lot I lowkey (highkey) want to draw some fan art whenever you get around to telling us about the designs a bit! You're super talented keep up the awesome work!!

Hello! It took a while to get back to this bc I hadn’t quite worked out the gems for everyone. I have now, though! Because you reminded me to, lmao. also if anyone wants to get technical about the meanings or whatever of the gems I picked please don’t, I’m a lowly fic writer and did minimal research and don’t care to get super deep about things, thanks.

Alright, so I wrote that one ficlet a while back about Donnie and April, and they were the only two I had for sure down with what gems they were. (I’ll recap them tho, in case folks missed it.)

Donnie = Purple Pearl. (because of reasons.) Gem placement is his forehead.

April = Yellow (or was it gold?) Tourmaline. Gem placement is her hip.

Raph = Pyrope. Gem placement is the back of his right hand.

Leo = Blue Iolite. Gem placement is between his shoulder blades.

Mikey = Jasper. (like, similar to canon Jasper, but smol like Amethyst ended up.) Gem placement is his chest, also like Amethyst.

Casey = (tentatively, may change if I feel like it) Onyx. Gem placement is his left palm.

Splinter = Fire agate. Gem placement is the same as Mikey’s.

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They essentially move from planet to planet once the whole crew is together and have interstellar travel once again, staying outside the range of the crumbling empire’s reach, but mostly hang out on one specific planet that’s got very little sentient life on it. Very relaxing for a collection of people who really need to calm down sometimes. except Casey who is raring to go any time all the time and needs to be stopped

And here’s some descriptions and stuff, because hell yes I’d love fanart pls and thank you:

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the foxhole court as john mulaney quotes
  • neil: i'll keep all my emotions right here and then one day i'll die
  • andrew: it is 100% easier not to do things than to do them
  • aaron: sometimes, babies will point at me, and I don't care for that shit at all
  • nicky: eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs
  • kevin: im really sorry about last night, it’s just that im mean and loud. it probably will happen again
  • dan: you have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair
  • matt: THATS MY WIFE!
  • renee: i think emily dickison is a lesbian
  • allison: i am a proud, asian american woman, and you will treat me with respect!
  • wymack: i pulled up to the drive thru window at mcdonalds and ordered a black coffee for myself and kept driving. The one thing no kid at mcdonalds can every enjoy
  • riko: This is an on-fire trash can
Grease AU - (Part of) Part 1: Now in Actual Writing!

A/N: heyyyyyyy i know i have a lot of requests to go and i’m soooo sorry but like…. this is just flowing really nicely and it feels like something i have to write. so… i’m sorry i’m MIA from requests, but i hope you enjoy the return of content anyway!

based on this post here

When Viktor signed up to go abroad for summer vacation, he had pictured scenes from all the movies (and the other kids’ rumors) about summers in America. It was like this: bonfires at the beach, all the teenagers hanging out in the mall, parents letting kids do whatever they want, awesome parties in people’s giant houses—you get the gist. It sounded like everything Viktor had been missing out on for nearly eighteen years.

Turns out, summer abroad is not nearly as fun as it’s shown to be in the movies.

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obviously being gay isn’t a choice but it’s also really fucking gross when straight people are like “if being gay was a choice everybody would choose to be straight” like i get where your coming from nobody *wants* to be oppressed but you’re still literally saying that we should aspire to be straight instead of embracing our sexualities as an important part of our identity and it’s okay to enjoy being gay it’s okay to love yourself and look beyond the realm of discrimination

My Father the Stranger - 7

Sorry for the long delay on this part! I’ve been really focusing on my other fic and have been just pecking away at this one as time allows! Hope you enjoy!

Part 7


Any chapter in this fic may contain purposeful content by the writer to induce: emotional distress, anxiety, and all of the feels! It is NEVER my intent to cause vomiting! ;)   (Seriously, could be one of my fav convos ever!)

Any chapter may also contain: swearing, violence/gore, angst (see above), mentions of death

My Father the Stranger Masterlist

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We had been on the road for days, constantly creeping closer to our destination. Being in the car with the Winchesters was highly amusing, they bickered and fought constantly, but it was clear that they loved each other more than anything in the world. They were all very good at trying to include me in their conversations, but I was still trying to come to terms with my new life, so I was not a very active participant.

Many nights we drove straight through the night, the three men switching driving as the rest of us slept. We ate more drive-thru food than I had ever eaten in my life, I was starting to wonder how they were all still alive. I guess when you hunt monsters for a living cholesterol is the least of your concerns.

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Any tips on gaining followers? I have a depression awareness blog and i wanna spread the word and be there for people who need it... However, i only have a really really small following. I will sti continue on advocating mental health nevertheless.. I asked just cuz i was curious im sorry about that

I think as long as you enjoy advocating for what you’re advocating for, that’s what counts! As for tips on gaining followers I would just say: consistent content? I’ve just been working on this blog for a long while, and it kind of took off over time. Thanks to wonderful, supportive friends and followers. Honestly in real life I’m just a nerd meme 100%

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in my opinion, some people arent intentionally ignoring sana's storyline, i mean sure some people surely are, but i just think many didnt really move on from season 3, as we all agree it was an amazing season and lots of people joined then. surely it left in them big impression, that they cannot yet progress to enjoy and put their focus on this season. im not giving out excuses, i just wanted to give a pov.

