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Never Again - Alec

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Request: heyyy i love ur writing and its ok if you’re having trouble with the spacing XD we all understand plus i love you so. yeah. And, i was wondering if you could write an angsty one with smut (if u write smut. its ok if u dont. and if u dont feel like it, its not necessary.) 

 Authors Note: I’m sorrrrrryyyyyy I know I take forever to write requests now, I’m just never super motivated to write anymore honestly. But, I was really feeling an angsty Alec imagine and this happened to be my first request 😏 as for the requester, yesss thank you for being understanding of my spacing and italics issue, I’ve got it figured out for the most part but it’s soooo frustrating, I usually have to post it completely smashed together then go back and add my spacing and italics, bolding, whatever, ah I’m rambling. Onto the imagine!

Warnings: crying, arguing/yelling whatever you want to name it, super angsty, happy ending though 

“I can’t believe you” you hissed as you stormed towards your room shaking your head, trying to hold yourself together. 

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Friendships Can’t Last Forever

Request: “Hey I’m a big fan of your blog! If requests are open I’m hoping that if you don’t mind you could do a x reader based on the song cold by maroon five? Like the reader is jealous of Leta and Newts relationship and ruins her relationship with Newt by accident? Just really angsty stuff please ^_^”

Word Count: 2,056

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but tagging @caseoffics @red-roses-and-stories and @dont-give-a-bother

The first time you notice that creeping feeling nagging at your thoughts, you’re walking through the towering Hogwarts hallways. Other students pass by, gossiping and complaining and filling the way with other conversations that you ignore in favor of Newt’s own goofy jokes and interesting facts. His hair hangs in his face and he presses his books against his chest, knuckles white around the worn spines of his herbology textbooks. The glasses you love slip down his nose, but he doesn’t bother to adjust them as he looks at you, lips thinned in a nervous expression.

“I, erm, I was wondering if you would be fine with postponing our study time tonight.”

You frown. “You were going to help me with that potions essay.”

Newt swallows, looking at the stones under his feet as he continues forward. “Leta needs me for an emergency.” He doesn’t let you reply before launching into a further explanation. “I wouldn’t cancel if it weren’t important, but she swears up and down it is, and I don’t want her to deal with it on her own.”

He rambles on as the shadow of that nagging fear tugs at your thoughts. You feel odd, weird, like you ate something bad and it’s only just now catching up with you.

Considering yourself ridiculous, you shake the feeling off. Newt loves you. You may just be friends, but you’re best friends. He would never ruin your friendship for someone he has known only for a year.

“Newt,” you interrupt teasingly, “I think I can get through one night without seeing you. Might be a bit of a relief, actually.”

The wrinkles in his forehead smooth out as he laughs at your joke. “Glad I can make your day so easily.”

You continue talking all the way to herbology, that feeling of discomfort poking at you when Newt starts to discuss Leta’s thoughts on magical creatures.

You shove it away and try to focus on the way Newt looks at you.

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Saeran x MC - Unworthy (read until finished to avoid confusion)

!! Warning !! tiny bits of spoilers from seven’s route && might use some vulgar language to get in the angsty mood. (fyi i dont swear that much irl) and yes the angst continues~

side note : in this saeran is still working for mint eye, but is really close to MC (in a good friend way and doesnt want to hurt MC) And this will be a long one so sit back and enjoy~

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justalittlemeenah  asked:

I hope you dont mind if i just flood ur askbox! Ur honestly my fav ow imagine blog! (๑>◡<๑) So hb Mccree, Reyes, 76, Hanzo and everyone's new fav Sombra where they're in a heated argument with another agent and when their S/O steps in to break them up they accidentally shove/push them to the floor? Thank you!



  • Older Jesse has more control of himself, but I think Blackwatch Jesse would not hesitate to get physical if one of the other agents was giving him a hard time. Growing up in a gang environment kinda makes that normal.
  • “Jesse!” “Not now, sugarplum,” he’s gritting his teeth when you try to stop him verbally. The boy arguing with him is grinning smugly, and curious bystanders have started to notice, as it’s definitely going to end up getting physical.
  • So you decide to step in before that can happen. But neither you nor McCree were counting on the fact that you stepped between the two boys exactly when Jesse was taking a swing. He hesitated enough at the sight of you to where he only pushed you rather than sock you in the face, but that didn’t stop him from giving his opponent a good one.
  • After speedily giving the other boy a bloody nose, Jesse is kneeling right beside you, all apologies and sweet nicknames. “Darlin, i’m sorry, I-I won’t fight again-” a pause. “Okay I can’t promise ya that but ya can’t do that again sweetheart!” You’e not mad at him; it was an accident, after all! But he feels absolutely horrible and buries his face in your hair once he helps you to your feet. 
  • “If you stop getting into fights, you won’t have to worry about that ever happening again, you know.” “…Y/N, shut it and let me kiss ya.”

Gabriel Reyes: 

  • You, being a friend to both of them, also have a pang in your heart seeing them go at it again. So you decide to do something about it since you’re there.
  • “Gabe,” you say his name as you approach. Jack hears you, and looks behind Reyes’ shoulder to see you. He looks away guiltily. Gabe, however, didn’t hear you, and takes Jack shifting focus as a sign he’s not listening.
  • “And there you go! Ignoring me again, just like how you did when you took the damn position!” Those words send you into action. You know how much Jack surpassing him hurt Gabriel. You’d stayed up at night soothing him countless times. Your goal was to stand between them and plead with Gabe to calm down, but just as you reached them he shot his hands out in an attempt to shove Jack.
  • Jack is the one to help you up. Reyes is still shocked, and looks at his hands in horror that they had hurt you. You whisper to Jack that you’re able to handle things from here, and he reluctantly leaves the two of you. “Gabe.” He doesn’t look up. You sigh, stepping forward and cupping his cheek as he stares at the floor. He lets you, but doesn’t make any moves himself. You take the initiative and pull him into your arms. Only then does he respond, wrapping his arms around you and holding you tightly to express both his remorse and his need for you in his weak state.

Solder: 76:

  • It’s kinda funny; young Jack would be able to keep his cool, but 76 can be ticked off enough to tousle. He’s not the golden boy he used to be.
  • It takes a whole lot for Jack to lose his cool, though, so this person would have to be doing/saying some seriously bad shit. Like, really bad. Bad enough where I’m sure you end up being just as pissed as your lover is.
  • But you also know that arguing with this person won’t get you two anywhere, so after thinking on what the best course of action would be, you head over. But you got there as Jack pushed the guy with a growl.
  • They pumped super soldier stuff into him years ago, so a shove from Morrison can send anyone tumbling. Both you and the asshole that he meant to hit fall onto the floor, with you quickly sitting up and rubbing a spot on your head.
  • 76 is beside you in seconds, speedily helping you to your feet before pulling you away without so much as a word to the other human he knocked over. Once you two are far enough away, he practically tears his visor off and kisses you, running his thumb across your cheek as he does so. “I’m sorry…I let my anger get the best of me back there.” He rests his forehead against yours, and when you tell him you’re not angry he just chuckles and wonders what he did to deserve someone like you.


(◕д◕✿) This request is turning out a lot more angsty than I thought it would be…

  • I can only see him going as far as physical blows with Genji. If anyone else bothered to start anything with him, he’d be able to simply walk away and meditate on his thoughts to let the anger fade away. But considering his voice lines to Genji in-game…yeahhhh.
  • Hanzo doesn’t see Genji as his brother anymore. Er, at least, not the cyborg one, anyway. His Genji died years ago, and his guilt won’t allow him to accept another. So, it’s likely the two would be in a spat because the younger one tried to reconnect with Hanzo yet again. 
  • “You are not the Genji I knew!” “You are not the Hanzo I knew, either, brother. We have gro-” “You are no brother of mine.” A statement, spoken as though it were fact. It was this that alerted you to their current conflict, and at his shout you quickly made your way over.
  • Genji is reaching out to put a hand on his brother’s shoulder when you get close. In a flash Hanzo’s eyes are narrowed, and he tries to shove the cyborg away. …But you take the blow, not wanting either Shimada hurt.
  • And you may have saved Hanzo from physical injury, but the minute he sees you lose your footing his emotions are a wreck. There is so much guilt swirling through him, and it’s just worse with the extra that being around Genji entails. Speaking of which, he left you two, knowing Hanzo needed a moment with you. The archer is just kind of stuck in a stupor as you pull yourself to your feet. “Hanzo..?” He blinks and looks at you, the emotional whirlpool evident in his eyes. You take his hand in yours softly. “It’s okay.” At the sight of your warm smile, he pulls you to him and settles his head on your shoulder, breathing in your scent to calm himself down as you reach up to run your fingers through his hair. 


  • Sombra seems to me the type to brush off any harsh words said in her direction. If someone were to actually upset her, I think they’d have to be talking negatively about a cause she’s passionate about or a person she cares for.
  • Say someone was talking shit on omnics or something. I believe she likes them, especially after her Los Muertos days. So if someone didn’t shut up after she told them to shut their mouth, then she’d actually be bothered to argue. 
  • The few times Sombra gets heated, she get heated. Like, burning. She can completely flame people’s lives in seconds. And while you agree that this person is a dick, you don’t need Sombra causing a scene and attracting attention to herself. You know she wants to avoid that, so you chose to stop her before she could regret anything later.
  • She was getting awfully close to this guy, and he was being a jerk. “What, you’re gonna hurt me? Psh, just try.” “You asked, gilipollas.” You know you don’t have enough time to stop her when you get there, so instead you jump between them, taking your girlfriend’s shove rather than letting the dude do so. 
  • “Y/N!” This just makes her more pissed at the guy, but for your sake she leaves him with only a glare before attending to you. “Lo siento, Y/N…” She helped you up, but kept her gaze from yours in a sheepish display of guilt. It was actually kinda cute, and you smiled at her as you said it was fine and that you weren’t hurt. No one meant for that to happen, least of all her. At your response she sighs with a smile of her own, before laughing softly and shaking her head. “I am lucky you’re mine.” “Very lucky,” you joke and she can’t help but laugh and kiss your nose. You’re such a cutie!
I know

Hoi Y’all, I wrote some quick little fluff for ya, there is some angsty-ish things but not much. Also it is kinda based off a real life event. Somethings are different. Anyway hope you like it

Warnings-a smidge of self-loathing, just a smidge of it

“WaKE UPpPPpP, We’re going to miss breakfast!” You jumped on your friends bed and they shot awake. 

“What the? Y/n?” They say disoriented. 

“It’s breakfast time come one” you say happily. They roll their eyes and get out of bed. 

“You, are a horrible person” they say glaring at you. 

“I know, Now lets go” you say as you grab their wrist and take off for the door. 

“Hey! I’m still in my Pj’s” your friend whines. 

You let go of their hand and they run back up to change. When they come back down they have a note in their hand. 

“Hey Y/n, It’s addressed to you” They say handing you the letter. You raise your eyebrow and take the letter. You opened it slowly, expecting some sort of curse to explode. Instead, all you find is a note. 

“Y/n, You are one of the most amazing and not to mention cutest, person I have ever laid my eyes on” you read out loud. 

“OoO A love letter?” you friend teases. You roll your eyes and stuff it in your pocket. 

“It’s probably someone messing with me” you say with a tone of sadness in your voice. 

You both walk down to the great hall. 

“Finally!” you say dramatically. You sit down at the table. In the midst of eating a small cute little owl appears in front of you. 

“Why hello there” you coo. 

You take the letter from his leg and he flies off. You unroll the paper and find another note. 

Have I ever told you how much I am in love with you? Well, I am now. 

“Another one” you say. “Well someone really has an eye on you eh y/n” your friend says. 

“Probably some prank” you reply. All day, little notes kept appearing. 

At this point you were mad. Would these stupid people stop playing a prank on you. You make your way to a tree. You sit down and open your journal. 

“Um hello” a voice says. You jump and turn around to see a lanky boy standing behind you. 

“Merlin Newt! You can’t do that to me” you gasp. 

“Sorry, didn’t know you were easily frightened” Newt teased.

“Oh shut up Scamander” you shoot back. 

Newt has been your friend since 1st year, his knowledge of creatures and personality attracted you instantly. Newt sits down next to you and peers over your shoulder. 

“What do you have there?” He asks. You try moving the notes away from Newt but his long arms snatch them from your hands. 

“Hmm, Love notes huh? Any Idea who sent them?” Newt asks with a playful eyebrow raise. 

“I dont know, it’s probably a joke” you murmur going back to your journal. 

“A joke?” Newt says frowning, although you don’t see his frown, 

“Why would you think it’s a joke, this person really seems to love you”. 

“I know It’s a joke because no one see’s me like this” you state plainly. 

“Well someone certainly does y/n, why would you say they wouldn’t?” Newt asks, a concerned tone growing in his voice. 

You sigh and look up at him, “Because people don’t like me Newt, I’m just an annoying little student who honestly shouldn’t be here. So why would anyone send me love letters” You say. 

Newt’s face is frozen in shock, why on earth would you think of yourself like that. 

“See, even you can’t think of who sent them” you say.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake Y/n, I sent them” Newt practically yells.

 You face pales, “W-What?” 

“I said, I sent them” He repeats. 

“I know what you said Newt, Why would you send them?” you ask, your eyes full of confusion. 

“Because I’m in bloody love with you!” Newt shouts, he lays on the ground dramatically, “I have been in love with you y/n, I am, if you haven’t noticed, not very good with words” Newt mumbles. 

“Well then why didn’t you sign the notes?” You ask. Newt stays silent, not really knowing how to answer. 

“So was it all a joke?” you whisper out, “because you’re my best friend and I kinda very much in love you so if it’s a joke then-” You’re cut off by Newt grabbing your arm and pulling you on top of him. 

His piercing green eyes staring at you, “Y/n It is definitely not a joke, I’ve been in love with you for a while now” Newt explains, blushing a bit, “I didn’t put my name on it because I was afraid you wouldn’t feel the same way” 

“Of course I love you silly, how could I not” you giggle. Was this actually happening? 

“Can I kiss you?” Newt asks, raising his head so his lips barely graze yours. You nod and bring your lips to meet his. 

His lips were slightly chapped but felt amazing. You reluctantly pulled away. Newt looked up at you with his puppy eyes. With no warning, you burst out into a fit of laughter. You roll off Newt and lay next to him. Now it was Newt’s face that was full of confusion. 

“Did I do something funny Y/n?” Newt asks, cocking his head to the side. 

“Oh of course not Newt, I’m just, well I’m just happy i guess” you laugh, 

“I never believed that my crush would ever like me back, or that we would end up snogging by a tree” 

“Oh we could do so much more than snog love” Newt says, raising his eyebrow and smirking. 

You sat up and looked at him, your face turning red. You grab a book and throw it at him. 

“I was joking, I was joking!” He says, trying to contain laughter. 

You both start laughing, anyone who would have walked by would have thought you two were absolutely mad. 

“I do love you, though” Newt says seriously. 

You turn to look at him and kiss his nose. 

“I know Scamander, I know” 

Not my best but I hope you enjoyed it, kinda crappy tbh but hey. 

Bolder Part 5

A/N: Hey sorry its taken so long I just had trouble getting into my writing groove. I hope that you guys are doing well and I am gonna ask that if I am tagging you in stuff if you will reblog it to get my stuff out there if you dont mind. This part is a little more angsty than the others but this entire series is supposed to have alot of emotion and insecurity in it. Its just really supposed to be part of the readers character. Anyway I wanted to shed some light in this story for what you are like and what you feel about being part of the Burr family.

Title: Bolder Part 5

Ratings: Teen

Warnings: The reader goes into something akin to a break down/ panic attack

Pairings:  Father!aaron burr x Daughter!reader, phillip hamilton x reader

Word Count: 1472 (a longer one since it took forever to post)

Editor:  @emocomrade-jpeg

Part 1, Part 2,Part 3 , Part 4

Age 17

    I hadn’t seen my family in weeks. This wasn’t uncommon for them but my parents took off time to help us prepare for our graduation. I had yet to buy a party dress to wear under my robe for afterwards but Phillip promised we would go out soon. My parents have been ecstatic about Theo getting into college and started coming home more often. I started skipping my house and not coming home till late just to avoid them. However, today I came home early because Phillip had to go out with his family. They did invite me, but, I just felt like they needed some family time.

    As I walked up the porch i heard talking and laughing coming from inside. I popped open the door trying to be as quiet as possible but it got jammed on the panel, and with a shove I made my presence known. The talking stilled before a shout rang out.

    “Y/N honey, are you home? It’s only 6 o’clock,” I heard my mom say with an emotion akin to shock lacing her voice. I straightened my shoulders and put a picture perfect smile on my face walking into the doorway where my sister and parents were sitting on the couch with the TV on.

    “Clubs finished and I decided to come home.” I replied. They looked at me like a stranger.

    “I didn’t know you were in any clubs.” my father said with curiosity. I felt like I was on display.

    “Yeah, Y/N participates in a lot of after school activities.” Theo jumped in directing her statement to mom and dad with a ton of energy.

    “ Okay, well I am gonna go up to my room.” I stated trying to turn and walk up the stairs. The sun was shining in the room. Mom, Dad, and Theo looked like the definition of a modern family and I felt out of place. It wasn’t like the Hamilton’s where everything was large and lively. Something was always happening there. Here is just felt quiet.