Ok, look. Season 3 is definitely important to people - I know that. My problem is always going to lie in the fact that Sana’s story simply isn’t engaging people and to understand why, you have to question what about Sana doesn’t interest them. It’s understandable that people who still aren’t over Season 3 would still post about Season 3, there’s no problem with that. But nope, people are still blatantly ignoring Sana in Sana-centric clips and focusing on 5 seconds of Evak instead. That is a problem. And honestly? It’s halfway through the season. This season is ending pretty soon so I don’t know how much longer people need to finally care about Sana.

The annoying part of all of this is it boiling down to the fact that people simply aren’t interested enough in Sana’s story and its like why? Because you can’t relate to her experience? Because her experience doesn’t matter to you? There’s no valid excuse or point of view for saying her story is boring because I can guarantee you, its not. Just like Isak and Even’s struggles, Sana’s struggles matter too. They matter just as much. Muslim stories in the West let alone Muslim WOC stories are so rare. This season should be standing out to people. It should be just as important to people as Isak’s season. It’s not fair because Isak and Even’s stories were not only told but heard by the fans while Sana’s story is being sidelined. This is all about representation and how its a two-way street between the writers and the audience. This is about normalising Muslims in a time where we feel nothing but alienated, ostracised, ridiculed and demonised by society. We are far from being accepted, from being heard - and this is where TV stops being TV. Because SKAM has always been about showing real-life experiences and I can guarantee you, Sana’s experience is very real and deserves to be heard rather than sidelined by people who just aren’t bothered to shift at least some of their attention from Evak; a couple whose story has already been told. Agree to disagree with me here because I’m tired of discussing this. 

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#83 for Bray cause after all, it is his day!

#83 – Happy Birthday

Sorry I’m late on this. I was too tired last night to work on it.

Birthdays with Bray were always a struggle. He always made them difficult, mainly because he was always traveling on them; but also because he really didn’t enjoy celebrating them. According to him, Gods didn’t have birthdays or birthday parties. Gods just were, therefore, one day he just was.  When you had pointed out that still sounded like a birthday, he’d just shot you a sideways glance that made you drop it for the time being. That’s why a cake had been so important to you. He hadn’t said no to it. Granted, you hadn’t asked, but you figured you didn’t need too. It was a cake. He could deal with a cake.

After weeks of looking a recipes, weeks of experimenting while he was gone, you had finally managed to achieve the perfect cake. It had been tall and even, with good color and an amazing flavor. Even the icing, with the piped phrase Happy Birthday had turned out right. You had been so proud of it when you had put it in the fridge last night. More so, you’d been absolutely giddy to give it to him when he got home later today; emphasis being on had been.

You’d come downstairs in a slight panic. While in the shower, you thought you had heard the sound of someone coming through the back door. Being alone a lot, you hadn’t been sure. It hadn’t been until you’d heard the sound of plates clanking, that you knew someone was in the house. Fuck.

Taking the stairs two at a time, you’d reached the kitchen in a matter of seconds. Finding the intruder and his cake, sitting at your kitchen table.
“Bray!” He gave you a wide smile, taking a huge bite from the slice of cake that was in front of him.
Miss me?” You gawked at him as he shoved the last bit into his mouth, chewing it with gusto.
“What?” You furrowed your brow at him. “You aren’t supposed to be home for another two hours!”
“I know. But I wanted to get home.” He went in for another piece. “I checked yesterday afternoon and it turns out they were able to get me an earlier flight.” He plopped it onto his plate, licking the excess off the knife. “I was going to call you, but I got out of the show late.” He took a bite. “It was still early when we landed. I figured the last thing you’d want is for me to drag you up to the airport at that ungodly time, so I caught a cab.” He picked up his red bull, taking a long drink from it. “I had planned to curl up in bed with you after I had gotten settled, but I got a touch distracted when I checked the fridge.” He nodded to the cake. “I about fell over when I saw it.” That made you feel a little better, though not by much. You had wanted to see his reaction to it.  “You make that just for me?” The look on his face told you he knew you had.
“What do you think?” He laughed. “You think I go around making cakes for just anyone?”
“I don’t know why you would for me. I’m not anything special.” Again, his face betrayed his mouth.
“Liar.” You stepped over to the table, pulling up a chair beside him. He pushed a plate over to you, indicating you should join him.
“I know you said you didn’t want anything, but I couldn’t resist. You aren’t mad are you?” He cut you a slice, shaking his head no.
“How could I possibly be mad at you doing something as sweet as this for me?” He leaned over giving you a sugary kiss on your cheek. “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my day than with you and this cake. Thank You.”