    “Wait! Come sit down. How was your day?” Theo jumped up and gestured to the chair. She seemed almost frantic in her movements and it left me on edge. I let my smile faltered slightly at the weird proposal but quickly fixed it set down my bag before taking swift purposeful step and carefully lowering myself into the chair with perfect posture. Once my sister confirmed I had sat down, she slowly lowered herself and slumped onto the couch in between mom and dad again.

    “My day was good.” I replied to her question and swiftly crossed my legs at the ankles. My sister nodded her head and cocked it to the side with a sickly sweet smile that made her look like a doll.

    “Did anything interesting happen?” My mom aided my sister.

    “Not really, just a normal day.” I said. I really just wanted to go up in my room and lay down with a book on supreme court cases. I glanced over at the stairs.

    “Do you have a lot of work tonight?” my father spoke up looking at my sister curiously for an answer. With that the attention in the room quickly shifted to her and away from me. My sister seemed to scramble for a minute.

    “I have some work for English. What work do you have Y/N?” She shot out looking back at me. I was confused why she kept talking to me. “I heard you won in a match for your debate club.” I was thrown off and desperately tried to recover my composure. Why was she bringing up my debate club match? More importantly how did she know about it? I never talk to her about anything.

    “Uh, yeah.” My parents attention snapped to me with shock. Realizing the attention was on me I recovered myself. I flicked my hair away from my face and put back my smile. “I don’t have a lot of work tonight. I’m pretty far ahead.”

    “That’s good honey.” My mom praised me with a sincere smile on her lips and my stomach dropped. I barely managed to keep a straight face. I quickly stood up and walked back toward my bag and the doorway. I heard Theo stand up behind me.

    “Y/N …” She called with her hand stretched about to step around my mom but was blocked by the coffee table.

    “Sorry, I have a book that I would like to start and I did promise to send a piece of my writing to the english teacher.” I said not looking up as a I grabbed my bag and walked out. I began cursing myself for the small ramble about my activities. They didn’t want to hear it. I made it up the stairs and walked along the hallways quickly slipping into my room and finally letting my shoulders sag with a calm breath. I almost laughed as I felt the ache in my back.

    Originally, I had been so used to keeping my posture perfect. A Lot of the time I still do, but when I started hanging out with Phillip he kept telling me to relax and slouch a little. Normally, I couldn’t around my family. I just couldn’t. Theo did. Theo was always relaxed.

    I felt my frustration grow as I looked around the room. The perfectly straight binders on my desk and the bed perfectly made with basic stark white sheets. The room was spotless and the closet was slightly open with a view of perfectly ironed clothing. Stiffly I straightened a pair of shoes that were on a rack  by my door.

    Theodosia  …

    I am nothing like her. I work hard. Unlike her I actually have posture and etiquette. Unlike her I have perfect grades. Unlike her I keep things clean and orderly. I work hard. Everything I do has a rhyme and reason… Everything I do is the product of careful execution and planning. Everything I do is actually important.

    I sit on the edge of my bed feeling my face get red and tears prick at my eyes as i lean forward and set my elbows on my knees huffing out air. I stand up my head spinning as I walk over to my desk and notice the perfectly lined journals and my tablet evenly sitting in the center of the cleared space. My fist hit the wood of the table.

    I do everything right. I am president of the debate club and every single thing I participate in is intellectually stimulating and extremely physically challenging while she is captain of a stupid cheerleading squad. I have taken college courses throughout my entire highschool career and she barely even passed statistics class. I win political based debates and go toe to toe when arguing with treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton while she reads a freaking classic literature book.

    I sank to my knees and drew breath into my lungs as my stomach churned. I felt sick and my hair was frazzled while framing my face. The sun from my window seemed to beat down on me and only served to make me even more tempered. I felt as if I had just run one of my Junior ROTC obstacle courses and my heart had taken up acrobatics.

    Theodosia …

    Mom and dad talked to her all the time while they barely managed to make conversation with me. They ask Theo random questions about her life and get involved with everything she is doing while they just blindly sign any paperwork I ask them to without reading it or caring. They take her out to dinner for getting into college but haven’t even bothered to ask me what I want to do when I graduate.They love her. Everyone loves her. Then there is me.

    I lean with my back on the desk and drag my knees to my chest. Tears freely fall down my face as I stare straight ahead at my plain white door. Just outside that door is my family who are probably discussing what’s for dinner and what theo’s plans are for tomorrow before moving on and talking about how my dad’s work has been going.Tears continue to fall down my face as the pain in my chest escalates. All I can think about is the family memories, or lack thereof, and how all the attention in those memories was on Theo and how well she does. How much they care for her. How great she is. How they never seem to notice me.How in my 4 years of accomplishments I have only ever gotten one whisper of praise from my parents

    “You’re still not good enough,” I choke out with a whisper into the perfect little room.


    I will never be her.


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I’ve come to a point of wondering why is it that I’m super friendly when I talk to some of my followers and yet super done with the others.

I dislike the fact that I have to treat people with such different attitudes because I really really want to be nice to everyone haha :(

And I realised all those who annoyed me have certain characteristics of infringing on my personal space and anonymity so I came up with this list of pet peeves. As long as you don’t commit any of them below, I won’t bite 😘💋

THANKYOU ALL FOR READING IN ADVANCE (it’s a bit long haha) and your patience with me i seriously appreciate every one of my followers that doesnt fall into the above category, those who have been consistently chatting with me thus far and are super accomodating of my lack of responses at time, my intimates buyers, people who give me life advices and encourage me about As and life and tumblr ❤️❤️ Cherry loves y'all!

But As is seriously getting more daunting day by day so please understand that I am left with no choice but to come up with this list of pet peeves so that I can better manage my time and tumblr in general. With this, I also announce that kik will strictly be for business from now on so that I can reply my buyers fast plus filter the below 5 types of jokers from buyers without wasting too much of time trying to identify them 🙄


NOTE: if i ever sound annoyed or called anyone stupid below, please note that I am referring to a teeny weeny minority of the nsfw male population and that I am usually a lot nicer and less angsty because I believe majority of y'all here are still gentlemen ❣❣

1. My followers’ and my own anonymity over any thing else
2. My personal space
3. My time (considering I am taking As this year)
4. Nice people that I can talk to that don’t peer pressure me 😁
5. Encouraging (THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM BEING CREEPY OKAY), accommodating and understanding chat buddies (because i reply at the speed of a snail) 😊😊

1. Asking for my personal information
Don’t ever try to entice me with your “good looking” body or face or dick or worst of all, your personal information because And 好心你啦, to those people who say “tell me your school/ where you stay/ show me your face and i will tell/show you mine”. Can you please get it across your brain that you’re the one who 主动 came to talk to me and logically speaking, I didn’t even know you existed till then, so you are more likely to be interested in getting my details than I am in yours so this is not even a fair trade at all? And I’m jinja not interested in anything to do with you 🙃🙃 Seriously, please reflect in your brain before you say such stuff because you just sound more stupid to me and tbh, I don’t have much tolerance for stupid people.

2. Being creepily clingy
You need to understand that I am a human being living my own life, NOT YOUR TOOL THAT CHATS WITH YOU WHENEVER AND HOWEVER YOU LIKE. I am on tumblr to join this community, make friends and save up money for my future expenses through my intimates sales, NOT HERE TO SATISFY YOUR DESIRES/ NEEDINESS/ LONELINESS. So please please don’t send me weird clingy texts like “why are you online”, or pagro me by spamming me texts when I didn’t even reply you. go talk to siri or those robotic messaging apps if youre that desperate

3. Compliment vs disgust
I like people who tell me “Hi babe, you look hot” because hi gentlemen, thank you and I like you too! 😊 But if you send me consistently drag every single word that you say like “babbbbbbeeeee can i askkkk youuu a questionnnnnnnn” with eery emojis like “😜😝😛😚”, you are on my radar of being disgusting. Tbh these texts are endearing if youre my friend and I know you, but excuse me: idek your real name, your face, your personality and has been talking to you for less than a day, DONT SEND ME STUFF LIKE THAT LEH it seriously just degrades my impression of you

4. Time wasters
I told y'all i dont have much time so if youre going to text me stuff like “can i ask you a question” x1000 and ask me boliao questions like my school, personal info, or “how often do girls masturbate/ how do girls masturbate” LET ME TELL YOU THAT IM NOT YOUR WIKIPEDIA and that every girl is different and seriously I’m not the best person to answer such questions.

5. Fwb/ sexting
Nonononono. If you think you can start by playing nice and I will soon be head over heels for you that I go out with you/ have sex with you: scroll up to the things that i value and then fuck off (this is so rude of me but omg dont test my patience)

6. People with horrible language

I don’t discriminate against people who can’t english very well okay!! but please, at least make sure you’re being coherent with your sentences because I CANT UNDERSTAND YOU OTHERWISE. I got people sending me stuff like “would he rear ido you” okay you’re trying to say “would be great if i could have sex with you” but omg 🙄🙄🙄asdfghjkl

7. Too fast into the action

I don’t open up to people easily in real life so all the more i wont on tumblr, hence if you start a convo with “can i smash you”, “let’s meet up i want to know you better”, “eh go play LOL with me now!” stop overestimating yourselves 🙃 i dont even have time to meet my friends because of studies so why would i want to go out with you/ game with you. And mind you, this is after I politely rejected saying “Im not really free to game now” and “I am not comfortable with meeting tumblr people offline” GET THAT SIGNAL WILL YALL 🙄

8. will add on when theres more things that annoy me

Peace out,
🍒 (sorry, thank yall and love y'all once again!!)

Dating Tony Padilla Would Include (Male Reader):

hey guys sorry it took so long! last week was ap testing and my phone broke this weekend and ive just been super busy but now im back and ready to get some stuff out for you guys! thank you for your patience! this one is a little less angsty than my other ones i feel, but its still pretty angsty bc im incapable of not being dramatic as hell. i hope you guys like it!

(also btw i just made up tonys siblings names based on names that i have in my family that i love bc i couldnt remember if his siblings names were ever said. hope that doesnt bother anyone!)


requested by @totalwhovian

Originally posted by fakehelper

  • you meet tony for the first time when youre five years old
  • the two of you were in the same kindergarten class and you sat at the same table
  • you were a shy kid, always keeping your head down and hoping no one would pay too much attention to you
  • that, of course, meant tony had to pay all of his attention to you
  • he smiled at you wide on the first day of school and asked if he could be your friend and didnt even look at you weird when you started crying
  • he sat with you everyday and shared his animal crackers during snack time and even let you use some of his crayons
  • (he had the 96 pack bc he was just that cool)

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anonymous asked:

could you please make an angsty scenario of seven and mc getting in a HUGE fight bcs he said something really really hurtful and there's like a break up scare? thank you so much!

It had been a long day.
That’s all you could think. And you blamed the fight on it, too, because honestly, it was a long day.
But it was more than just that.
You couldn’t ignore that– it was also the way he would constantly push away. He’d tell you to get out and leave. Stop bugging him. You’re such a bother, all the time. Leave him alone. Don’t annoy him. You’re odd ticks, like clicking that pen or humming, annoys the crap out of him.
He’s always come at you in fits of anger, and you would end up retreating to the bedroom where he’d come to you later, apologizing for being a jerk, telling you he didn’t want you to leave, he wouldn’t do it again. Oh God please don’t leave him.
You’d always hope that that would be the end of it, but it never was.
All of that stress built up.
And it decided to come out today.
You had only wanted to go out for a little bit, get a breather from the bunker. You thought you could slip out quietly enough not to bug Seven. His stress was bad enough recently. You didn’t want to add on to it.
So yes. You did go out, even though you know he doesn’t want you to cause he worries. But you needed some fresh air.
Surprisingly, you got fifteen minutes. Then your phone started blowing up.

10 missed calls

Where are you?
How long have you been gone
MC answer me
I need to know where you are
So help me if you dont answer

Seven, chill
Im okay
I just went outside for a bit

He calls you. “MC, how long have you been out?? You need to get back here now. Crap. It must’ve been a while. Something could’ve happened. How long was it even??”
“It was just fifteen minutes. Ill be back soon.” You hang up. You couldn’t handle another lecture right now. But you head back.
As soon as you get to the door, Seven bursts out. And so the lecture begins. “What the hell MC?? I was busy for five minutes and then you were gone.”
“It was fifteen. Fifteen minutes isn’t even that long, I just needed a break. I needed some time outside for a bit.”
“Something could’ve happened. Fifteen minutes is plenty of time for someone to come up behind you and knock you out and drag you away. You have to be more responsible. You’re so reckless MC, you cant do stuff like this!”
“It was just fifteen minutes! You were busy and I didn’t want to disturb you but just sitting there is.. Its impossible to do! I just needed some air for once!”
“From me? Is that it? You can’t handle being around me all day, so you had to get away from me for a while? Is it too much to ask for you to just sit low for a while until it’s safer?”
“That’s not even what I said!”
“Well that’s what I heard!”
“Stop twisting my words!” You say, but your words are useless. He doesn’t even notice them.
“–Apparently I’m too much for you. Maybe you should just leave if you can’t handle me. Can’t handle this. You gotta grow the f*ck up MC. Life isn’t peachy-happy all the time. And if this is too much for you, you really should just leave.” His anger flares, and it hurts.
“I don’t want to leave you! Seven I’ve been here for you this whole time!” You try to bite back tears, but you can feel them start to come.
“I mean, if I’m such a bother to you, you should go! At least then I’d have some peace and quiet!”
A tear streaks down your face, and all you can feel is hurt. Hurt and shock, and disappointment– in yourself. In a shaky voice, you ask, “is that all I am to you? Am I just a bother?” Biting your lip, you hold up a hand before he can speak and shake your head. “N-never mind, I don’t want to hear you say it. I can’t hear you say it. I’m sorry Seven. I’m sorry I’ve been such a bother.”
You open the door and walk out. And then you run, and you run as fast as you can and as far as you can until you don’t even know where you’re at, and you hide, and curl up, and you cry. Because you love Seven. And you care so much for him, so much that it hurts you to care for him and to stay with him. But he just can’t seem to accept you, to take you in and let you be there with him.
And that feeling, to love him like that, and then to be constantly torn down and argued with and told that you are a bother to him. It tears your heart.
You don’t think you could handle going through that again
But all you know right now was just how much it f*cking hurts. How every sob rattles your body and you can’t seem to catch your breath, you’re breathing so fast. And just how much you want him to be here to hold you and tell you it’s okay, that you don’t need to worry or cry, that he’s there for you, no matter what. But he isn’t here now.
All you can think about is the look on his face right before you walked out, stunned to silence, his mouth slightly opened as if he were going to say something but nothing would come out, his eyes wide and watery. His hand seemed to hang in the air like it had a purpose and lost it. His pose frozen in the moment, where frustration shifted to realization and to regret.
How could you face him again? Do you want to face him again? No. Yes. Crap. You don’t know.
It feels like an eternity of crying however. And when you finally manage to calm yourself, all you can think is It’s been a long day.
Shivering, you realize how cold it is. You must’ve been outside for a long time if you got this cold.
You get up and start to walk, trying to figure out where exactly you ran to. And you eventually wander to a small bakery. You get a small coffee to drink and sit yourself at a corner table.

It’s maybe ten minutes later when he shows up.
Your first instinct is to hide and ignore him.
But he walks right up to you. He’d obviously already seen you. “MC. You gotta come back.”
You look up at Saeran and shake your head. “I… I can’t.”
“What do you mean you can’t? Get the f*ck up and come with me.”
“Please don’t make me. I can’t face him. I can’t.” Just thinking about it makes you want to cry.
“He’s going to do some reckless sh*t if you don’t get there soon. He’s spent a f*cking hour looking for you. He won’t do anything else, he f*cking passed out. I had to drag him to the house and he woke up panicking. What the f*ck did you you two do? He said you had an argument, it must’ve been f*cking bad.”
“Everything seems to be bad with him now. I can’t do anything right for him anymore.”
“He’s caving in on himself MC. You’ve got to help. Even if you just let him know you’re okay.”

“Seven” your words come out shaky. He was lying on the couch, but the moment he hears your voice, he shoots up. “Seven, I… I can’t keep going like this. I love you, I really really do, but I… I can’t handle you constantly jabbing at me. If I’m a bother then I’ll leave. I’ll be gone. You can count on it. But… if you love me, if you want me to stay, you can’t say that.” You feel the tears come back as your lip quivers, “I love you, I love you so much, but it hurts whenever you say that. So if you really mean it, I’ll be gone, but if you love me, just… let me know.”
Just as you finish, he’s up and off of the couch and clutching you in his arms. “MC, I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.” His voice is deep and raspy and you can feel his pain and worry with every breathy word. “I love you. So much. I don’t ever want to lose you. I love you and.. I don’t want to ever lose you. Please don’t ever leave me like that again. Please.”
You’re frozen in his arms for a moment, before you loosen up and hug him back. His arms are strong and tight around you, and you have the strong feeling that he’s serious this time.
Maybe this is enough of a scare for you both to know you need a change.
Maybe it’ll be enough.

But either way, you just know that being in his arms right now makes everything feel better again, and you feel so safe and protected, and it’s not perfect but you have Seven back.

It will be okay.

~Sunflower is trying to learn how to write fics

anonymous asked:

What is some good Road to El Dorado fanfiction? :)

Ohhhh man… you asked for it.