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I love your writing!!! I love how you characterize Newt and Tina. All of your stories just feel so natural and actually realistic


I look at other writers’ stories - other Newtina writers - and I know they are writing fanfic that people enjoy more than my own. I know I shouldn’t write for anyone but myself (bla-bla-bla) but that is why I post it online…so it will be read.

I’m being salty and I’m an awful person I’m sorry but that’s how I feel. My fics aren’t even that good anyway.

therougeruse replied to your post: really, though, i just wanna know how many people…

The collections quests and shrines and things I felt were really not rewarding and I think if it had been closer to a “traditional” zelda game it would have been better from a gameplay stand point? but the writing issues and racism/sexism/trans misogyny stuff would still have prevented me from enjoying it. (sorry for the double post I couldn’t fit everything I wanted to say T-T)

i feel the same. i mean, i don’t normally expect good story or well-written characters for a zelda game, but if you’re going to make an open world game you should probably actually focus on that lol. usually in zelda games, however, the gameplay makes up for the bare bones of a story, but in this case…..there’s no story and no game….so what the hell is it lol

i mean you’re right tho with the “traditional” zelda game. like everyone’s praising this game for not being linear, but what did that actually add to the game? it’s not as if doing all these things out of order adds anything to the impact of the game or the story or literally anything….

Far From Home, Part Sixteen: One Winner

Series Summary: Reader is torn from her reality and dumped into the middle of a war. Will she make it home? Or will she find where she belongs? A Rogue One Reader Insert Fanfiction. Gifs and recognizable characters are not mine, but the story and all of the mistakes are!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15

Chapter Notes: For some reason it just dawned on me that there are only 4 chapters left after this, then done. Holy crap! But, I’ve really enjoyed writing it! Even more, I’m so happy that y’all like it :-)

I’ll give y’all fair warning. As we’re nearing the end, after this chapter it’s going to get pretty dark pretty quick so, brace yourselves and… I’m sorry. :-|

Warnings for this chapter: none (not sure why this makes me so happy)

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calledalaska  asked:

Last post? Are you okay? What are you doing? Where are you going? I know you don't know me from Adam (heh), but I've followed you for quite some time, because I enjoy your commentary on cute pictures of Adam and your thoughts on Girls. It's funny, I can tell I'm a good bit older than you, but I see you as someone I wouldn't mind having as a little sister. Please reply, if only just to say you're okay.

I’m sorry to have worried you or anyone.

I’m just having a really hard time with that particular death. And it’s hard to talk about it with anyone and I don’t know how to express how I feel. I’m following others who are mourning and reading other people’s thoughts, so, it helps me not feel so alone in it. I can’t even talk to my doctor about it, even though it relates to depression, addiction & suicide. People don’t really understand some people’s connections with celebrities. But if you’ve spent most of your life, listening to a singer’s lyrics, that got you through depression & isolation, sometimes, that connection is stronger than with anyone you know in real life. Cause they open up their soul through art.

Chris was one of those people to me. And so was Kurt Cobain. It seems that the people that have helped me get through dark times, have off’d themselves. So, that feeling of hope is severed. Kurt’s suicide was devastating, but, it wasn’t a surprise, considering his very bad drug problem and constant talk about suicide. But Chris showed no signs. Was in the middle of a tour. Loved his fans. Tweeted constantly. About funny shit. Like, how he and his wife were on the ground looking for an annoying cricket in their house. He was articulate and kind and smart and loving. He loved his family. His daughter even sang with him on stage. Its just such a fucking blow.

I’m in a dark place. The timing is terrible. So, I think I should refrain from posting anything on here about it anymore. Maybe a side blog. I didn’t plan on coming back here. But I saw the Vanity Fair stuff and it helped a little. Threw in a joke about Kylo Ren GPS. But…it’s all fake.

Anyway, thank you for your concern. Wish I had something lighter to say. I really appreciate the wonderful souls who take a sec to reach out. And no one has to. No one really knows anyone online. It’s just human kindness and it’s beautiful. I don’t really want any further messages. If sent, I’ll read them. But I dont want to have to say all of this again. I just want to get through it. Thank you.

me: [enjoys my garbage]

some pretentious fuck: excuse me, but that thing you are enjoying has no real intellectual substance and I don’t like it and you are stupid for liking it

me: [enjoys my garbage MORE AGGRESSIVELY]

Pride is Beautiful / So are you xx















i got sick and decided to make a thing so here the thing is. i don’t really know what this is. i guess i just wanted to say that all kinds of humans are good and nature is good also so why not make them be good together. hope you enjoyed the thing. 

p.s. sorry for not including every pride flag, there are just so freaking many and tbh I’m still learning. Also sorry sorry sorry if any of these titles are wrong. my bad. i do not want to offend anyone i swear, just thought this was a cute idea!!! 

k bye. xxx \(’ o’)/