The Road Back to El Dorado and The Trials of El Dorado (sequel) - Oh man oh man this fUCKING FIC MAN. If you like TRtED at all then this fic is a must read. If you ship Migulio it just makes it better, but if you dont its still absolutely terrific. But it will absolutely murder you because it was never finished. Guys I legitimately cried for a day because I know I probably will never get an ending to this fic. So yeah. Its pretty damn good. I think its my most highly recommended fics on this list. (Slashy subtext)

Partners? Partners - Pre-movie fic about how T+M met, Its a really short one-shot, but I like it. :) (Not slash)

Mixed Signals - Post-movie fic, short one-shot, somewhat fluffy, Migulio slash, it gives me that cute fuzzy feeling at the end. (Slashhhh)

This End’s Beginning - A pre-movie one-shot fic about Tulio and Miguel’s mothers, and how the two boys ended up together. I’m not sure why, but it always manages to make me cry, and I love the idea of the story. (Not Slash)

Never Forget - A kind of one-shot AU of what happened after the “Forget Miguel” scene. Very very Migulio slashy, rated M, definitely smut. I think this might be my favorite TRtED smut fic, it’s very well-written and the perfect M fic for any Migulio fan :3 (Slash x100)

What El Dorado Should Have Been - Basically the movie, save for some parts that are rewritten so that Migulio is canon. Only 2 short chapters, unfinished. Kinda cute, fluffy. (Slash)

Ten Commandments - An AU of what could’ve happened when they were prisoners on Cortez’s ship. Angsty, unfinished, but pretty good. Worth a read. (Slashy subtext)

Promises - Post-movie, 3 chapters, Migulio fluff. So much fluff. Absolutely adorable, definitely worth reading. (Slash)

Naturally - Unfinished post-movie, rated T for suggested stuff, but no actual M stuff is specifically written about. Very angsty, Tulio and Miguel struggle with their feelings for another man, and whether or not it’s right. Tulio struggles with choosing between Miguel and Chel. (Slash)

On a Pint and a Prayer - Holy smut I love this fic. A one-shot of what might have happened during one of the celebrations in El Dorado. Its so damn awkward, but in a good way. The 2nd hand embarrassment you get is ridiculous, I have to take breaks while reading it. Its really well-written, rated M for gay stuff. (Mega Slash)

The Age of the Jaguar: Curse or Blessing - Angst angst angst, what if Miguel had been severely injured by the jaguar? Tulio has a lot of problems. (Slashy subtext)

Forget ElDorado - One-shot, Migulio smutty smut. Rated M. (Hella slash)

I Never Needed Gold - One-shot smuuuuuttttt, Rated M (Slashy slash)

Losing Control - Smutty, M-rated fic about that famous hot spring scene. You know the one. (So much slash)

I Just Dont Cut It With the Cherubium - Slash slash slash, Migulio one-shot, very well-written, no actual sex scene, but you won’t be disappointed ;D (El Slashorado)

I dont want to be that one person that recommends their own fic, but.. Better Off - Its my first fic, please dont hate me. Tulio leaves El Dorado for unknown reasons, and Miguel sets out to find him. Theres also some background on their childhood and stuff. Yay.

There were a couple more fics I remember being really good, but I cant find them ugh. I’ll add them to this post if I ever do, though. Most of the fics I suggested are from, simply because it has a larger selection. There are plenty more fics out there on other sites, you just have to be willing to search for them lol

Sorry about the extremely vague descriptions on some of these. 

parent!stormpilot headcanons

that stormpilot parent headcanon that i posted before made me really happy so now i have a bunch of them

- they think about having a child for a really long time before actually having one. and im talking a really long time, at least a year. one reason for this is because they dont feel like they have the time while the rebellion is still in progress and pretty much the whole galaxy is a mess, and they also dont want to take that risk while they could both die pretty much any second. another reason is the fact that they both have some doubts about whether they will be good parents, because lets face it; they both have some self esteem issues and tend to dwell on their past mistakes

- in the end, though, after peace is restored and theyre certain that it will last for a while, they decide to give it a shot. theyre both terrified but they still have faith in each other, and they are confident that theyll somehow make it work.

- after having the kid theyre both incredibly proud. theyre the kind of parents who show off their kid to everyone and go “arent they beautiful??? just look at their little nose and their eyes and their toenails”. they also spend a lot of time alone while just admiring the baby.

- rey is, of course, all aboard with this (i mean come on, we all know that shes been asking them when theyre having a kid for years) and once the baby is old enough to crawl she begins taking it on little adventures. poe and finn, of course, are a bit worried, because rey grew up defending herself on a desert planet and doesnt really know how old a kid normally should be before being exposed to difficult situations, but she handles things surprisingly well. it doesnt take long until she officially becomes the cool aunt that does a bunch of exciting stuff with her nibling

- also poes pilot team are all cool aunts and uncles to the child. this kid has a whole army of aunts and uncles who would do anything for it fight me on this

- actually, jess and rey kinda become the Cool Gay Aunts™ who attempt to teach the kid how to fly an x-wing and the milennium falcon respectively and just do generally awesome stuff and the kid just admires them (and the pilot team) so much

- alright sorry im sidetracking this was supposed to be about finn and poe

- anyway so finn is like, super gentle with the kid. we all know hes the kind of person who has some tough moments but deep inside hes actually really soft, and this shows when hes with his child. he sometimes spends hours just talking or singing to them.

- actually poe is really gentle with them too and i love it. imagine this guy, who is normally so cocky and confident and sassy being completely transformed as soon as hes with the child. its beautiful.

- ive written about this before but poe and finn are both super protective parents and rey just really wants them to chill (even though she finds it kinda cute)

- poe tries to teach the kid how to fly an x-wing as soon as they get old enough. hes very much aware of the fact that rey and the pilots are teaching them as well and constantly tells them that techically its his job to teach the kid this since hes the dad and all but they never listen smh

- finn really tries his best to make sure the kid has a bloody awesome childhood because he was raised by the first order and he wants his child to have all the things that he never had. poe eventually realizes this and when he does he just holds finn for hours

- shit sorry that was angsty

- even though poe is protective of the kid hes also the kind of parent who always allows their child to bend the rules a little. finn hates him for this.

- Kid: *walks up to finn* “Daddy, can i have a cookie?”

Finn: not before dinner, sweetie

Kid: *sighs, walks up to poe* Dad, can i have a cookie?

Poe: sure darling but dont tell daddy

Kid: *evil giggle*

- alright i gotta stop or this will go on forever but please talk to me about parent!stormpilot

anonymous asked:

hi, im sorry to bother you- i just wanted to ask if any of your books have trans characters? or otherwise queer characters? im looking for more books with characters like me in them, and i dont see a lot of fantasy/adventure with lgbt+/queer/mogai (depending on how they identify) characters, so i was wondering. sorry for the bother and have a nice day!

Hi honey! No bothering here, you’re lovely and I’m happy to have you.

Yes, I’ve got a few. The books don’t particularly center around gender identity or sexuality as themes or main plots or anything, but it’s something that’s part of some characters’ experiences.

In my first series, Alliance, things weren’t really stated outright, because I was a tiny baby who didn’t know you had to Say Stuff On Paper for it to be official. Did you know books are written in a larger social context than just your own head?? Extraordinary. But in terms of “the author says so” –
- Sasha, the protagonist, is agender/genderfluid (though I’m really encouraging of people reading her as ftm trans– the pronouns I used for her are just all wrong if that’s the case and over a thousand pages of misgendering my protagonist makes me Sad. So I’m calling her genderqueer and you can call Sash whatever you’d like as a reader). Which, whatever way you slice it, makes Sash’s male love interest(s) not fit the “straight” label that well.
- Marie has a rather big unstated crush on her best friend Lia. Like, raze the fields, pledge lifelong loyalty, your people will be my people sorts of crush.
- Nathaniel and Pieter are busy dealing with conspiracies and crime rings and various dumb siblings who keep being in danger, but they’ve absolutely got a mutual pining thing going on that’s gonna end in make-outs sometime in the future. When they have time. Someday. Someday they’ll have time for Feels. (And Nathaniel’s an, er, actively practicing pansexual as a general rule, though he only talks about the girls because he’s not out). (Re: why Pete doesn’t think he has a chance there).
- I like to headcanon Will as asexual and aromantic. Do as you will, loves.

In my Beanstalk series aka “my Jack books,” things are a bit more Stated on Paper because I’m less of a baby writer.
- Side characters Sez and Sally-Anne are girlfriends who’ve been dating for years.
- Red’s gay, with a long-burning self-deprecating adorable crush on a certain other character. Like, that crush is not really spoilers, but I’m being careful, okay?
- We meet a character in the second book who’s an intersex girl (amab).
- There’s a mtf trans gal in the third book, which should be published soon. Hopefully. Soon. So soon. Hopefully. /takes a nap forever
- I have various headcanons about the rest of the cast but these are most of the “canon” kids.
- Ex. I don’t really go into the happy tangle that is minor character Gloria’s romantic affairs because I only have so much space in this story, but for reference in my head she’s bi, poly, and dating Heather, Clem, and whoever else she wants to.

If you want to give them a try, all my books can be found at For free, even.

The Alliance books are complete and I’m very fond of the angsty, immature, idealistic, revolutionary children who populate them.

Beanstalk and Echoes of a Giantkiller are a bit more fantasy. They’re the first two books of the Leagues and Legends trilogy, and the third one, Remember the Dust, should be out… soon…

impala-azula-deactivated2016082  asked:

Zutara fic recs? Also your blog is quickly becoming one of my favourite blogs ok have a nice day ok :)

dsfghjdfghj IM SO SORRY I ONLY GOT TO THIS NOW i hope you see this!!

but anyway, wanted to give out a little disclaimer that I’m really picky with fics /and/ despite shipping Z & K since forever I haven’t ~properly~ read as much fics as everyone else has <///3 But in any case, here’s a [very] short list! I hope you don’t mind ack

1.) Clothe Me in Seasons, Dress Me in Snow by sadladybug

Status: Completed | Rating: T - Angst/Romance | Chapters: 7 - Words: 65,000 | 

“It is not the memorial she deserves, nor the one she would want. But it can’t be helped. He owns no property in the other nations, and he needed to keep her close. Closer than she was in life, anyway.” Zuko’s reflections on a life lived and a life that could have been. Told in four arcs: melancholy, slow dancing, unrequited, and cobalt blue/vigil. For Zutara Week 2014-2015. 

Hands down the best Zutara fic I’ve ever read. Beautifully written and canon compliant and everything just FITS. You’ll squeal and swoon and laugh but there are also parts of it that’ll make you just wanna stare at the ceiling and cry <–a whole lot of that last bit too, so be sure to bring lots of kleenex and your favorite stuffed toy to cuddle with because IT WILL HURT A LOT. I usually don’t read fics like these bc i don’t like crying lol, but this was just so beautiful and it was 50000% worth the read. 

2.) Tempest in a Teacup by AkaVertigo

Status: Completed | Rating: T - Romance | Chapters: 22 - Words: 34,018

Fate puts Katara in the Fire Nation to grow up in the company of a Dragon, a prince, and a lot of good tea. AU Zutara…of a sort. 

A fucking Zutara classic. This was written and completed back in 2006, 2 years before ATLA even ended. If you regularly read Z/K fics, I’m almost sure you’ve read this one. It’s a good amount of everything: feels, squeals, and just. Everything. I can’t even begin to describe how much this fic has stuck with me. There’s also an unfinished sequel to this, but the fic overall has enough closure. Just. Just read this ok just read it.

3.) The Rising by The Adamant Daughter

Three years after Fire Lord Ozai’s defeat, Zuko is threatened by the Raiders, a rebel group seemingly tied to his family’s dark past. With the help of Katara, Zuko leaves his home in pursuit of answers and peace. But, does the truth really set you free? *COMICS DON’T EXIST*

Status: In Progress | Rating: M  (for descriptive violence, strong language, dark themes, & sexual situations) - Romance/Adventure | Chapters: 17 -  Words: 101,373 (as of 03/27/16) 

I came across The Adamant Daughter’s blog very recently (she posts zutara one-shots and RP’s on her tumblr), and I fell in love with her writing almost instantly. So when I found out she had a multichapter up on FFn I nearly screamed in delight lmao. The Rising is pretty dark and angsty (it’s rated M for a reason), but also has enough fluff to balance it out. I’m not usually a fan of dark&brooding!Zuko, but I had to make a special exception for this. The canon ATLA comics are completely disregarded too (which is good bc the comics suck dont even bother), and The Adamant Daughter writes a very interesting and creative take in this intriguing AU-of-sorts. Her characterization/writing is consistent and follows through in every chapter, and you really get an in-depth understanding of the characters throughout the story, and why they do the things they do. Plus like I said, I normally don’t read M-rated stories like these. Barely touch the stuff. This is the one exception. Go read it.

Honorary Mention!!!!

The Stalking Zuko Series by emletish (part II & part III)

Status: Completed | Rating: T - Humor/Romance | Chapters: 50 | Words: 429,313 

Katara has developed a new hobby. At the Western Air Temple she takes to stalking Zuko. Much silliness and shenanigans follow. In chapter 20: Katara and Zuko return home to the others. Katara hates the F word and she comes to a decision regarding Zuko.

Just. Dork Zuko. Dork Zuko everywhere. Just. TFGSDHJJNFSKDLSD.  I came across this fic because I was looking for something to cheer me up after reading Clothe Me in Seasons, and needless to say, not only did it work, but I ended up continuously squealing and making a lot of this face–> :OOO!!!! and fanning myself for 3 days straight. And apparently ticklish!Zuko just has me weak everywhere I fucking can’t. Just. FUCK JUST HONESTLY THIS FIC MAKES ME WANNA HUG ZUKO 24/7 BLARGHAGHGAHGHSGDUHJSA *NIGEL THORNBERRY NOISESx10000000000000000000000000000000000000*

ALSO! Shameless plug lol. 

Where the Panda Lily Sleeps by panclarks (thas me on FFn. But i might move soon)

Status: In Progress/Hiatus | Rating: T (it says M but this is definitely a T) |  Chapters: 11 - Words: 18,918

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where; I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close. (Pablo Neruda)”

Yes this is mine. Not sure if I’m still going to finish this any time soon because this fic has me on eternal writer’s block ugh, so read at your own risk basically. The reason I’m posting this though is because I’m currently working on a Zutara multichap AU as well as a Korrasami/Zutara oneshot which I’ll be publishing on FFn or Ao3 soon (?), and if you’d like to get a glimpse of how I write and see if it suits your taste, you can use this to check and see. I’d also appreciate some feedback on it if you guys can spare the time!

so um. Sorry this turned out rly long but lol tl;dr apart from my shameless plug just read all of these ok just read everything tfghjkl;.

PS @satans-sock-sorter Thank you! Your blog is rad af as well <3 <3 <3 Really sorry again for not getting back tot his sooner! But in any case, have fun and have a nice day too!!!!!!!!<3 <3 <3

!!!! Guess who has another hc lol !!!

well its more like an au rather than a headcanon but i just thought i’d share it-

so i was thinkin’ of this in the shower and u know that soulmate au where the first word(s) your soulmate says when u first meet them are marked on your wrist well in this one it goes by age so like it doesnt just show up right when you meet them (this is only for the sake of the plot of the story idk if its an actual thing or not riprip)
and the age where u get your mark is about middle school/junior high right
so this is a matsuhana au and makki is like one of the first ones in his class to get his mark and he’s all hyped and stuff abt it
but all his mark says is “i’m so sorry” so he’s a little distraught because its such a common phrase and whenever somebody says those words to him he has to like lowkey check the other person’s wrist to see if what he said when he first met them was on the other person’s arm
every single person he has confronted even up until his first year of highschool he has found out that they arent his soulmate
and so highschool rolled around and he was stiLL trying to figure out who his soulmate was
mattsun still didnt get HIS mark tho bc he’s what other people call a “late bloomer” meaning his mark didnt show up in junior high
makki is always encouraging him and stuff like “dont worry dude you’ll get your mark soon i promise it”
but makki was On A Hunt himself and so one day he was just daydreaming while walking across the street and he bumps into this girl and her immediate response is “i’m so sorry”
and makki just thinks “eh its another one” so he lifts up his wrist and shows his mark and says “hi”
and the girl starts freaking out because she lifts up her wrist too and right under her palm it says that two-letter word
and so they both start freaking out in the middle of the street and then go into a nearby store to talk and stuff
apparently the girl hasnt found her soulmate yet either
and so they’re like “wow okay you seem chill i sense a connection here this might just be it”
so they exchange numbers and stuff and right after his confrontation makki goes straight to mattsun and mattsun has a fe e li n g in his stomach when makki tells him all these things but he doesnt know what the feeling is/means so he ignores it
and so makki and this girl start dating right and mattsun is the bestest most supportive best friend ever like “yea you go man there he is that’s him that’s my bestie over there with his girl”
but still he feels that something is off and he cant quite place it, and it just makes him lose his mind whenever he thinks about it too much so he just brushes it all off
and then mattsun gets his mark, and right when he gets his mark he knows he’s fucked
like he was just chillin’ in his house one day when his skin started to itch like crazy out of nowhere, and so he started scratching his skin, and lo and behold there was one word right under his palm
and he just fucking loses it
he cries and cries and cries until he cant even make tears anymore because now he knows why he felt the way he did when he saw makki and his girlfriend together
now he knows what all those negative feelings meant
and so mattsun tries to explain this to makki but makki doesnt understand, makki thinks that mattsun is just jealous because his mark hasnt shown up yet, and that hurts mattsun even more because he DOES have his mark but makki just wont LISTEN to what he has to say and his mark is apart of a memory that both of them were supposed to cherish forever
the memory of the day they first met
mattsun was playing kickball in the park one day with a bunch of other boys and he accidentally kicked it too hard and so the ball hit tiny makki like square on the face, and as mattsun went to go get the ball he shouted “i’m so sorry!” @ makki
and makki, ever the one with a filter, looked up at mattsun’s face and immediately whispered, “caterpillars”
and it was at that moment that they became best friends 5ever
and so Back To The Present mattsun is very hurt and he tries to defend himself but makki, being hella dense and stubborn, does not want to hear any of it so he’s like “okay you know what? i think we need to take a break, maybe figure this all out, and when you find out what your mark is we can talk again. okay?”
but mattsun just exPLODES like he says all this mean shit and stuff to makki because makki just woNT LISTEN and ofc he doesnt mean any of it he was just pushed over the edge, but makki doesnt know that
and so makki just decides that he has to cut it off with mattsun before anything else between them gets seriously damaged
so makki just stops hanging out with mattsun and stuff and mattsun thinks its for the best, they boTH think its for the best but it really isnt because mattsun had literally Just found out who his soulmate was only to not be able to see them anymore, and makki thinks he’s more depressed than usual bc he misses his girlfriend but really its because of all the time he’s been avoiding mattsun, and mattsun is just Torn Apart by the idea that he not only lost his soulmate but also his best friend, and everything is just rlly sad and angsty between them
and then makki’s girlfriend breaks up with him because she finally found her real soulmate, and you’d like knOw if u found the Real Thing
when makki asked what he did wrong she said he didnt do anything wrong, if anything it was her because she knew he wasnt her soulmate, and yet she just went along with it because she was afraid she would never have found her actual soulmate
and so makki is so heartbroken he goes to the first person he thinks of, which is mattsun
and just like that mattsun accepts him and they cry together and hug and tell each other how stupid they’ve been and overall they just make up
and then mattsun brings up his mark
like they’re hugging and stuff and being affectionate and he out of nowhere asks makki “do you remember the first day we met” and makki was like “you mean that time in the park when we were five and you hit me in the face with a kickball lol yea” and so mattsun shows makki his mark and all the gears in makki’s brain start working into overdrive and all of a sudden he’s crying again, they’re both crying again but this time its tears of joy and relief
mattsun is laughing at makki like “i tried to fuckin tell you but ur stubborn ass didnt wanna fuckin listen smfh” and makki is like wiping tears from his eyes and he says “i’m really fuckin petty arent i” and mattsun is just like “the pettiest of them all”
and so right after that they decide to watch movies and cuddle and stuff and then they officially got together the next day

aaannnd that’s basically all i have for this one, i didnt realize it’d turn into such a long post i think my mind just went off on its own for this omg
i hope u liked it and if u actually read up until this point i congratulate u tysm for reading all of that lmao and also i’d love to hear your opinion on this, whether its an ask or a response or even if its just in the hashtags (bc i literally check All the reblogs to see if there are any interesting hashtags yes i am That Person™) peACE OUT BECAUSE I DONT KNOW HOW TO END THIS POST LMAO👉😎👉

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sorry if this is weird, i don't really know how twitter works, but you said you were talking more abt genderfluid oikawa on twitter? im super deperate for more genderfluid oiks content so i was wondering if i could have a link to the thread r smth?? also thank u for those mas/tuhanaiw/aoi hcs, they were beautiful i cried 10/10

OK OK OK FIRST OF ALL THANK U V MUCH ANON !!! THIS IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED bc as you know … my aobabies r … of utmost importance to me ..

so mikkz and i discussed it on twitter like i said in my post, but unfortunately it was all on direct messaging, so i dont have a link to a thread :( i’ll write up some of the stuff here though. 

they had an hc that oikawa goes clothes shopping a lot? so iwa is used to going to the mall with him, but this one specific time, rather than going right to the clothes, oikawa just dithers hesitantly in front of the men’s section and iwa is like ?? whats the problem? but in a very small voice, oikawa just goes “sorry for dragging you out, let’s go home” and this is a huge red flag for iwa. so he coaxes out of oikawa that “there was this advert and there was a cute dress and i wanted it but this was a mistake and i can’t wear a dress" so iwa just marches him over to the women’s section and finds the dress and when oi tries it on ofc he looks beautiful !!! so they buy it, and that was the first time oi had the courage to experiment with clothing.   

on the slightly more angsty side, we hc all of the seijot4 as trans, but oi as the most hesitant to wear what he wants, so if he’s feeling particularly insecure, he goes through periods of not wearing any of the skirts and dresses he has.  

AND OK HERES MY FAVE PART OF MIKKZ’S HC … since you read my other post, you know that the others sometimes find oikawa’s skirts thrown in the trash, and sometimes when they know he’s feeling really shit, they’ll just come in and announce that its make-over day!!! they sit oi down and do his make up and pick out the prettiest outfits and together they all put on their nicest clothes and basically just pamper themselves.  they all do their best to make oikawa happier and laughing. for example, mattsun squeezes himself into iwaizumi’s tiniest miniskirt and prances around and poses, then suddenly plops himself down in iwa’s lap, saying “honey .. i usually charge 50 for a lapdance but for you it’s free” and iwa gets super flustered and shoves him off his lap. then makki is like “oi, issei! i’ll take that free lapdance” and mattsun looks him dead in the eye and says “im charging you double” TO WHICH MAKKI JUST SPLUTTERS INDIGNANTLY and!! ! at this point oikawa is giggling and laughing so hard there are tears in his eyes and the others just!! jump on him and cuddle him and kiss him all over his face because theyre so happy he’s out of his miserable mood. and oikawa can’t believe he ever doubted himself. over time he learns to be more confident with his gender identity, and he has the support of iwa, makki, and mattsun the whole way through.


thedawnsky:  Hello can i req one angsty-fluff yoongi scenario where he was jealous mad at me for being too close to 17 woozi? Thanks~


I’m really sorry this took a week and a half >.< I was busy with practices but here it is! this might have a part 2 :)

Originally posted by iknowyounow


You sat lazily on the couch and watching tv, not having the energy to do stuff today. Your phone notification popped up. 

 You sighed. You knew that Yoongi wouldn’t be happy about it, but this kid Woozi was your best friend.

You stood up and went to the bathroom. You took a long bath and got dressed. You put on some eyeliner, blush, and a lip balm on. You liked the natural look more than the barbie look. 

You checked your phone and saw that it was already 11:46 am. ’Shit!’ You ran downstairs and to the park. You got there breathing heavily. 

 "Yo Y/N! You’re late!“ Woozi stood up from the bench and walked towards you.

“Whatever, let’s just get on with this” you lazily said. You first went to a restaurant, you two were goofing around. You lost your appetite because he kept doing gross things with his food. “Ew stop it! Gross!" 

You looked at him in disgust. Then you went to the park, and then the carnival.

He won a teddy bear and gave it to you. You looked at him confusely.

“Huh? for me?”

“Tch! Why are you so assuming, that’s for my girlfriend dude! She’s not at home and she’s in another country so keep it so she won’t see it”

“But If she’s not there then why don’t you keep it at your house? I mean- she’s not there so she won’t see it though..” You almost whispered the last part. You couldn’t put your finger on what he had said but you felt as if there was something you didn’t know.

“I don’t know when she’ll come back so-”

“Wait, you have a girlfriend and didn’t told me?! Am I missing something here?”

“Lol~ you don’t have to know everything! duh!”

“I’m your moth-” He raised his eyebrow and smirked. You couldn’t find the right words. “Well- you know- we’ve been best friends for years and you’re like my so- friend so.. I do have to know” He was still smirking.


“Thanks for the ride! wanna come in and have a cup of tea?” 

“Yes please”

you inserted the key and opened it. You saw Yoongi pacing back and forth with an angry face. He looked up and immediately walked angrily towards us and punched Woozi.




“THIS!” he grabbed his phone and showed you a pic with woozi at the carnival today.



“ARE YOU SERIOUSLY ASKING ME THAT? DO YOU NOT TRUST ME YOONGI?” You wanted to cry but you were too angry for that right now.





“GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE” Woozi hesitated but left. He was sure that it was best for him to leave because if he was there he would only make things worse.




“I guess you’re really gonna defend him. She was right, you don’t love me”

“I do!- wait, what? She? AND WHO IS THIS SHE ACTUALLY”

“My ex girlfriend that’s more worth it than you” he said coldly

“e-excuse me?” you stared at him in disbelief, blinking numerous times to hold back your tears.

“You heard me”

“So what are you saying now?-” you ruffled your hair in frustration.

“Let’s break up” he said. Honestly, he doesn’t even look like he gives a damn

“what?” your tears were now falling like a waterfall.



“Y/N I’m sor-”


“She sent me pictures of you two and-”



“I’ll just leave.”

“No wait!-” he reached out for your hand but you quickly snapped it away.

“don’t touch me.”

“Y/N wait-” he tried to reach out for your hand again but you snapped it away.



mehehehheeh what do you think? evil trishia is evil hehehe

fairy tail 429

I’M LATE I KNOW ;-; okay, hopefully this one doesn’t crash 98% in the process.honestly i almost cried and now i have to retype everything fml.  this is gonna be pretty brief i think & i’ll also be splitting chapter 429&430 in to two different recaps LOL just cause. okay warning, swearing and a lot of caps lot ahead, enjoy?

OKAY, not even gonna lie when i saw that lucy was okay and not in a state of pain and anguish I WAS UPSET. 

LIKE MASHIMA WHY WHY WHY WHY. i’m sorry for letting out this sadistic and cruel thought but like, i felt like there was so much tension, anxiety, and stress built up from her torture in last chapter and it just seemed like it would be a significant thing, y'know? like natsu was chained and goin crazy on the side, the avatar assholes came in their formation LMAO and i don’t know, i thought it would’ve felt more satisfying if we saw how that scene ended and such. like i know fans went really deep with their predictions of “code” blue, connecting it to that hospital emergency when clearly it wasnt- it literally stood for grays hair colour oh my god
DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON CODE BLUE OH MY FRICKEN SHIT MAN. SOOOOO many people had such great and indepth guesses as to what would happen, but it was literally right underneath our noses. it was his hair colour. HAIR COLOUR. and here we had people thinking she’d get a cardiac arrest. like they honestly don’t relate at all 
i felt like chapter 428 gained so much hype, with the whole torturing of lucy, seeing gray do his grammy award winning acting like damn, and aswell as finding out that Gajevy have been together, and lots of other things. it was well jampacked. like i thought it would be a great start to an angsty mysterious typa arc- ACTUALLY, it’s never too late, AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT

i’m a cruel and sadistic bastard!! 

ALSO, did anyone else notice this

in the first picture, which was the colour picture we see that natsu doesnt have any bandages on, and it’s clearly seen that he has no tattoos then in the following page he has drawn bandages. do you think mashima made a mistake? i hope so omg. i’ve always thought that he would have those black marks on there, i mean everyone does. right? :$ if natsu doesn’t have the black marks i sWEAR

he hAS TO HE HAS TO HE HASS TOOOOO ;-; serIOUSLYYY. omg this could be the plot twist, since Gray can control his, Natsu can’t OoOoOoOOO BITCHES YAS. I AM SO  HYPED FOR THIS YES. LIKE IT WOULDN’T BE IMPOSSIBLE?? i mean, natsu didn’t seem to have a whole lot of contact with the rest of the world -except for guildarts in the beginning- if he did, then he would’ve known about Fairy Tail- Fiore’s Most Famous Guild being disbanded. and since he wears his guild mark proudly, some people would’ve asked about it wouldn’t they??i mean he’s also well known, people would’ve recognized him if he was just wandering around- but nothing. when he came back, he had no clue.

CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT HOW CUTE NATSU WAS-well i mean his bae was about to get sliced in half but he was so cute :$ WHEN HE WAS TRYING TO SAVE LUCY

and do you see this vein? can you see just how serious he was trying to get her? i feel like natsu isn’t usually drawn with veins going from his neck to his temple. i think it was drawn here to just show how intense he was feeling regarding to saving his friend, his lucy. this was when the axe was going to cut her in half. and with the hollow eyes, ugh that got me. we all know- it’s been tested and proved (with mr. professional actor Gray Fullbuster, and in many other arcs) that those hollow eyes show intensity and just how serious of a dilemma that the person is in. and in this case, it’s lucy that he’s trying to save. i also can’t help but feel that after leaving her for a year now that he’s finally back, obviously stronger, and seeing her in that position, he feels powerless. and he doesn’t like it, i mean thats why he went out to train, to never lose anyone precious to him ever again. yet we see now that he’s in that position again and just dear gOODNESS MY HEART BLESS NATSU YOU BEAUTIFUL PERSON.


omg. i couldn’t even. like i didn’t know if i should’ve been like “AAAAAAYEEEE” or like “homie u was just the antagonist last week this is cheating stopSERIOUSLY, like i LOVEEEEE GRAY WITH ALL MY DAMN HEART I PROMISE YOU THAT, but i felt like he should’ve carried on with this bad guy act a little longer his gel’d hair is the shit not that i would’ve loved it, but it caused so much controversy within the fandom and everyone was going crazy. it also felt cut a little short? well i guess he was already doing it for 6 months prior, then having his old squad roll in and get involved messed him up and thats adorable. REAL TALK. THATS THE CUTEST SHIT EVER. but rly draggin on bad-gray wouldn’t hurt (that much)

then gray goes and messes his gel’d hair because since he’s done playing the baddie, he don’t need it no more. GRAY LOGIC. 

  • gel - bad guy material
  • black tattoos on one side of the face&entire arm - really bad guy material
  • matching colour scheme with new avatar squad - super bad guy material
  • leaving juvia without a word - fkin satan

well that’s BASICALLY, the vibe i’m getting idk about you.

REAL. when the marks started to fade off his face, i seriously had to look at different scans because i thought i was seeing stuff- i didn’t even get to read Happy’s panel, you don’t even know how confused i was omg then he brings out his phone lacrima thing and oMGALSGMSLG K

IS IT JUST ME OR DOES SHE SEEM EXTRA PRETTY ?? does anyone else also notice that mashima’s art looks a little different? well not different but like he just settling into this style?? or something? like the characters i feel are drawn in a just tad different style ish, not really but it’s kind of the same… okay fuck it, OBVIOUSLY I’M NOT GOOD AT EXPLAINING ART LMAO, BUT DO YOU GET WAHT I’M SAYING? if you don’t message me and we can work through this together LOL.

i’m saving my heart for the part 2 of this (chapter 430), so be prepared homies HAHA

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Angsty fic about Hunt being jealous of MC and Ethan's relationship and when he confronts her all jealous he realizes they're just friends (Hunt and MC aren't together yet they're in their weird angsty state)

hehheheh this was actually pretty close to a fic i had in mind but i dont see a reason why i cant do both. i actually love writing friendships too! also, i might get to your other request soon. B)

It had been a busy day for the entourage, especially for her and Ethan. He promised he would tag along with whatever she had to do (”It’s a poor agent who would make his client attend all her gigs alone!”) and so he had. The day had started with an early consultation with one of Lisa and Aria’s old Lisa Mermaid costars who wanted a custom dress for her upcoming 21st birthday. After the designs were discussed and the measurements taken, it was off to race traffic back to the university for an exhibition with Crash and his team of stuntmen. They had to pick up Addison from her internship, where she justifiably ranted about Bianca the entire time, and then attended a class at noon. They had another class that evening, their seminar with Hunt, but luckily had a moment to spare to grab something to eat.

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okay so just imagine

a student-run radio station at samwell (WSUR) that sports teams take over for a week at a time so like one week it’ll be the womens soccer team and the next week it’ll be like the mens tennis team or something and the week after that it’ll be some other team and so on and just

  • at one point the men’s hockey team (including lardo) take over the station
  • ransom comes up with an excel sheet to coordinate classes and practice and shifts at the station because yeah they’re only there for a week but it is a commitment
  • b. knight in the morning (they’re not allowed to say shitty on the radio are you kidding) he literally plays everything just. anything he feels like playing that they have at the station
  • and really it’s an alternative station so bitty is SO OUT OF HIS COMFORT ZONE so he just ends up playing the most aggressively upbeat music he can find there (because they dont??? have any???? beyonce????????)
  • and jack zimmermann walking ball of stress plays all the angsty stuff that’s still somehow kinda chill???? how
  • lardo “music is my second art” duan has no problem adjusting whatsoever it’s like she is in another natural habitat outside of an art studio
  • “play-by-play with rans and holtzy” is literally like.. 90s alt rock/grunge/????? none of that modern alt that everyone else plays
  • the frogs got stuck working night shifts how tragic
  • sweet baby chowder from 11pm-2am
  • and derek malik nurse from 2-5am actually works perfectly because lets be real if youre listening to the radio that late at night/early in the morning you want the music to be like….. uber chill
  • dex kind of struck out and won at the same time???? like he was busy all week so he got stuck with sunday which hes actually totally cool with like one day all day thats cool
  • and basically if for some reason (read: kegsters) someone can’t go in on any given day someone else from the team fills in it works out okay

but anyway (this got really long omg)

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